Financial results. Full year ended 31 December 2012

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1 Financial results Full year ended 31 December 2012

2 Agenda Operational performance Financial results Outlook 2013 Appendix Full year result ended 31 December

3 Strong market share performance across regions Mixed beer market development Strong market share performance in all three regions Focused commercial activities driving volume and value share growth Embedding best practise tools across markets Strong growth in international premium 8% Carlsberg brand growth in premium markets 6% Tuborg brand growth Solid double-digit Grimbergen growth Somersby the fastest growing global top- 10 cider brand Kronenbourg 1664 launched in new markets Continued focus and balance between international and local power brands Full year result ended 31 December 2012 Page 3

4 Group beer volume dynamics Flat organic beer volumes impacted by destocking and less stocking Marginal growth in Western Europe mainly due to Poland Continued strong growth in Asia Eastern Europe volumes declined Beer volume, pro rata m.hl % +1% +1% Organic Acq Q4: 0% +1% +1% Full year result ended 31 December 2012 Page 4

5 Revenue and profit dynamics 3% organic net revenue growth driven by solid price/mix for beer of 3% Flat operating profit, in line with expectations Approximately 1-2% decline adjusted for stocking movements and suspended production Net revenue DKKbn % +1% +2% +6% Operating profit DKKbn % +2% +3% 0% Organic Acq. FX Organic Acq. FX 2012 Q4: +5% +0% +2% +7% Q4: +14% +0% +3% +17% Full year result ended 31 December 2012 Page 5

6 Regions Full year result ended 31 December

7 Western Europe another year of strong market share growth across region Beer market declined by around 3%, excluding Poland Bad weather during summer Continued challenging consumer dynamics Approximately 40bp market share gain Focused commercial agenda incl. product launches and revitalisation, sales execution, EURO 2012 and best practise tools 1% organic beer volume growth (Q4: 1%) 1% organic net revenue growth (Q4: +3%) Price increases implemented across region +1% price/mix for beer in spite of negative country mix Strong focus on efficiency agenda continues 6% organic operating profit decline (Q4: -13%) and operating profit margin -110bp (Q4: -210bp) Higher input costs Bad weather Tough comparisons with strong Q4 last year Full year result ended 31 December 2012 Page 7

8 Continued positive momentum in most markets Market share improvements in Norway, Sweden and Finland driven by strong commercial execution Market share decline in Denmark, but increasing in Q4 Continued market share improvements in a growing Polish market Slight increase in market share in a declining UK market Growth of premium portfolio in France and positive financial impact from stocking in Q4 Continued roll-out of efficiency initiatives Full year result ended 31 December 2012 Page 8

9 Eastern Europe - Underlying improved performance Flat Eastern European beer markets 6% organic beer volume decline due to Russian (de)stocking and suspended production in Uzbekistan 1% organic net revenue growth (Q4: +2%) 7% price/mix (Q4: +4%) Price increases off-set higher input costs and excise duties Underlying operating profit increase of 6% adjusted for Russian stocking movements and suspended Uzbek production (impact of DKK ~400m) Organic operating profit decline of 3% (Q4: +40%) 40bp operating margin decline to 21.3% (Q4: +700bp) Full year result ended 31 December 2012 Page 9

10 Russia Commercial and leadership changes bearing fruit Flat beer market for 2012 Estimated 2-3% decline in Q4 impacted by transitional disruption from non-stationary outlet closures In-market sales growth of 2% (Q4: +4%) Flat shipments, adjusted for (de)stocking Changes implemented in 2011/12 to processes, business model and management starting to positively impact performance Flat 2012 volume market share at 38.2% (2011: 38.3%) Significant 110bp y/y improvement in Q4 Value share growing in line with volume share Price/mix of 5% from price increases and value focus Full year result ended 31 December 2012 Page 10

11 Ukraine continuous market share and profit improvements Slight market decline Slow-down of Ukrainian economy 6 th consecutive year of market share growth 20bp improvement to 29.3% Strong performance of Lvivske and Baltika brands Successful activation of EURO 2012 supported the Carlsberg brand and local power brands Full year result ended 31 December 2012 Page 11

12 Asia - Strong growth again in 2012 Market growth across most markets Continued market share improvements driven by high level of commercial activities Roll-out of international brands Strong performance of Tuborg, Kronenbourg 1664 and Somersby 7% Carlsberg brand growth supported by EURO 2012 activation Improved execution through investments in capability building 9% organic volume growth (Q4: +4%) 19% organic revenue growth (Q4: +21%) 31% reported revenue growth Positive price/mix from selective price increases and premiumisation 12% organic operating profit growth (Q4: +18%) Increased holding of Chongqing Jianiang joint venture and acquisition of brewery in India Full year result ended 31 December 2012 Page 12

13 Asia market share gains across all markets 4% organic volume growth in China Slightly growing market share driven by international premium brands Very solid price/mix 18% organic volume growth in Indochina Strong growth in all countries mainly driven by local power brands India exceed 1m hl threshold 45% organic volume growth 100bp market share growth to c. 7% Strong Tuborg performance following 3G launch Continued premiumisation efforts in Malaysia/Singapore Full year result ended 31 December 2012 Page 13

14 Agenda Operational performance Financial results Outlook 2013 Appendix Full year result ended 31 December

15 Satisfactory performance and strong cash flow generation Operating profit at last year s level in line with expectations 6% adjusted net profit growth, slightly higher than expected Group focus on earnings, cash and return on investment remains unchanged 13% free operating cash flow growth, significant improvement in trade working capital 50% free cash flow growth Net interest bearing debt/ebitda at 2.4x after substantial structural and growth investments in Eastern Europe and Asia Proposed dividend at DKK 6.00 (+9%) Full year result ended 31 December 2012 Page 15

16 Income statement (1) December YTD DKKm 2011 Organic FX Acq., net 2012 Net revenue 63,561 1,804 1, ,201 Gross profit 31, ,370 Operating expenses incl. brands marketing -22, ,830 Other income, net Operating profit before special items 9, ,793 - Brewing 9, ,909 - Other activities Price/mix driving organic net revenue growth of 3% Gross profit/hl up 3% organically despite gross margin being impacted by higher input costs Full year result ended 31 December 2012 Page 16

17 Income statement (2) December YTD DKKm Special items, net Financials, net -2,018-1, Interests -1,744-1, Other financial items Tax -1,838-1, Profit 5,692 6, Non-controlling interests Carlsberg s share of profit 5,149 5, Carlsberg s share of profit, adj.* 5,203 5, Special items impacted by sale of Copenhagen brewery site Financials impacted by lower average funding cost Carlsberg s share of profit up 6%, slightly higher than anticipated * Adjusted for special items net of tax Full year result ended 31 December 2012 Page 17

18 Cash flow(1) December YTD DKKm Operating profit 9,816 9, Depreciation 3,784 4, Other non-cash items Trade working capital ,423 Other working capital Restructuring costs paid Paid interests, net -2,070-1, Paid tax -1,592-2, Cash flow from operations 8,813 9,871 1,058 Capital expenditures, net -4,571-5, Free operating cash flow 4,242 4, Trade working capital/net revenue of 1.0% vs. 1.9% end 2011 Higher capex driven by investments in sales and capacity expansion in Asia Full year result ended 31 December 2012 Page 18

19 Cash flow(2) December YTD DKKm Acq/sale of companies, financial assets etc Real estate / other activities -1 1,891 1,890 Cash flow from investments -4,883-3, Free cash flow 3,930 5,897 1,967 Positive cash flow contribution of DKK 1.9bn from the Copenhagen brewery site Net interest-bearing debt unchanged at DKK 32.5bn despite buy-out of minorities of DKK 4.9bn Full year result ended 31 December 2012 Page 19

20 Agenda Operational performance Financial results Outlook 2013 Appendix Full year result ended 31 December

21 2013 Earnings expectations 2013 market dynamics similar to in 2012 Flat cost of sales per hl (low-single-digit organic increase) 50-75bp reduction in all-in coupon 24-25% tax rate DKK m costs related to the supply chain integration and business standardisation project Average EUR/RUB of 42 Operating profit Adj. net profit* around DKK 10bn mid-single-digit percentage increase * Adj. net profit of DKK 5,504xm in 2012 when adjusting for after-tax impact of special items Full year result ended 31 December 2012 Page 21

22 Longer term targets following strategy update 2012 strategy update to give even sharper focus Performance and achievements against strategy will be measured using a range of KPIs embedded throughout the organisation New financial ambitions reflecting the Carlsberg Group s ability to generate sustained long-term operating profit and earnings per share growth: For Western Europe to improve the operating margin by an average of 50bp or more per year for at least the next five years. For the Group, our longer term ambition is to deliver average growth in adjusted underlying earnings per share * of more than 10% p.a. * Adjusted for special items after tax Full year result ended 31 December 2012 Page 22

23 Q&A Page 23

24 Agenda Operational performance Financial results Outlook 2013 Appendix Full year result ended 31 December

25 Carlsberg regions WE EE ASIA GROUP 2012 % of total beer volume % of EBIT

26 Russian market shares by quarter Russian market shares, % Q Q Q Q Q Baltika Efes RUS ABI Heineken Others Source: Nielsen Retail Audit, Urban & Rural Russia Full year result ended 31 December 2012 Page 26

27 Financial calendar 2013 Annual Report February 2013 AGM 21 March Q1 Interim results 7 May Q2 Interim results 21 August Q3 Interim results 13 November 2013 Full year result ended 31 December 2012 Page 27

28 Disclaimer Forward-looking statements This presentation contains forward-looking statements, including statements about the Group s sales, revenues, earnings, spending, margins, cash flow, inventory, products, actions, plans, strategies, objectives and guidance with respect to the Group's future operating results. Forward-looking statements include, without limitation, any statement that may predict, forecast, indicate or imply future results, performance or achievements, and may contain the words "believe", "anticipate", "expect", "estimate", "intend", "plan", "project", "will be", "will continue", "will result", "could", "may", "might", or any variations of such words or other words with similar meanings. Any such statements are subject to risks and uncertainties that could cause the Group's actual results to differ materially from the results discussed in such forward-looking statements. Prospective information is based on management s then current expectations or forecasts. Such information is subject to the risk that such expectations or forecasts, or the assumptions underlying such expectations or forecasts, may change. The Group assumes no obligation to update any such forward-looking statements to reflect actual results, changes in assumptions or changes in other factors affecting such forward-looking statements. Fodbold foto Some important risk factors that could cause the Group's actual results to differ materially from those expressed in its forward-looking statements include, but are not limited to: economic and political uncertainty (including interest rates and exchange rates), financial and regulatory developments, demand for the Group's products, increasing industry consolidation, competition from other breweries, the availability and pricing of raw materials and packaging materials, cost of energy, production and distribution related issues, information technology failures, breach or unexpected termination of contracts, price reductions resulting from market driven price reductions, market acceptance of new products, changes in consumer preferences, launches of rival products, stipulation of market value in the opening balance sheet of acquired entities, litigation, environmental issues and other unforeseen factors. New risk factors can arise, and it may not be possible for management to predict all such risk factors, nor to assess the impact of all such risk factors on the Group's business or the extent to which any individual risk factor, or combination of factors, may cause results to differ materially from those contained in any forward-looking statement. Accordingly, forward-looking statements should not be relied on as a prediction of actual results. Full year result ended 31 December 2012 Page 28