Town of Grande Cache COMMITTEE OF THE WHOLE MEETING AGENDA Wednesday, November 7, 2018 at 1:00 p.m. Council Chambers

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1 Z Town of Grande Cache COMMITTEE OF THE WHOLE MEETING AGENDA Wednesday, November 7, 2018 at 1:00 p.m. Council Chambers #1 CALL TO ORDER #2 ADOPTION OF AGENDA #3 DELEGATIONS / PRESENTATIONS none #4 DEPARTMENT REPORTS a) Administration report not available b) Community Relations, Campground, and Tourism c) Community Services d) Planning and Development e) Protective Services report not available f) Public Works and Utilities g) Other #5 OLD BUSINESS none #6 NEW BUSINESS 6.1 Credit Card Statement Council a) Timesheets September and October b) Expenses September and October c) Council Monthly Budget Update d) Grande Cache Advantage 6.3 Reports for Discussion a) Report to Council Health and Safety b) Report to Council Smoky River Nordic Ski Club #7 IN CAMERA none #8 ADJOURNMENT Committee of the Whole 1 of 73

2 4(b) Manager, Community Relations & Tourism Report COW REPORT - October 2018 Successes/Accomplishments: Prepared notices, job ads, event & programs ads for Mountaineer and upload to our website and Facebook. Prepared promotions including posters, Facebook posts, and website notices Public Works, Recreation Centre, Tourism Centre and Town Office Prepared October & November Programs & Fitness Calendar for website and Facebook, Mountaineer Add, program posters for distribution and for social media Attended Travel Alberta Conference October 21-23, 2018 Creating the Victoria Trail Voyageur Experience, Our Tourism Development Tool Belt How the Government of Alberta Can Help you Build Towards Your Tourism Goals, Find & Tell Your Story, Cannabis & Event Logistics, How to Reach & Welcome Canadian LGBTQ Traveler s, Creative Problem Solving with Doug Lansky Provided and dropped-off swag bags for Ladies Conference in Jasper Food Bank Drive Thursday, October 4 successful Collected $ donations for Food Bank Jupiter donated pizza and drinks for volunteers Fed approximately 70 volunteers Security Cameras installed at Campground. Waiting for parts for Tourism Centre updated Security Cameras Campground closed for seasons and visitor stats attached Front entrance Campground work by Public Works is starting - Campground fire hydrant and water shed area Prepare 2019 DRAFT Communications, Campground & Tourism Centre budgets Created Survey Monkey questionnaire on Facebook regarding After School Programs at the Grande Cache Recreation Centre Christmas Land at the Tourism Centre with coordinated events with Tourism Centre & James. Managers have met with James. Tourism Centre hours will be adjusted on Dec. 7-9, Dec & Dec. 21 from 2:00 10:00 pm to have facility open during the event times. In memory of Claude Menard community bus decal completed and being placed on bus (Signs by Laura donated the decal). Upcoming: Complete Town Emblem for flags Plan Town Street Banners Front Campground entrance work to start mid-october Coal Community Transition Fund projects Meet with Ski Club for updated to discuss ski rental process out of the Tourism Centre Assisting Jenny with Staff Christmas Party Planning 2018 Campground & Tourism Statistics Attached Respectfully Submitted by Krista Morrow Manager, Community Relations & Tourism (t) Committee of the Whole (f) of 73

3 PROVINCE Grande Cache Campground Stats - Canadian Stays MAY JUNE JULY AUGUST SEPTEMBER YEARLY TOTAL Alberta British Columbia Manitoba New Brunswick Newfoundland / Labrador North West Territories Nova Scotia Ontario Prince Edward Island Quebec Saskatchewan Yukon TOTAL ONLINE Campground Stays: 2018 Canadian Stays 871 USA Stays 222 International Stays 68 Online Bookings Manual vs Online Bookings Manual 90% Online 10% Committee of the Whole 3 of 73

4 Grande Cache Campground Stats - USA Stays MAY JUNE JULY AUGUST SEPTEMBER YEARLY TOTAL Alabama Alaska Arizona Arkansas California Colorado Connecticut Florida Georgia Hawaii Idaho Illinois Indiana Iowa Kansas Louisiana Maine Maryland Massachusetts Michagan Missouri Mississippi Minnesota Montana Nebraska Nevada New Hampshire New Jersey New Mexico New York North Carolina North Dakota Ohio Oklahoma Oregon Pennsylvania South Dakota Tennessee Texas U.S.Virgin Islands Utah Vermont Virginia Washington Wisconsin Wyoming Totals Committee of the Whole 4 of 73

5 Grande Cache Campground Stats - International Stays MAY JUNE JULY AUGUST SEPTEMBER YEARLY TOTAL Australia Austria Brazil Belgium Czech Republic Denmark England Finland France Germany Netherlands Italy Japan Malta Mexico New Zealand Scotland Spain Switzerland Taiwan Wales TOTAL Committee of the Whole 5 of 73

6 Grande Cache Tourism Statistics Overview 2018 Monthly Breakdown of visitor statistics for 2018 Jan Feb Mar Apr May June July Aug Sept Oct Nov Dec N/A N/A N/A Total visitors as of September 30, 2018: 15, Total Visitors: 20,688 Meeting Room Participants: 1033 Interpretive Events: People who participated in Interpretive events: 318 Days open in 2017: Total Visitors: 21,907 Meeting Room Participants: 1262 Interpretive Events: 41 People who participated in Interpretive events: 817 Days open in 2016: Total Visitors: 21,528 Meeting Room Participants: 2012 Interpretive Events: 28 People who participated in Interpretive events: 485 Days open in 2015: Committee of the Whole 6 of 73

7 2014 Total Visitors: 19,686 Meeting Room Participants: 1050 Interpretive Events: 33 People who participated in Interpretive events: 473 Days open in 2014: Committee of the Whole 7 of 73

8 2018 Grande Cache Visitors from other Countries Country Jan Feb March April May June July Aug Sept Total Andorra Amsterdam Argentina Aruba Australia Austria Belgium Brazil Bulgaria Caledonia Carribean Chile China Colombia Congo Costa Rica Croatia Cuba Czech Republic Denmark Dominican Republic Dubai Ecuador El Salvador England Estonia Finland France Germany Greece Guadelope Guyana Holland Honduras Hungary iceland India Indonesia Iran Ireland Israel Italy Jamaica Japan Jordan Khazahstan Korea Latvia Libya Lithuania Macadonia Malaysia Mauritius Mexico Nepal Committee of the Whole 8 of 73

9 Netherlands (Holland) New Zealand Norway Nicoragua Nigeria Palestine Paraguay Peru Philipines Poland Portugal Prague Romania Russia Scotland Singapore Slovakia South Africa Spain Sri - lanka Sweden Switzerland Taiwan Thailand Trinidad & Tobago Tunisia Turkey Uganda Ukraine USA Vietnam Wales Zimbabwe Kosovo Committee of the Whole 9 of 73

10 2018 Grande Cache Tourism & Interpretive Centre - Monthly Visitor Stats as of October 29, 2018 Visiting Centre Town Info Travel Info Hiking info Rest Stop Shopping Male Female Kids Total for M/F/K JAN FEB MAR APR MAY JUNE JULY AUG SEPT OCT NOV DEC TBA Total Note 2017 Stats Committee of the Whole 10 of 73

11 Grande Cache Tourism & Interpretive Centre for September/October 2018 Highlights, Events Margaret Abraham s photography is being displayed in the upstairs gallery. Her pieces will be on display until after Christmas. I have been working on a folder for the schools to utilize that outlines different subject matter that the Tourism Centre can cover for class field trips and educational programs. A copy will be dropped off at each school for teachers and program planners to have as an alternate learning option. Christmas Land will be held at the Tourism Centre and Bird s Eye View Park and planning is well underway. Additional meetings are anticipated throughout the next few weeks to plan and execute the final details of the event. Consignment reports and payments were finalized this month and cheques were sent out. I am notifying all consignees that payments will follow a quarterly schedule annually to help streamline the consignment process. One of the outbuildings (Lookout building) has been cautioned off due to the decking becoming increasingly unsafe. Operations has come by to have a look and agrees that the decking will need replacing in the Spring of This has been included in the 2019 maintenance budget. Christmas merchandising is well underway. We have received several new products to sell from the gift shop. Pallete Pals have held several painting classes this month. There has been an increase in activity in the upstairs studio space. I am currently working on updating their lease agreement which expires in December Don and Ally Vigue have donated a Grizzly bear scull as well as a cougar skull to the Tourism Centre, both are displayed in the glass display corner of the front desk. Don Vigue came in with a very interesting rock formation that we are currently looking into. The furnace was looked at by a repairman because it wasn t blowing hot air into the centre. It is now fixed and ready for the upcoming cold season. The humidifier is in good working order now. Randy and Thomas have installed an alarm on their smart phones, any time the humidifier has a leak or malfunction they will be sent an alert. The elevator was shut down for a short period. We have since had the necessary repairs completed and the elevator is back in working order. Preparation for Christmas activities around the centre are underway (crafts/snacks/movies) Halloween decorating has been completed. Archive room has been worked on a little bit. This will take some time before its completion. ETA: Feb Meeting rom bookings have been submitted and billed. I have called Telus and had them change the 4 digit passcode so I was able to change the voic in the office. Statistics! September Tourism Centre Visitor Stats: 1707 August Retail/Consignment Sales: $ August Average Visitors/Day: 51 Budgetary and Staffing Made an order to Nature s Expressions, Ace Annison and Little Critters (merchandise) Made an order to JE Hastings on October 22, 2018 Respectfully submitted by Jenny Daubert, Supervisor of Culture and Tourism Committee of the Whole 11 of 73

12 COW Report Department of Community Services Effective October 1-31, (c) DEPARTMENT OF COMMUNITY SERVICES Kevin Gramm, Manager of Community Services October has been a busy month for meetings, planning and forward movement. I have been busy working with sub-department supervisors to put together Operational budgets for 5 departments as well as working through upcoming Capital needs and requests. This process will continue into November as we present these budgets to Council for approval. I attended an all staff meeting October 1 at the Golf Course put together collectively by the Town of Grande Cache and MD of Greenview. This was well received by all staff who attended. I have met with representatives from the MD of Greenview several times in the month of October, the goal is to assist them with understanding our organization and how the Community Services Department operates. I have met with Stacey Messner, we have been working through any concerns the staff may have about the future transition to the MD of Greenview as well, utilizing her for needed Human Resource concerns and guidance. Jupiter Resources Continues to be a strong Community Supporter in our Departments. Free Swims continues to be popular, in October Jupiter donated $ towards free swims. Sponsorship for two programs; Seniors Learn at Lunch and a guerilla art youth engagement project slated for spring Donation to reduce costs to families for Professional Development Days Kid Style for the 2018/19 school year. With their donation cost will be $10.00/child for 8 hours of programming on non-student days The preschool parented Think Equal program allowing families to attend for free! Think Equal is curriculum designed to address empathy and acceptance of others. Tearing down beliefs that are at the root of racism. Community Services Department Parks & Facilities staff received Ammonia Awareness training Christin Gillis received her Recreation Facility Master Operator Certificate. This was a 2 year process for Christin. The Grande Cache Recreation Centre Roof Project is continuing on track and on time, reports #3 & #4 are issued. High winds and moving into poorer weather has slowed down progress, losing some days due to Safety of the Workers with high winds and loose roofing materials. Progress draw #1 was issued and #2 is under review at this time. The Grande Cache Recreation Facility Enhancement Plan RFP is continuing to move forward as well with 3 Departments having the opportunity to meet and work with RC Strategies + PERK. This moved into a further session held with Town Council on October 30 th. We hope to meet with Stantec in the next couple of weeks. I met with Nordic Mechanical Services to review Contract discussions, bring some closure to lingering projects and do a Facility Tour with new representatives. The meeting was extremely positive and forward thinking, I believe the new team assigned to Grande Cache will provide the Town and Department with better service and planning. I met with Acoustical & Total Cleaning Services Co. to review their contract with the Town of Grande Cache. We have been struggling with poor contractor performance and deliverables so in August I issued a non-compliance letter to the company and suspended contract approvals until issues were addressed. We had extremely positive outcomes with the representatives and have since had a new Coordinator assigned to Grande Cache Committee of the Whole 12 of 73

13 ADMINISTRATIVE SERVICES DEPARTMENT Marney Nimmo, Administrative Assistant to Manager of Community Services October is an odd month, everyone has adjusted to being back in school, to the various youth sports activities and new programs. After the frenzy of September, October seems quiet but it s far from it. Minor Hockey s pre-season has seen many games on the weekends, Jupiter s Sponsored Swim and Farmer s Market are just a few events that were happening in the month of October. Customer Service is kept busy answering various inquiries, processing memberships and booking facilities. The Community Bus had 6 one-way passengers and 6 round trip passengers to Grande Prairie, 12 one-way passengers and 12 round trip passengers to Hinton for the month of October. We offer In-Town Shopping every Wednesday. We received 2 resumes for the full-time position of Community Bus Driver in late August early September. After interviewing both individuals, we offered the position to Louise Jacobs the part-time driver. She has accepted the full-time position and has been driving the Community Bus full time since. We are continuing to advertise for the Contract Driver position, as we are hoping to have a pool of drivers that are able to provide support to our full-time driver, as we only have 2 contract drivers. PROGRAMS DEPARTMENT Amber Hennig, Assistant Manager, Programs Confirmation that Creative Kids Preschool will be partnered with Grande Yellowhead Public School Division again provide services for Program Unit Funding (PUF) Students to date 4 students are registered. We are excited to start offering a smattering of programs in November designed specifically for older youth. Greg Barnes is in charge of designing these programs and we look forward to seeing the response. With Krista s assistance you will have seen a Survey Monkey survey on our Facebook page the intent of the survey is to identify what is preventing parents from registering their children in afterschool programs. The survey closes October 31 st and results will be reported in the November COW report. Corrinna, Greg, Natasha, and Kelly completed Kayak Instructor training We have confirmed dates for the 2 nd annual kid s conference in March and planning will start this November. Save the Date notices will go out in January, we are anticipating a good response after our sold out conference earlier this year. FCSS DEPARTMENT Amber Hennig, Director of FCSS Earlier this month Lisa Hannaford and I presented to the MD of Greenview Council. The presentation was to raise awareness of the level of need and uniqueness of the Home Support Program we offer in partnership with Green View FCSS. In order to continue our work we had requested a $250, increase to the budget. This increase will allow: o Establishment of an Indigenous Outreach Worker as an independent position from the Home Support Program o Move the current Home Support Worker and Handyman to full-time benefitted employees and add another part-time Home Support Worker to answer the level of need for this program We were approved! Changes will be effective January 1, 2019 We are prepared for the upcoming Rural Homelessness Estimation count taking place in November and look forward to seeing the statistics locally as well as provincially. Hopefully we will have the results in time for the November COW report After a break this summer Parent to Parent is back! This month our conversation was on how to help our children deal with rejection and disappointment. While the group that attends is small the information sharing and support parents are receiving is effective and providing positive impact. Amber attended; Director s Network meeting, Regional meeting, Regional ESS meeting, and Intimate Partner Violence Training Stacey attended; Regional meeting, Regional ESS meeting, and Intimate Partner Violence Training Committee of the Whole 13 of 73

14 FCSSAA Conference at the end of November Alberta Rural Mental Health Action Plan Early Childhood Coalition Provincial outcomes development Regional meeting for Early Childhood Coalitions Growth Circle and Finding Our Voices supports groups for those affected by domestic violence Parent to Parent how to talk with our kids now that cannabis is legal This past month staff have been experiencing frustration with the agreement in place with Alberta Supports. The clients coming in have increased substantially for this service and this has negatively impacted staff s time. I will be speaking with Kate Kingston within the next couple of weeks to see if we can find a solution. Other than this concern things are going exceptionally well at the office and we continue to see an increased community need for the programs and services we offer. AQUATICS DEPARTMENT Christin Gillis, Supervisor of Aquatics Our fall Session for swim lessons, Otters Swim Club and Junior Lifeguards continue Aquatics Monthly staff meeting including national lifeguard skills, safety and facility updates. This is also a chance to build relations among staff through icebreakers and staff to grow as lifeguards. We also certified in O2 administration. As aquatics staff we did a training session for stand up paddle board yoga learning the safety and rescue techniques We offered a national lifeguard recertification for 2 staff members. Christin attended Bookkeeping for small business workshop put on by the MD. Christin and Steph met with the Aquatic Supervisor of the Greenview Multiplex in Valleyview for a facility tour and shared capacity learnings on Aquatics Facility operations. PARKS & FACILITIES DEPARTMENT Randy Scodellaro, Assistant Manager Parks & Facilities Operations Regularly scheduled facility maintenance and ice monitoring and maintenance Continue to work with the Health and Safety Committee, through guidance and co-chair initiatives. Meetings and tours with MD of Greenview representatives. Meetings with Nordic Mechanical, Otis Elevator, ABSA, ACT Co., as well as Health and Safety. Assisting Peace Officer with any required duties at the Community Services Department. HEALTH & SAFETY The approved Contract with Barrow is approximately expensed 80% to date. With the assistance of Melanie, we have identified several health and safety gaps for our Home Support Program and are actively working toward addressing those gaps. It will be a relief to put procedures in place that protect our workers when they are on-site at clients homes. Working with Melanie, we have put together a preliminary 2019 budget for implementation. Report Submitted with Respect, Kevin Gramm Manager of Community Services Committee of the Whole 14 of 73

15 4(d) Department of Planning and Development November 7, 2018 Successes/Accomplishments: Total of 5 development permit were issued in the month of October. Received my Designation of Powers Certificate, from Safety Codes Council, to issue electrical, gas, and plumbing permits. Registered for the Applied Land Use and Planning (ALUP) course and will graduation the spring of Submitted an assignment to complete the last 4 hours of the 117 hours required elective hours to graduate from the ALUP course. Meetings: October 30, 2018 met with two Development Officers from the M.D. of Greenview, Leona Dixon and Price Leurebourg, Development Officer. Upcoming: Road trip to Valleyview, November 29, 2018, with Denise and admin staff. Respectfully Submitted, Susanne Nicholls, Development Officer (t) Committee of the Whole (f) of 73

16 4(f) PUBLIC WORKS & UTILITIES Committee of the Whole Report: October 2018 PUBLIC WORKS Commercial garbage collection every Friday Residential garbage collection every Tuesday and Thursday Residential recycle collection every Tuesday and Thursday back on track mid Oct. Co-op waste & recycling collection every Wednesday Grass pickup for seniors every Wednesday Town cardboard bins emptied every Monday & Thursday Salting/clearing crosswalks Built new loading ramp CVIP Unit #147 CVIP Unit #19 CVIP Unit #274 CVIP Unit #481 Rotten tree removal Swann Drive Jason Delorme s Memorial Site complete Gravel hauling for stock pile New crosswalk lights installed by High School Garbage truck repairs finished & recycle collection resumed Oct. 23 Cold patching roads New sand/plow truck build date confirmed for Jan. 29, 2018 UTILITIES Water sampling done weekly & monthly Provincial and Federal reporting done regularly STP blower rebuilt unit and mower installed with coupling alignment Installed forklift and power at WTP Installed new supervisor desk & supplies 18 Alberta One call locates Replaced Water Meters Left notices to customers that we were not able to check their water meters Removal of Victor Lake Pump to have it replaced Inspected all Town fire hydrants Worked on the STP clarifier spray bar Installed 2 natural gas heaters at old WTP after demolition completed by All-West Fix water leak on Hoppe (Vortex) SAFETY Daily toolbox meetings Monthly safety meeting fire blankets Monthly fire extinguisher checks & maintenance Page 1 of 3 Committee of the Whole. Public Works & Utilities Committee of the Whole 16 of 73

17 PUBLIC WORKS & UTILITIES Committee of the Whole Report: October 2018 Monthly safety checks for first aid kits & eyewash stations Annual fire extinguisher inspection complete Oct. 11 (Helmig) Ordered AED for Administration Office, will install once arrived TRAINING Level 1 Prep Course Utility Operator Entry Level Water Training Utility Supervisor Chemical cleanup training Utilities Beautification Coordinator return-to-work date revceived: Dec. 3, 2018 HR/PERSONNEL Management termination Lead Hand designation Utilities Supervisor of Infrastructure & posted AIRPORT Routine checks done weekly Septic tank emptied in terminal Land rental to Prairie North ($500/m) CEMETERY Maintenance Grass cutting 1 cremation burial LANDFILL & RECYCLING High Voltage signs installed along fence Large Item Collection Oct applicants Free Tipping Day Oct loads of waste 32 bales of cardboard recycled Oct. 16 Paint & electronics recycled Oct L of used oil recycled Oct. 18 New conveyer and baler installed at Airport (for now) Oct. 30 Successfully baled first load of recyclables Cost recover from landfill scale for October TBA Page 2 of 3 Committee of the Whole. Public Works & Utilities Committee of the Whole 17 of 73

18 PUBLIC WORKS & UTILITIES Committee of the Whole Report: October 2018 BEAUTIFICATION Christmas light preparation Gathered quotes for 2019 flower/tree preparation Removed planters for winter storage COMPLAINTS N/A *Report End* Page 3 of 3 Committee of the Whole. Public Works & Utilities Committee of the Whole 18 of 73

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69 TOWN OF GRANDE CACHE Page 1 of 1 Council For the Period Ending September 30, (c) 2018-Oct-31 12:27:13PM General Ledger Description 2018 Budget 2018 YTD Actual 2018 Budget Remaining % 2018 Budget Remaining $ 2017 Actual Payroll Payroll benefits 7, , , , Taxable meeting fees 38, , , , Payroll benefits 38, , , , Taxable meeting fees 135, , , , Payroll 218, , , , Contracted & general services Travel & expenses 4, , , , Memberships,conferences 2, , , Telephone,fascimile Subscriptions,publications (25.00) Life Insurance Premiums Travel & expenses 18, , , , Memberships,conferences 5, , , Subscriptions,publications 1, Consulting services 5, , , Office space rent 26, , , , Life Insurance premiums 1, , Contracted & general services 64, , , , Materials, goods & services General supplies Promotion,entertainment Rocky Ram purchases General supplies 2, , , Promotion,entertainment 3, , , Materials, goods & services 6, , , , P TOTAL EXPENDITURES 288, , , , P NET COST OF OPERATION 288, , , , Committee of the Whole *** End of Report *** 69 of 73

70 6.3(a) TOWN OF GRANDE CACHE Report to Council November 7 th 2018 SUBJECT Town of Grande Cache Occupational Health & Safety BACKGROUND Resolution No. 373/12 The Town shall appoint a Safety Officer who will manage the Town Safety Program, as approved by Council and the Alberta Occupational Health and Safety Act. November 14 th 2012 Employee Health and Safety Policy was adopted by Council. January 23 rd 2013 Emergency Response Policy is adopted. January 23 rd 2013 Safety Investigation Policy is adopted. January 23 rd 2013 Safety Maintenance Program is adopted. January 23 rd 2013 Hazard Identification Directive is adopted. December 10 th 2014 Joint Work Site Health and Safety Committee Policy adopted. March 24 th 2017 Council approved the creation of a Job Description for the position of Health and Safety Coordinator be completed and brought back to Council, inclusive of a Wage and Benefit Range Scale for similar entry positions. At the April 5 th Committee of the Whole Meeting, council supported the implementation of a Safety Officer / Coordinator. Council directed the 4 administrative departments to review their individual budgets for potential budget savings or position re allocations to fund the new position. June 7 th 2017 We recommend council approve the job description as previously presented for the position of Health and Safety Coordinator adding this position to the Town of Grande Cache Salary Grid for We recommend council direct Administration to post for the position of Health and Safety Coordinator, with funding being provided from reserves for 2017 and that the position be added to the Operational Budget under Protective Services for At the June 14, 2017 Council meeting Council passed the following resolution, 321/17 resolved that Council directs Administration to proceed with a Request for Proposal for a Contract Health and Safety Coordinator. Completed October 1 st 2017 the task as assigned: Council approves Administration to enter into an agreement with Barrow Safety Services for the provision of providing a Health and Safety Audit for the Town of Grande Cache complete with an action / task plan for achieving all mandatory OH&S requirements with a roadmap to achieving COR Certification in This agreement will include total fees for service to complete the Audit and Administration services to provide a plan on achieving COR Certification and requirements to do such in Committee of the Whole 70 of 73

71 November 29 th 2017 Barrow Safety Services provided a proposal to complete the tasks as designated by the GAP Analysis. This proposal was submitted for consideration in the 2018 Administrative budget approvals as a Grande Cache Health and Safety Advisor Proposal (Contract Position). Total Proposal Cost to complete tasks as defined - $89,556 / 12 months plus GST Total allocated Expense as at August 31 st $50, DISCUSSION As established and directed by the CAO and through Council Resolution a Joint Worksite Safety and Health Committee was established to comply with the Alberta Occupational Health and Safety Act. This committee has been in effect for over 3 years now and has managed to introduce and establish some basic Safety and Health objectives, however implementation and construction of a Town Safety Program is not complete, nor will be in the near future unless some specific decisions regarding the future of the Program are established. It is our belief that a focused initiative and directive be established by the Town of Grande Cache Town Council and Town of Grande Cache Administration in order to move the Town Safety Program Forward. This will be achieved through appointment of a Town of Grande Cache Health and Safety Coordinator or Safety Officer as directed in Resolution No. 373/12 The Town shall appoint a Safety Officer who will manage the Town Safety Program, as approved by Council and the Alberta Occupational Health and Safety Act. Health and Safety Coordinator or Safety Officers Salary Scales in Alberta This information is taken from Pay Scale Human Capital An online resource. A Mid-Career Health and Safety Coordinator or 25% of people employed in this position in the Edmonton, Alberta region can expect to earn an average annual salary of $65, % of these employees have been in the field or position for approximately 5-9 years. 14% have been in the field approximately years. 10% of people employed in this field earn an average salary of $52,349. All positions in this field for this average are full time staff with benefits package. The Town of Grande Cache has a commitment to its employees, volunteers and members of the public to provide a safe work environment for all as defined by the Alberta Occupational Health and Safety Act and as directed by Policy and Procedure S-1 Safety, of the Town of Grande Cache Policy and Procedure Manual. The success of any health and safety program is the investment put in to the program through staff efforts, organizational planning and effective resources. The Town of Grande Cache currently has in place a Health and Safety Committee that meets regularly to achieve objectives as defined by the Act and promote Health and Safety on the worksite. However this committee is just that, a committee of staff members who have regular day to day responsibilities and in most cases work on the Health and Safety objectives off the corner of their desks. The Town of Grande Cache has been fortunate to have Barrow Safety Services provide Committee of the Whole 71 of 73

72 Health and Safety Contract Advisors to work on our behalf to achieve the GAP analysis objectives in a timely and orderly fashion. However, the process has been arduous, time consuming and ever expanding beyond what the original intent of the Contract Position was to complete. Our Leadership teams require a hands on, full time person available directly to the Town of Grande Cache reporting to the CAO or designate on outcomes, plans, budgets and Health and Safety for all Town Employees inclusive of the Grande Cache Fire Department and Town Council. Please accept this report, conversation and the following recommendation to Mayor and Council. RECOMMENDATION We recommend Council direct Administration to bring forward a Request for Decision Town of Grande Cache Health and Safety Coordinator inclusive of a Job Description to the November 14 th Council Meeting. Prepared by: Kevin Gramm, Manager Reviewed by: Denise Thompson Date: November 1, 2018 Date: November 1, Committee of the Whole 72 of 73

73 6.3(b) TOWN OF GRANDE CACHE Report to Council November 7 th 2018 SUBJECT Smoky River Nordic Ski Club Town of Grande Cache Joint Partnership BACKGROUND On July 4 th 2018 the Community Services Department brought forward at a regular scheduled meeting: The Smoky River Nordic Ski Club has been an association since The Club as mentioned in their letter received AGLC Casino Funds of which they have gained many pieces of trail grooming equipment and expertise in ski trail development and maintenance. The Club is proposing a Cooperative Agreement with the Town of Grande Cache as outlined in their submission letter. An update to Council was requested by Mayor Castle at the Regularly Scheduled Council meeting on Wednesday October 10 th DISCUSSION On September 10 th 2018 the club had a regular scheduled committee meeting in which the update provided to the Town was: Good meeting today with rec and tourism centre staff. Rental operation will be at tourism centre with afterhours drop off at rec centre Items for us to discuss Map handouts Waiver and rental form Rental cost Pre booking or as you come Advertise or posters with location, hours and cost, Cabinet and bench. Size and when ready. Staff need this info to finalize location Security When to order skis On October 12 th 2018 the club provided the Town the following update: Rental equipment has been ordered and should arrive before end of October Metal cabinets have also been ordered and should be here within two weeks Town of Grande Cache Staff Follow up and items to complete: Joint use agreement for the partnership between the 2 parties Active Net program update for rental and returns (minimal time to complete) RECOMMENDATION Council to accept this report as information only Prepared by: Kevin Gramm, Manager Reviewed by: Denise Thompson Date: November 1, 2018 Date: November 1, Committee of the Whole 73 of 73