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1 Reservatins: Tel: Fax: RACK RATES 2019 Valid frm 01 January 2019 t 31 December 2019 Lw Seasn: 01 January June 2019 High Seasn: 01 July December 2019 Accmmdatin Type Dinner, Bed & Breakfast per persn sharing TWO NIGHT PACKAGE Full Bard (all meals) with Activities p/p sharing Single Supplement (per night) 9 x Bungalws Lw Seasn N$ 3, N$ 7, N$ 1, Cnservancy levy N$ N$ High Seasn N$ 3, N$ 9, N$ 1, Cnservancy levy N$ N$ x Kipwe Suite Lw Seasn N$ 5, N$ 12, N$ 1, Cnservancy levy N$ N$ High Seasn N$ 6, N$ 14, N$ 1, Cnservancy levy N$ N$ Included Accmmdatin, NTB turism levy and VAT. Dinner and breakfast. All meals and tw activities. ACCOMMODATION: Bungalws: Twin bedded accmmdatin (can be cnverted t a Duble bed) with air-cnditining, ensuite facilities (utdr shwer and ablutins). 01/01/2018 Page 1 f 5

2 Suite: A luxury thatched suite with a lunge equipped with air-cnditining, a satellite televisin, a duble rm with en-suite bathrm, laundry service and a mini-bar. Special ffers available fr lnger stays! ADDITIONAL MEALS Breakfast Lunch Lunch packs Dinner N$ per persn NETT N$ per persn NETT N$ per persn NETT N$ per persn NETT ACTIVITIES OFFERED: (Only t be added if bking n a DBB basis. 2 Activities are included in the tw-night FBA package) Elephant / Nature Drive (+- 4 t 6 hurs in the mrning) including drinks: N$ per persn Twyfelfntein, Burnt Muntain and Organ Pipes Excursin (+- 2 hurs in the afternn) including drinks: N$ persn TRANSFERS: Twyfelfntein N$ 200 per persn ne way NETT!Dr Nawas N$ 250 per persn ne way NETT Damaraland Camp N$ 360 per persn ne way NETT GUIDES: N$ per guide per night The abve rate fr guides is a nett rate and includes all three meals. PLEASE NOTE: There are nly tw tents available at Camp Kipwe fr Tur Leader/Tur Guide/Pilt accmmdatin. Tur Leaders/guides/pilts are nt accmmdated free f charge. The single supplement is a per night charge, and will therefre be charged twice n the tw night package. CHILDREN S POLICY: Free f charge fr children under the age f 3 years N$ 1,600 per child (3 12 years) accmmdated in a children s tent r n camping beds in the rm with their parents. Children 13 years and lder cannt share with adults r stay in children s tents and will be charged the full nrmal rate. The abve rate fr children is a nett rate and includes dinner and breakfast, but excludes lunch and activities. Children under the age f 6 years are nt permitted n scheduled game drive activities unless a private vehicle is bked. PLEASE NOTE: Camp Kipwe is child friendly. Children under the age f 12 can be accmmdated n camping beds in a children s tent r in the rm with their parents. Please nte that Camp Kipwe has a limited number f camping beds. Parents are requested t keep their children under cntrl. Other guests need t be taken int cnsideratin, especially n activities and when in the dining area. 01/01/2018 Page 2 f 5

3 In extreme situatins where parents are unable t cntrl their children, and where their misbehaviur is affecting the ther guests, we will have n chice but t ask them t leave. Please nte the fllwing: There are snakes and scrpins in the area and parents are requested t make sure that their children d nt put their hands in little nks and crannies. Camp Kipwe is surrunded by bulders dangerus and slippery. Parents are kindly requested t make sure that their children d nt climb, jump and leap n the bulders. Parents are kindly requested t make sure that their children d nt jump frm the bulders int the swimming pl. Parents are kindly requested t make sure that their children d nt remve threads f thatching frm the dining and lunge areas. Parents are kindly requested t advise us if they wuld like their children t dine earlier and if there are any special children s fd requests. SPECIAL REQUIREMENTS: Please be sure t advise the bking ffice f any special dietary requirements r allergies and als f the guests time f arrival at the ldge, r estimated arrival and departure times if guests are flying in t Twyfelfntein airstrip. Landing and parking fees at Twyfelfntein airstrip are fr the clients accunt and shuld be paid n arrival at Twyfelfntein Cuntry Ldge. Airstrip transfers frm Twyfelfntein Airstrip are included free f charge in the tw night package all ther transfers are charged at the rates listed abve. CHECK IN / OUT POLICY: Check-in time is frm 13h00, and check ut time is 10h00. Earlier check in time, if requested, will be cnsidered subject t availability f rms. In all instances expected time f arrival must be advised. GENERAL BOOKING TERMS AND CONDITIONS All bkings, amendments and cancellatins must be made in writing, either by r fax. All written bkings, amendments and cancellatins will be valid nce we cnfirm in writing. Prvisinal bkings will be held fr 14 days and will be autmatically released where n written cnfirmatin r cancellatin is received. Higher demand perids and rm shrtages culd incur shrtened prvisinal bking perids. Please request an extensin rather than cnfirming nly t cancel again. Once a prvisinal bking has been cnfirmed we will require the names f the guests travelling. N name, n cnfirmatin. Prvisinal bkings made within 31 days f travel will be held fr a perid f 24 hurs Once a prvisinal bking is mved t cnfirmed status, a cancellatin /admin fee f 15% will be charged if the bking is cancelled. Our nrmal cancellatin plicies will apply within 30 days f travel. Direct bkings: In rder t secure r cnfirm a direct bking a valid credit card number has t be prvided. Credit cards accepted are: Master Card and Visa. Nightsbridge bkings are nly valid fr direct bkings and nt fr trade bkings, Trade bkings will be charged n rack rate. 01/01/2018 Page 3 f 5

4 CANCELLATION POLICY In the event f a cnfirmed bking nt being cancelled r amended in writing, the fllwing cancellatin plicy will apply: 0 7 days prir t arrival - 100% 8 14 days prir t arrival - 50% days prir t arrival - 25% 31 - days r mre, nce cnfirmed - 15% BLOCK / GROUP BOOKING PROCEDURE Bkings f mre than 3 rms (including a guide rm) will be viewed as a grup bking. Grup bkings f 3 rms r mre, need t be cancelled 90 days befre travel, and n lnger 60 days. Blck / grup bkings must be cnfirmed with a rming list, stating guests full names, at the latest 60 days befre the travel date, at which time the 25% nn-refundable depsit is due. A grup bking is nly guaranteed nce a 25% nn-refundable depsit has been paid. We will endeavur t hld the rms fr yu as lng as pssible, but nly a depsit guarantees the bking. T secure a bking, a depsit can be paid at any time prir t 60 days. Any rm/s nt cnfirmed and paid fr (depsit) 60 days befre travel will be autmatically released and can be bked subject t availability at a later stage n a first cme first serve basis. Regrettably peratrs have misused ur grup bking plicy resulting in unfair practices. As a result we have had t implement the fllwing cnditins: Shuld we be hlding an uncnfirmed grup bking fr yu, and we have a cnfirmed bking fr the same space, yu will have 48 hurs in which t cnfirm the blck bking by paying a 25% nn-refundable depsit failing which the rms will be sld t the cnfirmed request. BLOCK /GROUP BOOKING CANCELLATION POLICY If a blck / grup bking r part theref is cancelled mre than 90 days prir t arrival, such a cancellatin will be acknwledged and cnfirmed. If a blck / grup bking r part theref is cancelled between days prir t arrival, a 25% cancellatin fee n the entire bking will be levied. If a blck / grup bking r part theref is cancelled within 30 days f date f arrival, a 50% cancellatin fee will be levied as a 30 day release perid (r less) makes it quite impssible t fill ur beds and resulting lsses are unacceptable days prir t arrival - 25% 8 30 days prir t arrival - 50% 0 7 days prir t arrival - 100% PAYMENT CONDITIONS Payment f the full accmmdatin accunt is required 30 days prir t arrival. Electrnic r direct payments can be made int the fllwing Bank Accunt: Accunt name: Chiwani Business Trust/Camp Kipwe Bank: First Natinal Bank Branch cde: Accunt N: SWIFT cde: FIRNANNAX 01/01/2018 Page 4 f 5

5 Prf f payment must be faxed t us and must include yur bking number. Failing t prvide the required infrmatin will result in yur bking remaining in an unpaid status that culd result in it being cancelled. All bank charges are fr accunt f the peratr. All rates and cnditins are subject t change. RESERVATIONS: CHIWANI BUSINESS TRUST Web: P O Bx Windhek Namibia Tel: Fax: /01/2018 Page 5 f 5

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