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1 VENTUS L o u v r e G a l l e r i e s Let the breeze


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4 ABOUT VENTUS Ventus Industries Inc. is a leading manufacturer of innovative architectural building products, including louvre galleries, doors & windows and shade structures. We pride ourselves in offering customers a wide range of choices, unparalleled quality and unmatched value for money. Ventus products are designed and manufactured to the highest standards and are rigorously tested for both performance and durability. Our patented designs set the standard by which others are measured against, while our industry leading warranty is testament to our commitment to customers, well after the sale is complete. With our expanding network of dealers, Ventus products can be purchased and serviced in several countries around the world. To find a dealer near you or more information about Ventus Industries Inc. and our great products, please visit OUR VALUES We always say that the people that use our products are our priority. We live by it, we work by it and it guides us in everything that we do. We are committed to customer satisfaction by offering choice, by building quality in everything we do and ultimately by delivering value for money. CHOICE. Customers should always have choices. But only when it comes to finishes and designs, not when it comes to quality. QUALITY. Quality should be the standard, not an option or an extra. Only when you get quality, you actually get value for money. VALUE FOR MONEY. It s what every customer expects. And because we understand that, we build value in everything that we make. 03 Our values are our promise to you and at Ventus, our success is measured by how well we deliver on this promise.

5 ABOUT US OUR PARTNERS We only work with the best. Our partners are leaders in their fields and some of the most trusted brands in the business. They are at the forefront of innovation and have proven over time that they produce the best quality raw materials that shaped the way we live. DuPont. With over 200 years in the business, this company has brought world-class science and engineering to the world. Every year they produce thousands of patents and products that help and serve nearly every industry in the world. To them, it's about providing a solution to mankind s problems. To us, DuPont are the people we trusted for the materials we use to make all the parts where strength and durability is critical. ExxonMobil. Known globally as one of the leaders when it comes to delivering energy and petrochemical products to meet the world's growing demand. Their research programs support numerous worldwide improvements and with their proprietary technology create products that improve the quality of life around the world. For us, ExxonMobil material science improves the quality, performance and longevity of our products. PPG Industries. PPG s vision is to be the world's leading coatings and specialty products company. Through leadership in innovation, sustainability and color, PPG helps customers in industrial, transportation and consumer products by enhancing surfaces in more ways than any other company. Founded in 1883, PPG operates in nearly 70 countries around the world. PPG is committed to excellence and their coatings keep our products looking good, year after year. 04

6 THE 100% OPENING ADVANTAGE Though louvre design has changed a great deal since their early days, one thing has remained constant louvres are the only window system that gives you the 100% opening advantage. This means louvres are the most practical window system on the market when it comes to taking advantage of breezes and natural ventilation. By design, louvres offer the least resistance to air flow. Open them for the full breeze effect, tilt them for ventilation even on a rainy day, or simply close them to seal the home and protect it from elements. The practicality of louvres mean that they can be used anywhere or better yet, everywhere. Use louvres to open up a room or the entire house to fresh air and cool breezes. Cooling and ventilating your home with fresh, natural breezes is not only healthy, but also energy efficient. So you save money whilst doing your bit for the environment. 05

7 WHY LOUVRES? Go ahead, let the breeze in. It's free, it's green. 06

8 DESIGNED TO PERFORM From the beginning, Ventus set out to design and build a better louvre gallery. Intelligent, yet simple design, robust components, tighter tolerances and better raw materials are just some of the features of Ventus louvre galleries. Designers Tony Kearney (L) and Max Dickison (R) from Designmakers, were integral to the development of the Ventus louvre galleries. Their knowledge of materials, processes and technology were pivotal to making Ventus louvre galleries better by design. The Ventus louvre gallery was designed to improve the most fundamental limitation of louvre galleries... the sealing between the blades when closed. Using our patented Rubber Contact Block, Ventus created a collapsible contact point between louvre blades. This means when closed, the blades come closer to each other and create a more positive seal. A more positive seal between the blades translates to a more air-tight, more water-tight and more sound proof window, which makes it a better window. 07 So we don't just say that Ventus louvre gallery is better by design, we designed it to perform.

9 THE VENTUS LOUVRE GALLERY BUILT TO LAST The Ventus louvre gallery is manufactured using modern materials from the most reputable suppliers in the industry. We wanted our galleries to last a long time. In fact, we wanted them to last a lifetime. So we used non-toxic, environmentally friendly, UV stabilised, non-corrosive and resilient materials throughout. No compromises, no substitutes. For strength and durability, we chose the proven 6063 T5 architectural aluminum alloy. Our components are extruded and machined to the tightest tolerances and industry standards for perfect fitment and function. For coating our aluminum, we chose the PPG range of powder coats. Resilient and wear resistant, these coatings can withstand years of exposure and the day-to-day operation of the louvres. For durability in our louvre handles, trims and caps we chose DuPont s UV stabilised Delrin 100P. It is virtually indestructible, UV resilient and can stand up to use and the elements for years. For superior weather performance in our patented louvre clip, we chose ExxonMobil s UV stabilised high-impact Polypropylene Resin that will not break, stay flexible and look good for years. For long-lasting flexibility and UV resilience, our Rubber Contact Block is made of ExxonMobil s Vistalon EPDM rubber that will remain flexible and guarantee tighter sealing between our blades for years. For precision and corrosion resistant fasteners that guarantee flawless operation, we chose BTI s range of 316 Marine Grade Stainless Steel and High Tensile Aluminum screws and rivets. 08

10 DO WE STAND UP TO THE ELEMENTS? ABSOLUTELY!!! The Ventus louvre gallery was designed specifically for use in tropical environments, where nature is known to be unforgiving. By combining cutting edge design, quality materials and precision manufacturing we built a gallery that is all about performance. In fact, we guarantee that when used properly and installed correctly within the design parameters and specifications, Ventus louvre galleries will stand up to harsh weather conditions and tropical extremes. But we did not expect anyone to take our word for it. We know that designs mean little without testing, and claims are empty without proof. So we put the Ventus louvre gallery through one of the most stringent testing regimes on the planet - the AS4420 (Testing Methods for Windows), and certified it in accordance to AS (Windows in Buildings). So you know that your home is secured and your family is safe from the elements. This is our promise and your peace of mind. For a complete set of test results, please contact your nearest authorized Ventus reseller, or send a request to 09

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12 Ventus louvre windows come with a variety of security options that will give you peace of mind, without compromising the look or function of your windows. VENTUS BAR-LOC SECURITY BARS Simple yet effective, the patented Bar-Loc security bars are easy to install on both new and existing windows. Bar-Loc Security Bars are spaced at intervals that prevent intruders from gaining entry, whilst not impeding the operation of the louvres, interfering with the breeze or notably restricting your views. 11

13 FOR YOUR PEACE OF MIND VENTUS FORTRESS STAINLESS STEEL (SS) SECURITY SCREENS The Ventus Fortress SS Security Screen is the ultimate in architectural window security. Strong, non-corrosive, insect and ember proof, the Ventus Fortress SS Security Screen will protect your home without compromising aesthetics, or interfere with the operation of the louvres. However, as with all woven wire screens, installing the Fortress SS Security Screen on your louvre windows will result to some restriction of air-flow. 12

14 We would like to help you choose the right products for your application. Our easy-to-follow Product Selection Guide will walk you through the steps of designing your Ventus louvre window. Pick your design, in-fills, handles, and colours - it s your choice. 1. CHOOSE YOUR FRAME TYPE. ALUMINUM TIMBER STEEL 2. CHOOSE YOUR FRAME CONFIGURATION. Ventus louvres are not only practical, they are also extremely versatile. No other window type comes even close to louvres for flexibility in configuration. Single Bay Multiple Bay Split Bay Fixed Lite Hi - Lite Low - Lite 3. CHOOSE THE SIZES.... or any combination of the above. It s your choice. LITE WIDTH LITE HEIGHT NO. OF BAYS OVERALL HEIGHT TRANSOME HEIGHT BAY HEIGHT BAY WIDTH OVERALL WIDTH 13

15 IT S YOUR CHOICE 4. CHOOSE THE BLADES. TIMBER BLADES CLEAR GLASS BLADES WRC Beech Ultra Clear Natural TINTED GLASS BLADES TEXTURED GLASS BLADES Grey Blue Green Satinlite Cathedral ALUMINUM BLADES POLYCARBONATE BLADES No restriction/limit to powder coat colours. Colours shown above are approximation of actual colours. Variations may occur due to surface texture, substance absorption, product thickness and light source. Clearview Privacy 5. CHOOSE THE GALLERY COLOURS. The Ventus louvre gallery can come in an extensive range of colours to suit your design. And to make things easier, we make our galleries in 5 standard colours. White Black Ivory Grey Clear Anodised Combine your blade, frame and gallery colours to suit your preference and create that unique look. 6. CHOOSE YOUR CONTROL METHOD. Single Control Single mechanism galleries providing good closing pressure. The most common choice for louvre control and adequate for most applications with a recommended blade spans of up to 600mm. Dual Control Dual mechanism galleries providing increased closing pressure across the entire length of the blade. A popular choice for commercial applications and blade spans of up to 900mm. Ring Pull Control Allows the gallery to be operated by hand or an extension pole. This handle is the perfect choice for the high windows and hard to reach galleries. Auto Louvre The Auto Louvre system allows users to open and close the louvres with a remote, wall switch or Cbus connection. No need to have specialised frames. The motors are hidden in the Gallery. The Gallery is powered via a 12 Volt power pack. For a complete set of design parameters, limitations, specifications and application guidelines, please see our product specification publications or visit 14

16 GALLERY SIZE CHART Ventus louvre galleries are available in a wide range of standard sizes. If you need a size below our minimum standard size and/or beyond the maximum standard size as listed in the chart below, please contact your local Ventus reseller to discuss additional options. Blades Gallery Height Blades Gallery Height 2 320mm 3 311mm 3 460mm 4 401mm 4 600mm 5 491mm 5 740mm 6 581mm 6 880mm 7 671mm mm 8 761mm mm 9 851mm mm mm mm mm mm mm mm mm mm mm mm mm mm mm mm mm mm mm mm mm mm mm mm mm mm mm mm 15

17 WE STAND BY OUR PRODUCTS Ventus products are built to last. In fact we believe they are the best in the market. So it makes sense that they are backed by the best warranty in the business. Ventus Industries Inc. is proud to offer an industry leading 10 YEAR WARRANTY on all its products, including our louvre galleries. As the only louvre manufacturer to offer such warranty, and it stands testament to our commitment to designing and building the strongest, most reliable and durable building products in the market. 16

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19 WARRANTY CERTIFICATE Congratulations on your purchase. This certificate is an important document that you will require, should you ever need to make a warranty claim with us. Ventus louvre windows are warranteed against defects arising from faulty workmanship and/or materials for 10 YEARS from the date of purchase. This warranty is limited and subject to the following general terms and conditions: This warranty applies only to the original purchaser and original installation. It is not transferable. The products must have been installed in accordance to the manufacturer s recommendations, specifications and guidelines, and in full compliance to all relevant building standards in your country. The products have been used and maintained in accordance to Ventus product care and maintenance guidelines. It is expected, that during the life of the product, certain normal and acceptable wear and deterioration will occur, particularly with moving parts and finishes. Provided that this is within industry tolerances and standards and it does not affect the product s performance and general appearance, this normal wear and deterioration does not constitute a defect under this warranty. Some variation in manufacturing tolerances and in the finish of aluminum, plastic and timber components is normal and is not deemed to be a defect under this warranty. This warranty is limited to the repair and/or replacement of the faulty components and/or products at the company s discretion. It does not extend to the removal and re-installation of the products, nor does it cover the repair and refinishing of the adjacent surfaces and materials. Where the product has been repaired, only repairs performed by Ventus personnel or authorized agents are covered by this warranty. Unauthorized repairs and tampering with the product voids all warranties. Ventus reserves the right to change specifications and/or discontinue a particular product line. In this case for warranty purposes, will offer equivalent or superior products as substitutes of the original. Claims under this warranty should be made within 3 months of the defect arising to your nearest Ventus agent or reseller. Copies of this warranty certificate, signed and stamped by the authorized reseller/agent, as well as the receipt should be included with a written claim detailing the claim particulars. Ventus may request photographic evidence to support a claim. WARRANTY PARTICULARS OWNER DETAILS Name Phone Address PRODUCT DETAILS Product Code Product Name RESELLER/AGENT DETAILS Company Representative Stamp Signature This warranty is in addition to all other rights and guarantees in place under the consumer protection laws in your country. For a copy of our full Warranty Terms and Conditions, please visit For more information on your consumer rights, please contact the consumer protection agency in your country.

20 Your Authorized Reseller: VENTUS L o u v r e G a l l e r i e s A Division of Ventus Industries Inc. AUSTRALIA 15 Campion Rd. East Arm, Darwin NT 0828 PO Box Winnellie, Darwin NT 0821 Tel: Telefax: PHILIPPINES Building 2 / Phase 1, Responsible Street, EZP Center, CPIP, Bgy. Batino, Calamba 4027 PO Box 180 Alabang, Muntinlupa City 1799 Tel: Telefax: VII-LVR-PH