Richard Hoskings moved that the Financial Report be accepted. Seconded by Libby Matuszczak, Carried.

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1 DARLING DOWNS SOARING CLUB MINUTES of COMMITTEE MEETING 7 th December 2002 At McCaffrey s Field Committee Members Present: Apologies: Ralph Henderson, Shane McCaffrey, Richard Hoskings, Peter Bell, Libby Matuszczak. Jenny Thompson, Brian Hofmeister, Anthony Wetherspoon. Bob Keen The Meeting opened at 7:25pm. 1 NZ Gliding Experience Ralph recounted some of the experiences comparing the NZ commercial operation at Omarama, and DDSC. He noted that the Qld comps hosted by DDSC was better run than observed in NZ. Also, there are lessons to be learned on how not to run a commercial operation. 2 Financial Report Financial report was provided for comment and information (attached) The response from members to pay their accounts was successful and the bank balance is again positive. Richard noted that members should be aware that they should pay for their flying as they go, rather than waiting for the accounts, and that from now on, the interest on debit accounts will be applied to everyone. The Committee thanked David Hughes for organizing a successful mid-week awards week, which made a good financial contribution to the club. Richard asked that Libby provide the printout from the cash register to help split out the merchandise being sold out of the canteen. Richard provided a list (attached) of time spent by Megan Hockings on behalf of Richard, for work done associated with membership and accounting. The meeting agreed that these costs were a necessary part of being and efficient organization. Ralph Henderson moved that initially, $1000 be paid to Richard Hoskings for the work that Megan Hockings has been doing. Agreed unanimously by the Meeting. Richard Hoskings moved that the Financial Report be accepted. Seconded by Libby Matuszczak, Carried. 3 Xmas Party The Xmas party will be held on 14 December, with pylon races starting at 10:00am. Meal is to be catered by Di Bell, based on an estimated attendance of Xmas-New Year Flying Brian Hofmeister stated that the period of flying should be better advertised and should have a theme. Also it should be more widely advertised to, for instance, Caboolture and Boonah. Actions: Brian was asked to develop the advertising to members. Jenny Thompson to advertise the flying period on the Caboolture chat line. Page 1 of 6

2 5 Easter Comps Some brief discussion on the Easer Comps, and that the time to the Comps is getting shorter. Actions: Libby to put a notice in Australian Soaring. Some information to be put in CHAOTIC. 6 Nationals 2004 at Dalby There was some discussion on whether DDSC should put in a proposal to hold the Nationals at Dalby in A proposal was to have one week of the State comps, a week s break, followed by two weeks of the Nationals. By holding them this way, there would be interest from NZ pilots bringing aircraft over. This timing (2004) would coincide with Kingaroy holding the State comps. The mayor of Dalby would be very supportive of the Nationals at Dalby. It was decided to take this proposal to the next General Meeting in January. Action: Ralph to determine what process needs to be followed to put in a bid. 7 Cessna Sale Anthony Wetherspoon had located a Pawnee that the Club could purchase (VH-GUY) but on inspection, it had too much corrosion. As Bob Keen was not at the meeting, further discussion was postponed till the next meeting. 8 Hangarage The Kurstjens development approval has been finalised, but the building approval is still pending. Robert Percy, Tony Cavanna, and Steve Harris have purchased a Nimbus 2C, arriving mid January, and are wanting to build a hangar to be shared with others. The Duo Discus T owners are interested in hangarage, as are Fran Ning and Keith Allen (purchasing a 15 m glider), John Hook and Bob Ward. The Kurstjens original proposal was to have their hangar running North-South, but to account for Club expansion, it was agreed to establish a hangarage plan for the future, and run their hangar East-West. An indicative plan was developed as below. Action: Richard Hoskings to get a plan drafted for further consideration and planning. Kurstjens North Existing Hangars Page 2 of 6

3 9 Omarama NZ Reciprocal Agreement Ralph proposed that a reciprocal agreement should contain: 1. No joining fees for members of the other club 2. Flying at Members rates 3. Foster a friendly approach 4. Visiting reciprocal members pay cash The Committee was happy for Ralph to proceed on this basis, with the addition of charging flying fees for courses or groups back to the home club. 10 Club Insurance 10.1 General Insurance (Buildings, theft, etc) Jenny Thompson reported that the underwriter s insurance company had not renewed the Club s general insurance policy, and that they had informed the Club they could not find any other insurance because of underwriting guidelines. Alternative insurance was arranged during the month through AON insurance, but there was a two-week period where we had no insurance State Govt Sponsored Group Insurance Jenny Thompson reported that an application for the Group insurance scheme had been rejected because the Club is an aviation-based activity. Currently this is not a problem, as long as the Public Liability arranged through Australian Aviation Insurance continues. 11 Reports 11.1 CFI s Report The Blue Pilot Training logbooks are to be purchased, now that the green training cards have run out. The Blanik will be away till the end of the year because of the Puchatek problem at Boonah. The instructors panel has requested the Club urgently purchase GPS/data loggers for FAI awards for members. At the last awards mid week flying, there was a bottleneck with the barographs. Action: Shane and Richard to contact Luke Dodd and Mike Codling on the cost, purchase and availability of Colibris Airworthiness Report RI has a crack developing in the carry-through tube, which will need to be watched. KYT needs work done on the dive brakes fairly urgently. GH form 2 is due and requires work to broken canopy hinge, gouge on the wing and work on the elevator. MV sustained cracks to the belly during a heavy wheels-up paddock landing, and this was repaired during the week. Ray Colley is to be notified about paying the insurance excess. XOW suffered damage to the canopy due to mishandling has been repaired, but has substantially reduced the value of the glider. Karel Kazda is to be notified about paying the insurance excess. Shane conducted a DI course on 7 th Dec, with Jo Davis, Ray Colley, Graham Henessy and David Ferguson obtaining DI ratings. It was noted that the club policy of members paying the excess insurance is not stated anywhere. Ralph to write about it in Chaotic Tug Report Bob Keen was not able to attend the meeting and provided a report (attached) Canteen Officer Report Marine varnish has been purchased for painting the new tables A new hose and fittings have been purchased New-member packs and logbooks are available from the bar. The Committee agreed to reimburse Ralph for the trailer hire for the transport of the new tables to the Club. Page 3 of 6

4 Other Business 12 Scouts Flying Richard Hoskings noted that he had been informed by Tony Barker of the Scouts, that they had only collected $55 per flight from the October Scout flying, yet it had been agreed that the 3000 tows would be charged at $65. The Club will now wear this loss. All future Scout flying will be charged at the rates agreed at the meeting in Feb 2002 i.e. $55 per 2000 launch, and $65 per 3000 launch. 13 Allan Latemore s Hangarage Richard noted that Allan Latemore is unhappy with his current hangarage arrangements as he has been gradually pushed further into the hangar, and the DG101 has sustained damage from the Kestrel. The Committee agreed that this arrangement was due to a number of hangarage and aircraft changes and the status quo would remain, pending changes following the arrival of the Duo Discus T and construction of new hangars. 14 Website Booking System Peter Bell queried the progress on the booking system. Jenny Thompson reported that Barry Kruyesen had volunteered to write the program but had been too busy, and had now sought 3 quotes (attached). The Committee agreed to give the work to Carolyn Hartman (sister of member Mark Hartman), as she was interested in the club, would be able to provide ongoing support, and was happy to take payment in the equivalent of flying time. 15 Grants Two avenues of Grants are available to pursue, in addition to the Qld Dept of Sport and Recreation that the club has previously unsuccessfully applied for. These funds are: Gaming Machine Community Benefit Fund Jupiter s Casino Community Benefit Fund These fund applications are more likely to be successful if they contain letters of support from local members and other organisations if appropriate. David McEvoy will provide help on the review/preparation of the applications. 16 Rotary Club World Conference in Brisbane The World Conference of the Rotary Club will be held in Brisbane in June and July This will be an opportunity for the club for midweek TIF flights. To be discussed further. The Meeting closed at 9:25pm. ***************** Next meeting is a General Meeting to be held on 11th January 2003 at McCaffrey s Field. Jenny Thompson Ralph Henderson Secretary President DDSC DDSC January 03 January 03 Page 4 of 6

5 Summary Outstanding Actions from Previous Meetings and Actions from this Meeting: Raised Item Description Status 22 Sept 2001 Item 15 Youth Fund and Scholarship to be progressed Discussed at mtg and to be progressed at a later date when more time permits 12/10 For discussion at Strategy Meeting Item? Caravan work and attention required. David Hughes progressing this. Russell Bennett has done some further work. 12 January 2002 Item 11 Finalise glider hire agreements. Agreements in progress - Ralph to contact Kevin Senz and Don Able on insurance requirements. 12/10 Jenny to progress. Item 19.2 David Hughes to prepare letter for GFA regarding improving David has prepared and forwarded to Ralph. negligence liability for volunteers, etc. Item Hangarage request and cross-hire interest for Duo Discus to be Hangarage discussed at meeting of 12/10. Cross-hire discussed at next meeting. 20 April 2002 Item 6 State Govt Group Insurance proposal - Jenny to submit details to the Govt. Item 20.1 Trailers - Tony Cavanna to upgrade the Hornet trailer; David Ferguson to coordinate the repair of the two-seater trailer; Shane to make up wing stands as a paying job. options to be discussed between owners first. Further notification submitted. Waiting on further information to be provided by Qld Govt. 12/10 information received JT to progress Item 20.4 Jenny to get some prototype wing weights made up Done 10 longer weights to be purchased. 15 June 2002 Jenny Thompson to arrange directors liability insurance Postponed due to the change of the organisation to an incorporated association. 12/10 - Item 7.1 Brian Hofmeister to prepare a discussion paper on advertising, members and a mobile phone for the Club. 13 July 2002 Item 14.3 Brian Hofmeister to contact David McEvoy on possibly providing advice on options for runway sealing. Paper discussed at meeting of 12/10. To be further discussed with Mike Codling. David contacted; soil samples are to be taken as a first step in evaluating options. 12/10 pending August Item 8 Committee to further develop Cross Country Program For discussion at the Strategy Meeting 2/11 Item Shane McCaffrey to investigate Data loggers for the Ventus For discussion at the Strategy Meeting 2/11 and LS7 to enhance cross country training and provide up-todate equipment for badge flying etc. Item Jenny to investigate options for refurbishing the glider upholstery Item Bob Keen to explore options for sale of CMN Item Bob Keen to explore options for replacing the fuel tank. Karla Browning, trading as "K.B.Covers. C.A.S.A. Certified. Ph: Fax: PO Box 31 Banyo 4014 Page 5 of 6

6 Raised Item Description Status October Item Brian Hofmeister to collate and consolidate a list from the Comps, of what went well, and what needs to be done better next time. Item Libby Matuszczak to send thank you letters to Ian Walker, Doug Maichen??, SETCO??, Lindsay?? Items 3 &16 Shane to talk with Peter Taylor and give him a bottle of wine as compensation for crop damage. Shane to also raise with Peter, the issue of the strip of land adjacent to the strip - either lease, by arrangement or sale of the land. Item 7 Further work on sight placement of proposed Kurstjens hangar, and an agreement to be drafted on the arrangements. Item 8 Liquor licence application to be done. Nov 13, 2002 Item 8 UPS to be purchased for computer Dec 7, 2002 Item 5 Libby to put a notice in Australian Soaring regarding the Easter comps, and some information to be put in CHAOTIC. Item 6 Item 8 Item 9 Item 11.1 Ralph to determine what process needs to be followed to put in a bid for hosting the Nationals in Richard Hoskings to get a site plan drafted for further consideration and hangarage planning. Omarama-DDSC reciprocal agreement to be progressed. Shane and Richard to contact Luke Dodd and Mike Codling on the cost, purchase and availability of Colibris. Page 6 of 6