JSW Steel Strong operational performance; forex loss drags bottomline PhillipCapital (India) Pvt. Ltd. METALS: Quarterly Update 30 October 2013

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1 JSW Steel Strong operational performance; forex loss drags bottomline PhillipCapital (India) Pvt. Ltd. METALS: Quarterly Update 30 October 2013 Exports and restocking demand helped JSW Steel report strong operational performance and beat estimates. Higher volumes were also aided by power & fuel cost savings driven by 55MW CPP at Dolvi. Improvement in iron ore availability from Karnataka and commissioning of the pellet plant and coke oven batteries at Dolvi will further drive the profitability for the company. The strong performance was impacted by higher forex losses during the quarter. We downgrade our FY14 and FY15 EPS by 3.6% and 11% respectively to Rs and Rs We retain our Neutral rating on the stock however lower our target price to Rs 792 to factor in higher than expected debt. Q2FY14 results highlights Standalone revenues stood at Rs113.1bn, 3.9% above estimates. Higher than expected sales volumes led to the estimate beat. Sales volumes for the quarter stood at 3.13mn tonnes, 4.9% above estimates. Higher exports (0.84mn tonnes) and restocking demand (inventory down by 0.293mn tonnes) boosted volumes during the quarter. Realisation for the quarter stood at Rs36,129 per tonne, 0.9% below estimates. Changing product mix with higher proportion of HRC compared to Q1FY14 saw the drop in realisations. Consolidated net revenues for the quarter stood at Rs128.0bn, 3.8% below estimates. Higher revenues in standalone business are more than offset by lower than expected revenues from subsidiaries. Standalone operating profit for the quarter stood at Rs 22.3bn, 10.5% above estimates. Higher volumes, lower power & fuel (benefit of 55MW power plant at Dolvi) cost partially offset by higher raw materials and other expenses (higher freight cost due to jump in exports). Standalone OP per tonne stood at Rs6,570, 3.2% above estimates. Consolidated operating profit stood at Rs23.5bn, 10.4% above estimates. JSW Steel Coated products reported an ebidta of Rs 780mn, 4.5% below estimates. Chilean operations reported an Ebidta of US$ 5.34mn, 147% above our estimates. This was offset by the operating loss of US$ 2mn in the US operations against our profit estimate of US$ 1.6mn. Consolidated Depreciation/ Interest for the quarter stood at Rs8.0/ 7.6bn, 5.9%/ 4.3% above estimates. Other income stood at Rs511mn, 160.5% above estimates. Dividend received from JSW Energy led to higher other income against estimates. Consolidated net loss stood at Rs1.2bn. It includes forex loss of Rs8.5bn against our expectation of Rs1.8bn. Adjusting forex loss, net profit stood at Rs7.4bn, 10.5% above estimates. Forex loss included MTM losses on unhedged acceptances (around 24% as on Sep 2013) and the loss on forward covers (US$1175mn) which were booked at around Rs during August The company does not expect any MTM losses going forward as the balance acceptances are hedged during October Valuations: At CMP of Rs 848, the stock trades at a P/E of 8.3x FY14E EPS of Rs & 7.0x FY15E EPS of Rs It trades at an Ev/Ebidta of 5.8x FY14E & 5.0x FY15E. Neutral JSTL IN CMP RS 848 TARGET RS 792 ( 6.6%) Company Data O/S SHARES (MN) : 242 MARKET CAP (RSBN) : 205 MARKET CAP (USDBN) : WK HI/LO (RS) : 894 / 452 LIQUIDITY 3M (USDMN) : 15.4 FACE VALUE (RS) : 10 Share Holding Pattern, % PROMOTERS : 35.8 FII / NRI : 38.3 FI / MF : 5.6 NON PROMOTER CORP. HOLDINGS : 6.7 PUBLIC & OTHERS : 13.1 Price Performance, % 1mth 3mth 1yr ABS REL TO BSE Price Vs. Sensex (Rebased values) Apr 10 Mar 11 Feb 12 Jan 13 JSW Steel BSE Sensex Source: PhillipCapital India Research Other Key Ratios Rs mn FY13 FY14E FY15E Net Sales 382, , ,818 EBIDTA 65,039 88, ,449 Net Profit 13,933 24,636 28,910 EPS, Rs PER, X EV/EBIDTA, x ROE, % Source: PhillipCapital India Research Est. Dhawal Doshi ( ) Dharmesh Shah ( ) Please refer to Disclosures and Disclaimers at the end of the Research Report.

2 Quarterly results Consolidated Y/E Mar, Rs mn Q2FY14 Q2FY13 % chg Q1FY14 % chg H1FY14 H1FY13 % chg Sales 127,963 94, % 101, % 229, , % Other Operating Income 1, % 1, % 3, % Total Operating Income 129,838 95, % 102, % 232, , % Operating Expenditure 106,358 79, % 83, % 190, , % Raw Materials 78,212 61, % 58, % 136, , % Employee Cost 3,143 2, % 3, % 6,489 5, % Power & Fuel Cost 9,966 5, % 9, % 19,476 10, % Other expense 15,037 10, % 12, % 27,572 22, % Operating profits 23,480 15, % 18, % 42,274 34, % OPM (%) 18.1% 16.1% 18.3% 18.2% 17.7% Other Income % % % Depreciation 8,025 5, % 7, % 15,529 10, % Interest 7,564 4, % 7, % 14,743 9, % EBT 8,401 5, % 4, % 12,705 14, % Non recurring Gain/(Loss) 8,510 (4,238) 8, % 17,128 1,711 PBT (109) 9, % (4,314) 97.5% (4,422) 13, % Tax 1,190 3, % (321) 470.3% 869 4, % Effective Tax Rate 35.2% 7.5% 19.6% 37.3% Net Profit (1,299) 6, % (3,992) 67.5% (5,291) 8, % Minority Interest (105) (131) 19.9% (136) 22.7% (240) (122) 97.4% Profit from Associates 39 (492) 107.9% % 77 (390) 119.8% Exceptional items 1,100 (497) Consolidated Profit (1,156) 6, % (3,818) 69.7% (4,974) 7, % PAT Margin (%) 0.9% 7.3% 3.7% 2.1% 3.8% Source: Company, PhillipCapital India Research International operations USA operations: Revenues for the quarter stood at US$75.8mn, 5.4% above estimates. Higher volumes of plate and pipe mill operations led to higher revenues against estimates. However, it was partly offset by lower realisations. Sales volumes for plate/ pipe mill operations stood at 80,031/8,466 tonnes, +11.4%/ +8.8% against estimates. The USA operations has reported operating/ net loss for the quarter at US$ 2/ US$ 17mn against our estimates of US$ 1.6mn and US$ 12.8mn for operating profit and net loss respectively. USA Operations Q2FY14 Q2FY13 % chg Q1FY14 % chg H1FY14 H1FY13 % chg Production Plate Mill 92,328 79, % 91, % 183, , % Pipe Mill 8,521 29, % 8, % 16,954 51, % Sales Plate Mill 80,031 53, % 81, % 161, , % Pipe Mill 8,466 24, % 9, % 18,059 48, % Source: Company, PhillipCapital India Research Chilean operations: Production/ sales volumes of iron ore for the quarter stood at 215,224/ 219, 500 tonnes, 20.8%/ 36.9% above estimates. Sales/ OP for the quarter stood at US$26.4/ 5.3mn, 35.4%/ 147.3% above estimates. The Company has maintained its guidance of 12mn tonnes and 11.55mn tonnes of crude steel production and saleable steel sales respectively in FY14. It implies production and sales volumes of 6.16 and 5.87mn tonnes respectively in H2FY14. The Company has guided for 3mn tonnes exports volumes for FY14. 2 of 7

3 The Company revised it capex guidance downward to Rs40bn in FY14 against earlier guidance of Rs50bn. The company has defered the spending on coke oven and sinter plants which were to be used for the de bottlenecking project. Consolidated net debt as on 30th September, 2013 stood at Rs303.7bn. Cash and Cash equivalents as on 30th September 2013 stood at Rs13.8bn. Project updates o The Company re commissioned corex 1 and waste heat recovery system at sinter plant 3 at Vijaynagar in Sep o Mill scale Briquetting plant at Vijaynagar and 6000TPD lime calcination plant at Dolvi commissioned in Aug o First coil from Cold rolling Mill 2 is produced in Oct Commissioning of Phase I and II of new CRM mill (2.3mtpa) is maintained for FY14 and FY15 respectively. o SMS 3 and Bar Rod Mill 2 at Vijaynagar are targeted to be commissioned in FY15. o Commissioning date of 4mtpa pellet plant and 1mtpa coke oven plant at Dolvi is maintained in FY14. o New Galvanizing line and Up gradation of TM 2 mill at Tarapur were commissioned in Sep Railway siding project at Vasind is commissioned in Aug of 7

4 Financials Income Statement Y/E Mar, Rs mn FY12 FY13 FY14E FY15E Net sales 343, , , ,818 Growth, % Total income 343, , , ,818 Operating expenses 282, , , ,369 EBITDA (Core) 61,019 65,039 88, ,449 Growth, % Margin, % Depreciation 19,332 22,375 30,232 33,244 EBIT 41,687 42,664 58,507 71,206 Growth, % Margin, % Interest paid 14,273 19,675 30,053 34,072 Other Non Operating Income ,686 1,855 Non recurring Items 15,353 4,302 17,128 0 Pre tax profit 10,568 17,740 13,167 39,158 Tax provided 5,002 8,453 5,985 10,559 Profit after tax 5,566 9,288 7,182 28,600 Others (Minorities, Associates) Net Profit 5,377 9,631 7,509 28,910 Growth, % 18.2 (32.8) Net Profit (adjusted) 20,730 13,933 24,636 28,910 Unadj. shares (m) Wtd avg shares (m) Balance Sheet Y/E Mar, Rs mn FY12 FY13 FY14E FY15E Cash & bank 30,470 16,534 29,623 44,253 Debtors 14,620 21,063 29,038 33,412 Inventory 57,893 54,952 75,752 80,189 Loans & advances 48,763 58,772 92, ,107 Other current assets Total current assets 151, , , ,238 Investments 20,896 17,500 6,536 7,843 Gross fixed assets 427, , , ,865 Less: Depreciation 88, , , ,844 Add: Capital WIP 28,018 58,544 40,000 41,000 Net fixed assets 366, , , ,021 Total assets 539, , , ,102 Valuation Ratios & Per Share Data FY12 FY13 FY14E FY15E Per Share data EPS (INR) Growth, % 18.2 (32.8) Book NAV/share (INR) FDEPS (INR) CEPS (INR) CFPS (INR) (12.1) DPS (INR) Return ratios Return on assets (%) Return on equity (%) Return on capital employed (%) Turnover ratios Asset turnover (x) Sales/Total assets (x) Sales/Net FA (x) Working capital/sales (x) (0.0) (0.0) Working capital days (14.0) (14.0) Liquidity ratios Current ratio (x) Quick ratio (x) Interest cover (x) Dividend cover (x) Total debt/equity (%) Net debt/equity (%) Valuation PER (x) Price/Book (x) Yield (%) EV/Net sales (x) EV/EBITDA (x) EV/EBIT (x) Current liabilities 134, , , ,544 Provisions 2,963 3,932 2,125 2,337 Total current liabilities 137, , , ,881 Non current liabilities 234, , , ,395 Total liabilities 372, , , ,276 Paid up capital 2,231 2,231 2,417 2,400 Reserves & surplus 162, , , ,251 Shareholders equity 166, , , ,825 Total equity & liabilities 539, , , ,102 Source: Company, PhillipCapital India Research Estimates 4 of 7

5 Recommendation Chart N (TP 926) B (TP 1122) 500 N (TP 732) N (TP 642) S (TP 724) S (TP 600) N (TP 765) N (TP 689) N (TP 716) N (TP 792) N (TP 818) B (TP 673) 300 1/3/2011 5/16/20119/22/2011 2/2/2012 6/12/201210/19/20122/28/20137/10/2013 Source: PhillipCapital India Research 5 of 7

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