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1 In my 35 years at Morgan Stanley Smith Barney, I have been fortunate to work with many exceptional people. I have met a great number of successful entrepreneurs who have used their wits and tireless efforts to amass considerable wealth. I count many of them among my clients and more than a few among my friends. It has been my pleasure to help them protect what they have worked so hard to earn. I have gotten to know their families, and in many cases, worked with several generations to help them build an enduring legacy. My daughter, Meredith Parrish, and my son Jonathan work alongside me at The Swanson Group, part of a broader group of professionals who are equally dedicated to addressing the needs of our clients. We take a long view here. We look to build on our experience and expand on our relationships to provide investment services to our clients generation after generation after generation. We look forward to meeting you, getting to know you better, and helping you and your family reach your goals. Sincerely, Keith Swanson Managing Director 1

2 O u r C o m m i t m e n t t o C l i e n t s Managing significant wealth can make it difficult to focus on what matters most to you: pursuing personal goals and family aspirations, exploring opportunities and living the life you envision. At Morgan Stanley Private Wealth Management, we will help you address the challenges and complexities of wealth so you can accomplish the things in life that are essential to you. We couple more than three decades of experience serving many of the world s most prominent entrepreneurs, executives, families and foundations with Morgan Stanley s strength, stature and resources in the global financial industry. This insight and experience are at the core of Morgan Stanley Private Wealth Management and are embodied in the team assembled to serve you. Drawing on a deep understanding of your financial life and guided by your Private Wealth Advisor, your team can help you: Manage investments with an unwavering focus on your financial strategy and personal goals Structure your wealth and customize solutions based on an objective view of your needs Simplify financial complexity to help you achieve clarity and control Align your strategy with the values that have shaped your life and constitute the core of your legacy 2

3 o u r c l i e n t p r i n c i p l e s Confidence in a firm that has navigated over 75 years of market cycles page 4 Access to Morgan Stanley s brightest people and best resources page 9 An exclusive focus on wealthy individuals, families and foundations page 12 Objective solutions for your family s needs that reflect our insight into the complex financial world page 17 The highest level of personal service by serving a limited number of clients page 20 3

4 c o n f i d e n c e In an environment of constant change, demonstrated strength and stability are invaluable assets. As one of the world s largest and strongest financial institutions, Morgan Stanley has successfully navigated 75 years of market cycles, continually gaining new expertise, perspective and confidence. Today, we are a global firm with more than 62,000 employees in 42 countries and are among the best capitalized 1 of all banks in the world. Morgan Stanley has earned a reputation for helping to develop industries, advise governments, nurture companies and revolutionize technologies and for serving generations of individual clients and their families. As one of the leading wealth management firms worldwide, Morgan Stanley Smith Barney oversees more than $1.7 trillion in assets under management. In that role, we help support our clients with firsthand knowledge of world economies and emerging trends, anchored by a presence at the center of the global economy. B u i l d i n g o n t h i s s t r e n g t h, Morgan Stanley Private Wealth Management has been earning the trust and confidence of successful, sophisticated clients since its founding over three decades ago. These clients include more than 20 percent of the Forbes 400 in the U.S., as well as many of the world s most prominent entrepreneurs, executives, families and foundations. reach and resources Over $1.7 trillion in assets under management at Morgan Stanley Smith Barney 75 years serving governments and companies around the world and 30 years servicing the world s most sophisticated individuals and families Deep local knowledge through a global network of over 50 Private Wealth Management offices 2 Over 500 Private Wealth Advisors globally 2 Specialized services and solutions tailored to the needs and complexities of each client 4

5 How do you define confidence in a world of unrelenting change?

6 h e r i t a g e o f C O n f i d e n c e 1935 Morgan Stanley founded 1942 Becomes member of New York Stock Exchange 1961 Launches Morgan Stanley Foundation 1973 Launches research department 1975 Launches asset management business 1975 Establishes Morgan Stanley Inter national in Paris 1977 Launches Morgan Stanley Private Wealth Management 1935 Debuts with a $19 million bond offering for Consumers Powers Company 1952 Co-manages the World Bank s $50 million triple bond offering to help finance European reconstruction 1953 Manages General Motors $300 million debt issue 1966 Manages underwriting syndicate for $100 million bond offering for New York Telephone Company 1974 Represents INCO (International Nickel Company) in its hostile bid for ESB (Electric Storage Battery) 1980 Leads the Apple Computer IPO 6

7 1985 Launches Fixed Income division 1986 Morgan Stanley is publicly listed on the New York Stock Exchange 1997 Morgan Stanley Group, Inc. merges with Dean Witter, Discover & Co Becomes a bank holding company 2008 Enters into global strategic alliance with Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group 2009 Morgan Stanley and Smith Barney join to create a new leader in wealth management 1995 Manages the Netscape IPO, sparking the rapid growth of the Internet 1998 Advises the Brazilian government on the $18.3 billion sale of telecommunications provider Telebras 1999 Lead underwriter for the UPS $5.47 billion IPO 2000 Acts as the joint global coordinator and book runner for $5.65 billion IPO of China Unicom Limited, the largest Chinese IPO to date 2004 Co-manages $1.9 billion auction for Google in the largest Internet IPO to date and largest auction-based IPO in U.S. history 2008 Advises the U.S. Treasury on crisis at Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac 2010 Co-leads the General Motors IPO, the largest in U.S. history 7

8 8 What will you and your family need tomorrow?

9 a C C e s s Your Private Wealth Advisor can help provide you with access to Morgan Stanley resources which are among the most sophisticated and extensive available to individual investors, including institutional strategists, traders, premier managers as well as to other specialized resources throughout the world. Whether you seek in-depth advice on a specialized investment or an unfamiliar opportunity or a thought partner for your own ideas, you can work with some of the world s most respected financial professionals. In managing your wealth, your Private Wealth Advisor can assist you in creating strategies especially designed for each one of your financial entities and can help you coordinate these strategies with an eye toward managing risk across your holdings. Also available to you are customized solutions which reflect Morgan Stanley s reach and resources as a leading global investment bank. Additionally, your Private Wealth Advisor can provide you with access to the personalized resources that are usually associated with family offices, complementing the strength of our investment and institutional offering. You will work with knowledgeable, experienced professionals who understand both the personal and technical dimensions of wealth transfer and estate planning. Specialists in family governance can help you address the intricacies and sensitivities that frequently emerge in wealthy families, developing solutions that help balance divergent goals and competing interests. Additionally, philanthropic advisors can work with you to develop personalized strategies and the appropriate vehicles to support your family s charitable goals. The resources and personalized approach of Morgan stanley private wealth management Access to global investment banking, corporate finance and capital markets capabilities and expertise of Morgan Stanley An integrated approach to planning, including family dynamics, wealth transfer and business succession planning An emphasis on generational planning focusing on family mission, governance and conflict management A results-oriented approach to investing in charitable organizations, non-government organizations and your community Access to specialized resources art advisory, health, personal security and aircraft financing capabilities 3 9

10 m o r g a n s t a n l e y g l o b a l f O O t p r i n t Canada United States Mexico Europe North America Central and South America Argentina Brazil Costa Rica Peru 10

11 France Germany Greece Hungary Ireland Italy Luxembourg Netherlands Poland Spain Sweden Switzerland United Kingdom Ukraine Asia China Hong Kong India Indonesia Israel Japan Malaysia Philippines Qatar Russia Saudi Arabia Singapore South Korea Taiwan Thailand Turkey United Arab Emirates Vietnam Africa Egypt South Africa Circles are drawn to scale to represent the size of the collective market capitalizations of publicly listed companies within each continent; market capitalization weighted in billions (USD), as of August 2011; source FactSet and MSCI Australia Australia New Zealand 11

12 f O C u s Wealth frequently gives rise to an array of complexities and challenges some predictable and others unexpected. Morgan Stanley Private Wealth Management was created to address these issues and to help meet the personal and family financial needs of Morgan Stanley s most discerning clients. By offering a financial relationship that is distinguished by its scope and depth, we are committed to helping our clients navigate the requirements and responsibilities of significant wealth. This dedication is embodied in the role of your Private Wealth Advisors and other firm specialists, professionals who are focused on serving individuals, families and their foundations. Our exclusive focus, the expertise it fosters and the objectivity it demands, enable us to address issues and challenges that extend beyond ordinary investing and wealth management. How your wealth is structured, how business interests can most effectively be passed to your children, how your philanthropic goals and aspirations for future generations can be realized our guidance regarding these and other issues will be both personalized and practical, to help you accomplish your goals in an appropriate and effective manner. A new generation of family wealth management Morgan Stanley Private Wealth Advisor can help you address many of the complexities of wealth, including: Understanding cash flow planning associated with complex ownership structures Board issues related to your private foundation Issues related to restricted stock and options Financial education of your children Global investment goals Equitable division of your estate Specialized asset classes, including personal business, art and real estate holdings 3 12

13 Where do you focus when you look into the future? 13

14 c o m p r e h e n s i v e c a p a b i l i t i e s Investment Management Risk Management Investment Policy Statement Tax Efficient Asset Allocation Portfolio Construction and Management Open Architecture Platform Morgan Stanley Proprietary Investment Opportunities Exclusive Coinvestment Opportunities Money Manager Due Diligence Research Alternative Investments Hedging Strategies Concentrated / Restricted Stock Advice Interest Rate Risk Management Currency Exposure Strategies Insurance Solutions Family Office Services Balance Sheet Management Family Governance and Dynamics Philanthropic Services Educational Programs Custody Performance Management Lifestyle Advisory 3 Health Advisory 3 Personal Security 3 Securities-Based Lending (Secured) Residential Real Estate Financing Tailored Lending Financing of Restricted Stock Cash Management Services Access to Financing of Aircraft, Sports Teams and Art 3 Access to Commercial Lending 14

15 Financial Planning Trust, Estate & Legacy Planning Goals-Based Planning Cash Flow Planning Retirement Planning Wealth Transfer and Trust Strategies Current Will, Trust and Insurance Review 4 Foundation and Other Charitable Giving Strategies Stock Option Analysis Creditor Protection Pre-liquidity Planning Coordination with Outside Legal and Tax Advisors 4 Corporate Services Directed Shares, Stock Plans, 10b5-(1) Programs Capital Markets and Investment Banking Interaction Cash Management Services Retirement and Pension Plans 15

16 What if your financial preferences and your personal objectives received equal attention? 16

17 i n s i g h t Drawing on the world-class talent and global presence of Morgan Stanley, we shape financial strategies that combine the highest levels of analysis and sophistication. Your Private Wealth Advisor enhances the value of Morgan Stanley s insight with an objective understanding of your goals, your tax sensitivity, the complexities of your situation and your family dynamics. Successfully structuring family wealth requires an understanding of the global financial marketplace and insight into your financial needs and situation. The financial world changes continually and families redefine themselves over generations. Your Private Wealth Advisor working in conjunction with your legal and tax advisors can help realign your financial strategy as needed. This approach consisting of a discovery process; formulation of a tax, trust and estate strategy; creation of a customized strategic asset allocation; integration of a tactical asset allocation; implementation of a customized investment strategy; and an ongoing assessment of wealth management needs is customized based on your needs and objectives. While providing a sound foundation for a long-term relationship, our approach helps to ensure that your personal and financial objectives are not overlooked and incorporates the full range of financial disciplines necessary for the success of your plan. The result: your Private Wealth Advisor can address both the personal and financial dimensions of your wealth. combining personal and investment insight Your Private Wealth Advisor will apply discipline to the management of your family s goals and assets, helping to ensure that your strategy leverages our global market expertise and our understanding of you and your goals. Our goal is to help you: Clearly and concisely define your investment considerations and objectives Ensure that all of your investment needs are fully and appropriately reflected in your strategy Define a formal investment strategy to guide asset allocation and portfolio management decisions Provide a foundation upon which to build and implement a customized wealth plan 17

18 A c u s t o m i z e d a p p r o a c h Your family s dynamics, goals and risk tolerance are unique. We will tailor our process to meet your personal and financial needs and objectives. 1 discovery process While every client situation is unique, we begin by learning about you, your family and your financial complexities. What we learn helps us to formulate specific strategies and, of equal importance, it helps us customize the entire relationship to your preferences and requirements. 2formulation of tax, trust and estate strategy 4 After reviewing your balance sheet and existing estate plan, we help analyze your income and estate tax circumstances to identify planning techniques that may be effectively tailored to your personal and financial objectives. 3creation of a customized strategic asset allocation Managing significant wealth often involves developing a customized asset allocation mix that reflects risk, opportunities and taxation across multiple entities, while integrating your investing and estate plans. This asset allocation 4,5 becomes the basis for a long term strategy formalized in your investment policy. 18

19 4 integration of tactical asset allocation These short-term adjustments in asset allocations seek to take advantage of opportunities created by temporary market distortions. Before adjustments are made, we can analyze the potential impact of any taxes or trading costs on potential returns. 4,5 5implementation of a customized investment strategy After comprehensive due diligence and extensive analysis of expected results across a range of market scenarios, investment strategies from our global investment platform are combined to create your portfolio. Our platform includes proven proprietary strategies developed using Morgan Stanley s worldwide resources and expertise as well as open architecture solutions by many of the world s most respected managers. 6ongoing assessment of wealth management needs Coordinating with you and your other advisors, we can conduct ongoing reviews and comprehensive reporting to ensure that your strategy adapts to changing financial and family needs. 19

20 p e r s o n a l s e r v i c e Your Private Wealth Advisor serves a limited number of clients, ensuring the highest level of personalization and responsiveness. This attentiveness encourages a depth of connection with you, your family and your other advisors that enables us to better appreciate your needs and simplify your financial life. Your Private Wealth Advisor oversees a wide range of your financial needs, including investments, cash flow, banking arrangement and overall balance sheet. The result is a more complete understanding of your financial life and a greater sense of control. To help ensure that you gain maximum benefit from your relationship, your Private Wealth Advisor assembles and directs a team with the financial sophistication and experience to address the particular issues and opportunities that are most timely and important to you. When your needs demand deeper expertise, your Private Wealth Advisor has the stature within Morgan Stanley to bring together the world-class resources and expertise to address them for you. Working on your behalf, your Private Wealth Advisor makes it possible for you to devote more time and energy to business matters, your family and the personal interests that are most important to you. uncompromising, comprehensive service Solutions that help ease administrative burdens across generations from consolidating your financial reports to managing cash flow, expenses and some of the most complex aspects of your life Making life simpler and more enjoyable with a full range of concierge services 3 from managing travel arrangements to overseeing multiple residences Integrated custody and reporting services 20

21 How do you simplify after years of increasing complexity? 21

22 d e f i n i n g y o u r l e g a c y Working in conjunction with your external advisors, we will help develop a framework for integrated planning and strategic decision making across your entire family. 1 edward greene (husband) greene family legend* Advisor Family Attorney and CPA Household Family Entity Tax Entity Greene Family Personal 5 Investment Accounts Primary Home Vacation Home Restricted Stock Awards Executive Stock Options Deferred Compensation Life Insurance Founder s Stock, 89% Interest in Private Company Private Wealth Advisor Greene Family LP 2% own 5 Investment Accounts Private Equity Private Business Real Estate Greene Family Attorney and CPA Retirement 2 Iras 401(k) Pension Plan *For illustrative purposes only 22

23 2 greene 3 greene 4 5 elizabeth greene (wife) edward greene, jr. (son) family estate planning vehicles family charitable interests Personal 3 Investment Accounts Artwork Primary Home Vacation Home Executive Stock Options Life Insurance Personal 2 Investment Accounts Real Estate Coin Collection Start-Up Technology Company GRAT Private Company Stock Foundation Family Controlled Nonprofit Greene Family LP 2% own 5 Investment Accounts Private Equity Private Business Real Estate Retirement 1 IRA 401(k) Family Trust 1 Investment Account 96% Greene Family LP Charitable Trust 3 Investment Accounts Retirement 2 IRAs 401(k) Life Insurance Trust Survivor Life Insurance MSSB GIFT Donor Advised Fund 23

24 o u r t e a m Keith Swanson, CIMA Managing Director Private Wealth Advisor Meredith Parrish, CIMA Second Vice President Private Wealth Advisor Jonathan Swanson, CAIA Private Wealth Advisor The Swanson Group Service team includes: Keith is the managing director of The Swanson Group. His career began at Morgan Stanley Smith Barney s predecessor firm over 35 years ago. His experience drives the intellectual direction for The Swanson Group and his knowledge of the industry guides the team s prudence. Keith has built a team of seven investment professionals to expand his thriving business. The team works with 75 families, as well as a select group of small-to mid-sized institutions. Keith uses his knowledge in the Institutional marketplace to help families and business owners generate the income needed to support their lifestyle, grow their assets and plan their legacy for future generations. Meredith is a client relationship manager for The Swanson Group. She joined the team in February 2005, after several years working with an asset management firm. Meredith strives to facilitate continuity and perpetuity for families to achieve a successful transition of family wealth and values. She works with clients on issues such as investment strategy, family dynamics and education of the next generation. Jonathan joined The Swanson Group in August He was most recently a senior analyst in the manager research group at Titan Advisors LLC, a $4Bn fund of hedge funds firm based in Rye Brook, NY. At Titan, Jonathan focused on operational due diligence and also helped manage the firm s credit and counterparty relationships. Prior to joining Titan in May 2008, Jonathan worked for two years at Bear Stearns & Co. as an analyst in their Global Equities Prime Brokerage Division. Jonathan focuses on the group s alternative investment due diligence efforts, and researches and selects investment managers for the team. Dan Berggren Consulting Group Analyst Jason Topp Consulting Group Analyst Vicki Lande Client Relationship Manager Tracy Sabus Client Service Associate 24

25 o u r c l i e n t s Our clients are highly accomplished individuals and their families, many of whom have risen from relatively humble beginnings to create substantial wealth as entrepreneurs. They set high standards for themselves and expect the same from their advisors. While we attend to a broad spectrum of financial needs, our primary goals are to help them preserve the assets they have worked so hard to earn and to develop an enduring legacy to hand down from one generation to the next. We take on the day-to-day tasks of managing their wealth, so they are free to run their business and pursue their passions in life. We also serve a select group of small- to mid-sized institutions, providing investment guidance for their endowments, retirement plans and other investment assets. 25

26 p h i l o s o p h y At The Swanson Group, we serve our clients by acting as their primary investment advisors. We strive to exceed their expectations by taking the time to understand their concerns and aspirations, and creating customized plans to help them reach their goals. We take a holistic approach to their finances, integrating all aspects of their financial strategy. We maintain a passion for leading-edge strategies, providing practiced investment consulting services based on decades of market experience. At The Swanson Group, our customers come first. We are their unabashed advocates, working to help them protect and enhance their wealth, and enjoy the lifestyle it affords. 26

27 t h e f a m i l y d i m e n s i o n s o f w e a l t h Multiple trusts, partnerships and other entities present management and oversight challenges, and the diverse interests and goals of family members can undermine the values that ultimately bond families together. Morgan Stanley Private Wealth Management has the reach and expertise to manage even the most complex financial and investment issues, as well as the experience and sensitivity to address complexities of owning, stewarding and transferring wealth. Of critical importance is ensuring that your family s core values survive over time. To that end, your Private Wealth Advisor and other firm specialists can help your family articulate and memorialize a mission and build governance structures, tailoring a process that goes beyond financial capital to unite family members across generations. education Next-generation programs Multigenerational workshops and retreats Tailored family curriculums governance Family meetings Family mission statements Family bylaws and constitutions Family advisory boards & councils Family conflict management legacy and transfer planning Living trusts, testamentary trusts, grantor trusts, dynasty trusts, charitable trusts, blind trusts, special needs trusts, etc. 4 Pre-IPO / liquidity-event planning Values-based intergenerational wealth transfer planning Tax optimization planning 4 philanthropy Provides a results-oriented approach to investing in your community tracking effectiveness and impact Translates interests and values into effective mission statements, grantmaking, board governance and intergenerational planning Uses global network to connect clients to effective projects Offers foundation management services to simplify the administration of the family s foundation 27

28 p o r t f o l i o C O n s t r u c t i o n a n d m a n a g e m e n t p r O C e s s 1 Manager Selection Strategic Asset Allocation Integrate asset allocation with trust, tax and estate planning, coordinating with other advisors to encompass all client holdings Analyze investments within legal entities and by beneficiaries to align with estate planning goals Memorialize long-term strategy in a formal investment policy 2 Tactical Asset Allocation Seek to enhance long-term performance by taking advantage of temporary market dislocations Under- and overweight asset classes relative to the strategic asset allocation to avoid undue volatility Take into account the effects of taxation and transaction costs before any adjustments 3 Draw from open-architecture platform of affiliated and unaffiliated investment managers who have been vetted by rigorous qualitative and quantitative due diligence processes Evaluate combinations of investment managers in lieu of or in combination with indexing 4 Portfolio Construction Create portfolios using a combination of specialist managers who complement one another with minimal overlap Use risk budgeting disciplines to inform capital allocation decisions Perform look-through analysis on portfolio designed to maximize diversification Establish a funding plan that reflects market conditions, client preferences and potential taxes 5 Performance & Risk Monitoring Periodically analyze and review manager selection to assure adherence to style criteria Perform portfolio performance review and risk monitoring to ensure alignment with investment strategy 28

29 r e C O g n i t i o n Keith Swanson was named one of Barron s top financial advisors nationwide in 2009, 2010, 2011 and He was also ranked number 1 in Iowa in Barron s 2012 state-by-state ranking. The Swanson Group was recognized as a top financial advisor team in 2009 by Research magazine, ranking number 11 in the country for family teams. Source: Barron s Top 1,000 Advisors, February 20, 2012, as identified by Barron s magazine, using quantitative and qualitative criteria and selected from a pool of over 4,000 nominations. Advisors in the Top 1,000 Financial Advisors have a minimum of seven years of financial services experience. Qualitative factors include, but are not limited to, compliance record, interviews with senior management, and philanthropic work. Investment performance is not a criterion. The rating may not be representative of any one client s experience and is not indicative of the financial advisor s future performance. Neither Morgan Stanley Smith Barney LLC nor its Financial Advisors pay a fee to Barron s in exchange for the rating. Barron s is a registered trademark of Dow Jones & Company, L.P. All rights reserved. Source: Research magazine s Top Ranked Teams in America (September 1, 2009), as identified by Barron s magazine in (February 2009), using using quantitative and qualitative criteria and selected from a pool of over 4,000 nominations. Advisors in the Top 1,000 Financial Advisors have a minimum of seven years of financial services experience. Qualitative factors include, but are not limited to, compliance record, interviews with senior management, and philanthropic work. Investment performance is not a criterion. The rating may not be representative of any one client s experience and is not indicative of the financial advisor s future performance. Neither Morgan Stanley Smith Barney LLC nor its Financial Advisors pay a fee to Barron s in exchange for the rating. Barron s is a registered trademark of Dow Jones & Company, L.P. 29

30 A relationship with Morgan Stanley Private Wealth Management is one of the most distinctive in the financial world. Focused exclusively on your needs and those of your family, it commits Morgan Stanley s resources to achieving your goals. Your Morgan Stanley Private Wealth Advisor will work to address your most important concerns and aspirations, from coordinating investment strategy and managing risk in multiple portfolios and entities worldwide, to aligning your family governance structure and estate plan with your values and hopes for future generations, to connecting you to the investment bankers and capital markets specialists of Morgan Stanley. We look forward to meeting personally with you to discuss how we may serve you and your family. contact information The Swanson Group at Morgan Stanley Private Wealth Management 505 Market Street, Suite 300 West Des Moines, IA One Financial Place, 440 South LaSalle Street 38th Floor Chicago, IL / MAIN / CHICAGO / FAX /12