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1 JULY 2 7, C ENTS VOLUME 1 8 NUM BER 3 0 r. < S i g n e d i n t o l a w The Drug-Free School Zone program, part of an action plan for narcotics enforcement, is 1 year old this month. Keyport Superintendent of Public Works Arthur Rooke and Police Chief Raymond Lee examine a new sign on the borough s new signmaking machine. For more on the law, see Page 20. Photograph by Bob Bruce

2 i JULY 27,1988, THE INDEPENDENT T H E W O R L D S B I G G E S T T O Y S T O R E! Thereto a toys» c/s#near you! EAST B R U N S W IC K 233 Hwy. 18 (At Loehmann mplaza) JE R S E Y C ITY EATO NTO W N 231 R t. 35 (Across from Monmouth Mall) LIVINGSTON TO M S R IV E R 1224 Hooper Ave. (A cross from Ocean County Mall) NORTH BERGEN. NANUET WATCHUNG U.S. Hwy. 22 (In the Blue Star Shopping C tr.) PARAMUS - RT. 4 (CLOSED SUNDAY) WOODBRIDGE U.S. R t. 1 & G ills Lane (A cross from Woodbridge C tr.) PARAMUS RT. 17 (CLOSED SUNDAY) U N IO N M orris Ave. A R t. 22 (Next to Bradlees) TOTOWA M O N D A Y - S A T U R D A Y 9 : 3 0 A M - 9 : 3 0 P M ; S U N D A Y 1 0 :0 0 A M - 6 : 0 0 P M N O W H I R I N G! A L L S H IF T S A V A IL A B L E C O M P E T IT IV E W A G E S

3 THE INDEPENDENT, JULY 27, INSIDE STORY L a r s o n t a k e s p o s t Barry Larson, Colts Neck s new township administrator, watched the various social protests of the 1960s and decided to go into government service. Why? Because he couldn t understand why those who were protesting weren t being heard by their representatives. Staff writer Jonathan R. Friedman has his story. SEE PAGE 35 F a r r i e r s t o v i e Among the activities at the 14th annual M onm outh C ounty Fair, which begins today, there will be a competition among farriers. Novices, journeymen, and masters will vie. Staff writer Liz Cannon reports. SEE PAGE 30 M i d d l e t o w n s a f e. Middletown residents will be happy to know that their community is one of the safest of its size in the United States, according to the FBI. Staff writer Michael W. Sutkowski has the details, which show Middletown ranks sixth among 282 communities nationwide which have populations between 50,000 and 100,000. SEE PAGE 39 S c h o o l g e t s g i f t Staff writer Kathleen McGrane reports on Middletown High School North s new electron microscope. It s 800 pounds, 6 feet tall and 3 feet wide, was donated by the Ciba- Geigy Corp. and may well be the only electron microscope housed in a high school in the country. SEE PAGE 16 INDEX BUSINESS CLASSIFIED IN THE SPOTLIGHT LETTERS OBITUARIES OFFBEAT... 5 OPINION... 4 PEOPLE IN THE NEWS POLICE BEAT PROPERTY LINES SOCIAL NEWS SPORTS WHAT S HAPPENING WILLIAM R. CANINO V ice Presid e n t DAVID THALER P u b lish er THOM AS R. DeCARO E x e c u tiv e Ed ito r JUDITH McGEE FEENEY. M anaging Ed ito r MARK ROSMAN S p o rts Ed ito r The Independent is published every Wednesday by Greater Monmouth Publishing Co., Route 9, P.O. Box 679, Freehold, N.J The Independent is not liable for errors in advertisements beyond the cost of the space occupied by the error. Notification of an error must be made in writing within one week of publication. The Independent, 81 Broad St., Keyport A GREATER MEDIA COMPANY Photograph by Ed Brett SK IR M ISH D. Hawks Swanick (I) of Fords and Tony Daniels of Brick Township confront each other during a Civil War skirmish reenactment Sunday in Keyport. For more on the event, see Pages 8 and 9. Local squad fa c e s sh o rta g e o f m em bers Unit provides aid 24 hours a day By Jonathan R. Friedman ABERDEEN Faced w ith a m em bership crisis, the South Aberdeen Emergency Medical Squad is vigourously trying to attract new volunteers with a variety of measures that include demonstrations and possible discounts at recreational facilities. The squad, which is comprised solely of volunteers, provides first aid assistance within the township 24 hours per day, according to squad captain Bobbie Gardner. The EMS answers calls in any type of medical emergency including heart attacks, poisoning, allergic reactions and births. We see people at a time when they ve really lost control of things, said Gardner. Helping them is very, very rewarding. Currently, the squad has day and night crews. Each of the four night crews consists t>f four or five members and is on duty from 11 p.m. to 5 a.m. A night crew works for one week out of four. ABERDEEN The Matawan-Aberdeen Regional Board of Education has solicited assistance from the New Jersey School Boards Association hoping to improve its effectiveness and alleviate divisiveness among board members. At a meeting on July 25, a self-evaluation program was presented to the board by Sampson Brown, director of field services for the association. The program, said Sampson, is used by boards that wish to improve their performance, and not only by boards with problems. The bottom line is to come to a decision with regards to some priority areas that the board would like to focus on, said Brown. The assessment process begins with a questionaire of 140 questions to be filled out by each board member. The question- The squad now has one day crew. It consists of one full-time member and two probationary members (members who are not yet fully certified). Because of the lack of volunteers during the day, the squad sometimes is unable to answer calls. Instead they have to ask the road department or first aid services in Holmdel or Hazlet townships to respond. Gardner said sometimes she will not even leave town during the day just in case she is needed on a call. Ironically, said Gardner, most of the squad s calls are during the day. People are more active during the day, she said. The squad s membership problems are not unique to Aberdeen, said Gardner. The increase in the number of working mothers has reduced membership in first aid squads throughout the county, she said. To try to attract new members, the squad will be conducting a demonstration of the Heimlich manuever at the Strathmore Bath and Tennis Club on Sunday. Gardner has asked the club to offer discounted annual membership fees to squad members. She has also approached Mayor Burton Morachnick, who is himself a memaire has board m erfbers evaluate the board s effectiveness in 14 areas, including planning and obtaining educational goals, developing board policy, working with the superintendent and communicating with the public. The completed questionaire, which was created by the Institute for Educational Leadership in Washington, D.C., will be analyzed to determine problem areas. The association will then work with the board on developing and implementing priorities and goals for improving board performance. Brown said he believed the process can produce results., Where we can work with a board over the course of a year, we have been able to make progress, he said. There are 20 schools throughout the state ber of the squad, about getting admission discounts to parks or other public areas such as pools or golf courses. Only fully certified members would be eligible for these discounts if they are granted, said Gardner. The squad also has a cadet program through which it recruits students from local schools and trains them. At present, the squad has two student members. Students may respond to calls anytime during the day when they are not in school and until 10 p.m. The cadet program, said Gardner, gives students some valuable,work experience. A lot of the students can earn extra money during the summer working for an ambulance corps, she said. Becoming a member requires no experience, said Gardner. All volunteers are put through an emergency medical technician course and are fully trained. Anyone in good physical condition may join the squad, which now includes teachers, lawyers, store employees and housewives among its members. We re looking for anyone who s interested in helping other people, said Gardner. School board splits on self-evaluation program that are currently participating in a pilot program using the questionaire, said Brown. Some board members questioned the effectiveness of the program in solving the board s problems. Board member Michael Kidzus claimed that at the core of board s difficulties lies a fundamental difference of opinion between members from Aberdeen and members from Matawan. I think the thing in a nutshell is six votes, three votes, said Kidzus, who is from Matawan. Aberdeen has six representatives on the board; Matawan has three. The board voted 5 to 1 to take part in the self-evaluation program. Robert Hesse, another Matawan representative opposed participation, saying that nothing would be accomplished. Kidzus abstained.

4 4 JULY 27, 1988, THE INDEPENDENT E D I T O R I A L S Harsher penalties needed New Jerseyans this month have more to celebrate than the first anniversary of a law creating drugfree zones within 1,000 feet of elementary and secondary schools throughout the state. Nearly 4,200 drug distributors are in prison or face stiff mandatory penalties because of the law, a situation which is also cause to celebrate. The law also comes down hard on juveniles for simple possession. It mandates a $500 fine, 100 hours of community service and a six-month loss of driving privileges for young offenders. But Middletown Police Chief Joseph McCarthy, who staunchly supports as well as enforces the law, says he has mixed emotions about it. The chief says the harsher penalties ought to be given to all drug violators, regardless of where they commit their crimes. He is right. Assistant State Attorney General Ronald Susswein on Monday told the L E T T E R S Independent that 15,179 drug distributors have been apprehended in the last 12 months. Another 32,860 people have been apprehended for simple possession, meaning they were caught only with enough substance for their personal use. According to the Attorney General s Office, 56 percent of the 400,000 crimes committed in the state each year are drug related. That comes to 240,000 crimes. Many of the drug distributors will plea bargain, admit to lesser crimes and pay lesser penalties. Susswein says inmates end up serving between one-fifth and one-fourth of their sentences. Many of those charged with simple possession will get off scot-free. Many of those accused with simple possession steal and mug to support their habits. Criminals who get off with minimal punishment and minor offenders who get off scot-free might learn that crime pays. And that s unfortunate. F re e d o m lost In the wake of America s Independence Day celebration, it is sad to note that a significant number of New Jersey s citizens have lost a part of their personal freedom. Over the past four years, some 120,000 driving while intoxicated (DWI) offenders in the Garden State have had penalties imposed which would, indeed, make our forefathers shudder. The overwhelming majority were firsttime offenders who caused no harm or injury; however, because of a state-ordained level of intoxication, registered on an inanim ate and antiquated instrum ent, many have lost their jobs, homes, families and, in some cases, their very own lives by suicide. Only a DWI offense denies one the right to consult with an attorney, physician, or anyone else, after arrest. Although the arresting officer notifies the accused of his rights under Miranda, those very rights are repudiated by the failure to effectuate them. New Jersey remains one of only two states that does not permit DWI suspects a trial by jury. DWI overkill legislation has resulted in vitiating no less than three of our Constitutional amendments, to wit: 1) The DWI roadblock violates the Fourth Amendment in denying the right to be secure against unreasonable searches; 2) In taking, or refusing, a breathalyzer test, the Fifth Amendment is nullified, as one loses the right not to become a witness against one s self; 3) That which is becoming known as the $ 10,000 drink carries a hardship inflicted on both the DWI offender and his/her family, and graphically illustrates a violation of the Eighth Amendment which states excessive fines shall not be imposed, nor cruel and unusual punishment inflicted. Only days before this year s Fourth of July commemoration, yet another blatant DWI ruling was handed down by the New Jersey Supreme Court: In deciding that municipal prosecutors may offer plea-bargaining to certain defendants, drunken driving is one of only two charges exempted. As the final fireworks fizzle, and the dust settles on our nation s 212th birthday, it would seem Jefferson s declaration that all men are endowed with certain inalienable rights does not apply to DWI offenders. ROBERT T. BAER president, a-cause Asbury Park R abbi criticized As spectators to the Matawan Memorial Day Parade, we found Rabbi Neil Cooper s remarks in the letter to the editor (religious parade floats) outrageously offensive and prejudiced. He said he found it offensive and inappropriate for three church floats to be in a Memorial Day Parade. We found it spoke of the harm ony three different churches can have in our town and the cheers from the viewers of the parade obviously did not find it offensive or inappropriate. Perhaps the good people of Matawan were remembering that the freedom to express their religion was one of the rights our soldiers died to preserve. Rabbi Neil Cooper s accusation concerning the message on the float was that it was a reminder of our differences. However, the truth is, in seeking love and harmony, the only two messages written on the floats were from the, Hebrew old testament scriptures - psalms 33:12 Happy is the nation whose God is the Lord and 2 chronicles 7:14 If my people who are called by my name will humble themselves and pray, I will heal their land. The float s mesage was ecumenicle in its Judao Chrisitan totality and could hardly offend. Rabbie Cooper states (and I will quote him) In the future, clear directives should be given to prevent this type of activity from occuring. We don t think our dead soldiers would agree with him. Regarding his remarks concerning separation of church and state, these words guarantee our rights to be preserved not abolis h e d. It is s e p a ra tio n from s ta te interference and protection from persecution to which it speaks. If Rabbi Cooper felt (and I quote him) Required to dwell on the differences between us, then we suggest that the problem is his and not the people of Matawan or the organizations that participated in the parade. We find the kind of statements he made dangerous and threatening to the freedoms that Memorial Day is all about. DORA JENKINS secretary of Full Gospel of Christ Church - Matawan Separate church, state This letter is in response to the Reverend Kisenwether s letter, which appeared in vyour Jftlf M issue. The pastor is correct in stating all churches are allowed to pass out lollipops and church literature. However, if such items are passed out under the auspices of the state, as during a town sponsored function, it takes on a different meaning. Under such conditions it would appear that the state is sanctioning and endorsing the establishment of religion, which is strictly forbidden under the constitution. Another point which the Rev. Kisenwether should ponder is that when government requires a rabbi to accept a lollipop or endorse by vote a particular religious view, it is too late to lead a march. The best way to prevent this from happening is to be vigilant against any and all appearance of collaboration between church and state. Let s all join in keeping community celebrations as universal as possible. Lets not try to particularize them by hawking our wares. It will detract from their universality making certain groups uncomfortable and prevent their participation in future communitywide events. GIDEON FREUD Aberdeen C o v e ra g e superb On behalf of the GFWC Matawan Junior Woman s Club, I would like to thank you for the superb coverage you afforded us for our flea market which was held on June 18. We would also like to thank the vendors, the shoppers and all our members for making this a successful fundraiser. KAREN DEGEORGE GFWC Matawan Jr. Woman s Club Communications Chairman Frien ds sought Many of your readers will be aware that the Monmouth County Board of Realtors is conducting a long term, fundraising and friend-raising project in support of the Women s Resource in d Survival Center, Keyport, which offers shelter and counseling to victims of domestic violence in Monmouth County. We have called our effort Project Crisis: Caring Realtors in Support of Survival. \ The largest single element of Project Crisis will be a gala evening of entertainment on Sept. 24 at the Count Basie Theatre, Red Bank, preceded by a silent auction of gifts donated by area merchants and friends of the Monmouth County Board of Realtors and the Women s Center. The response to our efforts has been heart-warming. Already, many Red Bank area restaurants have agreed to extend their hours on Sept. 24 for after theater supper, and will donate 10 percent of their profits that evening to Project Crisis. Over the summer, realtors will be visiting area merchants to distribute information about the Women s Center and to request donations for the auction. We anticipate a generous response and thank those who have already donated. We thank the Independent in particular for your excellent coverage of the May 23 news conference at which Project Crisis was announced to the public. The public is cordially invited to attend the gala, and we will be announcing ticket information in the near future. The Monmouth County Board of Realtors thanks all of those who have joined us in assisting the Women s Center through Project Crisis. MARY L. COFFENBERG, chairperson Community Service Committee. Monmouth County Board of Realtors

5 School d is tric t on the m ove A proposed change in the Middletown school district s grading system has created a great deal of controversy this summer. The original proposal called for a more liberal method of grading that would put M iddletown s college-bound students on more equal footing with other high school students whose letter grade qualifications were percentage points lower. Opponents of the change, mainly teachers and honor students, decried the proposal, fearing prospective colleges would look upon this as a lowering of standards. A compromise system where grading would be changed to eliminate letter grades in favor of a numeric grading system was adopted by the Board of Education, but the change will be delayed a year while the implementation procedure is studied. While the controversy over the grading system was raging and making headlines, the district s science department scored a quiet coup that will certainly enhance the standards of college-bound science students. Through a combination of timing and coincidence, Middletown High School North has become the home of a transmission electron microscope, a piece of equipment so advanced that it is unlikely it could be found in any other public high school in the country.. The electron microscope had been offered for donation to a learning institute by the CIBA-GEIGY Corporation of Summit, which updated an older model. The coincidence arose in th at Peter Dondl, the engineer who had the service contract on the electron microscope, was a Middletown resident who lived and worked from his home. Upon discovering the microscope was available for donation, Dondl asked the corporate officials that consider- L E T T E R S Aid appreciated The officers and members of Keyport Auxiliary to Bayshore Community Hospital extend sincerest appreciation to everyone for their support of our fund-raising activities. Each contribution is important to achieve financial success. Thanks to our local business community for their continued donations of merchandise used for raffle prizes. We are deeply graceful for the support of everyone who purchased tickets to the recent fashion show. The service provided by the staff at Lakeside Manor added to the festivities. The combined efforts of each and every one contributed to a successful affair as well as the high quality health care services at the hospital. Winners of raffles conducted during the Affiliated Board of Auxiliaries Flea Market were Mr. M. Neuterman, Ms. P. Croshil and Mr. J. Sihler. GEORGETTE MITCHELL Fashion Show Chairwoman Time for results If the serious problem of ocean pollution could be solved by simply sponsoring bills, Frank Pallone would be the world s greatest beachfront environm entalist. U nfortunately, his five years in the Senate have resulted in little more than a hoard of bills with his name on them while the ocean condition continues to grow worse. Pallone seems to think these bills make him Jacques Coustau. If only it were that easy. Instead of attacking his opponent and whining about sponsorship, I think we d all be better off if the senator stopped giving us bills and started giving us results. Somehow I doubt environmentalists will be nearly as happy as paper companies if the senator makes it to Washington.. L. PATERSON Red Bank M IDDLETOW N OFF _ BEAT KATHLEEN M cg RANE ation be given to a high school. Such advanced equipment was normally offered to more advanced learning institutes. Dondl had recently been the subject of a video on electron microscopes made for a science project by two neighborhood high school students, and became facinated with the fact that students at the high school level would be interested in such an advanced piece of scientific equipment. After making the connection between corporate and high school officials, the donation was made to Middletown. Even though it is dated, the electron microscope now in the science wing of the school is still used by many colleges and companies like Johnson and Johnson, and is infinitely better than the ordinary light microscopes used by most science labs, according to Dondl. Gloria Lehman, the science supervisor for Middletown high schools, was so thrilled to receive the electron microscope that she surrendered her school office to house it. Dondl said the opportunity for a public high school student to use an electron microscope was very unique, and it would offer students of the honors science programs a definite advantage upon entering college science classes. Middletown s science students will have the advantage whether their science grade comes in the form of a letter or a number. Thanks to all _ On Mother s Day, we all fell from a deck that collapsed. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all the people who were involved in our rescue. The speed of the response, the skills exhibited in assessing our condition and removing us to the hospital was certainlyh a big factor in helping to hasten our recovery. The people of Middletown should be proud and comforted by the excellence of both the police department and our volunteer services. We all hope no one will ever need their help, but rest assured that should it be required, it will be prompt, professional and caring. A heartfelt thank you to everyone involved. From the police department, Patrolman Fred Henry, Patrolman John Hill and Sergeant Mike Pinto. '» The volunteer companies were Fairview, Lincroft, Leonardo and Middletown First Aid Squads, Middletown Fire Co. No. 1, the Paramedic units, Coordinator John Drucker, staging area leader Eric Rice, Carol Selbiger and all the other volunteers whose names we do not know, but who will always be in our thoughts. Thank you. DARLENE CADIGAN JOHN JACOB EDNA SEYFFART PETER SEYFFART Middletown Geiger missed The family of the late Chief William J. Geiger (retired) from the Keyport Police Department wishes to thank all friends and colleagues who contributed in the preparation of the funeral services, those who sent flowers, cards and other condolences.his passing will be missed by all who knew him. THE GEIGER FAMILY Kayport THE INDEPENDENT, JULY 27, Photograph by Michael Guiliano SIGN OF THE TIM ES Not only does the recent dry weather have Middletown officials calling for a moratorium on development; the situation has forced officials to ban barbecues at some parks in the area, including Monmouth Battlefield State Park. Panel seeks moratorium to avoid water problems By Michael W. Sutkowski M ID D LETO W N The T ow nship Committee is calling for a six-month building moratorium because of water shortages, despite assurances by the water company that a crisis does not exist. On Monday, the committee introduced an ordinance that would make the moratorium a law. A public hearing and vote are scheduled for Aug. 8. No officials commented on the ordinance at the time of the roll call. But last week, at least three officials questioned the authenticity of the shortage, suggesting it is contrived. The proposed ordinance declares a moratorium on applications and approvals for developments which require additional water hookups. Committeewoman Amy Handlin, who did not attend Monday s meeting, suggested the township look into the moratorium several weeks weeks ago.. Two spokesman from the New Jersey- American Water Co., Assistant Manager William Pearce and System Planning Director Howard Woods, addressed the committee for nearly two hours. Committee Charles Carroll, who voted against the introduction of the ordinance, asked Pearce if a crisis existed. No, sir, Pearce replied. One observer, local attorney Larry Loigman, suggested after the meeting that a moratorium would be illegal. Township Attorney William Dowd has already told officials the ordinance will have a rough time in the courts, adding that it will face an uphill fight. The ordinance says the water restriction was prompted by a very brief period of lack of rain after a rainy, spring period. Recent constructigi^ has placed a severe burden upon infrastructure and resources of the township and the, utilities which serv e the municipality, according to the code. Mayor Raymond O Grady agreed with Committeeman Britt* Raynor, who questioned whether the w^ter crisis was contrived similar to gas shortages 10 years ago. Raynor said it s very interesting timing that New Jersey-American is asking for a rate increase right in the middle of a threeweek drought. As soon as they get the rate increase, you re going to see water available, Carrol: said. It s just a rip-off to the public. Raynor said he walked along the Swimming River Reservoir two weeks ago, commenting I ve seen it dramatically lower than it is now. On Monday, Pearce said the problem was the water company s ability to filter and pump supplies, rather than the amount of water available. But the Swimming River Reservoir is at 71 percent capacity, he said. It is replenished naturally through ground water at the rate of 20 million gallons a day, he said. Under normal rainfall, the community would use 32 million gallons of water a day. he said. But on July 2 and 3, the system was taxed at 56 million gallons, a situation which cannot be sustained for a long period of time, Pearce said. The company s nominal sustained capacity is 46 million gallons, he said. He said the company will be able to supply 61 million gallons a day by 1990, if expansion proposals are completed. The 61 million gallons would effectively end the necessity for water restrictions, he said.

6 6 JULY 27, 1989, THE INDEPENDENT W H A T S H A P P E N I N G FUTURE The Duke Ellington Orchestra will play a benefit performance sponsored by the Monmouth County Board of Realtores for the Women s Resource and Survival Center, Keyport, on Sept. 24 at the Count Basie Theatre, Red Bank. The Ellington concert will be preceded at 7 p.m. by the Silver Chance Auction and reception in the theater lobby. Tickets are $50 per person for regular seating and $75 per person for VIP seating in the theater s first 12 rows.. VIP tickets include valet parking and an after-show champagne reception. Men s Modified Softball Tournament will be co-sponsored by the Middletown Department of Parks and Recreation and Stafford Tire Softball on Aug in Middletown. The cost is $160 per team for this double elimination tournament. Travel expense prizes and trophies will go to the top three finishers as well as most valuable player and most valuable pitcher. For registration: A trip to the Brooklyn Museum will be sponsored by the Monmouth County Park System on Aug. 10. The excursion will leave 8 a.m. from Thompson Park, Newman Springs Road, Lincroft, and return 4 p.m. The fee is $16 which includes round-trip bus transportation, admission and tour of the museum, and Park System leader. Registration is required. For further information: A New York trip to see Speed The Plow for $48 or Nunsense for $38 will be sponsored by the St. Mary s Theater Group on Aug. 23. The bus will leave 6 p.m. from the Mater Dei High School parking lot on Cherry Tree Farm Road, New Monmouth, and return approximately 11:30 p.m. The cost includes orchestra seats, transportaton and all taxes and tips. For reservations call Pat Thompson or Rita Young before Aug. 4. The dinner meeting of The Monmouth Legal Secretaries Association will be held 7 p.m. on Aug. 4 at the Colts Neck Inn, Route 537, Colts Neck. The program will be presented by Louis C. Meyer Jr. and the topic will be Reading a Title Insurance Commitment. All persons employed in any legally related field are invited to attend. Reservations must be made on or before Aug. 1. Call Rachel Blasi, A craft show will be sponsored by the Central Shore Chapter of Deborah Hospital 10 a.m.-4 p.m. on Sept. 25 at Dearborn Farms, Holmdel. Rain date is Sept. 25. Space is $15. Call Claire or Lois A self-development workshop and preview of the Dale Carnegie Course will be held 6:30 p.m. on Aug. 3, 8, 10 and 15 at Molly Pitcher Inn, Route 35, Red Bank. Reservations are necessary. Call TO D A Y Preparation for Childbirth program will be held 8 p.m. at Riverview Medical Center, Red Bank. Parents should register at least 16 weeks in advance of their expected due date. To register or for further information: The film, In Search of Ancient Mysteries will be shown 7:30 p.m. at the Monmouth County Library s Holmdel Branch, Crawfords Comer Road. The program is free and open to all, with no tickets or registration required. A free smokeless introductory session will be offered by Bayshore Community Hospital, Holmdel, for anyone interested in learning to stop smoking at 7 p.m. on July 27 and 29, fourth floor, room 441. For further information: An adult concert will be sponsored by the Colts Neck Recreation Committee 7:30-9:30 p.m. at the Township Hall on Cedar Drive. The Bill Baum Band will highlight the concert and features the music of the 1930 and 40 s big band era. The concert is free and participants should bring their own chairs and blankets. Couples Support Group will be sponsored by the Mid-Jersey Chapter of the National Multiple Sclerosis Society 7:30-9 p.m. at the Cross of Glory Church, Cambridge Drive, Matawan. For further information: or Parents Helping Parents, a self-help group for parents of children and adolescents with emotional problems, will meet 7:30 p.m. at the Mental Health Association office, 90 Monmouth St., Red Bank. The meeting is free and open to the public. Enjoy the sights and sounds of the summer woods with naturalist A1 Ivany at 7 p.m. at Poricy Park, Middletown. The group will meet at the Cotton Tract, Ivy Hill Road entrance. The program is free and no registration is required. For directions: THURSDAY, JULY 2 8 Central Jersey Jewish Singles will provide a support group with a low-key atmosphere at 8 pin. at a home in Freehold. Admission is $2. For reservations and information call Stan The Holmdel Summer Theatre Festival will present Grease, musical comedy, at 8 p.m. through July 30 at the Holmdel High School auditorium. General admission tickets are $8. For tickets: A pediatric pre-admission tour will be held 10:30 a.m. at Riverview Medical Center, Red Bank. The tour should be taken approximately one week prior to admission. To register or for further information: Preparation for Childbirth program will be held 8 p.m. on July 28 and 29 and 9:30 a.m. July 30 at Riverview Medical Center, Red Bank. Parents should register at least 16 weeks in advance of their expected due date. For further information or to register: Singles Again Inc. will sponsor a dance party for singles of all ages at 8 p.m. at the Colts Neck Inn, Route 537, Colts Neck. For further information: FRIDAY, JULY 2 9 The Lion In Winter will be presented by the Brookdale Community College Department of Speech and Theatre and the Performing Arts Center at 8 p.m. in the Performing Arts Center Main Theatre, parking lot 2 on Brookdale s Lincroft campus. Tickets are $8 general admission and $6 for senior citizens, students and children. Free high blood pressure screenings for people will be sponsored by the Monmouth Hypertension Control Project 10 a.m.-2 p.m. at A&P, Route 36 and Wilson Ave., Port Monmouth. Crimes of the Heart, a drama by Beth Henley, will be present by St. John Vianney High School, Holmdel, at 8 p.m. July 29 and 30. All Tickets are $7. A picnic will be sponsored by the AARP Chapter # a.m.-4 p.m. at house four in Sandy Hook. There will be games, prizes and a catered lunch which will cost $6 per person. Guests will be charged $7. For reservations or further information: A boardwalk hike will be sponsored by Shore Singles at Spring Lake and Sea Girt. The group will meet 6:30 p.m. at the North Bathing Pavilion in Spring Lake at the end of Ludlow Avenue. The fee is $2. For further information: A stargazing session will be held 8:30 p.m. at the Sandy Hook Unit of Gateway National Recreation Area. Participants will meet at the Sandy Hook Auditorium in Fort Hancock. Reservations are requested. Call SATURDAY, JULY 3 0 Garden State Nu-Voice Club for Laryngectomees will meet at 9 a.m. in the Board Room of Riverview Medical Center, Red Bank. For further information: Photograph by Chet Gordan PIC N IC PEO PLE Joan Johnson (I), the Rev. Andrew C. Foster Jr. and Janet Jones prepare the barbecue at Holmdel Park for the annual worship picnic of the Shrewsbury Avenue African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church. A tubing trip will be sponsored by Shore Singles on the Wading River in Wharton State Forest. The group will meet 9 a.m. at the commuter parking lot at Exit 105 of the Parkway. The fee is $3 for members and $4 for non-members. Bring an inflated tube and old sneakers. For further information: Home style clam bake will be sponsored byjhe Preservationists, Inc. at 4:30 p.m. at the Spy House Museum, Port Monmouth. Cost is $10 for adults and $5 for children. For further information: or A walk with a Park Ranger will be held 8 p.m. at the Sandy Hook Unit of Gateway National Recreation Area. Participants will meet at the Spermaceti Cove Visitor Center. Reservations are requested. For further information and reservations: SUNDAY, JULY 31 The Preservationists Inc. will sponsor its annual clam bake at 4:30 p.m. at the Spy House M arine Museum Complex, Port Monmouth. A flea market will be sponsored by the.hazlet Economic Development Group 9 a.m.-3 p.m. at the Airport Plaza, Route 36, Hazlet. Rain date is Aug. 22. A benefit for Clean Ocean Action will be performed by the TLC, a local Rock group based out of Matawan, at 11 p.m. at Club Masquerade, Seaside Heights.The group will be joined onstage with a special guest appearance from recording artist Glenn Burtnick. For further information: or M ONDAY, AUG. 1 Elder Campus 88, programs and activities for senior citizens, will be held 9 a.m.- 3:15 p.m. Aug. 1-5 at Brookdale Community College, Lincroft. The $70 fee includes two programs, four lunches and snacks, plus special features and bonus Friday. To register or for further information: Explorers of Huber Woods, a daycamp experience for younsters entering second and third grade, will be sponsored by the Monmouth County Park System 9 a.m.- 1:30 p.m. Aug: 1-5 at Huber Woods Activity Center, Browns Dock Road, Middletown. The program includes nature walks, naturerelated games, and the study of plants, animals and insects. All project materials and tools are provided. The cost of the program is $45 and registration i^required. For further information: Way Back When in ah Auto will be held 7:30 p.m. at the Middletown Public Library, 55 New Monmout^i Road. Patrons are invited to come and reminisce about the classic cars of yesteryear witjj Tom McNamara, guest lecturer for the free slide program on antique automobiles. Free high blood pressure screenings for people aged will be sponsored by the Monmouth Hypertension Control Project 10 a.m.-2 p.m. at Provident Savings Bank, 73 Broad St., Red Bank. A free confidential clinic for sexually transmitted diseases will be sponsored by the Bayshore Community Hospital, Holmdel, 6-8 p.m. on Mondays, Aug For further information: Swin instruction for advanced beginner swimmers aged will be offered by the M onmouth County Park System 5-5:50 p.m. on Mondays and Thursdays, Aug. 1 18, at D orbrook Park A ctivity Center, Route 537, Colts Neck. The fee is $28 and registration is required. For further information: Outdoor skills week, a part of the Odyssey Summer Camp program, will be sponsored by the Monmouth County Park System 8:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m. Aug. 1-5 at Thompson Park, Newman Spring Road, Lincroft, for youngsters aged The program includes canoeing, sailing, bike riding, and rock climbing. The fee is $110 and registration is required. For further information: A breastfeeding class for expectant and

7 new mothers will be held 7-9 p.m. in the Blaisdell Center for Health Resources of Riverview Medical Center, Red Bank. Registration is required. For further information: Typing for Teens, a ten session typing instruction course just for teens, will be offered 7-9 p.m. on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays, Aug. 1-22, by Community Services at Brookdale Community College, Lincroft. The $70 fee does not include text. For registration: TU ESD A Y, AUG. 2 ~ Lamaze childbirth classes will be held 8 p.m. on Tuesdays, Aug. 2-Sept. 6, in conference room A of Bayshore Community Hospital, Holmdel. For further information: A blood drive sponsored by the Central Jersey Blood Bank will be held 2-5 p.m. at Circle Chevrolet/BMW, 641 Shrewsbury Ave., Shrewsbury. A blood drive sponsored by Central Jersey Blood Bank will be held 6-8:30 p.m. at Keyport Kiwanies Ye Cottage Inn, 149 West Front St., Keyport. Toulouse-Lautrec and Moulin Rouge will be presented 7:30 p.m. at the Middletown Public Library, 55 New Monmouth Road. Jell Selby will be the guest lecturer for this free art slide program. A walk to learn about flying mammals will be sponsored by Poricy Park, Middletown, at 8 p.m. The group will meet at Murray Farmhouse and in case of rain at the Nature Center. Debbie Clayton will share with you some interestng facts about our most musunderstood flying mammal, the bat. Bring a lawn chair or blanket for the slide show and dress for a hike. The program is free and no registration is required. Training Program for Food Service Personnel will be held 7:30-10 p.m. on Tuesdays, Aug. 2 and 9, at Brookdale Community College, Lincroft. The fee is $16 for the two-sessiori course. For registration: Swimmin Singles will be offered by the Monmouth County Park Systerm for singles aged 21 and up 7-7:50 p.m. on Tuesdays and Fridays, Aug. 2-19, at Dorbrook Park Activity Center, Route 537, Colts Neck. The fee is $28 and registration is required. For further information: A U G U ST 3 Your Cholesterol will be held 1:30 p.m. at the Middletown Public Library, 55 New Monmouth Road. Theresa Stravic of the Monmouth County Extension Service will be the guest lecturer for the program which is part of the Celebrate Seniors Series. All ages are invited to attend the free program. Bells of Rosarita, a western adventure film, will be shown 7:30 p.m. at the Monmouth County Library s Hazlet Branch, 251 Middle Road. Admission is free and open to all, with no tickets or registraiton required. A six session bereavement group will be offered by the Hospice department of Riverview Medical Center, Red Bank, for young widows and widowers aged Anyone interested in joining the group, contact Lynn Spector for an interview, A speed reading course designed for preteens through adults will be offered by the Monmouth County Park System 7-9 p.m. on Wednesdays, Aug. 3-24, at Thompson Park, Newman Springs Road, Lincroft. The fee is $65 and registration is required. For further information: A U G U ST 4 Singles Rap on Upbeat Topics will be held 8 p.m. at the Jewish Community Center, 100 Grant Ave., Deal: Admission is $2. F o r inform ation call Stan or Sandy The Holmdel Summer Theatre Festival will present Grease, musical comedy, at 8 p.m. through Aug. 6 at the Holmdel High School auditorium. General admission tickets are $8. For tickets: Twenty-five Girl Scouts and 25 Boy Scouts will join Steve and Edyie on stage to sing God Bless America in honor of Irving Berlin s 100th birthday on Aug. 4-6 at the Garden State Arts Center, Holmdel. For further information: A blood drive sponsored by Central Jersey Blood Bank will be held 6-8:30 p.m. at Bayshore Community Hospital, North Beers St., Holmdel. A course for beginning photographers will be sponsored by the Monmouth County Park system 7:30-9:30 p.m. on Thursdays, Aug. 4-18, at Thompson Park, Newman Springs Road, Lincroft. The fee is $30 and registration is required. For further information: A pediatric pre-admission tour of Riverview Medical Center, Red Bank, will be held 10:30 a.m. The tour should be taken approximately one week prior to admission. To register or for further information: Post mastectomy/post lumpectomy support group of Riverview Medical Center, Red Bank, will meet 7 p.m. in the Oncology office, third floor East wing. For further information: A dance party for singles of all ages will be sponsored by Singles Again Inc. at 8 p.m. at the Colts Neck Inn, Route 537. For further information: But What is a Nanny? will be offered 7:30-9 p.m. by Com m unity Services at Brookdale Community College, Lincroft, to anyone interested in being a nanny, hiring a nanny or knowing a nanny. The session is free but registration is required. Call The Monmouth County Advisory Commission on the Status of Women will meet 7:30 p.m. in Conference Room, Special Servies Complex, 300 Halls Mill Road, Freehold. A U G U ST 5 The Lion In Winter will be presented by the Brookdale Community College Department of Speech and Theatre and the Performing Arts Center at 8 p.m. in the Performing Arts Center Main Theatre, parking lot #2 on Brookdale s Lincroft campus. Tickets are $8 general admission and $6 for senior citizens, students and children. For further information or tickets: , 10 a.m.-4 fpm., Tuesday-Friday. A boardwalk hike will be sponsored by Shore Singles at Spring Lake and Sea Girt. The group will meet 6:30 p.m. at the North Bathing Pavilion in Spring Lake at the end of Ludlow Avenue. The fee is $2. For further information: A U G U ST -j 6 Garden State Nu-Voice Club for Laryngectomees will meet 9 a.m. in the Board Room of Riverview Medical Center, Red Bank. For further information: A babysitting course for anyone aged 12 or older will be offered by the Bayshore Community Hospital, Holmdel, 9 a.m.-4 p.m. in conference room A. The fee is $30 and includes all course materials and refreshments. Registration is required. For further information or to register: Cheers, a single support group, will be sponsored by the Mid-Jersey Chapter of the National Multiple Sclerosis Society 1-4 p.m. at Cross of G lory Church, Cam bridge Drive, Matawan. For further information: or A tubing trip on a local river will be sponsored by the Monmouth County Park System. The excursion will leave 8 a.m. from Thompson Park, Newman Springs Road, Lincroft. The fee is $12 and tubes are provided. Registration is required. For further information: A flea market will be sponsored by the Matawan First Aid Life Members Association 8 a.m.-4 p.m. at Matawan Railraod Station parking lot. Space is $10. Bring your own table. Rain date is Aug. 13. A support group for graduates of the smoking cessation program, Smoke Stoppers will be sponsored by the Riverview THE INDEPENDENT, JULY 27, Photographs by Martin Petterchak STRIK E! Glen Marszabwicz, 7, of Middletown, is elated after bowling a strike during Middletown Recreation Department s Family Day at Harmony Bowl. Meanwhile, at right, Elena Marszalowicz, 3, gets some help with her bowling from her grandmother, Frances, of Clark. Medical Center, Red Bank, at 10 a.m. in the Family Health Resource office. For further information: A baby parade will be held 1-3 p.m. and senior citizen dance contest 10 a.m. by the Keyport Chamber of Commerce, Retail Promotion Commitee, during sidewalk sale day. For further information and applications: Drug Awareness Rally has been scheduled by the Middletown Police and the Middletown School System. Special programs for adults and children will be provided 11 a.m.-2 p.m. and 4-7 p.m. at the Middletown McDonald s Restaurant, Route 35 near Tindall Road. For further information: A U G U ST 7 Central Jersey Jewish Singles will have a barbeque in Freehold. For information and, reservations call Barbara or Sandy Free high blood pressure screenings for people aged will be sponsored by the Monmouth Hypertension Control Project 9 a.m.-l:30 p.m. at St. Mary s Church, Leonardville Road, New Monmouth. A tour of the obstetrics unit of Riverview Medical Center, Red BanK, for prospective parents will be held 1:30 p.m. Registration is required. For further information or to register: A baseball card and comic book convention will be sponsored by Collectors Showcase 9:30 a.m.-3:30 p.m. at the Sheraton Inn, 2870 Route 35, Hazlet. Admission is $2. For further information: A U G UST 8 The Troll and the Elephant Prince frill be presented 11 a.m. through Aug. 12 in the Performing Arts Center of Brookdale Community College, Lincroft. General admission tickets will be available at the door for $3. For further information: A group discussion of Ernest Hemingway s The Old Man And The Sea will be held 7:30 p.m. at the Middletown Public Library, 55 New Monmouth Road. John Sheridan will be the discussion leader for the free program. Free high blood pressure screenings for people aged will be sponsored by the Monmouth Hypertension Control Project 9 a.m.-l p.m. at Suburban Pharmacy, 271 Route 35, Middletown. *i Down on the Farm, ajm -day summer camp, will be sponsored by the Monmouth C ounty Park System for youngsters in grades 5 and up 9 a.m.-2 p.m. Aug at Longstreet Farm, Longstreet Road. Holmdel. The fee is $65 and registration is required. For further inform ation Odyssey Sailing, a four-day summer camp, will be sponsored by the Monmouth County Park System for youngsters aged :30 a.m.-4:30 p.m. Aug at Thompson Park, Newman Springs Road, Lincroft. The fee is $85 and registration is required. For further information: A dance class for mothers and their children aged 1 xh-2xk will be sponsored by the Monmouth County Park System 9:30-10:15 a.m. on Mondays, Aug. 8-20, at Tatum Park, Red Hill Road, Middletown. The fee for the program is $25 per pair and registration is required. For further information: A parent and tot swim instruction program designed for children aged 1-5 with an adult will be offered by the Monmouth County Park System 10-10:50 a.m. on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, Aug. 8-19, at the D orbrook Park A ctivity Center, Route 537, Colts Neck. The fee for the program is $28 and registration is required. For further information: Intermediate tennis lessons for youngsters aged will be offered by the Monmouth County Park System 11 a.m.-l p.m. Aug at Thompson Park, Newman Springs Road, Lincroft. The fee for four sessions is $28 and registration is required. For further information:

8 3 JULY 27, 1988, THE INDEPENDENT ''After a mastectomy... you need a breastform that s just right for you. The right size, shape and feel. And Camp offers the most complete selection available from fluff-filled to the natural weighted silicones in our 4 Amaena line. Let our Camptrained fitter help you select a form with the perfect fit, feel and appearance. The Home Healthcare Store TUE. mjhills. FM. 9-6 Rt. 516 Old Bridge SATURDAY9-3 EMERY S U-PICK EM BLUEBERRIES PICK THE B E S T... NOW THRU AUGUST O p e n 7 : 3 0 a m - 6 :0 0 p m L o n g S w a m p R d. o f f R t , in New Egypt Call ' Photograph by Ed Brett Lt. Kenneth Young of Keyport ties a blindfold to Pvt. Thomas Hines moments before Hines was executed for desertion. The Civil War incident was re-enacted Sunday at Veterans Park in Keyport. S S S S - J t b s t League ' WORLD WRESTLING FEDERATION Wed., August 3rd, 7:30 p.m., Red Bank Regional High School, Little Silver, N.J. * WORLD TAG TEAM TITLE MATCH * C H A M P I O N S, T H E D E M O L I T I O N V S BRITISH B U LLD O G S. with M atilda VISA MASTERCARD AMERICAN EXPRESS R O U T E 3 4, M A T A W A N AT THE MARKETPLACE DAILY 10 to 6 THURS. AND FRI. 10 to 9:00 SUNDAY 12 to 5 PHONE FINAL SUMMER CLEARANCE O u r entire sto c k o f d e s ig n e rs b etter s w i m 4 0 w e a r Also Don The Rock Muraco vs Greg The H am m er" Valentine Ken Patera vs The Iron Sheik S.D. Jones vs Terry Taylor Jerry Alien vs Iron Mike Sharpe ' T I C K E T S O N S A L E N O W! *12 Ringside *9 General Admission Tickets are available at the Athlete s Alley/Rt 35 Shrewsbury, Fun and Sports/Marlbtfro Chopping Plaza, Palumbo s Pizza And Restaurant at Pathmark Shopping Center/Freehold, Four Seasons Sporting Goods At Shoprite Shopping Center/Freehold and for additional info call L. R R t 'i ; s t e r e o T f t h l o m u r k o f T. t a n S p o r i s i w C a r r ) S u b - e f t t o C h a n g e A o f f N A T IO N A LLY AD V E R TIS E D P R IC ES M aillo ts, tu nic an d d ra p e styles in n e w fa b ric s fn exciting s u m m e r p rints an d tre a tm e n ts. S o m e w ith built-in b ras. OUR ENTIRE STOCK OF FAMOUS LABEL SUMMER DRESSES AND SPORTSWEAR u p t o %

9 R e-enactm ent re ca lls w a r By Michael W. Sutkowski KEYPORT Pvt. Billy Lee, 18, of the 22nd South Carolina Brigade, Co. A, was executed Sunday for desertion. By orders of President Jefferson Davis and the Confederacy, this man is charged with desertion, Lt. Udell Ledbetter, brigade commander, announced as Lee stood blindfolded before the four-m an firing squad. Let this be a lesson to all soldiers of the South, Ledbetter said. We will not tolerate this. Son, I am sorry for you. Do you have any last words to say? Lee shook his head no. Seconds later he was dead. The Civil War incident was re-enacted at Veterans Park. The 22nd South Carolina, a historical unit not presently affiliated with the military, is commanded by Lt. Kenneth Young of Keyport. He played the role of Ledbetter. Thomas Hines of Woodbridge played Lee. Stepping back in the role of Ledbetter, the lieutenant explained that Lee had left the unit for almost three months. He s gotten out of three or four battles. We went to his home and got him from under his bed, he said. Young said such executions were actually uncommon by the Confederacy because it couldn t afford to lose the manpower. But they were not uncommon in the Union Army, he said. President Abraham Lincoln signed more than 3,000 certificates authorizing executions, he said. He was a ruthless president, Young said. He wanted to save the Union and he didn t care what the cost was. Lincoln was desperate, not wanting to go down in history as the president under which the Union divided. But, inwardly, Young said, Lincoln was compassionate. Davis, who was also com passionate, according to Young, was not as effective as Lincoln. He couldn t hold everything together. He would try to make decisions similar to Lincoln s but they never came out that way. Lincoln was a humane man, but he had to be strong and stem. He was a realist and he knew he had to sacrifice. Young said approximately 25 people, all dressed in period costumes, participated in the day-long encam pm ent and re-enactment. What you see would have been an actual site, he said. Of the Sunday re-enactment, he said, playing Ledbetter again, some of the ladies in town came out and fed the troops. We just happened to steal a cow, so we had some roast beef. We got a pig and had some ham. We got some beans out of the field. The group travels 9,000 miles a year, putting on performances in several states. Last month it participated in the re-enactment celebrating the 125th anniversary of the Battle of Gettyburg. We do this free for historical societies and schools, Young said. This is our hobby and our love. Young said his great-great-grandfather, Capt. John Jacob Jarrett, served under Col. Bill Quantrell during the Civil War. Jarrett also had a brother who died as a Yankee prisoner of war, Young said. Jarrett s wife, incidentally, was related to the infamous Frank and Jesse James. We tend to forget they were human beings just as we are, he said. They were Americans who fought on this soil. THE INDEPENDENT, JULY 27, Final Summer Clearance at fy b S H O E B O U T I Q U E Designer Fashion Accessories * Excluding Evening Shoes, Dyables, New Fall Shoes & Accessories Ail Sales Final. Prior sales, layaways, special orders not valid during this sale. Park Plaza Shopping Center 162 Highway 34 Matawan, N.J. (201) Days Only W e d., T h u r s., F r i,, S a t & M o n f m O p h th alm ic P h y s ic ia n s of M onm outh, PA an n o u n ces C a t a r a c t S u r g i C e n t e r NO H O SPITA L STAY N E C E S S A R Y M ED IC A R E W ELCO M E S a m e -D a y O u tp a tie n t C a ta ra c t S u rg e ry e R etinal and Glaucom a U se r Surgery In tra o c u la r L e n s Im p la n ts e D iagnosis and Treatm ent of Eye D iseases and Injuries W e c a r e 733 North Beers Street, Holmdel (Opposite Bayshore Hospital) M A R K L. E N G E L, MD R O N A L D D. K L U G, MD D i p l o m a t e s A m e r i c a n B o a r d o f O p h t h a l m o l o g y S L E E P S A L E! A B S O LU TE L O W E S T P R IC E S A N Y W H E R E IN N.J. O R PA. W E W I L L N O T B E U N D E R S O L D O N A N Y B R A N D, A N Y I T E M S T O R E W I D E! Tfawr Sijt.., W Save Photograph by Ed Brett NEWLYWEDS Tammy and Jeffrey Heckelmann participate in Sunday s Civil War encampment reenactment in Keyport. The couple was married during the Battle of Gettysburg reenactment. > Bride and groom tie the knot Tammy and Jeffrey Heckelmann s wedding is destined to go down in history. The Keyport couple was married last month during the 125th anniversary re-enactment of the Battle of Gettysburg. A total o f 10,000 people took part in the battle. Even our wedding invitations read June 26, 1863, Tammy said. The Heckelmanns are members of the 22nd South Carolina Brigade, Co. A., a historical unit which re-enacts Civil War situations. Tammy s father, Lt. Kenneth Young, is the company commander. Young and his wife, Janet, live in Keyport. ' ;i i Jeff is the son of Lillian and Joseph Heckelmann, also of Keyport. Jeff wore his corporal s uniform and Tammy donned an everyday costume, similar to what would have been worn by a bride 125 years ago. It was sewn by her mother. Wedding guests wore costumes of the day, including the maid of honor, Jacque-, line LaPolla of Hazlet, and the best man Capt. Paul Huhn of Baltimore. Tammy, who said she was inspired by her father, is working toward her masters degree in military history at Trenton State College. Her specialty is the Battle of Gettysburg. It meant a lot to me to get maitied where my ancestors fought and died, she said. The couple visited southern Civil War battlefields and historic sites during their wedding trip, including a stay at Antietam, Va., where 23,000 men died during an eighthour battle, Jeff said. Later this year, the couple expects to move to Gettysburg so Tammy may continue her studies by working at the battlefield. Jeff expects to re-establish his electrical business there. ANY SIZE POSTURE 417«EXTTRA-FIRM 2 8 SEALY <" SEALY - ULTRA-FIRM HEALTH EASE SSL A l l i:... - fletsom.y-hnaaoulm9pc.kt ANY * W O SIZE # O 1WNHjU.aUHNKMa a*, pa. POSTUREDEUJXE AMY * S E A L Y P O S T U R E P E D I C ANY SIZE, ANY MODEL. WE WILL NOT BE UNDERSOLD ON ANY OF SEALYS BEST SUPER PREMIUM AND ULTRA-PREMIUM SETS. 5 P C D A Y B E D S Super Selection Storewide, in c lu d e s m a ttre s s 0f Designer Brand Name S O F A B E D S STERNS * FOSTER POSTURE PEDtC CUSTOM SLEEPERS, * Genuine Brass Beds, *133 Day Beds, Sola Beds, Etc. r w m m t G E N U I N E B R A S S B E D S MffKE-tlC R E C L I N E R S TOPLMEHLKCTKM 166 U>w MATCHING LOVESEAT M87 " 327 )HRDEUVEJ-IVUITEDQUANmES REGPRCESAREDEPTSTONESORMFCSUBT-NOTRUP0Mft FORTYPOGRAPMCALERORS-OPYRBHTOCEANSBEBEOMG-ALRIGHTSRESERVED 51 OCEANSIDE BEDDING BRICKTOWN OCEAN TWP. 16'0 Rt 35 Orchaita Plaza 'ne«; To Crazy Eoee; 2 Mias South 01 MonmojH Mali 53' 0562 HOWELL MATAWAN 2260 Rt 9 So Candlewood Shopping Center 76Rt 34 Pine VUley Plaza O m 7 D A Y S (ne*t to Pep Boys) (bftwwn McDonalds A Burger King) BAYVTLLE MANAHAWKIN MT RT 9Beriuley Ptaza Rt 72 SfetewiPtaza (neittoaap)*26#-5111 (nest to Od Toane Tavern) 597-J522

10 1 0 JULY 27, 1988, THE INDEPENDENT ZZZ22ZZZ2ZaZZZZ2Z22tZZ2ZZZ2Z222ZZZZZZZZ, $e ottage fnn LANDMARK IN KEYPORT. N.J. Bring This Ad Tlies, thru Fri. 12 to 3 p.m. EXCEPT RESTAURANT HOLIDAYS AND RECEIVE 5 0 % O F F Least Expensive Luncheon Selected COMPLETE DINNER SPECIALS Tues. thro Fri. 3 R M. to S PA ONE DINER CANNOT USE THIS PLAN NOR WILL CREDIT CARDS BE ACCEPTED BANQUETS UP TO 200 PEOPLE OFFER EXPIRES AUGUST 5,1988 W. FRONT ST., KEYPORT r-, (201) l«j^ y m m m m ztt m m s m m m m a zfo firm f I L M A R JIJIJUl 3Vi" louvers rotate 180 for positive control of view, light and privbcy * 33% greater overlap than almost all other broads No ailssahgaoieat...over...guaranteed a H O L M D E L N U R S E R I E S P O W E R E Q U I P M E N T We service and repair all m akes and m odels $5.00 O ff any service of com m ercial or residential m ow ers, w ith coupon ^ Expires J u ly 30, Dr. George Scott s (Practice Limited to Orthodontic) Orthodontic Award Winner of the Week G rading overhaul delayed By Kathleen McGrane Lenny Pugliese is an eighth grade student at Holy Family School in Union Beach where Spelling and Religion are his favorite subjects. He lives in New Monmouth with his parents and sister, Adrienne, who also wears our braces. His favorite food is spaghetti and meat balls. He likes to bowl and has a 125 average, jg although he recently bowled a 162. He plays ba seball for the BYAA Phillies who had an eleven and two record. He plays left field and centerfield. When he grows up he would like to play baseball in high school and college, hopefully at Penn State. Ultimately he wants to make a lot of money and be rich. Move over Dave Winfield! His family dentist is Dr. Lieberman. M IDDLETOW N TO W N SH IP A change to a grading sytem based on numerical rather than letter grades has been delayed until the school year. The Board of Education voted for the delay at its July 19 meeting, citing a need for more time to implement the change. A special meeting was called to review the grading system change, which had just been adopted by the board the previous week. The board found unanimity in its decision to delay the implementation, a week after narrowly adopting the change by a 5-to-4 vote. Board president Peter Rowe said that the board remains committed to the change it voted on, but felt the time remaining before September s school opening was not suffi- 2 4 LEONARDVILLE ROAD MIDDLETOWN cient to implement so major a change. A detailed planning document for implementing the numerical system was provided the board by the school staff, and Rowe said the board voted for the delay upon recommendation of the staff. The board has voted for the change and is committed to it, Rowe said. But it is a big change, it has a big impact on the students and we felt four to six weeks until the beginning of the school year was not enough time to implement the change. Rowe said the board agreed that there were careful decisions to be made, and these decisions should not be made without sufficient input from the teachers. Throughout the school year inseivice instruction will be provided for teachers in the new grading system, Rowe said. The board will receive faculty recommendations on issues such as establishment of low passing grades, and ways departments like physical education and language arts may adjust to grading numerically. Staff recommendations will be made to the board sometime in February or March, and decisions based on the recommendations and a board curriculum committee study will be made, Rowe said. The mechanical aspects of the change, the reprinting of report cards, transcripts and other documents will also take some time, Rowe added. The numerical grading system had been offerd by board member Eleanor Pfefferle as an amendment to a proposed adoption of a more liberal letter grade system. Proponents of the more liberal letter grade system, which would have lowered the percent score needed for the passing grade of a D from 70 to 65, and the percentage point needed for an A to 90, down from 93, said it would remove the disadvantage that local college-bound students faceas most high schools nationwide used the more liberal systems. Patio Door (Shown with Optional Cornice) Size up to 82" Wide x 84' Long Aluminum 128 Vinyl Cloth # Cloth # Optional Frame Valance... $27 Optional 8" Wood Cornice $98 Includes: Measuring and installation (orders over $ ICO) PRICES STARTING AT *40" Custom-mad* Within 10 Days From Date Of Order CALL TOLLFREE gti^ W I N D O W S H O P SHOWROOMS OPEN MON.-SAT. 10-6; Thurs.-Fri. till 8 MIDDLETOWN OPEN SUNDAY 12-5 TOMS RIVER 43? 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After carefully examining your eyes as only an opthalmalogist can do, he can plan the proper surgical correction using his plastic surgical skills as only an eye plastic surgeon can do. This surgery is performed in our own ambulatory surgical center so that no hospitiliz:ation is required and complete confidentiality is maintained. The cost is also well-controlled. Excellent cosmetic results can often be achieved and a more youthful appearance created. TO * E y e P h y s i c i a n s & S u r g e o n s, P. A. THE EYE CARE CENTER Rt. 130 & P rin c e to n R o ad H ig h ts to w n, N.J W e s t M a in S tre e t F re e h o ld, N.J. * L ions H e a d S o u th B ric kto w n, N.J

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12 i 2 JULY 27, 1988, THE INDEPENDENT Aberdeen, Matawan OK construction of an eruv By Jonathan R. Friedman ABERDEEN The eruv to be built through the township and surrounding municipalities will be undetectable by most residents. People won t even realize it s there, said Rabbi Shlomo Krupka of Congregation Bet Tefilah. Constructing an eruv, said Krupka, simply requires running plastic wire along the side of utility poles from the ground to the first wire on the pole. That will suffice to create a symbolic walled-in area in which Orthodox Jews may carry items like handkercheifs and books, and push a baby carriage, activities which are restricted on Sabbath. Normally, on Sabbath, these activities are permitted strictly within the confines of the home. The eruv acts as a symbloic extension of the home. The eruv proposed by Krupka s congregation will cover an area extending into a large portion of Aberdeen as well as parts of Hazlet, Holmdel and Matawan. Krupka has been asking the permission of each of these municipalities one at a time to construct the eruv. So far Aberdeen and Matawan have approved. K rupka said th at if everything runs smoothly, he hopes to have approval from all of the towns by the end of the summer. The congregation has already received approval from JJJew Jersey Bell Telephone Co. and Jersey Central Power and Light Co. for use of the utility poles. JCP&L s approval is contingent upon the approval of the communities. Once approval is granted, it will only take two or three weeks to construct the eruv, said Krupka. Eruvin have a history reaching back over 2,500 years, said Krupka. Every major city in Europe that had a Jewish com m unity had an eruv, said Krupka. Some of these were defined by the walls congregation approached him about their desire to have one. The basic concern expressed was that many members wanted to be able to take young children to services and public places on Sabbath but were prohibited from pushing them in a stroller. We have a young community with a lot D o n t ig n o re a little h e a lth p ro b le m C a l l B a y s h o r e C o m m u n i t y H o s p i t a l P h y s i c i a n R e f e r r a l S e r v i c e f o r t h e n a m e o f a d o c t o r w h o c a n h e l p y o u If y o u or a fa m ily m e m b e r s u ffe r fr o m a little n a g g in g h e a lth p r o b le m s u c h a s h e a d a c h e, b a c k a c h e, h e a v y in d ig e s tio n, h ig h b lood p r e s s u r e, or e x c e s s iv e fa tig u e d o n t p u t o ff h a v in g it tr e a te d. S m a ll p r o b le m s c a n b e c o m e s e r io u s p r o b le m s, s o d e p en d o n th e p e o p le y o u tr u s t a t B a y sh o r e C o m m u n ity H o sp ita l. O u r P h y s ic ia n R e fe r r a l S e r v ic e, w ill p ro v id e th e n a m e o f a q u a lifie d p h y s ic ia n w h o s c o n v e n ie n t fo r y o u. W e ll r e fe r y o u to a fa m ily p r a c titio n e r or s p e c ia lis t, d e p e n d in g o n y o u r n e e d s. C all fo r o u r F R E E D ir e c to r y o f P h y s ic ia n s a n d H e a lth C are S e r v ic e s. K e ep it h a n d y a n d n e a r y o u r p h o n e. B a y s h o r e C o m m u n i t y H o s p i t a l 727 North Beers Street Holmdel, New Jersey An affiliate of B ayshore C om m unity H ealth S ervices, Inc. A g r e a t h o s p i t a l a t t h e h e a r t o f a g r e a t c o m m u n i t y. of young families and young children, Krupka explained. They wanted to be able to use the parks; they wanted to be able to go out of their houses. Last November, Aberdeen became the first community approached by the congregation, approving the proposal this June. Now that Matawan has also approved, Krupka says he plans to approach the townships of Holmdel and Hazlet. The original eruv plan called for the installation of about a half-dozen poles in places where there were none. One Aberdeen resident opposed the installation, according to an article in the News Tribune last, November. As the plan stands now, said Krupka, the congregation does not forsee having to install any poles. Instead, it is likely that existing utility poles will completely define the perimeter of the eruv. Town council to allow eruv By Kathleen McGrane MATAWAN The Borough Council unanimously voted to grant permission to Temple Bet Tefilah to erect an eruv that will pass through a section of the borough. An eruv is an area designated by nylon wire strung among utility poles within which Orthodox Jews may engage in the secular activity of carrying items on the Sabbath. Anything that is permitted to be carried in the home, you can carry in the area of the eru v, said R abbi Shlom o K rupka of Temple Bet Tefilah. The proposal for the eruv created a First Amendment debate at the last council agenda meeting, as the Rev. Lewis Kisenwether from the First Baptist Church of Matawan urged the council to reject the prosposal on the grounds that its passage would, in effect, be state establishment of religion. James Cleary, borough attorney, assured the council there was no violation of constitutional law. Kisenwether s arguments had previously failed to persuade the Aberdeen Borough Council as approval has been granted in Aberdeen. The proposed eruv haff the approval of the Matawan/Aberdeen_A sociation of Ministers, Priests and Rabras. After changing the wording of the resolution to omit the more specific term eruv to a more secular reference to the proposal as a construction involving plastic poles and wires, the council unanimously approved Temple Bet Tefilah s proposal. The resolution stated that the eruv bears no independent religious significance and its existence in Matawan does not constitute establishment of religion by the council. No public funds will be used for the construction of the eruv, said Councilman James Shea. Any religious significance applies only to those who follow Jewish law. Mayor Robert Shuey said the proposal was granted with no religious precedent being set. A Long Branch synagogue, the Congregation Brothers of Israel, was recently permitted by a federal judge in Trenton to complete the construction of an eruv. The congregation was challenged by the American Civil Liberties Union, which charged that using public property for the eruv violated the First Amendment. An eruv is a matter of putting up wires in a certain place. That has no religious significance per se, Krupka said. The approved resolution also stipulated that, at the expense of Temple Bet Tefilah, the borough engineer will review all plans prior to any construction and must approve of the placement and installation. The section of the borough that is involved is an area near the Broad Street School. Construction of the eruv awaits approval in Holmdel and Hazlet townships.

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16 1 6 JULY 27, 1988, THE INDEPENDENT M i d d l e t o w n N o r t h r e c e i v e s g i f t o f h i g h - t e c h m i c r o s c o p e By Kathleen McGrane MIDDLETOWN Middletown High School North may well have the envy of every public high school science program in the country. An 800-pound, six-foot tall, three-foot wide transmission electron microscope donated by the Ciba-Geigy Corp. has taken up residence in the school s science wing. There is probably not another electron microscope in any public high school in New Jersey or the United States, said Dr. William O. Iverson, director of pathology for Ciba-Geigy. An electorn microscope can magnify an object up to 40,000 times, while the more typical light microscopes most people remember from high school science classes Two Names you can trust... P o o ls id e Visit our showroom with 15 Spas &Pools on display at: g== =j) 1730 Route 1 South South Brunswick, N.J. SS3 ( ) can magnify an object up to 600 times. An electron microscope works by utilizing electrons and magnets rather than light. Ciba-Geigy offered the electron microscope for donation to a learning institution after updating the model used by the corporation. Originally valued at $30,000 when the company bought the equipment 15 years ago, its value has increased to $80,000. Iverson said although the electron microscope has been improved upon to provide higher magnification and resolution for more intensive research purposes, the older, more basic model is excellent for high school training and research. The older model is still used in many industries. It has relatively low magnification compared to the newer models, but is still infinitely better than a light microscope. And S W I M I N 1 0 D A Y S! the opportunity for high school students to use an electron microscope will give them a great advantage upon starting college science, Iverson said. Peter Dondl, the service engineer for electron microscopes who dismantled the electron m icroscope in Sum m it and reassembled it at the high school, provided the contact that netted Middletown North the donation. Dondl, who lives in Middletown and works from his home, holds the service contract with Ciba-Geigy for its electron microscopes. When he became aware that the corporation was interested in donating the m icroscope, he suggested M iddletown North. A couple of high school boys from my neighborhood wanted to make a videotape of me working on an electron microscope for a science project, Dondl said. I was amazed that boys their age would be interested in such advanced scientific equiptment. Dondl asked Ciba-Geigy officials if they would consider donating the electron micro-, scope to a high school, and the boys mother contacted the high school. Gloria Lehman, science supervisor at Middletown High School North, Dr. Guy Sconzo, superintendent of schools, and executives at Ciba-Geigy got together and discussed the idea. A special cooling unit akin to refridgeration, along with a 230-volt electric unit was installed to accommodate the microscope. The microscope has its own room in the science hall, Dondl said. It will be used for advance biology and pathology classes researching tissues. When viewing a specimen through an electon microscope, electron beams are projected through a very thin section of a specimen so the beam can pass through and hit a fluorescent screen, creating a magnified picture on the screen below. The viewer begins at a lower level of magnification, and as the area of interest of the specimen is found, the viewer moves in with a higher magnification. Dondl will conduct training classes for the electron microscope with Lehman and three or four high school science teachers from Middletown North and Middletown South. The teachers will then train students. I will be holding training classes on one or two evenings to instruct the teachers in its use, Dondl said. But it really is an ongoing process. The teachers need to practice and make mistakes, so I will be available to come back and answer questions. Dondl said he foresees the electron microscope being used not only by other high school students, but college students too. The microscope could be offered to college students at a lower fee than a college would charge for lab fees, making money for the materials and maintenance of the microscope, Dondl said. Science students from colleges like Kean and William Paterson 'would be interested in using the electron microscope at the high school because there aren t many around.. At this point the microscope is in use once a week, recycling water so there is no waste. When it is finished cooling, the system automatically shuts off, Dondl said. Sfyfloni Hebrew Institute Serving Matawan-Aberdeen and the surrounding area F O R B O Y S A N D G I R L S A G E S H e b r e w L a n g u a g e ' Exciting Curriculum Small Student Teacher Ratio Bar Mitzvah and Bas Torah Instruction Certified Teachers Conveniently Located NO SYNAGOGUE AFFILIATION REQUIRED V E R Y REASONABLE RATI FOR M ORE IN FO R M A TIO N CALL RABBI POLLAK AT SO U R C E O F PRID E Middletown High School North Principal Nicholas Campanile and Gloria Lehman, science supervisor, admire the school s new 800-pound, 6-foot tall, 3-foot wide transmission electron microscope, donated by the Ciba-Geigy Corp.

17 THE INDEPENDENT, JULY 27, TDWIOKM B jmssnis i associadon will SW SCBFENMims M AZlSKfK/SAHOEBP llp i OEWHSOltAlfi MEGRYAN "OJA" 'Mil SIBMniCHMUIIE HHPIK CoprosfucedbvCAIHUtNSUMMERS Story6? CHARIESEOWAflOPH M WMl BOUSE&ClAREWi SREEIE tewlay ti MARKSM M N6K Prated ty IANSMOER11 AURAMB flirectedbyot M il jjmjujjl h o m e v i d e o K M x m m imsrnmm F R E E M O VIE R E N T A L W I T H T H I S A D - R ig h t On The Spot When you accept our FREE 1 year membership, so...whether you are now a member, or thinking about becoming a member bring in this advertisement and we will give you a 1 year Atlantic Video Club Membership absolutely FREE and this includes 12 FREE MOVIE RENTALS...PIus we ll start you off with a FREE Movie Rental Too! Don t Delay, This Offer is For a Limited Time Only. Expires October 1,1988. O U R M E M B E R S G E T T H E B E S T... See our newly restocked inventory of movies with over 1,000 new and unusual titles! MOVIE 9 9 RENTAL Every Tues. and Wed. R E N T 2 G E T 1 F R E E E v e r y M o n. a n d T h u r s. A I R P O R T P L A Z A H W Y. 3 6, H A Z L E T A T L A N T IC V ID E O FO R TH E BEST IN M O V IE REN TALS O P E N 7 D A Y S F O R Y O U R C O N V E N I E N C E M I D D L E T O W N H W Y. 3 5, N O R T H

18 1 8 JULY 27, 1988, THE INDEPENDENT Department moves to new quarters on Francis Street KEYPORT The borough s Public Works Department is getting what local officials say is a sorely needed new home on Francis Street., I am happy we re moving, said Borough Administrator John Kennedy. The new location will provide the Public Works Department with the garage they have sorely needed for 10 years. The borough will rent 6,657 square feet of space, effective Monday, from local developer Earl Swift for $195,672 over a period of five years, he said. This year s rent will be pro-rated until Dec. 31, the end of the borough s fiscal year. Budget money was appropriated earlier this year for the lease, he said. DEALINE: AUG. 1 ISSUE: JULY 27 w i n A F r e e D i n n e r F o r T w o r 1st PRIZE DINNER FOR 2 & 1T-SHIRT 2nd PRIZE FREE Processing, 1 roll of film, plus 1 free roll at NIOTOPHOTO, Strathmore Lanes Plaza, Route 34, Aberdeen plus 1T-SHIRT 3rd PRIZE -1 T-SHIRT v 4th PRIZE -1 T-SHIRT 5th PRIZE -1 T-SHIRT J) If you find Andy Indy hiding in an advertisement in this week s issue, you may win an Andy Indy T- shirt and/or a free dinner fo r two at P E R I WINKLE S, 1070 Ocean Ave., Sea Bright, where extraordinary French and Continental cuisine is served in a charming atmosphere. Just fill out the entry blank below and mail it to: The new facility will also enable the borough to save money by hiring a mechanic to work on police cars, public works trucks and other borough vehicles, he said. Money would be saved because at present service and break-downs are contracted out at higher rates than a borough employee would receive, he said. Public Works Superintendent Arthur Rooke said the department will move to its new heaquarters over a period of several months, and expects to have everything in place by winter. All but sand and salt piles will remain at the old facility on American Legion Drive, near the comer of Broad Street. The recently constructed facility includes 11 double bays and two mechanic bays, Rooke said. The borough s Water Meter Department will also he headquartered at the new garage, he said. WiB S U P P LY IN S TA LLER S You will be pleasantly stnprised at oor Leu P rim and High Quality Workmanship. Oor customers art proud to sho* fm our completed jobs in their homes. Compare prims of cabinet fronts - versus our new cabinets and be surprised- OOH7 REFACE K ttttb k r m t'tw m m "OsrFamifrWRi SomYoarFamUr B u i l d e r c h a l l e n g e s c r i t e r i a s e t b y l o c a l p l a n n i n g b o a r d By Jonathan R. 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HO ALL MAJOR BRANDS V W im m HM3B INCLUDINGD O R W C O D ^^flwrs 10-8, Sat 10-3 OVER50 DIFFERENTDOORSTYLESTOCHOOSEFROM WHOLESALE KITCHEN CABINET DISTRIBUTORS INC. 533 K R O C H M A L L Y A V E. 0 0 A 1 O f i f i 1 B L O C K S O U T H O F R T O F F R T 35 PERTH AMBOY 0 4 H X l U U SU N O C O, GETTY & AUTO REPAIR STATION ON CORNER PovEcast H O T, H U M I D S U M M E R. P R E D I C T E D / 5 vua *)>», MtHf -. Ic e n t r a T J E R S E Y P O O L A W A R D W IN N E R The concept plan as it now stands calls for a separate access from Route 35 for each lot. Cindy Hull, a representative from Township Planner Richard Coppola and Associates, said the subdivision should be limited to only one access for all three lots because of the traffic problems on Route 35 and the fact that the the land is near a jughandle. David Stoler, Thompson s lawyer, replied that the application was only for a subdivision. Therefore, he said, the board should not consider what will be built on the lots until a formal plan is submitted. Gus DeBlasio, a representative from Township Engineer Frank Hahne and Associates, asked the developer to provide a complete wetlands survey of the land before the board considers the proposal any further. The survey submitted by Thompson only used two of the three required criteria for determining wetlands. DeBlasio said he was afraid that the subdivision might create lots that had so much wetland that they would be unusable. I m worried that the wetland limit line is encroaching on the usable area of the lot, he said. Stoler said that whether the land was usable was not the board s concern. If we build a lot and it turns out to be a wetland and we can t use it, that s our problem, he said. However, Hull said that a township ordinance requires wetlands to be delineated in a subdivision proposal. Peter Camille, an architect working for Thompson, said the survey would be completed. The board will continue discussion of the subdivision at their workshop meeting on August 10. IMMEDIATE INSTALLATIO N AND YOU CAN KEEP YOUR COOL IN A FOXXX SWIMMING POOL SK.JT ' * '. ; ^ HIM! iv jl -< FREE STEF A N D Y Shrewsbury, N.J I F O U N D A N D Y! ~ He was hiding In the Advertisement on Page. I I Name 1 -AcSdrlVsl I, J Phone j j :F o x m r COME IN and SEE for yourself w hy FO XXX is America's #1 Pool. NO MONEY D O W N UP TO 15 YEARS TO PAYII F inancia l services fro m M a n u fa c tu re rs H a n o v e r One of America's great financial companies VISIT OUR 20,000 SQ. FT. SHOWROOM WITH RT. 9, FREEHOLD, N.J. A L L F O X X X PO O LS FEATURE^ *T JcOTALLY n o n ~ c s i v e s t r u c t u r e and " * ' MANUFA^^^ AMD TMPNG ey E TO BE SELF-SUPPORTING W IT H O R XX/ITWomt^/^^*" ENGINEER V IN Y L UNER 20% TH ICKER than othersi Burlington Counties. 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19 THE INDEPENDENT, JULY 27, B R U N C H B R E A K W e a r e t a k i n g a B r u n c h B r e a k f o r t h e S u m m e r M o n t h s. D u r i n g t h i s p e r i o d w e w i l l PILING U P * The Middletown recycling facility on Kanes Lane is apparently not always this well kept, for residents are protesting the sanitary conditions in the area. { -.' - " ' r r o p e n S u n d a y s a t 2 : 0 0 P. M. S u n d a y E arly Bird D in n e r s a n d F ree M u sse ls M arin ara u n til 5 :0 0 P M S o u p a n d S alad Bar, R eg u la r M e n u a n d S p e cia ls all D a y E a r l y B i r d C o m p l e t e D i n n e r s *7.95 ' Other Specials and Complete Dinners from $7.9 5 F a c i l i t y r i l e s a r e a r e s i d e n t s MIDDLETOWN Kanes Lane residents are protesting the abuse and sanitary conditions at the township s recycling facility located on their street. Dierdre Hulse recently addressed the Township Committee, complaining of the conditions created by the facility. She said she represented nine of the dozen or so families who live on the street. Mayor Raymond O Grady said the township was aware of the problems and was also addressing them. Hulse said that in addition to the recycling materials, people were also leaving raw garbage which was attracting animals, including rats, and producing bacteria. Traffic on this supposed quiet deadend street has been substantially in creased, especially on weekends and at all times of night, she said. Many of the motorists, who are driving to the recycling drop-off, are speeders, she said. Some come with truck loads of garbage and some are out-of-towners, she added. She suggested several ways the township could rectify the situation: more frequent curb-side pickups; more recycling drftp-offs; limiting drop off to between 7 a.m. and 6 p.m. weekdays; and construction of a fence around the facility. La k e s id e m n n o R 410 Route 36, Hazlet, NJ F R E S H L O B S T E R S P E C I A L F u l l D i n n e r E v e r y F r i. & S a t School television grants awarded MATAWAN Charles Burke, telecommunications teacher at Matawan Regional High School, has successfully written three grant projects for the Channel 19 television studio The grants will benefit associated educational programs, as well as the studio, located at the school. One grant was awarded by the Monmouth Arts Council and will help finance the show, Our Community. A second grant was awarded by the New Jersey Business, Science Education Consortium for the development of teaching aids. A third grant was awarded by Jersey Central Power and Light Company to produce a quiz show based on a combination of Jeopardy and Tic Tac Toe. In other news at the school, Mary Ann Greco, art and drama teacher, has been chosen to participate in the Geraldine R. Dodge Foundation s Theatre Program for teachers and playwrights. Anne Hannah, a music teacher, has been awarded the 1988 Distinguished Service Award by the New Jersey Music Educators Association Board of Directors. The award is for 10 years of meritorious service and outstanding leadership in music education as a member of the NJMEA State Board of Directors and 25 years in the service of music education.» Virginia Phelan, an English teacher, has written a paper selected for presentation at the T.S. Eliot Centenary conference, sponsored by the Yeats/Eliot Review. She delivered the paper, Eliot contre Sartre: Reversing the Proposition, at the University of Arkansas. Joan Vas, a mathematics teacher, has been invited to play a main role at the international conference on mathematical education to be held in Budapest, Hungary. Vas s major role will be associated with the theme Curriculum towards the year 2000, led by Professor J. A. Malone of Curtin University, Perth, Australia. Class of 1958 plans reunion in Leonardo Betty Kehoe, Joan O Neil Gardier, Gail Corey Huddleston, Julie H. Nitcher, John O Brien and Ronald D. Ross are being sought to attend the anniversary reunion dinner for the Class of 58, on July 30 at the Beacon Hill Country Club, Leonardo. The reunion committee is also planning an evening cocktail party on July 29 in Holmdel. Persons able to assist in locating missing class members or seeking further information on the reunion may call or write Peter E. Donoghue, 49 Mount Ave., Atlantic Highlands, 07716, B A Y j C I T Y L o w F i x e d R a t e s A v a i l a b l e! SAVINGS & LOAN ESt ASSOCIATION *920 OPEN MONDAY THROUGH SATURDAY U N I O N, N J O F F I C E : r S O U T H A M B O Y, N J O F F I C E : tfftu i A L L B A T E S A M O T E R M S S U B J E C T T O C H A N Q E D U E T O P R E V A IL IN G C O H O tt JO K S UEMI N O P O IN T S N O P O IN T S N O P O IN T S N O P O IN T S

20 2 0 JULY 27, 1988, THE INDEPENDENT E d u c a t i o n, l e g i s l a t i o n u s e d i n s t a t e s w a r a g a i n s t d r u g s New drug-free school zone laws have sharp teeth By Michael W. Sutkowski Forty arrests have been made throughout the county for drug-related offenses in school zones during the first year of the state s new drug laws, County Prosecutor John Kaye said Monday. Fourteen arrests have been made in the Bayshore, according to Capt. John Fetherston of the Bayshore Narcotics Task' Force. Most of the remainder were in Asbury Park, Kaye said. Nearly all of Asbury Park is in a school zone, explaining the preponderance in that community, he added. The first county arrest was made within a day of the law s adoption, July 9, 1987, Kaye said. In short, stiffer mandatory penalties are imposed for drug crimes within 1,000 feet of schools. The arrests are among 4,181 made statewide since drug-free school zones were mandated one year ago this month, state Assistant Attorney General Ronald Susswein said Monday. Most of arrests were made in the densely populated areas in the northern part of the state, he said. School-zone penalties for distribution range from three year mandatory sentences for small amounts to life imprisonment for a drug kingpin, he said. The law stipulates that an offender must serve 25 years of a life sentence before he is eligible for parole, Susswein said. Before the law the average time served for a life sentence was 15 to 16 years, he said. A middle offender, say someone caught dealing five ounces, would be sentenced to between 10 and 20 years and would be required to serve one-third of the time before becoming eligible for parole, he said. Until a year ago, the average time served * was between one-fifth and one-fourth of the sentence. The same applies to mules, people caught transporting large amounts of drugs through the state on the N.J. Turnpike, say between North Carolina and New York, he said. Juveniles caught for minor possession in a school zone face $500 fines, 100 hours of community service and loss of driver licenses for six months. All are mandatory. Before the new law, many youngsters got away with the symbolic slap on the wrist. The Drug-Free School Zone is the brainchild of state Sen. Frank Graves of Patterson, Kaye said. Graves called for the stiffer penalties for drug crimes committed within 1,000 feet of a school. One reason he picked 1,000 feet is that all of Patterson is within that distance of a school. Consequently, all drug offenders in that community face the more severe penalties. Signs are required near all elementary and secondary schools, public and private, in the state. Drug-Free School Zone signs are posted at zone perimeters. Private businesses in the zones, such as delis or pizza shops where students congregate, are also asked to put up posters. It s a good law. I m is support of it, Kaye said. Middletown Police Chief Joseph McCarthy also voiced his support, although he said he had mixed emotions. McCarthy is in full accord with the stiffer penalties for those caught in school zones. LAW OF THE LAND Signs such as this have been erected around school yards all over New Jersey to mark off Drug-Free School Zones in accordance with state law. Anyone caught with drugs inside the zones face stiff penalties. But, he said harsh penalties ought to apply for all offenses, regardless of where they occur. Keyport Police Chief Raymond Lee also likes the law. The harsh penalties serve as a deterrent, he said. What!s good about it, he said, is that it s mandatory that you go to jail, even for possession of a small amount. Before the law, dealers realized they would not go to jail for possession of small amounts. Susswein agrees with McCarthy that harsher penalties ought to be in force all over. The 1,000-foot distance is a short walk for students determined to buy drugs, Susswein acknowledges. But, the boundaries encompass either entire or most of communities in drug-laden areas such as Newark, Patterson and Asbury Park, he said. The march might also be a deterrent for younger children who have never tried drugs or witnessed drug situations, at one timp common in or near school yards, he said. Finding crack vials in a school yard during a morning recess can be disturbing and impressionable to a young child, he said. We re also looking 15 years dowp the road, Sussman said. We re trying to create an environment where education will win the war a generation from now. Education is most important. Holmdel school officials apparently agree. They have instituted an educational program entitled, Here s looking at yqu, 2,000. The Legislature recognized that the ultimate objective of a drug-free New Jersey cannot be achieved in the immediate future, but that our best chance for ultimate success depends on our ability to provide a safe school environment, one that is conducive to education and where succeeding generations of students can be taught about the perils of substance abuse, according to the Statewide Action Plan for Narcotics Enforcement (SNAP). The Drug-Free School Zone concept falls under SNAP which was instituted last fall by the Attorney General s Office. The acronym, incidentally, does not quite match the plan s name. Appoximatly 56 percent of all state crimes are drug related, according to the office. In 1986, 400,000 crimes were committed in the state. Since last July, 15,179 distribution arrests were made in the state, Susswein said. Most involve cocaine and marijuana. There were 32,860 arrests involving simple possession, only enough for private use, and for being under the influence, he said. In December, Attorney General Cary Edwards announced that a $4.7 million federal grant has been awarded to the state for SNAP. Although the grant stipulated the state could keep 40 percent for its own use, all but $ 1 million has been passed on to counties and local govemmejits. The $1 million was split eqaally between the courts and prisons for drug-related programs. Monmouth County s share was $270,000, Kaye said. But, he called the money useless. The money must be used for such meaningless things as motorcycles, he said. Ostensibly, undercover agents would be able to infiltrate motorcycle gangs, he said. A much better use would be for a county drug laboratory, he said. Presently, drugs are analyzed by the state police, he said. Mistakes occur occassionally and state police personnel are not always available to testily in court, he said. A county lab would go a long way towards better prosecution, he said. There are also 53 municipalities in the county screaming for drug education, he said. However, the money can not be used for such programs. Some of the complaints are valid. Some of the criticisms are fair, Susswein said. But, $270,000 is not enough to build a lab, he said. The equipment is not cheap, he said. And, and the people are highly trained in an ever changing situation. For example, as recently as two years ago a state police narcotics specialist discarded a vial of crack that was confiscated from a dealer because he didn t realize what it was. It was so new that police had not had time to learn about it. Beginning this fall, he said, the state will by computer tie state police headquarters to the counties and major municipalities, making drug information more readily available. However, all communities will have access to the computer, although the smaller towns may not have terminals. SNAP also requires a regular police presence in school zones. In Colts Neck Police Chief Gerald Cummins said patrol cars follow.school buses looking for illegal activity. In Middletown Lt. Walter Monahan said police have always made a point of maintaining a presence near the schools, especially when students arrive and leave. Local communities are also making headway in school-related drug programs, which are encouraged by SNAP, but not mandated. *i In Colts Neck educators focus on developing self-awareness, decision-making skills and drug-refusal skills in students, according to School Superintendent Jamie Savedoff. A lot of what they re finding is that children who have a strong self-image are less likely to have drug abuse problems, she said. In the Matawan-Aberdeen School District, visitors to schools must register, said William Conwell, assistant superintendent. Two tresspassing complaints have been filed so far against unregistered visitors, he said. The district has also incorporated drug and alcohol abuse information into its health curriculum, he said. The Union Beach Police Department visits Memorial School with a talking robot under a program entitled Officer Phil. In Holmdel Police Chief Bruce Phillips, Mayor Elaine Frey and school officials addressed students at assemblies. Eighth-grade students also spent a day at Marlboro Hospital s Discover House, finding out first hand the effects of substance abuse. In Middletown, Detective Michael Slover has been made a consultant to the school system.. Among his first responsibilities is a Drug Awareness Rally from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m., and from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. Aug. 6 at the McDonald s Restaurant, Route 35, near Tindall Road.

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Carrie Edelman, Jennifer Rippel and, Kerstin Soderlund, graudates of Matawan- Aberdeen Regional High School, were each awarded $100 scholarships from the GFWC Matawan Junior Woman Club for their scholarship, leadership and character. Edward Cruz, PE, of Holmdel, was named engineer of the year for 1988 by the New Jersey Society of Professional Engineers. Lisa S. Lubeck, daughter of Mr. and Mrs Stanley E. Lubeck, Jr. of Aberdeen, was awarded a bachelor of science degree cum laude from Bloomfield College, Bloomfield, May 28. Local residents awarded degrees from King s College, Pa., are Beth A. Tracy, Hazlet; Christine A. Bent, Holmdel; Linda A. Pomponio, Leonardo; Eileen Duffy, Gary T, Robertson, Cathy A. Jablonski, and Kathleen V. Evans, Matawan; and Mary B. Clark, Middletown. Local residents named to the dean s list of the University of Delaware are Lawrence Roy Bard, Hazlet; Debra Robyn Gershkowitz, Aberdeen; Carolyn Mary Heary, Carin Anne Hochheiser, Nancy Lynn Lehrhaupt, and Cheryl Lynn Levy, Matawan. Ronald Condon of Cliffwood Beach recently graduated from the Apprenticeship and Training Program of Local 68 International Union of Operating Engineers, marking the completion of four years and nearly 600 hours of specialized training to certify him for journeyman status as a stationary engineer. Local residents awarded bachelor s degrees from Rutgers University are Mary Carlucci, James M. Hasemann, Robert S. Hoffman, Christop V. Pento, Cheryl A. Petti, Anthony F. Turrin, and Veronica F. Vickers, Colts Neck. Also, Ruth E. Alvafez-Chin'lcfem P. Barry, Salvator J. Bernardo, Neil Bloom, Kelly A. Broderick, Paul A. Curcio, Lillian M. Fiore, Rhonda B. Heilman, Debra L. Henn in g so n, Ja n ic e E. K reb, D a n ie l P. McGrath, Marisa L. Mode, Timothy Sisk, Joseph P. Spitaleri, Michele S. Strang, Brian G. Whary, and Matthew Witschel, Hazlet. Also, Francis O. Allocco, Garu E. Atzingen, John M. Balkovie, Barry E. Gemperline, Colin B, Gittens, Brian Hass, Kooros J. Khavarian, Donald R. Lemma, Anne C. Mahoney, Daniel McCooey, John P. Ouano, Todd L. Schwartz, Lois A. Wem, Kim E. Williams, Philip G. Wilson, and Bonnie B. Yu, Holmdel. Also, Diane Guarini, Sean D. Hamilton, W illiam J. K innem an, and Edward A. Wheeler, Keansburg; Michelle D. Breitnitz, Alice Christathakis, Kenneth A. Lusnia, Judith B. Schramm, Dawn M. Sferlazza, and Paul W. Stoecker, Keyport. Also, Kip W. Koelsch, Leonardo; Gregg Fowler, Jeffrey M. Guardino, Douglas B. Nahory, Cheryl A. Perry, Mark S. Richeal, Susan Silvestri, and Zafer Ustabasi, Lincroft; Virginia A. Baeder, Jamie K. Barasch, Diane D. Birmingham, Rita Broder, Steven J. Carver, Michele Cauthen, Scott E. Dell, Johnson DeSanandres, Faith Dobry, Jane Fitzgerald, Rebecca P. Gelber, and Adam H. Geller, Matawan. Also, Theresa L. Gibbon, Andrew L. Goldner, Michael C. Greene, Arnold J. Gursaly, Paul D. Hammond, David A. Hecht, Jules J. Herbert, MaryLouise Huslak, William T. Kan, Kang-Ming Kong, AnnMarie Kuta, Barry L. Miltner, Phillip G. Mullas, Alan Panzer, Jeanne M. Savage, Dorann V. Sherman, Elizabeth A. Silver, Eric S. Silvergold, Joan R. Stevenson, Jennifer A. Wening, Kim E. White, Claudia J. Wright, and David A. Wrubel, Matawan. Also, Gary J. Badrick, Barbara Ballasty, Thomas D. Bartel, Kenneth S. Billings, Bruce R. Cilli, Lester V. Cook, Jean M. Croasdale, Scott M. D avis, K atherine Dutkowski, David T. Forrest, Richard F. Fosko, Andrew G. Gisonna, Richard F. Hammer Jr., Joan J. Labette, Paul J. Marchiano, Edward J. McDonald, Ronald C. Miller, Luis A. Otero-Bon, Alicia C. Park, Geraldine M. Pierce, Robert E. Pierce, Ellen F. Q uirk, Judith L. Rand, Laurence I. Rothstein, Ronalyn E. Rumsey, Keith L. Sheridan, Paul J. Sherman, Geoffrey J. Thieke, and Kenneth A. Zarouni, Middletown. Also, Geroge J. Blum and William C. Pappas, Port Monmouth. The Matawan Junior Woman s Club held its annual June dinner at the Whyte House in Marlboro. Serving on dinner committee were Kathleen Vergaretti, Linda Szabo, Joanne Rinaldi, Mary Pat Marcello, Sheila Maleski, and Regina Reglar. Janice Nelson of Aberdeen was named rookie-of-the-year and was presented with a certificate and a membership pin. Alicia McGarry of Matawan was voted outstanding member and was presented with an engraved silver bowl. A five-year membership award was presented to Carol Cashin, Marjorie Benhamou, Joanne Rinaldi and Kathy Wedemeyer; ten-year membership award was given to Sue Johnston, Linda Szabo and MaryPat Marcello; arid fifteen-year membership award to Jill Ratcliffe. The highlight of the evening was a graduation ceremony for Lee Boydman, Jill Ratcliffe and June Breheny all of Matawan, from the Matawan Junior Woman s Club. The graduates were presented with a plaque o f ap p reciatio n for th e ir service and friendship. A special presentation was made to June Breheny voting her a life member to Matawan Junior Woman s Club. The Matawan Junior Woman s Club sponsored its annual spelling bee on June 16 between Cliffwood Avenue School and Ravine Drive School. On the Cliffwood Avenue School team were David Raisch, Sam antha A llen, Lacey Von D eak, and Nicholas Zamonis. On the Ravine Drive School team were John Lynch, Matt Goldstein, Barry Hirsch and Chris Rafalowich. Cliffwood Avenue^chool won. The Middletown Elki Lodge recently initiated new members. They are Brian Boyce, George Ludovico, Scott Misson, Glenn Misson, Robert J. Montesano, Brian Rapp, John Berth Jr., Harry Payle, Robert Burke, Vincent Gallo, Mark Sherank, Thomas J. Sherank, and Fred J. Deickmann, Middletown. Also, Carmine Annunaiata, Cornelius Harrington, James E. Lennon, Dennis Mescal, and Leslie Thompson, Keansburg; Armand J. Ertle, William C. Taylor, and Andrew P. Trim archi, Hazlet; M ichael P. Fagan, Russel C. Gelpke Jr., and Mark D. Smith, Union Beach.. Also, Richard Walters, Keansburg; Raymond A. Laytham, Keyport; Mark Diffendale, Manalapan; Leslie H. Tice, Matawan; and Marshall Culver, Rumson. Exalted Ruler, Edward A. Glenney, has recently been notified by the Grand Lodge Chairman, that Middletown Elks Lodge has been recognized as the All-American Lodge in membership Division IV. Mary Pat Marcello has been appointed state project investigating Com m ittee Chairman on the State Executive Board of the New Jersey State Federation of Women s Clubs Junior Membership. Installation took place at the NJSFWC-JM annual convention May Local residents awarded degrees May 24 from Montclair State College are Louis M. Bernardo, Charles A. Carlino, Kathleen M. Joyce, Joan O Brien, Maura A. Palmer,

23 Mark C. Schwartz, and Laura A. Corona, Hazlet. Also, Gail A. Herson, Holmdel; Heidi F. Daniels, Matawan; and Sandra M. Debenedetto, Joseph J. Miller, and Judith M. Iorio, Middletown. Lisa Lubeck of Aberdeen received academic honors for the spring 1988 semester at Bloomfield College. Susan L. Higgins, Keyport, and Jennifer E. Reck, Lincroft, were named to the dean s list of Kutztown University, Pa., for outstanding academic achievement during the spring semester of the school year. Local residents named to the 1988 spring semester dean s list of Rider College, Lawrenceville, N.J. are Roger J. Cohen, Matawan; Gary A. Eichenholtz, Holmdel; Patrick Lynn Falcon, M atawan; D avid S. H ertgen, M iddletow n; M ichele M ars, Holm del; H. Chris Meyer, Middletown; William J. Pagliarulo, Middletown; Karen A. Scaglioso, New Monmouth; Deborah N. Tota, New Monmouth; Timothy M. Tracy, Hazlet; Adam C. Weinstock, Matawan; and Kevin J. Zembrzuski, Hazlet. Mark J. Abate received a Juris Doctorate with high honors from the National Law Center, George Washington University, W ashington, DC. While at the George Washington University, he earned membership in the Law Review and the national legal honor society Order of the Coif, and he was selected to participate in a regional moot court competition. He is a member of the patent bar. Beginning Aug. 1, he will serve as a clerk for the Chief Justice on the United States Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit in Washington, DC. Abate, who graduated from Holmdel High School in 1980, is the son of Dr. and Mrs. John E. Abate of Holmdel. Neil Holstein of Middletown and Carolyn Rossetti of Keansburg are Garden State Distinguished Scholars. They are among Rider College s incoming freshmen for the academic year who will receive a $1,000 scholarshiop from the state. To these scholarships, Rider is adding full tuition. Holstein is a graduate of Middletown High School and a future accounting major. Rosetti is a graduate of St. Mary s High School, Perth Amboy, and a liberal arts major. Amanda D. Brilliante, Colts Neck, graduated cum laude from Northeastern University June 19. An honor student for the past four years, she received a Bachelor of Science Business Administration/Marketing degree with a minor degree in English/Writing. Scott D. Harris and Kyle Edward Jaasma o f Colts Neck were awarded degrees from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy, N.Y. on May 22. Local resident finalists of the New Jersey Lottery Million Dollar Bonus Game for the Ju ly 15 drawing are C atherine Fulton, Hazlet; John H. Lambert, Matawan; Carla C. Sobechko, Colts Neck; and Doris C. Travis, Lincroft. Breanne McCaffrey, in the fifth grade at the Frances Place School in Keansburg, won third place in the poster contest sponsored by the Monmouth County Board of Social Services, in which 173 youngsters from five elementary schools participated just before schools closed for the summer vacation. Be A Fmaily Day Care Provider And Work From Your Own Home is the theme o f the poster contest. Eight Monmouth Council Girl Scouts were honored- Tt» raffing Girl Scouting s highest award, the Gold Award. The local resident recipients are Jennifer Graves, Middletown, and Ann Klinsky, Hazlet. Local residents awarded bachelor s degrees from Douglass College at the recent Rutgers U niversity commencement are ' Evelyn E. Hasemann, Nancy A. Kast, Teresa M. Odwyer, Laurie B. Rothman, and Susan E. Wegryn, Colts Neck; Robyn M. Somer, Pamela J. Ward, and Karen Wells, Hazlet. Also, Ellena A. Rizzo, Jane E. Scimeca, and Julie O. Woinsky, Holmdel; Jacquely D. Collins, Catherin J. Hoey, and Diane McLeod, Keansburg; Barbara E. Oltmann, Lincroft; Jennifer Bulvanoski, Georgeann Camarda, Marianne A. Ficarra, Robin L. Harris, Nancy E. Schnappauf, and Barbara F. Wrubel, Matawan. Also, Mary C. Bauer, Ellen J. Dillon, and Claudine K. Tung, Middletown. David Rossi of Hazlet has been named to the spring 1988 dean s list at Widener Universtiy Pennyslvania Campus in Chester. Nan Duncan of Hazlet was recently honored by Saint Peter s College, Jersey City, for his 20 years of service to the Jesuit college. Fifteen special officers were recently graduated from the Middletown Township Police Academy Special Officers School on June 29 at Town Hall. The graduates are William Strohkirch, Andy DeMuth, Mark Brawley, Chris Lopez, W illiam Pagan, D avid B rett, Jeffrey Folkm an, Ronald Hubert, Lisa Moore, Frank Spinner, Charles Reynods, Jeff Lomicky, Edward Graham, William Meyer, and Larry Kosoffsky. Joseph Walla, son of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph E. Walla of 21 Eagle Way, Middletown, was among the more than 500 cadets who arrived at Bremen, Germany, aboard the 17,600 ton Empire State, the training ship of the State University of New York Maritime College. This port of call follows a five-day visit in Portsmouth, England, and a five-day visit in San Juan, Puerto Rico. The cadets are on their annual summer training cruise aboard the ship which departed from New York on May 21. William J. Allingham of Holmdel was reelected to a one-year term on the board of regents at Saint Peter s College, Jersey City, after serving as a member of the board for six yfears. Kelly Enny of Belfordi a junior at Middletown High School North, is spending the summer in Iceland. She is a participant of the AFS Intercultural Program. Kelly is one of two students from New Jersey selected for summer placement in Iceland this year. She is the first participant of the Middletown Chapter of AFS and the only Middletown area student to be placed by AFS this summer. Poet Irene Passarella of Hazlet has been chosen for the honor of receiving the World Of Poetry s Golder Poet Award For 1988 and has been included in the Who s Who In Poetry She holds also, the Golden Poet Award for 1986 and 1987 respectively, and numerous merit awards for her work. Carolyn A. Campo, attorney at law, of 274 Route 36, Belford, was presented the Middletown Beautification Award for her sincere efforts in keeping Middletown a cleaner and safer place to live. James E. Mollenauer, Colts Neck, and Lisa N. Pinhas, Holmdel, have been designated to the Dean s list for outstanding scholarship at Dean Junion College, Franklin, Mass., for the spring semester of The Middletown Police Explorers were recognized and congratulated by Joseph M. McCarthy, chief of police, for their excellent showing as color guard while representing the Middletown Police Department and the Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 2179, Port Monmouth, at the annual Veterans of Foreign Wars convention in Wildwood. 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24 2 4 JULY 27, 1988, THE INDEPENDENT L e g i s l a t i o n t o t a c k l e i s s u e o f m e d i c a l w a s t e d i s p o s a l By Michael W. Sutkowski SANDY HOOK An idea by Congressional candidate Joseph Azzolina to track m ed ical w aste th at washes up on the beaches may find its way into federal legislation. The GOP candidate has suggested batchcoding disposable medical supplies, including syringes, vials, blood bags, and hypodermic needles, so that authorities could trace them to the health facility which originally dispensed them. Each facility would have its own code or serial number. I have an idea so simple I am amazed no one has picked it up, Azzolina said. Azzolina also called for the medical supply industry to take the initiative and code the items before the proposed legislation becomes law. Beat Congress to it, he said. Rep. Jim Saxton said July 15 that he would try to insert the proposal into a medical waste tracking legislation now before Congress. The legislation, authored by Saxton, could become law by next summer, he said. The two Republicans and Dorsey Johnson, who June 19 punctured her foot by stepping on a syringe in Beach haven, held a press conference on the beach here. I picked up my foot and saw this horrendously ugly, dirty syringe hanging from my toe, she said. It was covered with tar and seagull feathers and looked like it had been there for quite a while. Except for the immediate discomfort and several shots at the hospital for tetanus and blood samples, Johnson said she has no ill effects. But, she is still waiting for results of a hepatitis test which takes six weeks to conduct. She has not yet learned whether the needle itself was contaminated, she said. It was turned over to the state Dept, of Environmental Protection, which she said, had not contacted her about test results, she said. Johnson, of Cochran ville, Pa., said she drove three and one-half hours to attend the conference. This could be a silent killer someday, Azzolina said. These are like loaded guns., It is clear to me that we need to do something to let all handlers of infectious materials know that we are going to go after them if th e ir w aste is fo u n d on our beaches, Azzolina said. Saxton added, I intend to bring this idea to Washington and try to incorporate it into legislation we re working on right now. The congressman said the legislation calls for a medical waste tracking system from cradle to grave. When waste is turned over to a hauler by a medical facility, he would be required to sign a receipt, according to the legislation. The hauler in turn would be required to obtain a receipt from the drop-off facility. Saxton said he has the support of N.J. Senators Bill Bradley and Frank Lautenberg and N.Y. Senator Alphonse D Amato. The New York Congressional delegation is also interested, he said, because of the medical waste that has been washed up on Long Island beaches in recent weeks. A H O T S A L E T H A T S C O O L NOW SHOWING IN OUR NEWLY EXPANDED SHOWROOM Carrier Room A ir Conditioners... Super Q uiet Operation High Efficiency Rotary C om pressor Independent Exhaust and Ventila tio n C o n tro ls S lid e -O u t Chassis Sure Tem p Therm ostat Four W ay Air Flow C ontrol 2 Speed Cooling and H e a tin g W e a th e r A rm o r C a b in e t S e c u rity G u a rd Rear Grille EASY 1*2*3 INSTALLATION F r ie d r ic h Room Air Conditioners Dehumidifiers L e g i s l a t i o n w o u l d a i d v e t s Legislation that would provide funding for an Alzheimer s disease unit at the New Jersey Memorial Home for Disabled Soldiers at Menlo Park has been approved by the Senate Committee for Revenue, Finance and Appropriations. The measure appropriates $100,000 to the New Jersey Memorial Home for Disabled Soldiers at Menlo Park to establish a unit to deal with patients who have Alzheimer s Disease. Approximately 10 percent of the patients at the state s three memorial homes operated by the Department of Human Services are diagnosed as having Alzheimer s. By establishing an Alzheimer s Unit, the department will be able to concentrate its resources and services to these patients at one facility. It will also enable the department to take a leadership role in determining appropriate staffing levels and sevices required by nursing home patients with Alzheimer s disease. 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26 2 6 JULY 27,1988, THE INDEPENDENT s o c i a l m e w s A r e a m e d i c a l c e n t e r a n n o u n c e s r e c e n t b i r t h s S t r a n i e r o - G l e a s o n Fay and Sebastiano Straniero of Aberdeen have announced the engagement of their daughter, Nancy, to John Gleason of Matawan. A wedding is planned for May 20. The future bridegroom is the son of Winifred and James Gleason of Matawan. Miss Straniero is a graduate of Matawan Regional High School. She is employed by the South Jersey Paving Co., Aberdeen. Gleason graduated from Matawan Regional High School. He is employed by the Strathmore Water Company, which is located in Aberdeen Township. < v > / <v.&> ' -.V :x-:: : - : V- -, -v:7': '..-Vv. A\' ' v.-v.y The following births were announced recently at Riverview Medical Center, Red Bank. Myriam and Antonio Betancourt, Hazlet, May 9, a girl. Peggy Ann and Daniel Falcon, Hazlet, May 9, a girl. Monica and Harold Loring, Aberdeen, May 4, a girl. Lisa and Randy Tomlin, Lincroft, May 4, a girl. Beth and Steven Lefkowitz, Keyport, May 5, a boy. Denise and Donald Corlew, Lincroft, May 4, a girl. Lorraine and Andrew D Amore, Lincroft, May 5, a girl. Barbara and Roger Mazone, Middletown, May 5, a boy. Kathryn and Rudolph Maneff, Holmdel, May 5, a boy. frpjgi F O U N T A I N Debra and Daniel McEnaney, Leonardo, May 4, a girl. Deborah and Robert Gross, Hazlet, May 21, a boy. Terri B. and John Fegler, Matawan, May 19, a boy. Mary and William Muller, New Monmouth, May 23, a girl. Mary Jo and Frank Pento, Middletown, May 23, a girl. Ruth Mary and Anthony Torphy, Hazlet, May 23, a girl. K athleen and Paul G robelny, W est Keansburg, May 23, a boy. Gloria and Peter Trapasso, Hazlet, May 24, a boy. Patricia and Walter Forys, Middletown, May 24, a girl. Linda and Donald Hutson, Hazlet, May 29, a girl. 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Cathy and Marcus Petty, Keyport, June 1, a girl. Susan and Joseph Pauxtis, Middletown, June 1, a boy. Donna and Christopher Price, Holmdel, May 31, a boy. Kathleen and John McCloskey, Belford, May 31, a boy. Patricia and Joseph Santoro, Hazlet, May 31, a girl. Mary and Anthony LoBello, Keyport, May 31, a girl. Virginia and Glenn Lines, Middletown, June 2, a girl. Tamara and Brian Goode, Keansburg, June12, a girl. Pearl and Ron Kaufman, Middletown, May 25, a girl. Teresa Marie and Steven Horel, Belford, May 25, a boy. Deborah Lynn and Brian Bellen, Keansburg, May 26, a boy. Allison and Henry Gehlhaus, Middletown, May 26, a girl. Mary and Peter Jakiemchek, M iddletown, May 26, a boy. Maureen and Jose Rodriguez, Cliffwood Beach, May 27, a girl. Ellen and Mark Thompson, Middletown, May 27, a boy. Lynne and Mark Schwitz, Matawan, May 28, a boy. Stephani and Richard Gluck, Hazlet, May 27, a girl. Dorothy and Elacio Vazquez, Keansburg, June 6, a boy. Cheryl and Stephen Nolet, Middletown; June 7, a boy. Elaine and Robert W. Laub Jr., Lincroft, June 7, a boy. Anita and Michael Combs, Aberdeen, June 15, a girl. Elizabeth adn Russell Giuliano, Middletown, June 14, a girl. Patricia and Richard Cresci, Leonardo, June 15, a girl. Susan and W illiam K lovert, Belford, June 14, a girl. Gina and James Garrison, Middletown, June 14, a boy. Terese and Lino De Almeida, Colts Neck, June 16, a boy. Kathleen and William Martisch, Union Beach, June 16, a boyi."*'* Charla and Richard Brown, North Middletown, June 16, a girl: Ann Beth and Alan Gabel, Hazlet, June 10, a boy. t Donna Dietz and Eugene Vreeland, Cliffwood Beach, June 10, a girl. Wendy and Jerald Jansen, Keyport, June 10, a girl. Chrys Ann and Charles J. Cauy, North Middletown, June 11, a girl. Laurel and Michael Boulos, Port Monmouth, June 11, a girl. Elizabeth and Frank Zabomey, Buford, June 12, a boy. Gerrie and Ted Hughes, Union Beach, June 17, a girl. L orraine and D aniel K innick, W est Keansburg, June 17, a boy. Julia and John Azzolina, New M onmouth, June 18, a boy. Patricia and Steven D Addario, Middletown, June 18, a boy. Sandra and Richard Drake, Union Beach, June 20, a girl. Lois and Robert Sanders, Matawan, June 22, a girl. Loretta and Robert Woods, Leonardo, June 21, a girl. Lois and Ralph Naputano, Union Beach, June 21, a boy. Diana and John Spiak, Union Beach, June 21, a boy. May and Drew Pragliola, Aberdeen, June 21, a boy. Colleen and Dennis Morris, Middletown, June 22, a girl.

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30 i : t c ' ' i. ' 3 0 JULY 27, 1988, THE INDEPENDENT i\\ete. \s acco det* ot ote c\ea ' ba' a? v U son<riot's t\v, iotvou*. at'sact 1tott'at'(T\ A c tt^ ; ot S c,stott rfok '*'V ^ehat*9c^,ed fe lo t VeT :can t,r f t ee S**Z * 2 K avi tbe 1 S > b 9 ' t S - *» o 0 Membe><^er«i Deposrt tnsuranc* Corporation ARMOR ALL p h o t * r t a n r 16 oz. MATAWAN THEQAS SAVERS GUM0UT CLEAN TEAM GUM0UT CARB CLEANERS V A L V O L I N E F O U R G A R D O I L #1835w 30 a p #186 10w 30 f I #189 15w qt. case JETSPMY GUM0UT Y o u r C hoice SOUTH PLAINFIELD : OPEN 7 DAYS 1604 park avenue ON THE R ISE Tents have gone up at East Freehold Park, Freehold Township, where the 14th annual Monmouth County Fair will be held. The activities start today and run through Sunday. C o u n ty fa ir c o m p e titio n : h o rs e s h o e s sa n s th e to s s By Liz Cannon It doesn t take much to enter the farriers competition at the county fair this year. Just follow these simple instructions: make two handmade shoes out of 5/16 by 3/ 4 stock; one front shoe, rocker toe, fullered with toe clip; and one hind shoe, punched, square toe with side clips. Time limit: 60 minutes.. Sound easy? This is the real stuff, folks. No ready-made shoes here as farriers from several states join in the third annual competition. According to Mary Alice Goss of the county parks system, the hands-on competition, from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. July 30, draws farriers from as far away as Virginia. What s a tuffy, Goss said, is the week of the fair, it s always 100 degrees and they re working on open forges. Some of the forges are electrical, she said, while others are the so-called cold fire variety, in which a bellows is used to"keep the fire going. Either way, Goss said, it s hot. Temperatures in the work area can reach degrees. The competition is divided into three divisions, for novices, journeymen, and masters. Each division will have five classes, Goss said. In three of the classes, farriers must forge shoes for different types of horses: pleasure, draft, and standardbred. A fourth class is for general forging. The fifth is known as the Eagle Eye class, she said. Farriers will have only 20 minutes to forge a shoe for a particular horse after inspecting the hoof for only 10 seconds. Novices will be allowed to use keg shoes, ready-made shoes which need to be refined for individual horses. The classes are sponsored by area businesses, Goss said. Trophies, ribbons, prizes, and prize money will be awarded in each class. Some lucky w inner will receive 100 pounds of horseshoe nails, while others will receive shoes or pads from various manufacturers. A champion and reserve champion will also be selected from each division. The competition, judged by past national winner Bob Skradzio of Pennsylvania, will take place in the outdoor activity area. It is sponsored by the county parks system with the Garden State Horseshoers Association.

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32 3 2 JULY 27, 1988, THE INDEPENDENT P O L I C E B E A T A ll in fo rm a tio n in the fo llo w in g re p o rts w a s taken fro m lo c a l p o lic e d e p a rtm e n t rec o rd s. ABERDEEN High fidelity radios were taken from two cars in separate parts of the township during the night of July 6. Some green weedlike plants resembling marijuana were found by Patrolman Thomas Powers while investigating a break-in of an unoccupied house. The plants are being held by the police as evidence. A car reported stolen early in the morning o f July 10 from Greenwood Avenue was found in the parking lot of Future Chevrolet after having been in an accident in the front o f the building. A black Porsche was stolen from the parking lot of the Grand Union on Route 34 shortly after a stolen Pennsylvania car was found there. Two cars were stolen on Matawan Terrace during the night of July 20. The door and ignition locks were found in the area of where each car was parked. A blue Oldsmobile reported stolen in Perth Amboy was found two parking spots from where one of the stolen vehicles was parked. Rocks were thrown at a patrol car operated by Patrolman John Powers while he was investigating a noise complaint in the vicinity of Gordon Street and Milton Avenue on the night of July 20. The car suffered minor damages. No one was apprehended in the incident. - A man eating shrimp cocktail was discovered in the men s bathroom of the Cliffwood A&P. When he refused to pay for the food, the police were called. He was arrested for shoplifting. A $14,000 Chevrolet Camaro was stolen from a parking lot in Wellington Place during the evening of July 13. An obscene expression was scratched into the side of a Cedar Place resident s van during the night of July 13. HOLMDEL Firecrackers destroyed a mailbox at a Takolusa Drive residence while the occupants were away on vacation. Incoming mail in the box was also destroyed. The incident was reported July 11, the same day another Takolusa Drive resident reported his mailbox had been vandalized. A makeshift high-dive collapsed under the weight of a Holmdel resident attempting to leap 30 feet into a Cindy Court resident s pool July 7. Police said the diver was injured when the metal light pole he had ascended bent, and he fell to the ground. A locked car parked at the high school was broken into July 8. The car, an Audi 5000, belongs to a Telegraph Hill Road resident, who reported a briefcase containing legal documents and a radar detector were stolen. Thunderstorms set off more than a dozen burglar alarms within minutes of each other July 17, keeping two patrolmen and a sergeant busy for more than an hour. Sgt. William Truex and patrolmen George Mason and James Hammond checked each location. The department responded to nearly 30 alarm soundings throughout the day, which was m arked by high w inds and storms. A Green Grove Avenue resident reported July 17 that his parked car was involved in a hit and run accident the night before. The left front fender was damaged, he said. A Route 35 merchant July 17 reported a break-in the night before. Cash registers were turned over, $130 in cash was taken, telephone lines were cut, and the back door was left ajar, he said. MATAWAN A 12 foot aluminum canoe was reported stolen July 16 from the lakefront at Ravine Drive, by the Matawan Borough Recreation Department., A 12 foot aluminum rowboat, Smoker, was cut from the chain securing it and removed, reported a Beechwood Terrace resident July 16. The rowboat was valued at $650. The center overhead door of the Matawan Borough First Aid building malfunctioned and fell onto a first aid vehicle that was responding to a call July 16. The emergency light and roof of the ambulance, along with the overhead door, were damaged. A mausoleum s inside metal door was found wide open by police patrols at Rose Hill Cemetary on July 17. A lock was also reported missing. A Tree Haven Apartments resident reported July 19, that while he was away someone broke into his vehicle and removed the radio and car phone. All four tires and rims were removed from a vehicle at a Balmoral Arms residence July 19, between 11 p.m. and 9 a.m. The vehicle was left sitting on blocks. Two juveniles were arrested July 18 and charged with shoplifting in separate incidents in Route 35 stores. One juvenile had allegedly taken two pairs of shoes, valued at $60, from the Shoe Town at approximately 4 p.m. At 3:47 p.m., another juvenile had been arrested at the Caldor Store. The youth allegedly had taken cassette tapes valued at $28. KEYPORT Three cars were reported broken into July 20 on Atlantic Street. Radios were stolen from two cars and a portable scanner was taken from the third. A side window was also smashed on the third car. Vandals flipped over bleachers at the Keyport High School ballfield. The incident happened during the evening of July 19. Vandals threw black paint on a Monroe Street traffic sign on July 19. A Prospect Street resident July 18 discovered water four inches deep in the cellar. The borough s Public Works Dept, was called to turn off the water. A car fire was reported at 5:12 p.m. July 18 on Monroe Street. Firefighters reported the fire out at 5:27 pjn. Seven cars were broken into July 18 at a Route 35 auto dealer. In each case a spare tire was stolen. Two people complained during the early morning of July 18 about construction noise near the comer of First Street and Green Grove Avenue. A borough ordinance prohibits such noise before 7 a.m. The first complaint was reported at 5:34 a.m. and police spoke to the construction workers four minutes later. They.agreed to stop until 7 a.m. But, a second complaint was voiced at 6:18 a.m., and police again spoke to the workers who again agreed to stop until 7 a.m. A 14 karat gold ring with a sapphire surrounded by 14 diamonds, valued at $850, was reported stolen July 19, by a Center Street resident. The roads department was advised July 19 of a hole large enough for a child to fall into on a Ravine Drive sidewalk. The road department checked the sidewalk damage and the county road department was contacted. UNION BEACH A lost ferret was reported July 15 by a Florence Avenue resident who said his son lost the ferret July 13> j A stolen vehicle was discovered on Bay Avenue July 15 by police patrols. The car was stolen from a Middletown N.Y. residence.. \ % \ A brush and debris fire at the little league field at Jersey Avenue and Rose lane was reported July 15 by an International Flavors and Fragances employee. A ferret was discovered by a Dock Street resident July 15. Patrols gave her the owner s address and the complainant said she would return the ferret to its owner. An umbrella from a picnic table at an Edmunds Avenue residence was reported stolen July 17. A breaking and entering was reported by a Second Street resident, who arrived home July 17 to find the kitchen sreen window broken and the front door pried open. Nothing was reported missing. A Park Avenue resident came to headquaters July 19 to report her son s bicycle stolen. A swarm of dragon flies was reported July 20 by a Center Street resident who said she had used two cans of wasp and hornet spray and the swarm was still there. The Health Department advised the resident to continue spraying the insects, and that they would try to get someone to the location.

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35 B a rry L a rso n New administrator to serve as clerk, zoning officer, too By Jonathan R. Friedman COLTS NECK When you ask new Tow nship A dm inistrator Barry Larson about why he went into public work, he will tell you about tanks in th e streets of Washington, D.C. During the mid- 60s, while Larson was studying at American University in Washington, he w itnessed the street riots in the city and the government s response of force. Describing himself standing on the street corner and watching tanks rolling through Barry Larson the streets, Larson recalled, What impacted me most* was the publicly stated reason for why these people were rioting: they weren t being heard by their public representatives. It was then that Larson decided that there needed to be trained people in the government making it run properly. Had I not been there, I might have been a shoe salesman, he said. Far from it, Larson is looking forward to working with the Township Committee to preserve the character of the community. It s the job of the Township Committee to set policy, and it s my job to carry it out, he said, and it s the policy of the commit- cview j On C e n t a l» Healtli P A T R IC IA A H L E R T D.b.S. W HY A TEMPORARY FILLING? H ave you ever had your dentist te ll you he was using a tem porary fillin g and w ondered why? No, m y friend, it is not a p lo y so he can get a second crack a t you. I T his is a p erfectly p roper dental proce- " dure. It is referred to as indirect capping, and is used in cases where the nerve (or pulp) w ould be exposed if all the decay w ere rem oved from the cavity. Regarded as a conservative treatm ent, the applicatio n of medicated cement in the tem pora ry filling helps the pulp o f the tooth to I re p a ir itself by containing the decay and 7 allow ing the buildup of a w all of tooth I structure, between the pulp and the decayed m aterial. This is a holding action. W hen your dentist removes the tem porary filling, he m ay take an X-ray to determ ine if the pulp has healed. If so, the balance o f the decay is rem oved, and a perm anent restoration, I o r filling, can be placed in the tooth. In sum m ary, your dentist is trying to keep your tooth alive, avoiding the need fo r a root-canal filling, pulp capping, or extraction of the tooth. FO R B E T T E R D EN TA L H EA LTH DR. PATRICIA AHLERT & ASSOC. F A M IL Y & C O S M E T IC D E N T IS T R Y O U R S P E C IA L T Y 46 B E T H A N Y RD. HOLM DEL j I a ssu m e s C o lts N e ck p o s t tee is to keep Colts Neck just as it is. Colts Neck is a change of pace for Larson, who recently left his position as township administrator in Lawrence Township. For four months, Lawrence had council meetings four days a week and on Saturdays, he said. Nevertheless, Larson will also have plenty to do in Colts Neck. In addition to being administrator, he holds the positions of township clerk, zoning officer, recycling coordinator, flood plain search officer and future assessment officer. Still Larson finds Colts Neck a desirable place to work. It s a prestigious, gorgeous community. It s lower key and has a slower pace than Lawrence, he said. Larson brings a host of experiences with him from previous jobs in local and state j government and in the private sector. Larson s first government position in New Jersey was with the state Department of Community Affairs, where he served in the Division of Local Government Services. Before becoming township administrator in Lawrence, he worked for Woodbridge and Mount Holly townships in administrative posts. In the mid- 70s, Larson founded his own consulting firm, Larson Associates. The firm provided general support for local governments in everything from creating master plans to training local officials. In September, Larson, who is divorced, plans to remarry and move to Cranbury. Once he is settled in his new home and new job, Larson hopes to pursue some of his hobbies, which include reading and traveling. Playing Games. Let s face it, you come to Atlantic City to play. And you play to win. The last thing you need is a hassle. But that s what you get at some of the big casinos. Maybe they re too big to care. Or maybe they just don t care. That s not the way it used to be in Atlantic City. Atlantic City was famous for its hospitality. Well that tradition is still upheld at the Claridge. The Claridge has Casino and Slot Hosts, whose job it is to make sure you have a good time at every table and every slot machine you play And they do their job well. And so does every dealer at every four-deck blackjack table and every attendant. You always get a friendly, intimate feeling playing at the Claridge. You feel like a winner, And that s the feeling you come to Atlantic City to get in the first place. There s only one casino that still does things the Classic Way. And that s the Claridge. % The Atlantic City Classic. C a s i n o H o t e l THE INDEPENDENT, JULY 27, Anniversary observed The Freehold Soil Conservation District, which serves Monmouth and Middlesex counties, recently marked its 50th anniversary. Concerned with the destruction of the nation s land by soil erosion, President Franklin D. Roosevelt in urged all states to provide legislation that would allow landowners to establish soil conservation districts. New Jersey was a frontrunner in answering the call. On June 27, 1938, the Freehold Soil Conservation District was incorporated. It was the first in New Jersey. Through its half-century of existence, the district has witnessed numerous and often rapid changes that development brought to New Jersey. In response, it has met the challenges of solving and preventing resulting environmental problems. THE ATLANTIC OTYCLASSIC 1988 Del Webb s Claridge Casino Hotel, Indian^ at the Boardwalk, Atlantic City, New Jersey Phone (609)

36 3 6 JULY 27, 1988, THE INDEPENDENT P o l i c e C h i e f m a k e s m a r k o n t h e H o l m d e l d e p a r t m e n t CH IEF CONCERNS FOR A LL Y O U R H EATIN G & C O O LIN G NEED S, C A L L FromWindow Units To All Inclusive Central Air Models VISIT OUR AIR CONDITIONING & HEATING SHOWROOM Photographby Ed Brett Holmdel Police Chief Bruce Phillips hopes to improve the image of law enforcement as a profession while serving as president of the New Jersey Association of Chiefs of Police this year. Afterward, the chief, shown with Lt. Raymond Wilson and Dispatcher L is a Dzwil at the new police computer, plans to concentrate on improving his own department, which he has overseen since Quiet, vertical discharge Improved energy efficiency ratings Two-speed (an and even air (low design Pre-charged and UL listed Crankcase floodback protection (Patented) (except for ACD601 and ACD611 models) LISTED Appointed to head State Association of Chiefs of Police By Liz Cannon HOLMDEL Fortunately for Holmdel, the haphazard way Police Chief Bruce Phillips started off in law enforcement was not characteristic of his career as a whole.! Phillips stumbled into the field in 1965 after an unsuccessful bid to play baseball with the Los Angeles Dodgers. If it hadn t been for his father, the tow n-. ship s first police chief, Phillips might have followed his fallback plan and become an athletic coach. Instead, he took the civil service exam and became one of the township s first fulltime patrolmen. I hadn t had any real interest in law enforcement recalled Phillips, but after I went to the academy, I knew I would like it. Law enforcement liked Phillips too. Since becoming chief in 1971, he has served virtually every local, county, and state police organization as an elected officer or board member. Last month, he topped off his diverse resume by becoming president of the New Jersey Association of Chiefs of Police. Although encouraged to run for a national office as well, Phillips said he decided against it. H E A T I N G & C O O L I N G F U L L LIN E O F C E N T R A L AIR & H E A T IN G U N ITS O N D IS P LA Y N E W L IN E O F W IN D O W U N IT AIR C O N D IT IO N E R S A R R IV IN G S O O N H a ^ C h e f ^ ( A c r o s s F r o m B i g J i m s ) pur CONDITIONING PRODUCTS" Cabineted evaporator for use with Basem ent. Upflow or C ounterflow fu r naces. Also available without cabinet. Cabineted evaporator for use with Horizon tal furnaces or Air Handling units. A.R.I. Certified Certification applies only when used with proper components as designated by manufacturer. d e s ig n e d a n d m a n u fa c tu r e d b y th e Magic. C h e t Air C o n d itio n in g U iv ision B e l l e v u e O h m C o l u m b u s O h i o I. o s A n q e l e s C a l i f o r n i a I ve only been interested in being involved with law enforcement associations within our state, he said. I just hope that when I get done, some of the reward I get out of the job is that I helped law enforcement get a little bit better. In his various capacities as president of the county police chiefs association, the Bayshore Narcotic Strike Force, and the state chapter of the FBI National Academy Associates, Phillips said one of his main goals was to improve the image of law enforcement. I want to see law enforcement recognized as a profession, he said. In his new position as president of the state chiefs association, he hopes also to improve the image of police chiefs. Training programs for chiefs need to be established, he said, to support them in a role which has become increasingly complicated. There really haven t been any programs on a state-wide level, Phillips said. Phillips has already left his mark on law enforcem ent in New Jersey. He counts among his proudest achievements the establishment of a state-wide memorial service for officers killed in the line of duty. The service, which began in 1985, is held annually at the Garden State Arts Center. Last year, the association held its first law enforcement expo at its annual convention, and Phillips said he expects the expo to expand greatly. The show helps familiarize police with the latest technology in the field. We think we, have the chance to be the top law enforcement trade show in the country, he said. We were looking at 400 exhibitors this year. This year s show was canceled because of the Tyson-Spinks fight, he said, but the association actually made money by agreeing to bow out of the space it had reserved in Atlantic City. Phillips plans to spend time preparing next year s shov^t^even bigger proportions. As state president, the chief said he would also like to. improve police relations w ith private sector security com panies. There is a tremendous amount of cooperation that can bex developed, he said, knowing the problems on both sides. After finishing his one-year stint as president of the state chiefs, Phillips said he plans to refocus his energies on the township s police department. I haven t made the decision yet as to when I anticipate retiring, he said, but I want to finalize, in the latter portion of my career, the goals I have set for my department. Among other things, Phillips wants to complete the long process of obtaining accreditation for the department. The chief was one of the first in the county to seek accreditation, which is granted after the department s policies and procedures have been reviewed thoroughly and evaluated against the highest police standards. The department is also expanding, he said, to meet its goal of employing 27 officers. Successfully completing that expansion program is high Phillips list of priorities for the next few years. All of his statewide achievements will probably be forgotten, he said, but here I ll be recognized by how I leave it.

37 T H E IN D E P E N D E N T, J U L Y 27, O U R l o w e s t P R I C E S E V E R M W y ^ m 11 N r i Ly.{WjffX. IV /J l^ * Hp lf. w iw M a 1 / / LIGHT BULBS 40/60/100 O N ' U c M J P L E - S p t o o B ^ o 6 t «DOOR MATS S1 QQ Outdoor 75/100 <. - n n Selected 32 o h m a t s.... y y F L 0 Q D L1Q H TS $ 1 g g F E R T L Z E f o r f v f r Gas Operated...up to t)u /o 0 SSd S140- s6 0.oo & S g L t KNOBS1 4/s1 00 blowers _no/ ^ TRACTOR. s1300 Gallons '... up to 30 /. Off Re^HWS PAINT $ UD Reg. $ la ^ n Selected Hoover TRACTOR fan s^ u p to 50 /o off v f t r ^ i a s -... Truck TOOL BOXES Up to 36 MINI BLINDS S7.00 MOWERS a l s o s a v e o n H O U S E W A R E S P A I N T G A S G R I L P L U M B I N G F A N S A U T O S U P P L I I L A W N & G A R D E N S U P P L I E S A N D M l QUANTITIES LIMITED TO STOCK ON HAND SORRY NO'RAIN CHECKS ALL SALES FINAL NO CHECKS NO O HARDWARE STORES (BrownTown Shopping Center) S 2 S

38 3 8 JULY 27,1988, THE INDEPENDENT B U S I N E S S Robert W. Green, CMA, has been elected director of the New York Chapter of the N ational Association of Accountants and will be in charge of the Certified Managem ent Accounting Programs. Green resides in Aberdeen with his wife, Carolyn, and their two children. Patrician Olsen of Port Monmouth has joined Phyllis Kessel Associates, Oakhurst, as media director. ' Robert John Cutrupi has joined Shearson Lehman Hutton s Shrewsbury office as one o f their financial consultants. Dr. Clifford Jay Butterman will be joining Dr. Barbara Engel in private practice pediatrics in Holmdel. He will be on the pediatric staff at Bayshore Community Hospital, H olm del, and R iverview M edical Center, Red Bank. Butterman is single and lives in the greater Holmdel area. Hercules Inc., Wilmington, Del., has appointed Gerald R. Yandle as plant manager ofitsp arlin plant. Bom in Monroe, N.C., he is married to the former Betty.Richardson of Kershaw, S.C. They reside in Middletown and have two sons, Gerald Jr. and Chris. Not just a haircut, an image is the attitude of the new Ritz Salon in the Aberdeen Pavilion on Route 34, Aberdeen. Owner and manager Ernest Giordano brings staff members from the New York Metro area who have trained with Paul Mitchell and other international professionals. All hair services, as well as body massage, manicures and pedicures, are offered. The salon is open 10 a.m.-8 p.m. Tuesday-Friday, 9 a.m.-6 p.m. Saturdays, and noon-5 p.m. Sundays. Private consultations are available and extended hours are possible if arranged in advance. Richard J. Pfeffer has been appointed to the newly established position of Director of E nrollm ent M anagem ent o f B rookdale Community College, Lincroft. Pfeffer currently resides in Caldwell with his wife, Jane, and their two cats. Checks totaling nearly $180,000 were presented recently to the 22 M onmouth S p e c U U l i m i t e d o f f e r o n 8 m o u t h C D s % EFFECTIVE ANNUAL YIELD 7 8 M O N T H C D.7 7. % ANNUAL INTEREST RATE MINIMUM DEPOSIT $5,000 MAXIMUM DEPOSIT $100,000 4 Interest compounded quarterly. Substantial penalty for early withdrawal. Effective Annual Yield assumes principal and accrued interest remain on deposit for one year. This is a limited offer and may be withdrawn at any time without prior notification. Rates and yields in effect on publication date are subject to change with market conditions. T a k e a d v a n t a g e o f t h i s l i m i t e d i n v e s t m e n t o p p o r t u n i t y i n s u r e d u n d e r t h e p r o v i s i o n s o f t h e F D I C a n d b a c k e d b y t h e s t r o n g c a p i t a l p o s i t i o n o f U n i t e d C o u n t i e s T r u s t C o m p a n y. F o r d e ta ils c a ll U N I T E D C O U N T I E S T R U S T C O M P A N Y M EM BER, UN ITED C O UN TIES BANCORPORATION M EM BER, FDIC Belford Berkeley Heights Chapel Hill Clark Cranford Elizabeth Hillside Keansburg Kenilworth Lincroft Linden Madison Middletown North Plainfield Oakhurst Port Monmouth Red Bank Shrewsbury Springfield Summit County municipalities served by Storer Cable. The checks, as large as $46,912 for Middletown and $26,701 for Long Branch, are the annual franchise fee payment for the right to provide cable television service. Storer Cable has provided cable service in Monmouth County since In the past 15 years, Storer Cable initiated service to 22 municipalities plus Fort Monmouth. Storer provides 35 channels of broadcast and cable exclusive channels, including Madison Square Garden, The Discovery Channel and Arts & Entertainment. Storer also cablecasts a number of locally produced programs on cable channel 8, the local community television channel. The Cable Communications Division of Storer Communications, Inc. is the fourthlargest cable system operator, serving approximately 1.5 million customers in 12 states, including more than 50,000 in Monm outh County and more than 200,000 in New Jersey. S c h o la r s h ip s a v a ila b le fo r d ra ftin g MIDDLETOWN The Schoor DePalma & Canger Group, consulting and municipal engineers, has established two $500 scholarships for drafting students in the Brookdale Community College Cooperative Education Program. The scholarships will be awarded each semester. Recipients also will be offered paid co-op work in the firm s Manalapan office. A $1,000 check for the first two scholarships was presented to Brookdale President Joshua L. Smith by Howard Schoor, chairman and chief executive officer o f the engineering firm, at a recent ceremony in Manalapan. This marks the first time the firm has underwritten college scholarships, and is the first scholarship in Brookdale s cooperative education program to be underwritten by a private business. Schoor DePalma & Canger has been hiring graduates o f the Brookdale drafting program for many years, and several have worked their way up to positions in design, a company official said. We are looking for good draftspeople, said John Norek, coordinator o f the co-operative education (program for Schoor De Palma and Canger. The firm has 340 'employees and offices in Bricktown, Parsippany and Voorhees in addition to Manalapan. To be eligible for'the scholarships, students must have attended Brookdale for at least two semesters, be pursuing an associate degree in drafting, have a 3.5 grade point average in their major, and meet the eligibility requirements of the college s cooperative education program. Food Circus announces cardboard compactor MIDDLETOWN Food Circus Superm arket P resid en t Joe A zzolina has a n nounced the opening of a new cardboard compactor at his Middletown Foodtown. I m delighted to note we will start disposing of our cardboard with a compactor. This allows us to recycle the paper and close down the incinerator, he said. Azzolina, who owns 13 Foodtowns supermarkets along the New Jersey shore, said he decided to switch to the compactor for recycling reasons. At every opportunity, businesses should make efforts to recycle and help protect our environment, Azzolina said. There s no reason to think waste disposal is limited to one method. There are always alternatives if you look hard enough," he concluded. We ve got to make our environment a prime consideration in every area of business. Azzolina is the Republican candidate for the 3rd Congressional District.

39 THE INDEPENDENT, JULY 27, M i d d l e t o w n r a n k e d b y F B I s i x t h s a f e s t t o w n i t s s i z e H o u s e o f t h e w e e k B y Joan Healy F R E E H O L D T O W N S H IP A 10- hom e subdivision, Dutch Lane Heights, is being developed by Paul DiGaetano off D utch Lane Road. The assemblyman from N orth Jersey learned the construction business from his father who was a master craftsman and has been active in building communities in the state. Eight distinctive models are offered and each is set on a minimum of one-acre. The development is being marketed by Gary Scrittorale, director of Land Development/ New Home Division of Heritage House Realtors in Holmdel. At Dutch Lane Heights the buyer is offered spacious homes on private streets. The builder has constructed homes of outstanding value in an attractive setting, said Scritttcrale. Formerly farmland, the rural atmosphere has been maintained in the community. Scrittorale adds, The area is in the heart of M onmouth County and gives residents the advantages of country living with the conveniences of nearby major roads, recreation, excellent schools, shopping, dining and, accessibility to the metropolitan area. T he d e v e lo p m e n t is on A m sterdam Road, off Dutch Lane Road in Freehold T o w n s h ip. P ric e d fro m $ 4 1 9,9 0 0 to $580,000, there are French provincial, center hall colonials, and English m anor designs plus three contemporaries The Pegasus, The Palladium and The Pavilion. The Sir Joseph model is a classic colonial with four bedrooms, three full baths and a two car garage. The center hall is open to the second floor, lending an open and airy effect when you enter the home. Its large kitchen has a generous size pantry and lots of storage space, Whirlpool appliances, raised panel/european cabinets, self cleaning oven, space saver microwave with outside vent, a center island and adjoining dinette. The study can be used as maid s quarters since it s set off from the main living area and offers privacy and an adjacent full bathroom. A formal dining room is off the foyer and easily accessible from the kitchen. On the other side of the center hall is the 20-foot living room. Step down from here to the sunken family room with two skylights, masonry fireplace and dramatic cathedral ceiling. French doors lead from the family room to the woodendeck. Three large bedrooms and a full bathroom are on the second floor in addition to the master suite. The master bedroom is over 20-by-13 feet with a huge walk-in closet and master bathroom with skylight over the whirlpool, twin vanity, ceramic tile shower and linen closet. Other standard amenities include Pella windows, sliding doors and French doors, central vacuum and security systems, twozone central air conditioning and hot water baseboard heating and more. The colonial models have full brick fronts, six panel doors and colonial trim, crown and dentil molding in the living and dining rooms and foyers, and chair rail molding add a finishing touch to the dining rooms. T e i t e l - R e i c h Matawan/Aberdeen 20 Hwy. 34 (opp. Buttonwood Manor) REA LTO RS Marlboro/ Manalapan For your convenience I n d e p e n d e n t l y O w n e d & O p e r a t e d Liz Sells DID IT AGAIN S O L D T H IS W E E K 40 Bernice Court Freehold 1 Hialeah Drive Colts Neck Freehold Rt. 9 at Freehold Circle ready to assist you with all your Real Estate needs. Call her today and she ll D O IT A G A I N for you. Alert citizens, tips were cited by police as important factors By Michael W. Sutkowski M ID D L E T O W N T h e FB I has ranked the township the sixth safest municipality of its size in the United States last year. Police Chief Joseph McCarthy said the sixth-place rating is among 282 communities nationwide which have populations between 50,000 and 100,000.. The townhip has 70,000 people. Our efforts during the previous year helped us move from eighth, the 1986 ranking, and should be encouraging to all Middletown residents, McCarthy said. But, despite the better rating, a one percent increase over 1986 was registered in the crime index. The chief said the township s crime rate was well below one-third the average of the other 282 communities. Middletown s crime index, which reflects the number of crimes per 100,000 people, is also approximately half that of M onmouth and Ocean counties, he said. Reported were 1,458 serious criminal offenses, including two m urders, last year, he said. Arrests were made in both the murder cases, McCarthy said. For some crimes, including assault, automobile theft and robbery, the nationwide rate is four or more times greater than the township s, he said. McCarthy thanked the hundreds of volunteers who assist the work and efforts of the Police Department s regular officers. Our special and auxiliary police officers, Marine Division patrols, Explorer Scouts and advisory panel members are all essential in the fight against crime, he said. Also important are reports o f suspicious activity and tips received from local residents and business people, which enable the police to stop crimes in progress or provide the missing link in a major investigation, he said. The extra eyes and ears provided by our dedicated citizens are a vital part of the network that keeps this community a safe one, he said. The Middletown statistics, reported by the FBI in its publication Crime in the United States, for 1987 and 1986, respectively, are: Total,crim e index, 1,458 and 1,440; murder non-negligent' manslaughter, 2 and 0; forcible rape, 4 and 3; robbery 10 and 9; aggravated assault 55 and 94; burglary, breaking and entering, 354 and 375; larceny 951 and 885; and motor vehicle theft, 82 and 74.. The five communities which ranked better than Middletown, by crime index, are: Clay Town, N.Y., 498; Haverford Township, Pa., 732; Waukesha, Wise., 1,227; Ramapo Town, N.Y., 1,283; and Florissant, Mo., 1,330. Real Estate New s M ark Wang, partner and general manager of ERA Designs for Living Inc. of Old Bridge and East Brunswick, has brought an extensive sales training program to the firm. He offers courses in real estate sales twice weekly in the evenings for both new and seasoned sales associates. The program includes how to list, =sell to d generally market properties, MLS computer and a variety of real estate math c^teses. Weichert Realtors, in its ongoing tradition of promoting company spirit recently recognized several members of the Weichert team for their excellent service and loyalty to the Weichert organization. Vice president Carol Muchmore announced the eight sales associates from the local Monmouth County offices to honor at th$ service dinner held recently at the Plaza Hotel in Morristown. \ The honorees for five years of service are: Catherine Daniels, Aberdeen regional center, Rebecca Brenner, Marie Greaseheimer and Lewis Petrillo of the Holmdel office, Roslyn Tannenbaum, Manalapan/Marlboro office, Marion Devine, Eugene Fitzpatrick and Evelyn Smith of the Middletown office. Michele Hecker, a resident of Manalapan, has joined Schlott Realtors as a sales associate with the firm s Howell/Jackson office. A member of the Monmouth County Board of Realtors, she completed Schlott s extensive sales training program which includes nearly 60 hours of negotiating, finance and marketing. Plaza 34, a beautifully designed business center for retail stores and offices, was introduced recently on Route 34, Matawan. Developed and managed by the Kramer Group, the building features European style and the retail promenade is ideal for the small retailer whose business relies on highway frontage, ample parking and ease of entry and exit. Plaza 34 features 15,000 square feet of office space and 14,200 square feet of retail space. There is parking for 113 cars and separate employee parking. For information, call Investors and professionals seeking a hedge against a rise in inflation are purchasing office condominiums such as the ones at Williamsburg Commons on Summerhill Road, East Brunswick. Here small businesses and professionals can own office space in campus settings created as a replica of a colonial settlement in Virginia. Equity and a tax advantage are gained from owning an office condo. Williamsburg Commons consists of 10 classically designed colonial-style buildsing with red brick exteriors. The buildings are clustered on six acres. The developer is a diversified group of real estate companies with more than 25 years of experience. The firm is dedicated to the design, development, marketing and management of residential, professional, commercial and industrial properties throught the northeast. Other active projects of Williamsburg Commons Inc. are Fox Meadows and Summerhill Meadows in East Brunswick. For further information, write the company at 2 Auer Court, East Brunswick

40 4 0 JULY 27, 1988, THE INDEPENDENT T e i t e l - R e i c h REALTORS Matawan/Aberdeen Old Bridge 20 Hwy. 34 For your convenience Freehold p f 0 (opp. Buttonwood Manor) 679*2600 at Freehold Circle independently owned & operated Mira Ahuja DID IT AGAIN - LISTED 32 Canfield Lane - Aberdeen 222 College Drive - Freehold 98 Boulevard West - Old Bridge 7 Arrowsmith Court - Old Bridge M IR A is ready to assist you with all your real estate needs. Call her today and she ll D O IT A G A I N for you. P R O P E R T Y L I N E S These real estate transactions are a matter o f public record. There may be a delay o f up to three months between closing and publication. C O L T S N E C K ~ 17 Colonial Terrace...$301,500 John & Dale Lewis Noreen & Vincent Ricciardi Hewlitt Road... $2,205,000 Gueyikian Props Tov Assoc. Inc. 48 Tulip Lane... $375,00Q John & Jane Petillo Dennis Fitzgerald 41 Cedar Drive... $235,000 Horace Westendorf, Carole Hannah HOLMDEL 39 Schanck Road...$311,500 Rodney & Deanna Alferness Naeem Malik Union Ave...$194,900 Holmdel Mews Dev. Anita Crapaneano MATAWAN 29 Fierro Ave... $133,500 Beatrice Effertz Gerard Pandolfo 4 Kourtney L a n e...$325,000 Paul & Deborah McDonald Kenneth & Jennie Rosenbaum 158 Main St...i...$145,000 Benita Alperin Robert & Bonnie Satty Matawan Green L a n e...$259,500 Halifax Bldrs. Vincent Pelletier 1 Nawatam W ay...$195,000 Joseph Brunton Kevin & Maidie Dolan T o u c h,. O p u l e n c e. Each home is as unique as its owner, and is situated on two to four acres in a manner which complements not only the home s design, but contributes to the beauty of this exclusive community as well. The elegance of the French Chateau, the grandeur of the English Manor, and the Old World charm of the Tudor are but a few of the unique Freemont designs. The customized floor plans offer 5,000 to 6,000 or more square feet of elegant living space. A Grand Room with twenty foot, vaulted ceilings, dramatic entrance foyers, and exquisite attention to detail welcome your guests as only a Freemont Home can. And, Freemont Corporation, an exclusive Monmouth County bitilder for over ten years, is there after von move in! Six months after occupancy, Freemont is ready to walk through your home to see if any adjustments are necessary. And, they repeat this service again after the twelve month mark! 67 Ravine Drive... $144,900 Thomas Miller Steven & Lillian Gueli 4 Wilson Ave...$147,500 George & Patricia Marsh Showcase Employee Invest. Grp. MIDDLETOWN ~ 2 Winding Brook W ay...$277,900 Clarence & Doris Malinowski Robert & Diane Sharen 85 Hubbard Ave., Red B ank...,...$218,000 George & Nancy Cambron Michael Pugliese 65 Maplewood, New Monmouth..$158,500 Arlene Miller Richard Lee 4 Neville Drive, Lincroft...$271,990 Calton Homes Inc.. Michael Lee 30 Neville Drived Lincroft...$264,900 j Calton Homes Inc. Robert & Judith Quinlan New Monmouth Rdad...$50,000 Brl^n & Helen McAndrews Halifax Bldrs. 299 Nut Swamp Road, Red Bank.$235,000 Mildred Maloon David & Patricia Resnick 6 Simek Lane, Port Monmouth... $128,824 Joseph Fiorillo Jam es Bernardi 43 Walnut Ave., Red Bank... $180,000 Susan Horan John & Ethel Grewen 28 York Ave., Port Monmouth...$98,000 John & Ruth Oswin Joseph Undo UNION BEACH Directions: Coming into the Freehold Tra ffic Circle on Route 9, proceed w est on Route 33 for three miles to the Millhurst Road jughandle. Cross Route 33 and proceed south about two hundred yards to Kinney Road on the left. Take the right forkrwj.q. Thompson Grove Road. Twin Lakes is on the left, a little over a mile from Kinney Road. Call for detailed directions. t e e m o r ] % 533 Washington Ave...$141,000 Frederick Hall Peter & Lucille Brown 504 Beachview Ave...$110,000 Diane Daggett Marlies Bauer 302 Johnson Ave... $88,000 Wilma Wagner Joseph & Kathleen Pede

41 THE INDEPENDENT, JULY 27, Park Ave......$90,500 Donna Dercoie John & Dena Hazen th Ave $76,000 Patricia Johnson William & Patricia Sheehan 518 Park Ave......$107,000 Michael Stives William & Cathy Strbo A D V A N T A G E R E A L T Y, IN C. 195 Pine St......$109,900 John & Susan Nappi Albert & Barbara Bolasci 641 Sydney Ave. Smith SuYon Mary Petermann 203 Raritan S t...$90,870 Eric & Cynthia Flemm Randy & Suzanne Zitzman 631 Sydney Ave...$92,000 Su Yon Smith Mary Peterman 601 2nd St......$119,000 Robert & Kim Hansen Lawrence & Anita Smith 5 L O C A T I O N S R T. 9 M a n a l a p a n H T.9 Freehold 462*8600 H w y. 3 4 A b e r d e e n RT. * O l d B r i d g e RT. 79 M a r l b o r o «4 NATALIE i i i A CATHY BINDLER W e CLEVELAND T % C o n g r a t u l a t e O u r T o p P r o d u c e r s HILDY NUZIE TopLister & Manalapan Office F o r T h e 1 s t H A L F o f DEBBIE WEISSMANN Top ' Lister Aberdeen Office m t m v>* WLjd f lirry w... t» MARIAN PIANKO Top Aberdeen Office 824 9th St...*...$75,000 Arthur Acker Jeffrey & Patricia Brady 517 Central Ave $118,500 John & Deborah Rutigliano Ronald & Jean Tompson 27 Scholer Drive...$128,000 William & Josephine Swiderski Steven & Lynne Gallagher 622 Columbia Ave...$94,000 Julia Evans Mark Facendo SUE FRICANO TopLister FreeholdOffice ROBIN ELAINE HOLLANDER CUPO Top Top OldBridgeOffice FreeholdOffice EACH O FFIC E INDEPENDENTLY OWNED AND O PERATED AMELDA LEE TopLister OldBridgeOffice TRUE MOTHER-DAUGHTER ABERDEEN... with separate living t cooking area. Total of SBRs, 2 baths lower level has FR w / skylite. Carpeting I addition 3 yrs. old. Walk to bus, train, schools S shops. *183,400 A-1815, HAPPINESS IS - HOLMDEL... living in this lovely 4 BR, 2Yi bath center hall Colonial, with fireplace in FR and large formal DR. Excellent schools, low taxes and NY trans. I great shopping. >*317,500 A LARGE FAMILY WANTED A B E R D E E N... U r g e, expansion Colonial excellent location, close to everything, 4 B R, 2V i baths, A / C, F R, Den, many closets and much more!! *184,900 A-1844 COUNTRY LIVING C O LTS N E C K : set on almost one acre of wooded property, this custom 3 B R, 2 bath Ranch features fireplace & full basement. Great expansion possibilities. This very private property backs up to Green Acres for assured privacy. Come preview today - tomorrow may be too late! *329,000 REDUCED RANCH A-1999 MATAWAN... 3 B R, 2 bath Ranch w / FR & 2 car garage. This 15 yr. old home boasts beautiful property, C /A, large Elk, formal D R, super neighborhood, plus walk to N Y C bus. Owners transferred & hate to leave! *188,900 M b A-1813 JOINT EFFORT BERNICE OLSEN SOLD 333 Knight Court BARBARA KENAS LISTED 333 Knight Court Ola Bridge...21 PEACE OF MIND O L D B R I D G E... A d u lt C o m m u n ity Condo. 2 BRs, 1 bath, trans to shopping, clubhouse, low utilities, low, fpaint. fee. Great location w / a low, io w frfc e. One of nicest Condos in the development. *83,900 A-1954 CREME DE LACREME: O L D B R ID G E... Looking for the perfect home? Stop right here. This home offers quite a bit w /out taking a bite out of your pocket. 3 BRs, I V : baths, attached garage t a finished basement w / plenty of storage & a big F R. Home comes w / 1 Year Warranty A c t. fast this won t last. *159,900 A-1910 TOWNHOME W/ GARAGE &BSMT. O L D B R.D G E... 3 B R, 2 V i bath townhome located within minutes to N Y trans. & shopping. Excellent schools & low maintenance fee. *166,900 A-1818 YOUNG FAMILY? GROWING CHILDREN? SEE THIS! UNION 8UCH... «isi-oplit i> located within walking distance to tchool & NY transportation. Don can be a 5th BR. Durable vinyl siding, garage, newer roof. Fenced property. Harry out today'.*165,600 A MINT TOWNHOUSE O L D B R ID G E... Great 3 B R, 2 V i bath townhouse w / F P, basement, garage plus walk to NYC bus. *162,900 A-1931

42 4 2 JULY 27, 1988, THE INDEPENDENT G R I L L A H S PARTS GASGRILLS Charmglow, Sunbeam, Etc. LARGE DISPLAY OF NATURAL GAS GRILLS ANDIRON FIREPLACE SHOP Hwy. 35, Middletown (1 mil No. of Sears) S E L E C T, S A V E S A T I S F I E D! We offer more... Because we have more to offer. We are franchised Dealers for: B R ID A L N EED S F r o m S i m p l e T o E l e g a n t Stop in and see our collection of Vogue: Coronet: Regency: Celebration: Birchcroft & More 2 5 % O F F Wedding Invitations FREE WISHINGWELL RENTAL WITH PURCHASE OF SPECIAL >10» ORMORE, PAPERART PRODUCTS BRIDAL & BABY SHOWER FAVORS, RENTALS, WISHING WELLS H azlet Pharm acy, in c. " E J k g $ Sou»ce 8 0 B Bethany Rd., Hazlet, N.J General Motors Corp. Ford Motor Co. Chrysler Corp. Jeep/Eagle Corp. 9 ACRES OF NEW AND USED CARS 9 A C R E S O F N E W & U S E D C A R S. Ask About Our Special Lease Programs STRAUB STRAUB REMSEN LINCOLN MERCURY MOTORS, INC. DODGE Mercury-Lincoln BUICK Dodge Cars Mark-Merkur JEEP/EAGLE and Trucks Highway Pkwy Exit 117 KE-YPORT Highway Pkway Exit H 7 KEYPORT Highway Holmdel Road HAZLET Yes youcan at jzlujit Y O U G E T T H E B E S T S E L E C T I O N A N D S A V I N G S A T... O B I T U A R I E S Edward A. Keeley Services were held July 23 at St. Mary s Roman Catholic Church, New Monmouth, for Edward A. Keeley, 35, of Port Monmouth, who died July 21 at Sloan-Kettering Hospital, New York. He was a professional marine diver for 12 years with the Marine Services Co., Middletown, and a member of Dock Builders and Divers Union Local 1456, New York. Keeley was a communicant of St. Mary s Roman Catholic Church. Bom in Brooklyn, he lived there for 20 years and Staten Island for six years, moving to Port Monmouth nine years ago. Surviving are his wife, the former Jo Ann Kilgannon; two daughters, Jessica and Allison, both at home; three brothers, Anthony, Tampa Bay, Fla.; Robert, Brick Township, and John, Belford, and a sister, Margaret Frayne, Holmdel. Interment was at Mt. Olivet Cemetery, Middletown. Jo h n F. Pfleger F u n eral H om e, New Monmouth, was in charge o f arrangements. Gladys Holland Services were held July 23 at Jacqueline M. Ryan Home for Funerals, Keansburg, for Gladys Holland, 87, of Hazlet, who died July 21 at Riverview Medical Center, Red Bank. Holland was a retired self-employed private duty nurse for 30 years. Born in Virginia, she lived in North Carolina, moving to Hazlet four years ago. Her husband, Basil, died in Surviving are a son, Tilman McHone, S taten Island; a daughter, Lucy K ovar, H azlet; a b ro th e r, W illiam C raddock, Mount Airy, N.C.; 32 grandchildren, and 15 great-grandchildren. Interment was at Fair View Cemetery, Middletown. Jacqueline M. Ryan Home for Funerals was in charge of arrangements. Harvey Marion Services were held July 25 at St. Ann s Roman Catholic Church, Keansburg, for Harvey Marion, 82, of Keansburg, who died July 21 at Riverview Medical Center, Red Bank. He was owner and operator of the House of Marion Furniture Co., Maspeth, N.Y., and was the Borough Clerk from 1965 to Marion was a communicant of St. Ann s Roman Catholic Church. He was lieutenant governor of the Kiwanis Long Island West Division; a member of the Queensboro Elks Lodge 878, Elmhurst, N.Y., and the Royal Arcadia, N.Y. Born in Chelsea, Mass., he lived in Maspeth, moving to Keansburg in Surviving are his wife of 60 years, the former Helen Maylam; two sons, James and Robert, both of Maspeth; a daughter, Joan Carroll, Middletown; a sister, theresa Griffin, Summit, and two grandchildren. Interment was at Mt. Olivet Cemetery, Middletown. Jacqueline M. Ryan Home for Funerals, Keansburg, was in charge o f arrangements. Muriel A. Lee Services were held July 22 at St. Catherine s Roman Catholic Church, North Middletown, for Muriel A. Lee, 84, of Middleto w n, w ho d ie d Ju ly 18 a t R iv erv iew Medical Center, Red Bank. She was a nurse for 22 years at Marlboro Psychiatric Hospital, Marlboro, retiring in Lee was a communicant of St. Catherine s Roman Catholic Church. Bom in Great Britain, she lived in Keansburg, moving to Middletown 22 years ago. She was predeceased by her husband, Harold. Surviving are a daughter, Tara Salemo, Westfield, and two grandchildren. Interment was at Mt. Olivet Cemetery, Middletown. Jacqueline M. Ryan Home for Funerals, Keansburg, was in charge o f arrangements. Emma I. Butler Services were held July 23 at Johnson Funeral Home, Wall Township, for Emma I. Butler, 84, of Colts Neck, who died July 19 at Point Pleasant Hospital. She was a schoolteacher in the Howell Township school system at the Adelphia School for 32 years, retiring in Butler was a member of the Hamilton United Methodist Church, Neptune, where she was a member of the United Methodist Women and the Dorcas Circle. She was a past member of the Wall Travel Trailer Club, a member of the Rambling Retirees Chapter of the National Campers and Hikers Association, a 50-year member of the Glendola Grange 168, a retired member of the New Jersey Education Associa- ; tion, a member of the National Retired Teachers Association, the Trenton State Alumni Association, and the American Association of Retired Persons. Bom in Adelphia, she lived in Wall Township for 54 years, moving here three years ago. Her husband, Ralph B., died in Surviving are a daughter, Ruth Sprague, here; two sisters, Kizzie Hendrickson, Neptune City, and Grace Hansen, Adelphia; two grandchildren, and several nieces and nephews. Interment was at Adelphia Cemetery. Johnson Funeral Home was in charge of arrangements. Ruth M. Roslyn Services were held July 13 at John E. Day Funeral Home, Red Bank, for Ruth M. Roslyn, 82, of Lincroft, who died July 18 at Patterson Army Community Hospital, Fort Monmouth. She was a member of the Bethel Bible Chapel, Middletown. Bom in Virginia, she lived in River Plaza, Middletown, moving to Lincroft 10 years ago. Her husband, Joseph, died in Surviving are a son, Joseph Jr., River Plaza; a sister, Julia Williams, Salem, Va.; two grandchildren, Thomas J. Roslyn and Nancy L. DeGeorge, both River Plaza, and a great-grand-daughter. Interment was at Fair View Cemetery, Middletown. John E. Day Funeral Home was in charge of arrangements. Lillian Starkey Services were held July 23 at Bedle Funeral Home, Keyport, for Lillian Starkey, 87, of Keyport, who ified July 20 at Bayshore Community Hospital, Holmdel. Bom in New York, she lived in the Laurence Harbor section of Old Bridge Township for 28 years, moving to Keyport a year ago. y Her husband, William F., died in Surviving is a daughter, Helen K. Smith, Keyport, with whom she lived. Interment was at Cedar Woods Cemetery, Hazlet.Bedle Funeral Home was in charge of arrangements. Marjorie Deavitt Services were held July 22 at H.L. Scott F u n e ra l H om e, B elford, M id d leto w n, Township, for Maijorie Deavitt, 68, of Port Monmouth, Middletown, who died July 19 at home. Deavitt was an assembler for the Charles of the Ritz Inc., Holmdel, for 19 years, retiring six months ago. Bom in Queens, she lived in Elizabeth for many years, moving to Port Monmouth 30 years ago. Her husband, Ralph E., died in Surviving are three brothers, Robert and Thomas Fisher, both New York, and John Fisher, Long Island, N.Y.; four sisters, Mabel Fisher, Denver; Gladys Murray, New York; Grace Motyczka, Roselle Park, and Ethel Sabalja, Long Island; a stepson, Ralph Deavitt, Hazlet; two stepdaughters, Ruth Hauser, Wilmington, Del., and Jane Papale, Alden, Pa.; 12 grandchildren, and several great-grandchildren. Interment was at Fair View Cemetery, Middletown.,

43 Valerie Ingram Jones Services were held July 21 at New Light Baptist Church, Aberdeen, for Valerie Ingram Jones, 46, of Matawan, who died July 17 at B ayshore C o m m u n ity H o sp ita l, Holmdel. Jones was a member of New Light Baptist Church. Surviving are six sons, Robert Jr., Red Bank, and Todd, Gary, Jermain, Troy, and Terrell, all at home; five daughters, Barbara, Asbury Park, and Valerie, Denise, Kia, and Tam ara all at home; two brothers, Patrick Ingram, Matawan; Victor Ingram, Asbury Park, and a half brother, Johnny Johnson, Asbury Park; a sister, Vivian Ingram, Atlanta, and three grandchildlren. Interment was at Union Prospect Cemetery, Aberdeen. Bedle Funeral Home, Matawan, was in charge of arrangements. Lillian Callahan Services were held July 7 at St. Catherine s Roman Catholic Church, Middletown, for Lillian Callahan, 71, of Middleto w n, w ho d ie d J u ly 4 a t B a y sh o re Com m unity Hospital, Holmdel. Bom in New York City, she resided in Middletown for the past 30 years, where she was a homemaker. She was a parishioner of St. Catherine s Rom an Catholic Church. Her husband, William, died iu She is survived by a son, Charles, East W indsor Township; a daughter, Mrs. Lillian R enna, M iddletown; nine grandchildren; and five great-grandchildren. Interm ent was at Mt. Olivet Cemetery, Middletown. H.L. Scott Funeral Home, Belford, Middletown, was in charge of arrangements. Brother A.P. Gagliastro Services were held July 16 at De La Salle Hall, Christian Brothers Academy, Lincroft, for Brother A. Philip Gagliastro, 82, of Lincroft, who died July 13 at De La Salle Hall. H e taught for the C h risitan B rothers schools in New York, Detroit, Newport, R.I., Syracues, N.Y., and Pawtucket, R.I. He taught at Queen of Peace School, N orth Arlington, for 12 years, from 1970 to In 1982 he retired to De La Salle Hall. H e became an avid oil painter upon his retirement. He attended Manhattan College, New York, and received his bachelor of arts in 1930, and his masters degree in He took his final vows to the brotherhood in He was bom in New York. There are no known survivors. In te rm e n t was at G ab riel C em etery, Marlboro. John E. Day Funeral Home, Red Bank, was in charge o f arrangements. Peter N. Garone Services were held July 27 at St. Catharine s Roman Catholic Church, Middletown, for Peter N. Garone, 60, of Middleto w n, w ho d ie d Ju ly 24 at R iv e rv ie w Medical Center, Red Bank. He was an assembler for the General Motors Assembly Plant, Linden, for 12 years. He was a Navy veteran of World War II. He was a member of United Auto Workers Local 595, Linden, and Veterans o f Foreign Wars Post No. 2179, Middletown. He was a communicant of St. Catharine s Rom an Catholic Church. Bom in Brooklyn, he lived there before moving to Middletown 31 years ago. Surviving are his wife, the former Julia Spatafore; two sons, Frank, Hazlet, and lohn Siringo, Freehold; two daughters, Eleanor Grogel, Burk, Va., and Valerie, Middletown; two brothers, Paul, Brooklyn, and Frank, Staten Island, N.Y.; a sister, Madeline Massitti, Union Beach, and four grandchildren. Interment was at St. Joseph s Cemetery, Keyport. Day Funeral Home, Keyport, was in charge of arrangements. Rose Liebeskind Services were held July 24 at Richard C. Hoidal Funeral Home, Oakhurst section of Ocean Township, for Rose Liebeskind, 92, of Middletown, who died July 23 at home. She was a member of New Jersey Shore Chapter of the Deborah Golda Meier Group of Hadassah, and the Wednesday Senior Club, Bradley Beach. She was a member of Congregation Augdath Achim, Bradley Beach. Bom in Newark, she lived in Bradley Beach before moving to Middletown. Surviving are two sons, Kalman, Wayside, Ocean Township, and Alvin, Margate, Fla.; a sister, Emma Lesan, Far Rockaway, N.Y.; 12 grandchildren and eight greatgrandchildren. Interment was at B Nai Abraham Cemetery, Newark. Richard C. Hoidal Funeral Home was in charge of arrangements. Teresa Zagarola Services were held July 27 at St. Clement s Roman Catholic Church, Matawan, for Teresa Zagarola, 91, of Aberdeen, who died July 24 at Bayshore Comminity Hospital, Holmdel. She was a member of the Veterans of Foreign Wars Senior Citizens Club, Cliffwood, and Camp Happiness, Middletown. She was a communicant of St. Clement s Roman Catholic Church. Bom in Reggio Calabria, Italy, she lived in New York City and Jersey City before moving to Aberdeen 23 years ago. Her husband, Louis, died in Surviving are a son, Victor, Atlanta; two daughters, Gloria Zeleske, at home, and Ann, Matawan; eight grandchildren and three great-grandchildren. Interment was at Holy Cross Cemetery, North Arlington., Waitt I uneral Home, Morganville, was in charge of arrangements. Christy S. Polycandriotis Services were held July 22 at Posten s F uneral H om e, A tlantic H ighlands, for Christy Smith Polycandriotis, 40, o f Leonardo, Middletown Township, who died July 19 at Jersey Shore Medical Center, Neptune. She was a communication supervisor at A m erican T elephone & Telegraph Co., Woodbridge, for the past 10 years. She was a member of St.-James Episcopal Church, Bradley Beach, and the St. Martha s Guild o f the church. Bom in Newark, she lived in Middletown and the shore area for 25 years. Surviving are two sons, Neil, South Toms River, and Mark M., Manchester; a daughter, April R., Manchester; her father, Benjamin F. Smith, Middletown; a brother, Benjam in F. Smith Jr., South Toms River, and three sisters, Deborah Smith Burk, Ormond Beach, Fla.; Alice Ruth Smith, Philadelphia, and Laurel Ellen Files, Middletown. George J. Corrigan Services were hied July 19 at John F. Pfleger F u n e ra l H om e, M id d leto w n, for George J. Corrigan, 60, of North Middletown, who died July 16 at Bayshore Community Hospital, Holmdel. He lived in Highlands most of his life. He was a supervisor of Military Pay and Record, Fort Monmouth, for 23 years, retiring in For the past 13 years, he was a security guard at Shadow Lake Village. He was an Army veteran o f World War II. He was a life member of VFW Post 2179 of Port Monmouth, a member of the Military Order of Cooties Pup Tent 38 of Port Monmouth, Middletown Elks Lodge 2179 in Middletown, the National Association of Retired Federal Employees, the American Legion of Union Beach and a former member of Highlands Police Auxiliary. Surviving are a son, Frank of Middletown; two daughters, Barbara Ann Corrigan of Highlands and Annalisa Corrigan of Toms River; two brothers, Michael of Highlands and William of Tinton Falls; and a sister, Dorothy Foster of Red Bank. t G r e a t e r M e d i a N e w s p a p e r s A n d Annual THE INDEPENDENT, JULY 27, EN TER NOW Submit your receipe today for one or all five of these categories: Appetizer Salad Main Dish Vegetable Dessert Fifteen finalists (three from each category) will be chosen to participate in the judging to be held at Monmouth M all, Eatontown, on Tuesday, Oct. 4.» All recipes will ap p ear in Cookbook 88 to be published Nov. 9 in the Independent and N ov. 13 in the Register. Recipes will be judged on creativity, ap p earan ce, taste and clarity of instructions. Here's how to enter: Use the coupon below or an y sheet of paper. Please be specific as to amounts and types of ingredients, details of preparation, cooking time, size of dish or pan and method of preparing. You m ay submit your favorite recipe in an y one or all of the categories. Professional cooks or chefs are not eligible.. Contestants must be willing to prep are the dish at home (they wih be reimbursed for cost of ingredie<ifst and bring it to the final judging Oct. 4. All entries must be received by 5 p.m. on Sept. 19. Mail entries to: C o o k b o o k 88 G re ate r M edia N ew spapers O n e Register Plaza Shrew sbury, N.J G r e a t e r M e d i a N e w s p a p e r s Daily & News Transcript Sentinel Sunday Independent Suburban Register Recorder

44 4 4 JULY 27, 1988, THE INDEPENDENT S P O R T S L o c a l g rid d e rs re a d y to ta c k le O c e a n a ll-s ta rs A l l - S h o r e C l a s s i c s e t f o r F r i d a y, 7 : 3 0 a t W a l l H. S. By Keith Grober A total of 13 Independent area athletes will be participating in the annual Shore C onference A ll-s tar F o o tb all C lassic which pits the best graduating seniors from M onm outh C ounty against th eir counterparts from Ocean County. The game will be played Friday night at 7:30 at Wall Township High School. The Monmouth squad will be trying to avenge last year s loss to Ocean. With the exception of Matawan Regional High School graduate Eric Bellamy, the remainder of the local Monmouth County stars will be putting on football equipment for the first time since the season ended in November. In July, Bellamy played in the New Jersey Interscholastic Coaches Association All-Star game at Rutgers University. Practice for the two teams began Saturday and like all football all-star games, the plays will be simple and non-risky as injuries will hopefully be avoided. We are going to stick to basic running and passing plays, said Manalapan High School coach Jim Roe, who will be the head coach for the Monmouth County team. We are going to strive for the best plays we can execute. Executing the plays may be difficult for a group of athletes who have never played together before. Mistakes can be expected, especially in the early stages of the contest when the shock of playing football again is heavy. I think you have kids playing with great football ability, said Roe, the coach of a Manalapan team that won the Shore Conference A North Division title, went 9 0 in the regular season and qualified for the Central Jersey Group IV playoffs. Any time you put 11 kids on the field who have not played together you can not expect a high performance. People will be making mistakes, the coach added. Defense should be where the local players will make their greatest impact as nine of the 13 area stars will be competing on the defensive side. Keyport s George Mazur (5*11, 180), Keansburg s Dennis O Keefe (6-1, 210), Holmdel s Scott Cannon (6-3, 225) and Keyport s Jerome Jeffcoat (6-5, 285) will be on the defensive line. All but Jeffcoat were on the All-Shore Conference D Division team. Keansburg s John Mihovch (6-2, 195) and Holmdel s Lee Brady (5-10, 170) will be playing linebacker despite having outstanding seasons on the offensive end. Mihovch threw for more than 700 yards as the T ita n s q u arterb ack and Brady rushed for 1,177 yards and 14 touchdowns for the Hornets. Mihovch is also expected to see time at tight end for the M onmouth contingent. In the defensive backfield will be Keyport s Steve Antonucci (5-7, 155) and the Matawan duo of Walter Neal (5-8, 165) and Bellamy (6-1,180). Antonucci was selected to the All-D Division team, while Neal and Bellamy were selected to the All-B North squad. In his July all-star game appearance, Bellamy, who will play college ball at G eorgia Tech, in tercep ted a pass and knocked down a couple of others. This game set the stage for the All Shore game, Bellamy said in July. Four local players will appear on offense and they are offensive lineman Paul Oester (6-1, 230) of Middletown South, an All A North selection; running back Mike Mills of Middletown North, (5-10, 170) who earned his way onto the All-A North team by rushing for 1,065 yards and nine touchdow ns; and wide receivers Drew Bennett (5-11, 170) of Middletown South and Steve Bucello (6-0, 175) of M ater Dei. Bennett was third in the Shore Conference in receptions with 36. New Jersey has some of the finest football players in the country and as far as the Shore Conference is concerned, this is a great showcase for the players in the area, said Roe. The remainder of the M onmouth County roster consists of quarterbacks Wayne Calderone (Long Branch) and Brian Gilbert (Freehold Township); running backs A nthony Singletary (N eptune), K evin Brown (RBC), Tony Reevey (Asbury Park) and Jamie Mazzaca (Red Bank). Also, wide receivers Ron Riggins (Neptune), Joe Johnson (Asbury Park) and Walter Kavanaugh (Wall); linemen Mark Schneider (Howell), Leon Downs (Asbury Park), Jon Burke (Manalapan), Gil Gonzalez (Neptune), Eric Jamison (Manalapan), Chris Bruns (Red Bank), Mike Mattox (Wall) and Anthony Moro (Shore Regional).. Defensively, M onm outh County will have lineman Pete Eberhardt (RBC), Doug Filos (Wall), Don Walsh (Manasquan), John Satter (RBC); linebackers Ray Ramos (Long Branch), Sean Harewood (Long Branch), Spencer Newman (Ocean Township); and defensive back Calvin Cogdell (Asbury Park). L i n k s t o u r n e y t o b e n e f i t a s s o c i a t i o n SPLAT! Photograph by Martin Petterchak Catcher Donna Van Brunt of the Middletown Reformed Church reacts as Middletown policeman Bernie Chenoweth unknowingly lays into a grapefruit that had been pitched to him at a benefit softball game that raised $920 for the Women s Resource Center, Keyport. The batter, catcher and umpire were all showered with the fruit. The police won the game 6-4. Bamm Hollow Country Club in Lincroft will be the setting for the annual Whispering Woods Golf Tournament on Sept. 15, which will benefit the American Diabetes Association, New Jersey Affiliate. T o u rn am ent C hairm an Bob E lliot o f Middletown said participating golfers can expect a full day of events. A hole-in-one on designated holes will net golfers one of three new cars that have been donated by local dealerships. ^ Prizes will also be iwarded, on designated holes, for longest dri,ve and closest to the pin. Scoring will be'by the Calloway system, and prizes will be awarded for top low net and low gross scares; raffle prizes will also be available. \ Following registration and* check-in, golfers will enjoy a buffet luncheon at 11 a.m., and then tee up for a shotgun start. After a round of golf, participants will return to the clubhouse for cocktails, d in n er and an awards presentation. The Whispering Woods G olf Tournament is one of the most popular charity golf events in Monmouth County, said Elliot. But most important, the money raised will support the valuable goals of the American Diabetes Association, to support diabetes research and education. City Federal Savings Bank of Piscataway is the major corporate sponsor of the tournament. The Diabetes Treatment Center at Monmouth Medical Center, Long Branch, is the corporate sponsor. R um son resident F rank D im isa, and Holmdel residents H apy Kantor and Victor L osquadro are serving as the honorary chairmen of the tournament. The three automobiles available as prizes are a Mercedes 190, courtesy of Contemporary Motor Cars, Little Silver; a Chevrolet Camaro IROC-Z, courtesy of All-American Chevrolet, Middletown; and a Dodge Dynasty, courtesy of Buhler Dodge, Red Bank. For additional information, or to make reservations, contact the American Diabetes Association at , or Bamm Hollow Country Club at

45 Photograph by Ed Brett FOOT CONTROL James Giannakouros of Middletown South High School tries to gain control of the soccer ball during recent action in the Brookdale Community College 7-Aside Soccer League. S P O R T S THE INDEPENDENT, JULY 27, S o ftb a ll p la y e r D iv is to ta k e o n e -y e a r h ia tu s M i d d l e t o w n S o u t h g r a d t o a t t e n d B e l m o n t A b b e y By Keith Grober Although Middletown South High School lost its eight-year reign on the Shore Conference A North Division crown in softball this spring, the Eagles had their first all-state player in left fielder Kim Divis. While the Eagles struggled in losing five of their last seven games, Divis continued on, playing hard every day. Ironically, the talented athlete will not be playing softball in college next season as she will be attending Belmont Abbey in Belmont, North Carolina, a school which does not offer softball. Divis would like to get off to a good start in college an d playing sp o rts has been known to hurt the grade point average. Surprisingly, despite her all-state status, Divis did not receive any scholarship offers to play softball. She hopes to be playing softball in 1990 at the University of North Carolina. The decision to sit out next spring was made during the recent season and it served as a form of motivation for Divis. In the off-season, I concentrated more on softball, said Divis, who improved her batting average from.318 as a junior to.438. I had no plans of playing ball my first year in college and I wanted to do more in my last year o f high school ball. During the off-season, Divis ran, lifted weights and polished up her hitting stroke with some batting cage work. Those sessions paid off quickly as Divis hit five home runs in April, including a stretch of three games in a row. She plans to continue to work at her game, although she will not be playing competitively next year. I m going to stick to it, said Divis. It s not like I m going to give up the game completely. I m going to keep in shape and play intramurals at school. A ground ball and line drive hitter, the home runs stopped coming for Divis after Middletown South s 16-3 win over Mater Dei on April 25. While the Eagles would win three more games following their victory over the Seraphs, Middletown South was no longer a dominating team after April. The team stopped hitting with the power it had shown in the season s early stages and Middletown South struggled on the mound as coach Tom Erbig tried five pitchers in _ A season that started the way it usually does for the Eagles successfully concluded with disappointment. A lot of our pitchers hurt their arms and we could not get anyone to throw the ball Over the plate, said Divis, who was one of the few players to have varsity experience coming into the season. One part of Divis game that went unnoticed this year was her outstanding defense. In a sport where errors are made by the inning, Divis completed her senior season without committing one error. This is an accomplishment that Divis is proud of, as she was aware of it all year. I told myself I was not going to make an error, said Divis. I just said to myself in the games that I was not going to make an error. If a ball was close I would dive for it and I came up with two or three catches on dives. If the ball was on the ground, I made sure I stayed down and did not bobble it out of the glove. In the beginning of the season, Divis was hoping to just make one of the all-shore teams, not even the first team. W ith Middletown South having a disappointing year, it came as a total surprise to both Divis and Erbig that the outfielder had been selected to the all-state team. Middletown South had never had a player make the all-state team, despite the team s consistent success. I accomplished more than I thought I would, said Divis. I wanted to be all-shore and all-county and I wanted to go errorless, but I never thought I would be all-state. Erbig is proud of his left fielder and the progress Divis made since trying out for the team as a sophomore. Divis failed in that first shot on the varsity, but played well on the junior varsity and she improved each year. Erbig thinks the future could be bright for Divis as a softball player. I think she could play Division I ball, said Erbig. Kim runs well, fields well and has great softball senjsem found out she is a clutch performer, someone who can get the hit when you need it ahd someone who can make the catch when you need it. Come 1990, Kim Diyis could be a major factor on a collegiate softball team. Only time will tell. V S P O R T S H O R T S Brookdale Community College is conducting soccer camps for youths ages 6-17 this summer. Upcoming dates are Aug. 1-5, Aug and Aug In addition to those camps, a high school soccer conditioning camp just for teens will be held from Aug Ages and prices for instruction vary. Details: , between 9 a.m. and 3 p.m. The New Jersey Jets basketball team reached the championship round in the recent AAU/USA Junior Olympics in Seattle. The team placed eighth overall and Michael Polloway, 12, of Shrewsbury scored 122 points in the tournament. The. Monmouth County Park System will sponsor Odyssey Sailing, a four-day summ er camp for youngsters between the ages o f Sessions will run 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. from Aug Fee for the program will be $85 and pre-registration is required. Details: Registration is open for Summer Explorers, a four-day program sponsored by the M onmouth County Park System. The program, which runs from Aug. 8-11, will feature fishing, crabbing, fossil hunting and a cookout at Turkey Swamp Park, Freehold. The program is open to youngsters entering the sixth and seventh grades, and includes a $100 fee. Transportation will be provided. Details: Pre-season athletic physical examinations for students enrolled at Middletown South and Middletown North high schools will be given Aug The Middletown South schedule includes: football, Aug. 1; boys soccer, cross country and gymnastics, Aug. 2; girls field hockey and cross country, Aug. 3; girls gymnastics and cheerleading, Aug. 4. The Middletown North schedule includes: football, Aug. 8; boys soccer, cross country and gymnastics, Aug. 9; girls field hockey and cross country, Aug. 10; and girls gymnastics and cheerleading, Aug. 11. Middle school physicals will be given Aug Details: Yankees for Youth Night, sponsored by R&S/Strauss and Monroe Auto Equipment, is scheduled for Aug. 16 when the Yankees host the California Angels at Yankee Stadium at 7:30 p.m. A total of 5,000 tickets will be given to underprivileged youths from New Jersey and New York. In addition to the tickets, the youths will receive a Yankee baseball hat and a momento certificate. The YMCA, Youth Services, Big Brothers and community action groups are slated to receive tickets. The Campbell s M S 150 Bike Tour, scheduled for the weekend of Sept , is a fund-raising eveflt for the Mid-Jersey Chapter of the National Multiple Sclerosis Society. Participants in the tour will travel 150 miles in two days, starting Sept. 16 at 7 a.m. at Monmouth Battlefield State Park, Manalapan. Bikers will travel to Hammonton for an overnight stay before returning the next day to Battlefield State Park. Registration fee is $25 and all participants must raise a least $1 per mile ($150) in pledges. Details: , or Bicyclists of all ages will help fight heart disease when they take part in the' 16th annual Cyclethon to benefit the American Heart Association on Sept. 25 at Naval Weapons Station Earle, Colts Neck. To register for the 25-mile event, call Only pre-registered cyclists will be admitted onto the base the day of the event. The World Wrestling Federation will present a professional wrestling show at Red Bank Regional High School, Little Silver, on Aug. 3 at 7:30 p.m. A tag team title match between Demolition and the British Bulldogs tops the card. Tickets, at $12 and $9, are available at Athlete s Alley, Route 35, Shrewsbury, Fun and Sports, Marlboro Plaza, Palumbp s Pizza, Freehold, Four Seasons Sporting' Goods, Freehold. Details: Award winners were announced for the July session of the Oak Hill Academy Basketball Camp. Local winners included K a re n F a lk e n h a g e n, 14, L in c r o f t, Outstanding Effort and Hot Shot ; Diana W id m a n n, 15, A tla n tic H ig h la n d s, Sportsmanship and Dribbling ; Beth Cahill, 15, Middletown, Outstanding Camper and Foul Shooting ; Patty Potts, 14, and Marianne Madalone, 12, both of Middletown, for being on the winning 3-on-3 team; Christine Congo, 12, Middletown, Dribbling and Foul Shooting ; and Kelly Dobson, 12, Middletown, Hot Shot. Oak Hill Academy will hold its next session for boys between the ages of 9-13 from Monday through Aug. 5 from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. Details:

46 4 6 JULY 27,1988, THE INDEPENDENT T h e R e g i s t e r / l N D E P E N D E N T I F I E D 1-2 P U N C H LINE AD DEADLINE (Placement or Cancellation) 2:00 PM Day Before Publication D O U B LE YOUR SELLIN G POWER R e a c h o v e r 1 5 0,0 0 0 p e o p le VtSA, MuwCbksaccepted READ YOUR AD THE FIRST DAY IT APPEARS! We will not be responsible for more than one incorrect insertion. Right is reserved to edit or reject any copy or ad. 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Musical Instruments_ Sporting Equipment_ Garage Sales Auctions Flea Markets/Bazaars. 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All real estate advertised in this newspaper is subject to the Federal Fair Housing Act of 1968 which m akes it illegal to advertise any preference lim itatio n o r discrim ination based on race, color, religion, sex or national origin, or an intention to make any such preference, limitation or discrimination. This new spap er will not knowingly accept any advertising for real estate which is in violation of the law. Our readers are informed that all dwellings advertised in this new spaper are available on an equal opportunity basis. 005 Apartments For Rent APARTMENTS Near transportation. Best time to call is before noon, A S B U R Y PARK beautiful V icto rian, 4 room s w /fire - place, near beach $ security E. BRUNSW ICK AREA M odern 1 bdrm apt. $650/m o, incl heat & hot w ater. Residential neighborhood, 1 blk from Mid-State Mall. Call ,9-5pm. H IG H L A N D S 3 bdrm., $85 0, util, included. Near com. trans. Private beach. No pets. 1 mo. sec H IG HLANDS - 2bdrms, upstairs apt. 3 family house close to everything. $600 a month + util, avail. Aug 1st call HIG HLA NDS 1 bdrm., near trans. & com. ferry. $450 + util., 11/2 mo. sec., no pets KEANSBURG Large 1 bedroom apartment. View of the bay. Gas & hot w ate r included. $560/m onth. 11/2 month deposit. Available im m ediately. Call M on.-fri KEANSBURG - New 2bdrm, townhouse. 11/2 bath, with carpeting, cerftral air, $775 + util KEAN SBURG - 3 bedrm, dining area. V2 block to beach. Sm all yard. Avail. 8/1. $ util. 11/2 month sec KEANSBURG 3 bedrm. Exc cond & location. $725. mo + util or KEANSBURG 2 rooms with private entrance. $435/m onth + utilities KEANSBURG 2% bdrms, 11/2 baths, new townhouse, 4 blocks from beach. $800 + utilities. 11/2 month security KEANSBURG 1 bedrm. Exc cond & location. $500. mo + Util or K E YPORT Efficiency apt in lovely garden complex, Ref. & sec. required KEYPORT-New ly remodeled, 1 bdrm apt $550. mo. + util. John Trabachino, Broker KEYPORT 1 bedrm., 2nd fl. apt, $500 mo. heat incl. +1 mo. sec , aft. 6pm. LO NG BRANCH Cozy 1 bdrm apt. Footsteps to ocean, c lo s e to tra n s p o rta tio n & s h o p p in g. Y e a r ly re n ta l. Adults LO NG BRANCH 2 bdr, 2. bath, on beach. Ocean view w /balcony. Pool. Prvt. park $ 985. util. incl O AKHURST Ground floor 1 bedrm apt. Furnished or unfurnished, for 1 adult, no pets. All utilities. 7 Monmouth Rd (opp Lake Ave). PO R T M O N M O UTH - Studio apt. $520 month, V/2 mo. sec. + electric R E D B^NK Beautiful 1 bbdrm apt on riverside. Call between 9-5pm R ED BANK One bdrm apt. n e a r train, bus, business. $675 incl. util RED BANK 3 bdrm. apt. Private house, skylights, l-va bath, nice area. $895. includes heat. Days, , eves, RED BANK 1 bdrm apt. private house, quiet residential area. $600/m o. includes heat , eves S E A BR IG H T 3V2 large rooms. Avail. Aug 1st. Call SHREW SBURY Furnished w /4 rooms. Avail. 8 /1. $700.+ electric U N IO N BEACH 2 Bdrm apt., 1st floor, $575 + util. 11/2 mo. sec. after 5pm U N IO N BEACH. 1 bdrm apt. $55 0/m o. util + 11/2 mo. sec. Call or Houses for Rent ABERDEEN lovely 3 bdrm.. Strath, colonial. Frplc., A/C, $ , ATLANTIC HIGHLANDS Doctor s home. Contemporary,3 bedroom, 2 baths, central air, white Formica kitchen, s to n e fir e p la c e, b a lc o n y, KEANSBURG 5 room apt. w a s h e r /d r y e r, c o m m u te r just renovated, $ util. 11/2 ferry. $ 1, util., avail. month sec Aug. 1. Call ATLANTIC HIG HLANDS C o z y, 2 b e d ro o m h o m e. Newly remodeled bath. Wash er/dryer. No pets. Avail. 9/15 $700./m o. + util. 11/2 mo. sec & leave message. FAIR HAVEN D uplex. 3 bedroom s each. O n e w / 1 bath $ 1,000/mo. O n e w/1v2 baths $1.200./m o. sec. Separate utilities. Exc. cond. W alk to bus, shopping & schools. No pets FAIR HAVEN 2 single family homes, 1 new, 1 charming. Option to buy. Call owner at HAZLET 3 bdrms, kitchen, dining rm, living rm. $750 monthly. M ELM ED REALTY, Broker HAZLET. Immed. occupancy, 3 bdrms, liv rm, din rm, kitch, bsmt, gas ht. $850. M ELM ED REALTY, Broker L IN C R O F T Renovated farm house, lots of open space. 3 bdrm, full bath, new kit., w /w carpet. $900. mo. Tami days, eves L IN C R O F T Renovated farm house, lots of open space. 3 bdrm, full bath, new kit., w /w carpet. $900. mo. Tami days, eves 741-4da0 LITTLE SILVER 3 bdrm, 2 bath ranch. Family ro o m, living room, dining room, kitchen, 2 car garage. $ 1,3 00/m o + utilities. E.A. Armstrong Agency, Realtors, Prospect Ave., Little Silver, MANALAPAN BEST VALUE IN TOW N C om e & enjoy this 1 yr old tow nhouse. Closets galore. Prestigious address. Pool & tennis courts. $890/m o. Freehold Office, M ERRILL LYNCH REALTY M ID DLETO W N. $ H 5 0 /m o. 4 bdrm, 11/2 bath, garage & yard, A /C. Call Tues, Thurs & Sat. 9-4pm N O R M A N D Y B E A C H 4 th h o u se from ocean, ranch, Aug thru Labor Day N.M ID D L E T O W N 5 rm. house. 2 car garage, fenced in yard. $750. p/m o + util.,,1 mo. sec. Call after 5pm. R E D BANK 3 bdrm home fr., dr, Ir, + working fireplace. $ 1,000 p/m o. + util. Sec. & re f s, req d. Located at 104 Harrison Ave. Call for appt. RU M S O N 3 bedroom, 11/2 bath, fireplace, large lot, walking distance to beach. $1,400 m o. + Util., 11/2 mo. security & references SH TREW SBURY 2 bedrms., IV2 bath. Townhouse. All appliances. A/C, w /w carpet. Avail 8/1. $875. inc. m aintenance, w ater & sewage fees Call u s for help in writing your a d s A DELIGHT! Attractively remodeled home in a convenient area of Eatontow n. Better than a condo. L a rg e living room. S u per kitchen. 2 bdrms. Fenced play yard. $129,900. CENTURY 21 C o ze n s, Realtors Ind. O wned/operated E. BRUNSW ICK 11/2 year young patio home. M int condition, 3 bdrms, 21/2 baths. Cathedral ceiling, field stone, fireplace, 3 sets sliding glass doors, living room, dining rm, eat-in kitchen, basem ent, laundry room, extra large 2 car garage with electric doors, private backyard approx. 2 acres, 45 minutes to NYC $198,000. (2 01) FA IR HAVEN- Custom Built Center Hall Colonial. Executive Home. Prime Location. 4 Bedrm, 2 1/2 Baths, Large Country Kitchen. Walking distance to Navisink River. Asking $395,000. By Owner. Call F L O R ID A L a k e W o rth 2 bedrm, 2 bath, in-ground pool, air, heat. 1V2 mi. to beach (with converted family cottage o n lot). $64,900. After 6pm Call u s for help in writing y o u r a d s FAIR HAVEN RIVER OAKS This new listing is shaded by tall trees. Very private yard w /m a tu r e la n d s c a p in g. 4 bdrms, 2 baths, targe living rm, Garden rm, dining rm, & 2 9 ' new deck off remodeled kitchen. $404,900. CENTURY 21 C ozens, Realtors Ind. Owned/Operated FORKED RIVER O n lagoon, direct access to Bay. Cape Cod - brick front, 2 /3 bdrms, 2 full baths, den, new screened-in porch. Overlooking the W et Lands. Taxes: $1,500. Only $205, GOVERNMENT HOMES From $1.00 (U-Repair) delinq u e n t ta x p ro p e rtie s and repo s. For current lists call ext, also open eves. M O N M O UTH BEACH Totally Renovated brick IV2 story, 5-7 bdrms, new kitchen, bath, a/c, heat, roof, Anders o n w in d o w s, and m uch m ore; on quiet tre e lined street / 3 acres, professionally landscaped including building lot, inground selfclean pool, 1 block to ocean, & New York bus line. All for $ 62 6,00 0 or best offer. Will sell house separately. (201) HOLMDEL CUSTOM HOME COUNTRY HILLS DEV. CLOSE TO GSP G REAT SCHOOL SYSTEM 5 Bedroom, 3 1 /2 Bath. v Gorgeous Home on 1 acre of p ro fe s s io n a lly landscaped property. FEATURED is an impressive entrance hall with a circular staircase, 3 skylights, family room with fireplace & built-in wall unit, mirr o r e d d in in g ro o m w a ll, finished basement with bath & w e t bar. This custom French M ansard styled home has all the features you would expect to find on this prestigious block in Holmdel-Central Air, Electrostatic Air Filters, Burglar Alarm, Fire Alarm, Heat D e te c to rs, Law n Sprinkler System, Intercom, & Central Vacuum System. PRICED TO SELL!! ONLY $500,000. BY OW NER. NO REALTORS. CALL K E Y P O R T By o w n e r. $139, bedrm. 21/2 yrs o ld. Cent. A /C. M any upgrades. Walk to NYC bus /ferry. No realtors RUM SON RANCH V/2 yr. old, 3 large bedrooms, 2 baths, full back deck overlooking woods. Reduced to sell. No agents need call. Firm a t $187,000. Call after 5pm. RUM SON 17 Bingham Ave. Vs acre. Earth tone ranch by river. 3 bedrm, 3 bath, din rm., den, fireplce., central air, gigantic basement. 1 block, tennis, park, beach & shops. $249,900. SAYERVILLE - 4bdrm cape. A tta c h e d g a ra g e, finished bsmt, V/2 bath, lot 50x125ft., com pletely fenced. Must sell, no real estate brokers, by ow ner. Quiet residential area, $ 1 5 5,0 0 0 save b ro k e ra g e fees Condos CO NCORDIA Adult Communily Brandon. Central air, 2 bedrm, 2 bath, fam rm, liv rm, din rm, patio, upgraded carp etin g, all Hotpoint applia n c e s, g a ra g e, c o m p le te alarm sys, 24 hr security & exte n s iv e la n d s c a p in g, new clubhouse, indoor & outdoor pool, tennis, sauna, jacuzzi, 1 8 hole golf course, pro shop. Low $200, M ONMOUTH BEACH Totally Renovated brick V /t story, 5-7 bdrms, new kitchen, bath, a/c, heat, ro o t Ander E. BRUNSW ICK 11/2 year young patio home. M int condition, 3 bdrms, 2Vi s o n w in d o w s, a n d Tfluch baths. Cathedral ceiling, field m ore; on quiet trerf lined stone, fireplace, 3 sets sliding street / 3 acres, professionally glass doors, living room, din landscaped; including ing rm, eat-in kitchen, base building lot, inground 'selfclean pool, 1 block to ocean, m ent, laundry room, extra large 2 car garage with electric doors, private backyard & New York bus line. All for $ 626,000 or best offer. Will approx. 2 acres, 45 minutes to sell house separately.. NYC $198,000. (201) \ ^ [ (201) F o r f a s t r e l i e f o f s t u f f e d s t o r a g e Greater Media Newspapers a r e a s a n d c l o g g e d c l o s e t s, t a k e t h i s : R e g is te r IN D E PE N D E N T CLASSIFIED

47 THE INDEPENDENT, JULY 27, Condos 011 Mobile Homes 017 Office/Floor Space 018 Stores All you need is today s classified section and our telephone, ou ll find terrific bargains on many kinds of items in classified. And shopping classified is so easy: just call the number listed in the ad. You can find out if the item is what you re looking for without even leaving the house Y o u v e g o t a d i r e c t l i n e t o g r e a t b u y s R e g is t e r Call: In d e p e n d e n t c l a s s i f i e d I GREATER MEDIA NEWSPAPERS C o m e J o i n t h e C r e w! A t M a i n s h i p C o r p o r a t i o n N e w J e r s e y s l e a d i n g y a c h t m a n u f a c t u r e r n e e d s i m m e d i a t e, f u l l t i m e : * A s s e m b l e r s * C a r p e n t e r s E l e c t r i c a l I n s t a l l e r s F i b e r g l a s s W o r k e r s * M e c h a n i c a l I n s t a l l e r s W e o f f e r c o m p e t i t i v e p a y, o u t s t a n d i n g b e n e f i t s a n d o n - t h e - j o b t r a i n i n g. T h e t i m e t o c o m e a b o a r d is n o w! A p p l i c a t i o n s a c c e p t e d M o n d a y t o F r id a y, 8 : 0 0 a. m. - 3 : 3 0 p. nn. M a i n s h i p Mainship Corporation Vandsrbarg and Boundary Roads Mariboro, Naw Jarssy KEANSBURG. New 1 bdrm condo. Beachfront. $750 + utils. Call /9. K E Y P O R T N e w c o n d o 2 bedrm s, 2 full baths, kit, l/r, d /r. incl w a s h /d ryer/refrig, verticals on all windows. $895. mo. call M ATA W AN 2 bdrm. 1% bath. W alk to shopping & mass transport. Avail, immediately, $99, Furnished Rooms Furnished Rooms For Rent in Keansburg btwn or after 4. KEANSBURG In private hom e, mature female. $60 per w k. Use of w a s h e r/d ry e r, kitchen, after 5pm. KEANSBURG. Room For rent on quiet street. $60/w k. MELMED REALTY, Rentals to Share C O ST OF LIVING TOO HIGH? Keansburg. M ale has large 2 bdrm apt. to share. Private room for fem ale only, 1 child O K. Strictly business. Nicely paneled & furnished. Cable & w asher all utils incl. except phone. No drugs or drunks. Leave message, Fem ale looking for fem ale room ate to share small home. Late 20 s early 30 s call & leave msg KEYPORT Non-smoker to share lovely 3 bedrm. home. P riv a te bedrm., share kit. $45 0/m o Mobile Homes H A ZLE T mobile home, newly renovated, insulated, thermo pane windows, much more, n ice park, m ust be seen. Asking $39, H IG HLA NDS Mobile Home A d u lt P a rk, 2 b d rm s. $19, M U S T SELL Silver Mead Park. 2bdrm, washer/dryer, air, 12x60. No maint Lots & Acreage KEANSBURG extra deep lot, 6415 sq ft, 189 Seeley Ave. All util.$60, M ID D L E T O W N N e v e s in k A rea. Bldg lot, ready to go, all approvals. Only $65,000. John Trabachino, Broker POCONOS Guaranteed financing O w n your own camp site in Pocono Mountains. Land & trailer $11,995. Land alone $ A p p r o x i m a t e l y $ 1 40/m onth. Call 9am -5pm. (717) POCONOS START NOW Towards having a home in the POCONOS PROPERTY FOR SALE 8mi. from Shawnee Ski Area 1 /3 Acre Private Community SAVE! Deal directly w/ow ners PHONE NOW (financing can be discussed) W E BUY LAND LOTS & ACREAGE Call Renaissance Construction 015 Summer/Winter Rentals FLORIDA, W. Palm Beach.2 bedroom condo. Completely furnished. Available immediately. Call after 6pm POCONOS The Hideout M odern 3 bedrm, 2 bath, kit. (micro, d/w), dining & living rm w /f ir e p l a c e, fa m ily rm, screened in porch(gas grill) + w a s h e r/d ry e r. M a tu re cpi only. Full recreational facilities. No Pets! M A IL R O O M H E L P Part time permanent workers wanted in Mail Room. *4.00 per hour plus bonus. All ages 16 and over are welcome to apply. C a ll E r n i e a f t e r 4 :3 0 P.M j j Greater Media Newspapers ' EQUAL OPPORTUNITY/AFFIRMATIVE ACTIONEMPLOYER MANAGING EDITOR Greater M edia Newspapers will have an opening in its weekly division for a managing editor. The managing editor must have a strong background in and commitment to community journalism as well as a keen understanding of local issues. In addition, he or she must possess solid editing skills and the ability to manage a newsroom. He or she will be responsible for the editorial content of the newspaper. The managing editor s duties will include overseeing the day-to-day operation of the newsroom, assigning news stories and features, fielding phone calls from the public, developing editorial positions, working with the cartoonist on editorial cartoons, meeting production deadlines and evaluating staff. He or she will report to the executive editor. A sense of humor is an asset and strong interpersonal skills are a must. Training will be provided, but the managing editor must be comfortable with computers as a good portion of his or her time will be spent going over reporters' work and, during production, working on the computer system in East Brunswick to facilitate pagination. Thi^ is a salaried position with fringe benefits. Application deadline is Sept. 15. * To Apply, submit an application to Thomas R. DeCaro, executive editor, at one of the following locations: New s Transcript Route 9 Freehold Sentinel/Suburban Ed geb oro Road East Brunswick Independent Newspapers 1 Register Plaza Shrewsbury J j Greater Media Newspapers * EQUAL OPPORTUNITY/AFFIRMATIVE ACTIONEMPLOYER M ATAW AN (FOR RENT) 2 R M S U IT E S, Rte 34 near G.S.P & RTE 9, long or short term R ED BANK - Office for rent near Monmouth St on Maple Ave. 500 sq. ft. heat + all utils, supplied $650 per mo SHREW SBURY Prim e location. Professional building to 4000 sq.ft. Im m ed iate occupancy. Call Stores LINCRO FT/M IDDLETO W N fo r rent, 970 square ft. in new shopping center, MATAWAN ; OUTSTANDING RETAIL SPACE AT THE STR ATH M O R E H U B Beautiful new retail Rlaza space, 1,1 GO- 14,170 sq. ft. Parking for over 100 cars and wide Rte. 34 frontage. S e p a ra te em ployee parking area. Prime o ffic e s p a c e a ls o a v a il. C o n ta c t Phil Hatch. ' P L A Z A 34 Matawan, NJ Call What have you got to sell? thousands of buyers read our Classified ads. SEA BRIGHT FO R RENT - Approx 1,1 Avail Now Buildings/ Garages MATAW AM AREA Suite of 3 professional offices located on heavily traveled road adjacent to Garden State Parkway exit & entrance. 525 sq. ft. total w / wall to wall carpeting. Includes taxes. Utilities extra. $500./mo. Call between 9am-3pm. RED BANK Garage For R ent, M aple Ave., $65 per mo Commercial Property HAZLET Commercial sq ft on Holmdel Rd. $1200 monthly. M ELM ED REALTY, Broker Business Opportunity BRASS, WOOD CARVINGS & MORE Everything from solid brass & hand carved wood animals to p la n te rs to orn am e n tal & exotic_giftware. W e have large o r small pieces. DUE TO LOW P R IC E S, S E L E C T IO N IS D W IN D L IN G. O u r p ric e s S TILL can t be beat! W e guara n t e e you w o n t fin d it c h e a p e r. E V E R Y T H IN G M U S T GO!!! NO REASONA B L E O F F E R R E F U S E D. Call anytime get a better job! \ at \\\ B L O N D E R - T O N G U E L A B O R A T O R I E S. m\ Electronic Assemblers P E R M A N E N T F U L L - T I M E P O S I T I O N S No experience required O utstanding starting salaries Company paid benefits Training program A p ply in person Personnel Dept, or call BLONDER-TONGUE LABORATORIES One Jake Brown Rd. (off Rte 516) Old Bridge, N.J An equal opportunity employer M/F

48 4 8 JULY 27,1988, THE INDEPENDENT 025Business Opportunity 035Help Wanted Full Time 035 Help Wanted Full Time 035 Help Wanted Full Time 035 Help Wanted Full Time 035 Help Wanted Full Time 035 Help Wanted Full Time 035 Help Wanted Full Time DENTAL PRACTICE ATLANTIC HIGHLANDS DR. RETIRING NO M ONEY DOWN LUNCHEONETTE In busy Spring Lake Heights shoppin g cen ter. Beautiful tu r n -k e y o p e ra tio n. F ully e q u ip p ed. S e ats 50. M ust s e e! A s kin g $ 4 7, Call or after 6pm R E STA U R A N T ready to open, fully equipped, in busy health hotel, Jersey shore. S te p s to ocean, California style. To serve regular & health menus. Liquor license percentage rent. Exceptional yea r round opportunity S E A B R IG H T - C o nven ient store, high volume. Excel, location, serious inquires ,000 DOLLARS + PO TENTIAL Vending route/ local. New amusement game m achines. G reat locations. Possible gross each machine $ $1000. weekly. Call Jim, Help Wanted Full Time ACCOUNTS PAYABLE/ COMPUTER PERSON O ne to two years prior accounts payable experience required. Will train on computer. M ust be willing to work hard. Excellent benefits package such as health, dental and life insurance. Call for appointment: ext. 3103, betw e e n 10am -2pm, M on-fri. EOE ALARM INSTALLERS Burgular & Fire M ECHANICALLY INCLINED CAREER O PPO RTUNITY N o e x p e rie n c e necessary. Good with hand tools. Good benefits, immediate openings A M E R IC A N S E M IN A R S is seeking assertive individuals to teach zero down" real estate seminars. You ve seen them on T.V., now do them in person. $3,000 to $6,000 P /T- -$10,000 to $15,000 F /T possible. For interview call (201) American seminars is seeking assertive individuals to teach zero down real estate sem inars. You ve seen them on T.V., now do them in person. $3,000 to $6,000 P/T- -$10,000 to $15,000 FT possib l e. F o r in t e r v ie w c a ll 208/ ATTENTIO N!! Sewers, Trimm ers, Pressers, Cutting room personnel, material handlers. 18 years +. Summer help welcom e. FT or PT. Hourly rate + bonus incentive. Medical & Retirem ent Plan, Paid Holidays. Easy to get to via Hwys 34, 35, 36, Rts. 18, 9, 516 & GSP. Call Sally: A U PAIR Wanted, September. Live in. Own room. Light h o u s ekeep in g, Child care. Tues.-S a t. $75. W aterfront. Call A U T O B O D Y P E R S O N wanted with experience. Call Banking P A R T - T I M E PART-TIME TELLER S U N IT E D J E R S E Y BANK, the fast moving bank, is currently seeking individuals to work pert-time at vario u s lo c a tio n s in M o n m o u th C o unty. Hours would include Saturday mornings. Previous cashiers or teller experience is preferred, but w e will train a bright motivated beginner. W e offer excellent benefit package for our P /T e m p lo y e e s. P le a s e call for further details and possible interview appointment. UNITED JERSEY MID/STATE One Harding Road Red Bank NJ Equal Oppty. Employer M /F O F F I C E H E L P 9 a.m. - 3 p.m. The Register newspaper is looking for a co n scie n tio u s individual who can type, at least 50 wpm, file, and answer phones. Experience preferred. Interested candidates should send a resume or call: Gladys Bromberg T h e R e g i s t e r One Register Plaza Shrewsbury, N J Greater Media Newspapers EQUALOPORTUNITY/AFFIRMATIVEACTIONEMPLOYER ADVERTISING PRODUCTION ARTISTS Newspaper production shop has openings for paste-up artists and typesetters. Applicants should have an educational background in graphic arts or related experience. Some weekends and late nights required. We offer excellent benefits, pleasant working conditions and a competitive salary commensurate with experience. Please apply in person or send resume to:. ProtoType Sentinel Bldg., Edgeboro Rd. East Brunswick, NJ Greater Media Newspapers r* EQUALOPORTUNITY/AFFIRMATIVEACTIONEMPLOYER Banking PART-TIME TELLER S U N IT E D J E R S E Y BANK, the fast-moving bank, is currently seeking individuals to work, part-time at vario u s lo c a tio n s in M o n m o u th C o unty. Hours would include Saturday mornings. Previous cashier or teller exp erience is preferred, but w e will train a bright motivted beg inner. W e offer e x c e ll e n t b e n e fit package for our P/T employees. Plese call for further details and possible in te rv ie w a p p o in t ment. UNITED JERSEY BANK/MIDSTATE One Harding Road Red Bank, NJ Equal Oppty. Employer M /F BARTENDERS F/P Time Experience required. Apply in person: Oh! Brother's Restaurant, 18 East Main street, Freehold. BOOKKEEPER - ASSISTANT E x p d in One Write systems, journals, accounts payable & receivable, bank rees, payroll preparation, computer knowled g e helpful. Good phone manner, light typing & retail sales. Company paid benefits, sick days & vacation. Salary $250 & up depending on ability. Apply at Pool World, Middletown, 9-5pm, Mon-Fri. B O O K K E E P IN G, N e p tu n e area. Minimum A.A. Degree or comparable exp. in bookkeeping & basic accounting. Full charg e thru general ledger w /computer exp B U IL D IN G IN S P E C T O R - W /3yrs. experience in wood fram e. Multi-family housing. EO E. Call Mon-Fri 8-4pm or send resume: Actus Escon, PO Box 515, Colts Neck, NJ Business & service Ind. CAR WASHER Experience preferred, must b e hard worker & reliable. Benefits. Apply Arrow Limo So. Pear! St. Red Bank. All you need is todays classified section and your telephone. You li find terrific bargains on many kinds of items in classified. And shopping classified is so easy: just call the number w listed in the ad.- You can find out if the item is what you're looking for without even leaving the house. C A SH IERS. F/T or P/T. Apply Buy-Rite Liquors, 172 Newman Springs Rd, Red Bank. CLEANING HELP Up to $300./w k. + benefits. If reliable, call CLEANING PERSON $7.00 plus/hour. Must have working car. Call COM PANIO N PART TIM E with light housekeeping, offering free room & board plus fee. Must drive, references required. Possible to have other P /T work. Call after 6 p m., or before noon. C O M P U T E R IZ E D answering service. F/T, P /T days, eves weekends. No exp nec. Call Dee, COMPUTER PERSON/ ACCOUNTS PAYABLE O ne to two years prior accounts payable experience required. Will train on computer. M ust be willing to work hard. Excellent benefits package such as health, dental and life insurance. Call for appointment: ext. 3103, betw een 10am -2pm, M on-fri. EOE COOK experienced. Apply in person, Shore Point Inn, Hwy 35, Hazlet. COOK Prep cook, w aitresses/waiters, dishwasher, bartenders. F /T, P/T. Call between 11 am - 6pm, C O O KS Broiler/Saute. Experienced only. Apply in person: Oh! Brother s Restaurant, 18 Ea%t M ain street, Freehold. CO UNTER HELP nights. M u s t be 18. Apply Video M ovie House, Rte 36, Atlantic Highlands between 10-4pm. C O U N TE R PERSON. To w ork in Dry-Cleaners in Fair Haven. $5/hr. to start. Call DANCERS National organization has part & full time openings for exp'd dancers & teacher trainees pm-10pm only. DATA ENTRY/G ENERAL O FFIC E HELP in Manalapan office. Flexible work schedule, data entry & phones [W PM ] Call Karen DENTAL ASSISTANT F /T,P /T Exp. Preferred, top pay, nice people. Holmdel, DENTAL Asst. & Receptionist Needed for rapidly growing dental office. F T/P T positions available. No exp. necessary. Please call Lisa: DENTAL TECHNICIAN Gold assistant for small growing lab. Exp preferred. Call between 10-3pm DISHW ASHER Full or part time. Apply in person. Shore Point Inn, Hwy 35, Hazlet. DISHW ASHER Keyport area. Flexible hrs. Good Pay. NICKLEBY S. Call for appointm ent, W ed-sun: DISHW ASHER - 5 nights a w eek Sun, Mon off. Apply in person Anina s Family Rest., 2 5 Hwy 36, N. Milltown D I S H W A S H E R / B U S BO YSF/T, P/T, apply in person Town & Country Inn, Rte 35 & Broadway, Keyport P A R T T I M E Computer Order Entry & Ad Placement * Person needed at The Register for order entry & report generation. Varied duties: typing, filing &" attention to detail. Person will be responsible for final ad placement. Some com puter e xp e rience a must, but will train. Excellent benefits, including dental. F o r in te rv ie w c a ll: R o c k y Greater Media Newspapers i EQUALOPORTUNITY/AFFIRMATIVEACTIONEMPLOYER DISHW ASHERS Full time, excellent pay. Apply Lakeside M anor, Route 36, Hazlet, NJ DISPATCHER full time, taxi experience preferred. Apply in perso n, Middletown Yellow Cab, 55 Longwood Ave. D R AFTSPERSON 3 to 5 yrs. experience, mechanical b a c k g ro u n d, fa m ilia r w ith structural steel & piping, Good benefits. Send resum e to: Lyco Inc., P.O. Box 181, Marlboro, NJ DRIVER For Mobile Unit Current NJ bus driver's license # 1 required. Variable hours, includes on site set up and break down. $7.25 per hour to start, full benefits. Apply in person: Mon.-Fri. between 8am -10am or call for an application. Central Jersey Blood Bank, 494 Sycamore A ve., Shrewsbury D R IV E R S D O M IN O S P IZ Z A IN H A Z L E T. G reat sum m er job. EARN $7-$12 PER HR. Apply in person or call DRIVERS Domino s Pizza. $ 7 -$10 p/hr. Flexible hrs. For more info, call DRIVERS Several position still open for dep endable, punctual drivers for senior citiz e n tra nsportation. Hourly w age, apply in person. M urphy Transportation, 55 Longwood Ave., Middletown DRIVER WANTED - 2 despera te moms looking for person with own car to drive 2 older children from Holmdel & M a nalapan to & from Princeton, 5 days a week. Salary negotiable, call eves. D R IVER Wanted, full time, good benefits, steady work, for appt. call D R IVER Wanted, full time, good benefits, steady work, for appt. call * DRIVER/W arehouse W orker t o d riv e h e a v y d u ty 2 0 straight truck. Knowldege of NY, NJ & PA. helpful, but not required. Company paid benefits. Apply in person, 9-3 Pride M ade Products 740 Uoyd Road, Matawan ELECTRICIANS & Helpers. Sm all Business needs exper. help. Salary neg. Vacation, holidays, full m edical. Call , leave name & # FACTO RY HELP General w ork. Good pay & benefits. Apply in person or call: H.J.N. Industries, 105 Church St., Aberdeen F A C TO R Y W O R K E R S F /T, P /T, openings on all shifts, a p p ly in person 9am -3p m Pride M ade Products, 740 Lloyd Rd. Matawan. FLORAL DESIGNER M ust be willing to work Saturdays. Experienced only. Good salary & benefits, Matawan area. Call D E L I V E R Y P E R S O N Auto Parts Dept. For active auto dealer. Complete benefit package, paid vacation and uniforms. Apply in person: W E R N E R D O D G E 41 Highway 36. Belford FU ND RAISER For American Cancer Society. Exp. in Sales or Fund Raising. Job requires initiative people skills & organization. Salary commensurate w /exp. Exc. benefits. S end resum e to Am erican C ancer Society Rt. 38, Suiet 303, Wall G A S ATTENDANT/CASHIER F /T, P/T, M /F, base pay $5. hr. + benefits. Good reliable people wanted. Apply Atlantic Highlands Shell, GAS STATION ATTENDANT 2 4 hour facilty seeks mature responsible persons. Various shifts available, full & art time. Retirees welcome. Excellent w ages. Apply weekdays: 7am -5pm Lippy s Amoco Rt 9 So. Marlboro G E T PAID for reading books! $ per title. Write: PASE- C2921, 161 S. LincoJnway, N. Aurora, IL G O VERNMENT JOBS $ 1 6, $59,230 /yr. Now Hiring. Your Area Ext. R-8247 for current Federal list. G R O U N D S M A IN T.- Y e a r around, f/t, exp d helpful. Salary commensurate with experience G YM NASTICS INSTRUCTOR P /T or F/T. Exp preferred or HAIRDRESSER W ANTED Following preferred, but not necessary. Full or Part time, Middletown area, HAIRDRESSER # Licensed. No exper. or following necessary H E A L T H A ID E - for mild stroke victim, private home, bathe, dress, prepare meals, 5 Days. Call HEALTH FOOD STORE Chain looking for management level people in sales & warehouse work. Experience preferred. Salary to $25,000. Call: HELP W ANTED GAS STATION ATTENDANTS All shifts available. Apply in person, Hwy. 36 & Middle Road, TEXACO. H ELP W A N TED - In busy chiropractic office Rte 35, Middletown, NJ H O ST ESS/H O S T F/T position available. Part time in winter. Flexible hours good pay. No exper. necessary. Appli in person, Bahrs Restaurant., Highlands NJ. H O ST ESS/H O S T Apply in person. Shore Point Inn Hwy. 35, Hazlet HOUSEKEEPER Full or part time for retired Middletown man. Must have own car & full qualifications. Please mail responce to: P.O. Box 310 The Register One Register Plaza Shrewsbury, N.J IM M EDIATE OPENINGS Janitorial maint./floor waxing, day & eves, shifts. Valid NJ drivers license req d. Experienced for interview JANITO R /M AINTENANCE PERSON full time. Call LABORER Entry Level. Full Tim e Position for Offset Stripping Dept. Reliable employees to work rotating shifts. FU LL Com pany P a id B e n e f it s. A P P L Y : GREATER JERSEY PRESS Connerty Court East Brunswick A C C O U N T S P A Y A B L E / C O M P U T E R P E R S O N One to two years prior accounts payable experience required. Will train on computer. Must be willing to work hard. Excellent benefits package such as health, dental and life insurance. Call for appointment ext.3103 Between 10 a.m.-2 p.m. (Monday \o Friday) l o ( Greater Media Newspapers ' EQUALOPORTUNITY/AFIRMATIVEACTIONEMPLOYER L A B O R E R S F u ll T im e Employees for in plant distribution work. Fork lift experience helpful. 4 day w ork week. Starting salary $220.- $240. weekly. Paid benefits include: Health, Dental, Life Ins., Vacation, Personal & Sick, and Savings Plan. Apply in person. Greater Jersey Press Connerty Ct, E. Brunswick NJ LABORERS - Needed for Tree Service starting at $7hr., must have drivers license LABORERS W ANTED 19 or older. Must be neat & reliable. $6.50 to start. Will train. Call 9-4pm. wkdays LAWN M AINTENANCE F/T. Bonuses. Call John, LAWN M AINTENANCE HELP No e x p e rie n c e necessary. Must be 18o r over LEGAL SECRETARY Proficient in litigation & municipal work, word processing. G ood benfits, good salary. Chamlin, Schottland, Rosen, Cavanagh,& Uliano. Call Hilma LIFE GUARD Certified, private pool, full time. McGuires Grove. 520 Rte. 35, Middletown. For info. ' call L IF E G U A R D S & M A IN T E NANCE/LOCKER Teenagers. Apply in person, Middletown Swim Club, 140 Harmony Rd. LIVE IN PERSON - Room & board. Senior citizen home, start Sept. 30th. Requirement drivers license LIVE IN-To help care for 3 children, light housekeeping. Refs. req LPN Monmouth County area. FT, male or female in pre-school program. Some pediatric exp. helpful M ANICURIST F /P Tim e for very busy salon. Call M A N IC U R IS T Licensed with following preferred. Benefits. Call M A N IC U R IS T - T a k e over large following in Matawan area salon. Must have exper. excel, opportunity M A TU R E PERSON w anted for roadstand work. Call / MED ASSISTANT F-P/T. Experience preferred. Middletown. Call btwn. 10am.-5 pm. M ED ASSISTA NT F-P/T. Experience preferred. Middletown. Call bt^n.' 10am.-5pm. ^ M EDICAL A S S T, F/T & P/Tl Exp.only, EKG, Venapuncture. Cardiology office, M iddletown M EDICAL ASSISTANT Exp. only, EKG, Venipuncture. Cardiology office, Full/Part time. Middletown M YSTERY CUSTOMER W ANTED Undercover pizza consumer to evaluate delivery service & product once every 4 weeks. Must live within the delivery area of our new Domino s Pizza Store located at: 2500 Route 9 South, Old Bridge. To become a mystery customer & re ceiv e a m onthly reb ate please call toll free Wed., July 27th, , Domino s Pizza Inc. NURSE AIDES DAYS & EVENINGS F /T & P /T State Cert, receive differential. W eekenders receive tim e+1/2. New salary scale Excellent benefit pkg. Cert. Training Program Apply: Holmdel Convalescent Center Highway 34 Holmdel, NJ NURSE P/T, F/T Looking for a change of pace? Flexible hrs. assisting in dermatology, medical, surgical & patient teaching team conscept. Competative salary. The Doctors Building, Monmouth Medical Complex. W rite box 660, The Register, 1 Register Plaza, Shrewsbury NJ N U R S E R N /L P N F u ll tim e/part time, all shifts. For information call NURSE RN/LPN 3-11, 11 ~7, full tim e/part time. New salary scale, weekenders receive time & 1/2, 11-7 receive time & 1/4. Excellent b e n e fits p a c k a g e. A p p ly Holmdel Convalescent Center. 188 Hwy. 34, Holmdel N U R S E S A ID E F/T -P /T, M /F 7-3:30pm :30pm. Possible transportation. New pay scale + $1 extra per hour for certification. Apply in person: Emery M anor Nursing Home, 4 Hwy 34, Matawan AIDES/HOUSEKEEPERS F /T & P /T. 9-6, 5:30-1 am, 6am -9am. Hiring immed. St. at $6.50/hr. No exp. necessary. Paid breaks, full benefit program after 3 mos. Opportunity to work in spotless retirement ctr W E ARE NOT A NURSING HOME NURSES AIDE Come join the new RED BANK M EDI- CENTER. Excellent salary & benefits. Convenient to local transporation. CNA preferred, willing to train. Call NURSES AIDES F/T, P/T. All shifts. For info, call Hilltop Nursing Home NURSES ASSISTANT. F /T or P/T. All shifts avail. Will train for certification. Exc benefits. Apply at: King James Care Center. 400 Hwy. 36, Navesink NURSES/R N Come join the new RED BANK M EDI- CENTER. Excellent salary & benefits. Positions avail, on ail shifts. Perdiem rate to $17. p/hr. Call O FFICE HELP Punctual, reliable, to answer phones and take reservations. Apply in person: Murphy Transportation, 55 Longwood Ave., Middletown. O PTIM ETRIC ASS T Dynamic new office in Mata van area, looking for motivated, (peopje/person). You supply personality, we will train. Call OVERSEAS EXPOSURE JO BS O V ER SEA S All Skills/All Fields Call or Send Resume: World Marketing International 740 N.E. 167 St. Suite 54 N. Miami Beach Fla Licensed/Fee ' Open 9-9pm daily. M e m b e r o f C h a m b e rs of Commerce PAINTER/HELPER. Exp preferred. Own trans. Year-round work. After 7pm, PAINTER S HELPER No exp. necessary. Only desire to learn trade ^A RTS MAN TRAINEES/W A REHOUSE M EN F/P Time. Must apply in person. Experience pref. but not necessary. Salary open; Ask for Stan or Barbara..PARTS PERSON/CLERK Dependable person to pull & pack orders. Other duties incl: receiving & invoicing. Comp u te r e x p e rie n c e help fu l Pleasant phone manner. Call: EOE PERM ANENT O R TE M P F /T Assemblers. Englishtown contract powder packager. $5/hr, to start + benefits PHYSICAL TH ERAPIST/ PHYSICAL THERAPIST ASSISTANT Liscenced. Full & part time Flexible hours. Exp d or recent grads. Growing Freeholc private practice. Primarily orth o p e d ic. O p p o rtu n ity foi g r o w th. P ro g ra m d e v e l opment & use of skills. Exc benefits including major med dental, pension & continuing education. Salary is open. Ca P IZ Z A M A K ER, CO UNTER HELP, & DELIVERY PERSON. Will Train. DANNY S PIZZA, Little Silver, PLUM BERS, Red Bank area. Exp. to $20 per hr. + bonus incentive program. Permanent position for capable person

49 I THE INDEPENDENT, JULY 27, lj)35 Help Wanted Full Time 035 Help Wanted Full Time 035 Help Wanted Full Time 035 Help Wanted Full Time 036Help Wanted Part Time 036 Help Wanted Part Time 037 Babysitting/ Childcare 043 Appliances POLICE DISPATCHER Experience and knowledge of police computer helpful but ot necessary. Starting salary ' 787. w/benefits. Applicaon available at Eatontown police Department, 47 Broad Street, Eatontown, NJ 07724, b d be returned by August 5th. F OLICE DISPATCHER. Expeience and knowledge of poce computer helpful but not riecessary. S tarting salary $15,787 w/benefits. Application available at Eatontown Police Department, 47 Broad St., Eatontown, NJ 07724, to be returned by August 5th. PRINTING Full and Part time positions for offset stripping jlepartment. Looking for experienced and non-experifenced, reliable employees. 4 Color work helpful. Rotating shifts. Full company paid benefits include: Health, Dental, Life Ins., Vacation, Personal & Sick, and Savings Plan. Apply /n p e rso n. G re a te r Jersey Press, Connerty Court, East Brunswick, NJ PRODUCTION W O R K - Little Silver area. Phone tor interview REAL ESTATE SALES.oin one of the top offices in he Red Bank area. Century 21 Cozens Realtors, serving me public for 30 years. Call Roger Cozens for an inter- \iew, r:eal ESTATE HOLMDEL "eriffic opportunity for lis- <enced people in busy real estate office. For confidential interview - ask for Catherine HEAL ESTATE F/T. Active Hazlet office needs two newly Icensed or experienced Sales vsscociates who are eager to barn & earn. W e offer: M odern Office facilities, complete taining program, aggressive nanagem ent team, aggresjive commission program, tuiion reimbursement program. Call Robert King for confidenial interview. CENTURY 21, KING REALTY, Realtor Ind. O w ned/o perated. REAL ESTATE SALES C A R E E R N IG H T T h u rs., A u g u st 4th, 7:30 PM H A Z L E T O F F IC E.earn about a career in Real Estate. Call Sally for info & to ibserve your seat. CENTURY 21, KING REALTY, Realtor Ind. Owned/Operated. RECEPTIONIST/TYPIST Aa\or Software firm located in /Vail Twp., seeks a mature ninded individual with poise & professionalism. Duties include answering phone, greetng clients, light typing & genaral office duties. Excellent fully paid benefit program. 2a\\ Karen, for appt. R e c e p t i o n i s t - M ust be neat & reliable. Light typing, answering phones, filing S:30-5pm M o n -F ri, $ Send resume to: D.C. Corp., H a rr is A v e, U n io n 3each, NJ 07735, Attn: Susan R E C E P T IO N IS T /S E C R E TARY For Active Real Estate \gency. Typing, filing, phone jsage. Mon-Fri, 9-5pm. Ask or Sheilah, H O S T /H O S T E S S R e s ta u - ant. If you are well spoken, vell-groomed, enjoy working /v/people & have a desire to De part of one of N J s most successful & most prestigious estaurants, we can offer you ob security, full tim e, yr. oun d. E v e s., & w k e n d s, v /to p salary & unm atched jenefits. Call Al, RETAIL MEN S WEAR K IN K E L S DEPARTM ENT STORE :/T P/T, Flexible hours, expeience desireble, retires welcome, Apply at: 44 Apple St., Tintion Falls, or call Mr. Bob at J RETAIL SALES ^erson to handle school supplies, commercial stationery & elated departments in large drug, gift & stationery store. Must be available for a 40 hour, 5 day work week, days, nites & occ. weeekends. Company benefits, credit union employee discount. Apply: Store Manager Sun Ray Drugs Rt 35 Middletown Shopping Ctr. F /P tim e; 3 : :30PM 8 11P M -7.30A M shifts. Apply ir person: Emery M anor Nursinc Home. 4 Hwy 34, Matawan ROD PERSON AND INSTRUMENT PERSON exp. preferred, male/female full time, call ROOMING & SIDING Experience OK. Laborers. Nt drivers liscence a must. Sal ary open anytime. SALES/CUSTOM ER Service Growing company specializ ing in hotel amenity product.* seeks service oriented salej individuals for inside sale* force. W ill train. Salary R Com m ission. Call M ichelle SALES established Rec Bank Photo shop needs ful tim e sales help. No photc Exp. necessary, SALES FULL TIM E Position now available. Appl; in person M on.- Fri. 10am. t< 3pm. F.W. W oolw o rth, 5J Broad St. Red Bank. S A LES P E R S O N /B U ILD IN G SUPPLIES Allied Building P roducts is looking fo r a highly motivated individual to join the inside sales staff of our Sea Bright Branch Operation. T h e ideal candidate will have som e experienee in the sale o f building m a te ria ls and should be comfortable in a fast pace, growth oriented enviornment. W e offer a generous compensation and benefit package and promotion potential for the right individual. For immediate consideration, apply in person to: M r. Joel L e v in s o n, A llie d B u ilding Products, 1139 Ocean Ave. S e a Bright NJ, (201) SALES PERSON F /T. L a d ie s s p o rts w e a r. Knowledge of sports & camping helpful. Apply in person Kislin s, 8 E. Front St. Red Bank. SECRETARY/BO O KKEEPER fo r acctg., office, F /T or P/T, Call Maury Barson SECRETARY/CLERICAL R e liable person with very good typing & office skills for Title Insurance Co. in Middletown-Red Bank area. Experience preferred. Co. benefits. Salary depends on qualification s and exp erience. Call Nancy for appt S E C R E T A R Y J R. B O O K KEEPING clerical, busy office, Middletown area. Req u ire p erso n ab le, capable person w/only positive attitude. Salary + bonus. Call , 1-5pm or 7-9pm. SECRETARY PO SITIONS (2) Part & Full Time Knowldege of typing, word processin g & office procedures required. Must be able to deal well with the public & co-workers. Ability to fill out form s & documents helpful. Send resume to: Township Administrator PO Box 249 Colts Neck, NJ S E C R E T A R Y W e a re looking for someone w/accura te typing, pleasnt phone m anner, detail oriented, and has common sense. Please send resume & cover letter to: S e a View Square Mall. Rt. 66 & 35, Ocean NJ SECURITY GUARDS needed fo r M organville area. Afternoon & evening shifts available. Good pay & benefits. Exp pre'f. Must have car & home phone SECURITY GUARD Call , between 8am- 4pm, Mon-Fri. SH EET M ETAL M ECHANIC fo r shop & field. Experience necessary. Call SIDING M ECHANIC/HELPER E x p e rie n c e helful but will train. Call SIDING M ECHANIC S wanted, minimum 3 yrs., exp. Drivers lie. a plus SOCCER COACH M ater Dei H.S. is accepting applications for 1 Head & 1 A ssistant Coach. All applicants must have a min of 60 credits. Send to: Dave Gandy, M a te r Dei High School, 538 Church St., New Monmouth, NJ 07748, STEEL RULE DIE MAKER Will train individual for shop w ork. Good math skills recquired. Good starting salary & benefits. Call STO C K HELP & some local deliveries. 5.days per week. 1 2 m o n th s /y e ar. O vertim e available. Full medical benefits. profit sharing & life insurance included. Valid NJ Drive r s License req d. Call Mon- Sat 8-5pm, S T O R E C LERK Thurs., Fri., Sat., 14 hr. day. 42 hr. wk. Starting salary $6. Must be 21. Call SUBSTITUTE TEACHERS For School Year $ Daily Rate. M ust possess New Jersey Teaching Certificate, or be eligible for County Substitute Certificate. Interested and qualified candi dates should submit Letter of Applicatin and Resume with a copy of their Transcript, Certificate and references to: Robert A. Zolkiewicz* Superintendent Highlands Elementary School Navesink Avenue Highlands, NJ (201) An Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer SYSTEM OPERATOR Immediate opening for person kn o w leg eab le of com puter operations. Will train willing a p p lic a n t. G re a t b e n e fits. Apply at The Register, 1 Regis te r P la z a, S h re w s b u ry. Equal Opportunity Employer TELEM ARKETING W e are seeking a highly motivated individual w / the ability t o w o rk in d e p e n d e n tly & speak intelligently & aggressively to possible computer leasing clients. Call Doreen at (201) T E L E P H O N E A N S W E R IN G O P E R A T O R S NEED ED. All shifts + wknds avail. Pleasant professional permanent positio n s. Will train on latest equipm ent. Profit sharing/bonus plan. Call T R U C K D R IV E R for refuse business. Experience a must. Exc starting salary VETERINARY ASST Exp. pfd. but willing to train the right person W AITERS/W AITRESSES W A N TED Apply in person. Tow n & (Country Inn, Route 35 & Broadway, Keyport. WAITR ESSES/W AITERS Full tim e/ part time. Apply in person between 12 noon & 3pm. Howard Johnsons, Middletown. W AITRESS/WAITER Experienced. Over 21 yrs. Call Ye Cottage Inn. 149 W. Front St, Keyport W AITRESS/W AITERS Full Time. Som% experience required. Will train. Apply in person: Oh! Brother s Restaurant, 18 East Main street, Freehold. W A IT T R E S S - 5 nights a vveek. Apply in person, Anina's Rest., 25 Hwy 36, N. Milltown W AREHOUSE E le c tr o n ic M a n u fa c tu rin g Com pany needs warehouse person with 2 years experience. Valid NJ driver s license & good driving record. Fork lift experience & good basic math skills. References required. E x cellent benefit package. Call or apply in person: KEPTEL 56 Park Road, Tinton Falls Equal Opportunity Employer WAREHOUSE MANAGER Mechanical background for active industrial hardware distributor. GALE S INDUSTRIAL SUPPLY KEYPORT W A R E H O U S E P E R S O N. Shipping, receiving, picking orders, production. Need capable, reliable person for long term position. Good hourly rate, commensurate w /exp. Keyport W ORK AT HOME P/t. $ l 0 0 s/w eek possible. Details (1) Ext. W X-RAY TECHNICIAN - F /T for prestigious radiology office in E. Brunswick. NJ State Licensed req d, excellent salary & benefit pkg. Pleasant w o r k in g c o n d. c a ll M rs. Wayne Help Wanted Part Time B A B Y S IT T E R - R e lia b le wom an to care for infant in my Atlantic Highlands home. 3 days, 9-5, ref. required. Call between 3 & 5 B O O K K E E P E R P /T for sm all Consulting Co. Experience in A /R, A/P, P/R, GL. 20 hrs. p/w k. Knowledge of IBM P C a plus. Call Maryanne, , B O O KKEEPER 20 hours a w e e k for sm all consulting company. Experience in A /R, A /P, P/R, GL. Knowledge of IB M PC a plus. Call Mary Ann at from 9-12 BOOKKEEPER Approx. 20 hrs. p/wk. Must know Payroll, Payroll reports, Bank Rec., & Accounts payable. Send resume to P.C. 535 Sycamore Ave, Shrewsbury Ave C L E A N E R S fo r la rg e cleaning service in Middletown. Full A part time or CLERK Hazlet area. Man agem ent office needs person w /good math & organizational skills. W ork hrs. are flexible. Approx hrs. per wk CLERK/STO CK; Liquor store in Hazlet. some eves/wknds. Over COOK available eves. Flexible. Apply within: Briody s, 132 East River Rd., Rumson D A TA EN TRY TECHNICIAN Som e computer exp. necessary for retail store. P/T, salary negotiable DELIVER Y PERSONS wanted P /T nights. Good pay. Must have own car. Apply in person. Luigi's Pizza, 477 Middle Rd., Hazlet. D R IV ER Mornings deliver to wholesale accounts in surrounding W. Keansburg area. Call Naylor s, FINANCIAL Planning Office M ataw an. 2-3 days a week. Good office skills required. Call GENERAL O FFICE HELP hrs per week. Mature person, some exp req d. Must be flexible. Call 9-5pm, GREAT OPPORTUNITY! J o in th e r a n k s o f th e Christmas Around the World Demonstrator Team Showing our unique line of Christmas gifts & decor. Positions now available. EXTRA INCOME NO INVESTM EN T NO CO LLECTING /DELIVERY FREE TRAINING For M onm outh County,call HELP W ANTED P/T. D ays only, no w e eken d s. Video store, must be 18 A over. Starting early Septem ber. Call after 6pm. HIRING NOW FOR SEPT M O M S-w ork while the kids are in school SENIO R S- earn extra cash. Very flexible hours, up to $5.00 per hr. Apply in person BURGER KING Rt 35 So., Middletown HOMEMAKERS DREAM Toys, gifts & hom e decor demonstrators needed. Middlesex & Monmouth County a r e a s. H a v e t h e b e s t Christmas ever working your spare hours. W e put you into business with no investment. Call HOUSEKEEPER for Sr. Citizen Building H O W A R D J O H N S O N LODGE Has immediate openning for: LIGHT. M AINTENA NCE/PORTER Benefits. Apply in person, no phone calls please. 750 Hwy 35, Middletown. JANITORIAL M AINTENANCE P /T position n o w * available. Duties include total store care m aintenance. Apply in person M on. thru Fri. 10am to 3pm. F.W. Woolworth, 52 Broad St. Red Bank. EOE. JANITORIAL M AINTENANCE/Floor waxer Immediate openings, eves & Saturdays. Valid N.J. drivers licence required. Experience preferred. Call for interview. LABORER Part Tim e in house job for distrib ution o f c irc u la rs and newspapers. Fork Lift exp. helpful hours per week. 7am -12 noon W ed. mornings. O th e r h o u rs n e g o tia b le. Apply: G REATER JERSEY PRESS Connerty Court East Brunswick LATCH-KEY AIDE AFTERNO ONS CALL LAUNDRY PERSON Flexible hours weekly. Willing to train. Call M EDICAL ASSISTA NT/L.P.N. Pediatric Office hrs. per wk. Exp. preferred. Send resume to The Register, P.O. Box 311, 1 Register Plaza Shrewsbury, N.J MEDICAL ASSISTANT For pediatrics office. Middletown area. 2 evenings/w k. M ust be reliable. Please call between 9am -5pm, Mon.-Fri NURSE-RN/LPN Allergy Asst/Exercise Stress Testing.Flexible office hrs. R equires m ature, fit, nonsmoker as part of team. Call PART TIM E CLERICAL 9 a.m. - 3 p.m. The Register newspaper is looking for a conscientious individual who can type, at least 50 W P M, file, and answer phones. Experien ce p re ferred. Interested candidates should send a resume or call: Gladys Bromberg The Register One Register Plaza Shrewsbury, NJ PART TIM E C O M P U T E R D E R E N T R Y & A D P L A C E M E N T Person needed at The Register for order entry & report generation. Varied duties: typing, filing & attention to detail. Person will be responsible for final ad placem ent. Som e com puter experience a must, but will train. Excellent benefits, including dental. For interview, call: Rocky E.O.E. PART T IM E CUSTODIAN. 25 hrs per week. Flexible hours. Som e Sat & Sun wqfk. Must have own transportation. Responsible for keeping building clean & set-u p for functions. Please call , after 9:30am On weekdays. PART TIME EVENINGS Light office cleaning in beautiful bldgs. 3 to 4 hrs. per night, high pay. Red Bank & Freehold areas fjhone CALLERS. Like to talk on phone. Need 30 students, homemakers to call for the American Veterans. Great starting pay. $4.75/hr. 10am- 2pm, 5pm-9pm, Mon-Fri, Sat 1 1 a m -3 p m. P ay cash, no ta x e s , fo r appt. now. Will train. P IZZA MAKER wanted. P/T nights. Must have exp. Apply in person. Luigi s Pizza 477 Middle Rd., Hazlet. RECEPTIO N IST/TYPIST For doctor s office. P /T eves. Call for appointment R E T A IL C O U N T E R H E LP W ANTED Some eves and weekends. Exper. helpful but not necessary. Please call RN /LPN 11:30pm- 7:30am & 3:30pm -11:30pm. Mt. Pleasant M anor Nursing Home, M atawan SECRETARY Growing insurance aqency looking for ap a rt tim e secre tary, with good typin g /s ten o skills Computer experience a plus. For interview call SECRETARY- Immediate position available for Glass Mfg. Co. Typing, filing & bookkeeping skills helpful. But willing to train. Call Kerry: SECURITY Part time weekends 4-1 2pm, position available im m ediately, retirees welcome. Apply at Navesink House, 40 Riverside Ave., Red Bank or call EOE. STOCK P /T POSITION Now available, duties include, freight handling, floor maintenance & general clean up. Apply in person M on.-fri. 10am-3pm. F.W. Woolworth, 52 Broad St. Red Bank, EOE. SW ITCH BOAR D/Receptionist 9 a m -1 p m. A m e ric a n R e d Cross. Call T E A C H E R S e v e s. Health, Business Ed. & Adult Basic Skills. Call T E L E M A R K E T IN G P A R T T IM E E V E N I N G S $6.00 PER HOUR Join the fast-paced rewarding world of telemarketing. Seeking phone sales oriented person to work 5:30 p.m. - 8:30 p.m. d a ily. For in te rv ie w please call Diane at the Register ext 2800 VAN BUS DRIVER Nursery School. NJ Bus Driver s license req. Will train. Exc. opportunity for Mom with pre-schooler. Call W ORK A T HOME Part Time. $100 s/w eek possible. Details (1) Ext. W Babysitting/ Childcare BABYSITTER- Reliable for 2 school age children starting in Sept. Flexible days- no weekends after 7pm BABYSITTER To watch 2 y e a r old in my N a vesin k home. 8am -12:20pm Mon-Fri. Ref. req. non-smokers only. Start Sept BABYSITTER NEEDED in my home for 1 yr old & 6 yr old, Monday s & Thursday s starting Sept. 1. Call DAYTIM E MOM MONMOUTH BEACH M atu re w om an needed for long term position caring for infant & light housekeeping. M o n.-f ri., m inim um o f 40 hrs./w k. $275./w k. + overtime. Must have character references, own car, be a nonsmoker & very dependable. Call ENERGETIC PERSON Needed for child care/housekeeping in Red Bank area. M ust have own transportation. Full time available. Varied hours or EXPERIENCED WOMAN To babysit for infant in my home. Live-in/ out. 5 days/wk. M -F, 7 a m -6:30. Begin mid Sept. Non-Sm oker. References required EXPERIENCED M OTHER OF 2 Will babysit in my home. Structured program & lunch included. For further information, call after 7pm. EXP. BABYSITTER needed full time in our Little Silver home caring for our 18 month old son. Ref. req LOOKING FOR A LIVE IN MATURE NANNY 5 days/wk. Must have newborn/infant experience. Non-smoker, ref., req. Colts Neck area. Call Mrs. Johnson, S U M M E R J O B S Work early evening hours. Earn $75-$150 weekly. We provide all t r a n s p o r t a t i o n plus cash bonus and prizes. For more inform ation call M r. B e lla s MOM will watch your child in my Keansburg hom es, ages 2 & up. F /T only. Very dep endable, ref. avail Domestic Help COMPANIO N AIDE for elderly lady. 10am.-8pm., Saturday. C ar & references required Situations Wanted A TEACHER S CHILD CARE- Sept.- June. An experienced Mom with plenty of TLC to give. Middletown Village area. Ref. avail CHILD CARE- M om will give TLC in her Keansburg Home. Low Rates. FT/PT EXCELLENT CHILD CARE Experienced sisters will watch your children in our Hazlet hom e. Perfect for working parents. Call EXPERIENCED Babysitter & Mom offers Childcare in our No. Middletown home. Any age OK. Days only. Call after 6pm EXPERIENCED Babysitter & Mom offers Childcare in our No. Middletown home. Any age OK. Days only. Call after 6pm HOUSECLEANING Exc. cleaning. Ref. Red Bank area. Call after HOUSECLEANING TEAM Experienced & very reliable. Reas. Rates Licensed Practical Nurse looking for private patients. 13 years experience. Reasonable PLAYGROUP Cert., exp. Cornell grad offering unique learning program for 2-3 yr. olds, Art, music, readiness References avail SEEKING perm. pos. to babysit in your home. 6pm. & on. No wknds. Mary Resum es/ Typing Service -NEW IM A G E RESUME- Creative Resumes & Cover letters. Professional Composition & Guidance TYPING W ORD PROCESSING TRANSCRIPTION Accurate & Professional Quality Work , anytime 042 Antiques W ANTED TO BUY OLD W RIST W ATCHES & POCKET WATCHES K - M A R T The Savings Place A u t o m o t i v e M e c h a n ic s & Techinical School Graduates or Students Wanted Excellent opportunity fo r a qualified mechanic or vocational s ch o o l g ra d u a te. M u s t have trained in fron t end, b ra k e s & e x h a u s t re p a ir s. M od ern-service center w ith the latest equipment. Must have own personal tools. Com petitive salary. Full scale benefits, vacations, paid holidays, Blue Cross, uniforms & many company benefits. Apply at: K-MART AUTO SERVICE DEPT. HAZLET Route 35 & Poole Ave. ' Equal Opportunity Employer ' All shifts available fo r: * WAITERS, * WAITRESSES HOST * HOSTESS * 8USPE0PIE * DISHWASHERS APPLY IN PERSON:! ROUTES KEYPORT _ AIR CONDITIONER CARRIER, brand new, 5800 BTU S, $ ANTIQUE W IN E CROCKS Ceramic (2) over 60 years old. $30. ea. Call BARBEQUE-SEARS Natural Gas Gril w /Cart New dual burners & grate w/cover.$30. Call CARRIER A /C 3 ton central, 440V/com m. Never used. $500 or best offer DRYER-Whirlpool Elec. White, like new, 2 yrs old. $200. Call after 5, ELECTRIC OVEN GE, selfcleaning, fully automatic oven cooking. Excellent condition. Approximately 2Vz years old. $ pm. FREEZER 11.6 cubic ft. G.E Upright. Like new! $ LITTON M ICROWAVE, $200. Kitchen Light Fixture, $115. GE Electric Stove, $25. Kit. Sink, $ REFRIGERATOR Good condition. White $125. Call S E A R S C O L D S P O T 1 5 upright freezer. $100. Call / TAPPAN self cleaning convention gas oven. Matching dishwasher. Both good cond. Call , eves. WASHER & DRYER- Kenmore $400. or best offer. Call or after 6pm F u rn itu re BEDROOM SE T Din. rm table w /4 chairs, TV stand, long coffee table. 2 fold in beds, 1 filing cabinet. Best offer BEDROOM SET 2 Sears Oak matching 4 drawer dressers w/attached oval mirrors/ + 2 twin box springs & mattre s s es w /h e a d b o ard. A p prox. 3 yrs. old. Sold all together, $350 takes all. Call BREAKFRONT Solid M ahogany w /b e v e le d glass. 4 7 wide by 68" high. $250. Call Debbie BUNK BEDS Brand new, heavy wood with 2 new twin mattresses $160., BUNK BEDS Great condition! M a ttre s s e s included, $ BUNK BEDS With mattre s s e s, g o o d c o n d itio n. Asking $100. Call CO LO NIAL Dining Rm Set 7 pees, incl. hutch & cabinet, cond.,$ UCH Loveseat, 2 end tables, cocktail table, 2 lamp tables. Contemporary. $ D IN E T T E S E T - Solid O ak Clav^, Foot Table w /leaf & 6 chairs. Good cond. Best offer. 2 Bar. Stools, $50. HI-RISER w/covet, $ RESTAURANT HELP All shifts available fo r: W AITERS W A ITRES S ES H O S T H O S T E S S B U S P E 0 P L E DISHW ASHERS A P P L Y IN P E R S O N : ROUTES 35 S 36 KEYPORT S A L E S P E R S O N Mechanical background for active in d u s tria l h a rd ware distribution. G A L E S INDUSTRIAL SUPPLY KEYPORT

50 I 5 0 JULY 27, 1988, THE INDEPENDENT 047 Furniture 047 FURNITURE/ FURNISHINGS 048 General M e rc h a n d is e 048General Merchandise 060 Garage/Yard Sale 066 Personals 071 Building & Remodeling 072 Carpentry DINING ROOM SET- Glass & B ra s s T a b le w /4 c h a irs. Asking $350. Call or after 6pm DINING SE T Solid Pine drop leaf tbl w /4 chairs & bench. Beautiful country set. Exc cond. $ DINING SET Solid dark pine. Drop leaf table, 4 Windsor chairs & bench. Exc. cond. $ F O U R P C E B E D R M S E T Dresser, desk, bed & night stand. Ex. cond. $ FRENCH PROVINCIAL BED RO O M SE T 5 piece, white w/goid. Exc. cond FURN ITU RE FOR SALE Couch, Chairs, Tables Call after 6, GIRLS BEDROOM SET white, boys bedroom set fruitwood, TV, area rug, all reasonable prices after 6pm. KITCHEN SET- W rought Iron. 4 2 Octagon table w /leaf. 4 Chairs. Mint cond. Best offer LIVING ROOM SET 6 mo. old. Brown tones, Sofa, Chair, Drapes & Coffee table / aft/8. L I V I N G R O O M / D E N U pholstered chairs, tables, fire p la c e enclosures, desk chair. Call M APLE DOUBLE BED w /box spring & matress $150. Call P R A Y E R T O T H E H O L Y S P I R I T Holy spirit, you who solve al) problems, light all roads so that I can achieve my goals. You who give me the divine gift to forgive and forget all evil against me and that in all instances of my life are with me. Iwant in this short prayer to thank you for all things as you confirmonce again that I never want to be separated from you even in spite of all material illusions. I wish to be with you in eternal joy. Thank you for your mercy toward me and mine. The person must say this prayer for 3 consecutive days. After 3 days the favor requested will be granted even if it may seemdifficult. The prayer must be published immediately after the favor is granted without ment'oning favor. Only your initials should appear at the bottom. M.D. MELODY ENTERPRISES D.J, M USIC For All O ccasions "WE DO IT AU" Call: VESTRI CORP. Buy Direct OVERHEAD GARAGE DOORS Real Wood Solid Millwork Corrosion Resistant Metal Doors 40 Styles on Display in Our Show Room Installation Services in Selected Areas Elec. Operators Radio Controls Full Line of Parts Prices by Phone Call for Free Literature and E x te n d e d S h o w R o om Hours Call Toll Free: New Rd., Monmouth Jet. NJ Open: 8-4:30/ Sat 9-3:30 Pick-up to 12 Noon on Sat. MOVING Asst. Bedrm, Buffet, $10. ea P O O L 21 F T. ro u n d, Branch Brook LaSalle model. U sed 2 m onths-half price- $1,000. Call R O C K E R r e c lin e r, s o fa wringer Maytag washer, perfect, end tables, SOFA BED, LOVESEAT, SIDE CHAIR. $ S O FA $95. Living room chair $20., green rug 12x11, $40. ladies blouses $ General Merchandise FANS-commercial, 1 window $ low ped astal $30. Call AM W A Y products delivered. Satisfaction guaranteed. Call Lorraine AQ UA RIUM 30 gal salt w ater w /stand & corals, established. $ BABY CRIB & SHEETS High chair, changing table & boy clothes 0-3 years, also super 8 movie camera $ BRASS, WOOD CARVINGS & MORE Everything frfcm solid brass & hand carved wood animals to p la n te rs to orn a m e n ta l & exotic giftware. W e have large o r small pieces. DUE TO LOW P R IC E S, S E L E C T IO N IS D W IN D L IN G. O u r p ric e s S T ILL can t be beat! W e guara n t e e y o u w o n t fin d it c h e a p e r. E V E R Y T H IN G M UST GO!!! NO REASONA B L E O F F E R R E F U S E D. Call anytime CA R P ET Green wool x Very good cond. best offer C E N TR A L A /C New 3-ton system incl. all parts for most h o m es. $ 1,260. Installation can be arranged. Call eves., C H AR CO AL GAS G RILL $45, 2 BAY FAMOUS STEEL SINK $20 CALL C H E S T FREEZER Cu. ft., commercial, 3yrs old. Asking $ CH LO R IN E - HTH granulated, 5 0 pound barrels. Limited quantity $35 ea COLLECTOR PLATES Gone With The Wind" Series, numerous Rockwells & Hibels, Vague Shadows, Etc. 100 plates in all! TRIPLE CLOSET SPACE L E T M E R E D E S IG N V O U R C L O S E T S & V A N IT IE S F O R M A X IM U M U S E W ITH V E N T IL A T E D V I N Y L / S T E E L S H E L V E S 4 R ACKS 14 S U C C E S S F U L Y E A R S O F C R E A T IV E C L O S E T D E S IG N G U A R A N T E E Y O U G E T T H E M OST STORAGE. C O N V E N IE N C E, B E A U T Y & A C C ES S F O R Y O U R M O N E Y Frt* ESTIMATES SAME DAY RESULTS u p m a a Jm SmGE m m BURT GREEN OR CONTENTS OF HOME - leaving state, must sell everything. Call eves. C O N T ENTS of 3 rooms. Musi sell. Giving up apartment. Call after 4pm C R A F T S M A N Riding Lawn M o w e r Sears, 7 H.P., 246 CC. good cond., $375. Call after 3:30pm CUSTOM SWING SETS Heavy duty 4x4 rot proof lumber construction. Many models, sizes and prices. Shop and compare. Dozens of satisfied customers DISHES S E R V IC E F O R 12 W hite Mita China $50 Firm C A L L DOG PEN 6 high, 12 by 12, 3 sided, attach to shed or house. $250. o r best offer DRYER KENM ORE Exc. cond. $125. DRY-SINK CAB IN E T $50. Call after 6pm Mon-Thurs. ETHAN ALLEN - Couch, hide-a-bed very good cond. $ EXTENSION LADDER (2) 3 6 ' & 20. Heavy duty. Antique sewing maching. Apprx. 80 yrs old. Short wave radio yrs. old. Old tools & misc. Call FANCY LARGE TU B. Good cond. Fixtures included. $250. Call G RASSHOPPER Riding Lawn M ow er. 48 width. 844 hrs. Like new. Used on Estate only $3,000. Randy HO SP ITA L BED Fully electric & wheelchair. Exc cond, reasonable price, neg , weekdays 10-4pm. IB M SYSTEM 34 CO M PUTER W /printer. $900. Call ask for Jo. LAWN M OW ERS Push & Riding $30 & up L A W N M O W E R W heelhorse, 12hp, ride-on, trac-vac catcher, 48 cutting d eck, snow plow & misc. $2, eves. M IKASA CHINA DISHES, service for 12, 98 pc. $65. 3 adj. stools w /back $ NORMAN ROCKW ELL C o lle c t a b le s. F ig u r in e s, plates. Still in boxes. Many lim ited edition s. G ood for gifts, collectors. Reasonably priced. Call eves, or all day w eekends P A IN T SPRAYER Campbell Housefield, airless, # A L , $ Call G eorge, m ornings, RIDER TRACTOR-Sears 8HP Battery start, 36 cut. New eng ine & battery. Exc cond. $495. J Call RID IN G MOW ER, SEARS, 10 hsp., 3 8 cut, electric start, s w e e p e r & spreader. Exc. cond. $ R O UND TABLE - 48inch, 6 swivel chairs, white & melon $ S IM P L IC IT Y Riding M ower, 3 6 cut, 11 HP eng. Hydrostatic dr., rear grass catcher, P a rk e r leaf s w e e p e r incl. $1, after 6pm S O F A B E D & ch a ir. G o od cond. Asking $125. Call ask for Pat or Rich STATE O F TH E ART TONING TA B LE 6 tables in; 1 for sale. Call pm USED BRICKS Have 25,000 to sell MRS. SARAH PSYCHIC CLAIRVOYANT C A R D 6 P A L M R EA D IN G S O n e Visit Will Convince You of Her Superior Powers Advise on All Matters of Life Special Crystal Readings WIND SURFERS(2) 1 yr. old- beginner boards, com plete w/sail. $325. ea X E R O X M E M O R Y W R IT E R Brand new-still in box. Reg. $895. One only at $ am -6pm. ZE N ITH 21" Black & White T V, C o n so le m o d el. Exc. cond. $75. or best offer. Call Aaardvark LIONEL TRAIN & Flyer collector pays CASH. Appraisals A L L L IO N E L T R A IN S O r Flyer. Top cash appraisal. Price no object, A N T IQ U E S, used furniture, contents of homes, etc. Call ATTEN TIO N: Cash fo r your g o ld, diam onds. S im o n e s Jew elry, Mon. M all, BEFORE YOU HAVE YOUR SALE! CALL SECOND HAND LIL A fter 5pm Highest prices paid for all items, antiques, etc. For bargains stop at 24 Broad St.,Keyport. W A N TED Coins, stam ps, g o ld, silver, jew elery. Call & leave message. W e pay top $$$ for anything O LD. Love attics & cellars! Call Uncle Joe, Baskn Robins, or Musical Instruments D R U M S. 7 piece Rodgers + 4 cymbals, hi-hat, seat, cases & more ,after 5. PIANO Hallet Davis Spinet Excellent Condition. Asking $ PIANO/ORGAN LESSONS In your home day or evening. Reasonable Garage/Yard Sale A T TH E LONE ARRANGER O UTLET SIDEW ALK SALE Fri & Sat 9-3 T h e Good, the Bad & the Ugly w ill all be there at sale prices. 92 Shrewsbury Ave, Redbank BELFO R D 166 W aterview Ave Multi Family'Yard Sale July 30, 9am -4pm. Furn, w allpaper, new Kirsch rods. EH. KEANSBURG- 186A Ocean A v e. Fri & Sat, July 29 & am -5pm. YARD SALE E. KEANSBURG Multi Family 5 4 Bergen Ave. (off Bray Ave) July 29, 30, 3 1,1 0 am until? Something for everyone) H A Z LE T 17 Rosem ary Dr. Fri., & Sat., Jully 29, 30. no early callers, 9am, 78 records, antique sewing mach., cabinet baby items, furniture, toys, everything must go, moving. HAZLET. 83 Fleetwood Dr. 10-3pm. Fri & Sat, 7/29 & 30. C lothes, furn, baby item s. Something for everyone. HIGHLANDS 103 Shore Dr. (off Bay Ave.) Sat & Sun 7-30, am-4pm. Everything? HIGHLANDS. 55 Seadrift Ave. Sat & Sun, July 30 & 31. Rain date: Aug 6 & pm. Lots of household items. % KEANSBURG 36 St Johns PI Fri & Sat July 22 & 23, Many Items. No Early Callers KEYPORT 55 Walnut St. (off of First S t) July 30 & 31. M U S T S E E T O B E LIE V E. Handyman s Delight - Hand tools, power tools, nuts, bolts, etc., all kinds of gadgets - something for everyone -bath-i ro o m v a n itie s, s c a ffo ld s, law nm ow ers. 2 1 T R A V E L T R A IL E R (excelle n t conditoin.) Come on down. KEYPORT 276 1st St. Sat. 7/30. Everything must go! Clothes, air conditioner, etc. LEONARDO 7 Kelvin Ave. O ff L e o n a rd v ille Rd. Fri., 5pm.-8pm., Sat. 8am.-4pm. Clothes, household, misc. LEONARDO 3 Families 60 Hosford Ave Sat/Sun 7 /3 0 & 31, 8:30-5pm. Name it, w e ve got it. Almost LITTLE SILVER 35 Parker Ave. (off Willow Dr.) Sat., July 30, 9am -4pm. Giant 15 family yard sale/flea market. New & old items - household, books, clothing, large & small furniture. To benefit Monmouth County music group's stage production in Scotland. Lots & lots of goodies. Don't miss this one. M ID DLETOW N Multi Family O ak Hill Neighbors O ak Hill R d /13 Normandy Ct S a t/s u n July 3 0 /3 1, Rain date Sat/Sun 8 /5 /6,10-4. RED BANK 45 E. Bergen PI., 7 /3 0 & 7/31, 9-4pm. Trash & treasures. SHREWSBURY- 29 Marc Ct (Rt 35 to Silverbrook to Marc) July 30. 8am - 1pm. Digital printer, chair, desk, books, new sweaters, clothes, bike... UNION BEACH 918 Center St. July 29, 30, 31, 10am,- 4pm. Assortment of items. 061 Auctions PUBLIC AUCTION Fri., July 29, 7pm. Colt s Neck Fire Co. # 2, Conover Rd, Colts Neck, NJ. see Thursday s paper for listing. Colonel Bob Randolph, Auctioneer. (201) Instruction/ Tutoring Expert math tutoring. Comp r e h e n. g u a ra n te e d. Vour hom e. Affordable. Gr. studenl ( P h. D. p r g m. ) t e a c h e s ad v./b asic m ath, R e fe re n c e s & credentials. Physics & Chem. also taught. G UITAR INSTRUCTION P riv a te lessons in convenience of your home, by experienced area teacher. Call Piano instruction beginner to virtuoso. Taking new pupils in Atlantic Highlands area, etc. Call PROFESSIONAL TENNIS INSTRUCTION. 27 yrs. experience. Call Rich Lost And Found F O U N D KITTEN, Bradley s parking lot, Rte 35, Middletown. Identify to claim F O U N D fa n t a s t ic y o u n g spayed cat. Up for adoption to loving family L O S T - Y e llo w tig e r cat. L oo ks like 'M O R R IS TH E C A T. L ost on July 11th please call L O ST 2 GOLD RING S at Airport Plaza Bowling Lanes. II returned, reward RED HUSKIE - Found in parking lot o f Pour H ouse in Shrewsbury. Dog is at ASPCA O F Monmouth 065 Pets & Livestock DO BERM AN needs good hom e, 1 yr. old, female, good tem perm ent. loves children. Leave message E N G LISH SETTER pups & Started dogs, Close working, top Bird dogs, easy to train. A lso Stud service or FREE ADORABLE KITTENS TO GOOD HOMES Please call FR EE DOG - Female, spitz, 3Vz yr old, guard dog. All shots up-to-date call FREE KITTENS Asbury area. Calico, black, tiger, beige, grey. Seven to choose from! Ready to go now. Call (please) FREE KITTENS C alico, black, tiger, beige, grey. 7 to choose from. Ready to go now. Call(please!) Asbury park area. F R E E KITTENS, 1- all blk w /long hair, 1- Calico w/long hair, 1- blk & white w/shorl hair FREE PUPPIES To good homes FREE PUPPIES 9 W eeks Old. Mixed breed. Med-Large size F R E E TO LO VIN G H O M E puppy, 5 wk. old female, adora b le, healthy, playful, pink paws, vet checked GERM AN SHEPHARD Pups. AKC registered. Black & Tan. Call H O RSE AUCTION - To settle board bill. August 28th days JACK RUSSELL TERRIERS, sm o o th coats, exc. blood lines. $ STANDARD BRED HORSES Y e a rlin g s, P raised Dignity weanlings, brute mares that have produced horses under 2 minutes. Call A B O R TIO N S Through 24 weeks. Confidential, private. Call A D O D P T IO N L o v in g, w arm, financially secure couple will share beautiful home. Happy, extended family & future filled w/opportunities for newborn baby. Confidential. Legal & medical expenses paid. Please call us collect at (2 01) ADOPTION Childless, young, Christian couple wish to adopt a white newborn. Beautiful home, loving family, good education. Completely legal/confidential. Call Joan & David collect. (201) A D O PTIO N Y o u n g w hite p ro fessio n a l couple, early 3 0 s, religious, happily married 8 yrs, desperately desires to adopt newborn. W e will provide a loving hom e with much warmth, a very secure future but most of a ll L O T S A N D L O T S O F LOVE. Attorney involved, all medical, legal and birth related expenses pd. Confidential, call collect JON LIEBERMAN THERAPU TIC MASSAGES KEYPORT CLASS OF 1978 IF you haven t been reached please mail your address to: Class of 78, 13 Theresa St. Keyport, NJ., MALE 46 Seeking unattached lady from Keyport/Bayshore area. P.O. Box 925 G reater M edia Newspapers One Register Plaza Shrewsbury, N.J VISA/M ASTERCARD! M ajority Approved Get Yours TO DAY! Call (Refundable) E xt R , 24hrs. 067 Psychics ASTROLOGY READINGS BY CYNTHIA Tarot Card & Handwriting Analysis. Call For Info. & Appts Rt. 34 Matawan MRS. SAHAH** PSYCHIC ADVISOR Tarot Cards & Palms. Special Crystal Readings. Private & confidential M R S. S Y L V IA P S Y C H IC R E A D E R Advisor on all problems of life T a ro t C a rd s, A strology & Palm 2104 Kings Hwy., Oakhurst (behind Denny's) NINA, Spiritualist Card and Palm Readings Help in all problem s o f life. Keyport PSYCHIC SCIENCE Psychic Readings. Call Lee General Contracting BACKHOE/TRACTOR Dirt- Stone-Topsoil Driveways-RR ties-clearing Erosion specialist CYCLE CONSTRUCTION CO. A sphalt Driveways, Excavatio n & Fuel tank rem oval^ M ARANATHA PAVING Specializing in Driveways. 2 y e a r m a in te n a n c e fre e g u a ra n te e. Free estim a te or NO JOB TOO BIG OR TOO SM ALL BK & Scott Construction can do itall Air Conditioning Sales/Service 3EAT THE HEAT Call Kenny Breen's A /C Service. Central air 8t window units serviced, epaired & installed & B MECHANICAL- Tor ail /o u r a/c needs. Sale service & nstal. FREE EST KEN DIETRICH JR. AIR CO NDITIO NING HEATING SHEET M ETAL Specializing in split-systems a n d high efficiency equipm ent. A /C add ons. Insured, free estimates A B E A U T IF U L DECK FOR TH E SUMMER. Call now & save! Garden State Decks, ADD-A-DECK Any size or shape. 20 years experience, prompt, free est Additions - Siding - Roofing Decks - W indows - Doors. R. B. Jr. BUILDERS ALL HOME IMPROVEM ENTS FREE EST. INSURED. M.D.F. CONTRACTING, AM ERICAN HARDWOOD FLO ORING Quality Hardwood flo o r refinishing. Sanding, Staining, Installing. SPECIAL IS T IN W HITE STAIN Free est. F iilly Insured. Joseph Hill BATH CREST of Monmouth Embarrassed by your bathroom? Resurface bathubs, tile 8c sinks in your home. Many colors. 5 year warranty. M em ber- Monmouth Chamber of Commerce. Call CHARLES LEVINSOHN Builder specializing in multilevel decks. Many References call CO NSTRUCTIO N SERVICES CO. All types of repairs & remodeling, Res/Com m. No job to o ' sm all, fully insured & FREE est ED DAY CONSTRUCTION Quality builders since O ver 1000 satisified customers. Alterations & remodeling specialists. Call EPPEL & SONS CONST Additions, decks, kit., bsmnts. bthrms, painting. Free estimates/fufly insured FULL LINE HOME IM PRO VEM ENTS NO JOB TO O SM ALL FREE EST. CALL HOME DOCTOR INC Expert practitioners in home remodeling & repairs, roofing, gutters, siding, finish basements. W e ve g o t the prescription for all your needs. Fully Insured INNO VA TIVE RENOVATORS L e t us apply your imagination to decks, doors, windows, roofing, siding, kitchens, & b a th s. B o ok now & save 10 % KRUSIS CONSTRUCTION CO ADDITIONS-RENOVATIO NS Decks, Kitchens, Baths. LAMBRECHT & MEYERS CONSTRUCTIO N Drywall & insulation. Home m provem ents. Free estimates. Call NEW M ODERNIZED DESIGN IN CONSTRUCTION Additions & second levels. Free mem bership to multinews brief bulletin to customers for savings on future projects. Major renovations plus a ll. construction on commercial and residential. Established 25 years. MULTI I CONST. Call Now 1-800* ROOFS All Types Carpentry, rennov. & repairs J+W or R T BUILDERS - Decks, dorm ers, floors. 25yrs. exp. local refs., prompt service call SM ALL REPAIRS Around the Home. Carpentry, remodeling, wallpapering, em ergency repairs, painting. Call Carpentry A CARPENTER & ROOFER REASONABLE RATES. CALL ADLER CABINET WORKS Custom creative woodcraft. Utilize existing spaces or create new ones. Call HOME IMPROVEMENTS Alterations, Repairs. N o Job Too Small. J. BARON or BEAUTIFUL DECKS Designed & well built, reliable, & reputable. Free est., call Doug /Jim CARPENTER No Job Too Small - Specialty in Decks. Free Estimates CUSTOM MICA FURNITURE Quality wall units & bedroom sets. J. ROTH, Finish C arpenter W ork Finish to roofing. No job too small! Mark Fully insured free estimates. HOME CRAFTSMAN Carpentry, woodwork, jobs done with precision. Job too big for /o u? Too small for others? Ken S o derlund, pm. a fte r 073 Carpet Cleaning A -1 EXPERT Carpet Cleaning Upholstery cleaning BEAUTIFULLY SHAMPOOED 074 Carpet Install./ Repair/Sales J IM S CARPET INSTALLATION Sales, cleaning, re-lays, re-stretches and repairs. Call Ceram ic Tile Repair/Install. CERAMIC FLOORS Installed Kitchens Bathrooms In s u re d F r e e Estim ates CE R A M IC TILE CONTRACT ING K itchens, Floors, W alls & B a th s. F re e E s tim a te s. Prompt Service. Call C eram ic Tile, floor & wall. Sales, installation & repairs, 2 8 yrs. experience. Free estimates. Jim, C U STO M TILING Specializing in tear outs and repairs. M ud floors. Clean work. Reas o n a b le. G e o rg e fo r fre e est D & L TILE BATHS KITCHENS FO YERS ETC. FREE ESTIM ATES New Ceramic Tile & Repairs Sheetrock, tub, vanities, toilets, faucets instaled. Free estimates Cleaning S e rvice i ALL-BRITE CLEANING INC. Res/com m /windows. Bonded & insured, w /over loyrs. exp. FREE est. & excel, refs. Jim C & C Cleaning Services-Res., comm. & windows. W e use our hands so you don't have to! Free estim ate: Anthony or Carl ^Housecleaning at it s best. Free estimates, reas. rates. SHARON CO < JD S POWER W ASH H o u ses a specialty. Fleet rrlaint or » K & L CLEANING \ SERVICE \ OFFICE CLEANING FREE ESTIMATE SHORE SW EEP A cleaning service & more. Excellent refs. Call now, Sparkle Window Cleaning Res/Com m, serv. Monmouth Co., free est S & S CLEAN UP Gutters Garages Homes Construction Debris Yard Work Light Hauling Trees - Shrubs Big Or Small W e Do It All Free Fully Estimates Insured Electrical BEST ELECTRIC Lie. No Fast dependa b le s e rv ic e. R e asonable rates. Free estimates. Call T/R ELECTRIC CO. A /C HEATING ELECTRICAL Residential & Commercial H ig h efficiency experts B o ile rs, hot water system O il to gas conversions Electrical contracting Central A/C system design Free Estimates Call Lie 2724 FRANIOK ELEC. CO NTRACTING. Res./comm. License #9060. senior citizen discount j

51 THE INDEPENDENT, JULY 27, We honor VISA and Mastercard ^1 B u sin e ss & S ervice C all DEADLINE 3 PM THURSDAY. PAINTING LAWN CARE & LANDSCAPING BUILDING /REM ODELING COMMERCIAL TURF EQUIPMENT B o b C a t. Ec h o. L it tle W o n de r. H o n d a. T o ro. A n d M o re N e w Je rs e y s largest c om m ercial e q u ip m e n t dealer GIVEUS ACALL ROUTE 516 OLD BRIDGE "P tu H tik q Interior/ Exterior S p e c ia liz in g in V ic t o r ia n s t y le hom es and color co-ordinating No job too small Fully Insured 67t-92fO COMPLETE WALLCOVERING SERVICE.a v5 Specializing In: ^ Pre-Pasled Paper as well as Pasted Paper Reasonable Prices. SERVING I MONMOUTH COUNTY I <(< >* References Upon Request Xhtn is nowbsittu* tor "Th* Fcmntai Touch" P A I N T I N G «( I N T E R I O R / * E X T E R I O R < Fast Service F A M IL Y B USINESS { jjfully Insured Licensed! S & S C L E A N - U P GUTTERS GARAGES HOMES CONSTRUCTION DEBRIS YARD WORK LIGHT HAULING TREES - SHRUBS "Big or Small We D o It A ll- Free Estimates Fully Insured B A R R ETT CARPENTRY SERVICE CUSTOM DECKS Porches Additio n s R e p a ir Rem odel Rebuild RICH'S HOME IMPROVEMENT Carpentry Replacement Windows Decks nllnanftrinad >us* Painting RcQSOflobtc Rales W A L L P A P E R B E L O W W H O L E S A L E! DESIGNER COLLECTION CUSTOMCOLOR CONTEMPORARY HAND SCREENED PRINTS * 1 8. S t FREE SHOP AT HOME DESIGNER SERVICE 972*7694 B a r b a r a & S O N PAINTING Interior - Exterior Power Washing Textured Ceilings Free Estimates Insured 'K t v u v u e * t47 Howell Rd., Howell WE SELL WHOLESALE TO THE PUBLIC! >LA R G E SELEC TIO N OF EV ER G R EEN S & PLANTS OPEN 7 DAYS - 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. CALL FOR DIRECTIONS " J. V. P A I N T I N G Interior/Exterior Spray, Roll, Brush Com m ercial Residential Fully Insured Free Estimates JAMES VILLA or R&R P A IN T IN G IN C. IN T E R IO R E X T E R IO R R E S ID E N T IA L I C O M M E R C IA L F U L L Y IN S U R E D F R E E E S T IM A T E S LAWN CARE & LANDSCAPING T Z G R E E N S LA N D S C AP IN G R e s id e n tial C o m m e rc ia l P o o l & P a tio D e sig n D e c o ra tiv e S to n e R R Ties R e ta in in g W alls G ra d in g & S e e d in g P a ym e n t Pla ns Available SPRUCE U P Landscape & Tree Service * 5 ^ Custom Landscaping Tree & Stum p Removal Spring & Fall Cleanup.Y a rd & Landscape Renovation Fo r Free Estimates Call i EASTERN SHORE LANDSCAPE A ll Phases of Landscaping, Design, Installation, Excavation Interlocking Concrete Paver: Patios, Walkways, Driveways R&R Retaining Walls Natural Stone Walls Patio & Pool Designs Grading, Seeding, Sodding Stone, Mulch, Topsoil C all F o r A F r e e E s t im a t e BUILDINC & REMODELING LET U S D O THE W O R K! X D.D.S. HOME IMPROVEMENT CUSTOM DECKS TIE WALLS & WALKS Interior & Exterior Carpentry General Maintenance Free Estimates Fully Insured ASK ABOUT OUR BONUS p ill6 -t E H 1 ECONOMY PAINTING QUALITY WORK REASONABLE RATES WALLPAPERING We love our work and it shows! Reasonable Rates CALL TOM SEAMLESS GUTTERS From $2.15 Linear Foot VINYL SIDING From $ Per Square B U D G E T C O N S T R U C T I O N C O. I N C G I B B O N S P A I N T I N G \ INTERIOR/EXTERIOR V TEXTURED CEILINGS & ^ G E N E R A L CARPENTRY 10% OFF WITHAD ED SATISFACTION GUARANTEED FREE ESTIMATES FULLYINSURED TerraSnipe Inc CUSTOM LANDSCAPING Sod TREE PLANTING Custom Design Decks LA W N M AINTENANCE LANDSCAPING & CUSTOM DECKS Free Estimates Fully Insured FOR ALL YOUR CONSTRUCTION NEEDS REMODELING ADDITIONS VINYL SIDINGS SEAMLESS GUTTERS ROOFS DECKS F L A T R O O F IN G.D IV IS IO N Residential Commercial TORCHAPPLIED MODIFIED BITUMEN SYSTEMS r ^ G l R [IMPRiD V E M E N T S C L E A N -U P S T R U C K R E N T A L S WEPARK- YOUFILL- WEDUMP- CONTRACTORS WELCOME

52 5 2 JULY 27,1988, THE INDEPENDENT B u sin e ss & S e rvice G ilt ir t We honor VISA and Mastercard BUILDING & REM O DELING B-KEREK CONTRACTOR Complete Home Construction Additions Renovations Roofing & Siding Deck & Patios OLD TIME QUALITY A t R e a s o n a b le P ric e s Fu lly In su red CUSTOM TILE & INTERIOR DESIGN Specializing in ceramic & VINYL TILE QUARRY ft MARBLE Comploto Remodelina No job too big or small Froo Estimates m m k s J. GANO C o n tr a c to r s Home Im provements Siding. Decks, Total Renovations F re e Estim ate s Fu lly Insured Daniel Gentile Building & mason contractor 2 7 years experience Roofing Wood & vinyl siding Kitchens & Baths?teed expert m J. MURRAY CONSTRUCTION CustomDecks Quality Workmanship Guaranteed All lumber Grade [Pressure Treated (Wolmamzed) Lowest Prices Around Any Size Or Shape Deck OPT/Bile»els Benches Barbecue Pits Lattice Work RR Ties Call FREE ESTIMATE P O W E R W A S H I N G SPECIALISTS RESTORE&BEAUTIFY Aluminum-Vinyl Cedar Shakes Concrete-Brick Light Painting T hree D FULLYINSURED FREEESTIMATES J & B MAINTENANCE CUSTOM CARPENTRY Additions Custom Decks Railroad Ties Basement Refinishing Ask for Joe TOP SOIL STONE FILL DIRT >DRIVEWAYS EXCAVATING, GRADING BACKHOES, DOZERS &LOADERS SERVICE BUILDING & REM O DELING PYRAMID MASONRY CONSTRUCTION Quality Work Insured Free Estim ates Ron Dente Keyport JoDan CONSTRUCTION R O O F I N G & S I D I N G K IT C H E N S & B A T H R O O M A L L T Y P E S O F W O O D F E N C I N G C A R P E N T R Y R E P L A C E M E N T D O O R S A N D W IN D O W S C U S T O M D E C K S FREE ESTIMATES JSS, CONCRETE WORK SIDEWALKS PATIOS DRIVEWAYS POOL DECKS, ETC. SATISFACTIONGUARANTEED-INSURED ARTISAN CONSTRUCTION CALL RICHIE or P V l D W K B U I L D E R In te rio r/ E x te rio r R e m o d e lin g For all you remodeling needs. Roofing/Siding Decks Window Replacement Trim & Gutters Fully Insured Free Estimates R.A. DRYWALL CONTRACTORS Sheetrocking Taping & Finishing CUSTOM WORK or S V E N S O N ' S CUSTOM EXTERIORS R O O F I N G & S I D I N G R E P L A C E M E N T W I N D O W S GUTTERS LEADERS STORM DOORS & WINDOWS STEEL DOORS SHUTTERS QUALITYDOESN T COST -IT PAYS MARANTHA PAVING - SPECIALIZING IN DRIVEWAYS - GRADING & STONES MAINTENANCE FREE ALL W O R K G U A R A N T E E D F r e g J E s tim a te s or B R O S. R O O F I N G C O. R E S ID E N T IA L -C O M M E R C IA L Specializing in shingles O Hot Asphalt Roofs O Slate Repairs O One Ply System O Gutters-Leaders 1 0 % O F F F O R S E N IO R C IT IZ E N S * F R E E E S T IM A T E S Fully Insured ALL TYPES CARPENTRY REPAIRS FINANCING A VAILABLE Bonded A - yw H r - - Century j Renovations w rtfte S r* f'ai/ *? Specializing in Decks V and Gazebos All types o f Rem o deling, T ilin g, And erson & A tr iu m Doors E xte rio r P a in tin g & House W ashing A ll H an d ym a n Services Reasonable Rates : 1 FREE NO SALESMEN FULLY ESTIMATES INSURED C A L V E R Y C O N S T R U C T IO N CO. G E N E R A L C O N T R A C T O R S A L L C U S T O M W O R K ADDITIONS DECKS. ADD-A-LEVELS DORMERS SIDING & ROOFING a d d i t i o n S H E L L S 1 0 x 1 2 * * 5, x * 9, TOTAL HOM E IM PROVEM ENT CORP. FOR ALL TYPES OF HOME IMPROVEMENTS A D D -A -L E V E L G A RA G E S VINYL SID IN G C O N V E R T A CARPORT Add a Room FIN ISH ED BASEM ENTS VINYL REPLACEM ENT W IN D O W S 10x12 Room Addition TOTAL will build the frame and concrete slob foundation, complete with roofing & vinyl siding. You do the finishing or if you prefer TOTAL will build a complete custom designed room.* 12 ft. Dormer TOTAL will build the frame consisting of roofing & siding, or a complete designed dormer. * Debris removal optional * $ *4590- $ SUMMER SPECIAL W e also specialize in BATHROOMS & DECKS T O T A L H O M E I M P R O V E M E N T 33! Maple Place, Keyport Call 24 Hours License # S T O CONSTRUCTION ( H Y fa /# ' G / v t ' A H o v t / t t D E A L W IT H O N E P R O F E S S I O N A L C O M P A N Y F O R A L L Y O U R N E E D S - B IG O R S M A L L f PAINTING & PAPERING CARPENTRY ROOFING ALTERATIONS/ADDITIONS ALUMINUM/VINYL SIDING. KITCHENS/BATHS. CONCRETE/FIREPLACES I T V. WINDOWS/DOORS PLUMBING/ELECTRICAL W DECKS SKYLIGHTS GIVE YOUR HOUSE A F A C E l i f t _ Free Estim ates! CALL NOW! (20 1 ) E K FR O M PER SQUARE CUSTOM KITCHENS DESIGNER BATHROOMS ADDITIONS &ALTERATIONS FINANCING AVAILABLE TO QUALIFIED HOMEOWNERS MELMEDCONSTRUCTION CO: 2150 HIGHWAY 35, HOLMDEL NEWJERSEYSTATELICENSEDBUILDER] I

53 We honor VISA and Mastercard SPECIAL SERVICES CURIAZZA Plumbing&Heating INDUSTRIAL COMMERCIAL RESIDENTIAL Free Estimates Reasonable Rates License #6465 CUSTOM TILE & INTERIOR DESIGN S p e c ia liz in g in CERAMIC & VINYL TILE QUARRY & MARBLE Complete Remodeling No job too big or small Free Estimates B u s i n e s s & S e r v i c e O D D JO BS U N LIM IT ED Lawn service, yards cleaned, cellars cleaned and backhoe service. Commercial & Residential cleanup Lawn Master & Property Maintenance, Inc , p m SPEC IA L SERVICES CUSTO M IZE YOUR INTERIORS Upholstery Drapery W indow Treatm ents Tab le Pads Bedspreads/ Upholstered Headboards Wallpaper Roxanne FROST Air Conditioning & Heating 24 Hr. Service Lowest Prices All Makes &Models Free Estimates Hazlet JU N K C A R S B O U G H T M A R L B O R O AU TO W R ECKERS T H E IN D E P E N D E N T, J U L Y 27, Call DEADLINE 3PM THURSDAY SPEC IA L SERVICES CRYSTAL CLEAR WINDOWWASHING Residential Satisfaction Guaranteed Call Scott E s Roofing Painting Y rs. o f Experience Free Estim ates Fu lly Insured R o o fin g, 1s t 1,0 0 0 sq. ft. *750. Painting, most homes, 1 coat *8 9 5 Install Roofing Fans, Storm Doors & Gutters Call CARPET CLEANING SPECIAL 20% off our regular low price C all for Free E stm a te s NEW DAWN I ADDABIT OF COUNTRY TO YOURNEXT PARTY PONIES...: 0 4 Z>'i j Paving - Repair Resurfacing Weather Sealing Small Parking Lots Home Driveways FREE ESTIMATES I (201) HOME MAINTENANCE &REPAIR. CARPENTRY. DECKS DRYWALL RAILROAD TIE WALLS PAINTING-INT. & EXT. REPAIR BROKEN GLASS-GLAZING GUTTERS CLEANED & INSTALLED. LANDSCAPING SEAL DRIVEWAYS FLOORS INSURED!! CALL JOHN Sagging" FLOORS? Roof or Walls? All Structural Repairs Buildings Jacked & Leveled Sills Replaced Foundations Repaired Insect Damage Repaired F R E E Inspection & Estimates J k ^ DURABILT GUTTERS CLEANED and REPAIRED GUTTER GUARDS INSTALLED SUPER LOW RATES FREE ESTIMATES CALL W e lay Belgian Block, C o n crete W alks & Concrete Drivew ays after 6 p.m. Telephone Jacks >Cable T.V. Jacks Alarm Systems Intercoms Door Chimes Antennas W irew iz ' - i r Philip ROB S CARPET SERVICE Shop At Home CARPET SALES, Installations, Pick-up, Relays & Repairs DECORATING REDECORATING Window Treatments Verticals Blinds Shades Draperies Furniture Carpeting Fabrics Convenient in home appointments. Discounts Jo a n CAUTION Y o u co u ld m iss o u t on G o o d Q u a lity H o m e Im p ro v e m e n ts a t ve ry re a s o n a b le p ric e s. Spackle &Taping Gutters &Leaders No Job Too Small CALL: BEN BROWN" The House Mechanic HOUSE WASHING HOUSES CEDAR SHAKES VINYLSIDING -SIDEWALKS ALUMINUM DECKS JIM MITCHELL / f i. _ Now Signing Summer Contracts Call for free estimate COLONIAL CARPET CLEANING For The Best Results In Carpet Cleaning. Carpets Ate Vacuumed, Pre-spoted, Shampooed, Steam Cleaned & Deodorized. Special Attention Given To Heavy Walk Areas & Spots & Stains. ' We Call Back After Every Job We Do. W e 'r e H e r e To Serve You! A s p h a l t P a v i n g B y A.T. S t a n l e y Driveways Parking Areas Residential & C o m m erc ia l FREE ESTIM ATES & r ' GATES & T ER M IN A LS ALSO SA LE PRICE! MAJESTIC FENCE, INC OR C E R A M I C S W m m m m \ t~ ~ i T l A L L O V E R I N C. VISIT OUR DESIGNER SHOWROOM MARBLE/CERAMIC TILE EXPEFiT INSTALLATION FREE ESTIMATES 4AO/ OFF REG. PRICE OF 1 U /O ANY TILE WITHTHIS AD Main St., Matawan B.D. & SONS HOMES REFURBISHED E X P E R T W A L L P A P E R IN G & P A IN T IN G IN T E R IO R /E X T E R IO R P O W E R W A S H IN G A V A IL A B L E Fully Insured C A L L N O W F O R SU M M ER SPEC IA L Power Wash, FREE with Exterior Paint Job Free Estimates STAN S SEAMLESS GUTTERS Insured CONTRACTORS/HOMEOWNERS 3-5 Days Lead Time Aluminum Trim and Window Replacem ents Owned & Operated by STAN LACHIEWICZ S ^P < U IG N O ComputerGraphics B MagneticSigns I Plexi-Aluminum TruckLettering I VacuumForming WindowLettering 8 Pennants&Banners fl Real EstateFrames LAYOUT &DESIGNSERVICE I LOWPRICES FREE ESTIMATES 1 Rt. 79&Tennent Rd I MORGANVILLE T ID Y U P W ITH T IM total clean up service Residential/Commercial M i l S e U Maids Will clean your home like it w as your own. Fully insured Affordable Window cleaning 24 hour emergency cleaning, service Satisfaction guaranteed n j a / \ r 1 f initial cleaning ^ U ( J l I with this ad FIND YOUR PAINTER IN OUR BUSINESS &SERVICE DIRECTORY

54 5 4 JULY 27,1988, THE INDEPENDENT 079 Entertainment 083 Masonry 086 Painting 105 Boats for Sale R eedm an C a r - Truck W orld C enter 12 Franchised M akes Cars-Trucks - Am erican & Imports T h i s A d R e p r e s e n t s N e w C a r s & T r u c k s - A m e r i c a n & I m p o r t s U.S. R O U T E 1 L A N G H O R N E, P E N N A C a ll T h em L e ft-o v e rs - C a ll T h em W h a t Y o u M a y. W e H ave Placed O u r F in a l O rd ers F o r N ew 1988 C ars & T ru c k s. 88 s A rriv in g D a ily. H u rry G et Y ours W h ile They L ast. Shop Reedman C a r & T ru ck W o rld C enter 2500 New Cars & Trucks S a le s D e p a r t m e n t H o u r s : O p e n W e e k d a y s 9 A M t o 1 0 P M - S a t. 9 A M t o 7 P M - C l o s e d S u n d a y R E E D M A N C H E V R O L E T Servlc# Dept. Operating On AFull Scale 2 Shift Baals 8 A.M. To Mldnlte. We Accept Major Credit Cards. Shop Reedman New Chevy Cara &Truck* CORVETTE HEADQUARTERS $ Is $ Off Mfg. List Price New '88 Corvette Cpes W/Auto Trans Revolving Inventory. MONTE CARLO HEADQUARTERS End Of An Era Of Rear Wheel Drive Monte Carlos. Shop Reedman New 1988 Monte Carlos. CAPRICE HEADQUARTERS $ Is $ Off Mfg. List Price. New 1988 Caprice Brougham L.S. Sdns With Option Pkg. 3 Revolving Inventory CAMAROHEADQUARTERS S Is $ Off Mfg. List Price & Includes A $ Rebate. New 88 Camaro IROC s 5.7 Eng.. W/IROC Opt Pkg No. 3 S Is $ Off Mfa List Price & Includes A $ Saver Pkg LTB4 & Includes $ Rebate. New '88 Corsica Sdns V6 W/Opt Pkg No 4 Revolving Inventory $ s $ Off Mfg List Price & Includes A $ Saver Pkg LGB3 & Includes A $ Rebate. New '88 Beretta G.T. Cpes W/Option Pkg. 3. Revolving Inventory CELEBRITY HEADQUARTERS S > $ Off Mfg. List Price & Includes A $ Saver Pkg Option C4Z & Includes A $ Rebate. New '88 Celebrity V6 4 Dr Sdns CL Models W/Option Pkg No. 3 Revolving Inventory CAVALIER HEADQUARTERS $ Is $ Off Mfg. List Price & Includes A $ Rebate. New '88 Cavalier R.S. 4 Dr Sdns. With Option Pkg. No. 2 or No. 3 Revolving Inventory $ Is $ Off Mfg. List Price & Includes A $ Rebate. New 1988 Novas 4 Dr. Sdns & Hatchbacks With Option Pkg. No. 4 Revovling Inventory R e e d n a n C hevy T ra c k s H e a d q u a rte rs $ Is $ Off Mfg. List Price & Includes A $ Rebate New '88 Chevy C /4 Ton Pickups 2 Whl Dr. Models W/AC Revolving Inventory $ Is $ Off Mfg. List Price & Includes A $ Rebate & Includes A $ Saver Pac (YL6) Discount'Pkg. New 1988 S-10 Blazer 4 Whl Dr Tahoe Mdls V-6 LL2 Eng. Revolving Inventory $ Is $ Off List Price & Includes A $ Rebate & Includes A $ Saver Pac (YL6) Discount Pkg. New 1988 Chevy S-10 Pickups 2 Whl Dr. Tahoe Models W/Auto AC & LL2 V6 Engine $ Is $ Off Mfg. List Price. New 1988 Chevy V-5 Blazers 4 Whl Dr. Silverado Models Revolving Inventory $ Is $ Off Mfg. List Price New 1988 Chevy R-20 Suburbans Silverdo Models Revolving Inventory $ Is $ Off Mfg. List Price & Includes A $ Rebate New 1988 Crew Cab Pickups Silverado Models Revolving Inventory $ Is $ Off Mfg. List Price & Includes A $750 Rebate & A $ Saver-Pac (YL7) Discount Pkg New '88 Chevy S10 Pickups 4 Whl Dr Sport Mdls R E E D M A N D o d g e T r a c k s 6. 8 % Annual Percentage Rate Financing Thru Chrys Credit Corp. Or A Cash Alternative Rebate As Indicated Below In A To C S Is $ Off Mfg List Price & Includes A $ Rebate & A $ P.P.III Discount Pkg. New 88 Dodge D-250 Pickups LE Models Revolving Inventory B $ Is $ Off Mfg. List Price & Includes A $ Rebate & A $ P.P.III Discount Pkg. New 88 Dodge D-150 Pickups LE Models Revolving Inventory $ Is $ Off Mfg. List Price & Includes A $ Rebate New '88 Dodge BD-100 Pickups W/AC -Revolving ' Inventory 6. 8 % Annual Percentage Rate Financing Thru Chrys Credit Corp. Or A Cash Alternative Rebate As Indicated Below In A $ Is $ Off Mfg. List Price & Includes A $ Rebate New '88 Dodge Dakota Pickups 4 Whl Dr Mdls Revolving Inventory R E E D M A N L in coln -M ercury M e r k u r Shop Reedman New 750 Line-Mere Merkur Vehlclea Revolving Inventory NEW1988 LINCOLN TOWNCARS $ Is $ Off Mfg. List Price & Includes A $ Rebate. New '88 Lincoln Town Cars Cartier Models Revolving Inventory $ Is $ Off Mfg. List Rice. New '88 Lincoln Mark VII Bill Blass Cpes $ Is $ Off Mfg List. New 1988 Lincoln Continental Signature 4 Dr Sdns. Taking Orders $ Is $ Off Mfg. List Price & Includes A $ Factory Discount Pkg. No. 193 New '88 Merc Grand Marquis Colony Park LS 3 Seat Sta Wgns Revolving Inventory $ Is $ Off Mfg. List Price & Indudes A $ Rebate & A $ Factory Discount Pkg. No. 263 New '88 Merc. Cougar LS V8 Spt Cpes., Revolving Inventory $ Is $ Off Mfg. List Price & Includes A $ Rebate & A $ Special Factory Discount Pkg No 460 New '88 Merc Sable L.S. Sdns Revolving Inventory SCORPIOHEADQUARTERS $ ts $ Off Mfg. List Price. New '88 Merkur Scorpio German Import 4 Dr. Sdn With Touring Pkg & Auto $ Is $ Off Mfg. List Price & Includes A $ Rebate New 1988 Merkur,XR4Ti 2 Dr Spt Sdns With Auto Sunroof & Leather German Import. *$ Is $ Off Mfg. List Price & Includes A $ Factory Discount Pkg. No New '88 Mercury Grand Marquifc LS Sdns Revolving Inventory $ Is $ Off Mfg. List Price & Includes A $ Rebate & A $ Factory Discount Pkg. No. 363 New 1988 Merc Topaz GS Sdns Revolving Inventory. $ Is $ Off Mfg. List Price & Includes A $ Rebate. New 1988 Mercury Tracer Hatchbacks. Revolving Inventory R E E D M A N C hrysler-p lym outh D odge Shop Reedman 625 New Dodge Cara &Trucks Chrys. Ply. American &Imports Revolving Inventory 6. 8 % Annual Percentage Rate Financing Thru Chrys Credit Corp. Or A Cash Alternative Rebate As Indicated Below In A $ Is $ Off Mfg List Price & Includes A $ Rebate New 1988 Chrysler Conquest TSI Spt Cpes. $ Is $ Off Mfg List Price & Includes A $ Rebate & A $ Luxury Equip Pkg Discount New '88 New Yorker Landau V6 4 Dr Sdn Revolving Inventory 8. 8 % Annual Percentage Rate Financing Thru Chrys. Credit Corp Or A Cash Alternative Rebate As Indicated Below In "A & B" $ Is $ Off Mfg. List Price & Includes A $ Rebate & A $ AAM Pkg Discount New '88 Plymouth Reliant Sdns Dodge Aries Sdns Revolving Inventory B $ Is $ Off Mfg. List Price & Includes A $ Rebate & A $ Auto Trans Pkg. Disc. New 1988 Plymouth Horizon Sdns. New 1988 Dodge Omni Sdns Revolving Inventory. MINI VAN HEADQUARTERS $ Is $ Off Mfg List Price & Includes A $ Lux Equip Discount Pkg (AFF) New '88 Plymouth Voyagers & Dodge Caravan LE Models 7.8 A Annual Percentage Rate Financing Thru Chrys Credit Corp. Or A Cash Alternative Rebate As Indicated Below In A To F $ Is $ Off Mfg. List Price & Includes A $ Rebate & A $ AFF Discount Pkg. New 1988 Lebaron Cpes Mod No. CP21. Revolving Inventory B I $ Is $ Off Mfg. List Price & Includes A $ Rebate & A $ K2 Express Pac Pkg Discount. New 1988 Colt Premier 4 Dr Sdns $ Is $ Off Mfg. List Price & Includes A $ Rebate & A $ AGN Pkg. Discount New '88 Dodge Shadow ES Models Revolving Inventory $ Is $ Off Mfg. List Price & Includes A $ Rebate & A $ R.S. Pkg. Discount New '88 Ply. Sundance RS Hatchbacks Revolving Inventory $ Is $ Off Mfg. List Price & Includes A $ Rebate & A $ AFF Discount Pkg. New '88 Lebaron 4 Dr. Sdns $ E M Is $ Off Mfg List Price & Includes A $ Rebate & A $ AAM Discount Pkg. New 1988 Daytona Spt Cpes.. With Auto & AC $ h e Is $ Off Mfg List Price & Includes A $ AAB Pkg. Discount. New 1988 Dodge Dynasty Sdns Revolving Inventory Sho p Reedm an Car-Truck Leasin g World Center 12 New Car & Truck Franchised Makes American & Imports 250u New Cars & Trucks Private; Individual, Business, Fleet Leasing. Leasing Dealers Business Welcome. Price, Terms, & Conditions On Leasing, Differ From Our Retail Customer Sales. Phone BELLY DANCER Birthdays, Weddings, Retirements, etc., Karima BELLY DANCING By Sherani & m ini-shows/m id -east/haw a i i a n / F o l l i e s / R o a r i n g 20's/K ing for a Day, Guesl participation & exotic dancers, all occassions BELLY DANCING BY SHALIMAR Will liven your next party. Professional, no stag B u ffo o n e ry by Kisses the Klown. Children s parties, ballo on bouquets, picnics, g ra n d openin gs & special events VAPPO THE CLOWN First class, Comedy Magic. Live Bunny, FREE Circus ticke ts, All ag e s, Any O ccasion CREATIVE CLOWNlTeacher clown brings costume, m akeup, magic, & prizes DJ - GOOD VIBRATIONS Robust personality for any occasion. Reas rates FINGERS THE MAGIC CLOWN Magic shows for Birthday parties, schools etc. Call Bob, INVITATIONS, FAVORS & MORE. $$$ SAVINGS PEOPLE PLEASER PARTIES C L O W N S, T A L K IN G R O BOTS, BALLOONS PONIES FOR PARTIES. Picnics, fairs, etc. Reas. Our animals will make your event very special. Call Puddins the Clown. E n e rg e tic, fu n -fille d hour Birthday parties, all occassions. Reas, rates PUPPETS FOR PARTIES. A unique fun-filled puppet show to delight all ages W H E N TH E M USIC M A T T E R S...S O U N D FORCE D J S. S W IN G, O L D IE S R O C K, DISCO 9Y R S EXP, Lawn Care/ Landscaping A Com plete Lawn Care Serv ic e. T r im m in g, S h ru b s, M ulch, Decorative Stones, & Y a rd Clean-up. Call For A F re e Estim ate or B&B TR EE & STUM P RE M O V A L - Free Estim ates - no jo b too big or small B U D G ET LAW NS Residential, commercial, industrial, for mowing, edging & weeding. Lawn maintenance BUSH TREE CO. Clearing, pruning, removal. Firewood and free estimates CARE FREE LAWN SERVICE A full line of landscaping services. Free est GEIER S LAWN SERVICE W eekly lawn mowing & trim ming. M id d le to w n /H o lm d e l a re a only» Free Est GREENSCAPE LAWNS Lawn Maint. & Landscaping. Call or L & L Landscaping & Lawn Service. Com plete lawn care, garden clean-up TO TAL LAWN SERVICE! Custom Landscapes. Decks 12 yrs. exp., Lawn Mower Repair A & B LAWN MOW ER REPAIR REASONABLE RATES PICK-UP & DELIVERY A & J MASON CONTRACTORS Foundations, Concrete, Brick Residential & Commercial Free Estim ates MASONRY REPAIR Experienced, Reasonable, Neat. Call STEPS New & Repaired All types of brick, stone & concrete work W.S. MASON WORKS Stucco, stone work, concrete, steps. Free estimates, reasonable rates Moving & Storage TEACH ER S M OVING INC. Big o r small. Licensed & insured. Free estimates. Fair Haven NJ License No a Light Hauling CLEAN YARDS Cellars, attics & garages Free estimates JE R SEY SHORE HAULING- Demolition & debris removal. Free est. res. rates, HAULING Attics, cellars, garages, const, sites. Debris removal. Commercial / resi dential. Free est STRONG MAN W /VAN Sm all moves, delivery service & cleanups. $22/hr. 4 hrs. min. larger truck & helper avail Cleanup & Hauling. Attics s h e d s, g a r a g e s, c e lla rs yards, etc _ 085 Odd Jobs/ Cleanups Light Hauling, Yard Clean-up, & Re-arranging furniture - W e will move it from room to room. Call for a free estim ate: P a in tin g, G u tte rs, Y ard s. Hom e Repairs, etc. Qual. R e f Danny or Painting AAI Interior Painting Neat, clean & reliable. Call Bob ABLE BROS. PAINTING + Rooms start at $75 & up. Exterior houses $800 & up. Call Joe, ARVANITIS Custom Interiors Fine painting & restoration. Faux finish es and custom pain tin g. R e fe re n ces. Call ASHGAR CUSTOM PAINTING W e Specialize In Perfection & Custom er Satisfaction. Free Est. Full Ins BOB S CUSTOM PAINTING. Interior & Exterior. Plaster & Sheetrock Repair For free estimate, BW PAINTING In t./e x t. S p ecia l ra te s on ranch style homes. Fully in sured, free est C.C. & R PAINTING Clean, courteous & reliable, reasonable rates. Satisfaction guaranteed. Free est. Kurt EAGLE CUSTOM PAINTING AND POWER WASHING Free estimates EMERALD ISLE COMPANY Custom sheetrock finishing, Custom Int/Ext painting, tape Estimates free EXPERIENCED PAINTING Ext. & Int.- 25 yrs. experience / / INTERIOR/EXTERIOR No job too big or small. Free Est. K.F. Painters J & M PAINTING UNLIMITED Custom work, reliable. Free Estimates LIN & GRADY PAINTING Int & Ext painting, plastering, sheetrock, and taping. Fully insured. 530-^179. MONMOUTH COUNTY PAINTING CONTRACTORS Custom painting, power washing. Free est PAINTING CONTRACTOR Painting, wall papering, spraying, power washing. Res./com., inter./exter PAINTING Quality work. Reasonable rates. Sr. Citizen discount. Many refs Philip G eraghty Quality Painting since Reasonable rates QUALITY PAINTING Interior & Exterior. Neat, reliable. Fully insured W ALLPAPER Below Wholsale Barbara See Business/Service Dir. 089 Plumbing & Heating PLUM BING Repairs and Alterations. Call Kenny at License # Roofing/Siding ATTENTIO N SHOW HOMES W ANTED FOR NEW VINYL MARV SILK BELFORD ROOOF1NG & SID ING. See Yellow Pages. 40 Yrs. Exp Hines Roofing & Sheet Metal. W $ install shingles, hot tar build-up roofs, gutters, leaders & will repair all the above. All masonry work. Free esti mates. Call or SINKERS ROOFING & SIDING Strip shingles/siding. Repairs our specialty. Free est., fully insured. Call CHAIR REPAIR. REAS. PRICES, EX PER T HAND CANING + RUSHH- PRESS CANING. PICK UP & DELIVERY for small fee CALL ROY Special Services E A R L 'S A P P L IA N C E R E PAIRS All Brands/Reasonable Rates FACSIMILE COPIES $3 per Page -I- Phone Cost Call Keyport FENCE INSTALLATION - All styles/sizes. C e dar/s pruce Resdtl./C om m rcl. Free est FRANK'S TREE SERVICE & YARD C L E A N U P -T ree removal, flowerbeds, shrubs, etc HAND LETTER ON W OOD PAPER/M ETAL/GLASS REFINISH OLD SIGNS. FAST REAS L IM O U S IN E SERVIC E 10% OFF return wth round trip. Exp. dep LIM O U S IN E S E R V IC E 10% OFF return wth round trip. Exp. dep TH UNDER BIRD BOW RIDER 16 Ft. with trailer, good shape, $ Boating A ccesso ries R U M SO N M arina Boat Slip For Rent. Avail. Imm. Good for boat up to 21'. $240./m o or best offer. Call Autos for Sale ALFA ROMEO SPIDER 1979 am /fm, Just right for summer. $2000. Negotiable AUDI 5000 S 84. Garage kept. Exc. cond. Extended warranty. 67,000 mi. Asking $5, BARACUDA 74 P/S, P/B, Sunroof, air shocks, dual exhaust, cragers. Asking $1, or Marie's Electrolysis. - low mi. Call P e rm a n e n t h a ir rem o»3t> >' Marie De Saro, C.P.E. Middletow n a re a. Call , R ed, T -to p, every option, CHEVY '81 (leave message). auto. $6, Wallpapering AFFORDABLE PRICING W allpapering, interior/exterior painting. Free estimate W ALLPAPERING. Quality work. W e love our work & It show s. R e a s o n a b le rates Many references Boats For Sale FIBERGLASS BOAT & TRA ILER. 16'. Forge motor, ' hp. $ H-atteras 34' Sportsfisherman Complete fiberglass, twin 440 fresh w ater cool Chrysler engine, outriggers, & fighting chair, plus many many other extras; excellent condition. $31, days, eves. HOBIE CAT ft. Used 3 times. W / cat tra x used once. M ust sell immed. A steal at $4000. (609) Ask for Al. JET BOAT '80. 18ft., true 450 hp, only 12 hrs on brand new jet drive & engine. 65 mph ' Mint cond. Also dual axle trailer. $ LARSON, 15', '75 75 horse J o h n so n m o to r w /tr a ile r $1,000 or best offer M EYERS ALUM IN UM 12 ft. $300. or best offer. Call REINELL BOW RIDER HP m otor/trailer. Motor n e e d s w o rk, full can v a s $1,750. or best offer. Call SAILBOAT 14 ft. fiberglass w /trailer. 6 HP. $1,300. Exc. cond aft. 2pm VOLVO DL '80 door, a/c, sunroof. Very good cond. $3500. Call eves, CAM ARO '86 - Fully loaded, excellent cond., must sell call CAM A R O '78 LT Auto, trans., p/s,p/b, 350 engine, runs well. $ C A P R I '81 Y e llo w. G ood cond. Auto, p/s, p/b, a/c, new tires & tuneup. Asking $1, CAVALIER RS 87 Excellent condition. Call for information. CHEVY CAVALIER '84 T ak e over payments; must sell; please call after 7pm CHEVY CHEVETTE '83 Auto, air, p/s p/b, am /fm cass. stereo, 5 0,0 0 0 mi. Asking $1,300. Call CHEVY Citation '81 V -6, auto, 4 dr, p/s, p/b, fm. 75,000 mi. Exc. cond. $1, C H E V Y II ' ,0 0 0 mi. B e a u tifu ll c o n d. R a d ia ls, am /fm. $ CHEVY M O N TE CARLO '78 G^od running cond. AM /FM stereo cass. w/equaliz, $700 or best offer CHEVY M ONZA '79 Auto, a/c, p/s, p/b, new tires & breaks. Good cond. Very reliable. Asking $ CHEVY NOVA '86 M IN T CONDITION, 5 spd, 4 dr hatchback, am /fm stereo, new tires, 40,000 mi CHEVY NOVA '74 'Good shape, runs excellent, CHEVY '83, SEDAN 4 door. - Loaded, low orig mi, garaged, < well maintained, exc. $4200. jcall C H R Y S L E R NEW YORKER 79 As is. $ C HRYSLER 5th '83-4dr., 8cyl., excel, cond., lots of extras $ CORVETTE 79Black, t-tops, beige int, 350 auto, air. c/c, tilt. Looks & runs great. $8700 or best offer ,aft 4. DATSUN 210 '80. 2 dr, 5sp, hatchback, am/fm cass. $ DATSUN W hite, 4 spd, am /fm cass, looks great, moving must sell $ , Ive mssg. DODGE- ASPEN 77 Many new parts. Runs perfect. R eliable transportion. Asking $ after 5 DODGE CHALLENGER 81* *67,000 mi., auto, loaded,* exc. cond. M ust seel $500.* * DODGE Daytona '86 4 Cyl Auto, fuel injection, p/s, p/b. a/c, am /fm, sun roof, louvers, 23,000 mi. $6,500. or best offer. Call after 6 D O D G E O M N I ' Miser, 2 dr., good tires. Good cond. throughout. Quick sale $ after 5pm. DODGE 600 '83 4 Cyl. 4 Dr. Auto, loaded, air, p/s. p/b, stereo, velour int, 2 tone. Exc cond. $2, FIAT SPIDER CONVERTIBLE '78, brow n, 58,0 0 0 mi., 1 owner. $1,750 or best offer

55 THE INDEPENDENT, JULY 27, Autos For Sale 110 Autos For Sale 110 Autos For Sale 116Motorcycles/ Mopeds F I R E B I R D ' F u l l y e q u ip p e d. 5 E x tra T ire s w/rims after 5 FORD ESCO RT 82. 4dr., standard tra n s., engin e & carb., rebuilt, body very clean. Asking $1,300. Call FORD G RANADA 77-6 cyl., 4spd., manual trans., a/c, ps, am /fm, excel, running cond., first $500 takes it FO RD LTD 2 '79 - Super clean, low mil., new exhaust system, new tires, auto, ps, a/c, am /fm cass., call Sal at $1650 or best offer FO RD M USTANG G T liter, T tops, A/C, power windows & locks, A /M F /M cassete, tinted windows, 5 speed, runs superbly. $8,000 or best offer. Steve , between 1-4pm. FU RY Sport V8 '77 Auto, p/s, air. Good running car. Asking $350. Call eves or weekends HONDA ACCORD '86 LX, 4 dr. 5sp., p w M ac., a m /fm str. cass. excl cond, $9000. neg. Honda Accord 76, Hatch 5 spd., new tires, needs new starter best offer HYUNDAI EXCEL '87. 5sp, power sunroof, am /fm cass, velour int JEEP CJ7 '80 3 tops. V e ry g o o d c o n d. U n d e r 50,000 mi. Call JUNK CA RS - And trucks removed. Sam e day pick-up. Call LINCOLN M ARK IV 72, 2 dr., only 34,000 mi , 9am -5pm., aft. 6pm M A Z D A R X B la c k, 35,000 mi, a/c, new exhaust, sunroof, $2500. Call M E R C U R Y CAPRI 80 82,000 mi., manual transmission, am /fm stereo. $500. Call after 5:30. M ERCURY COUGAR 79 Rebuilt engine, new tires, runs excellent. Call M ERCURY LYNX *83 Good cond., standard, a/c. $1500. or best offer. Irene days eves. M G B -G T 74 Low mi., runs and looks greatr. $3,200 or best offer M G B 7 1, W h ite c o n v e r. w /black top A M /FM radio w / c a s s. H a s a n tiq u e value. $1, M USTANG GT, 85, 5.0 liter, t- tops, loaded, mech. owned, must see to apr. $8,395. days , eves. M USTANG 67. Good interior, fair body. M any new & rebuilt parts. Must be put together. $500. Call N IS S A N S T A N Z A W A G O N 86. Tilt wheel, cruise, air, CB, cass, sunroof, booster seats, 48,000 mi. As is OLDS CUTLASS 83 Brand New M otor & Transmission. Best Offer O LDS 79 Cut.Brghm., Wgn. 67K Or.mi., all pw., V6, runs grt/must sell $ PLYM OUTH HO RIZO N 81 H a tch b ack, 4 drs, yellow, auto, good cond. $1,200 or best offer eves. PLYM O U TH SUNDANCE 87. 5spd., 2dr, am radio, delayed wipers, r/defog. Burgundy color. $4, ,000 mi PLYMOUTH VOLARE 77 4 dr., auto, p/s. As is. Best offer PO NTIAC FIREBIRD 69 New engine with less than 1,000 mile^. Quarter panels replaced. In primer paint.all m ajor restoration has been d o n e. $ 7, in v e s te d. Asking $3, REFRIGERATOR GE As is $150. KIRBY VACCUM As is $ SCIROCCO 78 Good running condition. Bosch Fogs, Sony A M /FM cassette stereo. Sunroof. Mechanical inquiries, call Precision Imports. Call pnv9pm. TO YO TA CELICA G T 77Good tires, runs fine needs clutch. $400/best offer TO Y O T A LONGBED P /U 87 auto, P/ST, P/B, A M /FM cass. Must sell! TO Y O T A SUPRA 84, Black All pow er, auto, sun roof, 4 5,000 + mileage. Like new. $10, VOLKSW AGEN DASHER '77. $400 or best offer. Call V O L K S W A G E N R abbit 84 W ulfsberg Edition, 2 dr. air, am /fm. New brakes, tires & shocks V O LVO DL, auto., as is. many new parts, good station car. $ VOLVO 760 GLE 84 Turbo Diesel, 28,000 mi. Exc cond. Call after V W SC IR O C C O 16V '86V2. Exc cond. Loaded. Best offer over $8, Auto & Van Rentals Call Tom s Ford Auto/Trucks Wanted A L M O S T O U T O F ID E A S SE LLIN G YO UR CAR? W e pay highest prices for most 78 & up Olds, Pontiac, Caddy, Buick; Any cond. John / eves. AUTOS & TRUCKS WANTED! All years, all types, any condition JOHN MELFI S TOWING Junk cars & trucks removed for free JUNK CARS REMOVEDI FREE TOWAWAY! SOS TOW ING Auto Parts/ Service CO M PLETE EXHAUST SYS TE M FOR 318 ENGINE. $200 or best offer O LDSM O BILE DELTA CO LEM A N SEQUOIA pop-up engine V8, selling for 84. Sleeps 7, exc cond. Extras. $2500. parts , eves Motorcycles/ Mopeds HARLEY-DAVIDSON 78 Full Dresser $4,500 or best offer. Call after 5pm, HO NDA CL orig m i, garage kept. Best offer Call / HO NDA CR Exc c o n d. M a n y n e w p a r ts. $1, or KAWASAKI KZ m i., windshield, rack, back rest, case guards, foot rest, bought new in 86 must sell $1500 Joe M O TO RBEC ANE heavy duty , new m otor, lo m i., asking $ SU ZU K I GS mi, e x c cond, $ , if no ans leave name & number. SU ZUK I G S Exc. cond. Low milage. $900. or best offer T r u c k s / V a n s CH EVY CADET 74, 16 pass, school van, seat belts, excl chassis, needs some work, best offer CHEVY VAN G Runs well. 6 cyl, $1,300 or best offer eves. DODGE CARAVAN 85 7 passenger, a/c, p/b, auto. 43,000 mi., $6, FO RD F 150 XLT Lariat, fully load., must sell lost lie. 18,500 Mi. take over pymnts bal. $10, FO R D F Spd W /O D. 11,000 mi. P/s, p/b, air; am /fm c a s s, full g a u g e s w /c a p. Asking $9, TO YO TA PICK-UP 79 5 spd., long bed, 90,000 mi som e rust, $ eves. 118 Recreational Vehicles P A LO N IN O PO P UP 1980, sleeps 5, refrigerator & cable, 800 Ibs. $ SHASTA POP-UP 84 E x c e llen t cond. S leeps 6. Stove, refridg, sink, + extras. Asking $1,800. or best offer. Call B U IC K C ITY C L E A R A N C E - T i m e W e M u s t M o v e O u r 8 8 I n v e n t o r y! L E A S E A B U I C K R E A T T A B u ic k s C ustom M anufactured Sp o rty A uto Dem o Std.-2 dr. coupe, Auto. w/o.d., FWD, P/S, P/B, 6 cyl., 3.8 litre, console, A/C, tint, rr. defog., AM-FM stereo cass., P/locks, P/wind., P/antenna, P/trunk rel., P/fuel dr., tilt, cruise, / seats, P/seats, recliners. Digital elk., Mats, light, van. mirr., elec. sports mirr., Mag./Alum. Whls., SBR tires, H.D. batt., anti-lock brakes, concert sound spkrs. 2 sp. wipers w/delay, elec. control center, side mldg., saddle leather & suede seats, 675 miles (demo), only one in stock at this price, st.#8250, VIN , lease. 48 m onth closed end le a se, 1 5,0 0 0 miles per year, refundable deposit required on all leases, no down payment, multiply monthly payments by 48 to determine total. Dealer prep & freight included, tax & MV fees excluded. Offer good for limited time. O N L Y $399 J? 4I3 ^ 0W fashion 0 B u s *'" * * 2 5? T d S e W M )! 1988 BUICK REGAL CO U PE (Demo) SM.-2 dr., FWD, Auto, P/S, P/B, 6 cyl, tint, Opt.-A/C, rr. defog, AM-FM stereo I cass. P/locks, P/W ind, P/Antennae, P / j trunk, rel, tilt, cruise, P/seat, mats, elec. sports mirr. Halogen lamps, Mag. Alum. Whls, W/W 5BR tires, concert sound spkrs, delay wipers, one in stock at this price, st.#8121, VIN , 5920 miles, Ust 15, BUICKCENTURY WAGON(Demo) Std.-FWD, Auto, P/S, P /B, tint, 0pt.-6 cyl, 2.8 litre, A/C, rr. defog, AM-FM stereo cassette, P/Wind, tilt, cruise, lugg. rack, lighted Van. M irr, Sports m irr, rem. t/gate lock, one in stock at this price, st.#8128, VIN ,5788 miles, List 15, BUICKLESABRE SEDAN(Demo) Std.-4 dr., FWD, Auto. w /O.D., P/S, I P /B, A/C, t i n t * 0 p U cyl. 3.8 litre, rr. defog, AM-FM $(ereo cassette, P/locks, P/W ind, P/Anteiwa, cruise, P/seats, I mats, lighted van. m irr, elec. sports m irr, W/W SBR tires, H.D. Battery, leath. int., dr. & c rtsy warn, lamps, one j in stock at this price, st.#8142, VIN ,5260 miles, List '18, , I < 1 3, I > 1 6, Prices include Prep &Freight, Exclude Tax &M.V. Fee H I G H E S T O V E R A L L B U I C K C U S T O M E R S A T I S F A C T I O N I N M O N M O U T H C O U N T Y D I S C O U N T C E N T E R T H E B U IC K A D V A N T A G E IS A L W A Y S T H E B E S T B U Y! 688 SHREWSBURY AVE HINTON FAU-S, NJ

56 5 6 JULY 27,1988, THE INDEPENDENT N. J. 'S L A R G E S T CHEVROLET T R U C K A V A N CENTER BRANONEW1988 CHEVROLET S P E C T R U M 4 dr sedan. I 5 liter 2 BBL 4 cyl.. 5 spd man trans man steering and brakes, color floor mats FR. B/W radials One in stock for immediate delivery Stock No 1005 VIN MSRP S8475 BUY ITNOW BRANONEW1988 CHEVROLET N O V A dr H/B sedan I 6 liter 2 BBL 4 cyl. auto trans PS MB PL. B/W radials One in stock for immediate delivery otock No 3197 VIN MSRP $10, SI 0, 0 I 9 M in u s R e b a t e o f $ M in u s R e b a t e o f $ $ FINAL PRICE FINAL PRICE BRANONEW1988 CHEVROLET S -1 0 E L 5 9 Pick up Fleetside body 2 5 liter EFI 4 cyl 5 spd man trans w OD PB. MS AM rally wheels B W radials One in stock for immediate delivery Stock No VIN MSRP S 7505 BUY ITNOW. _ M in u s R e b a te o f $ FINAL PRICE BRANONEW1988 CHEVROLET S -1 0 B L A Z E R 4 WD tailgate body 2 8 liter EFi v-6 4 spd auto trans w OD PS PB air console gauges folding rear seat S B radials One in stock for immediate del'very Stock No 2394 VIN MSRP SI5 946 ^ 1 4,4 0 6 M in u s R e b a te o f $ FINAL PRICE.*1 3,6 5 6 BRANONEW1988 CHEVROLET C E L E B R I T Y 4 dr 2 seat wagon. 2 5 liter EFI 4 cyl. auto trans PS PB air rear window defroster 5 B radials One in stock for immediate delivery Stock No 1131 VIN MSRP SI BRANONEW1988 CHEVROLET C A V A L I E R VL 2 dr coupe. 2 O liter E F I 4 cyl. auto trans. PS. man steering, air, tinted glass, rear window defroster, color-key mats F/R. bucket seats. S B radials One in stock for, immediate delivery Stock No, 4405 VIN MSRP $ ,3 3 4 * M in u s R e b a t e o f $ M in u s R e b a t e o f $ FINAL PRICẸ *1 0,8 3 4 FINAL PRICE BRANDNEW1988 CHEVROLET V A N Passenger body 5 0 liter E F I V-8. auto trans. PS. PB lighter sliding side door S B radials One in stock for immediate delivery Stock No 638 VIN MSRP $12,780 B U Y I T N O W O N L Y! BRANONEW1988 CHEVROLET 4 x 4 B L A Z E R Blazer body 5 7 liter E F I V 8 4 spd auto trans w OD PS PB air. folding rear seat towing device auto locking hubs S B radials One in stock for immediate delivery Stock No 4192 VIN MSRP $ B U Y I T N O W O N L Y! * *1 5,5 9 6 T A K E I M M E D I A T E D E L I V E R Y! T A K E I M M E D I A T E D E L I V E R Y! BRANONEW1988 CHEVROLET B E R E T T A 2 dr coupe. 2 8 liter M.F I V 6, auto trans. PS. PB. air carpet mats F/R, rear window defroster. 2 tone paint S B radials One in stock for immediate delivery Stock No 1904 VIN MSRP $11,762. ^ * 1 0,7 4 3 M in u s R e b a t e o f $ * 1 0,3 4 3 FINAL PfUCE.. BRANONEW1988 CHEVROLET C O R S I C A 4 dr. sedan. 2 0 liter EFI 4 cyl.. auto trans. PS. PB. air. tinted glass, console. rear window defroster, pin stripe S/B radials. One in stock for immediate delivery Stock No VIN MSRP SW.67I. r * M in u s R e b a t e o f $ BRANDNEW1988 CHEVROLET C A M A R O 2 dr sport coupe. 2 8 liter MF I V-6 auto trans w OD PS. PB. AM FM stereo air: tinted glass. rear window defroster S B radials One m stock for immediate delivery stock No 4373 VIN MSRP $13,101 p^ow$l l, M in u s R e b a t e o f $ FINAL PRICE. *1 1,4 2 0 BRANONEW1988 CHEVROLET C E L E B R I T Y 4 dr sedan. 2.5 liter E F I 4 cyl, auto trans. PS. PB. air rear window defroster Eurosport equipment. S B radials One in stock for immediate delivery,, Stock No 3995 VIN MSRP $12,600 *11,167 M in u s R e b a t e o f $ FINAL PRICE * 1 0,6 6 S E E T H E B I G O N E F O R T H E L O W E S T P R I C E S! BRANDNEW1988 CHEVROLET C A P R I C E 4 dr sedan. 5 0 liter 4 BBL V- 8. auto trans w OD. PS. PB. air. wheel moldings, accent stripes, rear window defroster door edge guards. S'B radials One in stock for immediate delivery Stock No 1923 VIN MSRP $13,946 B U Y I T N O W O N L Y! * 1 2,4 0 2 T A K E I M M E D I A T E D E L I V E R Y! cssesv BRANONEW1988 CHEVROLET P I C K U P Fleetside body. 5 0 liter E F I V-8. auto trans PS. PB. tinted glass. AM FM stereo, gauges, rally wheels. SB radials One in stock for immediate delivery Stock No 4184 VIN MSRP \B 0N U S!\- 1SI TIME BOYERS COLLEGE GRADUATES I * Special?ecial firs, first time buyer and recent 7 'r. I " i V f t W V P ege graduate programs available " See^!i BEL T for detaits and drive away today' ^==~\B0NUSiy q p i u s i P * D i r e c t G M R e b a t e s ON SELECTED CHEVROLET MODELS YOU WANT! See your salesperson for details. * OFF IF YOU TAKE IMMEDIATE DELIVERY! We must mon out 500 vehicles to roach our goal...we'll glvo you an extra *200 off If you will taka (MMFOUTE DELIVERY! T m G E T YOUR... F R E E G I F T! s a m BRANDNEW1988 CHEVROLET S U B U R B A N Tailgate body 5 7 liter E F I V 8 au»o trans PS PB air spd cont*- tilt wheel intermit wiper washer S B radials One m stock for immediate delivery stock No 3245 VIN MSRP SI9 726 B U Y I T N O W O N L Y! *11,360 SIT M in u s R e b a te o f $ mm f A # V T A K E I M M E D I A T E D E L I V E R Y! N. J. 'S L A R G E S T C O N V E R S IO N V A N CENTER BRANONEW1988 CHEVROLET C O N V. V A N Chevy van. 5 0 liter EFI V-8 4 spd auto trans w OD. PS. PB air tinted glass. t»it wheel rally wheels. S B radials Plus conversion van features One m stock for immediate delivery Stock No 2863 VIN MSRP $ B U Y I T N O W O N L Y! * 1 6,0 2 3 BRANDNEW1988 CHEVROLET C O N V. V A N Chevy van. 5 0 liter E F I V-8.auto trans w OD. PS. PB. air tinted glass tilt wheel rally wheels S B radials Plus conversion van features One in stock for immediate delivery Stock No 2676 VIN MSRP $19,525 B U Y I T N O W O N L Y! * 1 7,7 8 6 T A K E I M M E D I A T E D E L I V E R Y! BRANONEW1988 CHEVROLET A S T R O C O N V. Starcraft conversion van. 4 3 liter EFI V-6. 4 spd auto trans. w OD. PS. PB tinted glass, tilt wheel. AMFM stereo intermit wiper washer. S-B radials Plus conversion van features One in stock for immediate delivery Stock No 2711 VIN MSRP $18,433:60 B U Y I T N O W O N L Y! * 1 6,9 0 2, S E E V T H E B I G O N E F O R T H E L O W E S T P R I C E S!

Home Equity Lines of Credit

Home Equity Lines of Credit Winter 2018 Home Equity Lines of Credit A Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC) can be a great source of flexible credit using value in your home to borrow against for home improvements, college or medical

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Secure Login Codes in ebanking

Secure Login Codes in ebanking Spring 2018 COMING SOON: Secure Login Codes in ebanking At cport, our members information security is our highest priority. To enhance the security of ebanking for our members, we are launching Secure

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Nonprofits Organizations and Fundraising 180

Nonprofits Organizations and Fundraising 180 www.revenue.state.mn.us Nonprofits Organizations and Fundraising 180 Sales Tax Fact Sheet 180 Fact Sheet What s new in 2017 Starting July 1, 2017 Qualifying fundraising sales may be made at premises that

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Community Services Department. 100 N. East Avenue, Reedley, CA Telephone: (559) FAX: (559)

Community Services Department. 100 N. East Avenue, Reedley, CA Telephone: (559) FAX: (559) City of Reedley FACILITY RENTALS Community Services Department 100 N. East Avenue, Reedley, CA 93654 Telephone: (559) 637-4203 FAX: (559) 637-7253 Check us out on Facebook: Reedley Community Center or

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FACILITIES/FIELDS USAGE POLICY & FEE SCHEDULE Page 1 of 4 Allen Morgan, Mayor Wendi B. Barry, Borough Clerk Douglas R. Marvin, Administrator FACILITIES/FIELDS USAGE POLICY & FEE SCHEDULE I. USE OF BOROUGH FACILITIES/FIELDS The Borough of New Providence

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No alterations are to be made to any school property or equipment. Any damages incurred during use of the facility shall be paid by the user.

No alterations are to be made to any school property or equipment. Any damages incurred during use of the facility shall be paid by the user. 2014 3280R Community Relations General Rules for Facilities Use The District requires that a member of its staff be on the premises whenever a facility is in use. Additional specialized staff may be required

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Address on Signing Health Care Reform Bill into Law. Delivered 23 March 2010, Washington, D.C.

Address on Signing Health Care Reform Bill into Law. Delivered 23 March 2010, Washington, D.C. Barack Obama Address on Signing Health Care Reform Bill into Law Delivered 23 March 2010, Washington, D.C. AUTHENTICITY CERTIFIED: Text version below transcribed directly from audio Today, after almost

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Mayor Covington called this regular meeting of the of Board of Trustees to order at 7:04 p.m.

Mayor Covington called this regular meeting of the of Board of Trustees to order at 7:04 p.m. Minutes Of The Regular Meeting Of The Board Of Trustees For The Village Of University Park, Will And Cook Counties Illinois, Held Tuesday, August 25, 2015 At #90 Town Center Drive In The Village Of University

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50 th Annual Appalachian Festival May 10, 11, 12, 2019 CORPORATE VENDOR APPLICATION

50 th Annual Appalachian Festival May 10, 11, 12, 2019 CORPORATE VENDOR APPLICATION The Appalachian Community Development Association www.appalachianfestival.org 50 th Annual Appalachian Festival May 10, 11, 12, 2019 CORPORATE VENDOR APPLICATION Business Name (s): Contact Person: Last:

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FACILITY RENTAL PROCEDURES FACILITY RENTAL PROCEDURES Thank you for considering Charlottesville Parks and Recreation Department as the site for your special event or meeting. This guide will help you: Make a reservation Plan a budget

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INSIDE. We re Waiving Our Fees on Home Equity Lines of Credit and 2nd Mortgages! Youth Month The Science of Saving

INSIDE. We re Waiving Our Fees on Home Equity Lines of Credit and 2nd Mortgages! Youth Month The Science of Saving INSIDE Spring 2018 www.mhcu.org You will be entered to win a Gas Grill! We re Waiving Our Fees on Home Equity Lines of Credit and 2nd Mortgages! No Fees! Low, Variable Rates!* Potential Tax Savings!**

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Ashley Koehler, Planning & Zoning Administrator

Ashley Koehler, Planning & Zoning Administrator Planning and Zoning Department STAFF REPORT To: City Council From: Ashley Koehler, Planning & Zoning Administrator Report Date: March 16, 2017 Meeting Date: March 21, 2017 RE: Special Event Permit Ordinance

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Auto Loan Rate Special Extended

Auto Loan Rate Special Extended Fall 2017 Auto Loan Rate Special Extended We ve extended our Auto Loan Rate Special as low as 1.85% APR* for up to 60 months through October! Take advantage of great pricing this fall as dealerships slash

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PERSONAL FINANCIAL SURVEY PERSONAL FINANCIAL SURVEY 2004 2004 JUMP$TART QUESTIONNAIRE (Mean score=52.3%. Scores are in bold type. *Indicates correct answer) 1. If each of the following persons had the same amount of take home pay,

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Fleming Museum Use Policy

Fleming Museum Use Policy MISSION STATEMENT Fleming Museum Use Policy The Robert Hull Fleming Museum of the University of Vermont is an educational institution dedicated to the collection, preservation, interpretation, and exhibition

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COMEOUTWITHPRIDE.COM OCTOBER 13 PARADE, VENDOR & SPONSORSHIP OPPORTUNITIES COMEOUTWITHPRIDE.COM 2018 OCTOBER 13 PARADE, VENDOR & SPONSORSHIP OPPORTUNITIES welcome You re one step closer to being part of Orlando s annual pride event! Come Out With Pride has become one of the largest

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Rush Select Girls 05 & Boys 04 June 12-20, Days Tour Proposal

Rush Select Girls 05 & Boys 04 June 12-20, Days Tour Proposal Rush Select Girls 05 & Boys 04 June 12-20, 2019 9 Days Tour Proposal ( ) Day 1 Wednesday, June 12 th - Arrive to Costa Rica City Arrive San Jose, Costa Rica airport pick up by private bus Check in at the

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E. Public and private educational institutions who have the majority of their membership from Township High School District 211.

E. Public and private educational institutions who have the majority of their membership from Township High School District 211. TOWNSHIP HIGH S CHOOL DISTRICT 211 1750 South Roselle Road Palatine, Illinois 60067-7336 Telephone (847) 755-6600 Website adc.d211.org Daniel E. Cates Superintendent Dear Prospective Tenant, Thank you

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Pennsbury School District School Board Policy

Pennsbury School District School Board Policy Pennsbury School District School Board Policy Effective Date 09/18/13 Supersedes Index No. 707.1R3 of 11/17/11 Index No. 707.1R4 Title: Building and Grounds Usage Purpose: The purpose of this document

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MARK YOUR CALENDARS: MAY 20-26, Washington D.C., Gettysburg, & New York Tour

MARK YOUR CALENDARS: MAY 20-26, Washington D.C., Gettysburg, & New York Tour MARK YOUR CALENDARS: MAY 20-26, 2017 Washington D.C., Gettysburg, & New York Tour United States Government Historic Monuments Arlington National Cemetery Gettysburg Battlefield The Big Apple All Checks

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PUBLIC USE OF SCHOOL FACILITIES PUBLIC USE OF SCHOOL FACILITIES The Board of Education will permit the use of the buildings, grounds and other property of the district, when not in use for school business, for any of the following purposes:

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years OF PUTTING PEOPLE FIRST 2016 ANNUAL REPORT 80 Celebrating years OF PUTTING PEOPLE FIRST 1936 2016 2016 ANNUAL REPORT We promise to... Welcome you FIRST and treat you as an honored guest. Treat you with FIRST-class professionalism and address you

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CU CONNECTION. Back to BASix. In This Issue. Spring 2018 WHY IS YOUR CREDIT REPORT IMPORTANT? CU CONNECTION Spring 2018 In This Issue Why Is your Credit Report Important? The Speed Into Spring Loan Thank You Mary Lou! Holiday Closings Other Important Dates Thankful Thursday Greenpath Shred Event

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THE TIVOLI VILLAGE NEWS THE TIVOLI VILLAGE NEWS Welcome back to our Village News! This newsletter is meant to give you the latest and greatest information from around the Village. CONTENTS Message from the Mayor... 1 Resident

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Welcome, everyone! Thanks for attending this [Summit chapter/chapter] educational event.

Welcome, everyone! Thanks for attending this [Summit chapter/chapter] educational event. Fraternal Benefits Presentation Script Slide 1 Welcome, everyone! Thanks for attending this [Summit chapter/chapter] educational event. For those of you who aren t currently members of Modern Woodmen of

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Facility Rental Fee Schedule

Facility Rental Fee Schedule How to reserve a facility: Recreation & Parks Department The Event Questionnaire/Rental Request form must be completed and submitted to the Recreation & Parks Department as the first step to secure a facility

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Frank A. Pleva, County Administrator. Mr. Bellows called the meeting to order at 5:30 p.m.

Frank A. Pleva, County Administrator. Mr. Bellows called the meeting to order at 5:30 p.m. VIRGINIA: A FY 2016 Budget Work Session of the Lancaster County Board of Supervisors was held in the Administrative Building Board/Commission Meeting Room of said county on Monday, May 11, 2015. Members

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SOM Exceptional Expense Guidelines Frequently Asked Questions Last revised: 10/15/2017

SOM Exceptional Expense Guidelines Frequently Asked Questions Last revised: 10/15/2017 SOM Exceptional Expense Guidelines Frequently Asked Questions I. BUSINESS MEETING MEALS A. We hold weekly administrative meetings at which lunch is served. Does the new policy impact whether we can continue

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2018 Chambersburg Aquatic Center Rates Approved by Town Council on Monday, 10/16/17

2018 Chambersburg Aquatic Center Rates Approved by Town Council on Monday, 10/16/17 2018 Chambersburg Aquatic Center Rates Approved by Town Council on Monday, 10/16/17 Normal Pool Hours for Daily Admittance: 1-8 PM Category Daily Rates Borough Discounted Rates Adult (Ages 18+) $9 $5 Youth

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PARK DISTRICT OF OAK PARK INDEPENDENT CONTRACTOR GUIDE PARK DISTRICT OF OAK PARK INDEPENDENT CONTRACTOR GUIDE 218 Madison Street Oak Park, IL 60302 www.pdop.org 708-725-2000 Introduction WELCOME The Park District of Oak Park is a progressive municipal agency

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The Village of Winnebago wishes you... Happy Spring!

The Village of Winnebago wishes you... Happy Spring! The Village of Winnebago wishes you... Happy Spring! Illinois Treasurer s E-pay The Winnebago 4th of July Team is hard at work planning another spectacular event for July 4, 2013. The Team is always looking

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Heartland Monitor Poll XXI

Heartland Monitor Poll XXI National Sample of 1000 AMERICAN ADULTS AGE 18+ (500 on landline, 500 on cell) (Sample Margin of Error for 1,000 Respondents = ±3.1% in 95 out of 100 cases) Conducted October 22 26, 2014 via Landline and

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2017 GREAT LAKES MEDIEVAL FAIRE PHOENIX PRODUCTIONS, LLC Presents The 25 th Annual 2017 Supplier Agreement The Great Lakes Medieval Faire and Phoenix Productions LLC (Here-in called the Faire ) And (Here-in called the Supplier ) Doing

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Beach Opens: Saturday, May 28 th (Memorial Weekend)

Beach Opens: Saturday, May 28 th (Memorial Weekend) DONNER LAKE PROPERTY OWNERS ASSOCIATION May 2011 www.dlpoa.org Beach Opens: Saturday, May 28 th (Memorial Weekend) Spring weather still continues to surprise us with rain and lots of snow, but warmer days

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MARK YOUR CALENDARS: MAY 21-27, Washington D.C., Gettysburg, & New York Tour

MARK YOUR CALENDARS: MAY 21-27, Washington D.C., Gettysburg, & New York Tour MARK YOUR CALENDARS: MAY 21-27, 2016 Washington D.C., Gettysburg, & New York Tour United States Government Historic Monuments Arlington National Cemetery Gettysburg Battlefield The Big Apple All Checks

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NORTH OGDEN PLANNING COMMISSION MEETING MINUTES. October 19, 2011 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 NORTH OGDEN PLANNING COMMISSION MEETING MINUTES October 19, 2011 The North

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City of Page. Facilities Guidelines and Information. City of Page Facility Use Application

City of Page. Facilities Guidelines and Information. City of Page Facility Use Application ! City of Page Facilities Guidelines and Information City of Page Facility Use Application City of Page- Facility Cleaning & Damage Deposit Credit Card Authorization Form Facility Use Request Hold Harmless

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Why have a Gala? Everyone loves a party! How To Hold A Gala To Benefit KW Cares

Why have a Gala? Everyone loves a party! How To Hold A Gala To Benefit KW Cares How To Hold A Gala To Benefit KW Cares Why have a Gala? Everyone loves a party! Hosting a gala is a big undertaking but the rewards are outstanding! If you have a core group that is excited about holding

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BOROUGH OF BERNARDSVILLE Mayor & Borough Council Meeting Minutes May 9, 2011

BOROUGH OF BERNARDSVILLE Mayor & Borough Council Meeting Minutes May 9, 2011 BOROUGH OF BERNARDSVILLE Mayor & Borough Council Meeting Minutes May 9, 2011 This meeting was called to order by Mayor Lee C. Honecker at 7:00 p.m. on Monday, May 9. Present were Council Members Charlotte

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66 Park Road, Chelmsford, MA Tel: (978) ~ Fax: (978) Dear Event Planner,

66 Park Road, Chelmsford, MA Tel: (978) ~ Fax: (978) Dear Event Planner, SGM Sterling Golf Management, Inc. www.sterlinggolf.com 66 Park Road, Chelmsford, MA 01824 Tel: (978) 256-1818 ~ Fax: (978) 256-0005 Dear Event Planner, We appreciate your consideration of the Function

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INVITATION TO WASHINGTON, D.C. & NEW YORK CITY INVITATION TO WASHINGTON, D.C. & NEW YORK CITY To: 7th grade students and their parents From: Wade Charron, Principal at O Gorman Jr. High School Dear Parents, I am very excited to announce that I will

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THE TREASURER S MANUAL THE TREASURER S MANUAL MARCELO BUITRON VSA VP for Finance 2008-2009 1 Table of Contents Page Contents 2 New Policy Reminders 6 People and Places to Know 7 Budget Numbers 8 The Long Form 11 Reimbursements

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Continue discussion on the financial sustainability report:

Continue discussion on the financial sustainability report: Minutes of the June 11, 2018 Joplin City Council Work session. The City Council of the City of Joplin, Missouri, held a work session beginning at 5:45 p.m. on Monday June 11, 2018, in the 5 th Floor Council

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The Virginia Society for Respiratory Care. Is proud to present. The 40 th Annual. May 22nd thru May 24th, Vendor Packet

The Virginia Society for Respiratory Care. Is proud to present. The 40 th Annual. May 22nd thru May 24th, Vendor Packet The Virginia Society for Respiratory Care Is proud to present The 40 th Annual May 22nd thru May 24th, 2017 2017 Vendor Packet Host Hotel Hilton Virginia Beach Oceanfront 3001 Atlantic Avenue Virginia

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2017 WINTER BREAK CAMP REGISTRATION FORM 2017 WINTER BREAK CAMP REGISTRATION FORM Child s Information: Last Name: First Name: MI: Nickname: Gender: Female Male Birth Date: / / Age: Primary Phone #: ( ) Full Privilege Member: Yes No List Previous

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On-Air and Online Giveaway. Essence Music Festival Fly Away Rules

On-Air and Online Giveaway. Essence Music Festival Fly Away Rules On-Air and Online Giveaway Essence Music Festival Fly Away Rules NO PURCHASE NECESSARY TO ENTER OR WIN. A PURCHASE WILL NOT INCREASE A PARTICIPANT S CHANCES OF WINNING SWEEPSTAKES DESCRIPTION: The Essence

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Marketing Opportunities: Demographics: Giving Back: Alpine County Chamber of Commerce

Marketing Opportunities: Demographics: Giving Back: Alpine County Chamber of Commerce Marketing Opportunities: Don't miss this opportunity to market your products and/or services to an estimated 3,500 cycle enthusiasts! The Alpine County Chamber of Commerce will host the 38th annual Death

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FACILITY RENTAL POLICIES The Reece Farm Pavilion at the Byron Herbert Reece Farm and Heritage Center FACILITY RENTAL POLICIES Space Available for Rental: Reece Farm Pavilion (2,640 Square Feet including two restrooms with hot

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Terrina Thomas submitted the minutes from the May HOA meeting. Motion by Doug Cherry and second by Kathy Sargent for approval as written.

Terrina Thomas submitted the minutes from the May HOA meeting. Motion by Doug Cherry and second by Kathy Sargent for approval as written. MINUTES (DRAFT) Highgate Greens HOA General Meeting Tuesday, November 13, 2018 Meeting called to order by Brad Barbour, President In Attendance Sign in sheet on file Call to Order The meeting was called

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FEE SCHEDULE Parks & Recreation Annex 152 E. Swamp Rd Doylestown, PA 18901

FEE SCHEDULE Parks & Recreation Annex 152 E. Swamp Rd Doylestown, PA 18901 FEE SCHEDULE 2019 Bucks County Department of Parks and Recreation William M. Mitchell, Director Core Creek Park 901 E. Bridgetown Pike Langhorne, PA 19047 (215) 757-0571 (215) 348-6114 Parks & Recreation

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MINUTES BOARD OF TRUSTEES FEATHER RIVER COMMUNITY COLLEGE DISTRICT MINUTES BOARD OF TRUSTEES FEATHER RIVER COMMUNITY COLLEGE DISTRICT President Elliott called the Special Meeting of the Feather River Community College District Board of Trustees to order at 4:01 p.m. on

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Let Your Event Shine. Amenities. Operations. Theatre. Church Outings Weddings. Fundraisers Concerts. Fairs & Festivals Conferences.

Let Your Event Shine. Amenities. Operations. Theatre. Church Outings Weddings. Fundraisers Concerts. Fairs & Festivals Conferences. Location & Directions From Interstate 75: Travel north on Joslyn Rd. via Exit 83. Take approximately 3.8 miles and turn east on Waldon Rd. After.20 miles, turn left onto Joslyn Ct. Parking & Access Amphitheater

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REAL PLANS FOR REAL PEOPLE BLUEPRINT FOR THE MIDDLE CLASS BLUEPRINT FOR THE MIDDLE CLASS www.georgewbush.com A LETTER TO AMERICA S MIDDLE CLASS FAMILIES The hopes of American families define the goals of my campaign. In these pages you will find policies that

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National Wear Red Day 2011

National Wear Red Day 2011 Your savings federally insured to at least $250,000 and backed by the full faith and credit of the United States Government National Credit Union Administration, a U.S. Government Agency In the Spotlight

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Safety Issues and Expectations

Safety Issues and Expectations Safety Issues and Expectations Optimizing Your Potential as a 4-H Volunteer Purdue University Cooperative Extension Service Revised Spring, 2003 As a Purdue University Cooperative Extension Service volunteer

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CommonInterest. Born from a passion for rewarding members.

CommonInterest. Born from a passion for rewarding members. Summer 2018 CommonInterest Your Michigan Schools & Government Credit Union quarterly newsletter Introducing the MSGCURewards Card CASH BACK TRAVEL MERCHANDISE Born from a passion for rewarding members.

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Location: NIU-Naperville Center 1120 E. Diehl Road Naperville, IL

Location: NIU-Naperville Center 1120 E. Diehl Road Naperville, IL 26 th Annual Chicagoland Safety, Health and Environmental Conference For Safety, Health, Environmental and Industrial Hygiene Professionals www.chisafetyconf.org Conference Expo on September 24, 2014 American

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WHAT IS THE K FUND? K-FUND POINT SYSTEM. UKathletics.com/KFund WHAT IS THE K FUND? he University of Kentucky Blue & White Fund was established in T1973 to provide a funding resource for student-athlete scholarships and a means to build and upgrade athletic facilities.

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Grossmont-Cuyamaca Community College District Sheriff's Unit CRIME LOG / CLERY MEDIA BULLETIN

Grossmont-Cuyamaca Community College District Sheriff's Unit CRIME LOG / CLERY MEDIA BULLETIN 12-17-2018 / 0630-2230 / Grossmont & Cuyamaca- Normal foot and vehicle patrols conducted 12-18-2018 / 0630-2230 / Grossmont & Cuyamaca- Normal foot and vehicle patrols conducted 12-19-2018 / 0630-2230

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Office of the Board of Commissioners Borough of Monmouth Beach October 25, 2016

Office of the Board of Commissioners Borough of Monmouth Beach October 25, 2016 Office of the Board of Commissioners Borough of Monmouth Beach October 25, 2016 This meeting is called pursuant to the provisions of the Open Public Meetings Law. Notice of this meeting was transmitted

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ALWAYS CARRY THE PERMIT WITH YOU DURING EVENT IN CASE OF CONFLICT AT SITE. Please call for weekend and holiday assistance RECREATION DEPARTMENT Date Received: Date of Issuance: William R. Talley Rec Center 121 North Bentz Street Frederick MD 21701 301-600-1173 FAX: 301-600-2851 www.cityoffrederick.com APPLICATION FOR USE

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- 9_12ME6671-QUIZ3 - Print Test

- 9_12ME6671-QUIZ3 - Print Test Page 1 of 8 Report: Test Answer Key District: Robeson Test: Description: SEM2 3.02 QUIZ Form: 501 1. Lights, practice venue and ticket production are considered to be which type of expense? 4. Sixty percent

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Using Credit. Grade Five. Overview. Lesson Objectives. Prerequisite Skills. Materials List

Using Credit. Grade Five. Overview. Lesson Objectives. Prerequisite Skills. Materials List Grade Five Using Credit Overview Students share several chapters from the book Not for a Billion Gazillion Dollars, by Paula Danzinger, to learn about earning money, saving, credit, and debt. Students

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James Gibbs Theatre Manager Phone: Fax:

James Gibbs Theatre Manager Phone: Fax: MOUNTAIN VIEW-LOS ALTOS HIGH SCHOOL DISTRICT EAGLE THEATRE James Gibbs Theatre Manager Phone: 650-960-8480 Fax: 650-960-8462 Email: James.Gibbs@MVLA.net Los Altos High School Eagle Theatre 201 Almond Ave.

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Town of Vernon Park & Rec Activity Guide

Town of Vernon Park & Rec Activity Guide 2019 Town of Vernon Park & Rec Activity Guide Soccer Registration Deadline: March 1st - End of Day Baseball / Softball Registration Deadline: March 22nd - End of Day Non-Resident Fee $15/child or $23/family

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Fall Building Better Tomorrows for 100 Years! Also inside. In every issue. A Message from the Executive Director Dear Members,

Fall Building Better Tomorrows for 100 Years! Also inside. In every issue. A Message from the Executive Director Dear Members, Building Better Tomorrows for 1 Years! A Message from the Executive Director Dear Members, TRS is approaching a historic milestone our centennial anniversary. Back when we were founded, on August 1, 1917,

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Clayton State University SAC Fitness Center

Clayton State University SAC Fitness Center Membership Plans & Policies Updated 7/23/15 MEMBERSHIPS Currently enrolled Clayton State University students have automatic membership through their student activity fee. Faculty, staff, and Clayton State

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LAKE CENTRAL SCHOOL CORPORATION USE OF SCHOOL FACILITIES 1 LAKE CENTRAL SCHOOL CORPORATION USE OF SCHOOL FACILITIES Lake Central Priority for Use of Facilities: Group I: Direct School-related Activities (100% Lake Central employees) e.g. classes, school clubs,

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Location: NIU-Naperville Center 1120 E. Diehl Road Naperville, IL

Location: NIU-Naperville Center 1120 E. Diehl Road Naperville, IL Chicagoland Safety, Health and Environmental Conference For Safety, Health, Environmental and Industrial Hygiene Professionals www.chisafetyconf.org Conference Business Expo on September 21, 2016 American

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Studio Policies

Studio Policies 2018-19 Studio Policies Welcome to EXPRESS Dance & Acrobatics. Our mission is to teach the fundamentals of dance and acrobatics, with an emphasis on commitment, education, safety, and fun in a healthy

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Student & Faculty Fundraising Guidelines Development Office University Relations

Student & Faculty Fundraising Guidelines Development Office University Relations Student & Faculty Fundraising Guidelines Development Office University Relations As a member of the Santa Clara community, you are encouraged to solicit gifts to the University in support of student programs,

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REVENUE ANALYSIS AND DETAIL REVENUE ANALYSIS AND DETAIL Revenue by Source Summary Grand Total 2007 2008 2009 2009 vs. % Change Actual Budget Budget 2008 09 vs. 08 Taxes 1 6,615,043 6,940,333 6,895,943 (44,390) -0.6% Donations 737,119

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School Name (one per application): Athletic Field (list type) : Number requested: (For athletic events-check one): practice/game tournament

School Name (one per application): Athletic Field (list type) : Number requested: (For athletic events-check one): practice/game tournament PERMIT NUMBER: APPLICATION and AGREEMENT for USE OF SCHOOL FACILITIES ANAHEIM UNION HIGH SCHOOL DISTRICT 501 Crescent Way Anaheim, CA 92801 714/999-2189 (office) 714/520-5741 (fax) School Name (one per

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Regular Meeting of the Board of Trustees of the Village of Herkimer, New York, held, Tuesday, September 2, 2014 at 7:00 P.M. at Municipal Hall.

Regular Meeting of the Board of Trustees of the Village of Herkimer, New York, held, Tuesday, September 2, 2014 at 7:00 P.M. at Municipal Hall. Regular Meeting of the Board of Trustees of the Village of Herkimer, New York, held, Tuesday, September 2, 2014 at 7:00 P.M. at Municipal Hall. At 6:30 PM the Board met with Attorney Michael Longstreet.

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Recreational Dance & Acrobatic Class Policies

Recreational Dance & Acrobatic Class Policies 2016-2017 Recreational Dance & Acrobatic Class Policies Welcome to EXPRESS Dance & Acrobatics. Our mission is to teach the fundamentals of dance and acrobatics, with an emphasis on commitment, education,

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Classroom, 2 hour minimum $15.00 $30.00 $50.00 Locker Rooms, 2 hour minimum $15.00 $30.00 $50.00 WHS Commons (Cafeteria) or Library, 2 hour minimum

Classroom, 2 hour minimum $15.00 $30.00 $50.00 Locker Rooms, 2 hour minimum $15.00 $30.00 $50.00 WHS Commons (Cafeteria) or Library, 2 hour minimum Rental and service fees User Group A: Non-profit community groups involving at least 80% Washougal School District patrons User Group B: Non-profit community groups involving less than 80% Washougal School

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Facility Use Agreement

Facility Use Agreement Facility Use Agreement Date of Application: (Check those that apply) Eatonville Resident Non-Resident Continuous Group Community Organization Non-Profit Civic Club Other Name: Telephone: Address: Facility

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FBINAA Annual Training Conference. Conference Co-Hosting Selection Application Form

FBINAA Annual Training Conference. Conference Co-Hosting Selection Application Form EO FBINAA Executive Office CHC Co-Hosting Chapter FBINAA Annual Training Conference Conference Co-Hosting Selection Application Form Pursuant to Policy No. 17 of the FBI National Academy Associates Inc,

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Approved: FA 7/96 Leon County School Board LCS Expiration Date: As Needed Section I APPLICATION FOR ACTIVITY PARTICIPATION 17/18

Approved: FA 7/96 Leon County School Board LCS Expiration Date: As Needed Section I APPLICATION FOR ACTIVITY PARTICIPATION 17/18 Approved: FA 7/96 Leon County School Board LCS-9384-0001 Expiration Date: As Needed Section I APPLICATION FOR ACTIVITY PARTICIPATION 17/18 A. Name Grade School Address Home Phone Parent s Work Phone I

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Preliminary New York Choir and Band Trip Itinerary June 6-12, 2017

Preliminary New York Choir and Band Trip Itinerary June 6-12, 2017 Day 1 June 6, 2017 Preliminary New York Choir and Band Trip Itinerary June 6-12, 2017 Load bus at Montevideo High School (approx. 5:00 am) Depart on trip! Band and choir clinics at a location on the way

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2002 JUMP$TART QUESTIONNAIRE. (Mean score = Scores are in bold type. *Indicates correct answer Percentages in red are the totals for Wisconsin)

2002 JUMP$TART QUESTIONNAIRE. (Mean score = Scores are in bold type. *Indicates correct answer Percentages in red are the totals for Wisconsin) 2002 JUMP$TART QUESTIONNAIRE (Mean score = 50.2. Scores are in bold type. *Indicates correct answer Percentages in red are the totals for Wisconsin) 1. Heather has a good job on the production line of

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Vendor Application VENDOR INFORMATION: Contact Person: Business Name: Address: Business Phone: Business Business Website: FEES:

Vendor Application VENDOR INFORMATION: Contact Person: Business Name: Address: Business Phone: Business   Business Website: FEES: Vendor Application Join us on Saturday, July 28, 2018 from 10am-1pm for Fullerton s Health & Wellness Fair! Participate as one of our vendors and help our community learn about new ways to improve their

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All Things Chocolate & Wine Presented by College Station Noon Lions Club (CSNLC) November 13, 2018, 5:30 p.m. 8:30 p.m. // Hilton College Station

All Things Chocolate & Wine Presented by College Station Noon Lions Club (CSNLC) November 13, 2018, 5:30 p.m. 8:30 p.m. // Hilton College Station All Things Chocolate & Wine Presented by College Station Noon Lions Club (CSNLC) November 13, 2018, 5:30 p.m. 8:30 p.m. // Hilton College Station EVENT: All Things Chocolate & Wine is a signature event

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NORMANDY VILLAGE HALL Manor Fruit Farm, Glaziers Lane, Normandy, Surrey GU3 2DT

NORMANDY VILLAGE HALL Manor Fruit Farm, Glaziers Lane, Normandy, Surrey GU3 2DT NORMANDY VILLAGE HALL Manor Fruit Farm, Glaziers Lane, Normandy, Surrey GU3 2DT e-mail: bookings@normandyvillagehall.org Dear. 2018 Club/Society/Organisation... This covering letter invites Regular Users

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Risk Management Prior to the scheduling, announcement, or contracting for facilities & services, is it recommended that the Event Coordinator ensure

Risk Management Prior to the scheduling, announcement, or contracting for facilities & services, is it recommended that the Event Coordinator ensure Risk Management Prior to the scheduling, announcement, or contracting for facilities & services, is it recommended that the Event Coordinator ensure review of Special Event Risk Management Guidelines,

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FRANKLIN TOWNSHIP BOARD OF SUPERVISORS REGULAR MEETING January 11, 2017 FRANKLIN TOWNSHIP BOARD OF SUPERVISORS REGULAR MEETING January 11, 2017 ROLL CALL Present were Supervisors David Sprigg, Naomi Decker, Kevin Cummings, Eric Stonesifer and Michael Ryan. Also present were

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City of Jersey City Office of Cultural Affairs

City of Jersey City Office of Cultural Affairs Steven M. Fulop Mayor City of Jersey City Office of Cultural Affairs City Hall 280 Grove Street #215 Jersey City, NJ 07302 (201) 547-6921 culturalaffairs@jcnj.org SPECIAL EVENT APPLICATION *Application

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RESOLUTION NO Amend Facility Use Policy and Establish Fees

RESOLUTION NO Amend Facility Use Policy and Establish Fees RESOLUTION NO. 330-2016 Amend Facility Use Policy and Establish Fees NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED by the Mayor and Council of the Borough of Roseland that the Facility Use Policy shall be adopted as

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Woodbury s Special Event Application Instructions and Requirements

Woodbury s Special Event Application Instructions and Requirements Woodbury s Special Event Application Instructions and Requirements Special Event application requests are made primarily for events that require the use of City Property, including parks, City streets,

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2012 Issue #9 September 14, A publication of the Governor s DD Council & ID Action CONTINUED ON PAGE 2

2012 Issue #9 September 14, A publication of the Governor s DD Council & ID Action CONTINUED ON PAGE 2 2012 Issue #9 September 14, 2012 A publication of the Governor s DD Council & ID Action Advocate s Guide Now Available! Nothing is ever simple when it comes to Iowa s mental health and disability system.

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