Voluntary Contribution Kicking goals for RETIREMENT

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1 Call :1588 l l Website : or visit a branch Voluntary Contribution Kicking goals for RETIREMENT

2 From the CEO s Desk Ian Tarutia, OBE Chief Executive Officer Dear Members and Employers, Welcome to the May-June edition of NASTOK. I am pleased to announce key half year achievements in our endeavors to improve our capabilities, and hence, service standards. Backup network for branch connectivity. Rollout of the redundancy network to all branches and service centres is now complete. From July 2018 forward, members will hardly experience being turned away due to network down times. Overall, this will lift branch productivity levels anywhere from 25% to 30%. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software has been trialed at Call Centre and few select divisions. It has proved successful so far, by pulling data silos and putting them in an open, transparent and accountable platform. As an example of the benefit of this helpdesk capability, NASFUND is now able to respond to all s and facebook enquries generated to the Call Centre by COB of every day. Payments case management. NASFUND has reduced its level of backlogged applications from 9,000 in January, 3,000 in March to 1,000 in April. The Fund has now achieved its target of having less than 100 fresh cases sitting in its processing queues at the end of every day. This is a strong indicator that benefit payment applications are turned around in 48 hours. FREE 4G data access to online services is another milestone achieved for the benefit of members and employers. This is done in partnership with Telikom through its 4G network. NASFUND notes from time to time, members will have an urgent need to access their accounts when they don t have any data. To this end, NASFUND has rolled out this service, using the concept of a toll free hotline. Members and employers are required to purchase a Telikom smartphone, WiFi router or MiFi hotspot device to access the following services for FREE: website ( smartphone app access to member accounts, member online portal and employer online portal to load contributions seamlessly. Housing Advance default members. 900 employers have been distributed listings with member names who have outstanding repayments. Since May 2018, NASFUND has been approving Milestones since January 2018 Call Centre s & Facebook enquiries settled daily Branch network connectivity uptimes Housing Advances subject to 2% repayment showing on current payslips before Housing Advance funds are released. This ensures going forward, there are zero member defaults on repayments. Rollout of Voluntary Contributions program from JUNE Members are required to download the deduction authority forms from the website ( or Call Centre. Once completed the forms are to be submitted to NASFUND for vetting before they are issued to employer payrolls to effect deductions. To conclude, I remind employers to make timely payments of contributions into the NASFUND bank account, if contributions have been deducted from member salaries. It is against the law to deduct member contributions but withhold remittances for some months. Sincerely, Payments processed within 5 business days 2 business days Decrease in member visits to branches Decrease in Call Centre phone enquiries Employers loading contributions via EOL Members registered for APP or Online Portal Implemented Call Centre Help Desk platform Implemented backup link connectivity for 19 branches Ian Tarutia, OBE Chief Executive Officer 15% 50% 50% 50% 18,000 80% 99% 99% Successfully completed Successfully completed 2

3 NASFUND Profiles Voluntary Contributions NASFUND is refreshing its voluntary contributions program with an emphasis on salary packaging. Salary packaging or salary sacrifice comes with tax benefits for both employees and employers. To that end, NASFUND is pleased to announce a partnership with Ase Boas, captain of PNG Hunters as the brand ambassador for the voluntary contributions product. CEO Ian Tarutia said, the rigor of planning, strong discipline and ongoing success in any champion sports persons and teams also reflect NASFUND s values. There are strong parallels the way NASFUND wants its members to succeed in retirement. From left to right: Michael Pokanau - Manager Employer Services, Charlie Gilichibi - Chief Officer Member Services, Ase Boas - Captain PNG Hunters and Chris Topa - PNGRFL Operations Manager during the annoucement of partnership with Ase Boas, as the Brand Ambassador for NASFUND s Voluntary Contribution product. Tarutia said NASFUND is pleased to have this association with Ase Boas and the PNG Hunters to profile and grow our voluntary contributions product. In an age where there is intense noise in promotion and advertising of products, it is imperative to utilize other branding tools to create a unique advantage. NASFUND will over May 2018 be rolling out its Salary Packaging Program to employers, starting with awareness on tax benefits and how to administer the process through payrolls. Charlie Gilichibi, Chief of Member Services said NASFUND is also working on introducing alternate channel for members to make voluntary contributions through its APP and Online member portals. This will be through using a VISA or Master Debit Card issued by any of the commercial banks. Gilichibi further stated Members have a choice to opt for a recurring deduction every fortnight or month; or a once off contribution deduction. This channel of contribution remittances will be 100% automated from debiting member accounts, to crediting NASFUND contributions account and instant allocation of contributions into member accounts. NASFUND members can expect the alternate channel for members to make voluntary contributions above 6% to be made available in the second half of In other areas, Gilichibi said NASFUND over 2017 strengthened its technology enablers, people capability, systems and processes. An outcome of which is detecting and rejecting members acting under false pretense to withdraw their savings. As a result of that, the Fund saw a sharp decline in payment transactions from 75,000 in 2016 to 61,000 in That resulted in a net organic growth of K62 million, compared to negative K4 million in NASFUND advised this is an ongoing process and will be further strengthened and driven in 2018 forward. Members and employers colluding to authorize member applications under false pretense, should know that this is against the Superannuation Act and is also acriminal act. NASFUND Brand Ambassador s visit to Mainland Holdings in Lae. 3

4 Increase you Member Newsletter May-Jun 2018 What is member v Extra contribution ab Why increase you Earn high returns o Increase your hous Quickly grow your How do I make vo Step1 - Complete the Em (Get from website, emai Step 2 - Send completed f Step 3 - NASFUND will subm Step 4 - Employer approve Step 5 - Employer sends Fo 4

5 Member Newsletter May-Jun 2018 ur member contribution voluntary contribution? bove mandated member 6%. ur member contribution? on interest. sing eligibility. super balance. oluntary contribution? mployee Voluntary Contribution form. il: nearest branch or your payroll section). form to for assessment. mit form to employer for approval. e and effect fortnightly increase in contribution. orm to 5

6 Free Internet Access for NASFUND Members and Employers NASFUND is pleased to inform its members and employers nationwide that they can now access the Fund s range of digital online services for FREE via the Telikom 4G Broadband network. This includes free access to the smartphone app, member online portal, employer online portal and the NASFUND website. As at 30th June 2018, NASFUND has 18,000 members registered for online services and 1,000 employers registered for the employer online portal. NASFUND has taken on board feedback from some employer HRs and Payrolls that their organisations will not avail them internet access. Based on this feedback, and to improve efficiency of contributions loading and allocations, the Fund expects all 2,600 employers to be registered and be actively using the Employer Online Portal FREE of charge through the Telikom 4G Broadband network by the last quarter of Members with a Telikom SIM card in a smartphone, MiFi device or WiFi router can also access the online portals and website for FREE. No data required. NASFUND CEO Ian Tarutia said, in the Fund s endeavors to lift service standards, this is one service offering to pitch NASFUND deeper into the digital economy currently taking shape in PNG. We hear the Coral Sea Optic Fibre cable network will bring 4 times more internet bandwidth into our country, let alone other private equity investments to avail more internet bandwidth. That we believe will bring a wave of disruptions to PNG s information economy from the 2020 mark. Tarutia further stated, internet being a catalyst for change, it would be an opportunity for Government to consider providing incentives such as declassifying smartphones and laptops as luxury items so less important duty is imposed on smart internet devices to promote uptake. Compared to rest of the world, smartphones, laptops and computers are not affordable to many Papua New Guineans. Telikom s acting CEO, Xavier Victor said, we are grateful for this partnership with NASFUND to better service our clients around the country. With Telikom s affordability, reliability and 4G broadband speeds we encourage members and employers to purchase a smart device with a Telikom SIM card to access your NASFUND account information for FREE. 6

7 Tips about Member and Employer Online Portals. MEMBER ONLINE PORTAL. (Accessible via the NASFUND website and APP) Who is eligible to register? - Members who have an existing NASFUND account. How to register? - Fill in the Member Online and Text-Bal service Form. (Ensure to complete the form and clearly written). EMPLOYER ONLINE PORTAL. FORMS will be NEEDED for this service. 1. EDUF (Employer Details Update Form) Updates the Company s information on the system. 2. EOUF (Employer Online User Form), Maximum of 3 users, who will be responsible in uploading the company s NASFUND contributions and given access to the Employer Online Portal. Who is eligible to register? - Officer(s) responsible for a company(s) member contributions. How to register? - Complete the EDUF and EOUF forms. Clearly complete the Employer Details Update Form (EDUF) This form MUST include; Section 2: Two (2) key contact person responsible for updating NASFUND contributions for the company. Section 3: Three (3) contacts who are Authorised Signatories responsible for the company(s) NASFUND employees updates and benefit payments. Section 2: Key contacts stated in section 2 of above EDUF form. - Maximum of 3 users (3 separate forms must be filled). Section 4: Form must be endorsed by one of the Authorised Signatory. Both the EDUF form and EOUF forms must be sent to nasfund.com.pg for registration. - NASFUND and KINA will advise on logging credentials. IMPORTANT REMINDERS FOR EMPLOYERS. From 1st JUNE 2018, all NASFUND enquiries through Facebook are fed direct through the Fund s Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform to the Call Centre. Electronic messages to Call Centre including s and Facebook messages are monitored and settled through this channel to improve customer experience. Messages fed from NASFUND s Facebook page and pushed direct to the Call Centre include: Wall Posts. Inboxed Messages. Comments to Admin posts. EMPLOYERS who are registered can request for a Training session to understand the use of the Employer ONLINE Portal. EMPLOYERS must remit contributions ON TIME or your employees will MISS OUT on the interests that are accumulated on a monthly basis. EMPLOYERS who have NOT updated your contributions on a timely manner and in breach of the Superannuation ACT will be held accountable. Web chat is being developed and will be integrated to the CRM shortly. Note: FORM must be ENDORSED by one of the SIGNATORIES and STAMPED using the company s stamp. Employer Online User form (EOUF) - This form is for OFFICERS who will be given logging ACCESS to the EMPLOYER ONLINE PORTAL. (Maximum of 3 users). 7

8 EMPLOYER ONLINE PORTAL Employer Benefits: Employer automates contribution allocations. Employer monitors contributions history. Employer creates new member accounts to speed up payroll processing. Timely allocation of contributions. Error notifications on payroll file uploads. To register: Username Password... Forgotten your password? LOGIN Download the registration form from visit a branch or Maximum of three (3) payroll officers / supervisors are required to be registered. Submit completed forms to or drop off at your nearest branch. If you are already a member of NASFUND but don t have a login yet, register now. Processing takes 24 hours. 8