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1 »-. M THE COAST ADVERTISER Tket, An Uellrr HI I MAI; \t «it ItM i State Adviiei Compl tint Aqtinit Wall Will Be Remedied Jain W Hrluln»on Uxl»» uaounecit hl«rundutary fur Uw B*lm»r B<m»u«h OMMM Ma IB Uu> May 4 H, rlmn ill-. ilif n r t k> tin.i» bin hat mlo Uw ruw Until m>» t h t r t has turn little aald about Mi,- May etrc ' «. L [HI i Henderson First Belmar Sewage EASE ORDER ON Incumbenh tipecfed To Run, Othtn R»poHed R»«dy u..,i <«4*4!#?# *«w. H^I r««itta», OtfuUlN l Belmar i T T Election l Z L ****** At * t Name Thompson $400 Raises For Belmar Teachers In School Budget BRIDGE OPE UNO Army Lift* Reitrictiont On Ocean Avenue Bo«t Openmgi Taylor M jvt-t H i m Into Pott Unfilled For L**t t r.- L «- Add* $200 To Regular Increment For»w KtAV Dciinit i -n! at Ht-sl lh Tiif-shiy iu«ht arivisirm that il-'pailliii'sif «ln*k ing an investigation iff Mitn halt (.lamia liinn Srlmar thmt raw ftim ilf >«-wag«* I* lh*mg dutilised from. ihf. W*--.t Hflnmr w e t Wall Towwbip mfai ih mar stuirm water sen 8th itventip i At U-. night'h M M H v«iw bricuf* was bring Wall Township B u r g»f lf>t*<* E r o m t l w n * w t y t l i r Health, Joseph A. Montana, «P"ii»«rfquiri'mnrt* secretary (if lh r IKMHII board, reported that he has ri'cetvt'd reports that color teat* hi (shown th,. fimilttltm H from Wai! Tin' sruiibp inndltii Hflm.u- VV.i MM I ui» M m MBM f for several months t $4 finally complained Ntut* board and MM it,.' rur Borough Con; The announe. r drawn by Winread on Tuesday night j "The Ocean A I KisUer a year. will henceforth "Our findings are has resigned, with tho repromptly tor thi brought to attention tf any vessel or or water m takin<> etu-ct at appropriate municipal fii craft unable to M H under th end or hi-; SUM year contract ials Wall Township fur H cltisrd -pirn.subject to ( l m$ M Hi- started at $9,008 itipdiiil action on ir $U iiiviitihi-d regulations.",<inl.-,! ; given 9900 incretuwa JOHN W. I l l MH. : - n \ : el <>f tiii Mtrllyn Byi You may be assured that th. last year and year before. l> n,i ] i Bed ' ".nl im autumn Cii<n tion xcept irs and re department will make ccitai T M A 'my engineers rppo I Or current teacher wlar will l u n Ml w i i t c i n!.<>. i i ^. i i! ii H M port oing to run that this matter will bp n ed that a two year syrv \9 tin fin- III in,[,!ii pi i ' $ U M BtilUtT I. f i l l ] a n d C f l!i ; 'Ul r'lkhthl-hin MYVCC B0 niflndim: $400 inthe present three commis solved in as expeditiaiisly.showed that opening i ;..t\ii](hi ftt Ihe ad I M M I ^ possible." H years in thp u. s. AM[crease for 963fi4.are; M M M S I Peter Maclcarie, ma- manner Ocean avenue bridge Mrs, bii;trfl t t l t i i i b f i ^ ce during World War n I Teachers Hilda Berne. 7, yor, twd John Ferruggiaro contract for lithographic t l m e s otilt*r t n a» t h ut. IB months in Guam. ijr!!'. imn (leurge ' and John A. Taylor, have not bed did not b e d half h a l l lhour i u i! mferv;ils iii'ri v hfftf«u*t Clayton, $7,Subdivision, Uniformity amp chief Volun i 200; now serving aa f board committed mselves, but it discs for beach interfere with, vehicular traf Penn Fire Department Jan 300; Martha Downey, $6,800; pointee in a vacancy, is runn is a foregone conclusion that awarded to In Dwellings Proposed, fie. Karine Eastburn. $7,200; Bg HMfVMM 0M remain. ously ervtny a s A u g i e (jtucrw, $4,300; Bery will be candidates for re- Manufacturing Co., on Its low bid $, Freeman & Or Revisions M t M WU "t thp tinexpired The Army imposed econd election. and trice Galloway, $7,200; ElizaFrance was awarded a plas regulations two years ago afm beth Heyniger, $fl,800; Marter constant protests from I Ordinances pertaining to mentioned M possible candihis far, Leslie Thomp- garet Johnston, $6,050: Flormotorists on vehicular tie zoning and street lighting dates, but none have made Glendola Boy First son, retired from Police ence. Kisner, $6,500; Pannle IContinued On Page 4i (Continued On Page 4) were introduced by Wall any formal announcements. as a sergeant Konvitz, $6,800; Florence Lee, Township Committee last Soap Box Entrant Department Mr. Henderson's is first. about five years ago. His fa- $7000; Helen I/rnmerman, night. Public hearings on all ASBURY PARK Woodie r and mor live at 402 $6,875: Edy Martin, $7,200; Mr. Henderson today said McKELVEY HEADS will be held February 3 at Lucille Mayer. $5,200; Natalia ampton, II, 3202 Hurley he will issue a platform and McAllister. $7,200; Helana nd road. Glendola, Is WALL REPUBLICANS p " make statements later.-t entrant in second anc a p t a i n Thompson was Miller $4,200; Norma NewOne zoning measi Mr. Henderson was a canal Asbury park Soap Box F^aiiuated from New Jer- man, $7,025: Frederick Pal Members Wail High ted ni-cddent WR!Iapplies to requirement dldate for commission In B o O T t e r s. Association Monday T'TOWIBWO Rrpubllcanrlub. exterior design an app. Woodie fourth j sey State Police Academy in umbo, $6,400; Dorothy Pat 959 election. He was n l g h t a n s w e.. f l t h (, c h a l l e n g i, I»W»»>> Republlc.n Club pupil at Wall Central Sea Girt in October, 95. Hi terson, $6,200; Bessie Pearce, ended by 75 per ance buildings. This is only one running against Wall Township Tea.signed to bring about also attended prosecutor': $7,200; Lorraine Prieth. $5,at three Incumbents, polling 476 l^"". hcrs' Association'to Assoniation in pf nlav t The Soap Box Derby will be police school in Freehold andjeoo; Ruth Querns, $ti,800; votes against.276 lor Taylor, b a s k e t b a l i B i l m e s to police schools in Asbury J prances Risner, $7,200; Marare; Rohert Crowr. first Id Suiulay, June 23. The lo- or.238 for Ferrugglaro and,- teachers association sch- vice An amendment to subpark and Point Pleasant. He president; Ross Brown. U winner will receive a $500 attended Belmar Grammar tin Ross, $5,650: Jack Soh 207 for Maclearie. provides lorship fund. Female Booster second vice president; Mrs. division ordinance wartz, $7,200; Priscilla Taysavings bond and will comfor regulations onstreetsi^ns, against William Mercer, secretary School and was graduated lor. $4,450; Ruth Turner, $6,Mr. Henderson, now presi members will play pete August 3 in Akron, Ohio, from Asbury Park High goo; Edna Van Burnt, $6,250: dent Kiwanis Club, is female faculty members and and Mrs. Evelyn Snndgrass, curbs, top soil protection monuments, storm drains and He and his wife live Dorothy Vtllapiano, $6,800; executive secretary men's teams will be com- treasurer. Edward Tilton and Derby, where $30,000 in scho [«t 90 D street. I MRS. MAKII.YN BYRNE Ohamber Commerce. A'posed faculty members' Robert Oh! were elected trus- or improvements. Albert Wells, $5,700: Hazel The street lighting ordin- essary tc become a write-in 'arships will be fered salesman in t h e calendar and and fars. The games are tees. Woodfield, $7,200: Edward nce W 0 l l l l consolidate allm m petition\ I T h (, f i r s t m l l y f o r would novelty business, he lives at'scheduled March 22 and 23 in Tooker, physical education, ( 2i in J o n n vikmos candidate for aance c s<>"aate a" p "canctidiiu " wwhen " «her «pt-unun T h p first rauy for A s b u r y _ 406 0th avenue. He is a na-, high school gymnasium $5,000; Anna Cubbon $6,800: slum. t n e W a ] j Township Boai'd Present four lighting districts was flv«minutes late for fil- P a r k c o n t e s t a n t s w m DP h e l d h t t l p r P!nto o n p addressed t h r covering t h e whole mg at deadline on Jan- t n i s B a t l i r ( i a v j a n u a r y - 26 at i O l l l t J I * tive Boston, Mass., He for- More than 75 memb<«ra at- Education Doris Townes, librarian, $ uary 4 ft! 4 P, M. township, merly seived Consular Ser- : tending heard Robert Heroy.; g r o u p. Hi asked for 400: substitute teachers, $3, Asbury Park Press Audi Mrs.» Byrne has four chil- torium At 0:30 A. M. On hand vice in Italy and Greece I Richard Klebold, Walker.t polls February 3 and 000; bedside teaching $,500: Anor ordinance applies for 0 yy ee aa rr ss. He w a s Tompkin s and John ViJagos, urged members to vote. Helen Buchanan, school to dumping clean fill in dren, three whom attend w i l I b e M i c n a e i M [ l i n n s 8 Crestview drive, Mlddletown. nursp $4,600: Helen Taylor, A sports film was shown by low areas below surface Belmar Grammar School. assistant cashier in an Am- candidates for Board Education speak. Mrs. Byrne was graduated winner last year's local clerk. $4,600: Mary Heyniger, James Reme through surrounding property. erican banking house in Italy The Township Committee I r o m Washington and Lee race, with films finals Crescent Temple Elects clerk, $2,000: Oscar Tesko for two years. In World War T o w n s h i p Committeeman courtesy Asbury Park. was in Office Stra- John J. Gassner reported p r o u Refreshments were deferred any action on High School In Arlington, Va. in Akron, Ohio. There will HI janitor, $5,25; Joseph DiGuin. he. She Linwood Man Illustritegic Services and Office '.25 pupils are enrolled in s e r ved. IContinued on Page 5> WHS a secretary in so be films on last year's Jo(Contlnued On Page 5) War Information in Wash- high school. Members were Joint Chiefs staff fice cal race. ous Potentate reminded to vote In school in Wa?nington, D.C. for three ington and New York. BRUNET NAMED BY board election February 3. years. She is a member T l l e S o a P B o * Derby Mr. Gassner told n combelmar Democratic Club and sponsored bv Asbury TRENTON James P. WALL DEMOCRATS P m kjllnlor munication received from thp a de n mor tor Cub Pack 40. ' Chamber ComRobert Brunet has been and Park Chevrolet.. Moore Linwood, Atlantic elected Police Department commend- l n SEA GIRT Plans are be- Manger, Mr. Jamt Bunt. also is a member m ( ' r c president Wall ing sophomore class and B n>" de f o r a Valentine's Mrs. F. William Dean, Mrs. Belmar Parent Teacher Or- Dr. Stanley Ravine, Bel- County, was elected illustri- Township Democratic Club. mar and Wananmssa, is der- ous potentate more He succeeded Key Club for ir efforts on Day dnssert card party Mary Black, Mrs. GeorKe Bnnlz,Uion. late Jamea than,500 Shriners Cresby director. behalf Christmas toy ways and means committo Zolle: Mr Charle.s Benter, Her husbiina is William cent Temple, AAONMS, at Bailey, who died five weeks drive The Guild The Church Mrs. Raymond H. Mill' ago. Byrne Jr., is a member 5i)th annual meeting Entry b'anks for derby Mrs. W. O. Dunlap Mrs. pie- Belmar Police DepartMrs. Herman Siemers ask- St. Uriel lbs Archangel, e a-ailab!e at Park Chev- New Jerrey Temple In Or ficers elected are; Kenyon, Mrs. Clifford ment. Says He Wants To Re- ed members to support Tn 8 party will be held Febroif t. A'l potential entrants Trenton Mosque Saturday. He First vice president, Stanley first annual Washington's ruary 4 at P. M., in ' Voorhees, Mrs. Richard H. The or candidates are are askoci In nttend succeeded Wilbert V. Pike. Murphy; second vice (presijuvenate Republican Birthday Dance February 23 parish house., Lyon and Mrs. Lillian Theo Mrs. Theresa Nufforl. former day's rally with a parent. dent, Mrs. Robert Benedick; Jr., Haddonficld. at The Barclay, Bclmar. Pro- Mrs. L. B. Anderson, vice pold. Party There recording secretary, Mrs. ceeds will benefit scholar- President and ways and; Hansbury, Jr., Tove Brunet; corresponding Nelson Wenrv D Poland former ships academic, athletic and means chairman, conducted' fsm advanced to secretary, Mrs. Elsie Goeen'iiusvillf member tne South Belmar ' equipment funds. Chairmen last meeting. Or events f R' oban, second highest 'heimcr; treasurer, Mrs. Mar«C - u " S» U a r e ' R o b e r t tickets; for Winter and Spring were divan, Tern- l o n D e V eretix. letter to The Coast Advertiser, Thomas Vodola. entertain- outlined, among m March a ficial body. Ors ele- An installation dinner will vated in fice are Edmund be held in near future. to clarify his statements to ment; Mrs. Cortland Hcyni- 2, family dinner for par ish; April 3 and 4, consign D. Bowman West Collings council at Jenuary 5, eer, refreshments. At last club meeting ment sale and new new nat hat sak wood, assistant rabban; Ray- Norman meeting as reported In I Mrs. Sanders sacks said a ment sale ano salr Dorfmnn, Ocean mond N. Jensen Perth Am- Township Democratic leader, Advertiser. Mr. Poland Joined drive for 67 books trading and May 4., ncheon. fashion with former Mayor Leroy P. stamps to obtain a Scoreboard show and caul psrty,»t Spr boy, high priest and prophet, gave a talk on Ihe importance) Walling in criticizing new for athletic field will start Inu Lake Golf and Count,, and Edward D, Stites, Mill- strong leadership and oradministration, headed by.february 26. Mrs. Sacks said,club. Attending mee in. vllle, oriental guide. Re-elec. ganized effort in building A Mayor Isaac H Reiff on two graduates awarded were Mrs. A. Eugene Wallted W«Charles F. Andrews successful campaign. Trenton, treasurer, and release a street department last year's Boosters' Associa- work, president, Mrs. Map tion and Woolson Memorial nus Cook, Mrs. Burnett Bier, Earl E. Jeffries Trenton, employee January. Scholarships were doing well r Mrs. Charles Brown, Mrs. E. who as named to his 26th Service For Woman Mr. Reiff and three mem- in ir chosen fields study. T. Franck, Mrs. Harry Titus, term as record Crescent Who Died In Fire ber s council are Demo-, Q Miss Charlotte Higley, Mrs. { hi h Temple. S. Humer Fleming SPRING LAKE HEIGHTS previ- iprincipal, frnti,3. Mr. Mr Walling Wnii ne and nnrt nrpvi... said., more...., _than _ 45 John Richards, Mrs. John Pennington wa3 appointed Funeral services for Mrs. ously Mr. Poland, before he schools will participate in ceremonial master and Violet P. Christie, who died in resigned a year ago. were In U. S. Marine Corps Physical SON TO E. J. IIEINES JR. (Continued On Page 8) a fire in her home, fios Proscontrol council as Re- Fitness program to be held in SPRING LAKE A son pect avenue, Tuesday will TJR publicans. Wall May 3. The public Is was born to Mr. and Mrs. EdPainting and Decorating held Friday at 2:30 P. M., at ward J. Heine Jr., 43 EsCarty & Romein, 5 - lotb j. Henry Dangler Funeral Mr. Poland's letter follows: invited to attend. Following meeting sex avenue January 7 at FitAve., 709-3th Ave., MU Home, 304 Eighth avenue, "In last week's edition Memorial Hospital. The Belmar. Cremation will bo in or MU The Coast Advertiser, you In-' members visited industr- kin baby will be named Brian Rosphill. Linden. partment wherp dlcated that I was in favor ial arts change In form gov- students hold a display and Jeffiey. Mrs. Heine Is forsave MONEY Mrs. Christie, who was a demonstration equipment. mer Miss Mary Jane Day, with a low cost auto loan multiple sclerosis victim, was(continued On Page 4) dauphter Mr. and Mrs, Stefrom Belmar-WatI Nation- lone in home when phen J. Day Worthlngton SON TO BELMAR COUPLE CHICKEN SALE al Bank. fire brokp out. Firemen were avenue. Mr. Heine fs a son unable., to determine now ifc Every second chicken fs Mr. and Mrs. Thomas half price; fresh killed, ready [ D'Ello 72 River road, Mayor and Mrs. Edward J. WALL TOWNSHIP started, but Dr, Harry HarHeine Pitney avenue. Mr. for oven or barbecued to gold- Belmar, arc parents o( a and Mrs. Heine have four RESIDENTS wood, assistant county physicbrown. Hinck's Retail boy born January 7 FUkin or boys. Dog licenses expire Jan- ian, said he assumed Mrs. uary 3st and should be re- Christie had been smoking in Store, Highway 35, Neptune. Memorial Hospital. At Installation ceremony Belmar Democratic Club, (left to right). Mrs. Ernest W. newedel diirinc thp month bed. Dr. Harwood said she during CALL ACE ROOFING CO., WINDOW SHADES died third degree burns. Keller, rctirinc president; William J. Byrne Sr., new president; Mrs. Arthur Covanagh, BOB SYKES - RADIO & TV January. Taylor's Hardware, P St. MU for prompt, export Call MU -2S97 for service secretary; Borouffh, Commissioner John FerriiRjriaro; Paul Kiernan, Democratic state IRMA K. STANLEY, Fiiemen found Mrs, Chriso ing service; storm damday or nifcht. Formerly with and 0th Avenue. Township Clerk. committeeman; Ernest W- Keller, treasurer, and Mrs. Anna Croter, scrgoant-at-arms. B In bed In two-storyage, missing shingles replacseftcoast TV Co.. Inc. Servicdwelling. Neighbors s a v ing shore area since 947. ed. Reasonable prices. HOUSE FOR RENT The Belmar Democratic state Democratic committee- est W. Keller: secretary, Mrs, HIGHER EARNINGS smoke coming from house Reasonable Rent, Hot Air Arthur Cavanagh; treasurer, Current dividend 4% per an- and turned in an alarm. Club held Its installation din-! m o n. Heat 03-8th Avenue, West GEORGE SLATES ner last Wednesday night at ErnestW. Keller; sergeant-at- mini on savings. Belmar SavBELMAR VACUUM Mrs. Christie is survived by whmaker. jeweler, M*l» Pat's Deluxe Diner. The fol- President, William J. (Byrne Arms; Mrs. Anna M. Croter. ings and Loan Assn., 72 a son, James Christie UpMaintains top efficiency; all Belmar. Call TW , after makes repaired; quality ser- 5 P. M., for furr informa- St., Opp., A T M Kailroad MU- lowing' ficers were Installed Sr.; vice president, Mrs. Ern- Mrs. Keller, retiring: presi-,» 0th Ave., accounts Insured Montchitr, and f o u r by Paul Kiernan, Monmouth i vloe. GUI MUtual dent, was presented a gift. [ up to $0,000. grandchildren. Move Ordinances In Wall On Zone, Lighting Changes But She'll Run ForBcardAsWrite-ln i Parents, Faculty In Benefit Games ^ >,, ^ o^zx&zr -* Heads Shriners Poland Clarifies So. Belmar Stand St. Uriel's Guild Plans Fcr Valentine's Day Dessert Party

2 TNt'tUitUV. JANi A I > ; i _ l i l t, i H A M AIVKHTKKK, ^ J Park Helotki Have Y o u H e a r d...?! TrothiiToW til H * j, ^ AppleChtm Ireikful Sandwkhct n.«n»w-vd««. Mi >IKI U i s ;i««4t> b. i MHMHMW* MM f h M i c lualtruj w n,,h»<»<».«.<, t*#ik wbul *»*! * lui.ut H ft rfmo I CUMM, Ha, AftwrhWti * b o K* m m ai Kjuai i^lu^m ft Ui»p*n*4 tkucit bftvt found fi*w ftoiui 0 umquit m *iae If:,,,, fnuu. Hi* i t u H m *arie*y toma fruiti *ft«l iiiom ia ftcighhorhotij mukeu pfimde* yim j w i j UH ol ibtricumi d**wrt wwwhiliuti,, K,i Bttalttwi i^flm fruiti roar W eajo>«tl tijht fftwn die phk*.. in tbcir OWH t r» P Of IB imktt, pin, Uf«Bed M M - «ntl»i *. U ijuui^o H}I* U n a Uk* ikiw; e romp er Mr : lnjiii*- uft'uv in New V»f k C: Kpnhpth Brown Mr Wimhi, who live* i t i Clair avenue, spring jrlvervtrw terrace, ree*n Ulw. was»i!i>iimu'it M*-trup<t!i liuftt Hi jraimeity he will continue his insurance salts and service activities from company's Church nf M*naaauan met re-jaftaff PMfe iiistiitt fice FRUIT SUNDAES iusry to Hblftin ft *r«rchrd cently at home Mrs I.illy ih»w unnpentj ft«ik*fi«froieo BUIHI frfettt and pine for athkttc fi*id Mi* John Rankm Jr., 223 East I James E, Lynch Jr, sirbright mw tufakfast dishes are popping up all over ^s, kmon thrrhet. Stir (rur,»itb juice, into ihtfbtf Kcfretie in ftunoum'ed ft meet Main street, Manasquan ai*yrpntk*", USN, s«t\ «U.w.,. allrivtignedto lure us Into eating; better break* v*" «tc«o i H u»y, McuwhiW, dcfnwt C M ftettn (iwrt Ilia award* dinner com Benjamin Hulse, leader, op**n Mr. and Mrs James E. Lynfasts we need tw morning'i work. First rate rotxers art li ^JN-.a frosea f ruiu-j rbet into ihttbct glutef ml ipuoit ( rnitin. last night at high thfi* net. «> H'n Appl«-Ch**»n BreaMii&t Sandwiches -u-.,-.\ frona puncli m e * top u Muck Top with whipped rd meeting with devotions ch nf 500 0th avenue. SpiiitK They urt ir coaxing M y come gently liz/hng from school Or committee rei The program lor years Lake Heights, recently reporti i. u u 4 cbt>oe auu. M«k«««r* i nji. port* heard M M 'rom Mr Iha broiler, One miff ef th«t savory appte-ese, and appetite work is "One People God " ed for duty with Utility Squad BANANA SPLITS em Hulltvan, treasurer; Mrs takes on keen edge, Mrs, Edwtn Height conducted run Four at Oceans Na Nursing She ;a presently You *Urt with toast, topped *Kh chette. Then cover th» i *n. -llr thaw l«wen o r u «juict *t roosi tempcratu(«fut '< hour. Bible atudy after which val Atr Btatlcm, Virginia i>io\cij m Summit a.* a dfntal Fischer, hospitality, Mrs thi't'-i- with plump, Juicy canned unpie lueta and baron strips Cut thrw I'lninu in half lengthwise atui pltct half m each Muf'n, membership, and Mrs itid let lh.> whnle thing broil until Hie etl««m is meltirifc assistant refreshments were served by Beach. Va. A graduate m. '«'"iin ihatlow dcucrt di*he. Top each btnani half with iwo Mr Park, was graduated Shefter, rpfreshrrnmifs spple mom himng hot, bacon crisp. What a rousing c«r>» nt t t u r n tad Ipooo froiea oring* ujt* ( m e Top * nh hostesses Mrs Edw tn RUSP High School, Belmar, "Bantaaift" by high end-f on day! mutbiaalluw toppi and BMfuchiDo i tief net, I Moore and Mrs, Height. (Hh-lie entered service In Sep from at Hos<* High School, Belmar, and Moirnouth Col- MfeMl band will DP held Feb t\i rupi (I can) ilked apples 6 bread slice* prs attending were Mrs. Vir-tember, 962. PARFATS tege, West lying Branch, and ruary ft and 8 Th*! travelogue h eup sugar % pound sharp American ginia McElvery, Mrs. William Ptipttt cherry flavored gelatin M directed On (Mclage, and chill U cup water } ihtddar cheese E Miller, Mia Robert Cas ; Cyril h and Donald A. Hey- is now doing gradiiatf work TFlnlaid' will be held Feb until Urm. Mitowhlk, pa/ti*ur thaw uoo{>ebed ptck««nf iru/ui 2 ie«poona lemon juice I 6 bacon itrips '. n l -> Ai-ht i cod pint vanilla ice ireani. Cut petcbn into cube* person. Miss Helen Puttz. nlgit, WiS Sixth avenue, at Seton Hall University. He I miff 5. Combine ipplt ilieci, iugar, water and lemon juice; cook»i i! stir, «ah Juice, itiro k * cream. Freeit la ic* cube m y. Just Itrt. Benjamin Hulse, Mrs. Belmar. Thomas L- Parlter. is principal ol Monmouth imrtiy until apple slice* are lllwtt tr«mptr«nt but still firm; Beach Public School M M ( 'vm>c, rut ice (ream anj «slatin into Cttbtt» J alternate (William Biselow, Mrs, Bruce Read Tne Contii Advertiser drain, Toast bread sticrs on one side; eey«mtteuted siue with 'also Belmar, and Michael Hi' ia pat(tit gluw*. Mikes 8 Krvingf. Wher H's about munlcipa' th«m Mires. Cover with apple slices; top with bacon slices, Thorne. Mrs. Ida Abrecht. P Pazlenza, 709 Prospect! affairs, schools, organization.' Ii.;uMmtil cheese melt* and bacon is criap, Makes 8 open Mls s Elt/abeth Haiiison and avenue. Spring Lake Hleghta, COCONUT ICE CREAM P U T 2 S ; Ann Ret Club Honors or social activities, you'll flnr M s Rankln. Mtke t luebeiry sauce by healing package ol frozen blueberries wirb are enrolled In a course In ele =.'.;> «iur. Vt'hen niixture boilt, itir ia 2 nbuipoons lurnsiif, li, 3 Birthday Members ft In The Coast Ad'-prM' metitafy tatidscupe design *4 cup mgir, U teupoon iatt and '«tevpooa IJ TrniM clovet. Cook and plant materials at Rut- Three membprs Ann Ret. Uditl (hick and dear. Remove from heat and add ; tablespoon butter Birthday Club United Regers University's College Airman Third Class Edwin or margarine and 2 ubletpooai lemon juke Arrange three mounds P. Otterberg Spring Lake Agriculture. Th* course con- r hpkah Lodge Vgfg honored at f ice cream on each eight desert plates and pour warm For Insurance Information Consult... blueberry uuee A v«. Decorate wiih maraschino cherrieiheights is being reassigned to sistf, 3 Wednesday aess- a party last Tuesday night at Berabach Air Base, Germany. lodge mfetintr in Neptune DESSERT SLICli following his graduation from City VFW Home Mrs. Rosa E D G A R E. R O G E R S Remove cnver from package froien 'Utt delight and cue M FUNERAL HOME cubes. Place cubes on il. i plates and sert I with partully thawed United States Air Force Frank o. Miller, aviation Van Arsdale, Rebrkah State technical training course for electrician's mate second Assembly assistant marshal, truz'-r!iti»-*bernts in ii itiice as a. uuce. Serves 4. A Modern IPuneral Home BELMAR AGENCY, Inc. telephone central specialists class. USN. son Mr. and and Mr. and Mrs. Albert KtotOffering ft Dignified fier Mrs. Frank A. Miller Meet- zen Red Bank, all with vice to Meet Every Pln«B Insurance Real Estate ing House road in Sea birthdays in January, receivnotk'e rial Need. Oiit section Wall Town- ed a gift, cake and cards Eighth Ave. and South 70 NINTH AVENUE BELMAR, N. J. ship, is serving aboard at- from ir secret Pals. The * NOTICE OF SCHOOL Lake Priv* Bdnur,tack aircraft carrier U.B.S. social committee headed by ELF.CTION Phone MUlual.0540 Phone MUtual -WOfl Notice is hereby given to : Frankltn D. Roosevelt, cur- Mrs. Doris Hinds served re legal voters oi School rently with th e Sixth Fleet in fresh mpnt.s Is Proud To Present District Borough Mediterranean as part Belmar. New J e r s e y in an aircraft carrier striking At lodge meeting, Mrs. County Monmouth. that force. The ship deployed Irom Hazel Williams, noble grand, annual meetimr for United States in Septem- started plans for lodge an- j THE STAR OF STARS election three i3> mem-ber and has visited Italy, niversary Tuesday, March 5. bers Board Educa- j Greece, Turkey, Spain, and TJie State Assembly president, tion for full terms three several Mediterranean is- Mrs, Emma Spiller SpringSensational A n d Most Congenial years and one ID member lands. Christmas was spent field, will n.ake her ficial for an unexplred term one In Naples. Italy. visit with her staff ficers. Reque&ffutly Yours year will be held in School on Wednesday, February 3th, The lodee will hold a receptheae four different cars are alike in one expect only in costly cars. Chevy II fea963, from 5 o'clock P. M., to Major Albert J, Rogers, son tion for Mrs. Van Arsdale. 9 o'clock P. M., and as much Mrs. Anne Rogers 564 'and will entertain Mrs. Marimportant way. Each is a product tures parkable size, porky performince longer as may be necessary Atlantic avenue. Spring Lake,! garet Kiger New ShrewsChevrolet Division General Motors. and outstanding fuel economy. Corvair to enable legal voters is attending associate bury.district deputy MonSo each will give you more performance, gives you rear engine maneuverability present to cast ir ballots. ^ourse at The Command and mouth district, and her staff With Her Melodious Voice And Magic beauty, comfort and pood news at trade- and sports car flair. The new Corvette in. But each is tuitowi to a certain kind Sting Ray cart best be described as i At said meeting will be sub-general Stall College, Fort ficers. Leavenwortb, Kan. The 8mitted question voting -~ dramatic. With a choice 33 buyer. Our big Chevrolet Fingers At The Piano And Organ a tax for following pur- week course will end May 0. Seventy AtSf.Andrew* has Jet-smooth ride, models, re's one Chevrolet poses for ensuing school The course is designed to preluxury and styling you'd that will suit you best. pare selected ficers for duty WSCS Luncheon.year : Weeps Goiiig Great as commanders and general SPRING LAKE A lunchfor Current ficers at division, corps eon served by Lena Williams Expenses $374,50.00 staff and field Army levels. Maj, Circle members and attended For Capital Rogers is a 937 graduate by 70 preceded meeting Outlay S 3, Neptune High School and at- Woman's Society ChrisThe total tended LaSalle Military Aca- tian Service St. Andrew's amount thought demy in Oakdale, Long Is- Methodist Church January 5 necessary is... $378, land. He also attended GeoMUtual F St., BELMAR Dated this I8th day Janu- rgetown University in Wash- in thg Blakeman Room. iry 963. ington, D. O.i and Manhattan Mrs. Lewis Marzulla presidrichard H. LYON, College In New York. ed. The program was in Secretary. charge Adah Circle and ts ($.52) was presented in form a bus trip to various home, mission projects Wo- j NOTICE man's Society. Participating ) TAKE NOTICE that on were Mrs. Frederick Haake. j th day January 963. Mrs. o. M. Brymer, Mrs. Jos- ; Zoning Board Adjustment eph Jarmer, Mrs. Evans T. ' Borough Belmar, afwhyte Jr., Mrs. Lawrence E, ter a public hearing, recom A HOME-BUYEI'S DREAM... Moore, Mrs. William Cramer, mended to Board ComMrs. Harry Zoubeck, Miss missioners Borough Maria Marucci and Mrs. MarBelmar. that th e application vin Hurley.! Ursula E. Brand, 4-3th Avenue for a variance to ermrs. Carl Kees sang "BIPRS ect a new one family dwelling I on 4th avenue side lot. This House," accompanied oy Conditional variance Is remrs. Robert Murphy. AnnounI commended subject to cements were made! granting a subdivision by W.S.CS. Day Apart in Col Planning Board ; lingswood January 25 and a Borough Belmar, be grantcovered dish supper sponsorled and that determination by ed by Commission on MisB&ld Zoning Board Adjustsion February 3. ' ment has been filed in St. Andrew's youth partici] fice said Board at Munlpated in nationwide Prayj clpal Building, 8th Avenue er Vigil for Peace Saturday 'and River road, Belmar, New from 6 to 6:30 a. m. I Jersey, and is available for inspection. Members were asked to 70 Ninth Ave., Belmar start working on articles for FRANK McCORMACK. MUtual Summar bazaar. Secretary, Zoning "Dependable Farrenheat" REDUCE principal each month, pay a little on Board Adjustment. tsl - 42, ($4.64) taxes each menth, pay some interest each Marywood Alumnae month, and hrlp with insurance each month. Plans Group Here NOTICE Your one moderate monthly payment on your Marywood College Alumnae TAKE NOTICE that on home l.n heve does all se big jobs. Association Scranton, Pa., th day nf January 963..nnounces formation a Zoning Board Adjustment Slop io HOW for complete details on our thorsales and Service new chapter in New Jeroey Bore ugh Pelmar, afough, low-cnst home loan. to cover counties Monter a public hearlnp, recommoiil'i Md Ocenn. Tlie chapmended to Board Com ter will be known as ;missloners Boroueh North Jersey Shore AreaI Belmar, that application Chapter. Salvatore and Marie Celu2zi, 02-8th Avenue, for a varthe first meeting will be! iance to make an extension held tonight at Molly Pit- Shom [top to bottom), '63 Chevy II Nova 400 Station Wagon, Chevrolet fmpala Sport Sedan, to rear front building 6 ft,, :her in Red Bank, with cock-' Corvette Stiny Roy Sport Covpe and Corvair Monza Club Coupe 6 inches by 20 leet, be granted tails and dinner starting at 7 ALSO and that determination by P. M. Prospective members Qualify Used Cars said Zoning Board Adjusts I have been contacted through Office Hours: 9 to 3 Dally - Wednesday Evening 7 t o 6:30 ment has been filed In mail b" Mr*, Annetta D. See four entirely different kinds cars at your Chevrolet dealer's, fice said Board at MuniOtero JO'i Fourth avenue, cipal Building, 8th Avenue Belmar, who has taken charge and River Road, Belmar, New! tenative plans. Jersey, and Is available for MUtual Mrs. Otero announced that inspection. Mrs. Elizabeth S. Murphy, 8th Ave., F. St. vice president associaprank McCORMACK, & LOAN ASSOCIATION tion, will speak to group Belmar, N. J. Secretary, Zoning 72 TENTH AVENUE and help m on ir new Board Adjustment. 8th AVENUE & F STREET BELMAR MUtual project. tsl -42, ($4.00) JIICIP ut PreabyUrisn J. Henry Dangler REGAN'S YACHT CLUB You'll make wisest choice no mailer which Chevrolet you choose! ETHEL BAY Your Host A. REGAN FUEL OIL FURNACE CLEANING. PLAID STAMPS FARREN FUEL CO. CURRENT DIVIDEND 4% per annum Belmar Savings Chevrolet 0 d sjno bile Belmar Motors BELMAR MOTORS, INC.

3 i. i I. ' - r I ; i I, ' i,. ' ' ' ;.!, ' " ' " ' ' ' ',!. :.! Till lisli.o JjANI'AHV M, VHttiiAM AI>VMt(>" MIJUK. NEW March Dimes Pioneers Plan To Improve Child Medical Care i ii i j u ij i i. i - - i,, i, H. i, (.,,!, Itu «U ll( Uitafita am wm mattiiih afl I TW Is wiw,... i i arrcu># ihv iiriii Iwli, aithntu Nut fullv i* >*> NuaHwi OM MMM* T».n urcmt not4 M ws.( U» rh»l I. i. ful Ilii tuni I March i>( OtaM ; i tins mwrtji "Mo» l h. r h. ilm,,,.,,., t<>,it ii, t h e ' n i n i r<.( ih«t Mttar Ml tv.ti tin I C.IVfl Hr,:J (,!. (JMH Bl- ' (fifr-.l jiriv till Ii I n-i nw network»f nfk't' <l '" ri m#-nt centers/' Rssil uvmnnr i lon( «.f The N I limn M.iii Ii "! I lini Mid IVMBtfe ' W«invested a greai deal HM *nd mmtgtii m thii ( > ". ( I I- fi-ie n, -!". in m lwfl with tli* Ihift- ptl! '' I Hill."!ln pb, [ ' if'.i v n ntera," hi? ttfi.ifd. 'Hut even with ul) this planning ftmt j.i! : H,i inrludfil mcdt<.ii f-i'i i,,. I c i, >f] i-i.l,, ; i' MM nn h nl Dto : B m lir;nt\'.,iv [ii in- ' ' [.. arch study s r e s t a r c h i M nn*iii- «] pnvimi piised by infants l':-i i ndi, HI mir ment arthnlk i. are enlisted country with majnj birth tiefocts,,;[i!!, 3 6 ' '.hildrcri ha Musii nf Dimes. II t i l l l l i s CI!: and fldou'seenui t-nppli'd hy Tin M M.iivh uf Dimes- S ] ;. I ( T i ' i i, i i - H H > ; some form arthnti:, or iiu>um;itic ill N T h e. r trr'i!fi:i!it. i ',' birth dnikts, ^tihnt ind polio, RHUSf R»i m I "J : dinrtly hy.<hmif 8W Mar h Pimcs chapter.; ti W»U ;. U tional headquarters, BTt aflll ated with more than on* half.i II,- Mr!! ni i fill d States. They wn kfr it*.i fi m th' it! lai i ' ' i. from ihi- CftM&in l«. : r r r.,,, (,,,. v, \ i i - mta whi-'m' i in i. from if( -p.iic ta jlii.iiiit.un. Ha a i. M once bin ptrtittj :..! up ^"P* for ir child :;'. to Slid lh:it e-u-lv trmt* ni..i i>!.' mtda it pa * '-. Irir If vuang-ler 8 MM{M n - dtrttrt' H,[: V i. -, V t ' f (!, i Teams' I > in Mweely two yp«r* %ht** K-K *(TMM thf! CGttfltl I 4 i h f en a I treatment ecetel. If i I IM hi I... I M '"'...i I Clark, ttirvetot ol i>. hum full magnitude.i M nor urgency tin I :. a imip.iiiri!!; by ti dcpnrtjii#m IV Natuma! rouo5*tk*i H«i h el that c H i iii,-.,., r i iii I tiii-iui-! nf "feenltn In t!ir i HH "f IMI IB j> g<wi ven oon bn ifiht t(» ii I '!:, W0ttld oil.'ii Mn [lie t.uldinr " *- light pt-.- KitriCi;sn, n iliftll ic i I U 'What «ten beta Mhm i' II.HIU I M,t\v iflbisi!.(! ii.jiir i.."i!er I naj '.pl:.i-t, medical -'I breautakiftl &nd miracwueionali B#tv re it) D) tfl SIM pwbift Hut thp ; i. J. ;!.:' [ I A. ' I -, -!. i bwf] I] in ding principle The Natiuaa! rouadatkhi- MJHII iif f)irne3 throughout its 'i! i ii.i. tfff century, anniversary o! which we observe : - 'h. It Li this: "Do something to prove th<t( r Eh* j ii be bfottghi nut nf our great mpiiical ten a to AflMfk i ckifi^iep m every town and American yu\>- H that it can be done, will demand that it N done. That's tht- Mir< h ^f D:mps in a nutshell.".-.»** ft ita0 h-tf I.,,. II (h..,,,!, ihi Qf!. i. i i KM as near as your telephone T** r,] - i!,.' i Hi 'I H I I ff Pl *r.flnishes COURSE i AT FORT GORDON t i.. t'. i ii -S M Mrt ismiiium ia School. Foil Ciiidifii, (l.i I.: H.,lfer ri l, g Illull t v., ck» put tno... making H i I,I( >u«t Iirnb Again only as I.,i, itimmpn M HutK^ra, ' OH H** says trick at balancing ten, W9m amtmt pro-.. : :i 'hi ficm IV I Jl HOLD ku I I I n I A linib you flow sap to rommunlcsuoot center oper-,ui uf (jn frpe above riiis forces more»ep. with 84 nourishing plete flow into thp Thf aouth#aia^fn s i g n a l Itmb Rpsiilts may MM MJ WJM August. 9fl2. and WrtVU you. basic training at Fort Dix iu- is a 867 graduate As Thf cut und^r limb makes sap by MJH thp '.< ', I M! a n d a 2 graduate* Munmotith liirilt so Ifefti :' Wtl iml than College. its share oi sap It will stut get some n»p, however, so it won't die. Korhobi) fers this hunch when many gardeners and j home owners begin 60 think about pruning. Usually a lat«winter Job, pruning can bo I done at any time ol year. j However, wood that's not frojzen heals best, so prune when rmometer Is above 32 degrees. Sometimes after a large limb breaks f or Is removed, "water sprouts" begin to grow up through. center tree. Iieave one or two Uhpm until you decide if tree needs filling out. You might better leave a sucker or two than wish you had, later. Hisr(icultiiri-st.s usually advisr pruning deciduous trees when teftvvg are on for nnc blfl rtmob safety. Clirnbiim around in a tree Without foliage ciin be danger on? because i f ';; bsrd to tell which limbs (ire so dead and brittle y won't bear your weight. If you want to be scientific about your pruning, get a copy "Pruning Shrubs," newly reprinted at Rutgers. Ask your county agricultural agent or send a card to Garden Reporter, Collage Agriculture, Rutgers University. New Brunswick. L O A N S for Business Purposes Deb) Consolidation WHETHER IPS TO PUCE A CLASSIFIED AD, FRONT PAGE -WE COVER YOUR RE-FINANCING Terms To 5 Years Call SH Any Time READER OR DISPLAY AD CALL CUSTOMER AREA- Send Your Items To The Date Boole THE COAST ADVERTISER. AN AD TAKER WILL ARRANGE YOUR COPY TO BRING YOU RESULTS. CALL TODAY! THE COAST ADVERTISER MUtual I-29OO Thp Coast Advertiser Is ihihlishiiij? n,t, Book to which activities or- Canlsaitaai In Belmar, South Mnlmar, Wall Township, Spring Lake, Heights and nearby are listed every week. Included are card parties, fashion shows and or fund ratting and special events local croups. AH organizations who wish (o have ir activities listed may send information on post card or note to reach Coast Advertiser not wcrk for publication tn later ih;m Monday each Thursday's Date Book. Included In information on card should be date and time event and sponsor Address Mil or not«to Coast Advertiser Date Book, P. O. Box 7, Belmar. Please da not call on tele-phone.

4 ;, ',.. tiaiiifllt WANT ADS TH* COAH (ko««tt«i. MM, U J, I, - H n,. tit.. i, II BM-III II Bomrn iial.ui I H i,. #OT,'lh Air.. Belmar Mi*T **«r kwvti let auwi Ull I IIU»U - i k&iv«t tbd tr* for fum H'Mquftittrt for WaolMjr Manila J*alBt Imui Ml'«u«l i mi roil»«** Nice, warm n-o-n apart ment; NW: yearly, reasonable. Mutual HIM. Ace Home Improvement MUtual Off Season Prices On All Work Interior and Erterior Aluminum Windows Installed Free 6 for $65.00 Free Ro Inspection REPAIRS NEW ROOFS Genunq Corp, I II I I HI I'I r.niit!»t -tlai illili Hi i. I.Ni i'h itt.h INK LiStlNGl i-m Hi in i MIL I WML ft»». DIM, N. I. I l l M i l l «T W» S l» $ f tr I * ll.-. im.*.. It., unii, tim'm(t< Hi Wf VkAti T*KB- hit* kiw<*hu I tulk I»»hl«-s ««I* iamr> K l*n Su»v St. Andrew's Church To hlw4hu lh Mt. 4. ;nhh»l Mh» Ml" lll*ulilh«(.in.. Accept New Members I,Ui.HI "! urfh«'l «.<( tff«' ftl*l Hl'f >I e- tit l.t I', MM I.nKK - Mra I ihr W«ti T*WMUH Ki»aiu«ftrhuHJ aooced vloa prrti j mrmbrrs will l» received in ' u> m Andrewi Mrttwdul Club wa* Iwld!***!%UfMlay tfrnt Arthur J Uudln km ' iwnalon people wel- I :. i, * H i'< Church Bunday Bev Uir e»c# Moore, patter, will JlUMn V*tt Mu>«iKMtmi Iflmv Hitiii A Tit.itinb piparh on "The I'..*r;»at overoor KtvuiM pi directors*. Chutlps A LifMH Wurd» " Uiion». «I '»«4 Jo-, A Montana Mom's Pentry SERVING FINEST FOOD From Sandwich And Pina To Full Dinner 77 H Street West Belmar ITALIAN RESTAURANT nd COCKTAIL LOUNGI Alt ( «>. CLOSED (or ALTERATIONS 9 Feb. 20th. i I,,- i), t ai*» Mr MftSH" NpM MMAMM I-. i. ; Q,. IUI- v Ma Well Townshio Mfefl sm freded Or Of-ui-tfp K Me! ST. ROSE SOCIETY PLANS MARDI GRAS ii HOIPI in F' ff i t! ii if Bf i I',,.' Ii wn r. < > (» mar Mr nn - d At il wee. ftin follci* inn e< jmmittee il r!r euest Deiiker bi Di i.' Rm M urra i K4U Itz, ' tt ilinl < M He sv ill n ft rn Mill month County Hf-art A^m-ia Lift Hourly Ban... model aim- n«i MNtel MB thp frequent ihm Or Qta i 'II brmfll li Hnf l Th* Army Dr. Campbt litui Hav E!, EteS -.Tified fixed time ' man wpre ( iipuinted dele schedulp for three bridffes, I HlM to \ (.mrriimth Conn on 0H hour and half hour for ' ty Ffdenition HLI'V Name pmtfbffl ' permit passage ' Societlp^. Jo gfe Mannurn boatt in and out Shark Ri- I Jr. Nenturif. gavf a talk on vt-r Inlet. indecent film? Rpfreshments were served. Mi, W«H»art At Guild Pitriidont SltVERS MOVES UP IN EASTMAN FIRM Mr aa. Mi. tat \m»< in I >t rlllhm.av lamaia J4. l»*t AMI fata, PM HM await aw) ftj lilia I In «fma, k»«ww» Ml ii UM II* ataa eefvm uti Ilka I'm.II lii-n lor IU n I'! t Kma-I* Vlr*t I iettwfi 8u*«U att# uia '""" ll«tu» uir«. i.ihiira. Pna MM *huh VM lull Mr tttnnrn attnubd W» «M, a Julil al Wntiumiatri im Hflmar oiammar ri*-h<iu!..n. Cti.tli H*!«>"! 'rtfef Urn; Cm- MM»" Hi Aa*ttl > r.,i Hull MM unit rad. * fn>»hma«at Ca«TM- I!*'» *«> tjuni (i.t.iitta flpwe 8U I '. in i»,iu,» mm d city, mm, i Hi.lmi.s Mn V I,,, I,, U. i,, <. I i.. l h. I.. ;..! ].. i l. ' I M-I <!..< Mr. [an wiry ll» jniniki IMUHH lllih in Kln<>l»rt FUN TO DRIVE EASY TO OWN! fc *& Exciting new blend beauty and action.,.in low-price field) What a simple, saving way to move into an Oldsrnobile! The stylish, longer-looking F 85 sports a spirited aluminum V-8.,. maneuvers around tight turns and into snug parking places with equal ease! Yet it's priced right down in low-price field! Fun-drive an F-85,., today! There's "Something Extra" about owning an OLDSMOBILE! OLDSMOBILE F85-V fa u - SEE (OUB tocal AUTHORIZED OLDSMOBILE QUALITY DEAIEI -- BELMAR MOTORS, INC. 8th AVENUE & F STREET BELMAR MUtual «yi»or,io A«e. M l M a NEPTUNE CITY and Highwoy 35 "> > PRospect e»*<e<m»»»»ae>»>«<»*ene R.J.OLSEN SHEET METAL WORK "If It's Metal, We Do It" BOATS HOMES RESTAURANTS WROUGHT IRON RAILINGS AND SPECIALTIES 700 Eighth Avenue MU Gl Bolmar wherever you go on your. 'never carry more cash than you can afford to lose Wher you're set to Bail,»ki or safari, remember to protect your travel cash with 00%-iat* American Express Travelers Cheques. They an Instantly recognized anywhere In world and are good until used. If lost or stolen, you got a prompt refund Charges only a penny a dollar. BELMAR-WALL National Bank THREE CONVENIENT COMMUNITY OFFICES F Street at 9th Avenue, Belmar Route 35*' 8th Avenue, Wall Route 35 at Atlantic Ave., Wall Uember Federal Deposit Insurance -Federal Re.tip.rve System Corporation Reidar K. Holmvik Funeral servlcps for Rplda K. Holmvifc Old Mill road, j Wall Township, were tipld i Sunday afternoon at Dan- iel A. Reillv Funpral Home.»Qi D llr In Beuiiiii. Rev, j Robert Z. Wucliter. pastor ' Manasquan Luran Church Atonement, - I Ificiated. Burial was in Mon- ( mouth Memorial Park. Mr. Holmvlk died January j 7 at Monmouth Medical Cert- j ter, Long Branck. He was 55. j I Born In Norway, Mr. Holmvik had lived in shore are 30 years. HP was employed by Waldman Lumber Co., in Long Branch. He is survived by his wife, Mrs. Norma Duncan Holmvik: a bror, Kare Holmvik, and a sister, Mra. ALsaug Win'r, both in Norway. Belmar... (Continued from Page > The commission accepted bid Mrs. William Hernandez th avenue for a tax sale certificate for a lot in Oakwood road. The bid was $2,500. I The election Michael P. jo'donnell 003 IStfa avenue as a member Goodwill Hose Company was confirmed. Belmar Lodge Elks was granted permission to continue its teen-age canteens during Summer at Fifth Avenue Pavilion. Joseph Sulm 908 3th avenup was appointed a special policeman. On recommendation Board Adjustment, commission granted a variance to Mr. and Mrs. Salvatore Coluzzi for extension rear a building at 02 Eighth avenue. Poland rconttneed rroru P-XSP \ eminent for Borough South Belmar. This I do not advocate. I did not at any time express opinion that I was in favor or would be a leader a movement for a change in form government. "I had intended to put across to governing body that I would be one leaders for a movement to rejuvenate Republican Party South Belmar and endeavor to elect men who can administer affairs South Belmar in a businesslike manner. "I intent add that re is interest in South Belmar to incorporate our borough with that Belmar. This I endorse and will do my utmost to accomplish. This consolidation service Is to me, only solution to ever increasing cost government. "Thank you for your past turtesies." Looking Ahead-Electrically The years 070, 980, 990, up through year 2000 at first glance seem a long way f. But for your electric company, se are years now being studied and planned for. The anticipated population in se years and growing use electricity that goes with it are already being plotted, just as today's population and present use electricity were being studied and planned 0, 5 and even 20 years ago. The successful result this farsighted planning by your electric company and entire electric industry is evidenced by fact that New Jersey and nation has all low-cost electric power it needs. An adequate supply electric power for tomorrow's needs will depend upon planning which is being done today. JERSEY CENTRAL POWER I. LIGHT INVESTOR-OWNED ELECTRIC COMPANIES

5 ,..,. ',! I. i,, i,.,,,,,., _., ; ; ".! ' ' i!,! '., > '., i. ' \ '. '.. f..,..., v.., -, Till IM>.\\ JMM Ati\ i I UNION MRS UNIT SEATS OWCtU; ««i«u> i. lilt.! ; ith ml Hi, Miti Ma stir Kin hi i 4 t<a In MHWI ltd ud W«!l 'Cttiitu««l intm *«-* It I ^W*fiP dl«th!**l.;«ul l» NmiilDr TVHulilp ull i... N"H, Ufa, Mia>t Klmr,Hlil ihwmy ttftu!*t«<"*«h.,i.i ity a l«i *li!i Mljul mtliti It'-*! r ul Him rwm»«ju»p * it * OlMMli uf Avon utyed Uw uut«.'^ ti> take wime ie U«I>«IUM to N«9 II.V ullwk Hl^tfllH i lm*rul...i»mii«i! I.i get lusrlhit l» M fm» Uiul MMMI MM IW Hi»»» i 6«v«t fcovt. kuu). ul JUM HUM* H» «Uwl*»i. M* MM litumwh 5 ll»!, li > MM) Mr iwtauun 'I*. lid I Oik lur an il»tod! il,,- I.MAk, NKWJKKHKt National Guard Marks Animal "Mli$t$r Day"; Armory Doors Open lo Hermits Helps Ni i^lihors W lieu l)i>a->l«'i" " Iriko MM f f. Mentis id UiilU in i i ; t!«national Cuunl "0 Mialion Noitaf 963" UrralU l'ra<'li<v 0 Karly Colonial Days Mi>f»»li«i. W, I freshmen! I llibl.... V.h:ii! M tiff. Mri > I i to go i filially rtt ) v. l a *Ur Department }fe«! im-tor, W»K a, hnlliti in l «uttmf iit-d to i tsta At March Dimos-iupportt i New York City, Dr. Charles Rage :ori)inue treatment! at home (or her rheumatoid aithritit. Continuing hoi Ma child evercama disobilily. Army Guard Intensifies Special Forces Training Maturity- -M.^vaii'-n Kill Ury.TheBearft three M'a*to U.S. Army Kp>:d,U FOP is clioson by and which are drilled into him throughout long months hit training. And with th rif-v ndd tepzim-s cioll to»nka this elite grouj The Army X tional Guai now h;u ] ' Re; vmiti six- states, all which huv tensifled thsli training and manpowir over last year. Uni word can characteriie Die men oi Army Natioiuvl Gua cial Forces organizations from Alabama, LouiSana, North Carolina, L'tah, Rhode Island, and West Virginla-HiedicaUon. At first, it may eeetn difficult toctmceivbhowsodffflcult a si on, raguirlnff such highly trained ami versatile personnel could he performed by se part time soldiers who CBTI only sseftd weekends at ttieir training:. According to Brigadim Cipneral Fram-i«S. (ii-enliff, Assistant Chief for Army, National Guartl Ulireail, (he answer to thiaisthttt average National Guardsman, "ri'alizes lie has more than a weekend commitment and gives it gladly. These men, cream crop* dedieate mselves to sacrifices linn; and tal- aught by "green berets" ent necea :aiy fiu'm to heroine West Virgin' i crack Sptrial Forces troops". The six tixbanda hand. 4! roamed through They ttl s a 200-t quare mile, men, Kit!' iw8on,west ; life h <lu 'Operation I'mmmiw. The. Tli ilividualistie, mature, wlf-.sufficient a mixture (if ir traditional ancestors, colonial or frontier militiaman and best [fflodam military man. For example, in November oi 'thisyear 60 Louisiana. National [Guftrdamen. "st Special Forces Group, spent an inclement Saturday afternoon parachuting.from three C-U8a just north Baton Bongs, Louisiana, in order to maintain ir parachute pro- 'ficie-ncy. Special Forces troops!being airborne quallftad is one ' first requirement* Special ; Forces training. For two weeks last summer Special Forcei troojw, nunben tnelflui Special Ft rroaji West Vlr^nia WaUooal Cuard, carried out a reulist.ii- ma Ramo in rugged mountains and wooded slopes that make West Virginia "little Switzerland America". Attached to airborne infiltrators were six handy "civilians" made up C8 Maryland National Guardsmen who had volunteered to live! oif land and to learn ihe hitand-run tactics guerrillas as FIGHTING t MT and lie li>oks l! An Army NttHooal Guard Special Forces trooper is rigged for combat as lie chaks out heavj load equipment before boirdll an lirplune fot a practice jinn;). Like Active Army counterparts, Army Saard 8F imopci i!in;i!" lvarf MM to Itulmtf!!» I Ml i i M ' Belmar Teachers, it M TOO I.iu'W B M I J.I tilt >r. $3,500. HurfjiH 'lit (tic :! i * i trfo H board UdBft itor», Uilit l.u iul()j>!-() SI Includlnf aaurtrn and a cap' Ital outlay,<> Ul. In this ymfa budbft kg bi ^>'t<^t t$ on at February 3 elee tan MM tuftwn MJMNI IP nprtftw M $374.5io and capital outlay amount }3,»99- H fur tote) uf TTie currpnt UpWI for i iiricnt vnir was S38.70 ami tlio capital outlay The local tux lovy, U HBO U» $374,50. State M iiicrfusctl Injtn $5,950 to and Federal atd from U j M in $t2,ono. Tuition is up mm $72,000 to $78,000. on rcimrt from Wlnfifld Ki->Mrr, school principal, board referrrd lor tnvestlgation to a special committee nn school luncheons, a report that children who were supposrd to be eating lunch in school were visiting nearby luncheonettes and returning to school. Kistler suit] street crossings are unguarded at time. Guardsmen Anticipated Fitness Call National Guardsmen all ever th<! nation rose to Preiident 8 il for better physical fltaeia m is country. Kven!»f..rcth- Deirtuu'iit tit DefeUM dire ted It, National Guard bsgaa a luntavy pfogram to raao,-tl cj[ phyilcai SttuwB in utits and prnnns pushand ths voices Guardsmen porting youth fitneta In < imunities came first from th Carolina where Na- [8l C.unvd dcvelnped a COBIpresonfiiyfl program Btwier galdanee physical edacation rmtruetl from North Carolina gtatfl CollegB and Gu»5 I on outstanding in athletic Sole!. Upon approval N" - Eh Carolina program by Pi. -'- dent and President's Council nn Youth Fitness, headed by Mr. Bud Wilkinson, Director Athleticsfor ttoi ei, afo lioma anil Special < bnbttltfii I i Presideni on Ifouth Fitness, Naifonal Guard Bun au < f fered this program to 8ta - FIS a pilot m-ogram for i I Rational Guard. Writing For President, Mr. Ted Sorcnson, Spi i (al Asi il ml to President, said to laajor Genera] Claude T. Bowers, Adjutant General North Carolina: "The President la EM Bed by program you hava (nl - ated. rt should assure tftfl phyalfttnem and readiness each lit nf NuitK Carolina N;itional Guard aa wall aw rasuli in ; train in "uneetu t personal benefits to On»h«Horn* Scent- nm,affa*rfifkwdhlfcoir>- Mid taj«rta* tw I t Bpcrt] ntwgti It'-* Inn n I'i'i been vfffti i, Btftt* Adjutant 0< OB. Luithfeftitl r W. W. Han.>n. Unit alert plan* 9 -r'nla, ViU- I (.. I ()Vf:r Kt a di.v. i.'i:. Jill n GOT- n n ben w»w ealw into active state. (,i i.ili'.n «g nice for duty or rw«* ai. patrols and relief rrevr». rftfe* io(>th Avmm*i vf&lrrmm ' \ Guardsmen involved... Il may well set an example for or National Guard units to follow." ]i did set example. Guard Fitness Project Officers, Adjutant Generals and.senior Troop Commanders flocked to National Guard Physical Fitness Conferences at Italriph, North Carolina, KM", itrltting with sudden and and Salt Lake City, Utah to s<v vastaiiiifr iwiftnesa at enemy North Carolina program stallationi and fcroopii, When lemonstratad for m by crack f-y v,. notai ailing aggreer torn, i' e gaerrlllas epent National Guard Special Forces HIM in ir forest ciassrooms troops. arning about weapons, demoli- Tliouph Rome, representatives 3iia, Communications and (o conferences with ills essential for survival in skeptical minds, y went home lomy-held territory. convinced and immediately began Juat how rugged was this task- instituting programs n ir own slates. Many states iave already begun ir prorraroa and iho North Cai'olhia.he company's service area,' "To ed fm Pointing to growth in irogram ia already past its first mating period. Mr. Otto said: "We told you last year that we expected a The North Carolina program ill. ];t!i' ig unit "ousists a speeined numb nimher 40% increase in housing Mo: it nf til e Ciitar dsme! i, mcin- repetitions i a series six j starts. I am pleased to report rs ( if Ala! in's 20th S.en al Bxemsea administered at each 'this forecast was accurate." Pi juii.ed ic th, i egiaar drill period. The process He went on to say that builders in area are optimistic unfl) ieuti ih s repeated at least three times i week by individual at home, y will do RS much or more in 963 than y did last year. phlbjoubteehu ar reconnaiss The UT. just. few thx i in efforts to ready mselves for any and every type warfare. Testing is conducted three imes a year. Test scores are con- prted to pereentuea "which eniblm comparison mid promotes tidiviihuil and unit enmpetiison. As realization im- Mirtance physicalfitnesscomes icross to Guardsmen y throw mselves enthusiastically in to program. lh«tlock diitv working VI hourn on i! >.,', ; I I, ;. larrii-r jflldlto t\\>: Ak Kfttien*! tiu^ru red to help without pay. As Wtrfe I'llnmiHII tiwy FatHM U ti UW I prfp I nt; Uiey >I;M [J tadmtta e-ipe v.ith tliti rifi; ' n- und H>-T\% nut a c;iil for i. ', <\.-. p c r a t t w. W i i h n i i U r n...,,; r r» n d u, - u - l'i nui iill ovtr state v, ( f, SseoaasJsaiiMt teams ecduteit '., > 'l m tii [ty units M U it f ami j»,-(, i it. fr^m!o Ul i UM»«f«a4 and BBact i $& ep«rtiusa in W M rgtafal ia MM than three decades. * * hi mu\ wtoi«m2 B Ifat mow ftom hit iu New IttsiM Utfl B p * s! f t g o f ilio m,... i ti n, The MIOW piuvl Dpto thvh fi! v. iili i \ in some; plarcs. The Army NaL.=. ;j(.jifiiiil frcjii t'n \m\-na [leratinjr with tlw But* PeJlei in --.,,.., lie ((forts which ended, in brfa^lsg ev»nr hunur tack aliva.ii. I ingr only -whm^l nudhl, OaafdRWfl I3MHR paths ia -iji'iw to riiii'h Mttoto areafl ntv\ ;;,> cleared existing road* ;iat hutiti.-ra could drive ir rura out, They eatried foo4 v, l-o had taken refu^i.! in I olftted rftachi I I c»!i-i(y Hi:i IF pot It, **&» n» i jjiiuiyvruuiu have been - al!m without National Uua,,.!." *, W&iB a million dollar fire Imrned EI Cc-ntro, California's Bar- :i Worth Botal to grovaid, liieinbprs Company D, 40th IBM BattaHea, Wen at hand t>i control thft hogfl crowd, in) ned out lo watch iilazc aad guanl adjoining ljuildi t Iwjtera. Thi^ fin took lilara on a recoi!,!,: last year but tiioao men spent 4 hour* HHI on thia assignment. * * * Tho 44th Medium Transport Squadmn Anchorage, AlaHl;s, ei nn :UIIHI:II wintortinifi attorn Sying fond ami fua to ieeki'd missions and Eskimo villnrn.s On Alaakft's v,-«atcoaat. They,.i also helped transplant wiillifir i di, carrtej par ta Bcicnunn flotiing icit inlands, find hauloj vital equipment to research.; lies studying Alaskan glaciera. Tlir Imt a few pxampleg Iiow tho citizcn-soltlier is ntly l "udy and alio to serve all community R'htu balp J3 Read The Coast Advertiser. Continued Growth J Wher it's about municipal Expected ASBITRY PARK New Setsey Natural Gns Co., which It in The Coast Advertiser billed 6,922 more customers n December than it did previous year, expects its rate growth to continue at st RS fast in 963. Dale B- Otta, President, told more bftc 00 stockholders at annual meeting. Reporting for 2 month period ending December 3. Mr. Otto said revenues were $22,684,895. an increase S2, 79,9, or 0:6^. Net income for thf. period was S2.(HI.4L>2. an increase $354,85, or 29,3%, For that period, earnings per share, based on wel phtod average shares out- StftOding, went up l«$.85 from $.63. For first three months fiscal year, revenues were $0.00.9,248, an Increase $,9,593, while net income for that period rqsg to $53,- 47, a gain $89,266. Per share earnings for first fiscal quarter bnsed on weighted average shares nut.standing were 46 cents against 30 cents for same period last year. Mr. Otto traced se gnins to Increase in customers and colder wear, and told stockholders, "re in't enough Winter behind us to have us feel with any degree certainty that this situation will continue." Tlie construction budget for fiscal year "will be ulmost $5,000,000," Mr, Otto said, and added, "We have arranged a line bank credt to ttike care our require-' menta and do not anticipate any financing: in current 'Iscal year, unless money market should turn to a point where it would be more Bdvantageoua for us to do some financing than atay in banks." ifn ** (I(V H M PPON'f! \n \r in* NM«M«I tmu4 M ml un in PM id a* f«u HfMM low rhtad >Tt>vidiHSil use h itlfl f(. ti HI nmtai»irh MI tl un imkoi hip k.» P' 'Ut luld I Hi. tul >! mflmh Hated Ex< t>s iry mtrkt,. ' - - i \ shcough a Annual H M. - I od :.., 8 I, iviwd Kwrlli i! lists in '{ f,- (I ;.. ',. - [. ;. ;.. i At (iuanl Units, Hi. i I trail n It!, '.' )r i duty uti rf M r> y G ttajts h State Guard anaii K u p;.ird diviaii J mili- mi It WM i kiwwti known c*- i ' Mo krep mfnttlta,v :>..; \.(ti,..,! (iuurd at a i and Air h. : \ L..; in unity where ' tejr or an Air '' I I!.! ears and "ii hand to ani*l t«i oatlna (*; ntpj, ' '.. '.. li^di jirn- - middle I!! uniu(- itaadsrdil Order Your Trousseau 6 Exquisitely Thermograved by You'll ba to proud your lovely stationery, dona In beautifully comet taste... and you'll b» pleated al Iho sonsibla price made ponlbla by famous Coronet Tliermogravlng. Wedding Invitation! and Announcement! Luncheon Invitation! Gift Acknowledgment! At Home 'lii.trd nutown ' M'!~,:. lf;iy" en or :::, a,i ft&naw 2 in tribute ti iii.:!<-. motf one ir \i" i-. i>,< PI Hii<>> tun aa militia mli * jr George Wash- r( L 'i'iy at KU! ji fat a amok, last ington, as Vn-.-i ; i oramina r i Army, who flra ultunti'in to th ng and effeetiv strong and etteetive i tly by llic miiihiry ' olding I Kliot, rli ' thf- partk lar ' "(Si i Mus- it! up to a tive foxea today ami a reemeats for R NATO rmei a force tomorrow. I, i L..f Hivistfins. Calling Card! «Penonalized Stattomry *gl Informal Note! '«Monogrommed Napldnt»3 MonogrammecT Matchboob ^v A ramptoe ukstm tl mmd stylu PROMPT DELIVERIES THE COAST ADVERTISER

6 l l i l KM'A* auut Wr M»»»*» «d, JANI A i a IM) J.*** rtmu I* THE COAST ADVERTISER hit -souiih Av.uu.. tmtiutr. N J to ( Man i*fcmtort M I»t y«iv» i n t f (am KM U UUt l u l ( M i l Pratt tmuim IMWONHlttLKTAXI J O H A N PRINTZ AND "FORT MASQUITO" fehutnur n light uf i-urrcnt (in*»ru and >'h Chart** H suwbuui jtrtwiufehi i»l l*rg» in til, tmt M M i h Fcurumy IS, for* lh«<:.<. bituuti thai U i rt*tiui*ti»tt wiuu Mi af W»w V» f k " tam Hi an Attractive as & Ux r«lu must W ifiw'h full i nil4>r u»p uffu-lttu th* gmwmm tax wtwfi &u* argue thai * b r i e f e r * *>f i F i t i. i '. " " very end hta BOW cbroalrln U untrnstwu li c(»ijitmation in 4H- writm* r l.m Lmdrslrom. k lit stood irvtu f«et tall hi» gbtferm m Hn- w<* t (V..<!iv.lirU-iii'd tight!> roan his enormous LMH imft it'll to hi«mi*> mosquiui mumc m his cars and mosquito stings to lh«very pod mure primir * n t ins - ivi i'-'..i!*«t miu'stnim, eontravrfu-0 i>> hard icon, twenty billion \ us written t) infhttittit in tun* M i; V. < QMfl thy Cavstlrj lamesftfskill which challenge (ogir *f i, ar«ivilukk tn Bfhtwrigfet. ilurablv plflmir4t fkpmt, a batti-r> RpHtm dslic thinks fur lutiuflf aiul ftmu a wurthy DpfNHwtii tm yomt ami«m. A rttfdy roitnn C.HL'I> Hiii'iiifM' ma he > urns, otfers safe fun and a taste treat I" <i<> il >'nu Mi.p Is, " F o r t MiiMiUito " setlns pi aft sgrs. ll«wiy Witi am include t>i>itat Am<TicaR Jtccncs, such m twwlcrs and uffll League bail jfuicrs, el large Fort EUsborg or Fort snap -toger pieces meant to be painti'd. gh. W&s afean Any liulr m\ wiil enjoy smmtf hf>r fncntu with a MkStiieSy 633. and wher (Iftiidcii ItVWtitM iifiii while ti'3 Hi milujhiti Hill) lliitv..h.= ul" baby doll mowiuttos Dutch caus- plastic. E)oih are more precocious. One newcomer a with "akin" that invites your touch and a uretltaw foam bo<ly ed it Is small matter. The end us cuddly ai an infanta-says 2 (Menmt sentence* at undnm had truly come for Governor when she is hugked gently. Johan Prlnta. 'rhfie'll be wtmy music In air from maimg m u < resistant fumu inslrumcnts. A ww Iliilc, n m replica a The bis governor summon ptufenumal tut* with tuned reeds, looks like finely engraved f-a Indian sachems to "Prin- silver. Color and number coded instruction books help children tzh" M in Summer ot play songs withmit practicp. 653, promising to return with Pvmu it-it that MH tjliiuil from MM PMlk that y became very weary and it Therefore y call Pd this Fort a n d»'f h a w luli M M Print*, go» Sweden from tmmttt, v original painting It in I rum paitiltttjr In.* Mi growing RMt Fwy had trtttiftil in 838 MtIM litll American Hwe<!Uh! asaein klt>d at dock aide odd Swedes «md Fttuw HI Ut->river and save m ft slim.steuiam tn RAT and promptly, colony and icafi m Ins or c-hoice; Swear ftllegtancp to applied subtle pressure on HOMK TO ROOfT,, ;- OnUMn-r i'i,!r/ M MNt-w Hwpdcii or get out. He Prints and hi s well deployed came to tei mi with Ind- soldiers. Of late re has IM-WI n sharp r i w in unemploy-j doubt that he vm BffWM uing ijiit. LtilrniTVil t!,,i! it he Pj'lntz understandably yparttftsl cvii-ilcl have his way. he m-d lor home, would not let ft»oul m His original commission IMS M P tu a deputy assistant labor secretary wn(i,_,ftlwi, n w a r f a r e Wuh live." The Indians, in turn, had bepn for three years and called him "ftix Tub," a when that expired he wrote deals with \hv pvohltm. juutch. t likely to endear Queen asking for relief. U would be an oversimplification to blame ml- «_ «s»»«n ^ ^ U y j railed h ; grim governor. Two years went by before an,. memory IJohan Prtntz. name not a governor A hard mftn; that was prin that he m,tz, But uation on any one cause, but ft nuijur MUM, cei'uitmy, b u t t h e n S w e d e n yeavs to a I hard man was needa l s o treated ruled mountain lower Delaware ed. has btvn Lut«jr Department regulations more than;its aprints wasted no time, be Sweden sent precious little a year's standing limiting to 0 per cent a retail bfore 643 ended he had built help. New Sweden's populi store's total work force number teenagers that Fort Elfsborg Just South tion tn 644 was 98, by 648 it g at leas than statutory minimum Salem River. Fort Eltsborg, was down to 9, Ships seldom can be employed Sweden's major holding came from home, and when 96, American wagein September, a wage which was increased last Retail year. Federa- New in what is now New Jersey, y did supplies included tion's Task Force on Full-Time. Students wrote this to Infuriated Dutch adventurers s u c h decidedly luxurious Department; "The proposal that a number full- who felt that earlier explor- [things as brandy, cloth for time students who may be employed at any tinie be lim- ations had made Pel- flags, 0,000 fish hooks and in!one case, 0 gilded flagfl-pole ited to 0 per cent work force, is unnecessarily aware River irs. one ol Peter Stuyvesant's tnol restrictive and discriminatory. It discriminates against couselors some years later ' Most important. Peter Stuy smaller establishments with a total work force 25 or expresses fury vesant arrived In New Am 30 who may wish to employ five or six full-time students Dutch. He told liow Printz had on week-ends or for special events. It also d. ninates built fort "and manifests re great boldness towards against larger establish men ts who I ns5omari!y everyone, even as respects employed a greater number full-time students to meet ' D u t c h ' Company's seasonal peaks at Christmas and Easier, lor example boats." The aroused Dutchman went on:.... Such a limit (0 per cent) would ftot mcrease n g "They must strike flag ular full-time job opportunities. It wouid decrease before this fort, none accept- Like an antiquated water system that leaks, approopportunities for employment for full-time stu- ed; and two men are sent on priations process in Congress board to ascertain from is in need tightening, oi dents.... " whence yachts come. It Is hauling and So chickens are coming home to roost. Anor not much belter than exorcis- h a u l l n e a n t l 'ffectively control high presword, more recently spoken by American Retail Fed- ing right search sure spending and safeguard eration, is in order; "It is hard for us to understand what authority se people nation's fiscal soundness. can have to do this we know Through various by-passes how, on one hand, Congress passed a multi-milliup not." escape valves built Built Second Fort dollar bill to train an idle work forco, and on or o v e r t h ey e B r s man Printz built anor fort on > ' ""P ' 0 ' M k hand restricts employment. pnations that Tinicum island, lust f what Pn««o>'» now» * slip slip past past is now Gibbstown in Oloucos- t itional controls which forco." t U County, stout hemlock acongress supposedly exercises loss formed walls and s ( k e e t " ' r ' t l l e n o U o n s NEEDLE IN THE HAYSTACK four brass cannon halted P u r ; New federal tax provisions, now in effect, will par- r a r e s t, i p s w h i c n happened to Congressional o b s e r v e r s tially close at least one glaring "tux loophule." What a r e elude guns Fort Eifsknown as "patronage dividends," paid to members b O Q ^ v c r n o l. p r l n t z a l s o b m t "backdoor- spending is auth Friendly secretaries... friendly ficers... frimarketing und purchusin^ co-ops, will he subject to D n xinicum Island a Uvo-story o r i z e c ^ outside appropriay tion process and consideraendly t e l l e r s... friendly bookeepers make for frifederal income tax, wher y are paid in jjoods or in! mansion befitting both hts im-. -,,h pressive size and his vast t l o n o f t l l o s e spcndlne auth endly banking. A t Belmar-Wall National gold'.,,,,. 'powers. The mansion, called «!»» «w n l c l > d 0 6 «>r en rule is rule for customer service. W e know This represents a praiseworthy, lontr-iieedetlchange "printzh," had interior fitt- o u e h l h e oppropriutions pro how we wish to be treated when we are customers in policy. The co-operatives concerned a r e business Ings oi sawn lumber and brick c e s s l s spi'n'c'<?<l i n "» <U» nnprntrnnq mmnrfitit, Hii-pcHv with nthdi- hiioi'.io«epc ifireplaces. Real glass spark- e n s e P a l a t e b l " s ' As a result.. that is why we always try t o put ourselves in operations competing (ecllj m m oiner I H I S l l l t s - s t s : l e t l l n U u, w i l u l Q W S.. p ;. Lnte _ Congress cannot effectively "your shoes." Our longer banking hours and our operating in a wide range fields. No good case can be! n. w a s accialmed as control annual rate o f exhetht policy "one account makes you a customer at made for tax favoritism, (finest house in America be - >nditures, nor can it Immeti t 0 p a y t h e a p electrification administration telephone But new provisions doeo-ops, not go and far enough. Rural > / "became «" '» d 5 bills an "anhatabsolute ' ZZntteZZ ta'tt all three fices" are typical examples how we trification telephone! co-ops will stilladministration be free by lawen-ops, from and federal taxation despot, described as both able it is considering. strive to please and meet your needs Wouldn't Spurred by latest allfinding logic in this is like looking for a needle in n e h l B h n e a r l y $0 biiliotl ranlcal and harsh. He lined t l Icdp you, too, be happier banking and borrowing at a haystack. The electric co-ops constitute a big and pros- up 2 a few English families on F >' ] budget anor deiicbelmar-wall National? perous industry. Many m are operating or at- New Jersey side li a r i d m o r e <le ' jt " Cflttgrw siona] leaders are expected to tempting to gain right to operate in non-rural indus- i f l i B M B I ^ again propose that lawtrial and urban areas areas which are or would be makers recapture annual conserved with total adequacy by investor-owned power gressional control over Federal expenditures. companies. Co-ops spokesmen ten make a point call Such action was advanced ing ir ventures private enterprises. But a "private' by Senator Harry P. Byrd at :... and... last session congress enterprise" which operates on a tax-favored basis Loan Dept. Wall Office Open Continuously To 8 p. m. Daily. Jin form a concurrent along with additional important financial advantages I resolution to provide fop one "general expenditure authorprovided by government, and denied to or kinds ization bill." In addition to concerns providing same services is certainly a bringing all spending authordubious one. ization under jurisdiction! appropriations commititpes Congress; this would require: sound and M l tax M H W ^ liould MI «_«Hi. i» Th,. MM N««_ y r r a v r * s You get no cold stares at Belmar-Wall National RNOtt Service 'til 8 p.m. MONDAY thru FRIDAY FUEL OIL BELMAR-WALL GIG MORRIS FLOWER SHOP GEORGE A. MORRIS ( h Avenue MUtual -909 Belmjr ARTISTIC FLOWER ARRANGEMENTS W I T H SERVICE Flowers Sent By Wire Anywhere In The World!! Authorized Member Of F. T. D. S terriers, Inc. 2th A v e. «Railroad BELMAR Call Mil -900 i U) action on federal exjpenditure budget as a whole, as well as in segments: <2) control expenditures las well as appropriations; and (3) enactment spending side th e budget in full view latest revenue estlm&tes revised at each stage legislative process. Pointing out that re have been 26 Federal Government deficits in past 32 years and y continue to mount both in numbers and size, New Jersey Taxpayers Association notes urgency action by Congress to restore soundness and integrity to nation's financing. National Bank THREE CONVENIENT COMMUNITY OFFICES F S t r e e t a t 9 t h A v e n u e, B e I ma r R o u t e 3 5 a t 8 t ha v e n u e, Wall Route 3 5 a t Manasquan C i r c l e P l a z a MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE C O R P O RA T I ON F ED ERA L R E S E R V E SYSTEM

7 -mm-tm, msi AHV n, mu Till txiajtt KJtfj ;'»i_ 'y ; CHURCH SERVICES.., H M I., Ml KIN UT i- i >m, t*>rmai I.. a«h «..!... It H.,. MMH.UI I U A M malty «.!,., MM* al MwMw Wl* tap, MfWMMt by W. IIIII s In,,,,,, t«ra <»< it....,. <,,, Mr.0,,»,.,., U li M.! «li vi H.,t.i ta i M Ci lilinltoj o Huh KucfaafiM mid Mrila* ban HAM - K.IUII, r>r *l,.-. m luduif celebration w[ tile Mb KutJiinfllt ttul Sun ll:ma. M.-MHUlKPr, r i n i ii II.IM. III, ii Mt! I ifc UtiHt. W.«,., «> " i ' H. «. a i -,,.r HurwUy Mas.ies <>n B,, hour frurn % t*> A M Weekday Mass - i A M Monday, I P M - MII'MU lou«mwial Nnvrni devuugu HAITIHT Mill KM., «. K.r. it, I.,, p».l.r r m. Nomii >, r '48 A M Bible School with clauses for all ages 0:45 A M - Morning wor. hip trrvlce; nn-»s«bp by paator I P it Evening gospel iwrvlre; pastor's message. TBK MPTIIIIIIST (III HCI OK HKST III M l. th Ave., West Bclmar He*. RU-hard L, si., PaiUr. S:«A. M church school Classes tor all ages. Richard Baxton. general superinten HH II A, M _ Morning worship: Me.i.sngp by pastor.30 P. M. Evening aervics 0 tne sanctuary. or»r KIMK II I I Ml HI II K.. K II KaioalM Jf. v.. I.II,»i * I -I I M4 III - aut**j»» fctlttai*«h*h I..!.«f«.l«Biw*N f Hi<!«««. «.i»«=ftu M * M - M»>MM mat 9 w*i mua By to* U A M tkwaiwt awttue, Kuiit iiin'rar u» ut# nr*l I M - UBMMI I. II»U Vrnili i II or «t. "nil Illl tk< HAM.I I. I I I >l KM «ilft «f» I»> I II Mill, i Huuilayi II! Holy Com is A M. mm Bnrtur H 0 IN M Holy communion with hymna IS A M Mornlnt I'm fm tr»4 Si'rmun Uwlly 7 So A M Holy Com munlun. eacffpt rrldaya FrtdaH in A M - Holy Communion. HMU nun i PROTKSTAVT < III K< H li- * II.M,I I Miller, TAhtnr mill H,in,lay Bcliool classes Tor all ages. Jamel Hardy, superintendent. A M Mornmg worship!mi - Truth tor Youth. 7 P. M Evening service. Ml Him - M, I.M,. I II A U W») M» M»MM I* CfcUH* - ««IUMI a A M nu rv<ry atttumay Irnm «Ui a «C M. «iul I:.:, iuliilf M * -«I B(U«I IHIM III haaw l) 0M l-ady irf Ui«I Ueital M MM mt-r* Mtititlitv periling at In turn and OfcaMk Schtioln> IT RAII»T IIIIKI U Krv J. II. M.I. I.-..,i MMk 4ve, Near II M lit II. (luliilav rk'hihil A M WtJi^MlJ ServU'H «r v \nh - H o, in in II MI A**., * < i.....i ri.m, > (lift In. J...i. id* i tiitd Kundwy Ma«M.?( - I. 0 ftod A M WemiHy MUUUU I'M A. M, I IIM*r (III II INITY 3rd Ave, and I... SI, \-l.oi v I' i,k N J. Rev John Manilla, Pastor II A M Morning ser vlre, Sunday School. Tuenday I P. U. - Bible nterpretation elates. Wednesday 8PM Healng &)rvlc«. Friday I P. M Lessons n Truth, alternating each rrtday evening with prayer iroup. HAI I Ht Illntil-l III I.4 Mill fnl4 «.. «.»< tmli Hal N Marly Wir«H» 49 A M i'liunli ki""' MM mttlw H A M Mummf «im»t»ai*ii»t < in m M ll>»4m. IIHM.IIIIi..HUIJ...i r.ih»»-. 4 rl.w. I'a.Wr CRHrfh ItrgaaUt; l.llu. Waripii I 4s A M Ht.inlay PH'fiosl HAM Muimrw Wur ST MK inn s n-iv (ICAI iiuimi til. I II I.I. ml..!. « v, K H.,li»t.»tea» AM- H.ilv t'yrmntin tea. IS A M Morning Prayer Sung Eucharist, with tnstruc tions and Church School <*I,VARV BAPTIST ThlrtrrMk Ave. al I U. Re» Th»»d»re Oafia Faster. Sunday: Church School i 36 A M Tuo morning services, t:w and It A. II. ST MARCiARCTS CHIRCM Hering Lake Hest Rev J. I. ilsgan, Paster Weekday Mass - 7 A. M. Friday 8 P M Nevena Sacred Heart. Sunday Masses - On hour from 7 to It A. M- Inclusive. It. AMiHKW'S MRMBM (III Kill Fourth and n. i Lake Avea. i,"im Lake, N. J. RVV, I... M,t., E. ^I'niri pjtmtor, SUNDAY SKBVICKS 8 30 A, M, Morning worship and sermon. 9:45 A. M. Sunday School for all ages. :M A. M. Morning wor- CHKISTIAN.SCIENCE Flmt Church o/ < hrlnl Scientist. FIFTH AVENUE CHAPEL Grand and Fourth Avenues. Fifth Avenue, Brimar Ashurj Park»:5 A. M. Morning Ser- Sunday service, A. M. Runrlay School A. M. U A. M. Family Bible ship and sermon Mrs. John Wednesday 3:5 P M. Hour; Sunday School. E Haundcrs. Organist. testimony meeting. 7 p. M. Gospel Meeting Quality Printing? * * MAMM! SOLAR HEAT GULF %* Cenh«ril Iwttet «<» m) Bufe-er* HOWELL- SliLLI VAN, Inc. Before you buv INSURANCE COME IN, WRITE OR PHONE imf Insurance Agency H. Brown 60 Hwy, 7t, Bflmar, N. J. MUtual PM KM ri aim it i^, i - I).! lt..«,: ill. B i.. i < H, fftfi nphmisv. should pkirrtiu re. mrmbefs. Mrs eila M M lit tjfessctr iwduuir nurs f, and Mi. i ; -.. L&fc nufs I4H bum iwrfdu Station Wagon Headquarters All Mikei and Models PACE MOTORS 47 CENTRAL AVE. EAST ORANGE, N. J. EST. 98 Daily Buses... To... NEW YORK CITY FROM BELMAR FOR INFORMATION AND TICKETS CALL BELMAR TRAVEL AGENCY 904 F STREET, BELMAR Phone MUttial ASBURY PARK NEW YORK TRANSIT CCHP. FORECAST: 40 Lain Ave., Asbury Park, N. J. Antff-r fait*, h«t PVM I tft IMH f*' ilht Hr*: MB -. fcitlj fru*tf*fewl m BMl Aru^'f It»S*» It pr&vi4 9 reu* s f fur MtM WlU» UeA or i h r * * t to The mum ' «A ft ciiild p m n may fee particularly p^rp!pxin«in Mr An : W l i - n! MM R f!.tkf.'r*'iii said. Ln frus -.; and *ndly ". things. As he learrih tt> sp*.u b«insulting. SHOP REPAIR SERVICE AND ACCESSORIES Any Radio Television Record Player HILLIKER RADIO 2054 Now Bedford Rd., W«ll Township, N. J. all kinds metals. Wall Auto Wrecker. INCORPOBATKD 22 H St. Wett Bclnrar Milll.! l-um- Any woman with an exquisitely fashioned hair styling from Philip's will see hirto hidden facets ' ' ' ittiu "tt tt iin v hm bms told - i wi.y t>ut' muy s. i >Mit r»- iwmw.»t C«lte, iw m»y bi ajgry with tiw food " Mrs Hmi.yftll «asd pt wrltfc artiff-r by remaining calm, trying tfl Ifl child Hakf-rcf! :! * par- ;.; ci' s snger hf It'* children see '>, But ly vniiti- jj'imled 'ngbtenert by set-ing RSfltf in an adult. H,'.n." sh* ttifdwa n U-niptT tantrum In 'itrept, ' stand watt until it Is ovt-r. must go, ha.should pick up child and go, screiimw to contrary mding. "in casp youngster 9 to 7 Daily who has started school recently, gtraata must allow for some noise at home since normal tendency to expend enertjy noisily Is restricted in school. Thf> frustration We Buy and Payresiilting" from forbidding a Cash for Scrap Iron, child to be noisy nt home can br nvotdpd if rhlld Steel. Old Rags, Batferies, emrafed to play outdoor.^ until bfl h;i;i 'blown tiff ^tf*am," Junk Cars and according to Mrs. Hakerem. nts are cautioned to recognize a problem exists n teenager becomes angry for no apparrnt reason. "It is best to say that you realize re is something boring (he tcwansf and nol reply to seemingly m-tmile::* ;uit;<t with R similar display," Mrs. Smoyafc advises. However." Mrs. Smoynk warned,"ever mast symp;iihrtif treatment frequently A'UI not solve tin- problem mmediateiy. But it will lay groundwork for better understamjtns ^ter a!l( l w ert even greater problems " I.H.AL NOTICE BOROUGH OF iiinnit Publication Required by It. S. 40: 7M7 DECEMBBB 962 OETNERAL ACCOUNT Receipts: 982 Taxes $ 6, Tax«S 8,978.3 Delinquent Taxes Misc. Revenue. 8,23.37 ' ir Receipts 2, $ 60, PERSONAL STATIONERY ORGANIZATIONAL BUSINESS FORMS At Moderate Prices BATTERY SALE! FJying_A DRY-CHARGED Batteries Get faster starts all winter Jong with a Flying A Dry- Charged Battery. It staya tronger longer becauso fluid is not added until battery ia installed. EASY PAYMENT PLAN Vmif Klyln, A t>ittr wffl <» Ki >P* M "Many girls, irf n Binftfe tot," r v Siasy, "who Uve ulmio, wiiuld rnriiei kimt." 5PECIAL ON PERMANENT WAVES $5.00 OFF... $25 Wave for $20 $20 Wave for $5 $5 Wave for $0 DISBURSEMENTS: Operating, J 3, School Tax , Or Disbursements. 45,280.8» WATER-SEWEK UTILITY Receipts: Water Rents. $ Miscellaneous , 0,889.6 DISBURSEMENTS: Operating t 4,flO3.<J4 Or Disbursements 5, The Coast Advertiser Call MUtual OUAKENBUSH SERVICE STATION F Street & 8th Avenue Belmar, N. J. WE GIVE S. & H. GREEN STAMPS WATCH FOR TURNING CARS