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1 For Professional Advisers LGIM s investment solutions From one of the UK s largest asset managers Legal & General Investment Management (LGIM) offers investment services across a broad spectrum of asset classes, including multi-asset solutions, index funds, fixed income, property and active equities.

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3 Developing solutions to meet our clients needs LGIM offers advisers and wealth managers a breadth of investment solutions, delivered with expertise and efficiency. We draw upon the financial stability and heritage of the Legal & General Group, dating back to Putting clients first Creating the right solution starts with understanding our clients needs. The solutions we build provide efficient access to a broad range of investment capabilities and strategies. Our commitment to innovation is always balanced with a dedication to preserving the high-quality, sustainable approach that our clients expect. Adding value We are experts in adapting well to the changing investment environment our capabilities are designed to reflect macroeconomic conditions and underlying market dynamics. Our skilled and experienced teams work together to provide competitive investment solutions for our investors. Investing responsibly As one of the UK s largest asset managers, we understand that our scale brings responsibilities. We play an active role in the companies we invest in, from exercising shareholder voting rights to directly engaging with companies at board level. By playing a part in shaping the businesses we invest in, we aim to unlock value for our investors and shape the future and sustainability of financial markets. 3

4 A broad choice of investment capabilities We provide investment expertise across multiple asset classes and strategies: Multi-asset Index Global fixed income Property Active equity Our multi-asset offerings are based on in-depth economic research and marketleading, asset allocation capabilities. We are one of the world s leading providers of index funds, tracking regional sector and alternative indices. Clients trust us with 957 billion 1 worth of their assets, managed by investment professionals in London, Chicago and Hong Kong. Fixed income is a core capability and we offer investors a range of actively managed income solutions through traditional and more innovative products. We are one of the largest property investors and developers in the UK, offering a wide range of investment solutions for our clients. We manage active equity strategies across a range of geographical regions. We are only focused on those strategies where we believe an active investment style can sustainably add value for our clients compared to index alternatives. 1. Source: LGIM, as at 30 June These figures include assets managed by LGIMA, an SEC Registered Investment Advisor and include derivative positions and advisory assets. 2. LGIM, as at 30 June

5 Multi-asset funds Harnessing the power of asset allocation Multi-asset funds provide investors with diversified exposure to a broad range of markets. By investing in a range of asset classes, countries, sectors and currencies, investors can access multiple drivers of return and avoid putting all their eggs in one basket. LGIM has managed multi-asset solutions for over 35 years and manages 42 billion in multi-asset funds 1. As well as traditional mixed or balanced investment funds, LGIM worked with the IFA community to develop a range of risk-targeted strategies to meet clients growth and income needs, while covering a range of risk appetites. WHY LGIM FOR MULTI-ASSET We have the in-house expertise needed to create flexible, high-quality solutions that meet our clients needs. Breadth and depth of talent At LGIM, we have an outstanding team approach towards multiasset investments. Our experienced and skilful economists, strategists and fund managers work together to manage a range of innovative multi-asset strategies. They work closely with colleagues from fixed income and equities, giving them access to multiple sources of investment knowledge. Cost-aware solutions Over the long run, additional costs and charges will affect returns and make a huge difference to the final client outcome. We aim to keep costs low for example by using in-house index funds to provide market exposure thus helping close the advice gap and provide a better value service for your clients. Active asset allocation Our funds have the flexibility to respond to market events and changing conditions, and will seek to maximise returns within the defined risk mandate of each fund looking for opportunities over the short, medium and long term. Suitability We understand that not all clients have the same risk appetite or consider risk in the same way. Our multiasset solutions offer a range of funds to meet the differing needs and investment focuses of our clients and aim to meet ongoing suitability needs We manage 42 billion 1 worth of multi-asset funds in the UK, with a team of 30 investment professionals. 1. Source: LGIM, as at 30 June

6 Index funds Experience you can count on There s more to index tracking than just following the market. We are one of the UK s largest index fund managers thanks to a focus on providing clients with simple and effective value-for-money solutions. We offer clients a comprehensive suite of equity and bond index funds. At LGIM, we have developed a pragmatic approach to index management, enabling us to devise trading strategies that reduce trading costs for our clients and thus help returns. WHY LGIM FOR INDEX FUNDS We believe that our approach to managing index funds provides investors with value-for-money index exposure, based on four key attributes. Scale LGIM is one of the biggest providers of index funds in the UK, and all our funds are UK domiciled. Over the past 30 years we ve grown to manage 332 billion 1 in index-tracking investments. This scale means that we are able to generate significant efficiencies and cost savings which we can pass on to our investors. Our index team has 29 investment professionals, managing 332 billion 1 in assets under management Expertise Our well-resourced team have developed an inhouse philosophy for index fund management that we call pragmatic replication. This means that while our main aim is close tracking of the index, we also put a lot of time, effort and resources into trying to maximise returns for our investors day in and day out. Simplicity We prefer to invest in physical securities wherever possible and use derivatives sparingly and only for efficient portfolio management. We don t operate a securities lending programme in our UK retail funds so our customers exposure to additional risks is minimised and our index funds are kept as transparent and easy to understand as possible. Responsible We believe that as a market leader we have a responsibility to work closely with the companies that we invest in. Being an active owner gives us the opportunity to positively impact the constituents of our index funds, effecting change and improving company performance. This is a win-win, as by doing the right thing we believe we can materially improve long-term returns for our investors. 1. Source: LGIM, as at 30 June These figures include assets managed by LGIMA, an SEC Registered Investment Advisor and exclude derivative positions. 6

7 Global fixed income Scale and expertise We are a major investor in global fixed income markets, through both index and active funds, managing over 340 billion 1. Our active fixed income capabilities range from cash and traditional benchmarked bond mandates, to strategic bond funds. Our expertise covers a wide range of markets, including developed market investment grade corporate bonds, to high yield and emerging market bonds. WHY LGIM FOR GLOBAL FIXED INCOME LGIM s range of fixed income strategies are designed to meet a range of client needs, each benefiting from the strengths of our people, the robustness of our process, and the success of our approach to risk management. Experienced and well- A range of credit An approach for all market Risk awareness resourced team strategies conditions We seek to reduce We have one of the largest LGIM offers regional and Our macro-driven downside risk by and most experienced global credit capabilities thematic investment positioning for market fixed income teams targeting income or process combines top- factors which could covering strategy, growth using both down and bottom-up negatively impact returns, analysis, risk and portfolio traditional benchmark- inputs, aiming to position as well as through stock management feeding focused and portfolios for market selection based on into our proven unconstrained turning points to help fundamental research. investment process. approaches. them perform during all market conditions, with no in-built style. More than 87 investment professionals feed into our active fixed income investment process, managing 145 billion 1 in active fixed income assets. 1. Source: LGIM, as at 30 June

8 Property A key portfolio tool Investors are attracted to property investment for a number of reasons: an attractive yield, income return, inflation protection and tangible security. Including property within a diversified asset portfolio has the potential to improve the overall risk-return profile of a portfolio, reduce trading costs for our clients and thus help returns. Property as an asset class offers the opportunity for active management and the ability to enhance returns through initiatives such as refurbishment, development, lease negotiations and restructuring. Through repositioning assets, initiatives like these can enhance returns on the property not only through increased rental income but also the long-term capital growth potential of the asset. WHY LGIM FOR UK PROPERTY We believe that our expert team s exceptional access to markets and adept asset management experience can build successful solutions for clients seeking property exposure. Our success in property management is demonstrated by the scale and growth of our business. We are one of the largest institutional property fund managers in the UK (source: Property EU, October 2016), with 19.4 billion 1 of assets under management. Integrity Specialism Scale Access Focused on our clients Market leading sector Part of LGIM, one of the Unrivalled access to changing needs and specialists bringing largest investment intermediaries and both dedicated to transparency dedicated expertise to managers in the UK. on and off market and integrity. stock selection and asset investment opportunities, management strategy. transacting 2.1 billion in We manage 19.4 billion 1 of assets on behalf of our clients in the UK. 1. Source: LGIM Real Assets, as at 30 June 2017 (including cross holdings). 8

9 Active equity Focusing on adding value Our product offering within active equity is focused on only those strategies where we believe an active investment style can sustainably add value for our clients compared to index alternatives. For the retail market, this includes income funds and high alpha strategies. Global equity income The Global Equity Income team aim to exploit the underestimated contribution of dividends to total returns of stocks located in the UK, Europe and Asia. They target companies with dominant market positioning trading at compelling valuations, seeking scalable business models and a sustainable commitment to paying dividends. High alpha The team invest in high-conviction ideas in small and mid-sized companies. These companies tend to be less researched and therefore offer more scope to find new and misunderstood investment opportunities. These areas often benefit the most from skilful active timing of purchase and sell decisions. WHY LGIM FOR ACTIVE EQUITY Our active equity approach focuses on stock selection, driven by bottom-up, fundamental analysis. The research process aims to uncover a high-conviction view of a stock, where we believe its full potential upside is not correctly pricedin by the market. Focus Conviction Access Support We prioritise delivering Our strategies tend to be As one of the UK s largest Each specialist team solutions orientated to high conviction, and most well-established benefits from the scale specific client investment concentrated portfolios, asset managers, our scale and breadth of resources, needs where active and can be very different provides exceptional discipline and risk controls investing can sustainably to the relevant benchmark, access to the management offered by LGIM. add value. displaying a high level of teams of the underlying active share. companies we invest in. This is invaluable when forming bottom-up investment insights. High-conviction, client-focused portfolios that benefit from LGIM s exceptional access to corporate management. 9

10 While the landscape changes, our approach remains the same: Listen to advisers and develop investment solutions to meet clients needs, with innovation, flexibility and value for money at their core. 10

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12 CONTACT US For further information about any of our capabilities, please contact us: * lgim.com Important information This document should not be taken as an invitation to deal in any Legal & General investments. Investing in financial markets exposes investors to risk. The value of investments and any income from them may fall as well as rise and investors may get back less than they invest. Past performance is not a guide to future performance. Funds investing in equity markets have a greater risk of being volatile than Funds which invest in most other asset types, particularly in the short term. An increase in medium to long-term interest rates may reduce the value of investment in funds sensitive to interest rate changes. Exchange rate changes may cause the value of any overseas investments to rise or fall. The value of property is generally a matter of valuer s opinion rather than fact. *Call charges will vary. Details of the specific and general risks associated with Legal & General s range of unit trusts are contained within the Key Investor Information Documents and can be accessed via your usual contact or at Legal & General (Unit Trust Managers) Limited. Authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Q /15. H