MINUTES. Members present included: Chair Richard Wagner and Member Tren Walker.

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1 VALLEY REGIONAL FIRE AUTHORITY FINANCE COMMITTEE 1101 D Street NE Auburn, Washingtn May 9,2013 MINUTES I. CALL TO ORDER Chair Richard Wagner called the Valley Reginal Fire Authrity (VRFA) Finance Cmmittee Meeting t rder at 5:03 p.m. at the VRFA Headquarters lcated at 1101 D Street NE, Auburn, Washingtn. Members present included: Chair Richard Wagner and Member Tren Walker. Vice-Chair Lynda Osbrn arrived at 5:14 p.m. Staff members present included: Deputy Chief Michael Gerber, Deputy Chief Brent Swearingen, Directr f Finance and Administratin Mark Hraski, Clerk f the Bard Luise Bartl and Legal Cunsel Jseph Quinn. II. III. AGENDA MODIFICATIONS There were n agenda mdificatins. APPROVAL OF MINUTES A. Minutes 1. Minutes f the April 11, 2013 Regular Meeting were reviewed. Member Walker mved and Chair Wagner secnd t apprve the Minutes f the April 11, 2013 Regular Meeting. There being n questins r discussin. MOTION CARRIED UNANIMOUSLY 2-0 IV. CONSENT ITEMS A. Vuchers 1. Claims

2 VRFA Finance Cmmittee Minutes May 9,2013 Check numbers thrugh in the amunt f $723, and electrnic payments in the amunt f $155.57, ttaling $723,851.52, dated May 10, 2013 were reviewed. Based n questins frm the Cmmittee, staff prvided the fllwing clarificatins relating t Claims: Page 1, AWC. prgrams. Annual membership fee paid t participate in AWC Page 1, AT&T. Csts assciated with testing f equipment as part f ur review f service prviders. Page 2, Business Interirs Nrthwest. Cmpletin f ffice furniture needed t cmplete Statin 35 ffices. Page 3, City f Auburn. January thrugh May 2013 GIS supprt service. Page 4, E&F Recvery. Apprximate ne year supply f absrbent material. Page 4, Ekem. Pre-emplyment psychlgical evaluatins f six candidates fr entry level firefighter psitin. Page 5, Kent Fire Department. Our InterLcal Agreement with Kent Fire defines the level f service they prvide fr ur apparatus, which includes annual inspectins, annual testing requirements, n call 24 hur emergency repair and regular rutine maintenance. Page 6, Mtrla Slutins. Purchase f digital prtable radis t replace utdated equipment. Cst will be partially ffset by grant awarded frm FEMA Assistance t Firefighters Grant. Page 7, Summit Law Grup. Preparatin fr upcming firefighter Cllective Bargaining Agreement negtiatins. Page 8, Adbe Systems. Business Catalyst subscriptin fr annual website hsting csts, resulting frm State website mve. Vice-Chair Lynda Osbrn arrived at 5:14 p.m. There being n further questins, Vice-Chair Osbrn mved and Member Walker secnd the apprval f Claims. MOTION CARRIED UNANIMOUSLY 3-0 Page 2

3 VRFA Finance Cmmittee Minutes May 9, Payrll Payrll check numbers thrugh in the amunt f $18,041.65, and electrnic depsit transmissins in the amunt f $1,248, fr a grand ttal f $1,266, fr the perid cvering April 1, 2013 t April 30,2013 were reviewed. There being n questins r discussin, Member Walker mved and Vice Chair Osbrn secnd the apprval f Payrll. MOTION CARRIED UNANIMOUSLY 3-0 V. RESOLUTIONS & MOTIONS There were n reslutins r mtins. VI. INFORMATION/DISCUSSION A. Apparatus Replacement Schedule Deputy Chief Gerber prvided the fllwing clarificatin regarding the revised 2012 VRFA Apparatus Replacement Schedule: Natinal Fire Prtectin Standard (NFPA) 1901 and 1911 is used t cnsider the retirement f an apparatus and cvers the entire life f an apparatus and maintenance requirements fr testing systems, etc. The Cmmittee will be prvided a cpy f the pertinent sectins addressing replacement lgic. S, Recrds and Retentin Systems As recrds and retentin systems affects many functins within the VRFA, Directr Hraski, Deputy Chief Swearingen and Deputy Chief Gerber prvided a jint presentatin as fllws: Hraski prvided an verview f recrds retentin requirements and strage prcedures. Highlights included: Recrds can be either in an electrnic frmat r physical paper dcument. Retentin perids are set by Washingtn State Secretary f State with retentin schedules published accrding t categry and type f recrd. Within VRFA we have fur very brad categries fr the purpse f discussin which are: Operatins Recrds Emplyee Finance Page 3

4 VRFA Finance Cmmittee Minutes May 9,2013 Administrative An example f required retentin perids was given fr each categry. Offsite retentin f paper recrds is prvided by Irn Muntain. Digital recrds are backed up and maintained at varius VRFA lcatins. We are currently reviewing Clud strage ptins. Swearingen prvided an verview f the RMS system which is used t maintain incident reprts. This included an explanatin f the type f infrmatin gathered, hw it is gathered, quality assurance measures and type f reprts generated frm this data. Highlights included: Type f call, address and time f call is aut ppulated int the incident reprt frm the CAD system at Valley Cmmunicatins Center. There are varius data fields available within an incident reprt depending n type f incident. This allws us the ability t extract reprts t meet specific needs. The Captain f the first respnding unit is respnsible fr cmpletin f the incident reprt. Each respnding unit will include their narrative f actin taken. There are restrictins set n access t the incident reprts t cmply with HIPAA regulatins. Gerber prvided an verview f recrds management frm an standpint. Highlights included: EMS In additin t gathering data in the RMS system, we are als required t cmplete a Medical Incident Reprt Frm with King Cunty. This becmes the patient recrd, with a cpy ging t King Cunty EMS fr quality assurance, and a cpy being maintained at the VRFA, and made available via public recrds request if necessary. Anyne wh has a legal right t the infrmatin cntained in the patient recrd can gain access t the reprt. We uplad electrnically all f ur EMS data t King Cunty EMS twice a mnth. This data is used t establish trends and review quality assurance. King Cunty prvides an annual reprt shwing the data cllected frm all agencies within King Cunty. Page 4

5 VRFA Finance Cmmittee Minutes May Recrds relating t specific studies cnducted by King Cunty EMS are maintained and transmitted t King Cunty. The VRFA has a Recrds Specialist wh handles requests fr public recrds. Gerber then prvided an verview f the ccupancy mdule f the RMS system which is used by the Fire Marshal's Office t maintain recrds pertaining t ccupancy annual fire and life safety inspectins, fire cde vilatins, fire cde permits, special business infrmatin, Haz-Mat Tier II reprts and ther infrmatin. This infrmatin is tied tightly with ur Pre Incident Planning (PIP) grup t assist firefighters in the field. Originals f the fire investigatin reprts are maintained by Kent Fire Reginal Fire Authrity RMS system, as that is where ur Suth King Fire Investigatin Task Frce wrks frm. We are prvided a cpy t attach t ur incident reprt. Fire Cde cnstructin review riginal dcuments which include engineer drawings and engineering designs are maintained by the city wh submitted the plan fr ur review. We keep all fire cde related dcuments which include sprinkler designs, fire engineering systems, hydrant lcatins, water systems, etc. The RMS system is the mst cmmnly used system in the general regin. c. 1 st Quarter Budget Review Directr Hraski presented a 1 51 Quarter 2013 budget update as f March 31, Hraski prvided clarificatin regarding Unreserved Cash & Investments n hand as f March 31, 2013, stating that we are tracking prperly t meet the apprximately $1,000,000 ending balance as apprved by the Bard f Gvernance during the 2013 budget prcess. VII. ADJOURNMENT There being n further business fr the Cmmittee, the meeting was adjurned at 5:55 p.m. Dated this ~ S~ day f June, Richard Wagner Chair Page 5 Luise Bartl Clerk f the Bard