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1 N T H E N E W S SERVNG ABERDEEN,HAZLET, KEYPORT AND MATAWAN O n the cam paign trail in M ataw an Page 14 OCTOBER CEN TS VOLUM E 24. NUMBER 43 P u m p k i n s, c a n d y, c u r f e w s BY VNCENT A. De MURO JR. S t a f f W r i t e r Area communities are geared up to prevent the vandalism and mischief that traditionally take place over Halloween weekend. L ocal police departm ents, in c o n junction with community officials, have imposed curfews for minors this weekend. Officials said trick or treating will be allowed until curfew in each town on Oct. 31 and that parents should accompany their children in the early evening hours to be sure they make it home on time. Brian Carlisle, 14, Aberdeen, said he plans on trick or treating all night and will more than likely get a ride out of the area to do it. could see mischief night having some k in d o f c u rfe w, C a rlisle said, but Halloween is supposed to be fun. Temporary curfews, which have been used in some towns since the early 1970s, have curbed the spread of vandalism significantly in past years, police said. think the (Halloween weekend) curfews are a good idea because parents should know where their children are at, said Debbie Baldwin, a Matawan mother. And if the kids do something wrong, the parents should be (blamed). Middletown, Holmdel, Keyport, Hazlet, Aberdeen and Matawan all follow the same course of discipline for curfew violators. f a minor is on the streets after the designated time, with no legitimate excuse, he or she will be taken to the police station Continued on page 4 H allo w e e n - C urfew s Aberdeen 8:30 p.m. Oct Hazlet 8:00 p.m. Oct, Holmdel 9:00 p.m. Oct Keyport 8:00 p.m. Oct Matawan 7:30 p.m. Oct Middletown ) 8:00 p.m. Oct m Halloween fantasy surrounds the Mike Ferraro home on Roland Place in Hazlet, a prize winner in last year s Halloween house decorating contest. Many of the verses are from the fertile minds of Ferraro s English students at William R. Satz Middle School in Holmdel. (Photo by Rich Schultz) " ~ " ' ~ ' G a r b a g e e m e r g e n c y BY MARLYN DUFF S t a f f W r it e r st declared a state of emergency Monday afternoon H r order to respond to a garbage crisis, TheTovvl nship Committee agreed at a special 1 p.m. meeting to post $10,000 with the Monmouth County Reclamation Center in T inton Falls, so that D&J Marangi Corp., Caldwell, could use th landfill. The cor soration has a cash-flow problem and is owed $150,000 bj' Hazlet customers, according to Mayor John Bradshaw. He said $70,000 in past due accounts was already in the hands of co! lection agencies, and that another $80,000 was four months delih< iquent. Most rei sjidents pay a $20 per month fee or $240 annually. Because of the cash-flow problem, Marangi could not use the Tinton s landfill. John L. Gray, superintendent of the reclamation center, could not; be reached for comment. The money should last two weeks and will be repaid as the garbage company collects past-due accounts. Our goal here is very simple getting garbage off the streets, Mayor John Bradshaw said Monday afternoon, explaining the committee s action. The action also allows the Board of Health to become involved, Bradshaw said. Bradshaw said the township will send a letter to residents explaining the situation, but on Monday the No. 1 priority was getting everything collected. Residents have complained off and on since last summer about their garbage not being picked up regularly by Marangi. The company missed two pickups, the mayor said, and the township has received about 70 telephone calls from residents. Bradshaw hoped to get six or seven trucks on the street by Monday afternoon. The owner o f the company, Joseph Marangi, was on the scene, he said. Frank Giovia, 21 Garden Terrace, said earlier Monday his garbage had been sitting out since the previous Wednesday Continued on page 16 R e g is t r a t io n c o n t i n u e s in o u r F o o t b a l l F r e n z y a n d W in a C a r c o n t e s t s d e t a ils in s id e.

2 B A Y S H O R E C O M M U N T Y H O S P T A L S Omnium November is Diabetes Awareness M onth Tue 1 lue 2 Wed 3 Tfiur 8 Tue 8&22 Tue 0 Wed 10 Tfiur 10 Tm 11 Fri S Tue B Tue 17 Thur 19 Sat 22 Tue 23 Tue 30 Wed "Mommg and Me" is a four week infant massage and discussion group that will teach you about infant care and other parenting concerns taught by Linda Pincus, RN, BS, ACCE. Please call (908) for dates and registration. Outpatient W io n Counseling is a one hour session conducted by a registered dietician. t provides guidance for a variety of diets including low cholesterol, protein restricted, diabetic, and low sodium. Fee $45, please call (908) for an appointment. Diabetes & Exercise, a free lecture, will be held at 7:30 p.m. in Conference Room A of the Hospital. Gloria Lau, Registered Physical Therapist will speak on the topic. Registration is required, please call (908) The Basic Life Support Renewal Course will be held from 7:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. in Conference Room B of the Hospital. $25.00 Registration fee, call 08) to register. Lamaze Childbirth Classes will be held at 8:00 p.m. in Conference Room A of the Hospital. Classes are taught by Linda Pincus, RN., B.S., ACCE and the fee is $60 for a series of 6 classes. To register call 08) Diabetes & Nutrition. a free lecture, will be held at 7:30 p.m. in Conference Room B of the Hospital. Nancy Kremer, RD, CDE will speak on the topic. Registration is required, please call 08) Diabetic Holiday Recipes, a free lecture, will be held at 7:30 p.m. in Conference Room B of the Hospital. Nancy Kremer, RD, CDE will speak on the topic. Registration is required, please call 08) The Bereavement Support Group will meet at 7:30 p.m. in the second floor lounge. Group offers mutual support for adults dealing with the death of a loved one. Diabetic Retinopathy, a free screening, will be held from 2:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. in Conference Rooms A & B of the Hospital. Registration is required, please call 08) Tbe Diabetes Education 0 Support Group will meet at 7:30 p.m. in Conference Room B of the Hospital. Support, discussion and sharing of diabetes information with Kathleen llingworth, R.N., certified diabetes educator. Diabetes & The Kidneys. a free lecture, will be held at 7:30 p.m. in Conference Room B of the Hospital. Jean Otrajki, M.D. will speak on the topic. Registration is required, please call (908) Tbe Family Asthma Education & Support Group will meet at 7:00 p.m. in Conference Rooms A & B of the Hospital. This group, co-sponsored by the American Lung Association, consists of parents and their children with asthma (ages six to 12) w ho meet in separate groups for support and education. Psychological Rspects Of Diabetes Care & Management, a free lecture, will be held at 7:30 p.m. in Conference Room B of the Hospital. Robert Cohen, MA, ACSVV, Director of Social Services will speak on the topic. Registration is required, please call 08) Better Breathers Education & Support Group will meet at 7:30 p.m. in Conference Room B of the Hospital. The group, cosponsored by the American Lung Association, offers an opportunity for those with chronic lung disease to share experiences, leam about new treatments and solutions This month's topic is Managing Your Breathing Problems with guest speaker Jim Ashe, Respiratory Therapist. Free lectures will be held at 7:30 p.m. in Conference Room B of the Hospital. There will be two speakers. Kathleen llingworth, RN, CDE will speak on the topic Blood Glucose Monitoring. Loretta Flam, Pharmacist will speak on the topic nsulin, Oral Medication, Over-The-Counter Medication, & The Diabetic Patient. Please register by calling 08) The "Supersifter" Course will be held from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. in Conference Room A of the Hospital. Learn about safe environments, baby care and first aid, as well as growth and development of children from certified instructors. Registration is required, please call 08) Citizens Rgainst Crime, a free seminar, will be held at 10:30 a.m., 1:30 p.m. and again at 7:30 p.m. in the Conference Rooms of the Hospital. Leam how to keep yourself and your family safe at this fast-paced and entertaining program. Please register by calling 08) Facts Rbouf Strobes, a free seminar, will be held at 2:00 p.m. in the Conference Rooms of the Hospital. Guest speaker Dr. Phillip laria, Neurologist, will discuss the causes, risk factors, prevention and treatment of strokes. Please register by calling 08) BaCli SchOOl wifi be held from 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. in Conference Room B of the Hospital. Leam how the back works and how to prevent back injuries. To register call Gloria Lau, Physical Therapist at 08) Buyshore Community Hospital and its sister organizations are dedicated to providing you with the knowledge and resources necessary to take the best possible care of yourself. Every' m onth we offer a variety of health screenings, classes, educational seminars and programs, as well as on going support groups. D o y o u w a n t to stop s m o k in g? Learn CPR? S eed help d e a lin g w ith tbe loss o f a loved one? A re y o u h a v in g a b a b y? We re here to offer support and up-to-date information on these and other topics. F o r m o re in fo rm a tio n o n a tte n d in g schedule d events c a ll th e HealthAnswers consumer response line a t ( ) Please c a ll d u r in g business hours. ; «..!!! * «S B U mm»_ Bayshore C o m m u n i t y H ospital 727 North Beers Street Holmdel, New Jersey 07733

3 THE NDEPENDENT, OCTOBER 26, Statue honors Vietnam vets S o l d i e r m e m o r i a l a r t w o r k u n v e i l e d a t g o v / s m a n s i o n BY LAUREN JAEGER S ta ff W r ite r Halloween comes to ndependent territory and communities are ready to celebrate. Page 4 Calendar Classifieds Editorials Letters Dining Obituaries Sports Police Beat Yesteryear Page 36 Page 48 Page 34 Page 34 Page 39 Page 41 Page 44 Page 40 Page 42 P h o n e n u m b e r s : Editorial Ext. 226 FAX Circulation Display Advertising Ext. 220 FAX Classified ADS Classified FAX j -- BAYSHORE. ndependent Managing Editor Howard Altschiller Sports Coordinator Lindsey Siede Executive Editor Gregory Bean Publisher Kevin Wittman A Greater Media Newspaper L?J VERFED M AUDT CRCULATON The Middletown ndependent circulation is subject to audit by Verified Audit of Circulations, nc. Published Wednesday by : the Greater Monmouth Publishing Co., Ed g eboro Road, East B ru n sw ick N.J T h ir d - c la s s postage paid at Eatontown, N.J. $32 a year. First-class mail subscription available at $65 for 26 weeks, 40 cents a copy. PRN pe T O N n an elegant, candlelit setting, a massive bronze statue, the centerpieice of the New Jersey Vietnam Veterans' Memorial, was unveiled at the governor s mansion on Oct. 15. The s tatue, created by Thomas Jay Warren, ortrays three figures a black soldier si inding, a white, wounded soldier lying on he ground, and a woman soldier coming ti his assistance. t will be placed in the center of the memori which is still under construction at the arden State Arts Center in H olm dej. The statue cost $187,000, according to Kelly Watts, the executive director for the Vietnam Veteran s Memorial Committee, most of which was paid for by a donation from the New Jersey Elks. They ve already raised $165,000, said Watts, a Monmouth Junction resident, as she admired the statue s grace. Gov. Christine Todd Whitman, who spoke to the guests before and after the dinner, also admired the work of art. t is remarkable that we did raise the money, she said. The Governor added that the history of raising money for the memorial was not dissimilar to the Vietnam Conflict itself since, at first, everyone was gung-ho about the project and then enthusiasm petered out until it was recently revived. The people in this state are finally ready to welcome home the veterans and remember the (thousands) who were k ille d, she said. W e remember, we appreciate the sacrifice of the veterans... we ve opened our hearts and we ve opened our minds and we are at peace. She com m ented that the Learning Center, w hich w ill be located on the memorial s grounds, will be an asset to the state. Hier husband, John, who introduced himself as the First Lady, added that he is looking forward to the memorial s official dedication ceremony on May 7,1995. The sun will go down at 7:45 and the fireworks will finally welcome every veteran, he said. The sculptor, Warren, 36, who tried to remain on the sidelines and observe more than speak, noted that he adhered to the committee s concept which, besides the idea of the three figures, was not to portray any rank. He added that although this was his first portrayal of a military subject, Vietnam had a special meaning to him because lost a cousin and my brother served. W e wanted three figures to place under the tree (in the center of the memorial, explained Ray Martyniuk, 45, head of the Department of Military and Veteran s Affairs, Lawrenceville. Tom was the only artist that captured the depth, the emotion, and the element of reality we sought. There is a spiritual element to this statue. EFU LLY ACCEPTED John Whitman, at left, Gov. Christie Whitman s husband, watches as Steve Romm, Hazlet, and Gen. (retired) Carl Peter Genovese, Tinton Falls, present a check for $5,000 to the governor to help with the state s Vietnam Memorial fund-raising. (Photo by Lauren Jaeger) THE FRST LOOK Gov. Christie Todd Whitman (r), looks at the new Vietnam Veterans Memorial statue for the first time on Oct. 15 under a tent set up behind Drumthwacket, the governor s mansion. The statue, created by artist Thomas Jay Warren, will be moved to the Garden State Arts Center, Holmdel, in time for the May 7,1995 dedication ceremony. (Photo by Lauren Jaeger) t evokes sympathy and pride, he commented. This is like the birth of a child. This is the first truly, tangible milestone. M artyniuk, who serves on the N.J. Vietnam Veteran s Memorial Commission, added that there are two memorials for the veterans in the state already, but these are elaborate headstones. We need something that will provoke and inspire, he said. The memorial s second phase will include a learning center. Those who don t leam from history are doomed to repeat it. Martyniuk added that he liked the statue because it portrayed a black, a white, and a woman. Vietnam did more for race relations than any other experience. That s my opinion, he said. Together, they endured the ostracism and stigma. t s a bond. Joseph Barlow, of Old Bridge, served 30 days of combat in Vietnam in 1966, when he was 21. Shot in the war, Barlow said that it will inspire conversation about the conflict which rocked the 1960s. When came home, didn t even talk about it, he recalled. There was no time to grieve. came home and had nothing in common with my friends. couldn t relate to them. couldn t talk to them. The statue is a small portion of the costs of the entire memorial, which will run $3.8 million, Watts said. W e ve reached out to every county, municipality, corporation and individual," Continued on page 21

4 4 "OCTOBER 26; 1994, THE NDEPENDENT H a l l o w e e n p a r a d i n g KEYPORT The 35th annual Keyport H allow een Parade and Costum e Contest will begin at 2:30 p.m. Sunday at Fireman s Park, W. Front Street. The categories for the costume contest are: under 7-years-old, age 7-to-10, and 11 -and-up. About 300 children are expected to attend, according to Rita DeAngelo, the chairperson of the parade. A ll children, from all towns, are invited. Prizes will be given to the prettiest, funniest, most original, scariest and two or more. Each first place winner will take home $10; each second place winner, $5. The most creative family to put together a theme costume (like the Addams Family, Brady Bunch, etc.) will take home a $25 prize. And, the creator of the best float in the parade will take home $25. Judges will be Carol Belanger, Emily Schneider and Rosemary Sommer. Homemade costumes are the best, DeAngelo said. Sommer, who has been with the parade since the year it began 35 years ago, noted that today s costumes are more difficult to judge since they are better detailed. The parade w ill start at 3 p.m. and wind up at the Central School on Broad Street about 15 minutes later. n case of rain, the event will be held in the school. Leading the parade will be witch Polly Purrfect Moonstar (Gail Maund), Veterans of Foreign Wars Post No commander Mick Husker, and Post President Pat VanPelt. The Keyport Police, Keyport Fire Company and First Aid Squads will participate in the parade. Each participant will take home a bag filled with candy. The event is sponsored by the VFW post No and the Ladies Auxiliary, in cooperation with the Keyport Recreation Committee. For more information, call Lauren Jaeger A s p o o k y c e l e b r a t i o n HAZLET The township has lots of Halloween fun in store for this weekend. The annual Halloween Parade w ill kickoff at 1 p.m. Sunday at the Middle Road School and continue along Middle Road to the H azlet Sw im and Tennis Club. At the club, there will be a costumejudging contest for various age groups. There will also be a pumpkin weightguessing contest. Prizes will be awarded. Following the costume-judging, children can attend Harvest Time at Story Book Farm, an annual H allow een attraction featuring Mr. George, his piano C o s t u m M A T A W A N The third annual Halloween Party and Costume Contest for children will begin 1 p.m. Saturday at the Broad Street Municipal and Community Center. Later that day, at 8 p.m., a special Halloween event for the big kids, 21 and over, will take place at the same location a line dance. We will be giving out candy and cupcakes at the c h ild re n s party, said Josephine Salvatore, the budget director for Matawan. The costume categories are age infant to 3, 4 to 8, and 9 and up. W e haven t determ ined what the prizes will be, Salvatore said. t will probably be a basket of candy or a stuffed and the Talking Pumpkin Family. Admission will be free for children participating in the parade. n case of rain, the parade will be canceled and the judging will be held 1 p.m., indoors at Middle Road School. The Recreation Commission is also sponsoring a Halloween house decorating contest. Winners will be announced during the parade. The commission divides the township into 10 sections, with each commissioner touring one section and nominating one house. Prizes will be awarded for first, second and third place. e c o n t e s t f u n animal. n addition, she said, a clown might attend the party, and there might be a skit on the stage of the auditorium. Judges w ill be Kevin M andeville, councilman, Jerry Hourihan, who volunteers for the community center, Mayor Robert Shuey, and Rich Hilton, a business owner in town. The dance, she said, is a first-time effort. Sandwiches, coffee, and cookies will be served. Wear a costume if you like, or come as you are, she said. Admission is $10 a person. About 100 people are expected to attend. For more information, call H a llo w e e n H u lla b a lo o M D D L E T O W N The Parks and Recreation Department w ill sponsor a Halloween Hullabaloo and W itch Haunt beginning at 10 a.m. Saturday at Croydon H all, 900 L eonardville R oad in the Leonardo section. There is no charge and the event will be held rain or shine. t is open to M iddletown residents only. There will be costume contests for children to age 12, beginning at 10 a.m. Contests for ages 2 and younger and for ages 3 to 5 will be held at 10 a.m. Contests for ages 6 to 8 and for ages 8 to 12 will be at 10:30 a.m. There will also be a special judging category for groups of three or more. Balloons and candy will be provided. For more information, call BG KDS HAVE FUN, TOO Among the many people celebrating Halloween at the Keyport Senior Citizens Center on Oct. 19 were Emil Lucia, Union Beach, at left, and Denise Rivas, the director, at right. P u m p k i n s, c a n d y, c u r f e w s Continued from page 1 and held until a parent can pick him up. Police define a legitimate excuse as a minor going to or from work, or en route to their homes. f they are arrested in the act of vandalism, they will be processed in juvenile court according to the severity o f the crime. Devin and Erinn Gargan, 17 and 16, a brother and a sister from Matawan, said they agree something should be done about the v andalism, but that a curfew is unfair to law-abiding kids. f there is e v i dence o f m ischief, then fin e, D evin said, but if m not giving anyone a hard time, like the cops or som ebody, then what s the problem? Most kids know don t go to bed at 8 o clock on a Friday or a Saturday night, Erinn protested. What if you re just innocently walking to a friend s house? The curfews exist to prevent the kind of malicious behavior that is harmful to the community and imposing them all weekend will hinder that behavior, said Middletown Police Chief W illiam Fowlie. Some examples Fowlie gave o f past incidents were spray painting graffiti, egging and, in some cases, loose fires set in bushes and on lawns. Fowlie said the numbers for arrests are low each year and most minors comply with the curfews. The average age for vandals ranges from 14 to 24 years-old. M elissa Porter, 16, M ataw an said, The same kids that would be out vandalizing are the same ones that would give the cops a hard time, anyway. Frank Cordasco, 17, Hazlet, expressed this theory on the weekend long curfew, think the curfew is the Socialist Party trying to impose its values on the youth in this community. M o s t k i d s k n o w Cordasco sited the example o f how there is an 11 p.m. curfew already in effect in Aberdeen on a regular basis. Aberdeen Chief Brian Dougherty said the ordinance developed by the Council is geared tow ard groups o f youths and would not target any one individual. t basically concerns any group of kids hanging out we want to know what you re doing, why you re there and if there is no good reason, to send you home, Dougherty said. V andalism in Aberdeen has been down in recent years, D ougherty said and hopefully the numbers w ill remain low. Police aren t the Erinn Gargan, 16 only ones preparing Matawan to put a kibosh on vandalism this Halloween weekend. The owner of a local hardware store said he is willing to restrict the sale of spray paint to minors this weekend. f we don t sell it to the kids who come in, the owner said, then it won t end up on (the community s) walls. want to treat my customers equally, but mostly have an obligation to the community, he said. d o n ' t g o t o b e d a t 8 o ' c l o c k o n a F r i d a y o r S a t u r d a y n i g h t. W h a t i f y o u r e j u s t i n n o c e n t l y w a l k i n g t o a f r i e n d s h o u s e? Local food distributors such as A & P, Foodtown, Grand Union and Shop Rite all have policies about supplying youths with potential vandalism ammo. Consumer affairs representatives from each store s corporate office were in agreement that restricting the sale of items like eggs, toilet paper and shaving cream could reduce the incidence of vandalism. Area store employees w ill be on the lookout for potential vandals making such purchases. One representative said, t s obvious if something suspicious is going on. f a bunch of kids come in and try to buy five dozen eggs this weekend, he said, they aren t going to bake a cake.

5 THE NDEPENDENT, OCTOBER 26; " K e y p o r t H i g h t r i e s h i - t e c h e x p e r i m C o m p u t e r s t o l i n k t e a c h e r, s t u d e n t s a t t h r e e l o c a t i o n s BY LAUREN JAEGER Staff Writer K eyport High School will be the site of an experiment that could bring a revolution in public school teaching. At 10:45 a.m. Nov. 3, one teacher, based in Bergen County, will teach two classrooms located many miles away via computer technology and video monitors. t is the first time this has ever been demonstrated in New Jersey, said John Dumford, superintendent of Keyport schools. Through this technology, the students will be able to fully interact with the teacher, who will be able to see them The students will take quizzes on a computer which will be handed in to the teacher. The teacher will be based at the Liberty Center, Bergen County, while the two classrooms will be at Keyport High School and the Bolger Middle School, Keansburg. Using the new technology, the students will see the teacher doing a presentation, and on their computer will be the text and graphics, explained Dumford. Then, they ll take a quiz on the computer. The entire process will be touch-screen, in which the students will just touch the computer screen to put in the data. Also, white boards, on which the kids can write notes and do calculations on a board, that are transferred onto the computer screen, will be used. e n t f the student has a question, the teacher can see him on the monitor and be able to interact, Dumford said. The class will be Advanced Placement Calculus, and all of the participants will be high school seniors. Five Keyport seniors will be based in their hbme school, while another five Keyport seniors will be with the teacher in Bergen County. Five high school seniors from Keansburg will be learning from the Bolger Middle School. Hopefully, this will be implemented and installed in all of the Bayshore Consortium Schools Atlantic Highlands, Keansburg, Hazlet and Keyport. Eight schools work together to share services, Dumford said. Keyport was chosen for this first-time technology, Dumford noted, because there is a fiber-optic network already installed on Broad Street. Bob Ferry, the vice-president of the Keypor: board of education, said he was pleased by the technology because it will prevent cancellation of classes due to low enrollment. The event is sponsored by MC, Fl- COMP, Telos Communication, and Parkervision. The computers are courtesy of Computec and the One-Touch System. Attending the event will be Senator Joe Kyrillos, the Monmouth County Board of Choser Freeholders, several Assembly members, and presidents of local boards of education. At the fl Liberty Center will be Gov. Christine Todd Whitman and the state commissioner of education. Over in Keansburg, several principals and administrators from around the state, board of education members, and several school officials from the Cape May school district* will be watching the technology. October belongs to nation s collectors National Collector s Month, October, has been created to recognize the enjoyment of collecting. Some 400 retail stores and suppliers participate. The event also is a fund-raiser for Easter Seals. ndividual collectors can participate in National Collector s Month by writing an essay entitled Collecting... A Family Tradition or by visiting a participating retail store. For more information, call (800) or (908) SK N THE BEST FOR LESS S R S W A P T h o u s a n d s of U s e d S k is T h o u s a n d s of U s e d B o o ts T ra d e in Y o u r O ld E q u ip m e n t S k is T u n e d W h ile You W ait Q u a lif ie d S ta ff to H e lp N ew E q u ip m e n t D is c o u n te d NEW EQUPMENT DSCOUNTED C L O T H N G S a v e A d d i t i o n a l 2 0 % O f f A l l S k i J a c k e t s With This Coupon Only Expires Dec. 1, HUGE CHLDREN S DEPARTMENT M O V E C T Y 5 M A L L 1020 R O U T E 18 E A S T B R U N S W C K Mon-Fri 10-9 Saturday 10-6 S unday 11-5 J u s t w 2 0 f a i t ' & 5 G a l l o n J u g s O f S p r i n g W a t e r $ E A C H P l u s D e p o s i t P i c k U p P r i c e O n l y * h e n y o u t h o u g h t y o u ' v e r u n o u t o f U n i q u e G i f t d e a s, a l o n g c o m e s... O u r m a g n i f i c e n t B a s k e t s, starting at $12.50 F o r m o r e in fo r m a tio n o n a g i f t b a s k e t t h a t s a y s, y o u a s a p r o fe s s io n a l, g iv e s g ifts w it h c a re a n d th o u g h t. O u r T o ll F re e N u m b e r is We have a read y m ade selectio n and fill Custom O rders THE W ATER W AREHOUSE 3 Cass St., Unit 14A Keyport (behind Keyport Watertower) *Delivery Available NEW PALACE 15th Year Special Anniversary Celebration Dinner for 2 95 NCLUDES: *Two Exotic Drinks or Cocktails *House Special Soup * Pu Pu Platter Spare Ribs, Egg Rolls, Chicken Wings, Dim Sum Shrimp Toast * Hawaii Five O Chunks of Lobster, Jumbo Shrimp, Beef, Chicken & Roast Pork * Roast Pork Fried Rice * ce Cream, Pineapple, Jello Hot Tea & Fortune Cooldes Offer valid Sunday thru Friday, Offer good thru November 30, 1994, Please bring this ad with you! 2174 ROUTE 35, HOLMDEL, NJ TEL: (908) FAX (908)

6 'OCTOBER 26, T 994, THE NDEPENDENT M a t a w a n - A b e r d e e n E m b r a c i n g s t u d e n t s f r o m e v e r y c u l t u r e S u r v e y p r o m p t s p r o j e c t t o a d d r e s s e t h n i c d i v e r s i t y BY LAUREN JAEGER Staff Writer Sensitivity toward students of all ethnic backgrounds and an added cultural awareness will mark the school year at two schools in the M atawan-aberdeen R egional School District. As a result of a multicultural survey completed by 88 percent of the students at the Matawan Regional High School and the Matawan Avenue Middle School in May, several changes will take place. All students should feel comfortable in school, said Sharon Alsbrook, the assistant superintendent and chairperson of the Multicultural Survey Committee. There will be more visual representations and displays of the cultural diversity of the school s diverse population that most say they don t see. The cafeteria menus don t reflect their backgrounds, she added. A ccording to the official report, a menu close to the one devised for M ulticultural Awareness Week, held in May at the high school, may be implemented. Alsbrook said that the latest project is just an addition to those already in place that try to include those students who feel M a t a w a n - A b e r d e e n R e g i o n a l S c h o o l D i s t r i c t C u l t u r a l S u r v e y R e s u l t s - M a y Grades 7 and 8 were combined to show responses at the middle school level, grades 9 to 12 were combined under the high school heading. The rfollowing is a sampling of the survey results: M atawan-aberdeen Regional Schools Sample Ethnic Menu European Dav Stuffed shells with cheese and sauce Crisp green salad with dressing Tomato vegetable soup Hot, garlic French bread Cake Far-East Asian Pay Chicken and broccoli stir fry Crisp noodles Chicken egg-drop soup Fruit cocktail Fortune cookies Hispanic Day Oven-baked chicken Veracruz Spanish rice Bean and ham soup Chocolate pudding African-American Dav Fried chicken with gravy Coilard greens Fluffy rice Vegetable soup Corn muffins with butter Peach and apple crisp All American Dav Hamburger with lettuce and tomato Chicken patty with lettuce and tomato Hot dog French fries Chicken noodle soup Chilled peaches School population Middle school 75% White 12% Black 7% Hispanic 5% Asian High school 76% White 14% Black 4.7% Hispanic 4.5% Asian am made to feel important and accepted for who and what (race) am. Black Asian Hispanic White Middle school 94% 76% 86% 88% High school 78% 91% 100% 85% Do library materials reflect cultural diversity? Black Asian Hispanic White Middle school 77% 76% 79% 76% High school 50% 64% 47% 80% Are testing procedures non-biased and used to help teach rather than categorize students? Black Asian Hispanic White Middle school 58% 57% 58% 73% High school 77% 83% 67% 69% Do discipline policies and procedures treat all students and student groups fairly and equitably? Black Asian Hispanic White Middle school 64% 76% 62% 77% High school 34% 91% 40% 66% Do school lunch menus reflect the culturally diverse tastes of students? Black Asian Hispanic White Middle school 36% 38% 32% 36% High school 29% 36% 40% 36% Are students of all races/nationalities made to feel free to join all extracurricular activities? Black Asian Hispanic White Middle school 72% 85% 74% 84% High school 71% 100% 73% 88% Source: Matawan/Aberdeen Regional School District that they just don t fit in. There is already counseling, conflict resolution training and peer group rap sessions, she noted. We want to do as much as we can, she said. According to state data, the middle school has a population of 75 percent white, 12 percent black, 7 percent Hispanic, and 5 percent Asian. The high school is 76 percent white, 14 percent black, 4.7 percent Hispanic and about 4.5 percent Asian. Teachers Marlene Angress, Gail Fazio, Sofia Frumkin, Connie Kelley and Peter Triolo will each receive $555 for implementing the recommendations during the school year as part of the Multicultural Survey Committee. This comes to $18.50 an hour for 30 hours work, each. Thirty hours have been approved, but we may find we need more than this, Alsbrook explained. These people are very dedicated. Also on the committee, but not receiving extra money are Alsbrook and Pat Phillips. Those recommendations include: That the staff develop methods, techniques and skills that address ethnic diversity and be able to share with each other their ideas on how to make students more aware and comfortable with their diverse ethnic backgrounds. That the staff develop programs for the entire school population to have the opportunity to become aware of African- American and Asian cultures, etc. and to teach acceptance of race and ethnic diversity. To develop positive visual displays that encourage ethnic diversity and acceptance. To create a more culturally diverse lunch menu. To appoint a Multicultural Discipline Committee, which includes students, to evaluate, make code recommendations and to promote equality in the school discipline code. Encourage and recruit students of all cultures and races to participate in extracurricular activities. Alsbrook came up with the idea for multicultural awareness after returning from the 1993 nternational Reading Convention, held in San Antonio, Texas. There was one presentation entitled, gniting M ulticultural Awareness and Growth, she said. The previous year (at Matawan Regional) we had talked about how to im prove our school climate, especially at the high school, Alsbrook explained. There is always the desire to build self-esteem and to bring cultural events into school and improve the environment. The school population is very d i verse, she said. Alsbrook said that there has been absolutely no opposition to the survey, and that the Board of Education has been very enthusiastic about it. The group of people who served on the Multicultural Survey Committee felt very good about the results. The committee will meet every two months.

7 THE NDEPENDENT, OCTOBER 26, 1S94 7 S e x o f f e n d e r r e g i s t r a t i o n s e t i n H a z l e t BY M ARLYN DUFF Staff Writer HAZLET Township officials were scheduled to meet Monday to decide how to set up a sex offender registry so that residents can find out if previously convicted offenders are living in their neighborhoods. Last week, the Township Committee adopted an ordinance requiring anyone convicted of sexual assault, criminal sexual contact, or lewdness against a minor to register with the Police Department. Lt. Robert M ulligan said Friday the c h ie f and deputy c h ie f w ould meet Monday to decide how to go about setting up the registry. Convicted offenders who have lived within the township more than 30 days, under the new law, would have to provide specific information about their previous offenses, including dates, prosecuting agencies and the ages of the victims, plus a full description and license plate number for any motor vehicle they own or drive. The police registry, including all information, is to be kept in alphabetical order by street name, and the public is required to have access to it. Penalties for not complying with the law include a fine of $100 to $1,000 or up to 90 days in jail. The legislature, meanwhile, is nearing adoption of a package of bills aimed at stopping sexual predators from repeat offenses, and Gov. Whitman has said she will sign the bills. They would require notification to the community where a released sex offender will reside and establish procedures for tracking offenders after release. The bills also revise procedures governing civil commitment of certain mentally ill and dangerous persons; create a Joint Senate and Assembly Task Force to study the effectiveness of treatment and rehabilitation of sexual offenders at the Adult Diagnostic and Treatment Center in Avenel; and consider the murder of a child an aggravating factor for determining a death sentence. The Hazlet ordinance and the legislation were prompted by the killing in Ju ly o f M egan Kanka, a 7-year-old Hamilton girl who was allegedly killed by a previously convicted sex offender living in her neighborhood, and the March death o f A m anda W engert, a 6-year-old Manalapan girl who was allegedly killed by a neighborhood man with an alleged juvenile history of preying on young girls. M u llig an previously said he is not exactly sure how the law will work, but that anything that helps out law enforcement is good. He was unaware of any convicted sex offenders presently living in the township. Now that the ordinance has been adopted. M u llig a n said Friday that records will be checked. There was a similar law in the 1970s which required persons convicted of narcotics offenses to register with police, M ulligan said. But that law was overturned in court. m sure this will be tested, too, he said. FU N! E l e m e n t a r y! Route 34 Colts Neck, N.J (908) C entral Jersey's Best Teaching Resource Center & Children's Bookstore! 1994 FALL HAPPENNGS S*tt.ifi L2S!fe Rats! Bats! Bats! - Don t be afraid. Join us at 11 A.M. for slides, stories & food! / Sftk: Oct. 29wrt f You give A Mouse A Cookie. Yes, that cute little rodent will visit us! Bring your camera and a cookie' First Show 1:00 P.M. November November November November November purchase of educatiiul materials. Hooray for Teachers! You Must show Teacher d. to receive discount. n-stock, Cash/Check Sale./ S a t,nov. 5th -Madeline vomes to t's Elementary! tiring the kids Bnng the camera 1P.M. Show Ask About Our Teacher Discounts &Our Book Club. E X C T N G! GU ARAN TEED! A FFO R D A B LE! B A R / B A T M T Z V A H FOR ANY CHLD A N Y W H E R E. Lessons at home. All arrangements made for ceremony. No Affiliation Required. Serving 50 states. C a l l ( ) o r ( ) AM TO 1 PM 9 PM TO 11:30 PM BEST SHOP AT HOME FOR HEBREW NVTATONS, YARMULKES & JUDACA Officiants for Weddings, Unveilings, Baby Namings, Brisses & Aufruts C o m p u t e r - A i d e d n s t r u c t i o n : MATH REA DN G LANGUAGE ARTS B A SC S K L L S & ENRCHM ENT PROGRAM S No Contracts or Testing Fees ndividualized nstruction State Of The Art Graphics, Video & Animation Monthly Progress Reports Full-time Certified Teacher Grades Kindergarten through 12 SA T Prep. EW T Prep. H SPT Prep. $13.00 / Half Hour or $23.00 / Hour EN RO LL NOW! C L A S S E S A R E F L L N G U P F A S T! F R E E D E M O N S T R A T O N & C O N S U L T A T O N EDUCATNG AMERCA S CHLDREN _ " # M D D L E T O W N P L A Z A / A i m t t 1 m a / /» m~* * i m H G H W A Y 3 5 & H A R M O N Y R O A D t T T i n / T k T» M D D L E T O W N, N.J M M 1 M B M B - C J K J J L X S J L 9 / NC OPEN MONDAY - FRDAY 2 PM 9 PM, and SATURDAY 9 AM -3 PM

8 8 OCTOBER 26, 1994, THE NDEPENDENT O N E H O U R T O E A N E R S Route 34, Aberdeen Serving Jou f o r Over 30 years SAME DAY CLEANNG & HAND FNSHED SHRTS DONE ON PREMSES _ SPECALS Wednesdays and Thursdays 2 0 % OFF Dry C le an in g on incoming orders Onlybased aprepaybasis Hours: 7 AM-7 PM Mon.-Fri. 7 AM-6 PM Sat RANST BUS TCKETS AGENT U n io n Beach finds new site fo r leaves A B ERD EEN The Township Council decided to abandon an inter-local agreement that would have allowed Union Beach to send its leaves to the township s composting site. At the Oct. 18 council meeting, the council rescinded an ordinance that would have committed the township to accept approximately 300 cubic yards of leaves from Union Beach to be composted at the township site. Mayor Stoppiello, after reading the newspapers, decided he didn t want to create any problems with Aberdeen. He has elected to find another site for the leaves, Mayor Brian P. Murphy said. The township s composting site, located in the Cliffwood Beach area just south of Woodmere Drive, already handles about 7,000 cubic yards from Aberdeen and cubic yards from Matawan. According to Township Manager James M. Cox, Union Beach has found a small farm to compost their year-old leaves which are already in the process of decomposing. Councilman John S. Gartley, a Woodmere Drive resident, was the main opponent to the ordinance. One of Gartley s concerns was that because a substantial amount of the composted leaves were being spread out on the sea wall, giving it an unsightly dark brown appearance, the site did not need to process any additional leaves, instead they should look to improve its appearance. Gartley also stressed that accepting Union Beach s leaves would give the impression that the township is opening up its doors to other towns. n addition, he expressed a concern about the increased traffic that would occur from the trucks delivering the leaves. would like to thank the council for the consideration and patience they showed in this matter, Gartley said. There was very little concern about the financial implications of abandoning the ordinance since it would only have generated about $500 for the township. According to the council, there is still no word on the county s plan to build a large composting site in Middletown that would be capable of handling leaves from several area towns. Paul Gentile T E B A R L O V N G E C h a r l i e B r o w n s S t e a k h o u s e A T 27 Route 79, Matawan, NJ $1.2J M U G S O F B U D W H S E R & C O O R S L G H T D U R N G T H E G A M E S NFL & C O LLEG E PO O m \ LL S P E C A L M O N D A Y N T E S P E C A L F R E E H A L F - T M E B U F F E T C O M E N A N D WA T C H T H E G A M E S O N O U R N E W 5 5 N C H C O LO R S T E R E O TV. P L A Y P C K THE P R O S " A N D W N A D N N E R F O R T W O! (Next to Dunkin' Donuts) Route 34 and Broad St. (Route 516), Matawan, N.J (908) Mon. to Sat. 10 A.M. TO 10 P.M. B E E R W NE LQUOR K E G S * B E E R B A L L S M XERS SODA C G A R E T T E S SN A C K S G FT B A S K E T S C E Coors Light, Budweiser Bud Light or Bud Dry o z. c a n s $1199 Warm plus tax Expiration 11/9/94 OFF rchase d Wine only n 11-9/94 Freixenet Cordon Negro, Brut Champagne ml $ E 9 9 U plus tax Expiration 11/9/94 OPENALLDAYSUNDAY10 A.M. TO8P.M. 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Box of 45 or 60 Munchkins O n e C o u p o n P e r C usto m e r P e r Visit O ffe r C a n n o t Be C o m b in e d O ffe r G o o d Through 1 130/94 Good Only At Town Sqm Cliftwood Avef Mafaw Rt 34 & Broad, Male OUNK DONUT! 1 5 % OFF Any Purchase Case of Wine *Not valid on sale items Mix and Match Expiration 11/9/94 s O F F a pound of Dunkin Regular or Decaf Coffee Availableonlya participatingdunkin' Don.,'5 -snaps OneCouponPei Customer Per Visit Maynot BeCombinedWild An>, Othei Coupon Or Premium0"e ^ m Vic RetainCoupon jk Nut included W f V H V V ' o-t, >1,.040 (0< 1041 r X OMwOom&4Sio 63&9i Planting the real grass roots today L o c a l s v o l u n t e e r t o c o r r e c t s a n d d u n e s t o r m d a m a g e BY PAUL G EN TLE Correspondent ABERDEEN This past Saturday was a beautiful, sunny day in the upper 60s; the kind of spring-like day when people like to have picnics, play outdoor sports, go for a walk, or plant dune grass. According to Frank Huza, vice chairman of the Aberdeen Environmental Board, there were two dunes in Cliffwood beach that were severely decimated from the storms of the winter. On Oct. 22, the Environmental Board s plan of replenishing the knocked down dunes took a major step forward. The Environmental Board suggested, and the township agreed, that it s in the best interest of the community to stabilize the dunes to prevent future knockdowns, Huza said. Dunes are piles of sand that serve as protectors from high tides and high waves that are usually the product of a winter storm. Thus high dunes will be essential during the upcoming winter months to protect the beach. Dune grass is instrumental in keeping the dunes high. Dune grass is sort of like a natural snow fence. The grass catches the sand; the sand builds up and the dune grass will grow long roots making it taller and more effective, Huza said. The dune grass was planted by a volunteer group of about 30 people consisting of students from Matawan High School and Matawan Avenue Middle School, local Girl Scouts and citizens who took an interest in the project. We have had a big response from people who have seen our fliers in the local stores, Huza said. According to Huza, approximately 6,000 plants were planted, covering roughly 12,000 square feet. Planing dune grass consists of digging a hole about 8-12 inches deep, putting the plant m the hole, filling the hole with beach sand and then patting the sand around the grass. The dune grass needs to be watered, and the Cliffwood Volunteer Fire Department was on hand to provide the grass with all the water it needed. Dune grass is a relatively hardy grass, yet it is extremely sensitive to trampling. Huza urges citizens to show caution around the grass. We plan to install some fencing and put signs around it to discourage people from trampling on it, Huza said. The township provided the approximate $600 in funds necessary to purchase the dune grass plants. This endeavor is just one of many projects the Aberdeen Environment has undertaken to improve and maintain the environment of the township. The Board recently planted a new row of trees on Beckstein Drive, located directly across from the Highway 34 Hess station. The previous trees were killed off by a sickness to which they were all vulnerable. The board strategically planted a variety of trees in hopes that the varied species of trees would not all succumb to death if another sickness developed. The board's next goal is to focus on light pollution in the community. According to Huza, light pollution is undirected light that is really serving no purpose. When you look up at the night sky, you want to see stars, not a glare from stray light, Huza said. The board meets at 8 p.m. in town hall on the first Monday of every month. The public is encouraged to attend the meetings. $3,000 raised for Comm unity Center MATAWAN Roughly $3,000 was raised at a golf outing to benefit the borough s Broad Street Municipal and Community Center. The outing, held earlier this month at the Concordia, Monroe, had 70 participants on the course and about 125 participants for the dinner. Two local business people, Lou Tomasello of Joe Pepp s, and Andy Bott of the Merri-Maker s Magnolia nn, spent two months arranging the benefit. The money will be used for recreational programs or furnishings for the center, Tomasello said.

9 THE NDEPENDENT, OCTOBER 26, Cops donate days for dispatcher T o w n s h i p p o l i c e h e l p e m p l o y e e n e e d i n g s u r g e r y BY PAUL G EN T LE Correspondent ABERDEEN A police dispatcher plays a vital role in the running of any police department. The dispatcher is responsible for sending officers to accidents, complaints, and crime scenes as well as providing officers with on-site information of drivers that have been pulled over or someone that has been arrested. n that role, a special relationship can develop between officer and dispatcher. When you re a dispatcher and the officers are out there on the road, you send them on calls and you kind of feel responsible for them, Judith Dorsa, a nine-year veteran police dispatcher for Aberdeen, said. A closeness develops and you worry about each and every one of them. The Aberdeen police department displayed the same kind of concern for Mrs. Dorsa when they banded together to donate 140 of their own sick days in order for her to undergo major hip surgery. According to Dorsa, she was born with a birth defect that has developed over the years into osteoarthritis, causing her great pain in her hips and right knee. t overwhelms me their kindness, their generosity. can t say enough good things about them. always knew they were very special people, but never expected something like this. don t know how to repay them, Dorsa said. Dorsa will have one hip operated on, a procedure requiring six weeks for the bone grafting to heal. Then the other hip can be operated on. She hopes this will ease the pain she has in her hips and help straighten her right knee. f the hip surgery fails to alleviate the pain in her right knee, she will have to undergo a surgical knee replacement. have to have surgery one way or the other, but financially didn t know how we would manage if had to go on disability... so this certainly makes it a lot easier for me and my family, Dorsa said. At the Oct. 18 meeting, the township council, in a unanimous vote, approved the donation of the 140 sick days to Mrs. Dorsa. Judith Dorsa is just a wonderful person who everyone loves, and we applaud the police department for this very kind gesture, Mayor Brian P. Murphy said. According to Dorsa and Police Chief Brian Dougherty, Patrolwoman Kathleen Sisti was responsible for coordinating the donation.. Kathy did a terrific job in initiating the donation, and we are all proud of the great effort she displayed, Dougherty said. According to Dorsa, Sisti showed concern and interest in her doctor visits and let her know that the department was ready to help her when the time for the operations came. Judy is the type of person that makes doing something for her easy. No one wants to give up sick days, but for her it s worth it, Sisti said. Each member of the police department donated approximately five or more of their own Sick days. She is a terrific employee, a wonderful person, and we wanted her to know the department would help her through this, Dougherty said. Dorsa will undergo her first surgery on Nov. 4, yet she plans to continue working up until Nov. 3. love my work, wouldn t want to do anything else, Dorsa said. Thanks to the consideration and generosity the department showed for her, Mrs. Dorsa will be able to return to her position ate police dispatcher when she is fully recovered. They re just great people, Dorsa said. The police showed the same team effort and concern with Dorsa that has made them a successful law enforcement unit for the community. Marina preview, sale dates put off BY MARLYN DUFF Staff Writer MDDLETOWN A Nov. 3 property preview date for the Leonardo State Marina has been canceled, but the state still wants to sell the facility. A tentative Dec. 8 sale date has also been canceled. The two events will be rescheduled later this year or early next year, said Lisa Kruse, spokesperson for the state Treasury Department. The Office of Property Management of the Treasury Department is handling the sale. The state tried to sell the 179-slip marina in August but there were no bidders. t also failed to sell a second state marina in Forked River. Gov. Whitman wants to sell both facilities to get the state out of the marina business. The state believes the August sale fell through not because of a lack of potential buyers bpt because of a poor marketing job, said Kruse She said since the August bid deadline, we ve had a lot interest. Kruse said the original bid package used this summer will be revised. But property restrictions will remain in place. Those restrictions prohibit subdivision of the site, which is located a short distance east of the Navy pier, or development of the site for non-marine related use. The Leonardo Civic Association and an association of boaters who use the marina are opposed to the sale. The tdwnship has not taken a stand. Q u i c k e r A c t i o? L e s s P o l i t i c s Eddie Burlew fo r M ay o r * o f K e y p o rt L o w e r T a x e s J o b B a n k S e p a r a t e W a t e r / S e w e r B ill W a t e r f r o n t D e v e l o p m e n t T O Paid for by E. Burlew, Treasurer B E R E A V E M E N T L E C T U R E S E R E S The Bereavement Lecture Series will be offered FREE to anyone who is experiencing grief due to the death of a loved one. t is also offered to those who care about friends who are grieving. Focusing on various aspects of the grieving process, the lecture series will assist the bereaved in understanding how to cope with grief, and how to develop skills and motivations necessary to turn their mourning into cherished memories of their loved ones. October 24 " U N D E R S T A N D N G O U R G R E F H i e g r i e f p r o c e s s N o r m a l g r i e f P e r s o n a l i t y F a c t o r s October 31 G R E F A N D Y O U R A N G E R U n d e r s t a n d i n g e m o t i o n s C o p i n g C a u s e s N o v e m b e r 7 S H A M E A N D G U L T A S P A R T O F G R E V N G C a u s e s U n d e r s t a n d i n g C o p i n g T im e : P lace: S p e a k e r: C ost: N o v e m b e r 1 4 F E A R A N D D E P R E S S O N A S P A R T O F G R E V N G " C a u s e s U n d e r s t a n d i n g C o p i n g N o v e m b e r 2 1 S U R V N G T H E H O U D A Y S S u r v i v a l s k i l l s T h a n k s g i v i n g C h r i s t m a s / C h a n u k a h N O V E M B E R 2 8 D E T E R M N A N T S O F G R E F - P e r s o n a l i t y f a c t o r s N a t u r e o f t h e r e l a t i o n s h i p M e m o r i a l S e r v i c e 7 :3 0-8 :3 0 P M H o lid a y n n, H o p e R d T in to n F a lls M s. M a ry Logan, M A, PBC FREE Sponsored by: B e d ie F u n e r a l H o m e 61 Broad St. 212 Main St. Keyport, N J. Matawan, N.J. (908) (908)

10 1 O OCTOBER 26, 1994, THE NDEPENDENT D a & 'f h ore, (J Bible Fellowship Church T h e S t a r t o f S o m e t h i n g G o o d S e r v in g t h e c o m m u n it y t h r o u g h c o n t e m p o r a r y m u s ic, d r a m a a n d m u lti- m e d ia. R e la t in g t o t h e p r o b le m s a n d t im e s o f t h e 9 0 's in a n u p - to - d a te w ay. P r o v id in g a r e la x e d a tm o s p h e r e t o d is c o v e r s p ir it u a l t r u t h. S t a r t in g N o v e m b e r 6 t h a t L lo y d R o a d s c h o o l a t 11 A M. f y o u h a v e a n y q u e s t io n s o r n e e d in f o r m a t io n, P le a s e c a ll Welcome to Airport Plaza/Highway 36 Hazlet, New Jersey Open To Serve You Seven D ays Per Week 1Large Pizza (18") with one topping and 1Sub sandwich (Hot or Cold) (Off established menu) $ Tax i i o l BUY ANY TWO BAKED DSHES AND i GET 1 FREE ALL FOR j i $ Expiration Date: 11/30/94 Must Present Coupon Expiration Date: 11/30/94 Must Present Coupon L Not to be combined with other offers j ^ Not to be combined with other offers j 2 L A R G E P L A N P Z Z A S (18 NCHES*) $ l l Buy 2 whole sub sandwiches (Hot or Cold) and get a third one free (Off established menu) +Tax $ ^ ^ xax i i 5, 0 +Tax ^ 1 Tn Toppings are Extra * Expiration Date: 11/30/94 Expiration Date: 11/30/94 Must Present Coupon Must Present Coupon Not to be combined with other offers > ^ ^_Not tojje combined with other offers A haven for th e young at heart K e y p o r t S e n i o r C e n t e r h a s g r o w t o m e m b e r s BY LAUREN A EG ER Staff Writer n KEYPORT Rather than sit inside and watch T V, 101-year old H erbie Mueller prefers the company of real people. So every day, Mueller, of Matawan, visits the Keyport Senior Citizens Center on Second Street, where he mingles with friends and eats a hot lunch. Then Mueller goes out to serve, helping his nephew deliver hot meals, courtesy of the Senior Center, to the shut-ins of the area. n the two years since it began, the Keyport Senior Citizens Center has gained 400 members. The center has also expanded its hours from two days to five days a week. Best of all, the activities are priced at a minimal fee, or are free. The center is funded first by the borough of K eyport, and then from the M onm outh County Board o f Chosen Freeholders; the Office of Aging, said Denise Rivas, the director. Although the center serves all seniors, its prim ary focus is on residents of Keyport, she said, since 24 percent of the borough s population is 60 or over. She noted that all together, there are 14 senior citizens centers in M onm outh County. Rivas noted that the daily hot lunches are federally funded, and many volunteers, such as Mueller, deliver the meals to shut-ins all over the Bayshore. We now deliver 50 a day to Keyport, Cliffwood Beach, Matawan, Holmdel and Hazlet, she said. think it s marvelous. Arts and crafts are always well-attended, and Rivas noted that 15 seniors just finished making 120 Halloween bags for the children of the Keyport Central School. They decorated the bags with moons, bats and ghosts, she said. Many seniors, such as Keyport residents Susan Onuscak and Betty Murphy, volunteer at the center as well. Onuscak and Murphy sit at the table and have all visitors sign in. An average of 65 people a day utilize the center. She said that the most important aspect of the center is the referrals to social service agencies and Medicare. The center teemed with fun and activities on October 19. A Halloween party and costume contest was held. Even Rivas joined in the fun by wearing a clown outfit and makeup. Ladies gathered on long rows of tables in one room, playing a game of cards called Skip-Bo, while seven men, one wearing a grim reaper costume, sat at a round table in another room, engaged in poker. enjoy it here. m able to sit and talk to the people. have the chance to get out in my Jaguar, said Mueller, referring to his wheelchair. E veryone s sociable here, said Mueller. His nephew, Bill Barnett of Matawan, said that Mueller is a big help when they go out to deliver meals together. There are 11 people we deliver to. He reads the address numbers off the paper and tells me what street to go to. He sees the house numbers and tells me when we re getting close, Barnett said. Terry White of Hazlet, who has been coming to the center every Tuesday and Thursday afternoon for a year and a half to play cards, says she enjoys the exercises, the eating, and the crafts. Lena G orm an, U nion Beach, who comes every day w ith her husband W illiam, noted, The luncheons are excellent. Most of them, anyway. chair the parties and entertainment, William Gorman commented, noting how one recent party, School Days celebrated the youth of the members. The average person here is 70 or 80, so we went back to the 1930 s, he said. One person, Adelaide Racz, used to go to school here (at the Senior C itizens Center), when it was still a school. G orm an showed one, large empty room, in w hich a stereo and cases of Eight-track tapes are set upon the table. The room, he said, is for exercising and dancing. The tapes mostly reflect another era, such as the 50 Piano Songs o f rving Fields and Glenn Miller and The Best of W e take mystery trips. We never know where we are going. The only time you get a clue is when you have to take a jacket. Then, you know it s by the water. Rivas, pleased that her mystery trips were appreciated, noted that the last excursion was on the Spirit o f New Jersey, a lunch cruise which left the docks of Weehawken. On Nov. 30, the seniors will take a trip to Liberty Science Center in Jersey City. ve always liked working with seniors, Rivas said. They re a dynamic group of people with a wealth of lifetime experiences. Police w a n t n e w p a tro lm a n M ATAW AN Due to the resignation of one patrolman, the Matawan Police are getting ready to hire a replacement. Patrolm an George Leeuw invited council members, which would include Mayor Robert Shuey and Police C om m issioner Jack Shepherd, to the next Policeman Benevolent Association meeting, on Nov. 7. There, they would discuss the procedure for replacing Patrolman M ichael Fountain, who resigned last month for a job in another town. Captain Richard Nusbaum said that the current force of patrolmen numbers 21, and that they want to bring it back up to 22 as soon as possible. Leeuw said it has to be done immediately, since by the time the new officer graduates the Monmouth County Police Academy, it can take up to a year for him or her to work by themselves. M ataw an Police C h ie f Carm en Messina was unavailable for comment last week. Lauren Jaeger

11 B o a rd b id s b u s in g f o r h o m e le s s BY V N C EEN T A. D e M URO JR. Staff Writer M DDLETOW N The Middletown Board of Education was expected this week to award a contract to provide bus transportation to the district s homeless students. Marilyn Cohen, assistant superintendent in charge of pupil services, said the Board is required to provide transportation for those students whose families become homeless while they are registered in the district. The state law under the Department of Education, fixes the responsibility of paying... transportation expenses with the district of residence, prior to being homeless, Cohen said. The two bids before the board are for transportation from the Linkages Motel, Tinton Falls, for $55 a day and Holly Hill Motel, Hazlet for $125 per day Social services informs the district if a family has been relocated to an emergency shelter and the district and the parents decide which school district the child will continue to attend. Transportation can be provided to the other school districts by Middletown, but often times it is in the best interest of the student to remain in their current school, said Albert Feuchtwanger, M onm outh County Board of Social Services. Once the child is registered as a student, it is our responsibility to provide transportation to and from school for however long the student requires education services, Cohen said, even though the student technically is no longer a resident. Cohen said that the effected families had been residents of Middletown for five to six years, some as long as 20 years. ve seen a drop in the last year of homeless families, Cohen said, but just recently there has been a rise. According to school officials, in the school year there were 29 homeless students who required transportation. n the , there were eight such students. As of October this year, 11 students require transportation, Cohen said. The numbers vary, she said, so that the same families are not necessarily in need of service every year. R E A S O N A B L E 1 1 s Residential Refinance... $ Real Estate... $ Buy - $ Sell... $1,100 Buy/Sell Bankruptcy...$ No Asset Chapter 7... $ No Asset Chapter 13 Uncontested No Asset Divorce Adoption (Step-Parent) Simple Will Simple Wills Husband/Wife Living Will Name Change P e r s o n a l W o r k e r s M u n ic ipal n ju r y Co m p. C o u r t & 20 Vi: ks / vri Kii vn SCHNEDER, FREBERGER & KASTNER Coinselors-At -Law 194 East Bergen Place Red Bank, NJ TRED OF SEARCHNG FOR GREAT DEALS... THEN COME TO THE CARPET COTTAGE!! "Here at the Carpet Cottage we believe that you don't have to be a "giant" to give great deals... We will give you the best price, friendly, "no-hassle" service, and a smile. / O \ Monsanto Wear dated Carpet Plushwithpastel colors Made for heavytraffic nstalled $ /yd. ' O ' Bedroom Carpeting *10.99 nstalled (Limited Colors) / O N Stain Master Xtra Life With "Spillblock" deal for busyhouseholds nstalled $ /yd. ALLPRCESNCLUDE PADDNG&NSTALLATON O N S A L E N O W T H E Beautiful Thick Plusii Saxon 5year "NoMatf "NoCrush warranty" 40colorstochoosefrom nstalled ^23 99/yd. C a r p e t C o t t a g e (908) Rt. 79 Matawan, N.J. i nc NDEPENDENT, OCTOBER 26, / O ' Anso Crushresister 5,7 and10year stain warranty 60colorstochoosefrom Startingat *17.99 / yd. Berber Carpeting S nstalled Complete Line o f Stainm asler Carpel Senior Citizens Discount Shop-At-Home Professional Sales 6 nstallation Commercial Carpet *9.99 nstalled AND MANY MORE SAVNGS! OUR STORE S SMALL BUT THE SAVNGS ARE GGANTC!! ll in s ta ll a B r a n d N e w E n e r g y E ffic ie n t P E E R L E S S C a s t r o n B o ile r N O M O N E Y D O W N! N O N T E R E S T U P TO F N A N C N G! 2 4 M O N T H S! Gross Output 148,000 BTU's/Hr. P L U S, P E E R L E S S B O L E R S P E C A L N C L U D E S : New High E ffic ie n c y R e te n tio n H ead Oil Burner N ew T a n k le s s C o p p e r W a te r H e ate r S o lid S ta te S a fe ty R e la y Boiler M a n u fa c tu r e r s W a r ra n ty 1Multiple-Finned W a te r T ube S e c tio n s F re e Complete S e rv ic e a n d Parts Guarantee ncludes n s ta lla tio n ACM E M ccon N ELL FU EL YOUR LEADER N SERVCE C A L L N O W o r *Certain restrictions apply.

12 1 2 OCTOBER 26, 1994, THE NDEPENDENT Candidates debate Mid town issues C om m unication, accom plishm ents leading topics BY M ARLYN DUFF Staff W riter M D D L ET O W N Democratic candidate Sal LaSpata Jr., making his first run for a Township Committee seat, pledged last week that if elected he w ill vote against any increase in the municipal tax rate. His opponent, G O P incum bent Rosemarie Peters, who is seeking her third three-year term, accused LaSpata of misrepresenting her record in the Leonardo section, where he lives, and said he is sounding the same theme Democrats have sounded year after year after year that the G O P has done nothing for the Bayshore community. The two candidates, who are vying for one available seat on the five-member Township Committee, sparred face-toface Thursday at a Middletown League of W omen Voters candidates forum. The event, held at the M iddletow n Village School, attracted about 60 people. The candidates were limited to brief responses to each question and twominute closing statements. The event, which lasted slightly over an hour, will be aired on cable television prior to the Nov. 8 election. n her closing statement, Peters said LaSpata misrepresented her record in a flyer w hich she said he had illegally stuffed in mailboxes in Leonardo. t was not illegally put into mailboxes, LaSpata said. The flier said that After six years in office, my opponent has done nothing for Leonardo except raise the taxes. But Peters said, on the contrary, Leonardo has gotten $4.3 million in capital spending in the past 15 years, $121,000 in new sidewalks last year, and through her efforts, 55,000 cubic yards of new beach sand. ve tried very hard to communicate and do a good job for all the people, she said. While Peters emphasized several times that being in a decision-making position is very different from being a neighborhood advocate, LaSpata throughout the evening returned to his campaign theme of better com m unication and more attention to community, with an end to large-scale projects that residents dislike. LaSpata reiterated his opposition to the Stevenson Tract lake-side recreation project in the River Plaza section, calling it the wrong approach from the onset. But in response to another question, he said that he is not against recreation, only large-scale projects that impact communities. Peters said she would still like to see the Stevenson Tract used for some purpose, noting that the former owner who partially donated the land wanted it used for a public purpose. Since she first ran for office, she has been trying to deal with the dilemma of providing recreation, she said. Keep Your Brakes n Shape! 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Peters said a formerly-proposed major recreation center at T indall Park was oversized for that parcel. The two candidates both had mixed feelings or reservations about a full-time mayor Peters, because of problems fin d in g q u a lifie d people to run, and LaSpata, because of costs. They disagreed, however, about an inhouse attorney. Peters said an in-house attorney could never handle some of the major suits the township has faced, like Mt. Laurel affordable housing litigation and litigation over high-power lines. She said at any given time, Middletown has about 50 lawsuits pending. LaSpata said the committee has to take greater responsibility for getting in formation disseminated. favor going out and talking, he said, while Peters wants a newsletter. f elected, he would hold meetings in different parts of the township to get better input from residents. Peters said he was reinventing the wheel since she initiated neighborhood meetings her second year in office. They lasted two years and she said, t s probably time to revive them. Asked why she never took a position on the county s planned Bayshore Ferry project or the state s desire to sell the Leonardo Marina, Peters said the marina property would be very difficult to develop because it is filled with paper streets. The state had wanted the township to vacate those streets, but we said no dice, Peters said. Concerning the ferry, she said she is neither for nor against it, but thinks the county has done positive things for the Belford area where it is planned. Responding to an opening League question about how the candidates would improve com m unications between the T ow nship C om m ittee and Board of Education, LaSpata said he would set up joint meetings and work collectively with the board to find solutions. He criticized this year s committee for bringing contempt charges against three board members over a court-ordered property swap and for refusing to tum over to the board at this time budget money that has been restored by the courts. Nothing can be improved until the lawsuits and finger pointing stop, he said. Peters said if the committee could promise to never again to cut a school budget, there would be immediate peace between the two bodies. But their playing field is not level, she said, because the board s budget is voted on and, if it is defeated, the committee is obligated to review it and consider voters wishes. There needs to be a change in that process, she said. Now the committee has only three weeks to review a defeated school budget. Plus the board invariably appeals any cuts to the state, and the state restores them. Still, Peters said she hopes a recent cost-sharing agreement with the board for the purchase of gasoline is the first of many and that the new Middletown Youth Council, which has representatives from both bodies, will also improve relations. Responding to other questions, the candidates agreed on two points: that the Red Hill Road Bridge at Garden State Parkway Exit 114 should not be widened to four lanes as the county wishes; and that location would be a major problem in trying to bring new ratables to the town. Peters favors continuing a dual garbage collection system, with the township handling service for some areas and a private hauler taking care of others. An extensive study revealed there is no one system that works to everyone s advantage. she said. LaSpata favors one system if the costs are not too far apart. The dual system continues a pattern of factionalization in the town, he said.

13 THE NDEPENDENT, OCTOBER 26, B r y a n K l e i n s M e t h o d o f K a r a t e w a tc fv kw o u r d 0 f> w in g ' ot m o m a tio n a n d to re fr t's te r to coin a fire e m w U r - s k ip!! BRYflN KLEN'S k E K W O N D O ACADEMY. MANALAPAN MATAWAN JACKSON

14 1 4 OCTOBER 26, 1994, THE NDEPENDENT C A M P A G N 9 4 D e m s : T i m e f o r a c h a n g e M A T A W A N G O P : S t r o n g t r a c k r e c o r d Dem ocratic can didates Jim Flakker and Jim Shea say Scranton under the all - Republican regime. Matawan has not made sufficient effort to seek there is room for improvement on the current, a ll Republican borough council. That is why, they say, they are running for threeyear terms. Flakker, 21, lives on Middlesex Road. He was captain o f the H uskies football team, coached the Matawan-Aberdeen Little League, and is a member of the Matawan Volunteer Fire Department. Shea, 56, also o f Middlesex Road, served on the borough council for 12 years. For most o f that time, he was a Republican. He ran and lost re-election as a Democrat last year. A public relations specialist and financial analyst for a hospital. Shea is a volunteer for the Matawan Fire D epartm ent. He is also public relations director for the N.J. Knights of Columbus and a veteran of the Vietnam conflict. He is a photographer for the U.S Army at Fort Dix and the 78th division. He is married to Elisabeth, and they have two teen-age sons. Flakker is a computer operator and manager. He said he wants to encourage his peers to get more involved with the community. Everyone s got to start som ewhere, Shea said. The young ones identify with Jim. One goal to tackle w ould be to revitalize M a ta w a n s dow ntow n business district. The proposed D um p o f the M o n th award, according to Shea, is harassment. think it s part and parcel o f posting the names of tax delinquents on city hall, he said. This c o u ncil lives on negatives. think it s ludicrous, Flakker said. You don t drive out the businesses that are already there. They would also like to rebuild the boat docks on the lake, which Shea said he built with Art Fumarola, a Democrat. Part of the reason for what Shea feels is M atawan s decline is the changeover o f borough administrators. For many years, M ichael Piperno filled this role, but he was recently replaced by Joe fu n d in g for the d o w n tow n, Shea said. They fired an administrator who got Matawan in excess of $5 million in grants. Shea said another mistake was the purchase of the old Broad Street school, three years ago, which he says is a rental unit for non-profit organizations who pay below market value. He said that the bo r ough should have given only the Matawan- Aberdeen Regional Board of Education $1 for it, instead of the price that was paid. A lot of our road crew spends time m aintaining that school, he said. T hey re throwing money down the rat holes m aintaining two borough halls instead of one. The Democrats are also opposed to the cutback on garbage collection. Recycling is not up, Shea said. He is also not thrilled about the computerization of borough hall. The form er system was not that complicated, he said. They ve spent tens of thousands of dollars for these computers, and then had to add staff. They couldn t cut back on people. As far as TKR Cable, Shea said he w ould not like to renew their contract. d like to throw them out, he said, noting that he has been tempted to invest in a shortwave radio advertised on the all-night Jay Diam ond radio show instead. m an insomniac, and when wake up in the middle of the night, all see are infomercials. The Democrats would also be unwilling to give the Matawan Train Station back to NJ Transit, which wants to take over the station s management. The tax rate w ould increase by five cents a year, Shea said, noting that the borough w ould lose the parking fees but have to m aintain police services. (They) should be ashamed that they let it go into the ground. About the possibility of reviving the Freehold to Matawan train line, Shea said, can t say m for Jim Shea Jim Flakker the Matawan to Freehold line. People bought half-amillion dollar homes next to the tracks. This would be an exceedingly, b la tantly, bullying move. But am taking an objective point of view, he added, noting that he voted against the tow n s decision not to accept the expensive federally-funded train study. Flakker notes the Democrats can give a different voice on the council. Unless you go along, you re out, he said. The seven are all Republicans and they all go along with each other. The Dem ocrats are against the site for the new public works department, which, Shea notes, is close to wetlands. He added that the proper site for the public works department should be at the old Broad Street School, but this w ould have been impossible since the Y M C A s contract had a clause which would prevent it. Flakker said that recreation is non-existent in to w n w hile Shea feels that the C lin ton Street park has been let go to garbage in a few year s time. enjoy living here but don t like what see, Flakker said. Some one has to do something. An opposing view on the council must be presented, Shea said. We all have to run on a party platform, and m happy being a Democrat. -- Lauren Jaeger stuff all over tow n, Republican C o u n Shepherd said. We have cilm en K evin absentee owners who don t M a n deville and Jack Shepherd want take to as much pride as we continue serving on the Borough Council for three more years. M andeville, 33, lives on Park Avenue. Residing in the borough for 25 years, Mandeville, a principal of a real estate investment firm, is president of the M atawan-aberdeen Huskies, and serves as a member of the borough s finance committee, environmental commission and recycling committee. Shepherd, 42, lives on Harding Boulevard with his w ife, M aureen, and children Matthew, 17, Jill, 14 and Sean, 12. A lifelong resident of Matawan, Shepherd is a high school social studies teacher and varsity wrestling coach. He has been a volunteer coach and team sponsor of the Matawan-Aberdeen Little League. He is a commissioner of the M onm outh County Bayshore Outfall A uth ority, a Police C om m issioner, and a member of the Cable TV Refranchising Committee. ve been politically active since 1975, Shepherd said. just have a sense of my town and want to give back what it s given me. want to see the town continue to move fo r ward, Mandeville said. One big issue the Republicans are tackling this year is the outcome of a study conducted by NJ Transit about the feasibility of reactivating a longdefunct rail line between Freehold and M ataw an. This line, they feel, would decrease the quality of life for M ataw an residents, since the tracks are directly behind many luxury homes. About revitalizing the dow ntow n district, Shepherd noted that they plan to apply for some state development grants. M andeville noted that most Matawan businesses choose to locate on Route 34, since the traffic is much heavier in that location. A lso, he said, there needs to be a concerted volunteer effort among the business owners in the borough. During one volunteer cleanup, 1 picked up 30 diapers and all kinds of do. We have to push people who do good. prefer to take the positive approach. M andeville noted the im portance o f the borough s recreation program, w hich sponsors several parties at the Broad Street Community Center. The M ataw an Food Fest (at Terhune Park), was an excellent day. The police closed the streets. The borough tried to get as many local vendors as possible. We hope to make it larger and larger every year, Mandeville said. Regarding the former Broad Street School, purchased three years ago for almost half a million dollars, both Republicans feel it was a good idea. t s a valuable asset to the community, Shepherd said. The Y M C A spent $50,000 renovating (the day-care center) and there are more than 70 children using it. M ost are from Matawan. Also, they are still hoping that the form er M ataw an H igh School, which was part of the deal, will become a senior citizen apartment complex. Over at borough hall on M a in Street, Shepherd points out that they have entered the computer age, which he has supported. W e ll save a lot o f m oney doing the water bills in-house, he said. The Republicans also pointed to the recentlyreopened C lin to n Street recreation building, which is now a com m unity Learning Center. The center was re-opened upon request o f the residents who live around the park. Shepherd was strongly against the possibility of regionalizing M ataw an s Police Departm ent with Aberdeen s because of the threat of losing services. O ur traffic enforcement is up. The radar is up. The word is, Don t speed through M a ta w a n, Shepherd said. M a n deville cites the Republican support of the Matawan Fire Department as an asset to the community. Our record for three years supporting the fire department is second to Jack Shepherd none, M andeville said. W e ve replaced two trucks and voted for the state-mandated e q u ip ment. The borough councilmen say that they work closely with residents who may have problems paying their taxes, and this has im proved the collection rate. We notify them through a certified letter and phone c a lls, Mandeville said. t s not a complete list (of tax delinquents) that is posted on borough hall. A lot o f names are off. We are here for the best interests of the taxpayers, Shepherd said. We say, Get on the plan. Pay what you can. Also, Shepherd noted that T K R Cable, w hich established its office in Parlin, might open up an office in Matawan, partially because of his effort. We are still discussing the length of the lease, Mandeville said. The R epublicans are also proud that they managed to acquire land from Key Auto Body on M ain Street, at no cost, to build the new p u b lic works departm ent. The new garage, they say, w ill house several pieces of equipment that would deteriorate if left outside. Regarding garbage collection, Mandeville noted that there is one pickup a week, down from two a week, which saves the taxpayers money. Recycling cuts down on the need of garbage colle c tio n, he said. The recycling is going very well. Lauren Jaeger

15 O ATLANTCFARMS 1506 Atlantic Ave., Wall O LEETURKEYFARM Hickory Comer Rd., Hightstown BAYSHOREGREENHOUSE&FARM 696 North Beers Street, Holmdel STATTEL'SBROOKREST FARMMARKET Rt. 520, Marlboro # 0 O DEARBORNFARMS 2170 Highway 35, Holmdel STORYBOOKFARM HAZLET POOL & TENNS CLUB Green Acres Dr., Hazlet r O GAMARESEFARM 155 Fresh Ponds Road, East Brunswick Q NDANROCKCAMPGROUNDS &DEVLHAYRDES 920 W. Veterans Hwy. & Rt. 528, Jackson t o SUNNYACRESPUMPKNPATCH Burlington Path, Cream Ridge TZ GREENS 2147 Highway 35, Holmdel THE NDEPENDENT, OCTOBER 26,

16 1 6 OCTOBER 26, 1994, THE NDEPENDEN OBSTETRCS & GYNECOLOGY ASSOCATES Sanford W. Wohlstadter, M.D., FACOG Robert P. Penney, M.D., FACOG Michael P. Conley, M.D. We Accept Most H M O s Laparoscopic Hysterectomy Laparoscopic Lasar Surgery All Current Forms of Contraception Available Total Gynecological & Obstetrical Care n Our Office 704 N. Beers Street Holmdel, N.J (908) Custom Made B reakfast Nooks Custom Made Table Pads Order Now For The Holidays! TOMS RVER * RED BANK * NEW BRUNSWCK * Avenue at the Commons Shrewsbury, N.J (908) FLOOR SAMPLE SALE HUNDREDS OF DNETTES TO CHOOSE FROM Deal Direct With The Manufacturer Kitchen and Dining Chairs Recovered CustomCounter lops 'CustomTable Pads CustomMica Furniture Furniture Reupholstered All Work Done OnPremises FoamCut ToSize Bakers Racks DNETTES AND UPHOLSTERY, NC. Commercial Specialists - Established SOUTH S T R EET, FREEHOLD G a r b a g e e m e r g e n c y Continued from page 1 evening. t s starting to get a little stinky, said Giovia, plus it s inviting rodents to show up. n an unrelated action, Assemblyman Joseph Azzolina, R-Middletown, last month contacted the state Division of Solid Waste Management, to complain about problems with Marangi throughout his district. A hearing was held Sept. 29 in Trenton and representatives from Middletown, Holmdel and Hazlet were invited to attend. Bradshaw was not aware of Azzolina s action, he said. The Assemblyman s aide said the state agency cautioned the garbage collector Fresh Homegrown Turkeys Homemade Breads & Desserts Hot Dinners to Go Homemade P ies & Cakes Delicious Homemade Salads M o n.- F r i. 1 0 a m - 8 p m S a t. 9 a m - 6 p m S u n. 1 1 a m - 6 p m H w y. 3 5 M id d le t o w n about solving its financial problems. Further information on the hearing could not be obtained Monday,. Bradshaw said the last time there was any type of garbage problem in the township was about seven years ago and involved a company that went bankrupt. At that time the township looked at various options, including township service, whereby the township would contract with a hauler and include the service in tax bills. The majority of residents did not want garbage service to be part of their tax bill, the mayor said. t was around that time that Mirange secured private contracts with a segment of the community. Up until this year, there have not been any major problems with the company, Bradshaw said. R o l l e r h o c k e y l e a g u e r e g i s t e r i n g The Middletown Township Department of Parks and Recreation is sponsoring a senior/adult roller hockey league. Players, 17 to 23 years old, can register throughout the month of October at the recreation office, 900 Leonardville Rd., Leonardo. Tryouts and team placements will be held at 7 p.m. on Sunday at the McMahon Park Roller Rink in North Middletown. Cost is $95 per player. Uniform is extra. For more information, call M O T O R O L A D P C * *Offer applies to annual plans 102, 103 all Plus Plans and Corporate A ccount Plan. C O M C A S T CELLULARONE N T E R S T A T E E L E C T R O N C S N C. Est A u th o r iz e d A g e n t HAZLET H w y. 3 6 A i r p o r t P l a z a FREE Leather Case with This Ad. C O M E V S T O U R N E W L Y E X P A N D E D S H O W R O O M! This o f f e r e x p. 1 0 / 3 1 / 9 4

17 THE NDEPENDENT, OCTOBER 26, Y ou lo o k lik e a w in n e r to m e. T E P 1<T*F0 0 1 > G A N T H A L L O W E E N C O S T U M E P A R T Y S a t u r d a y, O c t. 2 9 t h C A SH P R Z E S -F R E E PH O TOS R E C P E D O G F O O D ALL VARETES 3 / O Z. C A N L im it 3 C ase s T his W e e k s H o t S p e c ia ls ^ H C L A S S C E N T R E E S C A T F O O D ALL VARETES 4 / n 3 O Z. C A N L im it 3 C ase s H A R TZ M O U N TA N C A T UTTER $ LB. B A G K A Y T E E W L D B R D F O O D $4 S T 2 0 LB. B A G T ill!! 1>ET*F0 0 1 > G A N T. i^ 1 ^ 1» nr ss u» * i, *<: <' «ac a, k s s HOLMDEL TOWNE CENTER, 2101 HWY. 35 S. (BEHND BARNES & NOBLE) HOLMDEL, NJ STORE HOURS: MON.-SAT. 9 AM-9 PM; SUN. 10 AM-5 PM

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F r o n t S t r e e t, K e y p o r t Fully nsured Family Owned and Operated References Available Upon Request For Your Convenience, WeNowAccept VSAi MASTERCARD W W 1 Rt. 520 East %mile East of Rt. 79 Marlboro Mralboro 8am 6:30pm m ia E N A lw B! ATTN: HOMEOWNERS, LANDSCAPERS AND OTHER BARDEN CENTERS O N A LL N U R S E R Y STO C K S a f e E n d s M o n d a y, O c to b e r 3 1 s t, 6 p m Guaranteed Lowest Prices n Entire State! These Prices Are Far Below Wholesale B oard, u n io n to m e et Oct. 31; a g ree m e n t near HAZLET The teachers union and the Board of Education are inching closer to a contract settlement. Following a hastily-arranged meeting between the two sides Oct. 19, Richard Martinelli, the head of the board negotiating team, said We have made substantial movement. Board attorney M ichael Gross also called the meeting significant. Harry Camwell, president of the Hazlet Teachers Association (HTA), which represents 260 teachers, plus secretaries, could not be reached for comment, but New Jersey Education Association representative Marc Abramson confirmed that there was some movement. The two sides w ill meet again Monday, Oct. 31. n the meantime, the teachers have agreed to write letters of recommendation for seniors who need them for their college applications. Teachers have taken jo b actions, including boycotting a staff development day Oct. 14 and back-to-school nights, but their withholding of college recommendation letters caused the biggest stir among students and parents. Everyone is very happy about the letters, said high school Principal Ralph Guadagna. Things are returning to normal, and there is less polarization, he said. Demand for action About 200 teachers attended the Oct. 17 board meeting, demanding a settlement. They wanted to meet that night, but the board declined. Camwell said the HTA wants what other districts have received in the way of salary settlements no more, no less. W hat s the delay? he asked. You H E R E S A C O O L D E A know what the settlements are; we know what the settlements are. Gross and Abramson disagreed on the most recent settlements with Gross citing a 4.8 percent figure, and Abramson, a 5.4 percent figure. Abram son said at the m eeting the board had offered 4.1 and 4.3 increases with givebacks. n a later interview, he said recent area settlements have ranged from a high of 5.8, 5.6 and 5.6 percent in Fair Haven to 5, 4.75, 4.75 percent at Freehold Regional High School and a three-year, 5-percent increase at Rumson-Fair Haven Regional High School. Atlantic Highlands, West Long Branch and Spring Lake Borough have all settled lower, for under 5 percent, according to Gross. But Gross emphasized there is more to a settlement than money. These num bers, he said, don t mean anything unless you look at the other parts of the contract. Camwell said Hazlet, Manalapan and Little Silver are the three main districts that are not settled. Matawan-Aberdeen has reached a settlement but Gross, whose firm represents the district, said there has been no ratification as yet. n Hazlet, three major sticking points rem ain, A bram son said Thursday salary, medical benefits and conferences. The board has withdrawn a request that the teachers give up two of 12 sick days and two of four personal days, Abramson said. Gross confirmed that withdrawal, but he declined to comment on other aspects of the negotiations. Abram son said the board wants to reduce health benefits, citing cost increases, but he said there was no increase last year and there is none this year. HTA members currently split the cost of their dental expenses and pay 20 percent of their medical expenses. 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19 Continued from previous page per semester. Teachers presently participate in one evening and two day conferences per semester. Last Wednesday s negotiations were brought about in part by Mike Keller, Annapolis Drive, the parent of a senior who wants to go to the U.S. M ilitary Academy at West Point. His son s application deadline is Oct. 3 1 and, as of last week, he was still waiting for letters of recommendations from his math, English and science teachers to complete his application, said Keller. Don Mayer, a teacher at Beers Street M iddle School, said the teachers were backed into a corner and the only way they could get the board s attention was with job actions, such as withholding the letters of recommendation. t hurts me every time we do this, and we do this every three years, when the contract expires, said one high school teacher. Mayer criticized Gross, saying he is running the school district, while others in the audience said the two sides should negotiate without the board attorney. Martinelli, though, said, don t feel it is in the best interests of the town to negotiate a $20 million contract without help. The HTA contract accounts for more than two-thirds of the district s $28 m illion budget. Some o f the parents at last week s meeting Were critical of the teachers taking a job action against the students, while the students who attended simply wanted the two sides to settle. When push comes to shove, it could put them at a disadvantage, said parent Robert Dorfman, 2 Norma Place, of teachers withholding letters of recommendation. He called it unprofessional and morally wrong. But senior Anthony Bannon said, t s their way of trying to get us involved and it s w o rk in g. said senior A nthony Bannon. don t care about anyone else, he told the board just help me get into college. Bannoi) said after the meeting that he wants to apply for an early admission decision t the University of Maryland, and the whole process of putting an application together requires at least two weeks. The tw0 sides starting meeting a year ago but, i)nable to reach an agreement, called in a state mediator in May. Because the mediator was busy, they were not able to meet again until last month and a subeeting could not be scheduled sequent m until Nov. 22. FLL WNDOWSUE Vinyl double hung thermopane, tilt-in, welded replacement window, with swiggle system. nsulated - nstalled and removal of debris... 8 unit minimum - up to 79 u.i. offer expires Oct. 31, THE NDEPENDENT, OCTOBER 26, V N Y L S D N G A N D N S U L A T O N Over 15,000 Satisfied Customers in Monmouth County We Care As Much About Your Home As You Do n erg y aid e 44 Oceanport Ave., W.Long Branch, NJ call today N BREF R u m m a g e s a l e s e t W a c k y H a l l o w e e n The M ataw an U nited M ethodist Church located on 478 Atlantic Ave., Aberdeen, is having a rummage sale from noon until 6 p.m. on Nov. 4 and 9 a.m. until p.m. on Nov. 5. For information, call s e t f o r O c t. 2 9 The New School of Monmouth County (K-8), located at 301 M iddle Road in Holmdel, Will hold a Wacky Halloween open house from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Saturday. 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21 Statue honors Vietnam vets Continued from page 3 she said. We have a nice cross section of people involved. t took all of those parts to make this happen. She added that while Holmdel, which will house the monument at the Garden State Arts Center, has yet to contribute money, the Monmouth County Freeholders donated $15,000. While Watts, 30, noted she was too young to be directly affected by the Vietnam conflict, she said that there were members of her family that served and that this was the least could do. Attending that evening were Hazlet residents Steve Romm and Ed Wright, the chairman of the Monmouth County Charity G o lf Outing, held at the Bamm Hollow Country Club in Middletown Township. Romm and Wright presented Whitman with a check for $5,000 the amount raised by this year s event, which was held in August. Romm said the memorial was important to him because he remembers that in his naivete he couldn t wait for my draft card at 18. Now, he worries about the future of his two sons, age 18 and 21. Raising money for the project, he said, has been a great experience. We made $10,000 in two years. That s phenomenal, Romm said. General (Retired) Carl Peter Genovese, Tinton Falls, spent 10 years in active duty during Vietnam and currently volunteers with the Monmouth County Charity Golf Outing. Genovese noted that the golf outing will be re-named The Governor s Cup next August, after Gov. Whitman. THE NDEPENDENT, OCTOBER 26, (Hi jgjejcligjgjcljgjejcliclejejgjajcligjbjajcligjejajgjbjejbjclicliclig. 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Joseph's Cemetery and Shoreland Memorial Gardens (Located on Apple Farm Road Jughandle) H i g h w a y 3 5, M i d d l e t o w n S o v e r e i g n s n s u r e d M o n e y F u n d R a n k e d O n e O f T h e T o p F o u r n U S A B y B a r r o n s As of October 24, 1994the Money Fund rateis4.54%, yielding 4.64%. Your nsuredmoney Fund will eaman additional.25% abovetheaverage7daysimple yieldin the Money Fund Report published weeklyin Barron s. Annual PercentageYield adjusts weekly. Money Fund balances below$10,000will eamregular * moneymarket rate. f Money Fund balance falls below$10,000, a$10.00monthly feewill becharged. Offer good on individual accounts only. f account isclosedwithin the first year, a $25.00 close-out feeapplies. APY is Annual Percentage Yield. Not available with any other offer. Source: Barron s(9/12/94) lists Sovereign snsuredmoney Fund asone of the TopFour in the $ 1 0,0 0 0 M N M U M USA. 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The procedure to remove the ingrown nail is called Phenol Matricectomy. Done safely under local anesthesia, only a sliver of the ingrown nail border and not the entire nail plate is excised and cauterized at the root. No stitches are needed and follow-up care is simply Epsom salt soaks, a topical cream and a Band-aid. You can return to work the next day. The relief of pain is remarkable! Dr. Caputo is Board Certified in Foot Surgery and has performed thousands of these procedures during his 10 year career in Hazlet. The procedure is so safe, states Dr. Caputo, that have done Phenol Matricectomy on hundreds of Diabetics without complications. This procedure is safer than attempting to fix it yourself. Phenol Matricectomy is covered by Medicare and almost all insurance coverage. 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K a d o i s B o a r d E l i g i b l e b y t h e A m e r i c a n B o a r d o f P o d i a t r ic S u r g e r y a n d a n A s s o c i a t e m e m b e r o f t h e A m e r i c a n C o l l e g e o f F o o t a n d A n k l e S u r g e o n s. F o r r e li e f o f in g r o w n n a i l s, h e e l p a in, o r o t h e r r e la t e d a i l m e n t s o f t h e f o o t a n d a n k le, c a l l f o r a n a p p o in t m e n t w it h e it h e r o f t h e s e q u a li f ie d p o d i a t r i s t s. c S O L U T O N S T O F O O T P R O B L E M S P A T R C K J. C A P U T O, D P M F A C F S BOARD CERTFED N FOOT SURGERY DPL0MATE, AM.BDPODATRC SURGERY FELLOW AMERCAN COLLEGE OF FOOT SURGEONS FORMER BOARD OF TRUSTEES NJ PODATRC MEDCAL SOCETY F o r 1 0 d e d ic a t e d y e a r s in H a z le t, D r. P a t r ic k C a p u t o h a s s o lv e d fo o t p r o b le m s fo r t h o u s a n d s o f p e o p le. 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22 2 2 OCTOBER 26, 1994, THE NDEPENDENT 1 V - S A F E T Y T P S ( F R O M A T O Z ) S p o n s o r e d b y t h e s e c o n c e r n e d a d v e r t i s e r s A d u lts should accompany young ghosts & goblins. ARTHUR GOLDZWEG Attorney at Law 193 Hwy. 9 South, Manalapan Be sure to stay on sidewalks.1 BG APPLE DAY SCHOOL 18 Thoreau Drive j (Poet's Square) Freehold A J f l Carry a flashlight. CENTER DEL 66 South Street Freehold computer ir**e ars 321 Rt gx*nterpiaz r/ N -wrap caodv- * "S R!S "W DJ TOGO AHOccasions SUUt'ooo 1Spln lt! r in Srouas uuh Pfe'*** f J ^ 4 08'to77 A um Have a Happy & Safe Halloween. HAPPY DAYS DAY CARE Candlewood Shopping Center 4244 Hwy. 9, Howell r flf emergency r n cas.e ri * n adultf'nd a J lc e w fl*- w- > r.? 4N rth'gchoolcftl ' ^ < SStre* ** 1 % *Know the homes you trick or treat. JOEY S i avette nfants, Kids, Teens U y Towne P inte Center Rt. 9 South, Manalapan Mossing. K&$ FADUq 'BOSS*?*, ^ f o t g o ^ toas1!,m> Jfi8 3 g f Vever S S 6,Si2 %%$*** Only cross the street j at crosswalks. _ THELNCROFTCENTER FOR CHUJREN i W e s t F r o n t S tre e t, L in c r o ft J M id d le to w n R o a d, M o l m d e U , M 609STi*» b^323 1 % ygjsst*'** ifars^ Wearreflectivec,nfh. lusitpby, 7^p < 9 S f0*kids ano?o Freel>oid?h gores** * 0 8 ' cf lo r a ll7o/ ur locations! Xamine your candy before you eat it. Y M C A O F W E S T E R N M O N M O U T H C O U N T Y 470 East Freehold Road Freehold '446 " j K. s X!* K S "

23 urn/m t ct»«j j ] u w V *' THE NDEPENDENT, OCTOBER 26, H o l m d e l c r e a t e s i t s o w n r e p o r t c a r d F R E E M E D C A L C A R E f you are years of age and are currently having signs and symptoms of a skin infection including a wound that is: H OLM DEL The State Department o f Education has discontinued annual school report cards, so the School District has put out its own fact sheet for titled, Holmdel Township Public Schools, A Commitment to Excellence. The Fact Sheet is a one page report containing information on the Holmdel High School, the William R. Satz School, the ndian H ill School and the Village School. The sheet was first made available to the public at the Holmdel Com m unity Day, held at the Holmdel High School, Oct. 2. and was well received, officials said. nside, the fact sheet gives enrollment in form atio n as o f Sept. 8, 1994 and national testing results for , such as SAT, PSAT/NMSQT, the Comprehensive Testing Program and the High School Proficiency Test, Grade 11. The outer cover provides a list of Central Office Administrators and Board of Education members and 14 items of information about the schools in the district, listing various honors and recognitions. The Fact Sheet also provides a list of colleges and universities that the Class of 1994 are attending. The Administration and wanted to provide School District information to (the com m unity), said Superintendent Susan LeGlise. LeGlise said the fact sheet is one of a number of ways the District offers the community answers to their questions. W e ve been responding to questions from realtors in the area and parents that are considering Holmdel, LeGlise said. The fact sheet is a compilation of the most frequently-asked questions and will be updated with each school year. Vincent A. De Muro Jr. Red Tender Painful Swollen Pus Filled You may qualify for a research project involving FDA approved antibiotics. Qualified participants will receive study medication, physical examination and laboratory tests at no charge. Patients will be compensated up to $ for successful completion of the study. For more information call Tracy at Dr. Parman s office. Call for more information M E D C A L C A R E Clinical Research Division 2 Kings Highway Middletown, NJ S a v e U p To $ *, With Rebates from C&C, Lennox & Utilities! or 0% Financing for One Year &2S LillS * ftlfhscs * flit A^ifid0RS6flt/R6ROV3( * 3 'A TON H26461 AND G21Q 3400 SYSTEM NCLUDNG LENNOX REBATE, UTLTY REBATES AND DEALER DSCOUNT. 0% FNANCNG TO QUALFED BUYERS ONLY A BAKER &SONS SNCE 1965 A R C O N D T O N N G & H E A T N G HGH EFFCENCY SPECALSTS Residential - Commercial 24-HOUR SERVCE H ighw ay 36, M iddletow n ^/Tradition s Qualitv s & ; A new Garage Door can make a big difference! F ree E s tim a te! D TAYOR. AMERCA'S 000RM AKER STEEL S A N D W C H D O O R NOW nstalled 1 3/8" Thick R-Value 11 NSULATED FOR MAXMUM ENERGY EFFCENCY (not to be combined with other offers) Exp 10/31/94 l O Y e a r G u a r a n t e e! All doors installed with full weather stripping & removal of old door. OAllllflRlf MP Showroom: 5995 Route 9 No. liuun 11 u ln b,ono. Overhead Door Co. (9 0 8 )9 0 1 * FNAL FEW DAYS! Guaranteed to i Beat ANY any PRCE/DEAL.. d e a l.. m i B Just BRNG T N.' Lowest \ G ;T in W - "Tjj w ^ % l ^ Prices k W w b H w T j j M f c sguaranteed, S i m MOTOROLA L i n r * - t s Simply Fantastic at Simply Cellular! The hottest cellular phone in history-the Motorola Digital Personal Communicator! At Simply Cellular it s priced right... it s FREE! YOUR CHOCE OF ACCESSORY, PKG S NCLUDED* Either 1 of the following: FREE Thin Battery FREE Original Motorola Chg. Car Cord OR 2 of the following: ^ gq0/0 Qpp FREE Case a ll FREE Car Holder accessories FREE Battery Eliminator FREE Repeater Antenna ON ALL PHONES RECEVE: FREE Act*** & FREE First Month* FREE 30 Minutes Of Airtime* every month n The New ^ i^wtmiimiiiiiiiifc'iiwiit^jersey/new York Metro Area p l y C e l l u l a r We Make Cellular Simple with 3 Convenient Locations East Brunswick Ocean Township Matawan Southbound Lane of Rt. 18 inside the shipoing post Village Green Shopping Center (Next to Compact Disc World) Hours: Mon. - Sat Northbound side of Rt. 35 inside the shipping post Towne Shopping Center (diagonally across from Denny s) Hours: Mon. -Sat * With activation on any Annual Comcast Business Plan w/908 exchange. " Free Activation on any Annual Comcast Business Plan w/908 exchange. Phones must be activated by 10/31/ Rt. 34 North inside the shipping post Park Plaza Shopping Center (1 mile North of the Marketplace next to Quick Check) Hours: Mon. -Sat C E L L U L A R <

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25 THE NDEPENDENT, OCTOBER 26, S c h o o l e x p a n s i o n A U T O S O U N D & C E L L U L A R C O U P O N p l a n s c o m HOLM DEL A report on expanding school facilities should be presented to the Board of Education by the second or third week in November. Faridy Thome Fraytak, a Trenton-based architectural firm, has been contracted by the Board to analyze the district s immediate and long-range facilities needs. Manuel Fernandez, business administrator, said the firm has met with head custodians, heads of maintenance, assistance managers and administrators to determine what is needed to run the district for the school year and what will be needed 10 years from today. At an Oct. 19 meeting, Superintendent Susan LeGlise said, We are keeping an open mind about this and are willing to consider any suggestion from the board. Fernandez said Faridy Thome Fraytak will submit a documented long range facility plan to the state on July 1, 1995, which will include the board s plans for expansion. Some of those suggestions varied from setting up temporary on-site instruction areas to establishing off-grounds facilities. To address the short-term space crunch, research is being done on using trailers. LeGlise said trailers, that would be implemented for a two to three year plan, would incur a cost of about $20,000 to $30,000 for setting up the base foundation and total $8,000 a year for rent. Care would have to be taken if this plan were used, so that the base foundation does not occur in a area where later site construction and renovation would be necessary for the school buildings. Board member Marianne Malapero i n g s o o n expressed her concern. Nobody wants to spend money on temporary facilities, but if it is necessary, then do it. The children only go through this once... and it s our job to do it right, she said. Board President Norman Toback said, This facility expansion is a planning document, nothing is final... and we are open to all possibilities. Board member Wayne Conroy suggested that the Board petition AT&T ndustries, Crawfords Comer Everet Road, for possible support in the expansion plan. Because AT&T is a major contributing factor to the school-aged population of Holmdel, Conroy asked if the Board should approach the company about making use of its facilities. Board Vice-president Patrice Gorman said if off-site facilities were to be considered, The Prudential nsurance offices on Main Street would be more plausible. There will be many drafts of this plan, but the community must approve the plan first, Toback said. Jackie Van Gelderen, a resident present at the Board meeting, asked how the Board plans to go about rallying the community s support for a reconstruction project. n terms of a long term goal, Toback responded, we intend to involve representatives from the community in the planning of these facilities. Van Gelderen said, f you re going to pass a referendum, it will depend on the fact that the schools are overcrowded, not by including outside groups. Vincent A. DeMuro Jr. a b s o l u t e l y A S B 2 4 v a l u e c c c i j 13 fa ^ YOUR CHOCE otorolaslmbatter CAR HOLDER with J>EDSTAL nstalled M?c T h i s o f f e r w i t h t h i s a d o n l y. E x p. 1 1 / 1 5 / 9 4. A futasound C E L L U L A R O L D B R D G E 3600 Route 9 Soulh 2 doors 1romOasis Ford ( ) E A T O N T O W N 115 Route 35 North 1/2Mi. No. of Monmouth Mall (9 0 8 ) H o u rs : M o n., T uo., Fri. 9-6; W e d. & T h u rs. 9-8; S a t. 9-5; S u n On annual included minute rate plans from CTC. Free minutes are during customers 1st and 2nd months. Visit store for more details. Flip Phone price without activation $ a c o s c > o o o 5 o ^ «t o c o c o o c o c x > o c c x x x x x > c o c o c x o c c o c o Gift Certificates & family Discount Rate We 'Zfaw G r o u p (W e S u p p ly T h e G r o u p ) O r P r iv a t e Riding n s t r u c t io n F o r C h i l d r e n & A d u l t s M o r n i n g, A f t e r n o o n, E vening & W e e k e n d S e s s i o n A v a i l a b l e SPECAL N T R O D U C T O R Y O F F E R i FREE RDNGLESSON Valid After Purchase Of Series of 5 Lessons Expires 12/30/94 -With This Coupon - [ New Customers Only fo fm im ** *- L o c a t e d o n H a r b o r R o a d, M a r l b o r o L ig h t e d n d o o r & O u t d o o r Riding A r e n a s Q u a l it y F arm R a i s e d & B r e d H o r s e s F o r S a l e S u p e r i o r B o a r d i n g & T r a in in g F a c ilitie s O p e n 7 D a y s A W e e k * % M

26 2 6 OCTOBER 26, 1994, THE NDEPENDENT L A S T 4 D A Y S! T O D A Y T H R U S U N D A Y, O C T O B E R 3 0 L O W E S T P R C E S O F T H E S E A S O N F O R M S S E S. P E T T E S, P L U S - S Z E S & J U N O R S 4 0 % O F F A L L D R E S S E S F O R M S S E S. P E T T E S & J U N O R S R E G S A L E S M S S E S ' S T R R U P S F R O M K A Y L A Y N E & F U N D A M E N T A L T H N G S R E G F O R Y O U N G V E M & M E N A L L M S S E S ' S O L D B A S C R A M E / C O T T O N S W E A T E R S F R O M T R V A & C Y M B R O N REG. $ S A L E $ $ % O F F A L L C H E R O K E E S P O R T S W E A R F O R M S S E S. P E T T E S & P L U S - S Z E S R E G. S 3 0 -S S A L E S S % O F F A L L M S S E S ' F U R - B L E N D S W E A T E R S F R O M C Y M B R O M R E G. S S A L E M S S E S ' H A N D K M T S W E A T E R S R E G S U P E R V A L U E M S S E S ' B L L B L A S S J E A N S V A L U E P R C E S U P E R V A L U E M S S E S L E E J E A N S V A L U E P R C E A L L M S S E S ' S L K & N Y L O N J O G S E T S R E G S U P E R V A L U E M S S E S ' K N T D R E S S N G F R O M K A Y L A Y N E V A L U E P R C E E A C H P E C E M S S E S ' K N T T E E S & S L K S H R T S F R O M S M L & L O U S E P A R S R E G. S % O F F 4 0 % O F F S U P E R V A L U E A L L V A L U E P R C E R A N W E A R F O R M S S E S & P E T T E S V A L U E P R C E % O F F A L L J U N O R S ' G A R M E N T - D Y E D K N T S F R O M R A P Z Z & M A R T N S T U A R T R E G S A L E S S % O F F A L L J U N O R S ' R E L A T E D S E P A R A T E S R E G S A L E % O F F F O R K D S B O Y S ' S P O R T S W E A R F R O M S U B S T U D O, P A R G & E N V R O N M E N T A L A R T R E G S A L E $ % O F F A L L B O Y S ' T O P S F R O M S T R E E T Z & R O O K E O F T H E Y E A R R E G S S A L E S 6 - S % O F F A L L G R L S ' F A S H O N D E N M R E G S A L E S S % O F F G R L S ' S P O R T S W E A R F R O M M A D M A X, Y O U S P O R T & P A L M E T T O 'S R E G S A L E S 1 6 A L L G U L F T R A D E R S W E A T E R S & K M T S P O R T S H R T S R E G S A L E A L L A R R O W B R O A D C L O T H & V A N H E U S E N & P E R R E C A R D N S O L D & P A T T E R N E D D R E S S S H R T S R E G. $ (Wrinkle-Free & Corporate Casuals excluded.) 4 0 % O F F A L L H E A V Y W E G H T S P O R T S H R T S R E G S A L E B U G L E B O Y W R N K L E - F R E E C A S U A L S L A C K S R E G M E N ' S D O C K E R S P L E A T E D T W L L S L A C K S R E G % O F F A L L M E N ' S F R E M A N T L E A C T V E W E A R R E G S A L E S S A L L Y O U N G M E N ' S L E V 'S J E A N S R E G H O M E A C C E S S O R E S S U P E R V A L U E % W O O L B L A Z E R S F R O M S A G H A R B O R A N D N T E R N A T O N A L S C E N E V A L U E P R C E % O F F A L L H A L L O W E E N G F T S R EG. S 3 -S S A L E A L L V A L U E P R C E D M E R C H A N D S E E X C L U D E D. S E L E C T O N S V A R Y B Y S T O R E. 4 0 % O F F A L L M E N ' S P A C F C T R A L, M E M B E R S O N L Y & L E A T H E R J A C K E T S R E G S A L E S S SHOP: MANALAPAN MALL. SEAVEW SQ. MALL & WOODBRDGE CENTER MON.-SAT. 10 AM TO 9:30 PM SUN 11 AM-6 PM RED BANK 121 BROAD ST MON.-FR 10 AM-8 PM SAT. 10 AM-6 PM SUN. NOON-5 PM

27 Bills provide options S t a t e a d d r e s s e s c o u r t e s y b u s i n g BY M ARLYN DUFF S taff W r i t e r Courtesy busing is about move to the front burner in Trenton. The state mandates and pays for busing for elementary pupils who live more than two miles from school and for high school students who live more than two and a half miles from their school. Busing for students inside either of those limits is commonly referred to as courtesy busing because boards are not required to provide it. Some people prefer to call it safety busing. Three legislative bills that would provide options for school boards and municipalities to provide courtesy school busing have been posted for a vote in the state assembly. One of the bills would let residents vote on courtesy busing as a line item outside the general school budget. The second would let school boards and towns contract jointly to provide the non-mandated service and let either charge for service. The third would make sidewalk installation along hazardous school walking routes a priority with the state Department of Transportation. Assemblyman Joseph Azzolina, (R- Middletown), is pushing the assembly bills and state Sen. Joseph Kyrillos Jr., (R- Middletown), will introduce them in the Senate. Both legislators have tried to address problems created in Middletown due to the elimination of the service three years ago by the Board of Education. The problem exists in other towns as well. After the Middletown Board of Education eliminated courtesy busing three years ago, the township picked up the approximately $1.2 million cost for one year. Last year, during the school year, the town installed about six miles worth of sidewalks at a similar cost to make school walking routes safer where possible. Because of rising education costs and falling state aid, courtesy busing has become an easy target for school boards to cut. But with these bills, Azzolina believes he has found a workable solution to the problem. When Middletown provided courtesy busing the year before last, the state-aided students and courtesy-bused students could not be co-mingled or use the same buses because the school district and town had separate contracts. This bill would eliminate the need for two separate busing routes. Currently $565 million in state aid and $835 irt federal aid is set aside for municipal projects statewide, according to Azzolina. Statew ide, the annual budget for school busing is $248 million, Azzolina said, and covers 48 percent of New Jersey s students. f the state were to shrink the two and two-and-a-half mile restrictions for mandated busing by a half mile, as some people have proposed, it would cost the state over $200 million more. THE NDEPENDENT, OCTOBER 26, HGH TECHNOLOGY HGH SCHOOL Administered by Monmouth County Vocational School District Now Accepting for the School Year Openings for the Ninth &Tenth Grades Apply Early Located on Brookdale Community College Campus Pre-Engineering Programs for 9th-12th Grade High School Students Open House/Tour Saturday Oct. 29th 10:00 am FOR APPLCATONS CALL FOR NFORMATON CALL MCVSD does not discriminate on the basis of Age, Color, Handicap, National Origin, Race, Religion, Sex, or Limited English FREE ESTMATES FREE NSTALLATON FREE SHOP ATHOME We ain t just shades. We have all your window treatment needs from Drapery to Duettes, from Verticals to Venetian Blinds. We have it all at DSCOUNT PRCES! our T E S * * * an Additional. 10% Off Q u a lit y p r o d u c t s a n d D e p e n d a b le S e r v ic e f o r O v e r 3 0 Y e a rs a t D S C O U N T P R C E S Window Shade Cojnc. 118 Main Street Matawan, NJ A L L E N R. O N G S A K O, D. O. ANNOUNCES THE OPENNG OF HS OFFCE FOR F A M L Y P R A C T C E AT BETHANYCOMMONS ONE BETHANY ROAD, SUTE67 HAZLET, NEW JERSEY The practice places emphasis on outpatient general medicine, minor surgery and procedures, sports medicine, preventive medicine, and occupational medicine. We serve patients of all ages, with a specific interest in treating entire families. Special services offered are flexible sigmoidoscopy, colposcopy, hearing and vision testing, pulmonary function testing, EKGand Holter monitoring. TELEPHONE: (908) OFFCE HOURS BY APPONTMENT * i f ACCEPTNG MOST NSURANCE PLANS

28 2 8 OCTOBER 26, 1994, THE NDEPENDENT A a u d e x 'H tw & e n y ' s o f a s s o r t e d E v e r g r e e n s a n d L a n d s c a p e T r e e s a n d S h r u b s E X T E N S V E S E L E C T O N Bayberry Barberry Leucothos Junipers Azaleas Spruces Spiral &Bonsai Junipers Pines Arborvitae Yews Hollies Hemlock Rhodes Andromeda Euonymous Burning Bush Japanese Maple Gold Cypress Dwarf Weeping&Unusual Plants WeepingBlue Atlas Cedars Dwarf Alberta Spruces Emerald Green Arboruitaes Yuccas True Blue Spruces * Mountain Laurel Bradford Pears WeepingCherries PLUS M A N Y OT H ERS! F A L L S P E C A L. cn CL ALL plants in stock J U t O ^ U /C U r r Through 11/3/94 Plus a large group of assorted evergreens in 1 and 2 gallon cans 1,000's to pick from - 6 DSCOUNTS & DELVERY ARRANGEMENTS AVALABLE C all For Easy Directions From Any Location H O W E L L R O A D H O W E L L C A L L (908) OPEN 7 DAYS 8 A M -5 P M W a t e r u p s c a s h f l o w ABERDEEN Underground wells are a major source of water for most area towns. The underground wells are really a part of underground rivers, called aquifers, that can run for miles and through several towns. According to Aberdeen Township Manager James M. Cox, the state has mandated that towns, who are near salt water bodies, can only draw a specified amount of water from their wells over a four month period. The remaining balance of the year the township must purchase surface water. The township has authorization from the state to pump 130 million gallons of water from the wells; however, that is more than the demand we have in the four month period, so the DEP has given us authorization to sell the rights, Cox said. At an Oct. 18 Township Council meeting, a resolution was passed allowing execution of a contract for the sale of township Water Allocation Diversion Rights to Gordon Comer Water Co. October belongs to nation s collectors National Collector s Month, October, has been created to recognize the enjoyment of collecting. Some 400 retail stores and suppliers participate. The event also is a fund-raiser for Easter Seals. ndividual collectors can participate in National Collector s Month by writing an essay entitled Collecting... A Family Tradition or by visiting a participating retail store. For more information, call (800) or (908) N BREF According to Mayor Brian P. Murphy, between 30 to 50 million gallons of water will be sold to the water company. The approved contract with Gordon Corner Water will allow the township to charge 85 cents per thousand gallons. Although the exact number of gallons to be sold has not been determined, it should generate around $25,000 for the township. That amount money will go into the water utility fund as revenue. Aberdeen s wells are part of the same aquifer that Gordon Comer Water Company draws from, thus making the sale possible. According to Cox, the township could only sell to someone who draws from a common aquifer. The exciting thing is that it s like found money that we can use for the water utility infrastructure, Deputy Mayor Richard Goldberg said. The township will now go back to the DEP for final authorization of the contract. Recreation Dept, sponsors trip The Middletown Township Department of Recreation is sponsoring a trip to Madison Square Garden on Nov. 5 to see Walt Disney s World on ce presentation of Snow White. The trip cost $32.50 per person and includes bus transportation and show. Bus departs at 9:30 a.m. from the Johnson Gill Annex at the Middletown Town Hall and returns at 3 p.m. For more information, call Y o u W F u n Y o u ' l l H a v e a t JO N OUR October Campfest o n ' t B e l i e v e t h e VY LEAGUE * rhristi9n A GALLERY OF SOUTHERN ECCENTRCS. S u n d a y, O c t o b e r 3 0 t h fr o m p m (Rain Date Sunday November 6,1994) P U M P K N S P R Z E S P O N Y RDES R E F R E S H M E N T S & P U N Price ncrease October 31, T O U R O U R 13 A C R E C A M P U S! See Why We're #1 n Camping!! O ffering All Athletics & Cultural Arts M ini Days for 3,4,8c 5 Year Olds Full Days: 4-11 Year O lds Weeks Teen Travel Year O lds 2 Programs (Toronto -O c e an City -California & M ore) Extended H ours A vailable Call For Further nformation or Directions G o r d o n s C o r n e r R d. M a n a l a p a n, N J (908) Tues - Fri 8 pm Sat 7 pm & 10 pm Sun 4 pm & 7 pm H Y S T E R C A L M O N T H! *10 OFF ANY PERFORMANCE with this ad.. Every Sunday 1:00pm Grandma Sylvia s Funeral. is to die laughing over. Mitzvah Meal \ _. ncluded \ ~ Los AnSees Magazine "This is going to do for Jewish funerals what Tony N Tina s has done for talian weddings. City Guide Magazine DRECT F R O M LA S 2 YEAR SOLD OUT RU N! PLAYHOUSE 15 Vandam St. (212) OH B'way's brand new, 200 seat theatre, in Soho, just off 6th Ave. bel Spring & Prince Sts., NYC Ask about our theatre dinner packages.

29 THE NDEPENDENT, OCTOBER 26, H i g h s c h o o l g o i n g t o g a s h e a t i n g s y s t e m BY V N C EN T A. D e M URO JR. Staff Writer H O L M D E L Manuel Fernandez, business administrator, said plans for converting Holmdel High School to natural gas heating are currently before the State Department of Education for review. The plan was put before the review board Oct. 1, so a response for final approval is expected by mid-november. Funding for the project will come partially from a $200,000 Department of Energy grant and moneys left over from a 1991 referendum for repair and reconstruction, Fernandez said. The William R. Satz school and the high school were both run off electric, Fernandez said, and the costs became very high. A decision was made to look into the natural gas alternative. Superintendent Susan LeGlise said the Satz school began converting to natural gas during the school year with the installation of two hot water boilers, completing the work during the summer of 93. Fernandez said in order to convert the high school to gas, a heating plant will have to be designed to house two boilers, in addition to the existing boilers serving the Satz school. Once (the plant) is up and running we can begin converting the school, Fernandez said. The total conversion process would entail a new system of pipes, ventilators and duct work. The next step will be to design this system, Fernandez said. The project completion should be accomplished within three years, he estimates. SPUR develops special riding program Working in conjunction with the Monmouth County Park System, the nonprofit organization SPUR (Special People United to Ride) has developed an instructional program which is accredited by the North American Riding for the Handicapped Association. SPUR is based at the Huber Woods Equestrian Program Center, Browns Dock Road, Middletown. The bonding between horse and rider creates a non-judgmental atmosphere of acceptance that helps riders to develop conficence and perceive themselves and their accomplishents in a new light. Upcoming fund-raisers include SPUR Hunter Paces on Nov. 6 and Nov. 20. For information about registration, prices, locations, times, or other programs, call (908) , ext. 297 or 258. C E R A M C TLE & M A RB LE Professionally n stalle d & Repaired Kitchens Foyers Bathrooms Backsplash UP TO 40% DSCOUNT ON CERAMC TLE WTH NSTALLATON 1 0 % O F F Any Tile n stallatio n Present Coupon Upon Receipt of Estimate L Expires 11/15/94 "1 J WE DO ALL REPAR WORK! 1Recauiks Regrouts 1Chemically treated for longevity Replace cracked floor tile 1 5 % O F F - "1 Any Combined Regrouting & Recaukling of Bathroom Present CouponUponReceipt o*estimate L _ Er r r : i Q u a l i t y T i l i n g C o. No Job or Repair Too Big or Too Sm all F U L L Y N S U R E D For F R E E E s tim a te s ( ) K S S G R O C E R Y S H O P P N G G O O D - B Y E! Grocery shopping. t ties you up. t slows you down, t tires you out. All good reasons to delegate it to us.,, a service you can rely on, National Shopping Service Corp. Middletown, New Jersey Free brochure W e'll d o a ll th e h a r d w o rk fo r y o u so y o u 'll n e v e r h a v e to w a it in lin e o r c a rry h e a v y g ro c e r y b a g s. Ju st te ll us w h a t to b u y. W e'll d o y o u r s h o p p in g fo r y o u a n d w e 'll d e liv e r y o u r g ro c e rie s to y o u r h o m e. A customer says... "This service is great!" - B. Franklin, Middletown Receive up to a... s1200 Rebate O n C o m p le te Systems An exclusive 10 Year YORK Care Home Comfort Plan ncludes Complete Parts & Labor on your Y O R K System for 10 years. Offer Expires: T> YORK Prescription > for Home Comfort r_ s Y o u r C h ild C a u g h t n a F a i lu r e C h a in? Y o u r c h ild m a y need h e lp w ith w eak stu d y s k ills or poor re a d in g or m a th sk ills. H e or she m a y be u n m o tiv a te d or la c k confidence, despite a good Q. O u r certified teachers h e lp stu d e n ts overcom e fru s tra tio n a n d fa ilu re. A few h o u rs a w eek can h e lp g a in th e E d u c a tio n a l Edge n d i v i d u a l t e s t i n g a n d t u t o r i n g i n R e a d i n g, S t u d y S k i l l s, W r i t i n g, P h o n i c s, S p e l l i n g, M a t h a n d S A T P r e p R t e. 3 5 S S u i t e 5 6 6, M i d d l e t o w n THE HUNTNGTON LEA RN N G CENTER, HEATNG & AR CONDTONNG FREEHOLD RED BANK TOMS RVER We will give you a free survey. Find out how inexpensive converting to gas can be. ELECTROSTATC AR FLTER 96% EFFCENCY WTH NSTALLATON OF AR CONDTONNG COUPON MUST BE PRESENTED AT TME OF PURCHASE * EXPRES 10/31/94 8 "WE SPECALZE N CAS CONVERSONS" j iiy O R K Heating and Air Conditioning

30 3 0 OCTOBER 26, 1994, THE NDEPENDENT Make Your toy Special!! m spouts pmpmec incms: four Choiceof 2 Sports, Pisa i Sotli /ill m Cmtm No Muss - No Fuss Soccei Volletball Foothell Basketball... i Morel Ciilltf nrnonirahjlariminieloroh Fully organized & administered by the Good Sports Staff WEEKDAY AND e J ^ " A ^ E s T o W A V A l L A ' B r E! *! O U R G F T T O Y O U CHOOSE ETHER OF THE FOLLOWNG * 2 5 O O n» P A R T Y F A V O R S F O R D S C O U N T W H O L E P A R T Y WTHCOUPON»EXPRES12/15/94 OVER AN ACRE OF NDOOR FUN S P O R T S Finest indoor N D O O R S P O R T S C O M P L E X Sportsplex in the State 17 Blair Road, Aberdeen Minutes from the Garden State Parkway, Exit ALLERGY SEASON S HERE N D O O R A R S P E C A L S T AR DUCT CLEANNG How Air Duct Cleaning Benefits You: Helps relieve allergy suffering Helps remove pollen, dust and other irritants Helps eliminate household dust H EALTHER l l R B TO REATHE 1Fewer breakdowns, less maintenance 1Reduces heating & cooling costs 1Provides a cleaner living environment 1Eliminates possible health hazards R iv e r A v e., R t. 9, L a k e w o o d, N.J C O M M E R C A L & R E S D E N T A L Cops, town at odds on pay, benefits PBA upset at town's expenses, funding priorities BY VNCENT A. D e MURQ )R. Staff Writer H O L M D E L The Township Com mittee and the Police Department have gone public regarding their pay raise and benefit disputes. Patrolman James Smythe, president of the Policemen s Benevolent Association (PBA) Local 239, had sent a letter to the ndependent and other lo c a l papers addressing issues of conflict between the P B A and the H o lm d e l T ow nship Committee regarding contract disputes. Smythe estimated that the Holmdel M u n ic ip a l C ourt m ade more than $350,000 from fines from police citations and that arrests were up 33 percent this year. A ll this seems to mean absolutely nothing to Mayor Hank Ferris and the H o lm d e l T ow nship C o m m itte e s, Smythe said. Smythe said the committee has wasted money in legal fees, has given a 25 percent raise to its adm inistrator and spent over $60,000 for copper gutters on the municipal building, but was unw illing to provide a raise for the police department. This certainly raises the question of what the Holmdel Township C o m m ittee s priorities are, he said. Mayor Henry Ferris and committee members addressed these claims, saying one of the reasons Holmdel has the finest p olice departm ent in the county is because o f the balanced approach the committee has taken towards the allocation of resources. An offer was made by the committee of a 4 percent pay raise for 1993 through 1995, which the PBA declined, instead asking for a 5 percent increase in 1993 and 1994 and a 4.25 percent increase in The PBA filed for arbitration hearings with the state in 1993, but the process was delayed by the death of one of the state-appointed arbiters. Procedures have since resumed. Ferris called the P B A s comments about the township administrator s raise misleading, because that increase covered four years of service as acting administrator prior to her taking the official position. t should be clearly understood that this Township Committee did not give its adm inistrator a 25 percent salary in crease, Ferris said. He also stated other township em ployees have received the 4-percent in crease for the same number of years. Addressing the issue of the $60,000 Continued on next page T 'S D N N G R O O M S E A S O N! WE ARE OFFERNG UNBELEVABLE SAVNGS TO YOU!! W e G o To N o r th C a r o l i n a S o Y o u D o n t H a v e To Visit our Showroom...we carry over 300 brand nam e furniture manufacturers for less. See our large selection of Dining Rooms Cherry Dining Room *,.. Sofas Bedrooms Sectionals 6 Chairs Table. China Only 777 Oak Dining Room 6 Chairs Table China Only M Visa MasterCard Cash Check All Special Orders Accepted F U R N T U R E C T Y "Y o u r N o rth C a r o lin a C o n n e c t i o n " 4 9 W ils o n A v e. ( E n g li s h t o w n R d. ) M a n o l a p a n «( ) 'h m it e s o u t h o f E n g li s h t o w n A u c t i o n O p e n 7 D a y s. 1 0 a m - 6 p m, T h u rs. & Fri. Till 8 : 0 0 p m Something to Smile About! jy - * M mmwmmm. Teeth Cleaning ncludes: Complete Exam X-Rays Consultation Expires 11/30/94. Regular Value: $180 Exam $39, X-Rays $79, Cleaning $62. New Patients Only t s easy w ith Gentle Dentistry! prevention cosmetic restorative convenient hours open 6 days & evenings too! 24 hr. emergency service ( ) R o b e r t K o r w i n, D.M.D., PA AND ASSOCATES Union Square Mall 500 Rt. 35 Middletown (Above Ethan Allen)

31 THE NDEPENDENT, OCTOBER 26, Continued from previous page gutters, Ferris said they fell under a twoyear capital improvements project which included replacing a section of the roof to the municipal building and covering most exposed wood with alum inum as well as replacing the gutters. At $5,000 over the cost of aluminum gutters, which would last 20 years as opposed to copper which would last 40, copper gutters were selected by the Committee as the better investment. The PBA is upset with the termination of dental plan contributions by the township and the committee s rejection of a request for a 48 percent increase in terminal leave benefits. Committee members said employee benefit plans are being amended and that the PB A s proposal is excessive, especially since a cap has been placed on the township s contributions towards health benefits based on rates from Also, an offer for longevity benefits of $100 for 1994 and 1995 was rejected by the township. The mayor and committee members made the statement, The Township has taken these steps in negotiations with its employees... to provide a fair and respectable level of compensation... while at the same time m aking an effort to keep taxes down. H e a r i n g d e l a y e d to Dec.15 BY MARLYN DUFF Staff W riter H A ZLET The continued public hearing on a 10-lot, single-family subdivision at the end of Kentucky Drive was postponed last week until Dec. 15. The Planning Board hearing was canceled so that the a p p lic a n t, Poricy Builders, could address questions from the board engineer concerning an environmental impact statement. Approximately 20 to 25 homeowners who live in the surrounding neighborhood and oppose the project, meanwhile, have hired an engineer and consulted with an attorney. The drainage situation might affect all of our properties in an adverse way, said rene Neff, a Virginia Avenue resident. Neff said the more she and her neighbors look into the proposal the more concerned they get. For one thing, she said, there are 15 houses in the neighborhood which are com pletely w ithin a 100-year floodplain area. The development would be built on a 2.6-acre parcel which is higher than the surrounding houses and drains in all directions. The area is near East Creek. The developer is seeking variances for three of the lots for either width or depth. The board previously rejected a w aiver for an environm ental im pact study. Last month s hearing was postponed so the board could have more time to review the study. DEADLNE: Oct. 31 SSUE DATE: Oct. 26 WN DNNER FOR TWO When you find Andy hiding in th is w e ek s issu e, you may win: A dinner for two at Big Ed s BBQ Located at 174 Rt. 34, Old Bridge Specializing in the finest Southern-style BBQ ribs, steaks and chicken with a Down-Home taste. 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32 3 2 OCTOBER 26, 1994, THE NDEPENDENT S A N D B A R N N Pasta Steaks Seafood Cocktails OPEN The Original Outdoor Waterfront Deck 7 for Dining DAYS THS WEEK'S SPECAL Year round S te a k L o v e r s for Lunch Chnrbroiled 16 oz. and DELMONCO STEA K Dinner SQ95 15%off ' All Gift tems & Collectibles *V>j E A T E j ) th o s e d a y c t s h i l l ^566*8600 > e e J c 11^ Buy 1 Dinner Entree and Receive $5.00 Off SECOND DNNER ENTREE " GM Exp o n t h e b a y U n io n A v e. U n io n B e a c h Balloons for all Occasions B a l l o o n g ift w r a p p i n g, B a l l o o n d r o p s, C e n t e r p i e c e s, A r c h e s & m u c h m o r e B e a u t i f u l G if t s C o l l e c t i b l e s Ask about our Balloon Packages: Halloween Christmas New Years Weddings Showers Birthdays Anniversaries Bar/Bat Mitzahs Market Place Rt. 34 Matawan T o h e c k w ith H a llo w e e n love October. am mesmerized by the leaves as they change color and drop to the ground. enjoy the chilly breeze that nips the nape of my neck under an overcast sky. relish the idea of a glowing hearth while snuggle under a warm afghan with the latest Stephen King novel. There s just one problem: 1hate Halloween. Halloween has always ranked right up there on my list with getting my teeth cleaned and filing my tax returns. For my sons, however, Halloween is surpassed only by Christmas and the last day of school in overall importance. Their hype begins in early September when they decide on some elaborate creature/costume that requires me to spend the next six weeks shopping, cutting, stitching, gluing and fitting. Then alas, three days before Halloween, they change their mind. This year, the boys have been bickering over whose costume will be the best. My oldest son is, as usual, planning on something completely gruesome that probably would have been outlawed when was a kid. My younger son is preparing to dress up as an ice hockey player. am anticipating a huge argument on the day when Justin asks me to fill the sink with water and food coloring, so he can dye his entire head blue. can see the disappointed look on my younger son s face when explain the dangers associated with running across all types of terrain in a pair of ice skates. Surely, they will comply with my way of thinking when 1 threateningly suggest they can go as the nvisible Men and never even have to leave the house. On Halloween, walk around the neighborhood with my sons while they dart from A d o p t a P e t M o n m u m C " " W S P C A 26 nt ew ^rsey Eatontow n, N door to door and remind them to say thanks. leave a pail of goodies at our front door with a take one sign, and when we arrive back home, it is empty except for some wrappers and an unwanted rotten apple. then prepare myself for the constant procession of critters and creatures that beckon from my doorstep, arriving in cars, buses, trains and airplanes. No matter how much candy buy, it is never enough, so am forced to start giving away household goods such as cans of soup and bologna sandwiches. After a pathetic attempt at dinner, eventually my children get ready for bed, after generously giving me the apples from their goody bags. When my pantry and fridge are bare, and ve given away the unwanted apples, am forced to shut off all the lights and crawl around below window level from room to room for the rest of the night. debate searching my children s rooms for their candy stashes, but know this would be futile, because could never find where they put the goods. They have carefully hidden their treasure so well from each other that they themselves will not be able to find it, and will inevitably accuse each other of thievery anyway. While my children sleep soundly in their beds after the Halloween frenzy, sit in the dark and smile that the day is finally over. feel a touch of sadness that early fall has passed. But will embrace November for all of its splendor and not pay any mind to the person who wrote Halloweenie across my front stoop in chalk even if it does look suspiciously like my son s handwriting. Liz Hoban lives in North Brunswick and writes about parenting for various publications. Fitness Lifestyles Floor Model Sale Asbury Park store location moving Sale will last until APk showroom moves SALE U P TO 50% OFF Monm Z2T,vs p c a T a k e a d v a n t a g e o f s a l e p r i c e s in b o t h l o c a t io n s. Exercise Equipment OPEN Sales & Service SUNDAYS VSA 200 Main St. Holmdel Plaza Asbury Park 2145 Rt. 35, Holmdel You can adopt Daphne, Marla and their friends Monday -Saturday 1-5 p.m. * Sunday 1-4 p.m. Adopt a Pet is a weekly public service provided by the ndependent in conjunction with the Monmouth County SPCA.

33 THE NDEPENDENT, OCTOBER 26, T u m Timothy Rosa, Ginamarie Carbone u l t y - P i s a n i Cynthia Pisani, daughter of Carol and Robert Pisani of Aberdeen, was married on Aug. 20 to Lance Tumulty, son of Diane and James Tumulty of Long Neck, Del. The Rev. Robert Fox performed the ceremony. The bride was escorted by her father. Following the reception at the Grand Victorian in Spring Lake, the couple left for a honeymoon trip to Canada. Maid of honor was the bride s sister, Carolyn Pisani of Boston, Mass. The best man was Robert McCartin of Aberdeen. The bride was graduated from Matawan Regional High School, Matawan, and Cedar Crest College, Allentown, Pa. She works for the Pasadena (Calif.) Unified School District. Her husband was graduated from Matawan Regional High School, and Glassboro State College, Glassboro. He is employed by Quick & Reilly nc., California. STORK The following births were recently announced at the Riverview Medical Center in Red Bank: Catherina and Craig M ara, Middletown, Sept. 17, a daughter. Pamela and Gary Bellone, Aberdeen, Sept. 20, a daughter. K aryn and M ichael Schouten, Middletown, Sept. 20, a son. Eunice and C arl Alberto, Middletown, Sept. 20, a daughter. Deborah and Leo Leonard, Middletown, Sept. 20, a daughter. M argaret and Jim M ulvaney, Middletown, Sept. 20, a son. M ary and Terence Bane, Leonardo, Sept. 21, a son. M ary Ann and W illiam Castellano, Middletown, Sept. 21, a son. M eaghan and Thomas Ladd, Middletown, Sept. 22, a daughter. Jayne and Thomas Schoch, Hazlet, Sept. 22, a daughter. M aria and David Maher, Matawan, Sept. 24, a daughter. M ary and George Mahoney, Lincroft, Sept. 23, a son. Janet and Robert Moscinski, Matawan, Sept. 23, a son. Andrea and John H aining, Middletown, Sept. 26, a daughter. Lisa and Glenn Tascione, Aberdeen, Sept. 27, a daughter. Debra and Vincent Woods, C a r b o n e - R o s a Edward and Joanne Carbone of Edison announce the engagement of their daughter, Ginamarie Carbone to Timothy Lee Rosa, son of Mr. and Mrs. Victor E. Rosa of Hazlet. The future bride was graduated from Edison High School. She is employed at TRM nternational, South Plainfield. Her fiance was graduated from Raritan High School, Hazlet, and has an associate s degree in criminal justice from Brookdale Community College, Lincroft. He is employed by National Realty and Development, Holmdel. The wedding is planned for November Lance and Cynthia Tumulty Middletown, Sept. 29, A son. Hsu-Ying W u and C hao Jen Tu, Holmdel, Sept. 29, a son. Bonnie and Scott Franzblau, Middletown, Sept. 29, a son. R ita Heusel and Joseph McLaughlin, Middletown, Sept. 29, a son. Sandra and M ichael Hagberg, Hazlet, Oct. 2, a son. The following births were recently announced at Monmouth Medical Center at Long Branch: Theresa and Brian McLean, Lincroft, Sept. 18, a son. C hrista and Thomas Cam pbell, Middletown, Sept. 20, a daughter. Dina and Thomas Sillcocks, Keyport, Sept. 21, a daughter. Lolita M. Cheek, Lincroft, Sept. 26, a boy. Sandy and John Faccas, Aberdeen, Sept. 27, a daughter. Pat and Frank Duffy, Keyport, Sept. 29, a daughter. Melissa and Kenneth Nelson, Leonardo, Oct. 1, a daughter. Dorothy and John Kozic, Hazlet, Oct. 2, a daughter. M r. and M rs. Samuel Tarallo, Keyport, Oct. 4, a daughter. Derren Tan and Lihfen Chen, Oct. 8, a daughter. A n d ir o n is y o u r G a s L o g H e a r t h q u a r t e r s LAST 4 DAYS o f o u r GAMT CRAFT SALE! SEA GRT 2145 Highway 35. north of Atlantic Ave. (908) BRCKTOWN 116 Bnck Blvd. at Beaverson Blvd. (906) W. LONG BRANCH Monmouth Rd. Routs 71 (908) ENQUSHTOWN R t 9, four miles north of Freehold Circle. (908) HAZLET 2931 Highway 35, one block south of K-Mart. (908) HOWELL Rt. 9, comer of Friendship Rd. 1/4 mite north of K-Mart. (908) K E N V llr t 46, onem ileeast of Ledgewood Circle. 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Reg. 496 & up Fashion Transfer Selection may vary by store. Reg to 4.99 Entire Selection ol Halloween Selection may vary by store. Reg. 396 to S a v e 3 0 % S a v e 3 0 % O Entire Selection ttt All Styrofoam18 & Unfinished Christmas Florals Silk Foliage Extruded Foam craft Wood and Novelty Picks Many varieties & colors. Cones, balls, blocks, Large wood furniture not Choose from hundreds O Regularly 496 to more. Reg. 896 to 9.99 incl. Reg. 496 to of styles. Reg. 296 & up, 1 1. Visit Our Pet Care J K Departm ents! at all locations except W. Long Branch and Englishtown Store Hours: Monday thru Saturday 9 to 9, Sunday 9 to 6 NowHiring! See Store Manager.

34 3 4 OCTOBER 26, 1994, THE NDEPENDENT T e a c h e r s d o i n g t h e r i g h t t h i n g i n H a z l e t W e d like to take this opportunity to thank the Hazlet Teachers Association for deciding to write letters of recommendation for college-bound seniors despite the fact that teachers are still negotiating their contract with the school board. The teachers have a right to negotiate hard for a fair contract. And the school board has a responsibility to hold the line on spending. t s only natural that the two groups will clash over contracts every three years. One of several job actions by the teachers protesting the stalled negotiations, however, was the decision to not write letters of rec- ommendation for college-bound seniors. This sparked a walk-out by students and led many students and parents to attend a recent school board meeting to implore both sides to reach an agreement. This week, board officials announced that the negotiations have begun to move forward and that the letter-writing ban had been lifted. n lifting the letter-writing ban, the teachers show that they have heard the pleas of parents and students and more importantly, they have proven that they care. The teachers and board are continuing their tough negotiations but thanks to this action, the students are no longer stuck in the middle. V o tin g fo r W o lfe am voting for Richard Wolfe on Nov. 8 for councilman of Aberdeen. n his previous terms, he always treated the various recreation groups with a sympathetic ear. His accom plishm ents with the soccer league were a well-known fact. As past president of the Matawan-Aberdeen basketball and soccer leagues, knew that could go to Richard Wolfe with our concerns and he was there for the children of these programs. t was Richard Wolfe who came down to the board of education and tried to help us negotiate a reasonable deal with the kids of this town. Now it is our chance to help him become councilman. n our many talks, it became apparent he knows the issues and wants to help solve them. After years of listening to this mayor and some council we need his voice badly. S T E V E N FA N TES Aberdeen W o lfe s le tte rs m is in fo r m re a d e rs t seems that every week there is another irresponsible letter in the ndependent written by Democrat Council Candidate Richard Wolfe. n the latest he claims that the people of Aberdeen were left without any real security for over a year. The hardworking men and women of the Aberdeen Police Department have done and continue to do an outstanding job of keeping our town safe. Shame on him! Does Mr. Wolfe think he can scare the voters of Aberdeen into electing him on Nov. 8? Mr. Wolfe calls the police negotiations a disgrace. The only disgrace is that Mr. Wolfe has once again tried to misinform the voters for his own political gain. The current Republican controlled Council negotiated a new starting salary with the PBA to keep Aberdeen safe at a reduced burden to the taxpayers. am also pleased to report that, on or around Jan. 1, a new recruit will be hired to increase our police force to 31. This is made possible because of the new starting salary. t will be the first time in many years that the Aberdeen Police Force has 31 officers. From the way Mr. Wolfe describes it, we should have hired less officers at higher salaries. Mr. Wolfe was correct when he said that Aberdeen has a security threat. The threat is him. His record and lack of accomplishments speak for themselves. Wayne Smith is a proven leader and a taxpayers friend. When he was appointed to the Council, the first thing he said was, We need to do more with less. Since that time he has worked with the Council to explore ways to save the taxpayers money. am happy to report that we are succeeding. On Election Day, the voters of A b erdeen can send Mr. Wolfe the same message he received in Unresponsive government and irresponsible spending will be tolerated no more! The voters of Aberdeen can Continue the Progress by voting for Wayne Smith on Nov. 8. RCH ARD G O LD B ER G Deputy-Mayor Aberdeen W olfe ca n do th e jo b support the election of Mr. Richard Wolfe to the Aberdeen Township Council. He is ideally suited to the challenges ahead. His literature shows a keen grasp of the major issues concerning Aberdeen Township. His platform and potential solutions are far superior to his opponent s views of giving his salary away and wanting to put tables in the parks. M r. W o lfe s past achievements in working with his political opponents and his ability to listen are badly needed. This campaign is not about being a nice guy, but about understanding the priorities and fiscal needs o f Aberdeen Township. My vote goes for the person who recognizes the issues and can accomplish the goals. RWN KATZ Former Municipal Republican Candidate Aberdeen S m ith re p re s e n ts a ll g o o d th in g s Aberdeen needs Wayne Smith. The voters on Nov. 8 have an opportunity to elect a negative person or a positive person to the Town C o uncil in Aberdeen. During the past few weeks, we have all read and heard Richard Wolfe bash alm ost every aspect o f life in Aberdeen Township. The one thing you don t hear is Mr. W olfe comparing his record to his challenger Wayne Smith. Since being appointed to the council this past January, Wayne Smith has focused on the positive aspects of Aberdeen and has worked to make them better Wayne Smith believes in rebuilding the parks in Aberdeen. He donated his 94 council salary to the recreation department to once again give something back to the community. He examines the municipal budget line by line to make sure that residents get the most for their tax dollars. Wayne Smith s credentials speak for themselves. He has been a teacher in the high school for the past 25 years. He is a licensed builder, inspector and owner of a construction company. He is a community leader who cares about the people in our town. n closing, let me say that Wayne Smith represents all the good things in Aberdeen. Let s make a great town even better by electing Wayne Smith to the council. SAM RZKA LA Republican Municipal Chairman Aberdeen No more campaign letters until 95 n fairness to local candidates, The ndependent places a moratorium on letters discussing the campaign the week before elections. O f course, you re welcome to write letters to: The ndependent, 7 Edgeboro Road, East Brunswick, 08816, on any noncampaign-related issue. You can also fax us at

35 THE NDEPENDENT, OCTOBER 26, D u m p o f M onth idea too dram atic Your editorial on Matawan Mayor Bob Shuey s idea of a Dump of the Month was right on target. The mayor s goal of getting people to clean up the town is correct, but his means of doing it is way off base, at this time. Your suggestion of a most improved type of award sounds more appealing. hope that the mayor gives this a long look and trial before taking the route of public embarrassment. The mayor is justified in being concerned and upset. The grass growing through the sidewalks is an indication of an unkempt look. So, too, is the litter. A significant fact is that too many of our fellow citizens are slobs who just throw things on the ground. Shuey s view that the downtown area is starting to look rundown, unfortunately, is true. The easiest way to deal with this is for the business owners to make sure that the front of their stores are swept and cleaned on a regular basis. There has to be a lot of frustration when minutes after sweeping there is more litter on the sidewalk, but the cold reality is that the future of our town lies in the upgrading of its image. Two suggestions come to mind that would cost little. The borough recently bought a street sweeper. Perhaps alternate side parking could be added to the business area; that will allow the machine to sweep the street on a regular basis. Another idea is to use the m unicipal courts. Judges could order community service in lieu of fines or jail in appropriate uses. The community service could be a few hours per week cleaning the business area, or other properties that have fallen into tax default and are no longer maintained. Mayor Shuey should try as many less drastic methods to get people to maintain their properties and business before he resorts to his Dump of the Month idea. But if nothing else works, then he may very well have to use that idea. PETER MCNTYRE Matawan S e n a to r u p se t b y A rm y b a n d s m o v e The following is a letter to Secretary of Defense William Perry. am writing to inquire why the Army has decided to transfer the 389th Army Band from Fort M onm outh to the Aberdeen Proving Grounds in Maryland. The 389th Army Band is the patriotic heart of the region. t has long been a fixture at community events and has helped make Fort Monmouth a good neighbor, valued by the surrounding towns. t is unclear to me why New Jersey is being deprived of one of only three military bands serving the state, in order to move the 389th Army Band to an area rich in m ilitary bands. am also disappointed that an announcement of such importance to New Jersey was made on such short notice, without advance consultation. m sure you agree that, as we work to sustain a strong military within tight resource constraints, we need to remain in close contact as important decisions are made. appreciate your looking into this matter and look forward to your prom pt reply. SEN. BLL BRADLEY Letters Caboose too close to resident s hom e n 1989,1 was able to buy a small cottage here in Middletown; a great idea, or so thought. finished an addition to my cottage this spring, but before began, it was necessary for me to complete several important tasks. First, 1 was required to notify all property owners within 200 feet of my home. did this by personally visiting about 15 of my neighbors and showing them a set of architectural plans of my proposed addition. t was also necessary for me to notify the township of Middletown and the county of Monmouth by mail because each owns property within 200 feet of my home. The next step was for me to place a required advertisement in a local paper to inform the public of my intent to build. Finally, was required to appear at a Planning Board meeting to allow yet another opportunity for my neighbors to object and to receive the approval of the Planning Board. With the support of my neighbors and no objections made, was granted the Planning Board s approval. The charitable group, Middletown Helps ts Own, operates a clothing drive across my street at the restored Port Monmouth Train Station. feel that it is a very worthwhile effort and know they ve helped many needy families. However, this group and the township has recently decided to place a train caboose only 75 feet from my home. learned this last Thursday, Oct. 20, when returned home from work and witnessed this event. am very surprised that Middletown Township and Middletown Helps ts Own failed to inform me of their plans. Surely, the township does not think it s above the citizens it serves. m sure the fact that was not informed of their plans to deposit a train car across my street is an oversight and unintentional. As of this date, have not been informed of the intended use of this caboose. As mentioned earlier, support the work of Middletown Helps ts Own, but m not convinced they need the use of a train car in a residential neighborhood to accomplish their goals. f the township or the charitable group had informed me of their plans, would have told them that don t wish to open my door and start each new day with the sight of a train car. also believe that this caboose will be a magnet for vandalism. A few years ago, there was an attempted arson of the train station itself. Recently, there was an emergency meeting at the local firehouse with Police Chief Fowlie and many local citizens in attendance. The topic of the meeting was the recent acts of vandalism in our community. t is all this and more that makes me question the wisdom that led to the decision to place a train car on my street and the failure to inform people who live here. CHRSTAN KEELEY Port Monmouth T r a in w o n t go b a c k w a rd s, e ith e r... can appreciate Mr. Frank Hummlers letter in your Oct. 12 issue. However, the fact is that no train routing that would be initiated under the present M O M Study would satisfy his, or anyone else s, wishes for a trip from Matawan to Freehold, unless you wanted to take it in the afternoon. The tentative schedules for the three options all call for Newark-New York bound trains to operate in that direction only in the morning and the reverse in the afternoon. At the present time New Jersey Transit is w orking on its W heels program where they are aiming at instituting or im proving bus service on 41 routes throughout the state. At the present time 19 of these have been put in place with a considerable measure of success. t is possible that in the future a second Wheels program will include a Matawan-Freehold connection which has been sought for quite a num ber o f years. t is being worked on by various Monmouth County groups. PETER J. KOELSCH Matawan A v o te fo r S m ith is a v o te fo r c h ild r e n am w riting to urge the voters of Aberdeen to elect Wayne Smith to the Township Council on Nov. 8. t is rare in this day and age that we find a dedicated public servant who puts our children first. Mr. Smith not only supports the council s rehabilitation of our town s parks, but he believes that more should be done to ensure that the children of Aberdeen will always have a safe place to play. How can you not vote for a man that donated his 94 council salary to the recreation departm ent for the children of Aberdeen? Mr. Smith is not a rich man. He is a school teacher that has been teaching our children for over 25 years. He deserves not only our thanks, but our support as well. On Election Day, a vote for Wayne Smith is a vote for a better Aberdeen. EDWARD LOUD Vice-Chairman Monmouth County Park System Vote for a change As election nears, feel compelled to write. We must stop thinking of ourselves as just voters and that one vote doesn t matter. We are the employers of our elected officials, and our taxes are their paychecks. f you are not happy with an employee s productivity, you hire someone else simple. f you re not proud of the conditions where you live, it s time for a change. What can you lose by giving a new employee a chance, if you're already unhappy with your community? f your home is in need of repair, you fix it. Your town is an extension of your home. f your children need discipline are you afraid they ll get mad at you or is their best interest your only concern? Voting is an extension of your beliefs. Set the example inside and outside your home. Children learn what they see and it s their community, too. As taxpaying employers, we need to evaluate our elected employees every election. Look around our town. f you re not happy with how they care about their job, then you must care. Fix it with your vote. GEORGEANNE BENNS Union Beach G e ttin g th e re c o rd r ig h t fo r th e v o te r must be under some misimpression, thought the Aberdeen candidate was someone named Smith. Apparently, the deputy mayor is acting as a surrogate mother. Too bad he just returned to school and had to catch up on his lesson plans according to him. The township lost out on the opportunity to see what we each had to say. Now as to fact, Mr. Goldberg has violated a 30-year unwritten rule that the council sitting never gets involved in an election. t is the candidate who represents the majority of the council who must defend the record. There is a good reason for the rule. t provides that if the opposition wins they can comfortably sit without the need to reconcile differences. The township comes first. The council has an advocate rather than councilman individually fighting the opposition. n the instant case Mr. Goldberg, a fellow traveler of the mayor, and apparent designee o f the municipal leader was chosen to answer for the silent Mr. Smith. Mr. Goldberg questioned my achievements and why didn t push them. Well, was more concerned about future goals than tooting my own horn. Since you insist, ll describe them since you weren t living here. 1. initiated the name change to A b erdeen after proving we lost federal grants to Matawan. 2. 1initiated the first teen center which successfully operated for over a year. 3. initiated for a new town hatl and saw it through almost to completion. There is a plaque in the entrance way to the hall with my name on it. 4. was one of the councilmen who initiated the 10-year nfrastructure Program and the housing and apartment maintenance code. 5. was the council trustee and attorney for BRED (Anti-Poverty/Educational Preschool Program). 6. initiated the summer intern program, a federally-funded summer program with local college students. never said neglected Cliffwood or the Beach. As a matter of fact, oversaw various repairs of catch basins, neglected grass cutting, traffic signs, stop signs installations and the rerouting of traffic around the traffic light by the Garden Manor. also worked with placing traffic signs in Oak Shades and around the various side streets adjacent to the high school. My focus was on traffic and streets, not the zoning laws. Today, wish emphasized that aspect because things are so bad in Cliffwood. Lastly, am not a career politician because 1 don t make my living from public service. am a practicing lawyer in the six-figure bracket. want to serve because this is the place call home. care about the town and enjoyed the challenges. have pride in what we did in the past and faith in our future. O n Nov. 8 the people w ill have a chance to vote for a man with experience, devotion and energy the right reasons. RCHARD WOLFE Candidate for Aberdeen

36 3 6 OCTOBER 26, THE NDEPENDENT Calendar u m rio\s Thursday The Meadow Theater is auditioning for m p rovjam! from 7-9 p.m. at the theater located in The Galleria Atrium at Bridge Avenue and West Front Street, Red Bank. Needed are women, ages 18 40, who can demonstrate comedic timing. For information, call Saturday and Sunday RTG Productions is auditioning for A C hristm as Carol. All roles needed. Auditions dates are children, 1-4 p.m. on Saturday; adults, 7-10 p.m. on Sunday. Rehearsals are at RTG Productions studio, Red Bank. Appointments needed. Call (LBS Thursday Central Jersey Jewish Singles is offering coffee and conversation at the Congregation Agudath Achim, Broad and Stokes streets, Freehold, at 8 p.m. Fee is $2 for members and $3 for non-members. For more information, call or Friday French Conversation Group will meet at the Monmouth County Library Headquarters, 125 Symmes Drive, Manalapan, at 4 p.m. The session will be structured, but informal. For more information, call a Jack an d the Beanstalk will be presented at 1 p.m. on Saturdays by the Paper Moon Puppet Theatre, 500 Highway 36 west, Navesink, Middletown Township. Tickets cost $4.50 for children and seniors; $5 for adults, and $20 for groups (20 or more). Call The Sorcerer's Apprentice will be presented at 1 p.m. and 3? p.m. on Saturday and at 1.m. on Sunday at The Meadow heater at the Galleria Atrium, Bridge Avenue and West Front Street in Red Bank. All tickets cost $6. Call Quietude Garden Gallery, 24 Fern Road, East Brunswick, will display the works of sculptors Amy Medford and Gillian jagger. Hours are 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Thursday through Sunday. No fee. For information, call a The National Chamber Orchestra, led by Piotr Gajewski, with guest pianist Daniel Epstein, ",...perfoi will perform Saturday ' ' at 8 p.m. at the Poliak Auditorium, Monmouth College, West Long Branch, with a pre-concert lecture given by Maestro Gajewski at 7:15 p.m. Tickets are $22, with a $2 discount for persons 65 and over, students and Monmouth College alumni. Children 12 and under are $5. Call Sunday The Maccabean Unit of B'nai B'rith announces a charter breakfast meeting and installation of charter officers, at Freehold Gardens, Route 537, Freehold Township, at 9 a.m. For more information, call Next Wednesday The Star Astronomy Society is having its monthly meeting at 8 p.m., at the Holmdel Park Activity Center, Longstreet Road, Holmdel. Meet people who share an interest in observing the stars and planets. Meetings are free and open to the public. For more information, contact fax number The Prime Timers of the Marlboro Jewish Center will meet at 8 p.m. in the Chai Building, Marlboro. Guest will be Jack Gottlob, a photograph expert, who restores old photographs. For further information, call Jewish Community Center of Western Monmouth County's Steering Committee will meet in the offices of Jewish Family and Children s Services, 25 Kilmer Drive, Building 3, Suite 103, Morganville, at 7:30 p.m. For further DANCE Sunday A modern dance class with Robin Becker, a former member of the Martha Graham Dance Company, will be offered at 2 p.m. in the Conference Hall Dance Studio (parking lot 4) at Brookdale Community College, 765 Newman Springs Road, Lincroft. Admission is $5; free to Brookdale students. Call Future event The Tamburitzans, the Duquesne University dance troupe, will perform Balkan folk dances at 3 p.m. on Nov. 6 at Poliak Auditorium, Monmouth College, West Long Branch. Tickets are $16; $14 for persons over 65 and Monmouth College alumni. Children under 12 are $5. For reservations, call EXHBTS Today through Saturday Abstract Paintings, an exhibit featuring four local artists, will be on display at the Gallery, 45 E. Main St., Holmdel, Wednesday through Saturday, 10 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.; and Thursday, 10 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. For more information, call Today through Sunday Quietude Garden Gallery, 24 Fern Road, East Brunswick, will display the works of sculptors Amy Medford and Gillian Jagger. Hours are 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Thursday through Sunday. No fee. For information, call A watercolor exhibit by Julia Gulick will be on display at the Deep Cut Horticultural Center, Red Hill Road, Middletown. Open to the public from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., daily. Call Today through Nov. 6 The New Jersey Water Color Society 52nd annual open exhibition will be on display at the Monmouth Museum, Brookdale Community College, Newman Springs Road, Lincroft. The gallery is open from 10 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Tuesday through Saturday; and 1-5 p.m. on Sunday. Admission is free to members; non-mem- FUN AT THE KEYPORT FEST AND BOAT RACE Having fun in the Moonwalk, 3-year-old Suzanna Fischetti of Hazlet was among the 1,000 spectators and participants of the Sixth Annual Keyport Fest and Boat Race, held Saturday. Besides boat races in the Raritan Bay, rides for the children, and a food festival, the day marked the dedication of the Bayshore Regional Kiosk, made possible by the Environmental Endowment of New Jersey. (Photo by Rich Schultz) ber adults, $3; children and seniors, $2.50. For information, call Two-person art exhibit featuring the watercolors and acrylics of David Johnston and the oils of Elvira Pellegrinelli will be on display at the Thompson Park Visitor Center, Newman Springs Road, Lincroft. Opening reception is from 2-4 p.m. on Sunday. The exhibit is open from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., Monday through Friday, and 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday. For information, call ; TDD, Today through March 19 The Monmouth County Historical Association will exhibit its collection of quilts at the museum and library s main gallery at 70 Court St., Freehold. The museum is open Tuesday through Saturday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., and Sunday from 1-4 p.m. Admission is $2 for adults; $1 for children ages 6-18; and $1.50 for seniors. MCHA members and children under 6 are admitted free. For information, call FLMS Thursday Th e M an W ho K n ew Too M uch, an Alfred Hitchcock s thriller starring James Stewart and Doris Day, will be shown at the Eastern Branch of the Monmouth County Library, Route 35, Shrewsbury. Program is free. Call Friday L a O fren d a and Q ue Viva M exico will be shown starting at 7 p.m. in room 100 of Milledoler Hall on the Rutgers College Avenue campus, New Brunswick. Admission is $4, $3 for Rutgers Film Coop Friends. Call The B rooklyn Bridge, a documentary film, will be shown at 2 p.m. at the Monmouth County Library, 125 Symmes Drive, Manalapan. No charge. Call Monday Th e Fre sh m an, one of the films from the series The Silent Clowns: The Film Comedies of the 1920s, will be shown at 10 a.m. at the Monmouth County Library, 125 Symmes Drive, Manalapan. Commentary will be provided by silent film specialist Robert Rivlin. For information, call OR KDS Saturdays through Dec. 3 J a c k an d the B e a n sta lk will be presented at 1 p.m. on Saturdays by the Paper Moon Puppet Theatre, 500 Highway 36 west, Navesink, Middletown Township. Tickets cost $4.50 for children and seniors; $5 for adults, and $20 for groups (20 or more). Call Saturday and Sunday Th e U g ly D u ck lin g will be presented at the Actors Cafe Theatre, Bradley Beach, at 1 p.m. and 3 p.m. on Saturdays and 1 p.m. on Sundays. Advance tickets cost $5 and $8 at the door. Call Saturdays and Sundays through Nov. 13 Th e S o rc e re r s A p p re n tice will be presented at 1 p.m. and 3 p.m. on Saturday and at 1 p.m. on Sunday at The

37 Meadow Theater at the Galleria Atrium, Bridge Avenue and West Front Street in Red Bank. All tickets cost $6. Call Sunday S le e p in g B e a u ty will be presented by the National Marionette Theater Company at 3 p.m. on Sunday at the Performing Arts Center, Brookdale Community College, Lincroft. Admission is $5. Call The National Marionette Theater company will present Sleeping Beauty" at Brookdale Community College, Lincroft, in the Performing Arts Center at 3 p.m. Admission is $5. For advance ticket sales and further information, call FXD-RASERS Friday First Presbyterian C hurch of Freehold, Main Street and Brinckerhoff Avenue, Freehold Borough, will hold a community luncheon from 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. The donation is $5 and proceeds benefit Freehold Area Habitat for Humanity. For further information, call Saturday A Halloween Murder Mysery Dinner, sponsored by the Fundraising Committee of the Battleground Arts Center, Freehold, and featuring Play Dead Productions, will be held at the Lincroft nn, Newman Springs Road, Lincroft, from 7-11 p.m. Tickets are $40 per person and proceeds benefit BAC. For further information, call SPECAL EVENTS Today Open Poetry Meeting at the Monmouth County Library Headquarters, 125 Symmes Drive, Manalapan, at 7:30 p.m. For more information, call Friday St. Benedict Church, Holmdel, will be celebrating its 35th anniversary at a dinner-dance to be held at 7 p.m. at the Robert B. Meyner Reception Center at the Garden States Art Center, Holmdel. Tickets are $30. For tickets or further information, call Howell Historical Society will meet at the Town Hall, Preventorium Road, Howell, at 8 p.m., for a lecture about bicycles titled, Cycles of History-The Big Wheelers. A 35th anniversary dinner-dance, sponsored by the Community of St. Benedict in Holmdel, will be held at 7 p.m. at the Garden State Art Center, Holmdel. Tickets cost $30. For information, call Saturday Area first aid squads will be on hand at Freehold Raceway Mall, Freehold Township, for the sixth annual First Aid Expo. For further information, call First Church of Christ, Scientist, 98 W. Main St., Freehold, is offering a free lecture by Margaret Campbell titled, Lighten Up Through Prayer, at 3 p.m. Saturday Fall Family Fun Festival, sponsored by the West Monmouth Baptist Church, 225 Route 33, Freehold Township, will be held from 1-3 p.m. For further information, call Sunday First Presbyterian Church, 118 W. Main St., Freehold, will be holding a Festal Evensong Service for All Saints Day at 4 p.m. For further information, call HEALTH Today Menopause: Straight Talk, a lecture given by Dr. Arnold Halperia, obstetrician and gynecologist, will be presented at the Eastern Branch of the Monmouth County Library, Route 35, Shrewsbury, at 7:30 p.m. For more information Thursday Jersey Shore Medical Center s Adult Diabetes Support Group will host a free Mini-Healttf fair for persons with diabetes and their family members. 7:30-9 p.m., in Lance Auditorium B located in Brennan Pavilion, Neptune. For more information, call Sunday CentraState Medical Center s Health Awareness Center, upper level, Freehold Raceway Mall, is offering cholesterol screenings from noon to 2 p.m. to anyone over the age of 18. Fee is $8. For further information, call Monday CentraState Medical Center s Health Awareness Center, 65 Gibson Place, Freehold Townshp, will sponsor a support group for people with breathing disorders from 2:30-3:30 p.m. For further information, call Riverview Medical Center, Red Bank, will offer its "Preparation for Childbirth" program at 7:30 p.m. For further information or to register, call Tuesday Visiting Nurse Association will sponsor a flu prevention clinic at Foodtown, Route 36 and Poole Avenue, Hazlet, from 4-6 p.m. LEOTRES Today An open poetry reading, suggested theme is weather, will be held at 7:30 p.m. at the Monmouth County Library, 125 Symmes Drive., Manalapan. For information, call Starting Your Own Business," a free financial seminar, will be held at 7 p.m. at the Wall Township Branch of the Monmouth County Library, 2700 Allaire Road. Call Thursday Where We Stand on Financial Markets, a free financial seminar, will be presented at 7 p.m. at the Wall Township Branch of the Monmouth County Library, 2700 Allaire Road, Wall Township. Call for information. Friday nterfaith/nterracial Relations, a public forum, will be held from 8:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. at the Performing Arts Center (parking lot 1 and 2) at Brookdale Community College, Lincroft. Free. For more information, call Tuesday How to Pay for College will be presented at 7:30 p.m. at the Middletown Township Public Library s Headquarters, 55 New Monmouth Road. Program is free. For information, call Ml SM Friday Annie Haslam, lead singer of the Renaissance, will appear at Club Bene, Route 35, Sayreville. Show starts at 9 p.m., with an optional dinner at 7 p.m. Cost is $15 for show; $25 for show and THE NDEPENDENT, OCTOBER 26, THE GREAT RACE Participants take off Saturday during the start of the 11- to 14-year-olds competitive 2K segment of the Middletown Education Foundation s 5th annual Great Race. The event was held at Middletown South. (Photo by Rich Schultz) dinner. Call Saturday The National Chamber Orchestra, led by Piotr Gajewski, with guest pianist Daniel Epstein, will perform at 8 p.m. at the Poliak Auditorium, Monmouth College, West Long Branch, with a pre-concert lecture given by Maestro Gajewski at 7:15 p.m. Tickets are $22, with a $2 discount for persons 65 and over, students and Monmouth College alumni. Children 12 and under are $5. Call Sunday Pianist Edwin Kowalik will play the music of the great Polish composers at 2 p.m. at the Monmouth County Library, 125 Symmes Drive, Manalapan. The concert is free. Call Tuesday Alex Bugnon, Lalah Hathaway and Art Porter will appear in concert at 8:30 p.m., with an optional dinner at 7 p.m., at Club Bene, Route 35, Sayreville. Cost of the show is $20; dinner and show is $30. For information, call The Raphael Trio, the first performance in the Chamber Music Series, will be held at 8:30 p.m. at the Performing Arts Center, Brookdale Community College, Lincroft. Tickets are $16. Call THEATER Thursday and Friday Bram Stoker s D racula will be pesented at 8 p.m. at the Strand Theatre, Lakewood. Tickets are $18 and $15; with discounts for groups and children. Call Thursday, Friday and Saturday Th e Z o m b ie will be presented at the First Avenue Playhouse, 123 First Ave., Atlantic Highlands. Performances start at 8:30 p.m. Admission on Thursday is $12; Friday and Saturday admission is $18. Advance reservations can be made by calling Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays through Nov. 19 A series of one-act Halloween plays written by the Sabona Productions Playwrights group will be shown Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays at 8:30 p.m., with dessert at 8 p.m.. at the Amandla Theater, 321 W. Farms Road, Howell. Tickets are $10; and two for one on Thursdays. For information, call Fridays and Saturdays through Nov. 12 Return Engagem ents will be presented by the Monmouth Players at 8:15 p.m. on Fridays and Saturdays and a 2:30 p.m. performance on Nov. 12 at the Navesink Library on Sears and Monmouth avenues in Middletown. Tickets are $10 and $7 for seniors and students. For information, call Fridays sand Saturdays through Dec. 30 m p rov Ja m, a comedy show for adults and teens, is presented at 11 p.m. Fridays and Saturdays at The Meadow Theater located in The Galleria Atrium, Bridge Avenue and West Front Street, Red Bank. Cost is $6. Call Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays through Nov. 13 Th e P h ila d e lp h ia S tory, the classic comedy, will be presented at 8 p.m. and at 3 p.m. on Nov. 6 and 13 at the First Presbyterian Church, Route 34 at Franklin Street, Matawan. Tickets are $10; students and seniors, $8. For information, call Future event R u m o rs, a Neil Simon comedy, will be presented at 7:30 p.m. on Nov. 3; 8 p.m. on Nov. 4 and 5 and at 2 p.m. on Nov. 6 at the Manalapan Theatre, Manalapan High School, Church Lane. Tickets are $5 in advance; $6 at the door and $3 for senior citizens. Call Pounding N ails in the Flo o r With My Forehead, scheduled for this Friday night at the State Theatre, New Brunswick, has been rescheduled for performance on Friday, Feb. 17,1995 at 8 p.m. The show s co-star, Eric Bogosian, became unavailable due to his being filmed opposite Steven Segall in the Warner Brothers movie n Dark Territory. All tickets purchased for the Sept. 23, 1994 performamce of Pounding N ails will be valid for the Feb. 17, 1995 date. For additional information, call (212) w ant 3m you ive an event that you d like to j see o n our calendar page? Write to; The ndependent, Edgeboro Road, East Brunswick, NJ Y ou can also fax us at

38 3 8 OCTOBER 26, 1994, THE NDEPENDENT L a k e w o o d F l o o r C o v e r i n g WE LL BEAT (M t-carpet PRCES JJ The face of today s personals is And you'll be surprised at the kind of people you meet. Today s personals are filled with new, exciting people every day. People from all walks of life, with one thing in common. They re looking for someone like you to share a smile...and possibly a life. You ll find them in today s Meet Your Match. To respond to ads, call 1 '90Ck370"2131 call costs $1.95 per min. To place your free ad, call 1'800454^9100 MEET YOUR MATCH BERBERS" Starting as low as sq. ft. NSTALLED HARDWOOD M annington Hardwood Floor $ C 7 5 On Sale Starting as low as wsc. Tl. NSTALLED Mon & Fri 9-9 Tue Wed Thur Sat R t. 9 H ow ell B Ser-v-infi tie, area, fior ou-er 40pears1AMwor is done, ip our owncraftsmen (No Subcontractors) *0 cqpe. s, ' ^ t, T B ^ T O B - 85 a e % c e tte n t drwe. Under b r s. t u r t W ^ PorS ^ QjU leecief & 8 - * f i 5 908"55 * $4,500. C au G reater M edia New spapers H E Y S U P E R S L E U T H S... Find the "Fake Ad and you can win a dinner for 2. Starting this week there's more than great bargains in the Classifieds. We've hidden a "fake a d somewhere within the line ads. Can you find it? Each week a new ad will be hidden. Find the ad, attach it to the " Found the Fake" coupon located in the Classified section. (Photocopies not accepted). Mail your entry so that it reaches us no later than the Tuesday after publication. One winner will be drawn from the entries received. Winner will be announced in the Classified section each week. THE CLO SET DOCTOR jm n tro d u c in g SUPERSLDf nstalled or Custom C u t to your jo b. FULLY NSURED EXPERENCED (609) (609) STORAGE' SYSTEMS Closet Maid, Steel Rod Vinyl Coated Shelving Custom Built-n Laminated Systems Cabinet Organizers Wall Sales MRRORS Doors Walls Vanities Framed & Beveled BATH ACCESSORES Medicine Cabinets Shower Enclosures Custom Frameless E-Z Clean Track U - P C K P U M P K N S G O U R D S & S Q U A S H HAYRDES A. TO PUMPKN PATCH Sunny Acres Pumpkin Patch B u r l i n g t o n P a t h R d., C r e a m R i d g e, N J (609) (609) OPEN 10 to 5 WEEKENDS and COLUMBUS DAY Rt. 537, 1 mi. past Great Adventure, turn right on Miller s Mill Rd. to left on Burlington Path Rd. Continue 1 mi. to farm. RULOWEEX SCENES CDER CORN STALKS ASK ABOUT OUR SATURDAY X1GHT HAYRDES!

39 THE NDEPENDENT, OCTOBER 26, T iffany s offers b evy o f specials BY M ARC SCH LO SSB ER G D i n i n g C r it ic O n our first attempt at securing reservations for dinner at T iffany s, we were physically closed out, except for a much-too-late openirtftso naturally curious we tried again. The first available reservation the second tim e was for 7:30 p.m. and we grabbed it. Arriving promptly on time, we found the restaurant was better than half empty and wondered why. The answer was that many of the customers come for the early-bird specials, leaving the remainder waiting until 7:30 p.m. Tiffany s is fairly attractive. Nicely appointed furnishings, a glass-enclosed bar, and a friendly staff welcome you upon arrival. C ontinental and Am erican are the prime cuisine offerings at Tiffany s, with the choices limited. Tortellini Alfredo, shrimp cocktail, fried mozzarella sticks and fried vegetables are the extent of the appetizers. Soup du jour was a beef barley. Manhattan clam chowder and French onion rounded out the soup category. Entrees range from $8.95 (manicotti) to $17.95 (filet mignon Dijon), including salad and potato or rice, and are com prised mainly of chicken (Cajun, grilled, francaise, Marsala), steaks, prime rib, linguini with clam sauce, filet of flounder, shrimp scampi and a few combinations. While waiting for our meal, a plate of cold tortellini salad with seafood, which was quite tasty, and a basket of hot rolls were furnished for our nibbling. The Manhattan clam chowder ($2.50) was hot and spicy, but was hard pressed to find the presence of more than two fragments of clam. A New York strip steak ($15.95) was grilled to perfection, nicely garnished with fresh steamed vegetables, topped with two golden onion rings and served with a baked potato. A shrimp scampi ($13.95), ordered over rice, and decorated with the afore- Dining Out T iffa n y 's Ram ada nn 399 M onmouth St. East Windsor (609) Hours: 7:30 a.m. to 10 p.m Reservations: Accepted Credit cards: Most major Bar: Full bar Smoking: No non-smoking section available Attire: Casual Handicapped: Accessible mentioned vegetables, did not exactly present itself with jum bo shrimp as advertised, but the six large shrimp it did come with were adequate enough. The scampi sauce was fine, and the steamed vegetables were perfectly so. Dessert selections included rice pudding, cheesecake, ice cream and homemade apple pie. We ordered a piece of homemade apple pie ($2.25). What we received resembled anything but. On a 4- inch plate, what can be best described as a blistering muddle of sweet apples, pliant crust, and a dissolving white cream that had been irradiated beyond remembrance, was set before us. A rather unfortunate presentation of the all-american favorite. Tiffany s offers the diner a bevy of specials, including early birds and breakfast buffets throughout the week. The bar and atmosphere are inviting, the food is nicely prepared and presented, and the pricing just for the food received. Marc Schlossberg has been associated with the food field for more than 20 years. f you have a favorite restaurant you think deserves a review, let us know at (908) or (908) Get a head start on the season and save plenty on this year's home improvements by calling the experts. We have the experience and skill to repair and redesign inside and outside your home. We are A rtisan S T i The Sign of Quality Home mporvement We specialize in: SAVE $ $ $ Siding Windows Soffit & Fascia s Steel Doors Kitchen & Baths Roofing Custom Decks Andersen Windows Concrete Specialists Brick Pavers W. FRONTSTREET5Gu,ers KEYPORT Fully nsured Family Owned and Operated References Upon Request ForYourConvenience. WeNowAccept VSA&MASTERCARD C o lo n y n n talian-american Restaurant DNNER, MUSC & ENTERTANMENT FR. & SAT P.M. To Advertise Here Call Marge A D D T O N S ( S h e l l e d o r F i n i s h e d ) S D N G ( A l u m i n u m o r V i n y l ) W N D O W S * R O O F S P A N T N G - G U T T E R S & L E A D E R S C U S T O M D E C K S P O W E R W A S H N G C A L L N O W F O R F A L L R A T E S O N C E R A M C a n d H A R D W O O D F L O O R S Member: Better Business Bureau Chamber of Commerce SN G LE * 9 95 DOUBLE $ TRPLE S229S HOME $ ^ RUN i t / talian Specials Every Wednesday Homemade talian Food Starling at s4.95 O PEN 7 DAYS BREAKFAST, L U N C H & D N N E R 1110 FLORENCE AVE. UNON BEACH L A N D N G Since 1917 F a m o u s S e a fo o d R e s ta u ra n t in the Beautiful Highlands at Sandy Hook Beach Owned and operated by Jay & Ray Cosgrove

40 4 0 OCTOBER 26,1994, THE NDEPENDENT Police Beal Size Style Reg. SALE! P21575R15 $ $93.95 P225/75R P235/75R R M0.50R rj l a m p fsi:* 3 OflfiB va-'yjsi,, $ Quaker State 10/W30 Q OrnunnlinQllj^in4rtmni)fi 1 0 Tima nciwiiiic maimenance unc*up5 Check Fluids Power Steering Transmission $4/1 $CQ $CQ j Brake Differential)/' Windshield Wiper (Cyi. Hnscd. 33 icii D9 n nslail resetof spartcplugs, latior. adjust tkrwig&cafbu- i t*(wtma«^,(m«*,stew8iv4 1 roadtest. With(hisaxjpon. LimJ 1percusionier. Most Cats Get Ready tor the Cold Weather Radiator &Cooling Check-Up Hjs CHECK &FLL FLUDS i> Power Steering Brake Transmission Differential y Windshield Wiper jjmjiiun $0085 MOBLE 1 V U CHECK &FLL FLUDS Power Steering Brake * Transmission Differential Windshield Wiper Mt«USca^UtoClm^upto5i^ol&nwifcf.OiBseloli*EraiMlU ^1ru(te\OT Pressure tea fte ertire csx*nj s^sem&tap. nspect virabf pump, hoses, bats &tightenclamps. Withthis Cojpon. Limit 1per custwner. &foreigncareslightly higher, withthis coupon. Limit 1per customer. Venn M Your Total Car Care Center % 2&4Wheel Alignment 4WM$44 JO bo Set cambec&toetomfg'sspecs.adjust thaist line Q dependingonalignmesit type&whel dtre.shiphs, J labor, &FWDvehiclesextra. Withthiscoupon. Limit free. Lifetime Warranty Disc Brake Service *69 Semi-Metallic Pads Additional nstal newtart discpads, pa* bearings, resurface ' rators.rwdwhicfeam sehflcereoornmendedif nededtosateoperate*\mththi5coupon.uni1 percustomer. All Major Credit Cards National Accounts Welcom Tires Mounted in 3 Minutes Or Less-Calli KEYPO RT CARCARE CENTER Across from Town & Country Diner Route 35 South, Keyport Monday thru Frid ay 7:30 AM-7 PM Saturday 7:30 AM-4 PM Call (908) RED BANK CARC ARE CEN TER 801 Shrewsbury Ave., Shrewsbury Monday thru Friday 7 :3 0 AM-6 PM Saturday 7:30 AM-4 PM Call (908) HOLMDEL Matthew Z a zza li, Colts Neck, was arrested and charged with driving under the influence on Longbridge Road, Oct. 16. Patrolman Kenneth McGowan made the arrest. A fruit stand located on Route 35 was reported broken into O ct. 16 and Hallow een decorations were taken. Patrolman William Cusick is investigating. A C raw fo rd s C o rn e r Everet Road couple were involved in a domestic dispute Oct. 16. As reported to police by a passing motorist, the couple s dispute ended with the woman sitting in the middle of the street. No charges were filed and the woman was transported to Riverview Hospital for observation. Corporal James Smythe, Sergeant Donald Hughes and Patrolmen Michael Smith and Gerard Burke responded. A dom estic dispute was reported in the parking lot of the Holmdel Towne Center, Route 35, Oct. 16. The dispute was resolved and both parties refused to file a complaint. Sergeant Donald Hughes and Patrolmen Kenneth McGowan and Michael Smith responded. The em ergency room at Bayshore Community Hospital, North Beers Street, reported a disorderly person making threats to the staff, Oct. 16. The problem was resolved and no arrests were made. Sergeant Donald Hughes, Corporal James Smythe, Patrolmen Michael Smith and Kenneth McGowan responded. Pau l J o h n so n, Cliffwood Beach, reportedly drove his vehicle off the intersection of Bethany Road and Hillcrest Road, Oct. 17, striking a utility pole. Johnson was transported to Bayshore Community Hospital by the Holmdel First Aid Squad. Bethany Road was closed for most of the day, due to utility wires laying a cro ss the road. Patrolm an John Mioduszewski is investigating. At a construction site at 2958 Route 35, a trailer was burglarized of $ 4,0 0 0 worth of equipment, including two computers, two printers and an answering machine. The trailer was forced open and two offices ransacked. Police found a bottle of liquor in the front office, apparently left behind by the thief or th ieves. Patrolman Russell Surdi responded. At the W e lle s le y nn parking lot, someone using a sharp object scratched the roof and hood of a 1994 Honda the night of Oct Patrolman Bill Cowan responded. G eorge M. F a irlie, 38, whose last known address was 118 Pier Ave., Brick, was charged on a warrant Oct. 11 with two counts of theft and two counts of burglary. The alleged crimes occurred Aug. 11 at the Hazlet Plaza and the Kmart shopping center, both Route 35. His bail was set at $10,000, and he was remanded to Ocean County jail with no 10 percent option. Detective Sergeants Jon Mullins and Michael Broderick filed the charges. A Laurel Avenue residence was burglarized sometime between 8:10 a.m. and 6:45 p.m. Oct. 10. A camcorder valued at $1,599, a VCR, and jewelry were stolen. Patrolman Kevin Leonard responded. At the Kmart shopping center parking lot, a 1989 Hyundai was stolen the afternoon of Oct. 12. Patrolman John Allen responded. M D D LE TO W N At Thornberry s Appliance & TV, 683 Route 35 north, a Sony camcorder valued at $742 was stolen between 2:30 and 3 p.m. Oct. 12. t had been placed on top of boxes by the front entrance to the store by a delivery person. Patrolman Jam es W. Roese responded. At the main municipal parking lot at 1 Kings Highway, a car was burglarized the morning of Oct. 17. Patrolman John Lange investigated. On Main Street in Port Monmouth, the stern drive on a boat was stolen the night of Oct The drive, valued at $1,500- $2,000, was removed from the inboardoutboard motor. The boat was up on blocks. Patrolman Robert Stafanski responded. On Locust Avenue, off Locust Point Road, a driver lost control of a vehicle during the early morning hours of Oct. 12 and struck a guard rail on a steel bridge, overturning the vehicle. There were no witn esses and the driver fled the scene before police responded at 3:25 a.m. The car w as traced to a 19-year-old Middletown man who was not located until the following afternoon when he reported his vehicle stolen. Patrolman Peter White responded. On Louis Circle at the intersection of N avesink R iver Road, a 73-year-old pedestrian was injured by a car about 7 p.m. Oct. 17, A resident of the area, he was carrying three pieces of metal pipe across the street when the car apparently struck the pipe. The pedestrian was taken to Riverview M edical Cen ter with an injured leg. No charges were filed. The driver did not see the pedestrian, she said, but stopped when she heard what sounded like metal pipe breaking. The car was damaged by the pipe. Patrolman Robert Johnson responded. R ich a rd A. V o o rh e e s, 33, of 41 Campbell St., Red Bank, was charged Oct. 17 with driving while intoxicated, leaving the scene of an accident, reckless driving and failure to keep right, following an accident on Dwight Road near Middletown-Lincroft Road. Patrolman Bernard Chenoweth filed the charges after tracing the driver to his residence. The accident happened about 5:30 p.m. D aniel E. Thom p so n, 43, of West Belmar, was charged Oct. 14 with driving while intoxicated after being stopped shortly before midnight on Leonardville Road by Patrolman Glen Morehead. Gil M. Clarkson, 33, of 239 Eatoncrest Drive, Eatontown, was charged Oct. 16 with driving while intoxicated following a stop on Route 35 by Patrolman Bernard Chenoweth. A small bell that was displayed at the Calvary United Church on Osborn and Third streets was reported stolen Sunday. Patrolman Steve Dixon investigated. A beeper w as confiscated from a juvenile on Main Street by Patrolman Anthony Gallo on Saturday. After her husband fell and could not get back up, on Saturday, a Beers Street senior citizen called police. A trailer parked at 999 Route 36 was stolen on Thursday. n the trailer were $365,000 worth of Lion King and Jurassic Park toys. The trailer was worth $180,000. The case was given to the FB. White working on his car outside of Major s Lounge, Atlantic Street, on Friday, a man was confronted by another man who held up a hammer, and took off with his car with two other people. The su s pects were described as two black men and one black woman, all in their 30s. All Police Beat items are taken from police department records. Those arrested or charged with a crime are to be considered innocent until they are proven guilty.

41 OBTUARES LAWRENCE V. LANZARO SR., 87, of Old Bridge died Oct. 19 at home. Born in Brooklyn, he lived in Matawan before moving to Old Bridge seven years ago. He was a traffic manager for M & T Chemical Company in Matawan for 50 years before retiring in He was a com m unicant of St. C lem ent's Church in Matawan and a member of the St. Clement s Holy Name Society. He was a member of Club 60, M idway H ose F ir e Com pany and St. Clem ent s Seniors Club, Matawan, and the Keyport Knights of Colum b us. H is wife, Philomena, died in Surviving are his son, Law rence of Howell; a brother, Eu gene of Morganville and two grandchildren. Services were under the direction of Day Funeral Home, Keyport, with a Mass at St. Clement's Church. nterm ent w as at St. Jo se p h 's Cem etery, Keyport. THE NDEPENDENT, OCTOBER 26, PCK UP A COPY OF OUR 12 PAGE COLOR CRCULAR FOR SPECTACULAR SAVNGS ON ALL YOUR CAR NEEDS! ALEXANDER A. BUSSE, 90, of Matawan died Oct. 21 at Bayshore Community Hospital, Holmdel. Born in Philadelphia, Pa., he lived in Rahway before moving to Matawan 33 years ago. He was an assembly line worker for 30 years at General Motors, Linden, before retiring in He was a communicant of St. Joseph's Church, Keyport. His wife, Lola, and his son, Alexander Jr., died in Surviving are a son, Gary of Colonia; a daughter, Elizabeth Schlotzhauer of Houston, Texas; a brother, Theodore of Middletown; seven grandchildren, and two great-grandchildren. Services were under the direction of Day Funeral Home, Keyport, with a Mass at St. Joseph s Church. nterment was in St. Joseph s Cemetery, Keyport. RCHARD K. McCLAN, 49, of Cliffwood Beach died Oct 18 at Bayshore Community Hospital, Holmdel. Born in Nyack, N.Y., he lived in Old Tappan before moving to Cliffwood Beach 23 years ago. He was a marine engineer and for the past 30 years owned and operated Monmouth Marine Service in Cliffwood Beach. He was a member of the Keyport Yacht Club and a m em ber and co ach for the M atawan/aberdeen Pop W arner Football. Surviving are his wife, Fem e; his daughter, Alicia McClain of Edison; two sons, Scott and Sean, both at home, and a brother, Peter of Baltimore, Md. Services were under the direction of Day Funeral Home, Keyport, with a private cremation. DOLORES J. BGGAR PATT, 54, of Matawan died Oct. 17 at St. Mary s Hospital, Hoboken. Born in Newark, she lived in Hazlet before moving to Matawan three years ago. Surviving are her son, David Biggar of Asbury Park; her daughter, Daphne Fern an d es of Matawan; a stepson, Robert Biggar of Austin, Texas; a brother, Henry Sasiak of Wayne; a sister, Victoria Jam es of Stanford, Conn., and a granddaughter. Services were under the direction of Day Funeral Home, Keyport. nterment was in Holy Cross Cemetery, North Arlington. BUY THE FRST TRE ATEVERYDAY LOW PRCE AND GET THE SECOND TRE FOR* SECOND TRE PURCHASED MUST BE SAME MODEL AND SZE AS FRST TRE. THRD TRE WLL BE SOLD AT REGULAR PRCE AND FOURTH TRE WLL BE $15. Balancing, valve stems and road hazard warranty not included in price of tires. Otter excludes special order tires &and warranty adjustments. See in store tor complete details. RADAL GT 60/70 SERES All season block tread pattern. Outlined white letters. Sizes to fit most performance sporty cars! Superior traction and handling. SR speed rated ALL SEASON WLD TRAC Aggressive all terrain bock tread design. All season M&S rated. GRAND SPRT Whitewall -Aqua channel design for superior wet traction -High tensile steel belts All season tread design -Traction enhanced tread compound Radial construction, polyester body plies STATE OF THE ART AUTO SERVCE LOREEN L. ARNOLD, 56, of Howell, died O ct. 19 at C e n tra S ta te M edical Cen ter, Freehold Township. Mrs. Arnold was born in Jersey City, where she resided before moving to Howell 22 years ago She was employed as a realtor for Weichert Realtors, Howell. Mrs. Arnold was a communicant of St. Veronica s Roman Catholic Church, Howell. Surviving are her husband, Jam es J. Arnold; her mother, Lillian Marinke of Vero Beach, Fla.; two brothers Richard Marinke of Hamburg, and Joseph Marinke of Summit; a sister, Helen J. Lisa of Fort Pierce, Fla. Funeral arrangements were under the direction of the Freem an Funeral Home, Freehold Borough. STEPHEN J. SOLTESZ, 70, of Freehold Township, died Oct. 7 at home. He was a communicant of St. Rose of Lima Roman Catholic Church, Freehold, and a World War Navy veteran. Mr. Soltesz was born in Norwalk, Conn., and lived in New York before moving to Freehold. Surviving are his wife, Grace; two sons, Stephen of Alexandria, nd., and David of New York; and one grandson.nterment was in Gate of Heaven Cemetery, Valhalla, N Y. GABREL C. SOMMA, 67, of Freehold Township died Oct. 14 at CentraState Medical Center, Freehold Township. Born in Brooklyn, N.Y., he lived in Manalapan before moving to Freehold eight years ago. He was a Restoration Supervisor for Brisk Waterproofing, Ridgefield, for the past 40 years. He w as a member of Pointers, Cleaners and Caulkers Local Union No. 66, N.Y. He was a communicant of St. Robert Bellarmine Roman Catholic Church, Freehold Township. He was predeceased by his wife, the former Elvira Micciche, who died in Surviving are three sons, Anthony C. of Freehold Borough, Jo se p h of Freehold Township and Gabriel C. Jr. at home; and a sister rene of Freehold. Funeral arrangements were under the direction of Freemen Funeral Home, Freehold Borough. 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Additional antifreeze extra if required. BELT AND HOSE SPECAL ncludes replacement of upper and lower radiator hoses and one serpentine or 2 standard V-belts. ABERDEEN 125fit. «34(StrathmoreShop Ctr.) EAST ORANGE 829So OrangeAve LNDEN 630West SL Geoiges Are BAYONNE 100Broadway(Cornet of Bth St EAST ORANGE 529MartinLuther XingBlvd. Kbit St drirt ChurchShtjLQf MDDLETOWN Rt. #35Tindall Road PASSAC PARK 195MamAvenue BELLEVLLE Ul Washing tot E. RUTHERFORD OnUwWaHtnstofl mo tot NEWARK m eumh».e...a, M m POMPTON PLANS Plata rm st»w,tu c.«, BLOOMFELD 2S-48Bloomfield Ave. BRCK fit. 70Chambers BridgeRd (Caldor Shop. Or.)- HAMLTON TOWNSHP 2i3fls BroadAve. HARRSON HarrisonPlaza Shopping Center, Bergen&4thSt NORTH BERGEN ZW OJ KennedyBKd. PARLN Rl-.9 GatewaySlum Cento. TOMS RVER Ton Hive, Stop Ctr «... S 1 Me.3? 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42 4 2 OCTOBER 26, 1994, THE NDEPENDENT BARBARAKENAS G ets H ouses Sold! f You Want Great Results in 1994 Call Barbara Kenas for all your Real Estate needs JUST LSTED! 10 LYDA PLACE, MDDLETOWN Almost new 4 year old Colonial 3 bedrooms, 21/2 baths, central air. 1car garage, on a cu! de sac. Shows Beautifully! C l c q q n n fi) A b e r d e e n O f f i c e E v e s ORCHARD C R O SSN G AT HOLM DEL 2100 sq. ft. of luxury &value n this brand new enclave of 12 semi-detached duplex homes. 3 &4 BRs & TAbths 9 ft. ceilings on 1st floor Oversized country ktchn Formal dining room Family room with fireplace Garage and more. Call Panmark Realty Group, Realtors The #1 Sales Agent Highest Overall Production ot ct combined Sales& Listing Sold 1991,1992,1993 Over $7,000,000 Marketed in 1993 W hen r e a d y to s e ll... C a ll Teitel! colouieu. BANteR SCHLOTT REALTORS SB. Matawan Office Eve Top Producer Million Dollar Club Top l% of Women in American Business The Prudential [M> New Jersey Realty r e s TETEL D O N N A B R U N O M o n m o u th C o u n ty A ssociate fo r th e M o n th o f S e p te m b e r O v e r $2.5 M illio n i n to ta l p r o d u c t io n in S e p te m b e r! * 10 New Sales D O N N A B R U N O * Q N,, t j N J A R M i l l i o n D o l l a r C l u b S i l v e r L e v e l J i N C W For the best results call the best in the business. Consistent Top Producer among ALL Area Realtors! C a ll DON N A BRUN O o f f i c e e v e s. W A T C H F O R T H E G R A N D O P E N N G O F O U R N E W 2 S T O R Y "S T A T E O F T H E A R T - O F F C E B U L D N G Coldwell Banker Schlott, Realtors 132 Highw ay 34, Matawan, NJ S u p p o rt Y ou C a n C o u n t O n GS C CO LD W eu. B A N tter H Expect the best mm 0 YEARS A n M id d le to w n, M rs. L o u is a Randall has secured the riparian right in front of her property on Claypit creek. She has had pilings driven at the edge of her riparian grant. The watermen of the vicinity complain that, if Mrs. Randall shuts off their right of way to the creek, she will be doing them an irremediable injury. The reports of the various national banks of Monmouth county have been published during the past week and the quarterly statement of the state banks has been issued by the department of banking and insurance at Trenton. There are eleven national banks in the county and five state banks, making sixteen in all. The total amount of money on deposit in all the banks at the time o f making the statement was $4,196, This is a shrinkage of about a quarter o f m illio n o f dollars, or six per cent, compared with the amount of money in the banks in the early part o f October last year. This is one of the results of the hard times, which has caused some depositors to draw out part of their money and has prevented others from making their usual amount of deposits. This is the season of the year when the banks have the greatest amount of money on deposit. During dull seasons for deposits, banks often borrow money to accommodate their customers. n C h a p e l H ill, the A. C. Watrous farm, c ontaining 62 acres and good buildings, has been sold to B.D. Brice of Philadelphia. The farm is bounded on the north by John S. Leonard s farm, east by a p o rtio n o f W illia m J. Leonard s Star farm, south by Thomas H. Leonard s Chapel H ill property and west by the road from Chapel H ill to the bay. There is a fine view from many points and much of the land is quite elevated. n Belford, Sam uel Smith is having a bungalow built for his own occupancy Yesteryear on the Lohsen tract at that place. The bungalow w ill be 18x24 feet and will have four rooms. George Leek is doing the work. Mr. Leek has a contract to build a house at Jacobus s crossing, near Port Monmouth, for Arthur Acker. The house will be 26x40 feet and will have six rooms and a bathroom. t will cost $3,200. Anthony Gibson will have five bungalow s built on the shore at Port M onm outh and Mr. Leek w ill do this w ork also. E ach b u n g a lo w w ill be 18x24 feet. O n the first day of the duck hunting season this year a number of gunners of this locality went after ducks at the pond o f the Tintern M anor water company near L in croft. O ne o f the parties o f hunters consisted of Fred Horsfall and Harry Langendorf of Lincroft and Alvin Table and C harles W orthley o f R ed Bank. They got six ducks. s w iiif iiiiir a M n Navesink, an interesting address on his experiences in Red Cross work with American troops in England was made by George M. Bodman; re-election o f four trustees whose terms had expired, and reports of the librarian, secretary and treasurer were featured at the annual meeting Tuesday night of the library association. A t the meeting of the Belford Civic association last week, a letter was read from the tow nship clerk, Howard W. Roberts, stating that action will be taken to clean up the garbage dump. A com plaint had been registered by the association. The association went on record in favor of having the meetings of the township committee held in the evenings instead of the afternoon." The railroad company will be asked to clean up the right of way which is used as a dumping ground by some residents. After this is done, the association will take steps to keep it in proper condition. C h a r it y c o m m itte e a n n o u n c e s w in n e r s The M onm outh Park C harity B all Committee announced its 94 raffle winners: $1 Across the Board: first place, Ellen Smith, Oakhurst; second place, M aria Landolfi, Brick Township; third place, Kay O'Brien, Red Bank. Four Super B ow l Tickets: Connie Cesario, Wanamassa. G ia n t s Road trip, A aron Vale, Camden. W in, Place and Show: first place, Ralph Primavera, West Long Branch; second place, Joseph Schifano, B rick Township; third place, Sandra Spadone, Califon. M in k Coat: Sara T heobald, L ittle Silver. Green Derby:.C. Mendoza, Atlantic Highlands. The 48th year of distribution of funds to recipient organizations will take place at 2:30 p.m. on Nov. 2 in the clubhouse of the racetrack. Presiding will be Mrs. Joan W. Litwin, Little Silver, president of the Monmouth Park Charity Fund. A ndy fou n d in the trees E D W A R D J O H N S O N o f 5th Street, Union Beach, won a dinner for two for finding Andy ndy in the Oct. 19 issue of The ndependent. Johnson s entry was the first one drawn that correctly identified the cartoon character s hiding place. Johnson spotted Andy in the advertisement on page 41 of uindex Nursery, Howell. Johnson w ill receive a free dinner for two at Big Ed s B B Q Restaurant, O ld Bridge. A n entry form for the contest can be found elsewhere in the paper. Entries must be received by Monday to be eligible for the weekly drawing.

43 Halloween house decorating contest Hazlet Recreation is sponsoring their 2nd annual Halloween house decorating contest. Judging will take place through Oct. 28. Winners will be announced at the Halloween Parade at 1:30 p.m. on Oct. 30. For information, call PTO annual craft fair set for Nov. 12 The Raritan High School PTO is having its indoor annual craft fair from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Nov. 12 at 419 Middle Road, Hazlet. Rental space. 10 feet by 4 feet space, is $25; bring your own table. For information, call Soccer program sign-up open Hazlet United Soccer Association (HUSA) will hold registration for a soccer program for children bom between 1978 and 1989 starting Oct. 29 through Nov. 5, 11 a.m. to 3 p.m., at Hazlet Soccer Complex, Green Acres Drive. The 10-week program runs on Friday nights at Good Sports USA in Aberdeen. Cost is $60 per child. For information, call or Tips offered for walkers, riders The Hazlet Police Department has some safety tips for both pedestrians and bicyclists to avoid accidents at night. To be easily seen, pedestrians should wear bright, preferably reflective, clothing. N BREF By law, bicycles are required to have lamps and reflectors and a horn or bell. Riders must keep to the right side of the roadway. To prevent serious injuries, helmets should be worn and are mandated by law for all riders up to the age of 14. Halloween curfew set in Holmdel The Township of Holmdel has established a Halloween curfew to start at dusk on Oct. 30 and at 9 p.m. on Monday. Curfews have been set in the past due to increased vandalism. Since the initiation of curfew regulations, passed by resolution by the township committee, we have experienced only minor problems during this period. Any youth who is stopped by police during the curfew hours must be in direct route to their residence or they will be charged with curfew violations. Open house set A community open house sponsored by the Old First Church, 29 Kings Highway, Middletown, will be held from 1-4 p.m. on Nov. 5, and Dec. 10. Child care will be provided. Refreshments will be served. For more information, call Cooking classes on the calendar A series of cooking classes will be conducted at Brookdale Community College, 765 Newman Springs Rd., Lincroft. On the coming menu are: Edible Holiday Decorations from 7-9 p.m., Nov. 3; Gifts from the Kitchen from 7-9 p.m., Nov. 10, and Flavor Without Fat from 7-9 p.m., Jan. 9. THE NDEPENDENT, OCTOBER 26, i t e a l E s t a t e N THE NEWS Andrew Zastko earns MLS award Andrew Zastko of Gloria Zastko, Realtors, North Brunswick, was presented the Middlesex County M ultiple Listing System President's First Place Award covering July 1,1993 to June 30,1994. This is the third consecutive year Andrew has been presented this award. Three years ago the Middlesex County M ultiple Listing System established the prestigious annual "Middlesex County MLS President's Award given to only three real estate agents in Middlesex County. The award is presented to agents with the greatest number of listings closed (sold) in the entire county. Every year since its inception, Andrew, has won the award. He has a prestigious record in real estate and achievement. He has consistently been given the NJ Association of Realtors' M illion Dollar Sales award, and for 1992 and 1993 he has won the Gold Award, the highest honor given in the state. n te r n a tio n a l re lo c a tio n u p ; e x p e rts see tre n d c o n tin u in g nternational relocation has been increasingly annually, with industry experts predicting one-third of all transfers to be international by the year Recent information regarding Fortune 500 companies indicates international activity w ill rise for 40 percent of the Fortune 500, remain the same for 45 percent and decline for 13 percent. These and other relocation trends were the featured topics on last week's "Let's Talk Real Estate" with Linda Trott on M onm outh Cable. "The average cost to relocate an employee w ho owns a home has increased from nearly $35,000 in 1986 to more than $45,00 today," said Terry Needham, vice president of the ERA Real Estate relocation division. Talk show host Trott has been involved in the real estate industry since she joined ERA in Now Member Broker of ERA Trott Realty, she has hosted her TV real estate talk show for more than five years. Rob Barrett Vice President/Broker Aberdeen Office Formerly with Coldwell Banker Schlott Realtors Caroline M uchmore G R/C RB/V ice President/Broker M anager Howell Office Formerly with Weichert Realtors Ann Alexander Realtor Associate Formerly with Weichert Realtors Je ff Alexander Broker Associate Formerly with Weichert Realtors Scott Alexander Realtor Associate R an jit Bhandari Realtor Associate Karen Britten Realtor Associate Formerly with ERAAdvantage Josephine Brusca GR, CRB, Broker Associate Formerly with Remax Karen Byrne Broker Associate Former owner Byrne Realty Group rene Difeo GR, CRB, Broker Associate Formerly with Weichert Realtors Robert Florentine Broker Associate Formerly owner White House Realty Ronald Gerber Realtor Associate Formerly with Weichert Realtors Joseph G herardi Realtor Associate Formerly with Weichert Realtors Robert G iudice Realtor Associate W ilhelm inia G um bs Realtor Associate Formerly with Coldwell Banker Schlott Realtors Ron Him m el Realtor Associate Formerly with Coldwell Banker Schlott Realtors MATAWAN O FFC E: Weber Office Plaza 746 Highway 34 Matawan, N.J (908) Fax: (908) W h a t is One of the Best-Kept Secrets in Monmouth, Middlesex & Ocean County? «r r n Jl he low-key, quiet and relentless growth of Realty Executives 100 as a major player in the Real Estate world of Monmouth, Middlesex & Ocean counties/ Thank You for helping Realty Executives 100 move forward as we have helped many of you move forward these last 5 years Ed W all, Co-Owner Broker Associate REALTY EXECUTVES 100 T h e O n ly C om p any Nam ed F o r ts P eople Member Monmouth, Middlesex and Ocean MLS Charlotte Rose Kirylo Realtor Associate Formerly with Remax Margaret Klimczak Realtor Associate Formerly with Coldwell Banker Schlott Realtors George Landi Realtor Associate Formerly with Gloria Nilson K im L andi Realtor Associate M ichael Larsen Realtor Associate Formerly with Prudential of N.J. Ben O h Realtor Associate Formerly with Coldwell Banker Schlott Realtors Susan O h Realtor Associate Formerly with Coldwell Banker Schlott Realtors Barbara Sharp Realtor Associate Formerly with ERAAdvantage Joh n Sharp Realtor Associate Formerly with ERAAdvantage T.J. Shen G R Broker Associate Formerly with Coldwell Banker Schlott Realtors Vivian Sm ith G R Realtor Associate Formerly with Coldwell Banker Schlott Realtors Lee Steiner Broker Associate Formerly with Coldwell Banker Schlott Realtors Chet Suchcicki Realtor Associate Ju d y Suchcicki Realtor Associate Formerly with ERADineen M organ Tracy Realtor Associate Formerly with Remax Christina W all Realtor Associate Formerly with Heritage House Terence W all Realtor Associate HOW ELL O FFC E: Howell Center 2414 Route 9 South Howell, N.J (908) Fax: (908)

44 4 4 OCTOBER 26,1994, THE NDEPENDENT S p o r t s M i d d l e t o w n g i v e s p u n c h t o G e o r j * i a n C o u r t BY JASON FEUCHTWANGER it lost 5-0. Despite being what Perri explained as Staff W riter outplayed, out-hustled and out-coached, the players on this team are confident. The Middletown North High School W e re the type of team that will go girls soccer team has moved south. right after a team, Kelly said. W e re not Well, partially. Five North graduates Jody Cordeiro, R obyn D unn, afraid o f anyone when we step on the field. Nickie Kelly, Jessica Portelli and Ann Marie Sacco have taken their soccer talents to Lakewood to play collegiately for the Georgian Court soccer team. n addition, Raritan High School graduate Jamie Medric has joined forces with her North colleagues in playing for head coach Joe Perri. 1 hese are six talented players, with w innin g backgrounds that have not missed a beat moving onto a winning collegiate program. W in n in g is nothing new for these Middletown North players. They helped the Lions capture the Shore Conference crown three years in a row, M edric is no stranger to success, either. She helped Raritan to an 11-5 record last year when she was an All-State and All- Shore selection. Last year Georgian Court went and lost to Berry College, Ga., 2-1, in the N A A Final Four. This year Georgian Court returned nine players and expects to be right in the national title hunt again. want to see us win the national championship my freshman year, Medric said. Perri said that approximately 80 percent of his roster is from Monmouth and Ocean counties. But what was the big draw for northern Monmouth County? The feeder program is terrific to start, Perri said. (M iddletown North High School) Coach Sessa does a terrific job getting them ready for college. think he deserves a lot more credit than he gets. All six players, said Perri, fit the winning mold. They re just unique, the six-year veteran coach said. They re blue collar kids who practice hard and play hard and know how to win. Georgian Court is 13-2 this season and is ranked second in the nation among N ational A ssociation ntercollegiate Athletics (N A A ) schools. The Lions only losses came against two highly touted teams. The first blemish on its perfect record came at the feet of the number one ranked team in Division, Trenton State College, two weekends ago when the Lions fell 2-1. Georgian Court played the game without four of its starting players. The players were suspended for rule infractions. Sophomore Nickie Kelly was among the four. Coach had to do what he had to do, K e lly said. The w hole situation is dropped. The respect is still there. With the unfortunate situation behind them, Kelly said the team is just concentrating on soccer and forgetting the incident. G eorgian C o urt s other loss came against the number-one ranked N A A team, Lynn University, Fla., Oct. 17 when Kelly is a big reason for Georgian Court s success this season and last. She is the team s leading scorer with eight goals to go along with five assists. She led the team in goals as a freshman. She s the best soccer player we have or probably ever will have, Perri said. She s the straw that stirs our drink at this place, no doubt about it. With only a year and a half of collegiate soccer under her belt, Kelly already ranks third on Georgian Court s all-time scoring list. She has netted 29 goals and has registered 21 assists in her youthful career. For her effort in her rookie campaign, she was named a second team All- American. She s got a terrific shot and runs off the ball as well as anybody, Perri noted. Playing with her high school teammates makes it a little easier for Kelly. The impact is great, Kelly said. Just knowing you have players you ve played with before, it s a big advantage. After playing with someone for a couple of seasons you get the feel for what they re going to do with the ball or what they re going to do off the ball for that matter. Kelly, however, would just as soon give up her scoring touch if Georgian Court was losing. don t set personal goals. just care about winning, she said. don t care if score 20 goals or two goals just as long as we win. Another scoring threat on this team is freshman forward Ann Marie Sacco who is the team s second-highest scorer with six goals. She s very creative with the dribble and takes people one-on-one very well and is getting better every game, Perri said. Sacco has her sights on the ultimate goal, just like her teammates. Our team is doing really well, Sacco said. Hopefully we ll come up with a national title under our wing... hopefully we ll execute. Sacco s friend and room m ate is Medric. The two have known each other since the fifth grade. M edric, who has played for a Middletown club team, has notched two goals as a part-time starter. Another freshman, Jody Cordeiro, is a defender for whom Perri has high hopes. f there is a kid that has a mind set in their approach to the game that is like my own, it s Jody, Perri said of his budding star. She s very competitive. She has no fear. n my opinion she was the best-kept secret at the Shore last year. She s got a chance to be an A ll-a m erican as a senior. Jessica Portelli is a reserve goalkeeper who has seen action in several games this year. She s probably the most unselfish kid ever coached, Perri explained. She means a lot to our team. She just has no problem understanding her role and is always ready to play. S h e s the best backup goalie in N AA. The sophomore s biggest test came against Trenton State when she made 12 saves. She kept us in the game, Perri said. That was a tough assignment and she answered the call. These players are itching to get out on the field to fight for the national championship but, for junior Robin Dunn, she ll have to wait till next year. The defender suffered a season-ending knee injury in preseason when she tore her anterior cruciate ligament in her right leg. She was scheduled to undergo surgery Oct. 20. She s the best sweeper in N A A, Perri said. S h e s the perfect offensive/defensive sweeper in terms of going forward and anchoring the defense on the other end. The transfer from Stockton State College wishes she was out on the field, helping her teammates. t s terrible, she said of being unable to play. just wish was out there. Medric has teamed up at Georgian Court with five players who brought championships to Middletown North, in hopes of bringing home a championship of their own to Lakewood. HOMETOWN HEROES Five Middletown North graduates and one Raritan High School graduate have banded together to play for the successful Georgian Court College soccer team. Pictured ( to r) are Jodi Cordeiro, Jaime Medric, Nickie Kelly, Jessica Portelli, Robyn Dunn and Ann Marie Sacco. (Photo by Rich Schultz)

45 THE NDEPENDENT, OCTOBER 26, Eagles rally to beat upstart Manalapan Middletown South comes back in 4th with victory BY JASON FEUCHTW ANGER Staff W riter MANALAPAN As Manalapan s feelings of happiness and triumph quickly faded into the night and the feelings of disbelief and heartache became evident, Middletown South began displaying emotions of joy as they abruptly forgot their own feelings of dismay. The reason for the swing of emotions came in the final three and a half minutes of Manalapan s heartbreaking loss to undefeated Middletown South Friday evening. The culmination of emotions came about due to the foot of Middletown South senior Adrian Mendez. The kicker calmly came onto the field with five seconds left in the game and his team trailing by two points. He split the uprights on a 27-yard field goal attempt, a remarkable finish to the Eagles thrilling comeback. Middletown South improved to 5-0 (4 0 in A North) and Manalapan fell to 2-3 (2-2). Our philosophy is always, give us one more play and we ll beat you, Middletown South head coach Keith Comeforo said. t appeared Middletown South had self-distructed with just over four minutes remaining and Manalapan was on its way to an upset over the Eagles. t was fourth down and six at the Eagles 16-yard line when the Braves sent out their field goal unit. Middletown South, however, was hit with a costly roughing the kicker penalty with 4:04 left in the game, trailing That gave Manalapan another chance. On second and goal from the three yard line running back Vito Badalamenti carried the ball into the endzone to lengthen the Braves lead to with 3:21 remaining. Badalamenti turned in a great effort for the Braves, rushing for 171 yards on 23 carries and four touchdowns. Another big reason for Manalapan s success was quarterback Eric Zaleski who shredded the Eagles defense as he rushed for 118 yards on just six carries. But the game clock just wouldn t move fast enough for the Manalapan players and coaches. Three minutes probably felt like an eternity during the waning minutes of the contest as their 10-point lead was vanishing. After the game, Manalapan head coach Steve Bush complemented his players for a valiant effort. told them they should keep their heads up, Bush said. They ve got nothing to be ashamed of. They played their hearts out. Middletown South Junior quarterback Jim Lopusznick ran the two minute drill efficiently, picking apart a tired Manalapan defense. t was tough to get the defense changed, Bush explained. They made some plays at the end. t hurt us a lot because a lot of our kids played both ways and they ran out of gas a little (at the end). Lopusznick would finish nine for 17 for 157 yards and a touchdown. Down by 10 points, the Eagles took over at its own 32-yard line. Lopusznick wasted no time. On first down, he zipped a pass to running back Jeff Martin for a 10-yard gain. After an incomplete pass made it second down, Lopusznick went to his wide receiver, Jason Stavola, who caught the ball and got out of bounds at the 28-yard line with just under three minutes remaining. The Eagles continued to move the ball, and the drive was capped by Martin running up the middle for a 3-yard touchdown run, making it with 2:19 to play. Martin, the second leading scorer in the Shore Conference, racked up 150 yards on 29 attempts and two touchdowns. Martin recovered in the second half providing key runs, after suffering two fumbles in the first half. After Martin s touchdown, Middletown South decided to go for the two-point conversion. Lopusznick hit running back Peter Tactikos as he went into the endzone for two points, putting the Eagles within striking distance for a win down As the kick return team trotted onto the field a Manalapan lineman paced down the sideline and said all his teammates had to do now was recover the ensuing kick to preserve their lead. They didn t. A group of Braves jumped up to recover a high bounce on the onside kick but somehow Middletown South came up with the ball on the far sideline. The Eagles took over on its own 46 yard line. Martin started the drive by carrying the ball for a 9-yard gain. Martin got the call again as he picked up 11 yards, taking the Eagles to the 26-yard line. Lopusznick then dropped back and found tightend Patrick Mullevey over the middle, bringing the Eagles to the 8-yard line with just 37 seconds to play.. The Eagles called time-out and after an unsuccessful Martin run and an incomplete pass, Mendez came on for the deciding play. A guy at my age could die from something like this, Comeforo said after the game as he pointed to the scoreboard. Despite a loss that s hard to swallow, Bush s team will be back ready to play and can use this game as a learning experience. We did a lot of positive things and we re going to beat some people. t was a great effort but they just came up short. n other weekend action, Larry Zdilla s Marlboro Mustangs suffered their first loss of the season. One of the big surprises of the 1994 season, the Mustangs ran into the red-hot Toms River North Mariners and fell in Toms River on Saturday. Marlboro is now 4-1. Russ Farscht completed 11 of 17 passes for 100 yards for Marlboro and accounted for both touchdowns. He ran one in from the 1 and hooked up with Dan Kobrinski from 15 yards out for the other score. Continued on next page CAR CARE DRECTORY Rt J4, Matawan * Car Wasli Hot ncluded J&J AUTOMOTVE SPECALSTS General Automotive Repair ASE Certified Mechanics Tune-ups Brakes Oil Changes Diagnostic Work Hwy. 34 & Broad St. Matawan M O H T O R W O R K S REMANUFACTUREDENGNENSTALLATONCENTER T R A D E Y O U R E N G N E... N O T Y O U R C A R!SM Every Passenger car & light truck engine comes with a factory 12 mo./12k mi. warranty Extended warrranties up to 36 mo. available Route 35, Keyport B U T C H & SWEPT OFF HS FEET Marty Williams (2) of Matawan gets tripped up by Neptune s Spentley Toran in Saturday s game. Neptune went on to shut out Matawan, (Photo by Rich Schultz) C A R W A S H 100%Cloth Full Service N e w m a n S p r i n g s R o a d R e d B a n k

46 4 6 OCTOBER 6, 19&4, THE NDEPENDENT Sport Shorts Vips victorious vs. Vies, 4-3 The Middletown Vipers Premier under-11 boys soccer team advanced to the third round of the State Cup by defeating the Jackson Vies 4-3. The Vipers lost a very physical game to the Wall Stallions, 0-1, in regular MOSA action bringing their MOSA SPORTS FANS! BET YOU DDN T KNOW Brought to You By Joe Labriola How s this for a football odddity...did you know there was once a college football game in which one team did not run or pass the ball at any time during the entire game, and still won it!...t happened to Kentucky...n a game in the early 1900s, Kentucky decided to kick on first down every time they got the ball...they did kick on first down throughout the game.. They never ran the ball and never passed...and they won 12-6 by recovering two fumbles by their opponents in the end zone!...this oddity is hard to believe but it's been verified by the Kentucky Athletic Department. _ Ever wonder how many commercials there are during the telecast of college or pro football games? many would you say?...the national TV networks put in about 50 different commercials during the telecast of each game. * When was the last time a team won the championship of the National Football League with a rookie as its regular quarterback?...t hasn t happened since 1945 when the Rams won the NFL title with rookie Bob Waterfield at quarterback. bet you didn't know., that this is the time to save on a new car or truck at Labriola Nissan...We also have a great selection of used cars... Come in and see for yourself! record to Viper defense continues to dominate the Premier Division. Stallions nibbled by Sharks, 3-2 The Holmdel Stallions under-10 boys soccer team lost a disappointing 3-2 decision to the Pinelanders Sharks. The Stallions were led by goals from Brian Walsh and Dan Palevo with assists from A. A. Waldron. SOCCER STRENGTH St. John Vianney s Bill Cembor (19) fights off the aggressive attack of Manalapan s Justin Corazza in last Wednesday s contest. Manalapan won, 4-2. (Photo by Rich Schultz) LABROLA NSSAN E Newman Springs Rd Red Bank Rt. 35 at Rt. 36 Eatontown TJ O'DONNELL M Baseball School &Camp # N O W O P E N! Call For Further nformation 615 UNON AVE UNON BEACH ^ ncome Totally Free O f A ll Taxes! We offer subject to prior sale and or change in price: (Accrued interest to be added) Aa/Aa Secaucus Muni Util Auth cpn mat yield /1/ C a ll 102 C a ll 1 2 /1 /0 100 Call (908) Out O f State (800) Tripp & Co., nc. 8 Tindall Rd., Middletown Headquartered 40 Rector St., N.Y., N.Y. Hurricanes toss Unicorns, 3-2 The Hazlet Hurricanes extend their win record to 3-2 with a close game against the Old Bridge Unicorns. Scoring one goal each for the Hurricanes was Keesha McClean, Tricia Sellitto and Stacey Walbroel. Orangemen buffaloed, 6-4 The 94 Lincroft Men s Softball Championship was won by the Parkway Office Products The Buffaloes on Oct. 9 by defeating the Lincroft nn (Orangemen) 6-4. The Buffaloes finished in 10th place during the regular season. Chargers jolt Marlboro, 28-8 The River Plaza/Lincroft Midget Chargers defeated Marlboro on Sunday 28-8 to finish in second place in the A North Division with a record of The offense was led by Mike Little, Mike Cerchio, Steve Doll and Chris Moriarity. Rebels tie Blasters The Hazlet United Rebels, a boys traveling soccer team, came from behind twice to tie the Battle of Monmouth Blasters 2-2 on Oct. 16. The Rebels are now Hazlet under-10 terminating foes The Hazlet Terminators remain undefeated in the tough under-10 division in MOSA after playing the Holmdel Stallions (2-0). Scoring on a penalty shot was Kenny Frankenbush, with the other goal made by Nicholas Pulizzano. Little League registration open The Middletown American Little League will have sign-ups from 6-9 p.m. on Oct. 27 and 28 and 6-9 p.m. Nov. 3-4, 17-18, and at the Port Monmouth School. Registration will be held from 6-9 p.m. on Nov. 14 at the Middletown Public Library. For more information, call , or Mid. South beats Mid. North Middletown South wins a North Championship on Oct. 11 by defeating Middletown North 3-1 in the Battle of Mayor s Cup held at Lincroft acres under the lights. Middletown South, whose record improved 8-0-1, finishes ahead of C.B.A. for their first out-right crown. Eagles rally to beat upstart Manalapan Continued from previous page Marlboro trailed at half, but, two third-quarter touchdowns by the Mariners put the game away. Aamir Dew scored three touchdowns and ran for 168 yards in pacing the Mariners to their fourth win of the season against two losses. North s 346 total yards were by far the most given up by the tough Marlboro defense this fall. Marlboro will try and get back on the winning track on Saturday when the Mustangs travel to Red Bank to take on another Shore area Top 10 team. The Bucs are 4-1. The one good thing about the loss for Marlboro is that it came in a non-division game. Marlboro is still undefeated in A North and nearing its Nov. 4 showdown with undefeated Middletown South in Middletown. Howell bounced back from its tough loss to Manalapan the previous week by defeating Point Pleasant Boro, 17-9 on Saturday. The Rebels improved to 2-3 as they rallied from a 9-0 deficit. The big play of the game was Craig Labruno s 82-yard return of a blocked field goal for a touchdown that gave Howell the lead for good. Tim McGee broke through the Panther line to block the kick. Kevin O Neil scored Howell s other touchdown, catching a 33-yard touchdown pass from Gregg Purcell, who passed for 119 yards. Howell is at Middletown North Friday night as the Rebels look to even their record. Freehold Borough was looking to build on the momentum the Colonials gained when they defeated Holmdel, but, ran into a tough Long Branch team on Saturday and fell at home, 20-6 in a defensive struggle. Teru White and Derrel King combined for 204 yards as Long Branch improved to 2-3. Dwayne Fowlkes s 65-yard burst up the middle in the third quarter set up the only score of the day for Freehold, a 1- yard dive by Charles Cobb. Freehold Borough visits Raritan on Friday night. Freehold Township lost at Central on Friday night A fourth quarter touchdown pass from Mike Czemiawski to Briart Smith gave Freehold Township life, but, the Pats were stymied thereafter. The Pats host Ocean Township on Friday night.

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Seeking S/DWF, 28-36, honest, fit, outdoorsy, fun, who enjoys dining out, movies, and loves to cuddle (exp12/6) SPRNG CHCKEN Widower M, 75 years young, needs attractive woman, for my wife, to live in my home and be happy forever. Middlesex area. TT4190 (exp12/6) SW DAD 38, self-employed, 5 11", 200 lbs, talian, business owner, seeks SW mom, for a possible relationship. T 4191 (expl 2/6) HOPEFUL ROMANTC SWM, 24, 5'10", N/S, N/D, slender, good-looking talian, who s honest and sincere, with many interests. Seeking S/D WF, 19+. for a real one to one relationship. TT4192 (exp 12/6) LETS GO SLOW Dark hair, hazel SWM, 31, seeks intelligent, honest, oldfashioned, outgoing SWF, 28 33, for bowling, quiet times, dancing, conversation, for possible relationship (exp12/6) HAVE DREAMED... that your eyes are lovely. SWCM, 5 9", slim, degreed, seeks slim, N/S, feminine romantic. Be unpretentious, 40+, enjoy doing things, history, culture, companionship, love. Call. TT4195 (exp12/6) NEW AT THS SWM, 22, 5'11", 225lbs, educated, shy, just out of LTR. nterests include: Nascar classic cars, sports, travel. Seeking SW F. with same interests (exp 12/6) SAVE ME from the bar scene. DWM, 31, 5 7", heart of gold, enjoys life and is looking for woman with same. Kids ok (exp 12/6) ROMEO SEEKS JULET Romantic, passionate, humorous, attractive, 6', mediumbuild SWM, 35, enjoys fishing bowling, the beach, having fun. Seeking slim-medium build SW/AF, N/S. 1T3921 (expl2/7) TRED OF BENG HURT Caring, blue-eyed, 22 year old SWM, 5 9". 145lbs, seeks year old, blue-eyed blonde SWF who's honest, caring, likes outdoors, nights together, movies, dining. No users. please (exp12/6) TO RESPOND TO ADS Simply call (Call costs $1.95 per min., you must be 18 or over). Use a touch tone phone and follow the simple voice instructions. You can then enter the four-digit number in an ad, or browse the voice greetings in the category of your choice. Listen to as many voice ads as you want and leave your private messages for people who interest you. f you're using a rotary phone, follow the easy instructions. REGULAR GUY Handsome DWM, 42, 6', 190 lbs, N/S. enjoys movies, travel, skiing, outdoors. Seek-ing S/DWF, N/S, attractive, good figure, for fun times (expl 2/6) RU M S. PERSONALTY? SWM, 33, 5 3, Middlesex County. Seeking SWF, good personality, 21+, honest, warm hearted, sincere, affectionate, various interests, for relationship. Sports a +.TT4187 (exp 12/6) FUN & ATTRACTVE GUY! SWM. 29, 6'1", honest and loyal, brown/blue, seeks petite SWF, 26-30, must love life, music, be spontaneous and always looking towards future (exp 12/6) TAKE A CHANCE! SHM, 23, true romantic, laid back type of guy. Seeking SH/BF. Tired of being lonesome, will treat right person like a queen, one of the last true gentleman. TT4178 (exp 12/6) READY TO TRADE BREFCASE for a diaper bag. Seeking woman who ll lie about how we met. SWM, 38, with Forrest Gump sincerity, a puppy s devotion and Cupid s romance (exp11/16) HANDSOME PROFESSONAL SWM, 39, 6, 90lbs, intelligent, financially secure, athletic: enjoys dining, dancing, fun vacations, sporting events. Seeking attractive SWCF, 25 35, who is romantic, 1un, outgoing, adventurous, for a possible LTR (exp12/7) WARM AND TENDER SWM, early 60s, seeks SWF, 50+, to share quality time and enjoy dancing, country music, quiet evenings and drives in the country together (expl 1/231 HANDSOME SWCM, 31, 5 11", 180lbs, blue-eyed, fit, educated, honest, outgoing, romantic. Seeking SW/HCF, 24-30, attractive, slender, educated, sincere, with moral and family values, for LTR. Monmouth County (exp 11/29) ROMANTC AT HEART Spontaneous, witty, athletic, passionate, intelligent, honest, well-rounded, very attractive SW PF sought by 41, 6 2", 200lbs, SWPM, with similar attributes. For life s good times. Life s too short. Take a chance. Call. P4144 (exp11/29) GOOD-LOOKNG GWM, 6. brown/green, easygoing, Freehold area, seeks nice WM for good conversation and fun. TT3967 (expl 1/16) HONEST & CARNG Single father of one, 31, 5 11, 200lbs, affectionate, honest, caring, responsible, likes C&W music, outdoor activities- Seeking same qualities in attractive, financially secure SWF , tor possible relationship. No games (exp11/29) SWM, 34 6, 190lbs, enjoys outdoors, sports, movies, working out, and dining. Seeking fit SWF who desires romantic LTR. P4139 (exp11/29) ATHLETC & HONEST SJM, 41, 5'10", 60lbs, not religious, athletic, romantic, enjoys oldies, outdoors, travel, flea markets, NYC, seeks attractive, shapely woman for LTR. All replies answered (expl 1/29) S A m r a v a t h i t u f i i m FREND & LOVER SWM, 38, looks much younger, 5 10", 185lbs, considered nice looking, black/brown, moustache, talian/rish, homeowner, flexible, down to earth, intelligent, nice personality, seeks SWF (exp12/7) EMT AWATS YOU! SWM. 29, 6'1", brown/blue, varied interest as ona as you are with me! Seeking SWF, 21 29, H/W proportionate for friendship/relationship (exp11/29) MONMOUTH COUNTY SWM, 28, 6 1", 185ibs, caring affectionate, shy, enjoys football, beach, animals. Seeking sincere, slim SWF, 24-34, to share good times (expl 1/22) NCE GUY SWPM, 30, 6', 175lbs, N/S, preppie look, entrepreneur with strong work ethic seeks attractive SW PF, 24-30, to share running, shore, cooking, dining NYC, Atlantic City (exp11/16) VERY HANDSOME DWPM, 39, looks 31, 6'1", 175 lbs, blond hair, seeks S/DWF, 27-37, who s slim and attrac tive. for friendship, possible relationship. Enjoys outdoors dining, dancing, movies, romance. tt3250 (expl 1/16) NCE GUY Seeking SWF, 40-50, free to enjoy life. SWM. 47, 510", 190lbs, varied interests, seeks honest and caring lady. O 4113 (exp11/22) SNCERE AND HONEST SWM. 26, seeks SWF , N/S, who's attractive, must like sports, auto racing, dancing and the shore. Looking for a relationship, possibly more. Middlesex County area only please. *03713 (exph/16) JUST FRENDS HUNTNG/FSHNG Middletown man seeks hunt ing, fishing, water foul, small game and deer partners, have the gear, ready to go. 0*4099 (expl 1/22) TALAN WHTE MALE 6', black curly hair, moustache and goatee, from the Redbank area, seeks a female friend, 25-40, for a fun-loving friendship, good phone conversations. Race unimportant. O 3877 {exptl/161) REAL FREND SWF, 23, seeks SWF, 21-30, who ioves heavy metal, going to clubs, movies, shopping, and wants a real friend. Middlesex county (exp 11/15) SEEKNG GOOD FRENDS 21, single mother of a 13 month old, seeking other single mothers, for friendship and enjoying the children (expl 1/8) TERRFC GRL My interests include the outdoors, travel, the arts, fine dining, etc. Seeking honest, caring person, 35-45, with no kids, for friendship. P4028 (expl1/8) ABBREVATONS M-Ma!e. F-Female S-Single. D-Divorced C-Christian. J-Jewish A-Asian, B-Black H-Hispanic. W-White P-Professional iso-ln Search Of N/S-Non Smoker N/D-Non Drinker C&W-Country and Western LTR-Long Term Relationship G-Gay c k s i n e SertMHf S*utA &TtentA'JhiUam fyfctevua* &'H9«-*Ve?cUvictx«jitcncA -Set/. * FREE DrNNER\Li...u u " 1 B u y 1 E n tr e e & G e t S e c o n d E n tr e e i o f l-.cjual o r l ess Price FREE ( W/This Coupon Onty GUDELNES: Meei Your Molch P«rsonols or«for oduhs 18 or ove* seeking monogomous relohomhips. To ensure your safety, corefulty screen all responses First meetings should occur in a public place Abbrevtafions are permitted only to indicate gender prefefence, race, and religion, We suggest your od contain a»elfcdescrip»ion, oge range, lifestyle and avocations. Ads and voice messoges containing explicit sexual language wifi not be accepted This publication reserves the right to revise copy containing objectionable phrases; to iei*c* in its sole discretion, ony advertisement on account of its text This publication ossumes no responsibility for] the cpntent or reply ta >ony Meet Your Motch Match Personals od. ihe odvertiser assumes complete liabilily for the content and all replies " to any advertisement or recorded message and lor any claims made against this publication blicatian ond its ogents as a result thereof. The advertiser odvertiser agrees to indemnify and hold mis, f publication,. its employees,, and its ogents ~ harmless from all costs, expenses (including ~ reasonable ottorney. fees),. liabilities ond damages resulting from or caused by the publication or recording placed by the odvertiser or any reply ta ony such advertisement. By Meet Vour Match Personals, the odvertiser agrees not to ieove his/her phone number, lost name or oddress in his her voice greeting.

48 4 8 OCTOBER 26, 1994, THE NDEPENDENT CLASSFED DEADLNES MONDAY...Line Ads - 1:30 pm Display Ads -11:00 am ADS Reaching Over 140,000 Homes News Transcript Sentinel Suburban Bayshore ndependent Middletown ndependent Examiner Local Sentinel/Suburban Readers May Call N O T C E S 1 R E A L E S T A T E C O M M E R C A L i i j iil 7 T N A N C A L E M P L O Y M E N T HOURS OPEN SATURDAYS 9-2 Monday...6:00 am-5:30 pm Wednesday.8:00 am-6:30 pm Tuesday...8:00 am-5:30 pm Thursday...8:00 am-6:30 pm Friday... 8:00 am-5:30 pm Saturday... 9:00 am-2:00 pm Please read your ad on the first day of publication. We accept responsibility for only the first incorrect insertion. We reserve the right to edit, reject or properly classify any ad. G A R A G E S A L E S 60 N S T R U C T O N 6 3 L O S T & F O U N D 6 4 P E T S / A N M A L S 65 E N T E R T A N M E N T 69 S E R V C E T J R E C T O R Y B O A T N G A U T O M O T V E C o m m e r c i a l A d v e r t i s e r s P l e a s e C a l l F o r R a t e s FLEA ADS For P riv a te P a rty tem s u n d e r $ 7 5. O n ite m p e r a d 4 L i n e s 2 W e e k s P re p a id $ "No Phone Calls -Coupon Only Private Party tems 4 Lines $ w KFor 2 Weeks 1 0 * Prepaid $4-each additional line " M a y b e p h o n e d in Charge Your Ad H a Fax Your Ad i / l L v ' w? i -? r i L \ 'L i - v S i U s e o u r h a n d y P r i v a t e P a r t y C o u p o n. S e l e c t t h e a d t h a t b e s t m e e t s y o u r n e e d s. Flea (te m s u n d e r $ 7 5 ) O n e item p e r a d BG DEAL (te m s o v e r $ 7 5 ) Please in clu d e all spaces a n d p u n ctu atio n. O n e c h a ra c te r p e r Pox. Name Address_ City Zip VSA# MC# Expiration date Ads are subject to approval.. State_. Day Phone_.Evening Phone_ VSA Mail Payment &Coupon to: Greater Media Newspapers Classified 7 Edgeboro Rd. East Brunswick, NJ N O T C E S N O T C E S ABERDEEN TOWNSHP MUNCPAL UTLTES AUTHORTY R E S O L U T O N # W HEREAS, on October 13, 1994 the Aberdeen Township Municipal Utilities Authority received bids for the removal of grit and sanitizing of tanks at the Cliffwood Beach and River Gardens Sewage Treatment Plants; and W HEREAS, on that date two bids were received, the lowest being that of Spectraserv, nc. in the amount of $84,000.00; and W HEREAS, the Authority Administrator and Consulting Engineer have reviewed the bids and have recommended that the bid be awarded to Spectraserv, nc.; NOW, T H E R E F O R E, B E T R ESO LV ED by the Commissioners of the Aberdeen Township Municipal Utilites Authority that the bid of Spectraserv, nc. in the amount of $84, be and the same is hereby accepted; B E T FU R TH ER R ESO LV ED that the Authority Administrator be and the same is hereby authorized to enter into a contract between the Authority and Spectraserv, nc.; BE T FURTHER RESOLVED that certified copies of this resolution shall be forwarded ot the Aberdeen Township Clerk; Birdsall Engineering, nc.; and Spectraserv, nc.; This is to certify that the foregoing Resolution was duly adopted by the Aberdeen Township Municipal Utilities Authority at their Meeting held on October 20, ATMUA036.SAL Oct. 26, 1994 John H. Sorber Asst. Secretary/Treasurer Cost $ ABERDEEN TOWNSHP MUNCPAL UTLTES AUTHORTY R ESO LU TO N # BE T RESOLVED by the Aberdeen Township Municipal Utilities Authority that in compliance with the provisions of the Open Public Meetings Act of the State of New Jersey, revised notice is hereby given as to the regularly scheduled meetings of the Aberdeen Township Municipal Utilities Authority for November 1994 through January 1995 to be held at 30 Noble Place, Aberdeen, New Jersey; BE T FURTH ER RESO LVED that meetings for the purpose of conducting all business of the Authority, including agenda, workshop and regular business, will be held in accordance with the following schedule: November 3, 1994 November 22, 1994 (Tuesday) December 1, 1994 December 15, 1994 January 5, 1995 January 19, 1995 BE T FURTHER RESOLVED that the within schedule of meetings for November 1994 through January 1995 shall be mailed forthwith to the Asbury Park Press and the Bayshore ndependent and shall be posted on the bulletin board at the Aberdeen Township Municipal Utilities Authority at 30 Noble Place, Aberdeen, New Jersey and shall remain there through the year and shall remain in file in the Aberdeen Township Clerk's Office at One Aberdeen Square, Aberdeen, New Jersey This is to certify that the foregoing Resolution was duly adopted by the Aberdeen Township Municipal Utilities Authority at their meeting held on October 20, ATMUA034.SAL Oct. 26, 1994 John H. Sorber Asst. Secretary/Treasurer Cost $ Notice to Absent Defendants SUPEROR COURT OF NEW JERSEY Docket No. F STATE OF NEW JERSEY, to: THOMAS J. BOWMAN and MRS. THOMAS J. BOWMAN, his wife; JOAN A. TAYLOR, by her Subrogee YOU ARE HEREBY SUMMONED and required to serve upon Katz, Ettin, Levine, Kurzweil &Weber, P. A. whose address is 905 North Kings Highway, Cherry Hill, New Jersey , An Answer to the complaint and Amendment to Complaint (if any) filed in a civil action in which the national State Bank, Elizabeth, NJ is Plaintiff and which William B. Ryans, et al, are Defendants, pending in the Superior Court of New Jersey, within thirty-live days alter October exclusive of such date. f you do fail to do so, Judgment by Default may be rendered against you for relief demanded in the Complaint and Amendment to Complaint (if any). You shall file your answer and Proof of Service in duplicate with the Clerk of the Superior Court, Hughes Justice Complex, CN-971. Trenton, New Jersey 08625, in accordance with the Rules of Civil Practice and Procedure. This action has been instituted for the purpose of foreclosing the mortgage dated November 21, 1986, and made by Wilson B. Ryans, a single person and Thomas J. Bowman, a single person, to ntercounty Mortgage Corp. recorded in the Monmouth County Clerks Office, Book 4181, at page 580; to recover possession of and concerning real estate located at 4 Water Street, Aberdeen, New Jersey. You, Thomas J. Bowman, are named a party Defendant hereto by reason of the fact that you executed the original note/bond and mortgage are one of the titled owners of the property being foreclosed on in this action. You. Mrs. Thomas J. Bowman, are named a party Defendant hereto by reason of the fact that if Thomas J. Bowman is married, his wife, designated herein as Mrs. Thomas J. Bowman, may have an interest in the subject property being foreclosed on in this action. You, Joan A. Taylor, by her Subrogee, are named a party Defendant hereto by reason of the fact that you obtained a Judgment of the Superior Court of New Jersey against Thomas Bowman, Judgment number DJ , entered on March 25, 1983, type of action, Contract, in the amount of $ plus costs and attorney's fees of $42.42 and docketing of $8.70. Said Judgment was recovered in the Hudson County District Court on 7/21/81, Case Number You may contact the Lawyer Referral Service of the County in which this action is pending by calling f you cannot afford an attorney, you may communicate with the Legal Services Office ot the County in which this action is pending by calling DONALD F. PHELAN, CLERK Superior Court of New Jersey Date of Publication Cost of Ad Oct $ R E A L E S T A T E 005 Apartments For Rent A ll Real Estate advertised in this newspaper is subject to the Federal Housing Act of 1968 w hich m akes it illegal to advertise any preference, lim itation or discrim ination based on race, color, religion, sex or national origin, o r an intention to make any such preference, lim itation or discrim ination. This newspaper w ill not knowingly accept any advertising fo r Real Estate which is in violation of the law. Our readers are inform ed that all dw ellings advertised in th is newspaper are available on an equal opportunity basis. ASBURY PARK NORTH END ON DEAL LAKE 1 BEDROOM APARTMENTS On bus line, near railroad Perfect for Sr. Citizens $550. per month. ncludes heat and hot water. Call EATO N CREST APTS Tennis & swim club. Large size rooms w/19ft living rm. Only minutes from Ocean beaches, Golf Courses, Fishing & Boating. Near all houses of Worship & Malls. Mon- F r i 9 : 3 0 a m -4 p m, Pine Brook Rd., Hope Rd., Eatontown. 2 blocks from Exit 105 GSP MANALAPAN-WANTED Furn 1 or 2 bedrm apt. for 2 or 3 months in Covered Bridge NORTH BRUNSWCK 1 bedrm. $625. per month utilities incl. Must be seen. Call NORTH BRUNSWCK Non-smoking environ. 2 bdrm, eat-in-kit, liv. rm., all util. No pets. $ & 112/mo. sec. deposit Use your VSA or Master Card to pay for your ad! ADS. Resort 005 Apartments For Rent OLD BRDGE COUNTRY LVNG APTS 2 bedroom apts. avail. Heat, air conditioning, hot water, cooking gas and dishwashers included. Mon.-Fri., 9am-5pm SA YREV LLE BORDENTOWN AVENUE WNDNG WOOD 1 & 2 BEDROOM GARDEN APARTMENTS FROM $580. BRAND NEW AVALABLE Open daily 10am-6pm SAYREVLLE/PARLN 3 bedrm., 2Vz bath condo in Reflexions. $1,100./mo. + utilities SOUTH RVER RENOVATED Liv. rm., lg. eat in kit., porch, new carpets, ceiling fans, off street parking. View. Walk to shopping & trans. No pets. $725+ util. 1Vfe mo. secur. 1 yr. lease SOUTH RVER- 1 bedrm. apt. 2nd fl. $465./mo. does not incl. heat & utils. 1V2 mo. sec. pets Houses for Rent EA ST BRUNSWCK-3 bdrm., 2 bath brick Ranch w/attatched gar. $1,500. per month. Call HOWELL Point-O-Woods By owner. 3 bedrooms, 2'/z baths, f/p, cathedral ceilings. 2 car garage Classified Works! 007 Houses for Sale BARGAN HOMES Foreclosed. HUD, VA, S&L Bailout properties. Low Down. F a n ta s tic s a v in g s. C a ll Ext. H-2111 for list. Bask in the Sun on a Beautiful Sandy Beach... ^» Play Tennis on the Lighted.nnrin Courts...Enjoy the Jacuzzis U U l U u and Saunas...Relax at the E f l V Oceanfront Cabana Bar. r U l Rent MYRTLE BEACH South Carolina Photographs Gladly Shown LEDDY &DCK POLTY COME TO THE BEACH And save a bundle, too! MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. Enjoy our beautiful, wide beach & BEACHFRONT CONDOS Oceanfront balconies, everything. you need including microwave, ' sr/dryer, beachfront pool, too. WEEKLY RATES 2 Bedroom 1 3 Bedroom $575-$800 i s650-s950 Bill and Jackie Canino

49 007 Houses for Sale EAST BRUNSWCK- 2 homes avail. BY OWNER. #1- Birchwood, executive bi-level. $192,000. 2nd home Laurencebrook, tri-level. $182,000. Possible owner finance. Close to shopping & NJ Tpke EA ST BRUNSWCK-3 bdrm., 2 bath brick Ranch w/att. gar. $200,000. Owner financing avail. Call ERA Advantage is ERA'S 1 Real Estate Co. in N.J. Bob Nemeth is an aggressive and honest agent committed to S E L LN G your home F O R E C L O S E D G O V E R N MENT HOMES AND PRO P E R T E S! HUD, VA, RTC, ETC. LSTNGS FOR YOUR A REA. FNANCNG AVAL A BLE. CALL TO LL FR EE) EXT. R-3526 FREE NFORMATON Sell Your Own Home For professional advice call PH O EBE STAMP, ext 32 SHELA DEUTSCH, ext. 42 PRUDENTAL N.J. REA LTY LAUREN CE HARBOR 2 bedrm. Ranch, eat-in kit., vinyl siding, walk to beach. $59,900. Call MARLBORO/MANALAPAN Call TO LL F R E E SALE-99 for F R E E NFO on our area. Ask about our NEW CONSTRUCTON, our F R E E SCHOOL REPO RT & learn about our towns from THE AREA EXPER TS! CEN TURY 21, Mack-Morris ris Lurie, nc. Realtors name address city phone (day) _ 007 Houses for Sale MLLT0WN 2 family. Unique. 3 bdrm.-1 bdrm. Built-ins. Window seats & bays. Knotty pine bsmt. mm a c u la te ly m a in ta in e d. $173, NORTH BRUNSWCK Governor s Point. 2 bedrm., 2Vz bath townhouse. End unit w/all upgrades, in move-jn cond. Priced for quick sale P0C0N0S Lake & mountain view. Beautiful 6 yr. old 2 story, fully turn., beautifully decorated. Ready to move in. Next to lake & huge clubhouse. Retire or vacation. Great income property d r a s t ic a lly re d u c e d to $100,000. Call SOUTH RVER COLONAL - Mother/Daughter, 4 bedrm., 2 baths, 2 kits., sep. entrance, fenced in yard. $137,900. Call SOUTH R V ER-By Owner. Well kept 2 family. Corner prop., main. free. 2 bedrm., liv. rm., kitch., full bath downstairs. 2nd floor-1 bedrm., liv., kitch., full bath. Full bsmnt., 2 car detatched gar. $155,000. Call after 6pm / 008 Condos Townhouses DELRAY BEACH, FL FOR REN T OR SALE 2 bedroom, 2 bath, ground le v e l. F u rn is h e d, larg e screened in porch, near clubhouse & pool. Available 11/1. Call SAYREVLLE Sheffield Mews- 3/4 bedrms., 2 Vfe bath, liv. rm., din. rm., g. eat-in-kit., g. deck, full fin. bsemt., central air, att. gar., pool. $149, a Adult Communities EA ST BRUNSW CK CONDO FOR RENT- 1 g. bedrm. at The Club $850. per mo. + utils. Avail 11/ FREEHOLD-Mobile home. 12 x 60. Nice cond. Good gas & a/c. No reasonable offer refused. Call MANALAPAN COVERED BRDGE REN T - 2 Bedrms., enclosed porch, all appliances, air, w /w carpet. Upstairs. Must see. By owner. $775. Avail. 12/1. Call Rooms for Rent THE B E S T Listing Program! 2% LST COST Sell $200,000-Save $2,000. Written commitment on ads till sold. Full service broker. Ask for Paul Ricca R & B Brokers Realty, nc. Mornings, Evenings, Holidays / H ELM ETTA - Clean, quiet room. $80. per wk. + security. C a l l D o m o r C h r i s NORTH BRUNSW CK- Lg. room w/separate ent. & bathrm. Nr. Rt Non-smoking, mature professional. $400./ mo. + security F o u n d t h e P o k e! state, (evening)_ zip 009 Rooms for Rent PARLN Comfy, clean, quiet atmosphere, share appl. $400./mo. + sec Rentals to Share PARLN - Fem ale, nonsmoker. 2 bedrms. Near bus. $300./mo Mobile Homes EATONTOWN x 70 2 bedrm., Eat-in-kitch., deck, shed, fenced yard, appliances in c l. M o stly fu rn is h e d. $28,500. Call HAZLET - Liv. rm., din. rm., El Kit., 2 bedrm., w/w carpet, W/D, new c/a, new furnace, front & back enclosed porches, 2 storage sheds. $35, / HAZLET- 12'x65, 5 rms., 1 bath, liv. rm. 16'x20\ bedrm. w/2' extension & bay window. Like new, cntr./air, washer/ dryer, fully furn HAZLET-Why Rent? New mobile homes. Financing. 15 & 20 year. 6 mo-1 yr. free rent Call: Lots & Acreage HOLMDEL CEMETERY Garden Mausoleum Crypt (1) Must sell. $2,795. Call PASTE TAKE" HERE Please en ter m e in a drawing fo r dinner fo r 2. photocopies not accepted Return to: Creater Media Newspaper Classified l Found the Fake" contest 7 Edgeboro Road, East Brunswick NJ Creater Media Newspaper employees or their families not eligible. C reater M edia New spapers HEY SUPER SLEUTHS... Find the Fake Ad and you can win a dinner fo r 2. Starting this week there's more than great bargains in the Classifieds, we've hidden a fake ad somewhere within the line ads Can you find it? Each week a new ad will be hidden. Find the ad, attach it to the " Found the Fake" coupon located in the Classified section. (Photocopies not accepted). Mail your entry so that it reaches us no later than the Tuesday after publication. One winner will be drawn from the entries received. Winner will be announced in the Classified section each week. 015 Summer/Winter Rentals ADRO N DACKS-O N L A K E PLEASAN T- Sandy beach, views, charming year round. $249,000. Many more listings. For info, call Alicia C. Miller R E or BOCA/DELRAY, FLA- Country Club, lux. unit. 3 mo. min. Golf, tennis DSNEY AREA FLA. 2/3/4/ bedroom. Luxury homes 3mi. Disney. From $550/wk FLORDA VLLA 3 bedroom, 2 bath villa w/private pool. Quiet residential location. 8 miles to DSNEY & other attractions. GREAT GOLF Vacations Call FLO RD A/D ELTO N A-D isney area. 2 bedrm. Condo, beautifully furn., pool, tennis. $3507 wk. or Monthly LOG CABN, PA. $800./PER W EEK CALL , EVES LO N G B E A C H SLA N D - Oceanblock duplex, Beach Haven Terrace, 5th from ocean! G R E A T location! G REAT rentals! G REA T price, only $189,000! Call Realtor. STEVEN S REAL ESTA TE SO UTH CAROLNA-M yrtle Beach-Mint 2 bedrm., 2 bath condo. Great fall rates. Video available COMMERCAL 017 Office & Floor Space FREEHOLD 2,000-6,000 sq.ft. deluxe office & warehouse space available. Prime area. Easy access to Route 33. Call HOLMDEL/HAZLET 1-4 ROOM O FFCE SU TES SHORT TERM LEA SES START AT $290./MONTH CALL ~ Office & Floor Space MANALAPAN Prof./med. bldg. 2 offices left. mmed. occup., all approx. 1,400 sq. ft. ea. 1 outfitted for dental office. Convenient Rt. 9 location. O FFERN G SU B STAN TAL SAVNGS FO R 1ST YEAR MATAWAN Main St. Victorian charm. Office suites available. 1mo Free Rent NEW BRUNSW CK LOCATON! LOCATON! Office space available. Competitive pricing. Near train station, courthouse, Robert Wood Johnson & Rutgers. Call Stores S.C. 57 Y EA R OLD FAMLY BUSNESS- Out-lived owner. Great water, low crime. Warm climate, high profits. Frye s Drive-n Restaurant. Turn-key operation. Bus.-Land-Bldg., 3 dining rooms, Hwy 301. $ 1 6 5, , buildings Garages HOW ELL/FREEHOLD - Space for workshop or storage. 20' X 25" & 20' X 50 with overhead door. 24 hour access. Highway 9. Call Commercial Properties Advertise your com m ercial property here. Call fo r m ore inform ation ADS 025 Business Opportunities A BG SU C C ESSFU L BUSN ESS WTH NO RSK! Call Mike A UNQUE BUSNE$$ - P/T, F/T. No investment/risk. Own hours , 24 hrs. BU SN ESS O PPO RTUN TY- Lease my 900 number $400./month. 3 month min. plus standard service charges. We will also assist in set-up ext. 14 n o n ' i t n-i T.-1 i j r r r, 1 1 THE NDEPENDENT, OCTOBER 26, Business Opportunities MAKE $500. -$1,000 OR MORE W EEKLY From the privacy of your own hone. Solve your money problems. Send self-addressed stamped envelope to: M ALERS P.O. Box 4314 Brick, N.J U SE YOUR COMPUTER for unlimited earning potential. Free car & trips. Home-based business VENDNG ROUTE Must sell, very strong cash business VENDNG- FANTASTC Local Route. 400% profits. $1,200./ week potential. MUST SELL Classified Works! anddie best GardenState Laundry System is NewJersey s only authorized Wascomat Dealer. Get the facts..,, free nformationseminars 1026 West Elizabeth Ave. Linden, N.J Business Equipment DEL CASE 6 $475. GRLL, FLAT TOP 2 $150. CALL ALAN Me MmtfiW if tlmilm'! TURNYOUR CLUTTER NTOCASH! Advertise Your Garage Sale f you tell them, they will come... n o r l i n o,minimum * per line 4imes) Placeyour garagesaleadandbeeligibletosell your leftover garagesale items at our "SECONDCHANCE"rate -2 weeks i V VSA/MASTERCARD ACCEPTED c a l l ADS 027 Business Equipment JEWELRY SHOWCASES W/lights. Asst, displays, packaging. Complete lot of sterling jewelry. Slat wall shelving. C h a rg e c a rd te rm in a l or PRCED TO SELL! Classified Works! FNANCAL 030 Financial Services Advertise your financial services here. Call fo r m ore inform ation ADS CASH NOW-For receiving payments on Annuities Structured Settlements or State Lottery Payments. R&P Capital Resources nc. Theodore Fremd Avenue Rye, NY Call LEGAL SERVCES PERSO N AL W LL. LVNG W L L, G U A R D A N S H P, POW ER OF ATTO RN EY FOR M EDCAL. Paralegal/Notary Public, N.J. D # R e a s. Marge Coppotelli W E BUY M O RTGATES FOR CASH. Full or partial buy outs. Call YOU D ESER V E ANOTHER C H A N C E-S eco n d chance c re d it. G U A R A N T E E D!'. $ EMPLOYMENT 035 Help Wanted Full Time ADVERTSERS & READERS t is the policy of this newspaper that ail help wanted advertisem ents will begin with a job title. Call ADS ACCOUNT EXECUTVE Must have minimum 3 years experience as a reporter and/ or working for a public relations agency. Professional position. Only career candidate need apply. Good placement & writing skills A MUST. Send resume with salary history to: Mr. Patrick Austin, Pres. AUSTN & ARMAN 25 Kilmer Dr., Suite 214 Morganville, NJ or FAX to AGENT - A BANKABLE JOB AVON $ SALES AGENT-A AAA Opportunity AVON $ SALES AUTO MECHANC Experienced only. Excellent pay, benefits. Freehold. Mike for appointment CARPENTER- Trimmer/cabinet installer for new construction. Salary based on experience. Must have own vehicle. Start immediately. Call CASHERS Great opportunity for moms. Good pay, commission incentive & other ski benefits. Call Michelle COFFEE BAR MACHADO CO FFEE MANAGEMENT/SERVER positions available. FT/PT. nside The Sony Theater. Must be personable & great with people. FREEH O LD AREA. Please Call COOK-FULL TME DOMESTC-PART TME Will train for Rest Home in Englishtown. 8am-4pm, 4pm- 12, for weekends. Call

50 jf f t V f r.v- '- - ivvvv* im3gm j HT 5 0 OCTOBER 26, 1994, THE NDEPENDENT 035 Help Wanted Full Time CUSTOMER SERVCE and PRODUCTON PERSONNEL For bagel shop in Sayreville. Early morning hours required. Apply in person: MANHATTAN BAGEL 881 Main Street Sayreville, CUSTOMER SERVCE Dependable individual needed to answer phone, Word Perfect & write orders. Good organizational skills & pleasant phone manner DECORATNG ASSO CATE Seeking creative business minded person for interior decorating. Training. Part/full time. Call D E L V E R Y PERSO N -B usy sub shop. Apply at: Sub City 64 Main St, South River $7.-$9./hour DSTRBUTOR Work at home. $500.+ p/t, $ f/t. Start immediately. Earn paid vacation. For information call DOM ESTC/ADES Residential health care facility, 37 bed capacity. 4pm-12 & 12 m idnig ht to 8am. C a ll am-5pm. DRVERS-Better respect & a bigger paycheck! OTR/shorthaul. Home weekly (shorthaul), assigned trucks, great benefits, $1,000. experienced sign-on bonus. Burlington Motor Carriers JQN-BMC EO E D RVERS-D ecker Transport now hiring experienced OTR drivers. Must be 23 years old with 2 years. OTR experience, have CDLA with HAZ MAT DRVNG OPPORTUNTY We are looking for exceptional people to transport precious cargo. Must enjoy working with children, have clean driving record, medical checkup and background investigation. Flexible hours. Call Kids Kab for application ~g r o u p h o m T CAREGVERS Teach independent living skills, provide personal care & supervision to seniors with developmental disabilities. Manalapan location. Related experience required. F/T & P/T opp o rtu n itie s. n q u ire s to ext EOE HOUSE CLEAN ER F/T, P/T for Monmouth/ Middlesex residential daytime cleaning service. Must be responsible. Car necessary. Will train. Call LANDSCAPE & TREE Co. seeks workers ft/pt. Experience preferred. Salary negotiable MANTENANCE LABORER Year round. Snow removal, leaves & gutters. Mondays thru Fridays, 8-4:30. $8. an hour to start MARKETNG/ MANAGEMENT OPPORTUNTY Professional Career Opportunity MetLife A world-wide leader in financial services We have expanding opportunities throughout Central New Jersey. Explore your potential directly with Agency Vice-President. We offer a comprehensive training program, virtual unlimited income potential with base & bonuses & advancement opportunities for those qualified. Executive training program available for qualified MBAs/JDs. Send resume to: Branch Manager 20 Commerce Dr. Suite 130 Cranford, NJ Equal Opportunity Employer MECHANC Medium duty fleet service. Opportunity for advancement. Benefits, good pay. Requires driver s license, tools, references Help Wanted Full Time M EC H A N C S/M EC H A N C 'S H ELPER- Ditch Witch, Highway 33, Manalapan. Ask for Tom or Don OL & AC SERVCE" TECHNCAN - Excellent pay & benefits. 40 hour week with overtime. Freehold area company. Call 8am to 4:30pm OPTCAL SALES/& or APPRENTCE OPTCAN Full Time/Part Time Retail Optical Store Freehold Raceway Mall No experience necessary Call REAL ESTATE SALES Site agents wanted for NEW HOMES PROJECTS Contact Roz Smith at The Prudential New Jersey Realty RECEPTONST^ For insurance company in Freehold. Heavy telephone & mail. Some light typing. Must type 35 words per minute. Hours 8:30-4:30, Monday- Friday. For appointment for interview call RETAL SALES Experienced, hard working person needed for Bed & Bath shop in Manalapan. Call Use yo u r VSA or MASTERCARD lo pay fo r your C lassified Ad Q-4ADS 035 Help Wanted Full Time R00FER/SDER Helper. Experienced. Have own transportation Call SA LES ASSOCATE nfants & childrens better European clothing. Flexible am & pm hours, including w e e k e n d s. C a ll K a re n SALES EARN EXTRA $$ Set your own hours selling an exciting upscale product that sells itself. Everyone is a potential customer. High commissions, no inventory, perfect gift for any occasion. Call mornings, Use your VSA or MASTERCARD to pay fo r your Classified Ad ADS General Work H E L P ir W A N T E D EMPLOYMENTOPPORTUNTES NOWAVALABLE WLLTRAN&ENTRYLEVEL Startingnow, oflerea quickprofessional sun withjobs intheunadvertizedjob maitiet! MANAGEMENT MOK DSTRBUTON&DELVERYTOS10/HR COMMUNCATONS W WAREHOUSETRANEE TO 9/HR LOf. T E L E P H O N E R O O M S u p e r v i s o r s / n t e r v i e w e r s N e e d e d B y G r o w in g M a rk e t R e s e a r c h C o m p a n y S tu d e n ts, H o u s e w iv e s, R e tir e e s W e lc o m e! N o S a le s n v o lv e d! - N o E x p e r ie n c e N e c e s s a r y! O p p o r t u n i t y F o r A d v a n c e m e n t! Requirements Easy Scheduling/Flexible Hours M o tiv a te d ' r r. J : R e lia b le r U K E nthusiastic * At Least Age 16 * G o o d P h o n e V oice * Evenings/Weekends * Full / Part Time C ontact M aris at: Rl TAL NEW STORE OPENNG Brookstone, a national specialty retailer of unique, quality merchandise, is seeking MANAGEMENT candidates (bring resume) and full-and part-time Sales Associates for its new location at Freehold Raceway Mall, f you are a sales-aggressive individual with proven specialty store, hard or sofl-lines experience in a highvolume setting, we would like top meet you. Apply at the nformation Booth in the Freehold Raceway Mall on Wed, Thu. &Fri. (10/26,27, &28) from 9am to 7pmor call Vince Granata (908) EOE M M E D A T E O P E N N G S Monmouth County Residents $6.25/Hour $7.50/Hour for expanded work schedule Join our local team, taking inventories for various retailers. WE OFFER: Paid training on microcomputers Flexible schedules Limited health plan Frequent wage reviews Part time supervisory opportunity Management training program Referral bonus program Travel and auto allowances f you are dependable, have a neat appearance, have a private means of transportation and are 18 years or older C a l l Monday Friday, 9am - 5pm R f S C NVENTORY f U O SPECALSTS An Equal Opportunity Employer 035 Help Wanted Full Time SA LES LOVERS WANTED For World Book Encyclopedia (MAC & WNDOWS too!). Your home is your office / SALES Outside sales opportunity in Middlesex County. We are looking for a high energy, aggressive sales person. Excellent people skills, and some sales experience helpful. Permanent Position For: W ESTERN STA FF SER V C ES S e n d or F a x R e su m e West Prospect Street East Brunswick, NJ M/F/H/V EOE Classified Works! 035 Help Wanted Full Time SALES/ROUTE $775. WEEKLY (no experience necessary) Anchor Food is BG!. We need 3 people now. We wear blue jeans & sneakers to work every day. Cash Daily Vehicle Available Management Opportunity 6 Weeks Vacation Mr. Tamburello SHPPNG/RECEVNG CLERK- Shipping & receiving of supplies. Must have some skill with tools & be reliable. Contact Jo at Classified Works! 035 Help Wanted Full Time SUPERVSOR Requested by plastic processing company in Central New Jersey for 3 shift operation. Approximately 20 people per shift. Experienced manager preferred as extensive tech training will be given to suitable candidate. Must be able to follow written instructions and have good problem solving capabilities. Apply in writing to: Greater Media Newspapers Box 81 7 Edgeboro Road East Brunswick, NJ TEACHER ADES TEACHERS Full Time/Part Time Nursery School. Call Between 9am & 5pm CALL CLASSFED! 035 Help Wanted Full Time TELEMARKETERS Work in a friendly, nonsmoking atmosphere that gives you a chance to reach your potential. Earn an average of $10.-$12. per hour telemarketing for a Mortgage Company that is an industry leader located in Manalapan. Background in banking or real estate helpful but not necessary. We will train. Permanent part time position, Monday th ru T h u rs d a y, 6-9pm, Saturday, 9:30-3. Contact Stu Lehrer, 4-6pm, T e l e p h o n e ' ANSWERNG DAYS & EVENNGS available. Typing skills & telephone experience required. Freehold area. Call Classified Works! O p p o r t u n i t y A w a i t s Y o u - Greater Media nc., publishers of weekly new spapers & shoppers in Monmouth, Middlesex and O cean counties, is hiring. Be part of our energetic, dynamic and growing organization. The following positions are available: C O M P U T E R S p a r t -t im e W e h ave an o p p o r tu n ity n t h e system s d e p a r tm e n t o f o u r n e w s p a p e r fo r a hig h ly m o tiv a te d indiv idual. M u st be ex p e rie n ce d in w in d o w s a n d DOS. DBase experience h elp ful. Any k n o w le d g e o f Macs o r ne tw o rk s a plus. Will tra in rig h t p erson. Fax resum e to: , a tt. Gene. Or send to: Greater M edia Newspapers 7 Edgeboro Rd. East Brunswick, NJ M A L R O O M part-tim e p ositions No experience necessary if y o u are d e p e n d a b le an d like to w ork n a fast paced a tm o sp h e re, w e have o p e n in g s n o u r m ailro o m fo r a fte rn o o n shifts -o n e or tw o days a w eek. There will be o p p o rtu n itie s to increase your hours w ith other m orning or evening shifts in the future. f nterested, please apply at: G reater Jersey Press lo Connerty Court E ast Brunswick, N.J Call for directions only Outside Sales Representative F ull- tim e We are see k in g an a m b itio u s m o tiv a te d sales professional; to fill o u t o u r sales staff. A p p lic a n t s h o u ld have 3-5 years sales experience. W e o ffe r salary, c o m m is s io n a n d g re a t benefits. f y o u are a p ro v e n sales p rofession al a n d th in k t h a t y o u can m e e t th e ch allenge, w e w a n t t o talk t o you. P lease Call Greater M edia N ewspapers Mike Lawless PHOTOGRAPHER + FREELANCE Middlesex-Monmouth Counties News-Featuressports Creative, dependable Flexible hours Send resum e to : M ichael G uiliano G reater M edia N ew spapers, 7 Edgeboro R oad, East Brunsw ick, NJ R E P O R T E R Hard-nosed reporter needed to cover school and municipal government beat for 12,000 circulation weekly Experience preferred but will train the right person. Reliable transportation a must. Send best th re e clips an d resum e to: Howard Altschiller, Greater M edia Newspapers, 7 Edgeboro Road, East Brunswick, N.J E.O.E. W RTERS-FREE-LANCE Bayshore and independent weekly newspapers seek reliable free-lance writers to cover local government, school boards and people. Send resum e and clips to: Creater M edia Newspapers- The in d e p e n d e n t 7 Edgeboro Road East Brunswick, N.J A tt: Howard A ltschiller Greater Media Newspapers E.O.E. 035 Help Wanted Full Time TRAVEL AGENT Well established Hightstown travel agency seeking full time, well rounded, corporate/ v a ca tio n a g e n t. 1 year m in im u m e x p e r i e n c e. M M E D A T E O P E N N G. BENEFTS & SALARY OPEN. Ask for Lynn TRUCK DRVERS-lf you re looking to change jobs... J.B. Hunt is looking for people interested in learning to drive a truck. After training, you can earn an average of over $2,000./month your first year, plus comprehensive benefits JB-HUNT EOE Subject to drug screen. TUTORS F/T, P/T. MUST have experience in S.A.T. s. Good salary, steady position WATER/WATRESS F/T - P/T - Green Meadows Restaurant, Colts Neck Call WATRESS/WATER La Lucci Restaurant Call Help Wanted Part Time ADVERTSERS & READERS ft is the policy o f this new spaper that all help wanted advertisem ents will begin with a job title. Call ADS ASSSTANT Busy hair salon in manalapan. Experienced. For more inform a t i o n p l e a s e c a l l BUS DRVER Pre-school van. Bus driver license required. Will train. Excellent opportunity for parent w ith p re - s c h o o le r. C a ll CHLDREN S FUN CENTER Party Hostesses, cashiers and people who like working with c h ild r e n. C a l l H e le n e ' c ir c u l a t io n SERVCE REP The Star-Ledger has immediate part time openings for early risers! $115. starting salary plus car expenses, dental and vision benefits, vacations, commissions, rapid salary increases. Call NOW! COUNTER HELP Sandwich shop. Flexible daytime hours. deal for housewife DRVER Schoolbus With or without CDL license. Free training. Good pay with benefits FLORAL ASSSTANT Flexible, som e weekends. Must be able to work till 7pm & be outgoing. Call Hope FREELANCE WRTER To write educational material. Must be able to handle deadlines HOUSECLEANNG M onm outh/m iddlesex area. Own transportation/phone. PT/ FT. Reliable & able to commit to work. Paid per house. Refs. Call HOUSEKEEPER 1 day/week, experience, references , ext 220 N S T A L L E R - F o r B u rg la r aiarms. Experienced only. (Old Pro) Call MANTENANCE PERSON Or Small Maintenance Company. Repairs and cleaning shopping center. Hours 2pm to 8pm. Monday thru Friday P.O. Box 635 Nevesink, NJ MEDCAL ASSSTANT Experienced preferred. Pleasant atmosphere. 15 to 20 hours. Call MEDCAL SECRETARY Experienced in all facets of front office a plus. Pleasant atmosphere. 15 to 20 hours. Call MOTHER S HELPER 2 days/nights. Good pay. Non-smoker, own transportation. Call

51 >36 Help Wanted Part Time NEW SPAPER DELVERY EARLY MORNNG W ORK he Star Ledger has delivery ositions available in your rea. Earn $400. to $500. a lonth, plus cash incentives. A iliable car is a must. Call: FFCE WORKER l o n d a y t h r u F r i d a y, am-2pm. Freehold area, lust be d e p e n d a b le & ;liable. Light typing, filing & nsw ering phones. Send ualifications to: P.O. Box 282 Freehold, NJ UTSDE SALES P/T, F/T 1ST TME OPPORTUNTY Demonstrate the New BOTTLELESS Water Cooler to bottled water drinkers $ commission/sale U.S. Water Treatment Co RECEPTONST or busy Hair Salon in Manatpan. For further information lease call SALES ameo Lingerie is now in this rea. $75.-$100. per show. $25,000.+ full time, ree sample kit SALES FLEA MARKET or 3 days per week. Must ave driver s license. Cali Bob SALES ired? Broke? Overweight? o were we! W e ve lost over 00 lbs. & have earned over 8,000. Call SCHOOL BUS DRVERS nmediate openings for Part ime drivers. CDL preferred r will train. Flexible hours nd competitive pay. Possible onus for proper CDL. Old ridge area. Call National at STOCK CLERK P/T leal for student after school i weekends. Apply in person Susan Greene Handbags Marketplace Mall Route 34 Matawan Help Wanted Part Time SWTCHBOARD OPERATOR No experience necessary. For evenings & weekends. MUST have nice personality! Call TEACHERS Certified, after school hours. The Huntington Learning Center Freehold TELEMARKETNG Call the bride to be, 6-9pm Monday-Thursday. Experience required. Excellent working conditions. Matawan area :30am-4pm. TELEMARKETNG Let's stop fooling around, people take part time jobs for 1 reason, $MONEY$. t you re money motivated, seek day/ evening/weekend hours, we have im m ediate openings available. Students/retirees welcome. Will work around your schedule & situation. Call Scot ext TELEMARKETNG- Earn $10. per hour in our Marlboro office. Deal with brides to be. E x p e r ie n c e p r e f e r r e d TELEPHONE CALLERS To Recruit Volunteers For AMERCAN HEART ASSOCATON N FRENDLY, SMOKE FREE, FREEHOLD OFFCE. HRNG MMEDATELY Salary paid during training. Leave a message for Marilyn (morning shift) or Flo (evening shift) TRAVEL AGENTS Sunrise American Express Travel of Freehold seeks an experienced part time travel agent and outside sales agents. C om m issions and travel benefits. Call Classified Sells ADS TELEMARKETNG deal for retirees, college students, homemakers. Earn extra m oney for the holidays or just pay those bills. f you are enthusiastic and have a clear speaking voice, give us a call. W e will train. Earn $10-$ 18. an hour, com m issions and bonuses. C A LL MRS* MC N TOSH PART TME Y O U R O W N H O U R S H DESGN YOUR OWN SCHEDULE Between 7 AM-12 Midnight - 7 Days/Week Bring it with you for an immediate interview. Take a tour of our Cosmetic and Jewelry Distribution Center. Meet our spirited employees and become part of our family. SOME FULL TME POSTONS ALSO AVALABLE These pressure-free positions: TCKETERS MATERAL HANDLERS/LOADERS Are deal For: HOMEMAKERS SENORS CTZENS COLLEGE &HGH SCHOOL STUDENTS Bring a friend and apply in person: Tuesday -Friday 10 AM -2 PM Saturday 10 AM -1 PM RETALERS & MANUFACTURERS C L E A R V E W R O A D R A R T A N N D. C E N T E R E D S O N, N E W J E R S E Y ( ) Equal Opportunity Employer M/F 036a Employment Services ATTENTON READERS Ads under this classification arenot offers of employment. Often these advertisers offer a service tor a tee. f you place acall to a 900" number you will automatically be billed a fee, which varies. EARN $420. part time (12 hours). Work from your home. Call EARN MONEY Reading books! $30,000/year ncom e potential. Details Ext. Y-2111 HOME TYPSTS PC users needed. $35,000. p o t e n tia l. D e ta ils. C a ll ext. B-2111 MAL PROCESSORS Earn up to thousands weekly stuffing envelopes at home. Start now. No experience. FREE supplies & information. No obligation. Send SASE to: PRESTGE DSTRBUTORS Unit J, P.O. Box Winter Springs, FL REAL ESTATE TRANNG The best in the industry. Start a successful career with the Century 21 System. Call for a free career consultation. 037 Babysitting Child Care CARE FO R KDS Day Care referrals. State certified, pre school programs offered. No fee CHLDREN S CHOCE 46 W. Ferris St., E. Brunswick Ages 3 months-5 years. Kindergarten. State Certified. Open 6:30am-7pm, 12 months a year. Call EAST BRUNSW CK - Mom will care lot your child in her home. Non-smoker, exc. refs. Call EAST BRUNSW CK-Caring Mother looking to provide quality child care in my home. Lots of TLC & FUN activities. Flexible to your childs needs. Call F R E E H O L D /HOWELL- Experienced mom will care for your children in my home. Excellent refs HAZLET Exp. mom will care for your children, ft/pt HOUSEKEEPERS, NANNES, Nurses Aides. AH nationalities. Lic./Bonded, Aurora Agency 540 B'way., Long Branch, NJ LNCROFT-Experienced loving mom will care for your child in my home. Near Pkwy. Call MATAWAN- After school child care, in my home. Pre-school & up. Exp. mother, prof., reliable, trustworthy. Safe environment in family oriented neighborhood M ONROE TWP.-Grandmother with 3 yr. old will care for your child any hour NANNES AVALABLE Live-in, Liv^-out or Temp Call Selective Nanny & Companion 214 Rt. 18, E.B-, N.J. OLD BRDGE Working mother peace of mind, child care of the warm lovii ing kind. Playroom, games safe toys & fenced in yard PARLN-Lovinci Mom will care for your child with TLC. Refs. meals non-sml SOUTH BRL NSWCK-lnfant day care. Developmentally stimulating SPOTSWOOD^Exp. mom will care for you* 1-3 yr. old. Meals/fun/refs a Child Care Want EAST BRUNSWCK For our 7 & 10 yr. olds, after school, school holidays, & vacations w/tran$portation. Our home or yours EAST BRUNSWCK Parents of kindergartener need dependable child care MONDAYS ONLY, 3:30-8pm, in their home. Must provide references & transportation. Good pay. Call a Child Care Wanted FREEHOLD TOWNSHP P/T child care in my home. Monday-Thursday afternoons & evenings HAZLET-Mature loving woman wanted to care for infant & 1st grader in our home. Nonsmoker & refs HAZLET-Mature woman wanted to care for 5 month old in my home. M-F 9am-1pm. Call MARLBORO-Child care/light housekeeping needed in our home for 1 & 10 yr. old boys. Full days. Mon.- Thurs. Exp. & Refs, a must MATAWAN-Babysitter needed in my home for 2 & 4 yr. olds, 4 mornings/week 6:30am- 7:30am. Must be reliable, nonsmoking. Refs MORGANVLLE- Mature minded, caring person to care for my 9 year old daughter in my home. Live in or out. Weekends too OLD BRDGE - Seeking m a ture loving person to care for infant in my home. 2 to 3 davs per wk OLD BRDGE P/T NANNY/HOUSEKEEPER to care for energetic 8 month old girl. Non-smoking. Live out OLD BRDGE-Mature caring woman wanted to care for infant. M-F. 10am-4pm. Call SAYREVLLE - Mature minded person for one school aged child. My home. Mon.- Fri., 3-5pm. Must have car. Call SAYREVLLE Someone to care for toddler in my home flexible hours weekly. Call Evenings 4 pm to 9 pm a Care Wanted EAST BRUNSWCK Companion for elderly woman. Must drive & speak English Resumes Typing ABC TYPNG LETTERS & MORE!! REASONABLE RATES Temp Work FR EE RESUMES w/first order. Written/typeset, laser printed. RUSH Service. Write For You OFFCE SERVCES Typing, Bookkeeping, Etc. Call MERCHANDSE 042 Antiques ALL OLD ORENTAL RUGS & Paisley shawls. Any size or cond CASH ANTQUES Top prices paid for: Antique furniture, oriental rugs, paintings, jewelry & silver. We purchase entire contents of estates. Will come to your home. Call ,000 Square Feet Of Antique Treasures Over ioo Dealers Open 7 Days A Week Quality Consignments Accepted Dealers f. Decorators Welcome Free Parking 21 W. Main Street Downtown Freehold Appliances 044 Computers DSHWASHER GE-Used. Working like new. $50. Call DSH WASH ER-Kenmore G ood condition. Two-level w ash. $75. P le a se call RANGE W /M CROW AVE-GE. Good condition. $150. Dishwasher- Whirlpool. $35. Call REFRGERATORS Guaranteed, 90 days. $ Choice of sizes and colors. Very clean. Can deliver REMODELNG DSHWASHER-Kitchen aide, energy saver. $100. STOVE-1 unit, Caloric, gas w/self cleanng oven, exhaust & microw a v e. $ C a ll STOVE (GAS)-Almond w/attatched microwave. Exc. cond. $475. DSHWASHER- Whirlpool-Almond. Exc. cond. $125. Call WALL OVEN Magic Chef. Used. Working ike new. $ WASHER/DRYER-Large WORD PRECESSOR - SMTH CORONA PWP 100. Office system. New w/screen and table $ WORD PROCESSOR Brothers. Portable. Never used. $ Clothing JACKET (STARTER) XL NBA Charlotte Hornets, NEVER W ORN. Black/teal. $75. firm. Call MASON SHOES-Comfort Footwear. Over 350 styles. Call for catalog W EDDNG GOWN-Eve ol Milady. Size Excellent condition. Brand new. Orig. $1,600. Must sell. $650. or best offer. Veil included W EDDNG GOWN-llissa w/ veil, size 4-8 petite, lace/pearl/ sequins. Cost. $1,200. Asking $295. Call WEDDNG GOWN-Never been worn. Galina gown with headpiece. Lace, pearls and sequins. Size 10. Asking $450. Call W E D D N G GOW N-Size 9, never w orn. $200. C all capacity Spacemate. 1 yr. old. Moving, must sell! $ Firewood 044 Computers FREWOOD COMMODORE 128-Color Monitor. Disk drive, keyboard. PRNTER (Panasonic), Disks. $350. complete. Call C0MPAC 286 $70. Vz cord, $40. V* cord Deliver./Stacked FREWOOD- Hardwood split, d e liv e re d, d u m p e d N.J. FREWOOD Seasoned Hardwood. $125. a cord Deskpro w/monitor & keyb o a r d. $ C a ll OAK FREWOOD BM 256K COMPUTER-2DD, C om plete. Multimate W P. Orig. $2,200., $250. BM :>RNTER-Quietwriter 2 Sheetfeed, Letter-Qual. $250 Call Top Quality Guaranteed seasoned & clean Full/Half Cord - Free Delivery $30./Trunkload - You Pick Up HK STUMP REMOVAL THE NDEPENDENT, OCTOBER 26, Furniture 047 Furniture BED-Brass. Queen, complete w/ortho mattress set. Unused, in box. Cost $1,000. Sell $325. Call BEDROOM FURNTURE-Oak set-bureau, chest, music cred e n z a. $ 7 5. C a ll BEDROOM SET -Fruitwood, 10 pcs., incl. tri-fold mirrors, armoire, triple dresser, bedding & more. Exc. cond. $900. or best offer BEDROOM SET Full size, 6 pcs. Maple finish. $ A fter 6 pm call BEDROOM SET-Girls. Antique, white. Good condition. $100. (4) 10-spd. bikes. $50. ea. After 3pm BEDROOM SET-Girls. Provincial w/desk & hutch. $225. O R G A N. $200. Call B E D R O O M SETS-Stanley, oak full size bed w/headboard, double dresser w/mirror chest of drawers, hutch desk & chair. Childcraft, oak crib/youth bed, dresser w/mirror, chest of drawers & changing table BEDROOM-Antique. Stunning. 9 pc. carved & inlaid set w/ BEDROOM SET G irls, 7 pieces Country French. Sleeps 2. Canopy bed. Good condition. $950. Call after 4pm BEDROOM SET Pecan wood. Triple dresser w/ 2 mirrors & 2 night tables, bed & Armoire. $600. or best offer. Call BEDROOM SET Teak & rattan. Headboard, mirror, m en s & women's dressers, 2 bedside tables, coffee table, $175. or best offer. GLASS TABLE TOP: 70"x 36, $85. or best offer. Call BEDROOM SET- 5 pcs. w/queen size bed. Maple, traditional style, from Huffman Koos. $1,500. Call BEDROOM SET- Trad. 2 armoires w/bridge & mirror, 2 nt. sta n d s, q u e e n platform, lounge chair. Good cond. Best offer B E D RO O M SET-50's. Full suite, B londe M ahogany. $400. LVNG ROOM- Mahogany tables, club chairs & couch. Best offer. Magazine rack, $50. Call BEDROOM SET-Girl's, yellow & white Campaign style. 6 pieces. Excellent buy! $300. Call Advertise your outgrown juvenile items here. Call ADS vanity & 6 armoire. Asking $675. Clawfoot Secy, desk, $290. Oak Buffet $75. Oak china cabinet. Winthrop desk. Rockers, wall units, curio, plus much more. All negotiable BEDS- TWN (2) KEA. Nearly new. Each $200. Call *4795 BRASS BED SET-Headboard, footboard, queen size frame, boxspring, matching brass and glass night stands. Marcy weight set and kitchen items. Call after 6pm COCKTAL TABLE-Elegant oblong brass and glass table and brass and glass server. Best offer COUCH & 2 CHARS- Contemporary style, neutral colors. Good condition. Asking $125. for couch, chairs $35. each. Call COUCH 7 pc. modular sectional. Mauve. Good cond. $150. Call COUCH-D&D B uilding 4 piece contemporary sectional w/ottoman. Gray. Exc. cond. $450. Custom 10x12 area rug, $200. Rowing machine. $ DAY BED-White iron & brass. Complete w/2 Ortho mattresses & pop-up trundle. Unused in box. Cost $800. Sell $325. Call DESK Modern, Executive, Wood. Size, 30 x 60 with detachable L extension. $250. or best offer. Call OURMATCHPERSONALS G o a h e a d - g iv e i t a tr y... Y O U W O N T BE A LO N E FO R LO N G! S e n d Us Y o u r FREE 25 W o r d P e r s o n a l A d N o w. Just fill out the coupon and send it to us. We ll send you all the information you need to record your greeting and retrieve all your messages for FREE! Chances are they ll be a lot of them. F R E E A D F R E E M E S S A G E R E T R E V A L C H E C K C A T E G O R Y : CD Ads from Men CD Ads from Women (please print legibly) H E A D L N E (15 character limit) Mail to: Greater Media Newspapers Meet Your Match 7 Edgeboro Rd. East Brunswick, N.J Fax: THS NFORMATON S CONFDENTAL. WE CANNOT PRNT YOUR AD WTHOUT T. Phone Name Address City State Zip_ To listen and respond to ads Call 1-1 (Call costs $1,85 a min,, must be 18 or older, touch lone phones.

52 5 2 OCTOBER 26, 1994, THE NDEPENDENT 047 Furniture DNNG ROOM 10 pieces incl. 3 leaves, table pads. Mediterranean style. 6 Wicker back chairs. All wood $ SLEEPER SOFA- Q u een size, brown/beige plaid. $ DNNG ROOM 9 pieces, Contemporary 2 Breakfronts. All Formica, Burel set. Excellent condition. Best offer. Call DNNG ROOM Beige Mica w/glass top. 6 chairs, buffet cabinet & pede s ta l. $ C a ll DNNG ROOM FURNTURE- Glass top table with 6 chairs. Traditional set with china cabinet, table and 6 chairs. Must sell. Leave message DNNG ROOM SET 11 pieces. Liv. Rm. w/sleeper couch & tbls. Bedrm. set, 5 pieces. Call DNNG ROOM SET- Dark pine 6' table w/2 leaves, lighted china cabinet and 6 chairs, $975. Call DNNG ROOM SET-Beautiful antique white Provincial, 40 yrs. old. Table, 6 chairs, breakfront, leaf & pads. Exc. cond. $1, DNNG ROOM SET-Natural wood color, table, 6 chairs, china cabinet, server & all pads. $3, DNNG ROOM SET-Table w/ 3 leaves, 2 side chairs, 4 arm chairs, large lighted china closet, excellent condition. Call DNNG ROOM SET-Table w/ 3 leaves opens to 100. Lighted Hutch w/4 cane back chairs $ DNNG ROOM SET-w/8 chairs & 3 leaves. $700. Wall unit-3 pieces-walnut, $300. Call or DNNG ROOM Solid oak. Table w/6 chairs, 2 leaves & hutch. Good cond. Orig. $4,000, sacrifice $1,700. or best office. SOFA, grey velvet. $100. Call DNNG ROOM TABLE Solid oak parquet trestle, 36 x 60. Exc. condition $275. Call DNNG ROOM Traditional, fruitwood. 42 round table w/(2) 21 leaves, 2 arm & 4 side chairs, lighted china closet, 4 pads. CHANDELER: polished pewter & brass. All mint cond. Best offer DNNG TABLE-36 X 60 OAK Parquet Parsons w/6 C h airs. Best offer. Call D R E S S E R & C H EST OF DRAW ERS-Good condition. Please call after DRESSER-double, armoire, 2 night tables & 2 mirrors. Gently used. $350. Call END TABLE & SOFA TABLE- Glass w/brass trim & smoke legs. Like new. $325. Lamps, (2) seafoam green, $100. for both. & misc ENTERTANMENT CENTER- Solid oak. New. Holds stereo, TV up to 25" and tapes. Sacrifice $250. Call EUROPEAN TOUCH Furniture Repair R e s to ra tio n s, refinishing, repairing, hand stripping. Also faux, fleck stone & imported gloss lacquer finishes. FREE estimates. Call KTCHEN SET -OAK butcher block table 3 x6, 4 c h a ir s. $ C all KTCHEN SET Glass table w/4 chrs. Exc. cond. Call KTCHEN SET Solid oak, oval table w/4 chairs & 2 leaves. $500. Call after 7pm. LVNG ROOM SET- Sofabed w/matching chair & ottoman $450. Neutral colors. Single WALL UNT $150. All like new Furniture LVNG ROOM SET-3 piece sectional, blue print, includes end unit. Brand new cond. 1 year old. $375. Call after 5pm weeknights LVNG ROOM SET-Couch, rocker, arm chair, coffee table, end tables. COUNTRY. $525. Call & le a v e m e s s a g e LVNG ROOM-Black channel back couch, club chair, ottoman. end table. Best offer. Other furniture. Moving, must sell! LVNG ROOM-SOFA, LOVE SEAT, CHAR & OTTOMAN- Good condition. $350. Call LOVE SEATS-2, solid, steel blue. Excellent condition, $400 lor both. Call LOVESEAT AND SOFA-Great deal. Like new. Has Stainguard and arm pads. Negotiable. Call MOVNG Couch-French Prov.-$200. Table-Lg., round glass w/pedestal base. $125. Chair-Blue Velvet w/arms. $75. Club chair w/matching ottoman- $100. Recliner-$100. Family rm. set. Complete~$200. Captains bed-$ MOVNG SALE Den-3 pieces. Living room-2 pieces. Kitchen table w/6 chairs. Bedroom sets-(2). Patio furn. Call MOVNG SALE Living Room. Family Room, Dinette & Children s Room. Call MOVNG SALE SOFAS: (2) white leather, $150. ea. DNNG ROOM, black lacquer w/6 chairs, $500. BEDROOM: 4 pcs., natural cane, $700. or best offer. COFFEE TABLE: white marble, $200. DESK: g. office, white formica, $100. LOVE SEAT: tan velvet, $125. Call MOVNG- MUST SELL 3 pc. oversized liv. rm. set. Girl's white Fr. prov. bedrm. set. Several antique bureaus, needs refinishing. Washer/ dryer, microwave cabinet, g. microwave, '88 Sears side by side refrig VERY CHEAP! MOVNG-MUST SELL WALL UNT-Almond/brass/ glass, 12 ft. Couch- Naugahide-Bone. Dining room chairs-6 midnight blue & brass. Bedroom set-queen, pickled oak. Bed-regular plus separate queen mattress. Call MOVNG-MUST SELL- King s World designer furniture. Travertine marble tear drop dining room table and 4 high back chairs. White waterfall mica master bedroom set. Living room pieces. Much more MOVNG-Sofa w/m atching loveseat and chair, $400. Berkline sofa w/automatic foot rest at either end w/matching loveseat, 2 lamp tables and etagere suitable for living room or den, 2 yrs. old. Asking $ ORENTAL CHAR-White cushion, black back. $300. Glass-top tables (3). $300. Sofa & love seat, exc. cond. $650. Call SLVERTS FURNTURE Hungry for your bedroom & dining room business. Check our competitive prices. Our 65th year SLEEPER SO FA -M aroon plaid. Full size. 1 year old. $475. firm. Freehold. Call SOFA & MATCHNG WNG CHAR-Beige & blue floral, LKE NEW. $2 5 0 C all SOFA 80 - Brand new, contem porary, beige with blue/m auve/design. $425. neg. Call SOFA BED- Gray solid, contemporary. Queensize. Very g o o d c o n d. $ SOFA-Convertible. Q ueen size. vory & black stripe. Good condition. $200. Call Furniture SOFA-sectional-neutral-incl. bed & recliner, 2 CHARSblue, RUGS. Call before 10am SOFABED Mauve, mint & yellow w/throw pillows. Full size. Perfect cond. Must sell. Asking $ after 5:30pm TABLE (C O C K T A L )- Traditional dark wood w/glass top. Beautiful. $75. Call evenings WALL UNT-Contemporary, walnut grain finish, 3 units w /glass do o rs, lights & shelves $200, Couch: 8 pc. brown velour sectional $150. Dining Room. Smoke glass table & 4 chairs & chandelier $150. Other items WARDROBE oak. Handmade reproduction of Mission design from original 1909 plans. nterior has drawers & adjustable shelves. S u perior piece. $750. Call General Merchandise A DESPERATE NURSERY MAN-Must sell 15 16/18' Douglas Firs by 11/5. Create instant evergreen privacy. Between 9-11pm BARGANS Giant Warehouse in Matawan LOADED with Merchandise Furniture Appliances TVs & VCRs Glassware Office Equipment Books Sporting Goods Party Paper Goods NEW & USED MERCHANDSE ARRVNG DALY!! Yard Sale America Store For Directions BATHTUB. SNK, & FAUCET- Almond. Very good condition. $50 or best offer. Call T he P e r fe c t G ift 048 General Merchandise CANDY MACHNES-Will donate (15), 4 units each machine to church or organization. Call DNNG SET-Master bedroom, teenage furniture. Wall unit/ shelving, lawn furniture, ping pong table, bar stools, living room chairs, desk. Best offers. Call day evening DOZE ALERT-Helps prevent auto accidents. Alarm activated every time your head nods. Simple ear attachment. FREE catalog. J&A Enterprises th St.. Suite 333 West New York. NJ ELECTRC MOBLTY '91 Scooter for Handicapped person. $1, ELECTRC WHEELCHAR- Damaco Electrolite, Never used. Dual batteries, electric charger. Original price $3.800., asking $2,000. Call FOOTBALL CARDS-Dan Marino Rookies, 1984 Topps. Mint Condition. $70. Firm! Call HEATER-KEROSENE. NEW, NEVER USED. SEARS. $ Please call HOT TUB/SPA-NEW $1, person w/cover. Curb del. Open 7 days HOUSEHOLD SALE Bedroom-twin size, kitchen table & chairs, Curio cabinet lighted, Chiropractic electric bed, lamps, bedding, china e tc. For appt. call CE SKATES-Ladies, size 7. Books (Babysitter & Sweet Valley High) MANY OTHER TOYS. Call KEROSENE HEATER $50 Call KTCHEN CABNET-34 x 36 W. Nutone-built in formica countertop-maple. $75. Call KTCHEN CABNETS Almond formica w/oak trim. Approximately 4 years old. Great Condition! Best offer. Call between 6-9pm or leave message General Merchandise KTCHEN CABNETS-24 ft. BRAND NEW! Will sell separately. $1,000. Call KTCHEN SALE-GE wall oven w/ smoke glass front door $150. Thermador stainless steel gas cooktop $100. Broan stainless steel range hood $50. Birch kitchen cabinets $700. Everything brand new condition, will sell items separately KTCHEN-Contemporary formica cabinets w/white counter top. Double oven (gas)-ge, side x side refrigerator-ge & microwave-panasonic. $2,200. Call LAW N M OW ER-SEARS CRAFTSMAN. 19 ELEC TRC. $40. P lease call LEAF BLOWER-5hp, $325. REFRGERATOR-GE, sideby-side. $425. French Doors- 6ft. $100. Call LGHTS FOR SUSPENDED CELNG. $20. each MOVNG SALE Din. rm. set. King size waterbed, 3 piece comp. TV, VCR, couch & chair, twin bed, washer/dryer, tools plus much more. Call MOVNG SALE Dinette set, baby furn., club chair (converts to bed), sofabed, tables, lamps, chairs, etc. Call MOVNG SALE LVNG ROOM w/sofabed & recliner. GRL'S BEDROOM: (2) twin beds w/dresser & chest. White mica. KTCHEN SET: Wood table w/l shaped bench. REDW OOD OUT DOOR SET: Table & 4 benches. WASHER/DRYER: Whirlpool, white. All good cond. Best prices House Portraits Created in Oils or Watercolors Birthdays Anniversaries All Special Occasions Artist 155 South St., Freehold, l\j Family Portraits T he P e r fe c t G ift C r e a t e d in Oils o r P aste ls Birthdays Anniversaries All Special Occasions Pet Portraits Wedding Portraits Artist 155 South St., Freehold. NJ mmmmmcssmmsssssssssskmmmmmmmmmmmmb 048 General Merchandise NATONAL GEOGRAPHC 1934 & up Call ORGAN-Pacemaker Cord Series-Gulbransen. $400. Entertainment Unit-solid oak. Exc. cond. $ PES-Fresh baked; apple, blueberry, cherry, no pumpkin! Our competition can t hold a candle to us. Call J. O Lantern BOOO KTCHEN-Cabinets. stove, dishwasher, sink & 1 yr. new r e f r ig e r a t o r. C a ll POOL-18 above-ground pool All pool equipment and filter included. Must disassemble. Best offer SECURTY SYSTEM-For sale. Cameras, monitors, switchers, time-lapse recorders. Call SEWNG MACHNE Good working condition. $35. Call SEWNG MACHNE-Singer professional. 20u-$300. Victrola-RCA Victor-$100. Banjo, Gibson-$100. String instruments. Bikes (3) -$20. to $50. Call SHREDDER S ears. 8 hp. $70. Call STEAM CLEANER Rainbow. 1 yr. old. Must sell. $500. Call STORM DOOR White aluminum. Like new. 36" x 80" convertible. $75. After 6pm TOLET/S NK-American Standard, Aqua Crystal faucet. Excellent condition. No Chips! $70. Call TRACK LGHTNG -12 ft. Dining room set-w/hutch, dark pine. Coffee & snack tables. Dishes. Call TYPEWRTER-XEROX 627 (office) Memory Writer. $75. Call VDEO ARCADE MACHNE- Atari Pole Position. Works great! BEDROOM-Room plus. Wall unit-bedroom. Sectional couch-contemporary. Best offers. Call WALL UNT- 3 pc., white lacquer/chrome $350. TREAD MLL- '94 model, 8 mi. per hr./ com puter $250. C O FFEE TABLE- Contemp. white lacque^lo O WANTED $$$ REWARD HGHEST PRCES PAD! Gold any condition. Broken chains, teeth, charm bracelets, etc...diam onds, old, new..any size or and silver coins...licensed buyers. 15 yrs. exp., honest, ethical, reliable. We make house calls! W O O D CHPPER-Agway- $100. Go-cart. Sears.-$100. Radial saw-10" Sears-$150. Vari -Kennel -Large-$100. Hutch-dark pine-$250. Organ- $250. Accordian-$100. Driveway & Leaf vacuum-7hp Billy G o a t. $ C a ll XMAS TREE-7 FT. GREEN. EXCELLENT CONDTON. $50. Please call b nfants Juvenile tems BABY FURNTURE-A White. Crib, change table/dresser w/ chiffrobe, rocker. Best offer. Call BABY FURNTURE-Excellent Condition. Crib, dressers, changing table, mattress & lamp. BEST OFFERS. Call CRB-Simmons, w/mattress. Full bedding. SWNG-Gracoelectric, playpen baby clothes & toys. Call CRB-W/MATTRESS. MNT CONDTON. MEDUM OAK. $70. P le a s e call PLAYPEN-CRB-PORTABLE. Fischer-Price 2 in 1. LKE N E W $40. P le a se call POWER RANGER COLLECTON-Figures/Zords for sale. Original & new line. Call Between 6-9 pm b nfants Juvenile tems TENDER YEARS MOW ER (RDER)-Craftsman 11hp, 8spd., 30" $400. Edger- TrimRite. 1.5hp, gas. Brand Christening/Baptismal new. $85. Call apparral/accessories. Variety of fabrics, styles & prices. Any budget Merchandise Wanted AAAA ANTHONY S ANTQUE PAYS TOP $$$$ for used furniture, glass, art, toys, all collectables, etc. Love attics & basements. Estate contents bought or auctions. Est Baskin Robbins for Uncle Joe SAVE THS AD AAAAAA Antiques, used fum., estates, contents of homes, etc / ALL LONEL TRANS Or Flyer. Top cash appraisal. Price no object ALL OLD ORENTAL RUGS & Paisley shawls. Any size or cond CASH ANTQUES & QUALTY CO LLECTBLES ESTATES PURCHASED CONSGNMENTS WANTED Freehold Antique Gallery Victoria Collins, Manager AVOD Garage Sale Hassles. Marilyn buys knick knacks, furn., antiques BEFORE YOU HAVE YOUR SALE! We Buy & Sell 24 Broad St Keyport Lil or CASH FOR BOOKS Old Magazines CASH for USED CAMERAS & all photo equip. New or old. 1 pc. or whole studio. No Polaroid or movie CHANDELER BRASS Large for foyer CHNA CLOSET CHERRY COMPACT DSCS WE BUY, SELL & TRADE THE RECORD SETTER / DSC CONSGNMENT SHOP DEJA VU We want your antiques, furn., collectables. Estate purchasing & buy-outs. Call for appt. 15 W. Main St., Freehold CONSGNMENT SHOP GENTLY USED FURNTURE WANTED for RESALE Also SELLNG new furniture Fully Furnished CRAFTS & SALEABLE TEMS for Flea Markets/Fairs. Call GUNS, swords, military items. Cash. Lie. NJ/Fed. Dealer. House calls. Bert MAKE MONEY CLEANNG YOUR CLOSETS $$$$ Consign your women's & kid s clothing, closeouts or salesmens samples. Call 10am-4:30 for info & appt 2nd Turn Around $1,000.-$10,000. PAD for antique Oriental Rugs. Jam es Proctor or WANTED TO BUY Furniture. Paintings, Glassware, Statues, Vases Oriental Rugs, Silver, Collections, Old Toys, Jewelry, etc. Over 40 yrs. old. ANY QUANTTY... COMPLETE ESTATES PURCHASED Col. Bob Randolph Auctioneer Call any time MEMBER NJ & S T A T E SOCETY O F A U C T O N E E R S SAVE THS AD. YOU MAY NEED ME N THE FUTURE! 049 Merchandise Wanted UNWANTED TEMS WE PAY CASH FOR, turn., appliances, pianos, musical instruments, exercise equipments, tools, water vehicles, trailers, motor cycles, mopeds, bicycles, juvenile & infant fum. & toys.. We ll pick-up USED SN O W BLOWERS Running or not. Will pick-up. Call Musical nstruments DRUM SET-Pearl, 5 piece. 6 months old. Must sell. Asking $850. Call ORGAN-5 foot Conn. 2 keyboards. Full octave of pedals. Bench included. $ Kastner & Co. player piano. Needs work. Must move, best offer PANO Baldw in H ow ard baby grand. Black lacquer w/padded bench. Beautiful cond. $5,000. or best offer. Call PANO Kimball Console w/bench & lamp. Exc. cond. $1,100. Call PANO TUNER/ REPARMAN. Assoc. Member of the Piano Technician s Guild. Call PANO TUNNG FULL SERVCE * Master Tuner-Est PANO-Koehler and Campbell console. Beautiful condition. Must see. Excellent touch and tone. Leave message The Piano of Your Dreams is at FREEHOLD MUSC CENTER NEW JE R SE Y S MUSC SUPERSTORE" NEW & USED Great Selection & Prices Used Pianos from $250. Rentals from $30. Music Lessons for All Ages Sporting Equipment BCYCLE Speed. Like new. $50. Please call BKE-ADULT BOYS. 27 inch Schwin. 10 speed. $45. Good condition. Please call BKE-BOYS 20 NCH. TRAL TYLER. GOOD CONDTON. $35. Please call BKE-MEN S 3 SPEED- Schwinn. Asking $20. Please call or le a v e m e s sag e BOW-DARTON COMPOUND Left handed. Arrows, bow, quiver and sight included. $65. Call GOLF CLUB YONEX DRVER A.D.X. Tour Model. 9 degree stiff shaft. Good condition. $ MEMBERSHP-Lifestyles Fitness Founders Membership. Good at ALL locations! $450. Please call ROCK SHOCKS 93 For 1 headset, rebuilt in 94. $250. Call SKS & POLES Y a m a h a. $50. Call STEPPER-Sears. Lifestyler w/ pulse & workout Monitor. Never used. Asking $75. Call STEPPER-TONY LTTLE, dual action one-on one trainer. Never used. Cost $230. Sell $175. Call

53 THE NDEPENDENT, OCTOBER 26, CALL ADS Deadline Friday 11 AM Business Service We Honor VSA This directory will be revised monthly. Cancellations will be accepted and necessary copy changes will be made for the i n d e x Air/Heat Alarms Appliance Repair Asphalt/Concrete Paving Building/Remodeling C a r p e t C a r e Cleaning Services Closet Remodeling Decorating Services Electrical Exterminators Fencing Floors/Floor Care Garage Doors Glass/Mirrors Handy Persons Kitchens/Baths Lawn Care/Landscaping Painting/Wallpapering Plumbing/Heating Pool Care Roofing/Siding/Gutters/Windows Special Services A S P H A L T /C O N C R E T E P A V N G B U L D N G /R E M O D E L N G B U L D N G /R E M O D E L N G A & S PAVNG & SEAL COATNG Residential/Commercial D r iv e w a y s C oncrete R R Ties B e lg ia n B lo c k P a r k in g L o ts l i n e S t r ip in g Hand Applied with Brush FREE ESTMATES* ye a rs e xp e rie n c e B&s ASPHALT PAVNG Driveways Parking Lots (New ot Resurfaced) Driveway Stone (nstalled) Top Soil & Fill Dirt Red Stone Delaware Gravel (Delivered) Serving Monmouth/Middlesex 70 PERFECT PAVNG CO., NC. Dealing Exclusively in the Design & nstallation of nterlocking Pavers Brick Pavers Bluestone Keystone Retaining Walls Family Owned & Operated 25 Years Experience KEYPORT PAVNGCO. R.R. Hogrefe & S on DRVEWAYS: New Resurfaced Seal Coating Stone RR TES NSTALLED BACKHOE &TRUCK RENTAL Serving Monmouth & Middlesex Over 20 Years DANE CUSTOM CARPENTRY NC. Decks A dditions Basements Patio Doors W indow s FREE ESTMATES Fully nsured RCH S HOME MPROVEMENT Kitchens Bathrooms Windows Decks Painting Wallpapering Reasonable Rates first publication of the month only. Please check deadline information. T N T Custom Decks Additions Roofing/Siding Windows/Doors Thelast contractor you will ever need" 908* Hour Em ergency Service nsured Free Estimates CONSTRUCTON ADDTONS REPARS BASEMEYTS BATHROOMS DOORS SKYLGHTS KTCHENS DECKS WNDOWS DROP CELNGS nsured Free Estimates H&HREPARS A F F O R D A B L E Q U A L T Y Home mprovements Home Repairs Emergency Service NO JOB TOO SMALL!! CALL TED Beeper # Free Est. Fully ns. EXCELSOR COHTRACTNG, HC. Home Renovations New Construction Decks Siding Roofing Basements Free Estimates Fully nsured CARPENTRY A Good Craftsman for all your Carpentry Needs Small Jobs Welcomed nsured 22 Yrs Experience M U R R A Y HOME MPROVEMENT CO. Additions & Renovations Foundations & Block Work Concrete Work Decks &Deck Repairs Framing &Roofing Fully ns. Free Est COL-AR Heating & Cooling 24 H r. Em ergency Service Service all makes & models Oil or gas cleanings Check ups nstallation ot all heating equipment Clock thermostats Humidifiers Serving area 15 years UNVERSAL AR-TEC Heating &Cooling Sales, ServiceS nstallation Hot Water Heaters Humidifiers Planned Maintenance 24 Hour Service STANLEY ASPHALT Home Driveways Small Parking Lots Resurfaced & Weather Sealing Serving Middlesex & Monmouth Co. over 30 years Open Sat. Harrison Paving Asphalt Driveways Small Parking Lots nstalled/resurfaced Sealing and Patching Free Estimates ARZZO MPROVEMENTS DECKS BASEMENTS SHEETROCK/REPARS CARPENTRY POWER WASHNG NO JOB TOO SMALL GLUCK RENOVATORS All Types Home mprovements Painting Additions Power Washing Windows & Doors ROOFNGSPECALS Call for FreeEstimate Member BBB & Chamber ot Commerce D.R Z Z E B U L D E R S Complete Renovations DECKS Alterations * Additions New Homes Kitchens Baths Windows Doors Skylights Basements Serving Central Jersey over 1 7 years FREE ESTMATES p O i FULLY NSURED BTU-High Efficiency, G A S F U R N A C E Model XE-80 1, nstalled* Before All Rebates 'Direct Replacement Upflow System t s Hard To Stop A Thane? nn A T L A N T C H E A T N G & C O O L N G, N C MONMOP PRECSONAURMS, K Fire Alarms Burglar Alarms Cable/CCTV Telephone/ntercoms 24 HR. Monitoring Available SYSTEMS START AS LOW AS $ For Free Estimate Fully Bonded & nsured A S P H A L T /C O N C R E T E P A V N G NTERPAVERS Specializing n: interlocking Pavers Masonry and Exterior Design Call Brian Free Estimates insured ED FUCHS MASONRY New Work & Repairs Concrete Foundations * Brick Stone Pavers -H GH LY SKLLED Free Estimates Fully nsured gas CONVERSONS jnergency nstallalions Available * * * h * * CALL OUR ADVERTSERS TO GET THE JOB DONE. A S P H A L T /C O N C R E T E P A V N G (Hnutemen Roofing & Siding COMPLETE EXTEROR REMODELNG 24 Hour Emergency Repair Work J Manalapan-Freehold Matawan-Old Bridge 'k'k'kit'k'kir'kirk'k'kit'k'kir'kirirk'k'k'kirtirit-lrk B U L D N G /R E M O D E L N G B U RSTN G AT T H E SEA M S? ADDTONS ADD A L E V E L DORMERS BATHROOMS TOTAL HOME MPROVEMENT CORP. STOP N OR CALL FOR FREE ESTMATE 5 LCENSE # MAN ST. MATAWAN (CORNER OF RT. 34) r BANK FNANCNG [ ] 24 HOUR PHONE SERVCE ' Specializing in Quality Fix Up Your Home for Fall Our Business & Service Directory is a GREAT RESOURCE Roofing Additions Kitchens Seamless Gutters Dormers Siding Add-Levels Renovations Windows Decks Marlboro Matawan East Brunswick Fully nsured Free Estimates M K E K O V A C S R E M O D E L N G C O., J V C. A ll T y p e s o f C a r p e n t r y A lt e r a t io n s R e m o d e l ii i n g K itc h e n s R e c R o o m s 1 R e p la c e m e n t W in d o w s D o o r s P a n e lin g % 1 C e ilin g s T ile s B a th r o o m s A ttic s L o c k s Estimates ^ - No Job Too Big or Small F u ll y n s u r e d F re e E s tim a te s 9 8 f e s K fo o t# in sta ll- R ite Freehold Matawan Middletown MKG BATHROOM "Bathrooms Are Our Business' DEAL DRECT AND SAVE NO SUBCONTRACTORS J "AFAMLYSERVNGFAMLES For O ver 25 Years Free Estim ate i Remove Existing Walls &Plumbing Fixtures * nsulate Exterior Walls Resheetrock Entire Bathroom nstall New Toilet, Tub &Vanity THE RECESSON BUSTER FROM,2,59900 ' nstall Ceramic Tile Floor & Walls Complete With Faucets install Medicine Cabinet, Switches, Plugs & Lights ' Clean Up Debris Upon Completion NJ PLUMBNG LC ' J B e e p e r j.bfluflstll _ _ J

54 5 4 OCTOBER 26, 1994, THE NDEPENDENT B U L D N G /R E M O D E L N G E L E C T R C A L H A N D Y P E R S O N S L A W N C A R E /L A N D S C A P N G 7<e %um 1(au "Km» t vut M U Z O Home k Office Construction Finished Basements Acoustical Ceilings Sheetrock & Taping Decks & Windows Painting (interior, exterior) Masonry (patios, brick work interlocking pavers) Free Est. Fully ns. <9S LET SOMEONE ELSE DO THE WORK! CALL TODAY FOR A FREE ESTMATE commercial/residential 'Professional Building &Remodeling Company" Additions Alterations 'Baths'Kitchens Decks Skylights Aluminum/Vinyl Siding Fireplaces Concrete Doors Windows Porches Basements Painting Papering The O rig in a l W N D O W M A N M rjjn J ~ x KEN PERRY CONSTRUCTON s'*a Quality Without Question & WNDOWS DOORS 0 - ROOFNG SDNG *9* E grt A n V k K ' M ' f i ' V A ' V i r W B* fl, /m f l, Mx. B V M A l t V V M frc l : 3D COMPUTER DESGNS Additions Baths Decks Kitchens Basem ents Renovations Free Est. Fully nsured 2 yr. W arranty on a ll workmanship 10 yrs. exp. in remodeling Refs & Photo's Available C L E A N N G S E R V C E S S c h a f f e r G le a n in g S y s te m The finest quality home & office cleaning with a personal touch. Over 12 Years Experience. Family Operated References Fully nsured s MOVNG? YOU MOVE... WE LL CLEAN! Y o u r o ld p la c e & n e w o n e t o o l also Professional Painting, Rjepairs, Carpet Cleaning and/or CARPET SALES and nstallations n. 61M NewDimensioiis Carpet il Upholstery Qeanets ^ h a t ^ CLEANNG GUTTERS? Thanks To G u t t e r P r o You ll Never Clean Your Gutters Again... GU ARANTEED! Choose... The Maintenance Free Way NSTALL GUTTER PRO TODAY CALL Owned&Operatedby Atlantic Coast Contracting JAMES WNDOW TREATMENTS Total Window Treatment Service Free Shop at Home Service Levolor fgfllll Mini Blinds l i Pleated Shades f -j*? Duels Vertical % Drapery, etc * O F F ' Free nstallation D E C O R A T N G S E R V C E S M A T S U P H O L S T E R Y 30 Years Experience CUSTOM UPHOLSTERY CUSTOM MADE FURNTURE Station St., Englishtown Commercial Work Welcomed r FALL "! SPEC A L! Recessed Lighting 10% DSCOUNT WTH THS AD ON ALL WORK B.T. ELECTRC j License #7018 Residential/Commercial/lndustnal nsured S Bonded, Free Estimates * _ *Your Total Electric Service" MARSHALL n u n i i A Far< y Owned Business Ottering Customized Service At Reasonable Prices Bonded & nsured Lie #12670 CustomWood DogRuns t o link Jerith SWNG SETS 2 Year Guarantee Fully ns.-free Esl "REPARS" " A-DOOR GARAGE DOORS Sales, Service nstallation & Repairs of Doors & Openers Ken O Day F R E E E S T M A T E S ^ M o r r i s P l a t e G la s s Custom Mirrors Table Tops Tub Enclosures Screens Storms Shrewsbury Ave. L Shrewsbury A GLMASTERS Custom Mirrors Bevelled Strips Table Tops All Glass and Replacement Work Fret* Eslimatrs J B B B N E M C O E L E C T R C C O. Service Upgrades &Repairs Celling &Attic Fans Outdoor Lighting &Wiring Bath Ventilators &Heaters Recessed &Track Lights Cable TV&Phone Lines 5 pmto 9 pm Service Available ATLAS ELECTRCAL CONTRACTOR Morganville License #12077 Residential &Commercial G L A S S / M R R O R S X u N D S C H ^ ' Landscape Design. Sod Retaining Walls Dethatching Remodeling New Construction H p Fully nsured Free Estimates jjjj CALL OUR ADVERTSERS TO GET THE JOB DONE. Call ADS ToAdvertise Your Business Here f js a w y. (b n d o n Windows & Doors Mirrors Sc Glass Window Treatments Shower Doors General Maintenance Repairs & Replacements Fully nsured Call ADS ToAdvertise Your Business Here JACKOFHi HOES N o J o b Too B ig o r T o o S m a ir For all Your Home Repairs and mprovements CALL JACK:, NSURED FREE ESTMATES K N G S T L E nstallers of TLE & MARBLE We Also Do Regrouting, Recaulking & All Repair Work 10-40% O F F Any Tile of your choice in area stores Free Estimate S G M U N D S REFN SH1VG K T C H E N C A B N E T S S T R P P E D & R E F N S H E D Free Estimates Fully nsured BATHROOMS *2,595 up to 5x8 DSCOUNT KTCHENS Special Oiscounts onahplumbing Small repair work OK-Leaks Fixed Fuly nsured References Uc. *8821 CARLO CONST. FreeEsl. 35yrs. exp. ;ustomwork-aspecs COUNTERTOP WORN? You D o n t N eed a New Kitchen... Buy Direct from Countertop Manufacturer. Custom Designed & nstallation ncluded. Contem pra Designs, nc K T C H E N /B A T H S J& P HOME REPARS * No Job Too Small No Job Too Far Carpentry Painting. General Maintenance Caulking Sheetrock Repairs Quality Work At A Great Price fret» Estiaates nsured KTCHEN CABNETS STRPPED & REFNSHED LKE NEW Countertop Replacement also Custom Pickling 908* K & O H O M E MPROVEMENTS Since 1975 Bathroom Specialist Ceramic Tile, Cabinetry, Etc. Free Estimates BATH (2284) M E R M A D C O iv n U C T O R S J / o n r G & ut/iroom ffie m o c /e /u jy S p e c ia lis t Ceramic H ie Plumbing Repairs Carpentry Work Monmouth-Ocean-Middlescx Lie. #0883 CALL OUR ADVERTSERS TO GET THE JOB DONE. L A W N C A R E /L A N D S C A P N G What Landscape Company gives a FULL 2 YEAR GUARANTEE on ALL Planted Trees & Shrubs? Monmouth Lawn & Landscape nc. Will Do Just That! That s right, we will plant any size tree or shrub and GUARANTEE them for 2 full years! A one year guarantee is just not enough time to insure that your new trees & plants have taken to their new home. Call TODAY For AFREE ESTMATE We Also Do: Brick Walks &Patios Stone Walls RR Ties Sod Mulch Trimming Revitalizing of Old Landscapes n Business 24 Years ~ Landscaping ~ j ~ Law n M aintenance - 5 ~ R esidential/c om m ercial»slit Seeding Tree & Stump Ftemoval Corration & rration Spring & Fall Clean-up Edging, Trimming Fertilizing A l l T y p e s o f S t o n e & M u l c h D e l i v e r e d Weekly Mowing Tree & Shrub Pruning rrigation Systems ~ Snow Plowing B a c k h o e S e r v i c e O F F E R N G Q U A L T Y & E F F C E N T S E R V C E A T A N A F F O R D A B L E P R C E! Fora Free Estimate Call: TEL: PA G ER: LAWN &LANDSCAPNG Lawn Care Cleanups Sod, Stone, Mulch Renovations Driveway Sealing Gutters Cleaned Weeding Performed on a Monthly Basis. Payment only on completion of job We CARE m o v a l Economical stump and Root Grinding Any Size Stump Professional Courteous Service Since 1981 Small, portable stump grinder used lor fenced properties & sensitive lawns. QualityHardwoodMulchDelivered HKSTUMP REMOVAL r R E L A X... Let Someone Else Do The W o r k P A N T N G /W A L L P A P E R N G ABSOLUT^ AFFORDABLE PANTNG Exterior/interior POWER WASHNG WALLPAPERNG *10 & UP per single roll AN Free Estimates i f BUSY B s C u s to m n te r io r P a in tin g E x te rio r P a in tin g R e s id e n tia l P opcorn C eilings Free E stim ates F u lly n s u r e d N e ig h b o r & S o n Professional Wallpapering nterior & Exterior Painting Carpentry CALL GREG WALL PROFESSONAL PAPER HANGNG 5 STAR RATNG if jl,c T o «cb ju e Prepasted 1 & Pasted Papers Paper Removal Reasonable Rates C A L L L O U A N N References Free Estimates Fully nsured *5650 FRANK S PANTNG (Form erly F&L) EXTEROR NTEROR Professionally Done Free Estimates nsured MffP PANTNG" n t e r io r / E x t e r io r HOME MPROVEMENTS Free Estimates Fully nsured EAGLE PANTNG nterior/exterior Power Washing General Carpentry Free Estimates Fully nsured or WALLPAPERNG BY BE816N CERTFED BY THE nstallations Discounted Sales.. Wall Murals nterior Painting * Border Posters Sheetrocking * Window Coverings * MegaPosters Estimates M o n m o u th C o u n ty R O N A L D K A P L O W T Z M id d le s e x C o u n ty

55 RCHARD K. MOORE Professional Painting nterior/exterior Drywall Spackling PANTNG/WALLPAPERNG " y Owner Operated nsured Free Estimate Fantasy Finishes "TheWallpaper Alternative Custom Painted Designs on Walls and Accessories Faux Finishes Natalie Stein Susan Greene T. W H T A K E R P R O FESSO N A L PANTNG & PAPERHANGNG NTERORSEXTERORPANTNG REFERENCESAVAiLSlE EXPERTWAll PREPARATON NSURED* freeestmates»waupapebremoval PAPERHANGNG MEMBEROf 868 SPECALZNG ill FAUX & FANTASY FNSHES S e rv in g O u r A re a O v e r 2 0 Y ears C H A R L E S E. P A T T E R S O N Plumbing & Heating. LLC Orer 40 Years Experience Sewer 4 Drain Cleaning Repairs & Renovations 24 Hour Emergency Service No Job Too Small Uc 9530 & 9535 G.P. POOL SERVCE, NC. A Full Service Company Custom nground Pool nstallation POOL CLOSNGS Winter Covers Expert Leak Detection Wood Wall Pool Specialists Major Repairs *7641 Pools Pool Closings Liner Replacements Loop-Loc Covers (All Sizes) PLUMBNG/HEATNG HERb PLUMBNG A ll P h a se s o f P lu m b in g No Jo b Too Small L)C. #9844 M&M POOLS Openings/Closings Service & Repairs Concrete Pools Heaters Liners S Q Q CLOSNG plus tax SPECAL CUSTOM SAFETY COVERS Fully ns. All Work Guaranteed <=Poo Qkakk SERVCE &MANTENANCE POOL CLOSNG SERVCE MANTENANCE THE WALL DOCTOR Paper Hanging Wallpaper Removal Painting Wall Repairs For Your Free Estimate CALL US LAST! Established in 1969 Fully nsured ASPA-AMERCAN SCHOOL OF PAPERHANGNG ARTS FULL WRTTEN GUARANTEE ON ALL WORK WE H E M ACCEPT A PENNY UNTL m m is mm PANTNG/WALLPAPERNG VANS P A N T N G ABSOLUTELY REASONABLE PRCES Wallpapering &Stripping $10. &up per singleroll References Available Free Estimates Call Any time van John Call ADS To A d v e rtis e Y our B u s in e s s H ere ROOFNG/SDNG/GUTTERS/WNDOWS SM0S BROTHERS Family Run Since 1955 Siding Roofing Windows Doors Trim Repairs Fully nsured Free Estimates GUTTERS leaned, Screened C & Repaired Seamless gutter & Leader Tree Trimming Custom Decks Expertly serving Monmouth Co. CALL SCOTT Free Estimates W N D O W S D O O R S S D N G Wood, Vinyl, Aluminum BEE & BEE WNDOW CO. A Family Business Since 1970 Bob Ziegler 16 Buchanan Ave. Parlin R a y m o n d P. D o b b in, n c. R O O F N G Additions Painting (nt./ext.) Decks Power Washing Basements Repairs Free Estimates Fully nsured G e t r e a d y f o r w in t e r. C a ll o u r A d v e r t is e r s ROOFNG/SDNG/GUTTERS/WNDOWS SCHAEFER &SONS VNYL SDNG Why Paint? All major brands Window casings Overhangs & eaves Shutters Leaders & Gutters Vinyl replacement windows /a" Dow insulation Free Estimates nsured Serving M onm outh Cty. over 25 yrs. G U T T ER S C LE A N ED & FLU SH ED New Roofs/ Repairs New Gutters/ Repairs Maintenance Free Gutter Covers Steve Final Touches JU N K C A R S B O U G H T M A R L B O R O A U T O W R E C K E R S 908*591*1400 Sell your extraitems 4Lines* * g qq»2 Times* 1 6 *$4 for each additional line Private Party Merchandise Pre-Paid Can be cancelled Not refundable CALCLASFED A b s o lu t e B e s t S e r v i c e CUTTERS EXPERTLY CLEANED & FLUSHED Repairs Tree Trims Chimney Caps Free Estimate Fully nsured Same Day Answering Machine Call back Gerry Kurry T o l l F r e e 1-800*542* *270*1524 LET US 'A doit FOR YOU CALL OUR BUSNESS & SERVCE ADVERTSERS OUR BUSNESS DRECTORY GETS RESULTS GARAGE SALES/AUCTONS 060 Garage Sales ABERDEEN- 4 Warren Dr. Sat. & Sun. 10/29 & 30, 9-2. Full size truck trailer including new tires & spare $350. Bargains for all! ABERDEEN-621 Line Rd. Sat. & Sun. 10/29 & 10/30, Household items. Bedroom set. Sofas. Couches. Washer/ dryer, bicycles. Moving Sale. ALLENTOWN-8 Robinson Rd. Off Rt. 539 to Probasco. Sat., Oct Household items, microwave, & some furniture. Something for everyone. EAST BRUNSWCK 2 FAMLES 17 & 19 Burnham Rd. (Off Rues Lane or OB TPKE) Sat. & Sun. 10/29 & 30, 9-3. Household, clothes & misc. Use your VSA or MASTERCARD to pay for your Classified Ad ADS THE NDEPENDENT, OCTOBER 26, f 060 Garage Sales EAST BRUNSWCK-14 Colonial Dr. (off Dunhams Corner Rd.) Sat., 10/29, 9-3. Bikes, lawn mower & tools, bunk beds, baby furn. & household. EAST BRUNSWCK-23 Thornton Ct. (Lexington Village off Cranbury Rd.) Fri. 10/28 & Sat. 10/29, 9-1. Moving sale, books, baby items, computer, maternity clothes, misc. FREEHOLD BORO- MULT FAMLY 3 Crestwood Dr. (off Pond Rd.) Sat. 10/29, 9am-3pm. Rain or shine. Clothing for men, women & children, furn. household & m any misc. items. GREAT BARGANS! FREEHOLD TWP. MOVNG SALE- 72 Stirrup Dr. (off Hunt Rd.) Sat. 10/29, 9-3. From furn. to odds & ends FREEHOLD TWP. MULT FAMLY 86 Sargent Rd. (off Bar Harbor) Sat. 10/29, 9*2. Rain date Sun. 10/30. Dining room set & much more! HAZLET MULT FAMLY 4 Galway Dr. (off Bethany Rd.) Fri. 10/28 & Sat. 10/29, 9-4. Many items, some never used, som e gently used. Something For Everyone! HAZLET MULT FAMLY 25 & 34 Ennis Dr. Sat. & Sun. 10/29 & 10/30, 9-5,. Clothes, houseware, fixtures, antiques, dishes, electronics, NO JUNK. HAZLET-557 Beers Street (Off Bethany Rd.) Saturday 10/29, DAY ONLY! HOLMDEL-17 Hillcrest Rd. (off Keyport Holmdel Rd.) Sat. & Sun. 10/29 & 30, 9-4. ODDS & ENDS HOWELL MOORS LANDNG 35 Farragut Square Sat. 10/ 29, 9-4. Rain date Sun. 10/30. MULT FAMLY, Adult & childrens clothing, bikes, toys, & household items. HOWELL-Huge 6 Family. Corner Casino & Havens Bridge. 10/29 & 10/30, 8:30-3. Jewlery/clothes. Lots of new stuff! LNCROFT MOVNG 146 Whispering Pines Dr. (off West Front St.) Fri., Sat., & Sun. 10/28, 29 & 30, 9-4. Everything must go! Fum., lawn & work tools & more! MANALAPAN 51 Livingston Ln. (Monmouth Heights, Rt. 9, Taylors Mills Rd. East, 3 blocks, first left). Sat., 10/29, 9-3. Furn., collectibles, books, fabric, etc. MANALAPAN-54 Knox Lane, (off Taylor Mills Rd./Rt. 9) Fri. & Sat. 10/28-29, 9-3. Clothing toys, appliances etc. MARLBORO 13 Gary Dr. (Tennent Rd. to Clayton). Fri., & Sat., 10/28 & 29, 9-2. Baby items & more. 060 Garage Sate. MDDLETOWN 28 HOUSES MATAWAN-88 Onyx P. (off Mill Rd. so. ot Rt. 34) Fri. 10/28, 6-9 pm. MOVNG SALE. D ining room set- Traditional style, pecan finish, 4 chairs, lighted glass breakfront and leaf $450. Entertainment unit, microwave, glassware, clothes, fixtures plus much more CLEANUP 20th Annual Garage Sale Woods End Development (off Tindall Rd.) Saturday 10/29, 9-4. RAN OR SHNE. MDDLETOWN MOVNG Corner Fox Hill & Wallace (off Bamm Hollow) Sat. 10/29, 9am. Rain date Sun. 10/30. Snow/leaf blowers, garden supplies, books, collectibles, tables & LOTS MORE! MLLTOWN 3 FAMLES 116 West Church St. Sat. & Sun. 10/29 & 30, 8am-4pm. MORGANVLLE- 34 Marlboro St. (79 to Roosevelt Ave.) Sat. & Sun., Oct. 29 & 30, 9-3. Ski & skating outfits, water skis, bikes, file cabinets, tools, housewares, misc. OLD BRDGE CONTENTS OF HOUSE (CHEESEQUAKE VLLAGE) 5b Georgia Court. Sat. & Sun. 10/29 & 30, Living room, bedroom, den & dinette furniture. Bric-a-brac, dishes, lamps plus much more. ALL PRCED TO SELL! OLD BRDGE MOVNG SALE 22 Farm Brook Dr. (off Southwood Dr.) Sat. & Sun. 10/29 & 30, 9-5. Furn. & household. OLD BRDGE MULT FAMLY Carmel Lane (Oakwood Park off Rt. 18 North, Marlboro Rd.) Sat. 10/29, Rain date. Sun. 10/30. Household, misc. & childrens items. OLD BRDGE MULT FAMLY 10 Dobson Rd. (off Englishtown Rd.) Sat. & Sun. 10/29 & 30, 8-4. Rain or shine. OLD BRDGE-Central Park 110 Athens Ave. 10/29, 9-3. Pictures, ceiling fixture, twin headboard, desk, etc OLD BRDGE-Will the man who purchased the German helmet at my garage sale on Sun. 10/23, please call me at PARLN 22 Kierst St. Sat., 10/29, 9-3. Household, etc. Rain or shine. PARLN-3 FAMLES 28 roquios Dr. (off W ashington Rd.) Sat. 10/29 & Sun. 10/ 30, 8-4. Bargains Galore! PARLN-Multi family-80 & 88 Wilson Ave. (off Washington Rd.) Sun. 10/30, 10am-3pm. Rain or shine. No early birds. Aberdeen -(Strathmore) MOVN SALE 22 VNS COURT (O FFLN E RD ) FRDAY 10/28, SATURDAY & SUNDAY 10/29 & 10/ ANTQUES: cradle, yam winder, Boston Rocker & lots more. Collectibles, furniture, exercise equipment, baseball cards, dehumidifier. LOTS OF GOOD THNGS! WTHAFLEA M.seethe Classified Pages

56 5 6 OCTOBER 26,1994, THE NDEPENDENT 060 Garage Sales SOUTH RVER-163 Main St. Fri. & Sat. 10/28 & 29, 9-4. Baby furniture, clothes etc. Household items & MORE! 061 Auctions B NA B RTH VACATON & DNNER AUCTON Sat. Oct. 29, 7:30pm $5.00 per person Old Bridge Civic Center Route 516, Old Bridge For nfo Call '8735, Flea Markets Bazaars CRAFT BOUTQUE Homestead Happenings 30 Homestead Rd. Freehold Rt. 537 to Wallir.g to Glenbrook to Homestead. Over 20 original crafters. Fri. & Sat., Oct. 28 & Sun., Oct. 30, 11-4 C R A F T EXPO Raritan Hose, Maple Place, Keyport. (across from Cornucopia Restaurant) 11/4 & 5, Classified Works! MDDLETOWN High School North Craft Fair/Flea Market Sunday, October 30th 10 am -4 pm OVER 130 VENDORS of Crafts, Food, Clothing and Yard Sale tems! HighSchool located on Tindall Rdoff Rt. 35 Middletown Rain or Shine FoodandRefreshments Available 062 Flea Markets Bazaars K E Y P O R T ON THE WATERFRONT Every Sunday PARLN - ST. Bernadette's Church, Villanova Rd. Sat. Nov. 12, nstruction A R T L E S S O N S CALL A R T S C H O O L n E. Brunswick B A S S G U T A R Electric. Beginners specialty. 25 yrs. exp BECOME A PARALEGAL- Accredited, attorney instructed diploma and degree homestudy. Up to 50% credit awarded for academic and life/work experience. SC-NPAS FREE catalog CLARNET, FLUTE, SAX Teacher, 20+ yrs. exp. Your home or mine COMPUTER BEGNNERS Learn to use your BM Computer in my home or yours. Exp. cert, teacher offers lessons in Windows & other programs FELCA'S SCHOOL OF PANO. Private lessons. $12./1/2hr. Call O R G A N /P A N O K E Y B O A R D All levels w/individualized program for your special needs. FOOTNOTES nstruction PANO & ORGAN LESSONS State certified, Julliard trained. 15 yrs. exp PANO & VOCE PROFESSONAL Juilliard & Berkley Beginner-Highest Advanced & Prep-College Entry PANO MUSC-A types. Theory, Techniques. VOCE MUSC-A types, Breathing, Body, Techniques. Full or Half Sessions C. R. Carole Studio PANO AT HOME Exp. Guild member. Marlboro/Manalapan. Call PANO, KEYBOARDS, GUTAR, ORGAN & BASS. Popular & Classical. All levels. Prof. instruction at your home. 25 yrs. teaching experience. Hank Ploskon S P E E D READNG Overcome test anxiety, SAT s, etc. 17 years experience. Certified teachers, 15 centers throughout NJ. Call Focus Learning Centers at STUDY THE VOLN with Mildred Back Kronish MUSC EDUCATOR First Violinist with the Bergen Philharmonic Symphony. For appointment a Schools COMPUTER SKLLS WORDPERFECT LOTUS DOS WNDOWS W ORD EXCEL DTP For limited time learn Word Perfect 6.0 FREE when registered for WordPerfect 5.1 Freehold Computer Training Center AS A PUBLC SERVCE WE WLL PUBLSH A 4 LNE AD FOR 2 WEEKS AT NO COST TO THE PERSON WHO CALLS ABOUT A FOUND TEM ADS 063b Tutoring i E «m i ACADEMC HELP Math/Bio/Chem/Physics/SAT 20 Years Experience Your Home A LL S U B JE C TS Ele. Ed., Special Ed. K-12. Exp. NJ Cert. Teacher. Your home or mine ALL SUBJECTS K-8 & SPECAL ED, ALL LEVELS Cert, teacher ARE YOU FRUSTRATED because you can t help your child with math? can! Basic arithmetic, algebra & geometry my specialties. 13 yrs. exp CERTFED TEACHER READNG SPECALST All subjects. Refs Exp CERTFED TEACHER- Elem., sp. ed & gifted. My home or yours CHEMSTRY/BOLOGY Experienced Teacher Call COLLEGE ESSAY Exp. teacher offers personal service to help with application essay. Call COLLEGE SELECTON Over 15 years exp. Professional offers personal guidance in the college selection process. Call COMPUTER TUTORNG n your home or my Sayreville office. Friendly, relaxed atmosphere. Beginners welcome. Affordable. Call & leave message at Use your VSA or MASTERCARD to pay for your Classified Ads ADS 063b Tutoring EXPERENCED - El. Ed., & Sp. Ed., certified teachers. Computer avail. Focus on building study skilld, math, reading. We work to involve your child in the learning process. Call or EXPERENCED- H.S./College, English/Com p Latin/Greek. Call Dean HEBREW TUTOR Bar & Bat Mitzvah Prep Kelli Richman HGH SCHOOL Supervisor offers Math/SAT tutoring. Freehold area til 10 HUNTNGTON LEARNNG CENTER ndividual tutoring in Reading, Study Skills, Writing, Phonics, Spelling, Math and SAT prep. 063b Tutoring M A TH ALL GRADES. C ertified teacher. Algebra 1 & 2, Geometry, Trig, Calculus, SAT & GRE Prep MATH TUTOR - ALL LEVELS Reasonable rates. Your home or mine. Call 90b MATH TUTOR - CERTFED- Algebra 1 & 2, geometry, trig, calculus, SAT Prep, / MATH Tutor-college teacher. All levels-quality lessons! New SAT. E.B. area MATH TUTORNG - Certified teachers. Algebra, Geometry, Trig, SAT, etc MATH/SAT TUTOR Experienced math teacher. All levels of math, SAT prep in your home. Call b Tutoring MATH/VERBAL SAT Your home N E W S.A.T , READNG & MATH TUTOR Levels K-9, SAT Prep. Lie. Teacher SA T Private sessions in your home. Experienced staff directed by the College Board's SAT Software author. We use only real tests. Top score gains for 15 years. Score At the Top! S.A.T. Verbal, Reading Specialist, Special Ed Specialist, English all levels. Math. Reasonable. Sue, Lost & Found Use your VSA or MASTERCARD Certified teachers. Call to pay for your SPANSH/French-ESL. Basic Freehold Middletown Classified Ad math. NJ LC. Fall Special ADS $ Exp Ray Catena nfiniti AS A PUBLC SERVCE WE WLL PU8LSH A 4 LNE AD FOR 2 WEEKS AT NO COST TO THE PERSON WHO CALLS ABOUT A FOUND TEM ADS FOUND-CAT behind Hazlet Pathmark. Light grey with pink flea collar. Call FOUND-CAT-Nr. Washington Rd., Princeton. Oct. 12. Young female, grey & white, long haired FOUND-FEMALE CAT n Aberdeen/Matawan area. Red w/white breast and paws. Young, affectionate. Call LOST DOG R O T T W E L E R Male. Lost in Morganville area 10/19. Blind in one eye & partially deaf. Friendly, Answers to Ziggy. Reward. Please call has lowered the cost of living in the fast lane. Ray Catena ntroduces.advance ONE Single Up Front Payment D R V E A Q MSRP: 150,900 j FOR ONLY!...$16, mo....$18, mo. D R V E A J MSRP: $39,000 FOR ONLY!... $11, mo....$14, mo. D R V E A G msrp : $24,325 FOR ONLY!... $ mo....$11, mo. MONTHLY N E W Q m irniii N E W J m m N E W G By getting you the most car for your giving you the courteous, personal service you giving you over 25 years of combined leasing offering ail Manufacturer Rebates and Rate Specials. Outside the Freehold, Manalapan, Marlboro area Call LEASE1/ We Lease Every Make And Model CALL FOR A FREE CUSTOMQUOTE National Vehicle NVLA Leasing Association a f STRVNG TO BE THE BEST!!! A r (908) A P R E M E R P R E - O W N E D C A R S Transferable & Extended Warranties 1993 J-30 Crimson Pmiri/Beige Leather m m to im 2H.4S5 miles s27, Q45 vor}' Quartz/Beige Leather W m m miles *25,500 Wide Selection Of The Finest Pre-Owned Cars 1993 J-30 Bamboo Mist/OR White Leather m m o im 27,613 miles *27, M-30 Beige Pebble/Beige Leather mttm ,859miles *17,500 Free Service Loaner Car Available 1992 Q45 loory Quartz/Beige Leather Traction Contml mmi2u721,28,805 miles *29, (H 5 Twilight Blue/White Leather mmm ,318 miles *23, M-30 Silver Cmtal/Grev Leather mmm24796, 38,228 miles *17, M-30 Black Obsidian/tthite Leather Wim ,986 miles *15,900 Other Pre-Owned Models Arriving Daily - Call for Details! FNANCE RATES as low as 8.9% APR <A> Ray Catena nfiniti 900 Route 1 Edison, NJ 08817» (908) n f i n i t i * 1994Q45 VNRM257533, auto, V-8, p/s, p/b, MSRP: S50, mo. closed end lease. $1500 down+1st mo.+$450 bank fees, no sec, all 36,000 total mi., excess 15«/mi. Total pymts $17,964. Residual $25,959, ADVANCE ONE-24mos 15,000mi/yr, 36 mos-12,000 mi/yr, both requires $450 bank fee, residual for 24 mos-$27,995. **1995 J-30VN#SM203425, auto 6 cyl., p/s, p/b, MSRP: $39,000.36mo. closed end lease $1500 down +1st mo.+$450bank fees, no sec. all due inception. 36,000 total mi, excess 15«/mi. Total pymts $15,084. Residual $24,570. ADVANCEONE-24mos 15,000mi/yr, 36 mos-12,000mi/yr both requires, $450 bank fee, residual for 24 mos-s27,300. *** 1995G-20VN#ST512523, auto, p/s, p/b, 4 cyl, MSRP: $24, mo. closed end lease $1500 down +1st mo. +$450 bank fees, no sec, all 36,000 total m{les/.15^ ea add l mi. Total pymts 511,484. Residual $14,351.75,.ADVANCEONE-24mos 15,000 mi/yr, 36 mos-12,000 mi/yr both requires $450 bank fee, residual for 24 mos-$15,811. Subject to approval by primary lending source. Prices include all costs to be paid by a consumer except MV, DOCfees &taxes. Additional mileage leases available, phone orders accepted. Offer expires 11/3/94.

57 THE NDEPENDENT, OCTOBER 26, Lost & Found 065 Pets & Animals 065 Pets & Animals 066 Personals 066 Personals 066 Personals 066 Personals 069 Entertainment LOST-CAT. Male, black & white w/white paws & mustache. Neutered. Lost in Keyport Call C A LL CLASSFED! PETS/ANMALS 065 Pets & Animals ADULT CAT Needs loving home. 2 year old male, neutered, all shots, good companion. Call CATS & KTTENS ready for ADOPTON. f serious call Handel s Wallpaper & Design. Call DOGS- $50 bill buys any pup in 1 Pup Pen. Good selection. Open Oct Hrs J.P. O'Neill Kennels, U.S. Hwy. 1, Princeton, N.J. Va mile So. Alexander Road DON T KENNEL YOUR PET n home care for your furry friends. Vet refs NVSBLE FENCNG Canine containment specialist For more information & a free brochure pack JACK RUSSELL Terrior Pups 7 WEEKS OLD MALES & FEMALES Call CLA SSFED Loaded with something for everyone! Call ADS KTTENS-HMALAYAN, CFA 6 weeks, seal & blue point. 3 male 2 females. Adorable balls of fur. Call BUY T S E L L T FND T CLASSFED 066 Personals Use your VSA or MASTER CARD to pay for your Classified Ad ADS ADOPTON Coin collecting dad and stayat-home mom will give your baby love, affection & security. To meet Naomi & rving or learn more about us, call Adoption Consultant, Diane at Letters and photos forever ADOPTON-Young couple, both doctors want to adopt a white newborn. Our warm & secure home is full of love & togetherness. Please help us share our joy. Expenses paid. Call after 7pm & weekends DET! T S MAGC! HOME ALONE? Meet Someone by Phone (Strictly Non-Sexual) Call The Area Code Dateline ($1.98/min.) Record Your Message FREE s MEET YOUR MATCH There are singles waiting to hear from you. Call and browse their phone greetings or check the Meet Your Match Personals Page. Call costs $1.85 per minute. Must be 18 or over. To place your F R EE Meet Your Match Ad" call Greater Media Newspapers Meet Your Match 7 Edgeboro Road East Brunswick, NJ PANC ATTACK RECOVER PROGRAM Regain self confidence. 6 week program AT M A R L B O R O C H R Y S L E R - P L Y M O U T H T H E T R U T H C O U N T S the same f o r their inventory. W E VE GOT THE NVENTORY! Overstocked w ith M inivans & 1995 Neons. m m ediate delivery available. '94 PLYMOUTH VOYAGER V N R X Van, front wheel drive, p/s, p/b, p cyl, a/c, r/def, am/fm ster/cass, p/lks/winds, tilt cruise, lugg rack, (sunscreen glass. Lease for $347 mo., 42 mos., includes tax. SlOOO cap cost reduction, 12,000 miles per yr 100 a mile over, l i t paym nt & sec dep, $400 due at lease signing. $347 x 42 = $14,574. Residual $10, MVSRP $22,273. Rebate $ ,9 8 4 B U Y $ ncludes F O R Rebate LEASE $ F O R 1990 PLYMOUTH GRAND VOYAGER Van, front wheel drive, auto trans, p/s, p/b, 6 cyl, a/c, t/gls, am/fm ster, tilt, cruise, 63,675 miles. Stk # VN #LX $ Plym outh Rent-a-Car LEASNG i masii n 1994 CHRYSLER LeBARON 4 dr sedan, auto, p/s, p/b, 6 cyl, a/c, t/gls, r/def, am/fm ster/cass, p, d/, p/w, tilt, cruise. VN RF165( '86. Stk # ,218 miles. $ 1 2, m o s. W E B U Y U S E D C A R S L CHRYSLER LeBARON Convertible, 2 dr, auto, p/s, p/b, 6 cyl, a/c, t/gls, am/fm ster/cass, p/d/l, p/w, tilt, cruise, bkt sts. VN PF Stk # miles. 1 3, SPEECH THERAPY Cut off by health insurance? Affordable rates. NJS lic. ASHA certified Classified Works! M onm outh/ocean M iddlesex/som erset '94 CHRYSLER CONCORDE VN RH Four dr, auto trans, p/s, p/b, 6 cyl, a/c w/auto temp, t/gls, r/def, am/fm ster/cass, p/lks/winds/tmk rel, tilt, cruise, bkt sts w/console, p/st, rec/sts, remote entry sys. Lease for $333 per mo for 36 mos, includes tax, 12,000 miles per yr, 10c a mile over, $1000 cap cost reduction, 1st payment & sec dep, $433 due at lease signing plus M V & DOC. $333 x 36 mos. = $11,988. Residual $ 11, M SRP $22,082. B U Y $ 4 19,950 A A C A n c lu d e s F O R R e b a t e LEASE $AAA F O R p e r m o. 3 o m o s PLYMOUTH LASER RS Auto, 4 cyl, p/s, p/b, p/w/lks, a/c. t/gls, r/def, t/whl, cruise, gauges. VN #ME ,265 miles. $ C h r y s l e r f t P l y m o u t h 42 North Main St. (Rt.79) Marlboro Prices include all costs to consumer except for license, registration &taxes PLYMOUTH SUNDANCE 5 dr hatch wagon, auto, 4 cyl, p/s, p/b, am/fm ster, a/c, r/def, t/whl, cruise, cloth int, b/s/m, VN PN Stk # ,485 miles. $ ROUTE / route 7 9 ^ harlboro CHRYSLER \ ROUTE \ 520 WEGHT LOSS-$30. for 30 days. 100% natural, doctor recommended Psychics Advertise here. Call for more information ADS 068 Photography PHOTOS by Frank Genua Weddings-Candid-Portrait We Do Video Recording Call Classified Works! ENTERTANMENT 069 Entertainment A BAND? A DJ? KARAOKE? ACCENT ON ENTERTANMENT A BARNEE CLOWN OR POWER RANGERS Balloon Animals & Games Face Painting & More , A BARNE OR A POWER RANGERS PARTY! Games Music Songs & Much More. Any Occasion. Call A B A RN E O R LON KNG PARTY SONGS. GAMES & GFTS Call A BEAD Stringing or Sterling Silver Jewelry Making PARTY, for kids. Call A BG DEAL! The $250. Party Radio Active Disc Jockeys DJ4U A CHLDREN S PARTY Barnee The Purple Dinosaur & The Pretty Green Dinosaur B. Bopp. Low Rates! Call A "CLASS" CLOWN TCKLES Unforgettable/ A KEYBOARDST Ed the ONE MAN BAND A PARTY PERFEC T ALL CHARACTERS CATCHY CLOWN DOUBLE/DARE PARTES Call A RANGER PARTY Meet the Green Kid of Power Call A STORYTME nteractive show w/puppets & crafts. Reas A-1 ENTERTANMENT All types of entertainment. Available for all occasions. Call Now A-DJ Reasonable AFFORDABLE CHARACTER S/BARN E CLOWNS AND MORE CALL BALLOON ANMALS FACE PANTNG P C K LES The Clown Call eves. BELLY DANCER CALL HELENA For a Professional, Tasteful and Fun Show! Lessons, too! BRTHDAY Party Fun! Kids Have More Fun n a Galaxy Moonwalk GALAXY ENTERTANMENT Call BLOOD N GUTS HORROR MAKEUP TRY SOMETHNG COOL!! Monsters, Disaster, Silly DSCOUNT for WEEKDAYS CALL NOW BONABN THE CLOWN Will brighten your child s special day BUBBLES the CLOWN Magic, balloons CAPTAN METRO DJ S BANDS days eves CARCATURES ALL OCCASONS - Free Guest Sign n Board & Brochures. Call CASNO P A R TES Blackjack, Roulette, Craps Professional Service Casino quality equipment Deals On Wheels CHLDREN S PARTES Clown or Comedy Magic Discount for Weekdays Professional entertainer. Refs Balloons Face Paintings Magic & A Live Bunny JMBO CLOWN SPECALS $75. LOONEY TOONEY FREE gifts DSC JAKEY Prices start at $ D J K Custom Music-All Occasions D J P O O B A H THE PERFECT MX O F MUSC & FUN DJ TO GO A LL O C C A S O N S R e a s o n a b le You name it. ll spin it! DJ S WTH PZZAZZ Call DJ-ANY O C C A SO N /C LU B PHL DJ-GOOD VBRATONS Robust personavity-any occas ion-reasonable ER C TH E G R EA T And His Wonderful World Of M AGCS Any Occasion. 908, EXOTC DANCERS French Maid/Belly Grams/ Harem/Nurse/Cop/Go Go/etc DOT S TOTS P e rsonalize d P a rtie s & P ro m o tio n s Clowns Characters Games Karaoke Animal Balloons & More! Call: 908» * PEO PLE P LEA S ER S PARTES O v e r 4 0 C o s t u m e d C h a r a c t e r s M o o n w a lk s, K i d d l e R i d e s & O t h e r C a r n iv a l A t t r a c t i o n s N E W F O R 9 4 Sum o W restling Bouncy Boxing Human Bowling Velcro O lym pics i

58 5 8 OCTOBER 26, 1994, THE NDEPENDENT 069 Entertainment 4 R A N G ER S $50.+ friends/grams GENE MACHNE Solo act: Full band sound. Hits of 60 s - 90 s All Occasions GOOD VBES ENTERTANMENT D J d music for all occasions. All state of the art equipt JO E FORTUNATO S CELEBRATON ENTERTANMENT DJ s Also Video Taping 14 Yrs. Exp MAGC AT TS BEST Live Animals & More Bruce Bray V - G arden VState Vkwy- o n w \c M N U T ES A W A Y! Rt* Middletown Broad Street Rassas Pontiac Dir"! D u n k in l _JThe Donuts 1Grove 069 Entertainment 069 Entertainment ONE MAN BAND Light Jazz. Boogie, Blues, Big Band, Latin. Etc. Call Mel Sahner PARTY CARTS Candy Carts for all Occasions Call Jennifer PARTY MUSC KEYBOARD VOCALST Dance Music, Sing-A-Longs, Weddings, Anniversaries, Birthdays. Judy PARTY RENTALS TENTS Tables Chairs Dance Floors Lighting China Glassware Linens Grills Hot Dog Carts...etc. 10% OFF WTH THS AD CALL PONES Are A+ Fun FOR ANY OCCASON DECORATED & GENTLE by Pretty Pony PONES ARE US Special ponies for special parties. Also a horse drawn wagon ride through your neighborhood. A petting ZOO too! Jan & Bob PONES by HAPPY TRALS Decorated & gentle for all occasions. Call PRETTY PARTES BEAUTFUL MAKEOVERS NALS, HAR, MAKEUP MUSC, GAMES, FAVORS BEAUTY CONTESTS... and MORE!!! Memories are made with... Pretty Parties CALL CLASSFED! 069 Entertainment PUDDNS MY-TEE-FNE CLOWN Reputation speaks for itself All Occasions SANTA CLAUS Available. Book early Call SNGNG TELEGRAMS Custom Roasts - Funny/Sweet All occasions a Party Planning AT YOUR SERVCE Having a party? Professional, reliable bartenders & servers. Call John CALLGRAPHY & MORE JU D Y S JO TTN GS Call a Party Planning CATERNG What's Cooking Today? by LSA All occasions. Hot/cold TALAN SPECALTES. Call for menu HELPNG HANDS HAVE TRAY WLL TRAVEL Will set up, serve & clean up. Call Jennifer HERE TO SERVE Be a guest at your own party! Licensed Bartenders/Servers Call Edwina at PARTY ROOM AVALABLE Sweet 16s. Anniversaries Special Birthdays, Etc People Kitchen Facilities Tables & Chairs ncluded Holiday Club VDEO HGHLGHTS Video taping. Weddings, parties, etc P o n t i a c S p e c i a l i s t s S i n c e RASSAS Has Been Selling & Servicing Pontiacs for Over 64 Years. We are Monmouth County's Oldest and Most Experienced Pontiac Dealership. T h e A l l N e w S u n f ir e a n d t h e N e w F i r e b i r d a r e o n d is p la y N o w! P o n t ia c 's D r i v i n g E x c it e m e n t C o n t in u e s. C u s t o m L e a s e P l a n s T o p D o lla r fo r T r a d e s 24 Hour Road Side Assistance For Flats, Lock-Outs, Gas C W ~ B r o a d S t. R e d B a n k Mon.-Thurs. t ill 9 PM, 069a Party Planning VDEO TAPNG Weddings, Bar/Bat Mitzvah, Birthdays, etc J k SERVCE DRECTORY 070 Air/Heat AGNETA HEAT/AR 24 hour ser. Call Michael HEATNG PROBLEMS? CALL CCS, NC. We sell & service all types of heating equipment. Preseason specials. Quality work at reasonable rates. 24 hr. emergency svc or Large Selection of Quality Used Cars Too! B e n R a s s a s Pontiac Specialists Sin ce 1930! A a r o n R a s s a s a Appliance Repair DAVE S Appliance Service Air conditioning & major appliance repair & installations. Call HAZLET APPLANCES Repair all gas & elec. appliances. Low service charge! We sell used appliances. Gas furnace replacement $1, , VCR REPAR $60. OR LESS Most repairs. FREE pickup & del. in areas Building & Remodeling BATHROOMS KTCHENS Call Statewide General Contracting BELL CONTRACTNG Expert craftmanship. Roofing, siding, windows, doors, patios, decks & bathrooms. Reas., reliable. Free est L E V E L BU LD ER S Custom Homes, Additions, mprovements, Repairs. Free Est. nsured Carpentry DECKS, Additions, Kitchens & Bathrooms. S & R Home mprovements RL LEMPFERT Decks, finished basements, windows, doors Carpet Cleaning CARPETS/UPHOLSTERY Stain removal Deodorize Free est DRTY CARPETS & UPHOL STERY are my speciality. Best Service, Best Price, Special Care. 20 yrs. exp. Call FNEST Carpet/Upholstery Prespot/Clean/Deodorize 2 rooms-$ Carpet nstall Repair/Sale A.J. CARPET DESGNS nstalled/repairs/relay/sales /Restretches C A R P ET R EP A R S We Do The Following: Re-stretching Pet Damage Burn Marks Frayed Edges Doorways Relay Used Carpet SAME DAY SERVCE JM S CARPET NSTALLATON Sales, cleaning, re-lays, re-stretches and repairs. Call THE CARPET DOCTOR nstallations, repairs, shop-athome sales Ceramic Tile Repair/nstall A BATHROOM SPECALST Makes shower tile repairs, regrouts, recaulks, removes soapscum & stains. Free estimates & written guarantee. Call HOMETOWN TLE , TLE A CUSTOM CERAMC Tiling New installation, repairs, remodeling. Free estimates. John Cherry AFFORDABLE Ceramic Tile nstall $ sq. ft. Free est ALL TYPES of Ceramic Tile- Complete Bathrms/KitVFoyers. Ron Sturman CERAMC Tile nstalled BATHROOMS REMODELED / Ceramic Tile Repair/nstall CERAMC Tiling, Specializi in bathrooms. Repair old install new. Lowest prices. Call Perry FRED S Custom Til S p ecializin g in Cerami Marble & Granite. FREE e Work guar PROFESSONAL TLE Ceramic, Marble New installations & repairs Free estimates. Ca , WALTER AYER! Complete bathroom remod< ing. Kitchen floors, back plash, foyers a Chimney Cleaning BARON S Chimney Service $45. PRE-SEASON SPECA Caps/repairs C 076 Cleaning Domestic A CLEAN ADVANTAG Home & Bus. ns. Fall cleai ings avail ABLE CLEANNG SERVCE Houses $ AWESOME Cleanini Freehold/Manalapan/Marlbort Howell. Reas BRAZLAN LADY Own car, good refs. Ava weekends too CHANDELER LGHTNG CLEANNG AND MANTENANCE CLEANSWEEP HOUSE CLEANNG SERVC Reasonable. Thorough. De pendable. W e clean you house the way you would you had the time. FREE esti mates. Refs EXCELLENT CLEANNG - B European woman. Refs, avail Res. rates. Call EXPERENCED Polish woman cleans houses Call HOME BRGHTENERS HOUSE CLEANNG Reasonable rates Reliable Call Jane HOME/OFFCE Reas, rates, refs. Thorough Call Rene HOUSE CLEANNG & Haulinc SPECALST N CLEANNG Homes, Apartments, Offices Andrea-anytime HOUSE CLEANNG - By exp woman. Refs. $5. OFF firs cleaning. Call HOUSE CLEANNG Done Mon.-Fit, 9am-2pm Ask for Dee HOUSE CLEANNG Homes, apartments & offices Experienced & references Miriam HOUSE CLEANNG Reasonable rates, very reliable, hard working & insured. Call HOUSE CLEANNG- The way you want it done! Thorough, reliable LET ME CLEAN Your home, office or apart. Call Maria METCULOUS Experienced, reliable with references. Call S cjiafjh 1 Gleaning Systems The finest quality home & office cleaning with a personal touch. Over 12 Years Experience. Family Operated References Fully nsured

59 076 Cleaning Domestic P-U-R-R-F-E-C-T-L-Y CLEAN HOME CLEANNG AT TS /E R Y BEST OLSH AGENCY NC- Specializing in elder/sick care. Housekeepers, daily house ;leaners (live-in/out). Refer* snces & exp ^OUSH LAD Y s looking for cleaning work. H OUSES O R APARTMENTS. Please Call ^PO USHLADY' will clean your home/office. Call POLSH WOMAN Will clean your home. Exp. rets WASH & FOLD Free pickup & del. South Amboy/Say re ville area. Call Betty at Drywall Sheetrock SHEETROCK & FNSHNG OLD & NEW WORK ALSO REPARS CALL ANGELO SHEETROCK & TAPNG Specializing in small jobs Free Estimates S p e c ia l is t ' Sheetrock. tape, finish. Popcorn ceilings TAPNG^ Finishing, sheetrock. Small repairs okay Electrical ALL TYPES ol Electrical Work Recessed lights, track lighting, paddle fans, service changes. Lie. #6252. Hal AM PCO ELECTRC NC. - All Electrical repairs/installations Burglar alarms. Lic#8977A Free Estimates BEST ELECTRC Lie. No Fast dependable service. R easonable rates. Free est CD e l e c t r ic T RECESSED Lights FALL SPECAL $65. ea. nstalled Free dimmer w/4 lights Uc. # CRAWFORD ELECTRC Lic.#11325 Low prices on recessed lights, outside lights, outlets, service upgrades & trouble calls. DEPENDABLE Electric Co. Lie. #5151. Complete service. Free Estimates JB S ELECTRC- A/C lines & pools. Ceiling & attic fans. R easo n able. Lie. # Free estimate. j r m e l e c t r i c T Free Estimates Bonded & nsured NJ License #9944 Call L S Lic.#9425 C ELECTRCAL CONTRACTOR L ighting-ln & Outdoors S ervices-spas & Pools C eiling, Bath Fans, Heaters RYAN ELECTRC CO. Free Estimates. nsured. ndustrial, Commercial, Residential. Lie. # Electrical STEPHEN RODRGUEZ ELECTRCAL CONTRACTOR Free est. No jobs too small. LC # UNVERSAL ELECTRC Cont. nsured & Licensed #8478 NO JO B TOO SMALL 24hr Service b Fencing B & B FENCE CO. Complete line of fence in stallatio n s. R e a so n a b le. Free. est. Call or MKE S FENCE CO. Over 14 years experience. Complete line of custom fences. Call Mike PERRN FENCE CO. CHAN LNK & W O O D Free estimates. Fully insured. Call c Floor Finishing CUSTOM WOOD FLOORNG Sanded, stained, bleached & finished. Third generation craftsm an. Decks redone. Free estimates FLOOR CARE- Floors stripped & waxed. 25 years experience FLOORS Cleaned & Waxed Still in business after 40 years. Sam Delin Floor Waxing. Call for free estimate FLOORS WAXED - Scraping, shampoo. Make old floors look like new. 30yrs. exp. Guaranteed HARDWOOD FLOORS Sanded. Finished. nstalled Decks Sanded & Refinished. Tom RE-NU Floor Sanding 35 yrs. exp 'SANDPAPER G O DRECT SAVE BG! BELT SPECALS 3X21 / 3X24 / 4X24 Sheets Discs Rolls Contractor Supplies Floor Sanding 103-1A Church Street Aberdeen TOWN & COUNTRY W O O D FLOORS-Sanded & refinished. Staining & custom colors. Decks too. FREE ES TMATES. Call WOOD FLOORS NSTALLED SANDED STANED FNSHED REPARED Free Est Gutters ABSOLUTE POWER WASHNG GUTTER CLEANNG CALL GUTTER Cleaning & Repairs FREE ESTMATES Call John NED STEVENS GUTTERS Thoroughly Cleaned & Flushed $35.-$75. Screening New Gutters Roofs Repairs Free Estimate Open 7 Days Fully nsured Est d a Handy Persons A-1 MR. FX T All types of home repairs. Appliances to carpentry. 10% senior discount a Handy Persons AFFORDABLE HANDYMANcarpentry, kit., baths, painting, tile. Reas. John ALL AROUND HANDYMAN All Types of Home Repairs/mprovements , ALL CRAFT Paint, wallpaper, roofs, decks, windows, doors & more. Repairs of all kinds. Gary ALL JOBS LARGE O R SMALL Painting Roofing Decks Ceramic Tile Carpentry All Renovations Reasonable Rates. Free Est. Call Yaacov, DON-WELL Construction Large or small we do it all 35 yrs. carpentry experience. Fully insured. Free estimates. Call Rollie a Handy Persons F & R Home mprovement nter., ext., painting, power wash, carpentry. Call Rick H&S HANDYMAN SERVCE RentAHusband HANDYMAN AND PCKUP- Hauling. Cleans gutters, garage, attic, etc HANDYMAN- All jobs, big & small. Very reasonable. Call for free est HANDYMAN- Small & BG jobs. Painting, carpentry, roofing & much more. FREE estimates. George HANDYMAN- The Hom e owner's Friend. All types of hom e repairs. Carpentry, painting, etc LEN S HANDYMAN NO JO B TOO SMALL Free estimates a Handy Persons ODD JOBS Can do most anything. No Job Too Small. Call John RELlABLE-small/odd jobs Most trades. Antique furniture restoration. East Brunswick area. Free estimate. Call Joe day/eves 080b Home mprovements AAA-ALL PHASES - Reliable, quality ser. Free est., Fully ins. Call ABSO LU T E-Custom workmanship in all phases of improvements. Licensed, insured, referrals & free ests. S & K Home mprovements ADDTONS - Basements, bathrooms, kitchens, decks. Jobs big or small we do them all! References, free est. Quality Plus b Home mprovements ALEX RU G GERO'S Home Repair & mprovements Free Estimates/nsured For Quality & Economy Call SLAND Remodeling Additions, Kitchens Baths, Ceramic Tile Custom decks & carpentry Free Est K JS CONSTRUCTON Replacement windows & doors. Kit./baths Temodeled. Free est. Fully ins. Call SZARAW ARSK Builders Custom carpentry & masonry. Additions, remodeling, custom baths/kitchens TOTAL Home mprovements Call VCTORY HOME CARE Home maintainence, repair, painting & wallpapering. Call Tom Giglio THE NDEPENDENT, OCTOBER 26, c Kitchen Cabinets KTCHENW0RKS SPECALZNG N KTCHEN REMODELNG NEW CABNETS REFACNG W ORK DONE BY OW NER CHARLES GRANT Lawn Care Landscaping AFFORDABLE TREE REMOVAL Brush/Yard Cleanup Landscaping/Maintenance Bill's Lanscaping & Tree Co Classified Works! A t FfeeefcoHol Vodqt...i & qettmq 081 Lawn Care Landscaping Every '95 Dodge Every '94 Leftover Every Used Car &Truck Reduced! NEW1994 DODCE B-250 LOWTOP CONVERSON VAN V-6, auto trans., P/S, P/B, A/C, P/L, P/W, 4 Captains chairs, fold out sofa, Vista Bay windows, tilt/cruise, AM/FM stereo cass., custom graphics. Loaded! VN #RK MSRP $22,354. Rebate $1,500. College Grad Rebate $400. Freehold Dodge Disc. $2, Month Lease. NEW1995 DODGE NTREPD 4 DR. V-6. auto trans., w/od., P/S, P/B, A/C, P/L, P/decklid, P/mirrors, lilt whl., speed cont., full spare, int. wipers, dual air bags, mats, AM/FM stereo cass., T.G., VN #SF MSRP $19,526. Opt. Pkg. Disc. $138. College Grad Rebate if qual. $400. Freehold Dodge Disc. $ Month Lease. L E A S E FOR B U Y FOR *199e *17,990 NEW1995 DODGE NEON 4 DR. 5 spd. man. trans., man. steering, P/B, no A/C, clolh bucket seats, r. def., dual air bags, T.G., VN #4SD MSRP $10,173 College Grad Rebate if qual. $400. Freehold Dodge Disc. $ Month Lease. NEW1995 DODCE CARAVAN 4 tvj, auto trans., P/S. P/B. A/C, P/Vittgate, AM/FM stereo w/clk., body side mldg., r. def., dual air bags, T.G., 7 pass., int. wipers. VN #SR MSRP $18,425. Opt. Pkg. Disc. $860 College Grad Rebate rt qual. $1, Month Lease, LEA SE FOR BUY FOR LEA SE FOR BUY FOR *149e *8,995 *199e *15,995 F R E E H O L D Routes 9 Si 79 (1/2 mile South of Raceway Mall) V w Oadgs Dotlijc Trucfis v Quality ALL-PHASES Yard Clean ups Tree/Stump Removal Landscape Renovation Sod-Stone-Mulch-Soil Free est. Fully ins WE SHOW UP. "ARSE LANDSCAPNG Trees, Shrubs, Topsoil. Fill, Mulch, Stone. All your landscape needs. Bulldozer & backhoe work. Fully insured , from 8am-5pm FALL CLEANUP- Tractor/loader work, concrete, dirt removal FALL CLEANUPS & Shrub Trimming! Freehold/Howell Areas Call Um your VSA or MASTERCARD lo pay for your Classified Ad ADS GE C O NV ERSO E P c in M N uvan m.. ^ r u,8e. /L R/W. SS&STST * o!o?hru' f i v 1a9?,?? r? E ;2 S O c a r g o VAN vvn'»0mk;%,0,' a 'sssr cusm 64,42a milos s _ D O D C E S R * P l r tift/cruvse AM/FMaf!S ' P/S fvti A/C S tf 695 * v 9 9 T, A K O T fl S E C LU B C A B am/rms freor/s' l /n A/c- tin ^ f r^ * M S2 33a. s8 g g 5 Won t last! v in A stereo case- #PA ^.492 miles v-e1 9 * C E Y V s - i o a x a p i c k u p $ &&& ae 7 ^ r,s r ' AM/FM *4.995 v r, «u*. trans D F»/S O D CE S P - R,^5. T i o? '.-!, it»reo A 'C tiii/oru,a <37057 " " VlN *10,995 v e ^ ^ ^ ^ T H U N D E R B R D v'nas,v ^ Va ii's S ' *4 295 a cyi 5 J? S * 1 C EO M ETRO 'S3*- K"- H e e l E c o n o m y s le r 0 o S S S f ' S ' i ^ f v s C H R V S LE R LEB A R O N LA N D A U 4 OR P/B. A/C. P/W. p/1_ --Tosc2tfa- 36 Month Closed End Leases. All Rebates included. 12,000 miles per year max. Prices include freight & dealer prep., exclude tax & M.V. fees. All costs to be borne by consumer. All leases require $350 bank fee, 1st payment and ref. sec. deposit. Neon $1,300 down, Caravan $1,800 down, Conversion Van $3,500 down and ntrepid $2,800 down.

60 6 0 OCTOBER 26, 1994, THE NDEPENDENT 081 Lawn Care Landscaping GERALD LANDSCAPNG Walkways, driveways, bluestone, gardening, trees. Experienced S YOUR stump a pain in the G R A SS? Tree/stump removal. Just Stumps". Free est. Fully ins. Call 24 hrs LANDSCAPER SPECAL White Pine Block of 220 plus Sheared Make offer L A N D S C A P N G Shrub Removal Stump Grinding LARSON SERVCES MONDELL! Landscaping Thatching, Seeding, Fall Clean ups. Snow removal available. F R E E estimates. Serving Monmouth Cty. Only Call LAWN MT TR EE SERVCE Tree removal, trimming, clearing, Fully ins R & R LAWN Maintenance Lawn Thatching & Seeding DRVEWAY SEALNG POW ER Wash-Decks, Patios, FEN CES, etc RE-MARK-ABLE TREES Stump grinding, cutting or trimming your trees that won t send you through the sky. Monmouth Cty Masonry/Paving M A S O N R Y Big & small/repairs available. Call Mike S E A L C 0 A T N G FALL SPECA L 25 X 30 -$85. Driveway coating, crack filling S O L D G R O U N D CONCRETE- Specializing in poured foundations, slabs, sidewalks, etc Moving & Storage ALL JER SEY MOVERS Pianos, apartments, homes, offices. Quality work at an affordable price. Lic. #PM Call APARTMENT MOVERS Local , PM#378 FURNTURE HAULNG # 1 in Furniture Care Anywhere. Full household/partial move. Lic.PM Fully insured. Call Jim a Light Hauling LGHT HAULNG & MOVNG Pickup Truck & Painting-Small Jobs Walter Painting Wallpapering BOB S PAPERHANGNG WLL BEAT ANY PRCE! REMOVAL & REPARS Free est CELNGS Professionally sprayed/popcorn effect/all colors/w/without glitter/free est DAVE S PANTNG Quality work - Free estimates ** D EC O R A TV E NC. NTEROR/EXTEROR PANTNG PA PER HANGNG PANTNG-FAUX FNSHES CUSTOM COLORS Bill Paulson-P.H.. Certified Call E. P. REFNSHNG Electrostatic painting, office furniture & home appliances. Call Painting Wallpapering F A U X F N S H E S Showroom Quality. Affordable Prices. Amy FN E P A N T N G BY KEN LA PSLEY nterior & Exterior Free estimates. Fully insured j a c k - T H E S T R P P E R Wallpaper Removal Painting, Sheetrock Repair JERRY S CUSTOM PANTNG MULTPLED nterior-exterior Paper/Adhesive Removal Expert n Wall Repairs Taping-Skim Coating Sand/Popcorn Ceilings Spraying/Power Washing Free Est Painting Wallpapering JO E JAY Painting & Paperhanging Call K E L L Y S PANTNG PAPERHANGNG PA PER REMOVAL 15 YEA RS EXPEREN CE Free Estimates LE R O PANTNG Painting, Plastering, Taping, Sheetrock, Paperhanging. Free Estimates ~ M K E 'S P R O F E S S O N A L Painting & Wallpapering nc. nt./ext. 10% off. Free Est NU-WAY PANTNG WALLPAPER REMOVAL Quality work at great prices Call Ted Painting Wallpapering PANTNG & Paperhanging nt./ext. Free Est. Middlesex Co. Call Joe at P A N T N G nterior/exterior - Wallpaper removal. Quality v:ork, 20yrs. exp.. ns. John PAPERHANGNG $13./single roll. 24 years exp. Mike PASTE N PAPEFr Paperhanging by Cindy. Free est., fully ins PHL POLO & SON Painting & Paperhanging nt./ext. Free est. Fully ins SAL S PANTNG PANT 3 ROOMS $299. ANY CO LO R FO R NQURES CALL Painting Wallpapering S H O P A T H O M E Wallpaper books, painting. Free consultation. Call Kay THE WALL DOCTOR Custom Paperhanging By Tex Miller W A L L P A P E R Hung with TLC, patience & neatness! Maria WOODY S PANTNG nter. & ext. No job too big or small. Free est Power Washing H O USE WASHNG ATA POW ERCLEAN Member N.J. BBB Pool Services Advertise your pool services here Call for more information ADS 089 Plumbing ALAN BLACKBURN Plumbing/Heating. Water Heaters, Boiler nstallations. Remodeling. NJ Master Plumbers License # ~ B A C SO K A Plumbing & Heating Complete kitchen/bath remodeling. Water Heaters. Sewer & Drain Cleaning. Reasonable rates. Free Estimates. License #5628. We do it all. Call Classified Works! R O T O T L L N G Lawns & gardens. Spring, Summer & Fall STUMP & BRANCH R E M O V A L Rudy T & D Landscaping 'WE DO T ALL" Mowing Edging Hedge Trimming Fertilizing Tree Trimming & Removal Free estimates TOM S TREE SERVCE AJ phases performed Free estimates. 12 Years exp. Call Tom TREE CARE & REMOVAL Diagnosis. Since Free estimates. Fully insured. Coyne Tree TREES--*Trimmed*'Removed Stumps Ground*Wood Chips Reasonable Rates Call Anytime 082 Lawn Mower Repair BLL S MOW ER REPAR Leaf blowers, snow blowers, chain saws, lawn mowers, tractors. Most work done at your home SMALL ENGNE REPARS Lawn Mowers Snow Blowers Pickup & delivery avail. F R E E est. Call Bob Masonry/Paving A BEAUTFUL BRCK PAVER JOB Driveways, Patios, Concrete Work, Retaining Walls by... D.Power Const ATTENTON: CUSTOMERS Brick, block, concrete. Satisfaction guaranteed. Reasonable prices. ns CORNERSTONE MASONRY Concrete Work Brick Pavers Mail boxes Fireplaces Brick Fronts Repairs Foundations All Other Phases of Masonry Call Pete DON S CUSTOM MASONRY Fireplaces/Patios/Foundations Free estimates DRVEWAY COATNG SPECAL: $75.(25 x 20') Crack filling JU S T CONCRETE^ nc. Free estimates. Call MASON will fix & repair steps, sidewalks & plastering. Very reasonable MASONRY - NEW WORK REPARS. Refs. Avail. Call L G H T M O V N G Washers, dryers, refrigerators, etc. Cleanup work. Reasonable. Free est or R E M O V A L Trash, Furniture, Debris No job too BG. Rick Odd Jobs Cleanups AAA Affordable Clean-ups. We take away anything. Free est A FFO RD A BLE C LEA N U P S Basements, garages, attics, yards and light hauling, also Real Estate specials. Call A MAN & VAN FOR HRE $30/hr. or 2 men for $45/hr. Cleanout serv. Bsmts., attics, gar., yds. Lt. hauling. Debris removal. Refs. Mon. County John Ruskin CLEANUPS & HAULNG Basements, garages, attics, gardens, everything. Free estimates. John or B E E P E R # FALL CLEAN UP & MORE MTONE ENTERPRSES Full landscaping, gutters cleaned & repaired, driveways sealed & paved, snow removal, light excavating & hauling, T R E E S & DOWNED T R E E LMBS cut & removed. Also painting & sheetrock. No Job Too Small. VERY reasonable. Call P & R C L E A N U P Garage & yard cleaning. Everything taken away. Reas, price. Free est TRASH and JUNK REMOVAL Anything you want taken to dumps. Free estimates. Call Painting Wallpapering ABSOLUTE QUALTY PANTERS- Reas, rates. MMEDATE CALLBACKS Free estimates A L S P A N T N G nterior & Exterior G ET TH E B E ST FOR L E S S For free estimate call A L L P A N T N G N TERO R/EXTERO R Quality Work. Reasonable Rates. Mike ALL PANTNG JOBS- Excellent indoor & outdoor painting. Residential & commercial. Free estimates. Fully insured N EW CA RS 1994 FORD TEMPO GL 4 door, FWD, auto trans, p/s, p/b, 4 cyl., a/c, tint, rear defog/defrost, am/fm stereo cass, pwr winds, pwr tr rel, buckets, pwr seats, red seats, bd/side/md, mats, air bag, color: black, Stk. #3488, VN #RK143488, MRP 14,580, rebate $ , FORD F150 XLT PCKUP P/U, auto o.d., p/s, p/b, V-8, 5.0 litre engine, a/c, tint, am/fm stereo cass, pwr door cks, pwr winds, tilt, cruise, mag/alum whls, owl all terrain tires, payload pkg. #2, sliding rear window, bright electric mirrors, chrome rear step bumper, lower accent two-tone paint, color: raven black/opal accent. Stk #6930, VN #RN876930, MSRP 21,212, disc. 4,462, commercial acct. rebate *1 6, FORD WNDSTAR GL Sta. Wgn., FWD, auto o.d., p/s, p/b, 6 cyl., a/c, tint, r defog/defrost, am/fm stereo cass, pwr door cks, pwr winds, pwr fuel door, tilt, cruise, buckets, reel seats, bd/sd/md, mats, 25 gal. fuel tank, privacy glass, full size spare, color: deep emerald green, SEVEN N STOCK AT THS PRCE TO CHOOSE FROM! Stk. #2775, VN #SBB42775, MSRP 22,750, disc. 3,251. *1 9, FORD AEROSTAR EXT. XLT WAGON Sta. W g n., au to o.d., p/s, p/b, 6 cyl., ctr console, a/c /front & rear a/c, tint, rear defog/defrost, am /fm stereo cass, p w r C H O O S E F R O M A T THS PRCE! Stk, # 8695, V N # S ZA086 95, M SRP 2 4,7 4 0, disc. 3,2 4 1, rebate $500. *20,999 PRCES NCLUDE ALL COSTS TO CONSUMER EXCEPT LCENSE, REGSTRATON & TAXES. 700 S H R E W S B U R Y AVE. R ED BANK Quality Used Cars DODGE SPRT 4 dr, FWD, auto o.d., p/s, p/b, 6 cyl, a/c, tint, rear defog/defrost, am/fm stereo, pwr door cks, pwr winds, tilt, cruise, red seats, bd/side/md, mag/alum wheels, 140,765 miles. Stock #12263, VN #MF , F O R D M U S T A N G C O N V E R T B L E L X Conv.. auto o.d., p/s, p/b, 4 cyl., ctr console, a/c, am/fm stereo cass, pwr door cks, pwr winds, pwr fuel door, buckets, bd/side/md, lugg rack, mag/alum whls, driver side air bag, color: white, 13,078 miles, Stk. #2538, VN #PF as *11, F O R D P R O B E G L Htchbck, FWD, auto o.d., p/s, p/b, 4 cyl., ctr console, a/c, tint rr defog/defrost, am/fm stereo cass, pwr door cks, tilt, f cruise, buckets, bd/side/md, pwr sunroof remote keyless entry, color, electric blue, _ Demo 5,900 miles. Stock #8176, VN #R MSRP $18,620, rebate) $1000, disc 3,621. *13, FORD BRONCO EDDE BAUER Auto o.d., p/s, p/b. V-8, ctr console, a/c, tint, rr defog/defrost, am/fm stereo cass, pwr door lcks, pwr winds, tilt, cruise, capt. chairs, sun roof, mats, mag/alum whls, color: black, 54,378 miles, Stk. #6697, VN #NLA *11.900

61 089 Plumbing G. TAYLOR PLUMBNG & HEATNG Repairs Remodeling New Construction Water Heaters Reasonable Reliable Gary Taylor, Plumbing License # GARDEN STATE PLUMBNG and HEATNG WATER HEATERS REPARS & REMODELNG GEORGE SAHUL JR. License # RODD PLUMBNG Water heaters Boilers Sinks, Faucet & Gas Piping NJ Lie # THOMPSON SEWER & DRAN Cleaning Main Sewers Sink Drains.Tub Drains.Yard Drains Toilets.24 Hour Service All Electrically Cleaned Call Plumbing TOM S PLUMBNG Plumbing & Heating. Water Heaters, Boilers. Appliances & Gas Grills installed. Small jobs OK. 7 day serv. NJ Plumbing Uc. # Printing SCREENPRNTNG T-shirts, sweats, jackets, hats, signs, decals, vinyl lettering. MKE DOLLY Roofing/Siding AAA ROOFNG & SDNG- Reliable, Quality Ser. Free Est. Fully ns ABOVE ALL - Roofing/Siding Reliable Quality Service Free est Roofing/Siding ALEX SMUTK0 ROOFNG SYNONYMOUS The economy and taxes are hurting both of us. need you, and you WLL save money with me. Res./Commercial Roofing 'll roof your house as if it were my own. Smutko Roofing, year after year, proven to be on top of the roofing industry. The Dec. '92 & '93 Nor Easter demonstrated what can happen to an improperly installed roof. Don t let it happen to you! Please call Alex! ROOF CRAZY LOW FALL REROOF PRCES!! Using 25 year warranty shingles. Hand nailing at its best. CALL NOW!!! Limited Time Offer Contractors...! do sub-work 091 Roofing/Siding ANYTME. ANYWHERE THE ROOF DOCTOR Seals your leaks when you need protection the most. Roof repair specialist. GUTTER CLEANNG Free estimates. Fully insured. Evans Maint Need help writing your ad? Our experienced Classified advisors will help you write a most effective ad. Give us a call at ADS CLASSFED SELLS! 091 Roofing/Siding C&R ROOFNG & SDNG Cap your windows, soffits & trim now CARLN ROOFNG CONSTRUCTON - Roofs, vinyl siding, all repairs. Free estimates, insured. Call J & R ROOFNG & SDNG UNBEATABLE RATES Exp. & ns RL LEMPFERT Re-roofing, tear-offs, repairs Call S & R ROOFNG & SDNG Windows, Carpentry. Fully ns. FREE Estimates SUPER RUSH ROOFNG All types of flat roofs Commercial/Residential SPECAL WNTER SALE FREE est. Call Special Services ALARMS & SECURTY SYSTEMS Call Leon FURNTURE REFNSHNG REPAR Caning Rushing HOUSE STTNG Mature, prof. individual will look after your home during your absence. Home should be within 30 mi. south of New Brunswick area. Exc. references. Call MPROVE YOUR WATER QUALTY. Use a pure and simple method...the AMWAY Reg. Water Treatment System. Call your Amway distributor Classified Works! SAN SONE O LD SM O BLE E A ST NEWMAN SPRN GS ROAD - RED BANK 9 4 l O l d s m o b i l e T H S Y E A R ' S l o w e s t P R C E S! Y E A R E N D C L E A R A N C E! LA R G E SELECTON TO C H O O SE F R O M! S A V N G S U P T O S 1, 2 5 9! NEW 1994 ACHEVA O ldsm obile 4 dr, 4 cyl, auto trans, P/S, P/B, A/C, ster. tilt, cloth int, radial tires. Stk #3194. VN RM04609C M SRP $13,995 SAVE $ , HEW 1994 CUTLASS SUPREME lef Oldsm obile. 2 dr, 6 cyl. auto trans, P/S, P/B. A/C. ster/cass, P/winds/ks, tilt, cruise, cloth bkts, console, j, alum un whls. Stk #3106. VN RD M S RP $16,995. SAVE $1000 NEW 1994 GERA O ldsm obile 4 dr, 6 cyl, auto trans, P/S, P/B, A/C, ster/cass. P/!ks, cruise, cloth int. rdl tires. Stk #3350. VN R M SRP $15,170. SAVE $1035 * 1 4, NEW 1994 EGHTY-EGHT Oldsm obile, 4 dr, 6 cyl, auto trans, P/S, P/B, A/C, ster/cass, P/winds/sts/lks, tilt, cruise, cloth int. Stk #3354. VN R MSRP $20,220. SAVE $1259 j i * 1 5, * 1 8, All prices & payments good for 48 hours from date of publication. Prices include all rebates & dealer incentives & ail costs to be paid by a consumer except licensing, registration and taxes. All financing -leasing subject to the approval of primary lender. This offer supersedes all previous offers, not valid in conjunction with any other offer & excludes advertised specials. Not responsible for typographical errors or omissions. Pictures used for illustration purposes only. C AD LLA C O LD S M O B LE. GMC SALES HOURS: MONDAY-THURSDAY M HOURS: OPEN OAJY7AMTO 7PM FRDAY 04 SATURDAY M JU S T 1 1/2 M L E S E A S T O F GARDEN STA TE PARKW AY E X T 109 E. N e w m a n S p r i n g s R d R e d B a n k, W J THE NDEPENDENT, OCTOBER 26, Special Services SLPCOVERS, Custom made. Your fabric. QUALTY WORK, BG SAVNGS TELEPHONE nstallation Repair, Jacks, Wiring 25 yrs. exp. w/nynex Call Ed Tailoring ALTERATONS- Men/Women, D R E S S M A K N G. Custom Bridal Parties a Transportation CHAUFFEUR Your car or mine. Anytime, anywhere. Airports, NYC, Phila., etc. F/t or p/t. Low rates. Conley OLYMPC Airport Shuttle 26 departures to/from Newark Airport. $15. FROM HAZLET. $12. FROM WOODBRDGE. JFK & NYC Piers, $25. & up. Call a Window Treatments CUSTOM CURTANS Low Prices NTEROR DESGN Quality, Personal Attention Layout Color Coordination Special Window Treatments Wallpaper Furniture CONSULTATONS NVTED Reasonable rates. Free Est. CALL WNDOW TREATMENTS BY JERRY Custom Made Shop At Home Verticals, mini blinds, pleated shades. 60% discount w/free estimate, measuring and installation. 100% guaranteed. Jerry Asch b Window Washing AAA LEVY S DUN-RTE WNDOWS WASHED STORMS & SCREENS GUTTERS CLEANED No waiting. Exc., clean work. Reas, rates BOATNG 105 Boats for Sale 16' ALUMCRAFT ' hp suz side console Troll motor, live well & more. $3,500. Call ALUMNUM 40 hp spirit trailer '81. $1,800. Call COBA 89-Cuddy Cabin. 175HP Merc. Many extras. Low Hours. Asking $6,900. Call SALBOAT 17 Trailer, motor, cabin, electronics. Easy launch/sail. Keel CB. $1,695. Call SEA RAY ' /2'. 150 Blk Max. w/trailer. Will part out. $1,650. Call or AUTOMOTVE 110 Autos for Sale ACURA NTEGRA 92- LMTED EDTON GS-R, red, 5 spd., loaded. M u st be seen^ Asking $13,000. Call ACURA NTEGRA GS '90- White, mint cond. Auto, ABS, fully loaded. 94,000 miles. Dealer serviced. Must see this car. $6,800. or best offer. Call Autos for Sale BAD CREDT/NO CREDT? Low cost financing/loans arranged even if you've been turned down for bankruptcy, bad credit/no credit. Many exc. vehicles to choose from on our lot. Low down payment/ yr. payout. Priceless Car Sales BMW 318 S '91-White/tan, 5 speed. Sunroof, p/w, central locking. Limited slip. Runs/ looks new. Loaded. 60,000 miles. Garage kept, $13,900. Call BMW 735i '90 Bronzit, beige leather int. All options, heated seats. Original owner. 50,000 mi. $22, BUCK REGAL ' V8, 2 dr. All pwr. New exhaust, shocks. Needs radiator. $350. or best offer or BUCK REGAL '88 White. Air, cass, p/w, p/s, p/b, p/l, cruise. Excellent condition. Asking $3, BUCK RVERA '85-Original Owner. Mint condition. All power. 86,000 miles. $4,000. o r b e s t o f f e r. C a ll BUCK SKYHAWK '86-2 dr., grey. New tires, recent oil change, high mileage. Good student car. $1,200. Call CADLLAC COUPE '86 36,000 miles on new motor. Body like new. Best offer over $3,500. Call CADLLAC COUPE DEVLLE '8 6 -Mint condition in/out. 58,000 miles. $6,000. Call CADLLAC ELDORADO '83 Loaded with sunroof. 69,000 orig. miles. $2,500 or best offer. Call & leave message CHEVROLET CAMARO RS '91-5.0, 5-spd. Teal/gray leather. 55,000 miles. T-tops, alloy wheels, Lo-Jack. All power options. $8,200. or best offer. Call CHEVROLET CAMARO RS '73 - Split bumper, restored, runs 11.90's, will sell with or without motor & transmission. Serious inquiries only. Call C H E V R O L E T C A P R C E CLASSC '88-100,200 miles. EXCELLENT CONDTON $4,900. Call CHEVROLET CORVETTE ' orig. miles, T-tops, leather seats, pop out rear window, air, all #'s match, have all ong. parts. Exc. cond. Call Chris between 5:30pm- 8:00pm, CHEVY CAMARO LT '87- Original Owner, low mileage. Auto, 8 cyl., p/s, p/b, a/c, t- tops. Aluminum wheels. $5,500. Call CHEVY CAVALER 88-2 dr. red, sun roof, auto, a/c, am/fm cassette, new tires. 78,000 m ile s. $ 2, C a ll CHEVY CELEBRTY '88 2 Dr., 4 cyl., auto, p/s, p/b, a/c. 108,000 miles. $1,150. VN#J Price excludes tax & tags. ARTY'S AUTO SALES EAST BRUNSWCK CHEVY CHEVETTE '86-4 dr. hatchback, auto, air. 67,000 miles. (Q 1 owner. Asking $1,200. Call " Before You Buy Your New Car or Truck, Call Us. PAY '50 OVER FACTORY COST! % GUARANTEED Hassle Free. We are not Dealers or Retailers. 908, i

62 6 2 OCTOBER 26, 1994, THE NDEPENDENT A u t o s f o r S a le A u t o s f o r S a le CHEVY GEO STORM 91- Exc. cond. Blue. Auto., a/c, am/fm cass., radar detector. 52,000 orig. mi. $7, C H EVY MONTE CARLO LS LTR, 4 BBL, T- Tops, Fully loaded. Clean n & Out. Asking $4,500. Call DODGE ARES 84 P/s, p/b, p/w, air. 4 door. Good trans. $700. or best offer DODGE SHADOW 91-2 dr., auto, a/c, am/fm. 90,000 hwy. miles. $4,000. or best offer. Call FORD EXPLORER '93-2 dr. Sport, 4 wheel drive. Black, loaded. 24,000 highway miles. $19,500. Call FORD FESTA '88-2 dr. hatchback. Exc. cond. in/out. Low mileage. Runs great. Very economical. $1,700. Call F O R D M U S T A N G 92- Emerald green metalic. 4 cyl., auto, sunroof, remote alarm. 16 alum. rims, pl/pm, stereo/ cass. AC, cruise, airbag. $9,500. Call FORD PROBE 89-5 spd.. p/s, p/b, AC. am/fm cass., tilt. 71,000 miles. $5,200. or best offer (days) (eves.) FORD RANGER 85 V6, 5 spd. air, p/s, p/b, sunroof. $2,800. or best offer. Call eves FORD T-BRD 88-Many options, excellent condition. Best offer. Call & leave message FORD THUNDERBRD 92- White. beige interior. 44,000 miles. $9,500. or best offer. 8:30am-4:00pm pm-10pm C la s s if ie d W o r k s! '95 JETTA GL l i l l A u t o s f o r S a le HONDA ACCORD EX 90 - Air, am/fm cass., cruise, sunroof, leather interior. Clifford alarm sys. Loaded. Exc. cond. A s k in g $ 1 0, C a li HONDA ACCORD LX COUPE 90-2 dr., 5 spd., all power, loaded, detachable face Alpine stereo. 69,000 miles. Exc. condition. $8,995. or best offer. Call HONDA ACCORD LX 89 2 dr., auto, ALL POWER. White/brown interior. 92,000 hwy. miles. Good condition. $6,250. Best offer. Call HONDA PRELUDE Sl 92 4 wheel steering, 4 cyl., 5 spd., 160 hp. ALL OPTONS. 4 3,0 00 miles. Cherry red. M in t. $1 4, C a ll JEEP CJ7 '86-Dark green, 2 tops, 6 cyl., 5 spd. Many extras. Runs well. $5,000. or best offer. Call Speed Manual Transmission Dual Air Bags Air Conditioning AM/FM Cassette Tilt Wheel & Folding Split Central Locking Cruise Rear Seats Front Wheel Factory Alarm Drive 95 Jetta '95 Jetta '95 Jetta '95 Jetta '95 Jetta 95 Jetta '95 Jetta #6099 VN #6097 VN #6094 VN #6088 VN #6081 VN #6060 VN #6028 VN For 48 Months M o. SM SM SM SM SM SM SM G O L F G L AM/FMCassette Central Locking Dual Air Bags Front Wheel Drive Factory Alarm Folding Split Rear Air Conditioning Seats New, 4 dr, 5 spd man trans, 4-cyl, p/s, p/b, t/gls, rw/def, bkt sts, sport mirrs, all season steel-belted rads. VN SM Stk #6029. MSRP $15,435. MSRP incl $395 DLX App Grp, 48 month closed end lease w/$1350 down, 1st mo payment $200 sec dep & D O C. Total payments = $7632. Residual $ LEASE T NOW FOR $ Seconds FromPkwy Exits 100 A or B! A* WORLD VOLKSWAGEN ^ N e p t u n e W Prices incl. all costs except license, rep & taxes. Pymt based on 48 mo. closed end lease w $1,000 down, 1st mo. pymt. S225 sec. dep bank fee & doc. lot pymts=s8592 Resid=S A u t o s f o r S a le LEXUS ES Loaded. 32,000 miles. Champagne w/ tan leather interior. Power sun ro o f. $ 1 5, C a ll LNCOLN C O N TN EN TAL TOWN CAR '75 - Classic. 72,000 original miles. Car phone, alarm, 250w stereo. $3,000. or best offer. Call & leave message LNCOLN TOWN CAR 85- High mileage. Mechanically excellent. $3,200. or Best Offer. Call LNCOLN TOWNCAR 85 - Full power, air, fm cassette. Good running cond. $3,000. Call M A Z D A R X ENTHUSASTS! Loaded, reliable, some work needed. $800. ot best oflerl Day Evenings MERCURY COUGAR 86-Exc. cond. Black on grey. Loaded. A s k in g $ 2, C a ll A u t o s f o r S a le MERCURY COUGAR LS '88-83,000 miles. Excellent cond. 6 cyl., air, fm cass. New brakes. $5,000. firm. Call MERCURY GRAND Marquis 84-A/C, good condition. 142,000 miles. Best offer. Call MTSUBSH ECLPSE 91-5 spd., 16 valve, white, all power options. Excellent condition. 50,000 miles. $5,995. o r b e s t o f f e r. C a ll / NSSAN 240 SX Coupe 91 46,000 miles. Great cond.. Fully loaded. $10,700. neg leave mess. NSSAN 300 Z 84- RED, FULLY LOADED. FAST. Good condition. $2,995. Call NSSAN MAXMA SE 87 5 spd., air, am/fm cass. Exc. condition. Black. $5,000. Call Eves., Wkend Days A u t o s f o r S a fe OLDS CUTLASS CALAS 87-2 Dr., 6 cyl., auto, p/s, p/b, a/c, am/fm. RUNS GREAT? 134,000 miles. $1,450. Price excludes tax & tags. VN#M ARTY S AUTO SALES EAST BRUNSWCK OLDSMOBLE CALAS NTERNATONAL 88 - Quad 4 engine, 4 door, p/s, p/b, p/ w, p/d, air. 73,000 miles. $3,900. or best offer. Call OLDSMOBLE DELTA dr., V8, automatic, all power options, AM/FM cass. Well maintained. Good condition. $1,900. or best offer. Call OLDSMOBLE DELTA 88 ROYALE-Brougham 86-2 dr. V-6, 65,000 miles, very good cond. Serviced regularly. $2,900. Call C la s s if ie d W o r k s! USED CAR CLEARANCE! 1984VWRABT 1987TOYOTATERCEL Grey, 3 dr hatch, 5 spd mar trans, 4 2 dr, 5 spd man, 4 cyl, p/s, p/b, cyl, rck & pinion, am/fm ster/cass i. am/lm ster, t/gls, r/def. bkt sts, a/c, r/def, cloth int, sport mirrs, rdls 1 sport mirrs, all ssn stl bltd rdls VN CV Stk VN m $^975 ST >149( M7WJETAfil 1987HONDAPRELUDE 4 dr, 5 spd man trans, 4 cyl, p/s, p/b i, 2 dr, 5 spd man, 4 c/1, p/s, p/b, am/lm 16 valve eng, am/fm ster/cass, ster/cass, p/tmk, a/c, t/gls, r/def. t/whl, p/winds, a/c, t/gls, r/def. Mt, bkt sts i. cniise, bkt sts, sport mirrs, p/sunrf, alum sprt mirrs, all ssn stl rdls. Vlf * whls. 111,400 mis. HW Stk VN HC Stk t / i O C O # $<QC * ,559 miles. 1989SUBARUXT-6 2 dr, 5 spd man, 6 cyl, p/s, p/b am/fm st/cass, p/winds/lks, a/c t/als, r/def, bkts, sport mirrs, all ssr j 2 dr, 5 spd man, < cyt, rack A pinion, p/b, am/fm ster, bkt sts. sport mtrrs, all ssn stl su bltd radls, alloy i bltd radls Classic! VN w h l s V N t C O f l f l Stk # S C / i ( ] KG ,180 81,430 mi t P f t f t f mi. ^ 198VWGT 2 dr, 5 (pd. * cyl, p/s, p/b, am/frr t 3 dr hatch, 5 spd man, 4 cyl, p/s, p/b, ster/caes, p/winds/lks, a/c, t/gls, r/del am/lm ster/cass, a/c, t/gls, r/def, bkt sts, bkt sts. soort mirrs, sunrf, all ssn stl bite sport mirrs, all ssn stl bltd rdls, alloy whls rdls, styled whls. VN JV Stl VN HME # ,831 i Stk # C C A F f t VWFOX 2 dr, 4 spa man rans, 4 cyl, p/s, p/b, am/lm ster/cass, sic, t/gls, r/del, bkt sts sport mins, all ssn st bltd rdls VN 2KP00250 Slk _ #P652 67,252m $ O Q Q C 1989VWJEnA6L' 4 dr, 5 spd man, 4 cyl, p/s, p/b,-. am/fm ster/cass, a/c, t/gls, r/def, bkt sts, sport mirrs, sun rf. VN KW Stk #P607. S C O C O 68,488 mi. U V U U 1965KHARMAN6HA 1987VWCABROLET CONVERTBLE 191EAGLETALON m!599f OOUU 1989SUZUK SDEKCK4l 4 198VWCABROLET CONVERTBLE 2 dr, 5 spd man, 4 cyl, p/s, p/b am/fm ster/cass, p/winds/lks, a/c t/als, t/whl, bkt sts, sport mirrs, all ssr j White, 2 dt auto. 4 cyl, p/s. p/b. stl M d rds, hard am/lm ster/cass, a/c, r/del VN i 5K t ^ A A A E r 3" *6995 mr't $ JEPWRANfilfHUWED 0192VWJEnACARAT 2 dr, aulo, 6 cy<, p/s, rack & prion, p/b, am/hn! 4 dr, auto, 4 cyl. p/s, p/b, am/fm Str/CMS, tip. rm. gauges, cwj rt. Wfl *8, ster/cass, p/winds/lks, a/c, t/glt, coracle, aipd mis, sport wrs, * an st bltd cruise, bkt sts, sport mirrs, sunrt, all nil, 4 terrain, aloy whts. biooi lop. hard top. ssn stl, bltd rdls hart floors VTNJ A A A P Sk*60* n *HQQh 193CHEVYBERETA 2 dr, auto, p/s, p/b, am/lm ster/cass, ptondi/%s, a/c, t/gls. r/dal. t/whl, cruse, bkt its, sport mtrrs, a* ssn stf WM rdu. styled whfe. ABS brakes. VN PY Stk #P j 4 f t f t p s11,995 1 K NSAN240SX 3 dr Hatch, 5 spd man, 4 cyl, p/s, p/b, am/fm ster/cass, p/winds/lks, a/c, t/gls, r/def, titt, cruise, bkt sts, sport mirrs. til ssn stl bltd rdls VN NW Stk # ,009 ^ 4 4 A A C M1, S93HONDACVCCOUPE 3 dr hatch, 5 spd man, 4 cyl, am/lm ster/cass, p/winds/lks, a/c, cniise, bkt sts, sport mirrs, sunroof VN 2 dr convertible 5 spd man, 4 cyl, p/s, p/b, am/fm ster/cass, a/c, t/gls, bkt sts, sport mirrs, all ssn stl M d rdls, alloy whls VN HK a p v a m Stk # i K / l i *! 67,100 mi. V l W U 1989VWJEnA 4 dr, p/s, p/b, p/winds/lks, a/c, t/gls, r/def, tilt, cruise, bkt sts, sport mirrs sun rf, all ssn stl bltd rdls, alloy whls VN KW S tk #60721 t A A A E? 78,422 miles 1989VWJETABU 4 dr, 4 spd man trans, 4 cyl, p/s. p/b' am/fm ster/cass, a/c, t/gfs, r/def. t/whl. cruise, bkt sts, sport mirrs. all ssn stl bltd rdls, alloy his VN KW StW #P646 61, S 2 P l T M O t m i f O T A H B Gold, auto, 4 spd man, 6 cyl am/fm cass, p/s, p/b, t/whl, cruise, r/def, a/c. VN NR Stk # ,323 mi. $ n Q Q l 191MAZDANAVAJOXM 2 dr, auto, 6 cyl, p/s, p/b, am/fm ster/cass, p/winds/lks, a/c, t/gls. r/def. t/whl, cruise, bkt sts, sport mirrs, all ssn Stl bltd rdls VN MNM02921 Stk # ,2 3 6 t4 A. *12, TOYOTACAMRY 4 dr, auto w/od, 4 cyl, p/s, p/b, am/lm ster/cass, p/winds/lks, a/c, t/gls, r/def, tilt, cruise, bkt sts, sport mirrs, all ssn stl bltd rdls. VN N S t l* * A A A A 191MAZDAMiATACONV 2 dr, 5 spd man, 4 cyl, p/s, p/b, am/fm ster/cass, p/winds/lks, a/c, t/als, cruise, llhr ini, bkt sts, sport mirrs, all ssn radials, alloy whls. PL Stk VN M A - 1 A A M l«. ^ / O Q Sl" 12,950 Xs 13, JEPCHEROKEin B 191AUD10 Auto w/od, Vfl. p/s. p/b, am/lm ster/cass, ptands/fcs. tic, t/gls, rw del, t/whl, cruse, leather nt.bucket seats, sport mirrors, allseason steef Belted rdts. attoy whls VN LL S t k * - a r, *0^ NSANQUESTX E Blue, auto w/od, 6 cyl, am/lm cass, p/s, p/b, f/whi, cruise, r/def, p/winds/lks, a/c. VN PDB27927, Stk. #P $15975 r i Pearl Oyster, auto w/od, 5 cyl, 4 spd, am/tm cass. p/s, p/b, t/whl, crmse, t/def p/winds/lks, a/c, etec sun rl, sport wtila VN MN02593J Stk #P636 41, A A A *14, MAZDAMX6LS 3 dr, hatch auto, 6 cyl, p/s, p/b, am/tm ster/cass, p/winds/lks, a/c, t/gls, r/def, t/whl, cruise, bkt sts, sport mirrs, all ssn stl bltd radials, alloy whls. VN P Stk ^ r 3816, MAZDAMX6-LS fled, auto w/od, am/fm cass, p/s, p/b, t/w hl, c ru is e, r/d ef, p/winds/lks/trnk, a/c, elec sunrl VN P55948 Stk #5439 $ 1 A Q Q l l 28,812 mi. l f ) 9 3 U 1986PORSCHE91TARGA Black, 5 spd man, am/tm cass, p /s, p/b, c ru is e, r/d e f, p/winds/lks. a/c. Stk # ,462 mi. *21,399 Seconds FromPkwy Exits 100 A or B! : WORLD VOLKSWAGEN ^ w i a s a " w Prices incl. all costs except license, reg &taxes A u t o s f o r S a le PLYMOUTH RELA N T 87 4 dr., auto, a/c, 43,000 orig. mi. $2, PONTAC FERO 86-4 cyl. Red. Good condition. 40,000 miles. $3,000. or best offer. Call PONTAC FERO 87 47,000 miles. Loaded. Hit in nose. Parts or whole. $950. Call PONTAC FREBRD FOR MULA 87-V8, 5 spd., T-tops, loaded, excellent condition. Red. 68,000 miles. $4,200. Call evenings PO N TA C P A R E S E N N E 86-4 dr., blue, 8 cyl., auto, p/ s, p/b, a/c, am/fm, vinyl roof. Exceptional condition. 63,315 miles. $3,395. VN#GX Price excludes tax 8i tags. ARTY'S AUTO SALES EAST BRUNSWCK PONTAC TRANS AM '80 - Turbo 400 transmission, 455 engine, T-roofs, air, p/s, p/b, posi rear. Needs exhaust system. Black/gold. $3,500. Call TOYOTA CAMRY LE 84- Original owner. 5 Dr. lift back. Auto, a/c, cruise, new tires, am/fm cass. Excellent condition. $2,300. or best offer. Call T O Y O T A C E L C A G T 83-84,000 miles. Fully loaded w/sun roof. Good condition. Asking $1,300. Call Mike after 6pm TOYOTA CELCA GTS 92- Black, loaded, extended care warranty. $11,500. Call TOYOTA MR2 92-5spd. p/s, p/b, p/w, p/l, p/mir, am/fm stereo cass. airbag, spoiler, T- top, 1 owner. 54,350 miles. Asking $12,500/best offer. Call 1pm-8pm or 10am-6pm TOYOTA PASEO 93-31,000 miles. Sporty white 2 dr. Asking $11,500 or best offer. M-F after 5pm T O Y O T A S U P R A spd. $3,000. Firm. Call after 7pm TOYOTA SUPRA TURBO 87 Black. Super clean. Fully powered. 70,000 miles. Call A u t o s / T r u c k s W a n t e d $ HGHEST PRCES $ ALL CARS JUNK & RUNNNG CARS 24 HOUR SERVCE TOP CASH PRCES PAD CALL WANTED-RUNNNG and REPARABLE Cars & Truck $100. and UP. Junk Cars Removed WE BUY JUNK CARS Marlboro Auto Wreckers A u t o P a r t s S e r v ic e s L E G E N D D E T A L N C Professional Auto Cleaning NTEROR & EXTEROR Complete Automotive Care PONTAC GRAND PRX 82 Black/Burgundy int., Chec 305. Rebuilt 350 trans. Extr 305 w/rebuilt kit. $450. or bes offer. Call SOFT TOPS CJ7 - Exc. conc Full & bikini, all hard weai Light bar, $325. Call A u t o F in a n c in g Advertise your auto financing sei vices here. Call for more informatio t-« ads M o t o r c y c le s M o p e d s A.T.V. 3 Wheeler, exc. cond,, low mi $650. firm KAWASAK K LTD 81 26,000 miles. Must see $1,000. After 5 pm cal T r u c k s / V a n s CHEVROLET S10 PCK-UF 93 - Auto, p/s, p#, ac. 4.[ litre, 31,000 miles. Like new $8,500. Call eves CHEVROLET S10 PCK-UF 93 - Auto, p/s, p#, ac, 4.' litre, 31,000 miles. Like new $8,500. Call eves. TROUBLE Selling Your Car? Free Advice/Consignment Cash Today/Sympathy Auction/Wholesale WE DO T ALL! ARTY S AUTO SALES EAST BRUNSWCK V A LA N T C O N VE R TB LE '64-1 Owner. Hurst Factory 4 on the floor. Body/top in good shape, engine needs love. $1,000. or best offer. Call after 5pm V O L K S W A G E N S U P E R BEETLE 72-New tires, paint, brakes, & heating system. Must be seen. $2,700. or best offer. Call A u t o s / T r u c k s CHEVY S10 PCKUP 89-w cap 4 x 4. p/s, p/b, p/w, p doors, auto, 7" lift. Full load ed- 31" tires. 49,000 miles Excellent condition. $5,900. Call days evenings D O D G E C A R A V A N LE 86-4 cyl., Good condition AM/FM cassete. Askinc $4,000. Call FORD STEP VAN 69-6 cyl all aluminum body, 240 motoi (brand new). New clutch complete and 2 new cylinders $3,000. or best offer. Call W a n t e d GMC CONVERSON VAN 91 Like new. Loaded C AAA ABLE & DEAD 7 Days miles. $14,000. Free Removal of Junk Cars. $$ for new/old Days Eves $ALL AUTOSS Good bad or junk. Top price paid for usable cars. 24 hour service ALL SCRAP CARS AND TRUCKS. LARGE OR SMALL. ANY CONDTON. H & H AUTO WRECKERS CASH AT YOUR DOOR For FOREGN cars GMC TOP KCK witf lift gate cat engine 54,000 miles. Looks and runs great. Must sell. $16,500. Call M o t o r H o m e s R e c. V e h i c l e s 78 STARCRAFT- Pop-up Sleeps 6. Lots of cabinel space. $900. or best offer. Call Call HOLDAY RAMBLER MP.- 33, TT, all extras, new $ CASH PAD $ All makes & models. Cash on the SPOT. Call CASH PAD For junk cars, trucks, for recycling. Call anytime Tommy Dell s DONATE Vehicles, Boats & Furniture to Jewish Heritage for the Blind. Tax Deduct. FREE TOW! NEED NOT RUN DQNATE co n d itio n, w ill d e live r $22,000. Call T R A V E L T R A L E R PROWLER 75- MUST SELL! Asking $650. As is condition. Call PROWLER 88-2 door, sleeps 6. Fully equipped. Excellent condition. $6,300. Call EATONTOWN-Pine Tree Park 12 x 52 Sell ASAP. 2 bedrm., AC, Wash/dryer, awning, al. shed, $14,000. cash or check. Call

63 t's as easy as Call& answer 5 questions. 2. Allow 1hr. for processing & mmediately qualification. 3. Come pick out your new car or truck. Free Delivery. BANKRUPTCY. NO CREDT EXP. REPO DVORCE RECENT GRAD A NEW JOB WE WANT TO HELPl 1 s t T M E B U Y E R S Late model used also available. Call any day (incl. Sunday) for credit, ask.for Mr. Harris. We enjoy saying, Y ES PNE BELT PHONE LOANS Made while you wait for autos and trucks from i $3,500-$18,000 j by import/ domestic dir. EQUAL OPP. FNANCER Any Age Race Gender Rrst Time Buyers OK Recent Grads Repo* Divorce No credit exp. Bankrui New Jol intey ib? \ ^ \ ^ \ > For immediate credit OK, call anyday 9AM-10PM incl. Sunday! Mr. Thomson r i 1 locations WW&W OOUBLE.THE se iin ^ l THE NDEPENDENT, OCTOBER 26, R c i y C a t e n a L E X U S HGHWAY 35, Qakhurst, NJ- Limited Time Only. c a l l ( ) LEXUS N E W 1994 L E X U S ES 4 dr, 6 cyl, auto, p/s, ABS brakes, a/c, sun roof, leather int, a/c, sun roof, leather int, floor mats, VN R , MSRP $34,103 LEASE FOR: R a y C a t e n a 2123 Highway 35 Oakhuret, NJ (908) Boston Post Rd. Larchmont, NY* (914) Lease payment includes all costs to be paid by a consumer except MV, DOC fees, sales tax & luxury tax. payment based on 36 mo. closed end lese. 1st mo payment, $450 bak fee, (GS-$400), (ES-S350) ref sec dep, & (GS-S3500), (ES-$3000) cap cost reduction due at inception. GAP insurance included. 12,000 mi/yr. 15Cea add'l mi. Residual-(GS-$22,002), (ES- $18,416). Subject to approval by primary lending source. Total payment (GS-$14,565), (ES-S 12,564). C o m M re o u r f e a t u r e s! How To sp end Your r J / n c o m e W i t h F a r M o r e D i s c r e t i o n. N E W V O L K S W A G E N P A S S A T 4 dr., 6 cyl., 5 spd., p/s, p/b, a/c, am/fm/st/cass, dual air bags, central locking & alarm, anti-theft system, compare the rest of our features with any other cars! Stk. # 15043, Vin. #SE006374, MSRP: $ Cap Reduction $2213,1st month, $300 security & bank fee of $450 required plus tax & MV. L E A S E F O R : $ NEW S A A B T U R B O C S E 4 cyl., auto., p/s, p/b, a/c, am/fm/st/cass, ABS 200 HP Turbo! Power moon roof, compare the rest of our features to any other car! Stk. # 25013, Vin. #S , MSRP: $38,015. Cap Reduction $2000, 1st month, $500 security & bank fee of $450 required plus tax & MV. per month L E A S E F O R : $ months S H R E W S B U R Y MOTORS, NC.* MOTORS. NC" Shrewsbury Ave. Shrewsbury, NJ Shrewsbury Ave. Shrewsbury, NJ

64 6 4 OCTOBER 26, 1994, THE NDEPENDENT '93 MERCURYTRACER 4 dr., 4 cyl, auto overdrive, p/s, p/b, a/c, am/fm st/cass, fab/int, buckets, rec/seats, console, gauges, r/def, p/mir, bd/side/md, tint, intermit wipers, mats, exterior color: green, interior color; gray, Stk #757, VN #PR659516,21,976 miles $8, MERCURYTOPAZCS 4 dr., 4 cyl, auto, p/s, p/b, a/c, am/fmst/cass, fab/int, p/seats, buckets, rec/seats, console, gauges, r/def, p/w, p/d/l, p/mir, bd/side md, tint, cruise, p/tr, intermit wipers, mats, tilt alum wh VN #PB ,071 mi. Stk #702, exterior color: mocha, interior color: tan *9,995 '93 MERCURY SABLEGS 4 dr., 6 cyl., 3.8 V6, auto, p/s, p/d/b, am/lm st/cass, fab/int, p/seats, rec sts, gauges, r/def, p/w, p/d/l, p/mir, bd/side/md, tint, cruise, pin strip, tilt, alu. whls., int color: blue, exterior color: blue. 20,839 mi. Stk#386, VN #PA BUCK 87 OLDSMOBLE 92 MERCURY 90 CHRYSLER 91 BUCK CENTURY CUTLASS TOPAZ GS LEBARON GTC REGAL CUSTOM 4 dr, 4 cyl. auto, p/s, p/b, a/c 2 dr, conv.. 4 cyl, turbo, auto, pi's, 4 dr. 6 cyl, auto, o/d. p/b, a/c. CUSTOM CERRA am/fm st/cass, fab/int, p/b, a/c, am/fmst/cass. lea/int, anvtmst/cass, fab/int. rec/seats. 4 dr, 4cyl, auto, p/s, p/b, a/c, 4 dr, 6cyi, auto, o/d, p/s, p/b, a/c, buckets.rec'seals, console. gray, p/seats, buckets, rec/seats, gauges, r/def, p/w, p/d/l. bd/side am/fm st cass, fab/int, buckets am/fm st cass, fab/int, gray, gauges, r/def. p/w, p/dfl. p/mir, console, gauges, r/def. p/w, p/d/1, md, tint, cruise, pmstripe, intermil gauges, r/def, p/w. p/d/l, bd/side. p/seats. r/def, p/w. p/dfl, bd/side md, tint, pin strip, intermit p/mir, b/s/m, tint, cruise, wipers, mats, p/ant, tilt, w/w, md. tint, cruise, p/tr, mtermit bd'side/md, lint, cruise, p/tr dig wipers, mals. alum wh, VN inter/wipers, mats, p/ant, tilt, Exterior Color Red ntenor Color wipers, tilt, w/w tires. VN dash, intermit wipers, mats, p/ant, #NK604873, 48,352 mi. Stk. alum, wh., ext. cotor: white, Red, nterior Color Red. Stk #GD Low miies! X-tra lilt, w/wstk #863, Vin #hd354913, #804, exterior color: red, interior drivers side air bag 44,804 mi #6599 Vm #M Clean! 67,489 mi. Stk #2092, 65,759 mi. Ext. cotor.silver, black color: red Stk. #2129, VN #LG miles. exterior: color tan. simcon roof. s4,295 $4,495 $6,995 $7,995 s BUCK 90 BUCK 94 MERCURY 92 CHEVROLET 90 LNCOLN LESABRE PARK AVE. TOPAZ GS LUMNA Z-34 MARK V LSC CUSTOM 4 dr, 6 cyl, auto, p/s. p/t, a/c. am/lm st/cass. fab/int p/seats, 4 dr, 4 cyl, auto, p/s, p/b. a/c, 2 dr. 6 cyt, auto, o/d, p/s, p/b, 4 dr.. 6 cyl.. auto, O/D, P/S, P/B, rec/seats. r/def, p/w, p/dr, cks, am/fmst'cass, feb/int.. p/seats, annti-lk. a/c. am/fm st/cass, SPECAL EDTON A/C, am/fm st/cass, fab/int, p/mir, bd/side/md, tint, pin strip, buckets, rec/seats. console fab/mt, buckets, rec/sts,console, 2dr. 8-cyl. auto. o/d. p/s. artwoc*. gauges, r/def, p/w, p/d/l. a/c, am/fm, st/cass,leather/int, p/seats, gauges, p/mirrors, int. intermil wipers, mats, p/ant, tilt, gauges, r/def, p/w, p/d/l. bd/side bd/side/md, tint, cruise, sec sys, p'seats. buckeis.rec/seats, console, wipers, r/def. bd/side/md, p/tr. rec wire wh cover, burg ext, burg md. tint, cruise, p/lr, pin strip, intermil wipers, mals, tilt, alum gauges r/def, p/w, p/d/1, p/mir, seats p/w, tint, mats, pldn. pin interior, mi. Stk #R2133, wh, ext color: red, int color: gray, bd/side/ma, tint, cruise, p/tr mtermit strip, p/ant, tir. w/w tires, ext. VN KL sharp, Stk #6602, Vin wipers, mats, p/anl. tilt alumwh, ds color t blue, int. color blue #N , 64,546 mi. Stk#2048. VN #LH ,029 miles *9, FORD CROWN VCTORA LX 4-dr, Bcyt. auto, o/d, p/s, anti-lock, p/b. a/c, am/fmst'cass, leather/int, p/c/seats, r/def, p/w, p/d/1, p/mu, bd/stde/md. tmt. cruise, p/tr.digdash, sec sys, p*nstrip, int. wipers, mats, p/ant, tilt, alu. whls, srs airbacyds. key.ess dorr entry, int cotor. gray, ml cotor. black mi Stk *726, VN #NX $12, MERCURY SABLE LS WAGON 4 dr wag.6 cyt auto., o/d, p/s, fvb, anb-lock a/c. am/fm st/cass. leather/ml. moon/rf, p/seats, p/mir, cruise, rf rack intermit wipers, buckets, i/del. bd/side mo, dig dash, rec/seats. p/w. tint. mats, console. p/d/l. pwstrip, p/anl, Mt. akimwh, an $10, MERCURY GRAND MARQUS LS 4 dr., 8 cyt., auto, o/d. p/s, p/b. a/c, am/fm st/cass, fab/int, p/seats, rec/seats, gauges. r/def. p/w, p/d/l. p/mir, bd/side/md, tint, cruise, p/tr. pin strip, mats, p/ant, ti/t alumwh, keyless dr entry, ds air bag. exterior: white interior: tan Stk #772 Vin # NX S12,895 intermit wipers, mats, tilt, alum wh., ext, color: t. blue, int. color: blue. Stk #705, VN #RK605918, mi. $11, DODGE SHADOW ES CONVERTBLE 2 dr. 4 cyl. auto, p/s. p/b, a/c. am/fm st/cass, fab/int, convertible. (gray) buckets, rec/seats, console, gauges, p/w, ttrvt, cruise, tog lamps, pin strip, intermit wipers, mats, alumwh ext. color: red, int color: gray Stk #722 VN 3PT ,980 mi $12,895 $11,695 air bag, keyless dr entry, exterior gray, interior: gray Stk #819, Vm «tyz ,010 mi S11, CHEVROLET 91 BUCK CAVALER PARK AVE Z-24 4 dr.6 cyt,auto, o/d, p/s. p/b and lock, a/c. amim st/cass, teattvmt 2 dr. 6 cyt, auto, p/s, p/b, anb-tock. p'seats rec/seats. gauges roe* iv* a/c, am/fm st/cass, fab/int gray, pal p/mir, bd/side md. mt. cruise buckets, rec/seats, console, gauges, p/lr, sec sys, pin stip wipers r/def, p/w, p/d/l, bd/side/md, tint, mats. pant. Mt alumwh. a* t*g cruise, intermit wipers, mats, Wt, drivers side Exterior Color Ok. Blue alumwh, ext cotor: red Stk. #2116, nterior Color Biue S>k S&88. Vm VN #P ,263 mi. Low #M miles 1 Miles1 *12,995 $13,495 4 dr., 8 cyl, auto, o/d, p/s, p/b, anti-lock, a/c, am/fm st/cass, 4dr, 6 cyt. auto, o/d, p/s. pis. p/b. a c, 2 dr., conv., 4 cyl, auto, p/s, p/b Wag,4 dr.. 8 cyt.. auto, o/d, p/s, p/b. fab/mt, tan p.'seats, rec/teats, amlmst'cass, tabmt. tan, p/seats, rec, anti-lock a/c, am/fm st, fab/mt, anti-lock, a/c, am/fmsl/cass. leatlvint. r/def, p/w,p/d/l. bd/side/md. tint, seats, guages, ffdet, p/w, pksa gray, buckets, rec/seats, console, surtrt. p/seaits rec/seats, gauges, cruise, p/lr, d»g dash pmstrip, bd/side/md. bit, cruise, pmstrip, intermit gauges, p/w, p/d/l, bd/side/md,, r/def, p/w, p/d/l, p/mrr, bd/side md. intermit wipers mats, p/ant, Mt, wipers, mals. p/am, tilt, alu whls, drivers tint, alu whls. exterior color, red tint, r/wipe-wash. cruise intermit dual air bag, ext. color tan, bags driver & pass, keyless door side airbag, exl color: tan, mt color tanstk Stk #2124 VN #P , wipers, p/ant, Wl, alumwh, exterior Stk#795 VN LY61!24a 37,420 entry. Exterior white. Stk *842, VN #6504, VN #NH427670, 34,694 miles miles miles Low Miles! #NA64) miles $13,995 *92 BUCK LESABRE LMTED LowMiles' $13, PONTAC SUNBRD SE CONV. $13, BUCK ROADMASTER WAGON dk blue, interior tan. ds air bag, third seat, Stk #2103. Vm#NW miles *13, LNCOLN TOWN CAR S13, BUCK 92 LNCOLN 93 LNCOLN 93 JEEP GRAND '94 LNCOLN TOWN RVERA TOWN CAR MARK V CHEROKEE LMTED CAR SG. SERES 2 dr.. 6 cyl.. auto, o/d, p/s, p/b, antiteck. a/c. am/fir st/cass. leather/mt. SGNATURE 2 dr.,8 cyl, auto, o/d, p/b. antilock, a/c, am/fmst/cass, lea/mt, tock p/b, a/c, am/fmsi w/cd. tan lock, a/c, am/fmsl/cass, lea./int. 4 dr. 4WD 6 cyt, auto, overdrive anti- 4 dr., Bcyt. aulo, p/s. p>t>,ant,- p/seats, buckets, rec/seats. 4 dr., 8 cyl., auto. o/d. pfe. p/anlmock gray, moon roof, p/seats, buckets, leather/int p/seats. buckets semcon roof, (tan), p/seats, console, r/def, p/w, p/d/l, p/mir, brakes, a/c. am/fmst/cass, leather/'mf rec/seat#, console, gauges, r/def, rec/seats. console, gauges r. Oef p/w, rec/seats. ode! p/w, p/d/l. p,irw. bd/side md, tint cruise, p/tr, dig p/seats, rec/seats, r/def, p/w, p/d/l, p/w, p/d/t, p/mw, bd/side/md. tint, p/d/l. p/mw. bd/side md tint, r/wipewash, cruise, rl rack, intermit wipers, d, pin strip, int. wipers, p/ant tilt, bd/side/md, tint, cruise, p/tr, dig, dash, sec sys, pin strip, intermit p/mir, bd/side/md, tint, cruise, p/tr, dig cruise, p/tr. sec.sys, int wipers, wipers, mals, p/ant, tilt, w/w, air bag dash, pin stnp, mtermit wipers, mats. mats, p/anl, tih, alumwh, drive & mats plant, bit, alumwh. air bag driver &pass side air bag keyless driver s side. Exterior Color White, p/ant, tilt, alumwh. ext.: t blue, int pass side airbag, keyless entry, dnvers side, lugg rack, green entry, alumwh, ext, color dk blue nterior Color: Blue. Stk #6597, Vin dk blue, keyless dr entry, d/s &pass ext color: black, int color: gray. Stk exterior color, tan leather interior. mt color: tan Stk #B29 VN #MU4it ,21? miles Low air bags Stk #805. VN #NY #858 VN #PY619305, VN #PC Stk, # miles #BY ,675 mi., miles $14,995 $17,995 $23,995 *26,995 s26,995 F YOU DON'T S E E T H ER E...C A LL THS AD S A COUPON AND MUST BE PRESENTED AT TME OF SALE. PRCES NCLUDE ALL COSTS EXCEPT TAX, LCENSE & REGSTRATON FEES.

65 THE NDEPENDENT, OCTOBER 26, W E PAY $ $ $ $ FOR U SED C A R S C A LL TOM S FORD ALL VEHCLES ADVERTSED ON THS PAGE ARE ON DSPLAY AT TOM S FORD, ALL VEHCLES ARE WARRANTEED (UNLESS OTHERWSE NOTED) WTH THE BALANCE OF ANY FACTORY WARRANTY OR A 30 DAY MLE POWER TRAN WARRANTY. THESE VEHCLES MAY BE SEEN AND TEST DRVEN AT TOM S FORD. 200 HWY. 35 OFF PARKWAY EXT 117, KEYPORT. PHONE NQURES WLL BE TAKEN AT OR C ARS G R E A T B U Y! 1991 FO RD MUSTANG 4 c y l, auto trans P/S, P/B, A/C, console, buckets, AM/FM stereo cass., T.G, cloth int. Stk, 0U4642. VN #MF miles * 7, A LTTLE LUXURY! 1989 LN CO LN CO N TN EN TA L V-6, auto trans, P/S, P/B, A/C, P/L, P/W, P/seats, tilt/cruise, AM/FM stereo cass, T.G. Stk. #T6544A VN WKY miles. 8, FAMLY WAGON 1993 FORD ESCORT WAGON 4 c y t, 5 spd man trans, P/S, P/B, A/C, AM/FM stereo cass., T.G. Stk #N6544A. VN#PW miles * 7, SPORTY! 1989 TO YO TA C E L C A 6 c y t, 5 spd man. trans, P/S, P/B, A/C, P/L, P/W, tilt whl., console, AM/FM stereo cass Stk. #N6591A. VN #K ,125 miles * 6, ALMOST NEW! 1993 PO N TAC GRAN D AM 4 cyl., auto trans., P/S, P/B, A/C, P/L, P/W, tilt whl. Stk. #N6659A. 33,640 miles * 1 0, ECONOMY! 1988 DODGE A R ES 4 c y l, auto trans., P/S, P/B, A/C, AM/FM stereo Stk. #T6569B VN #JC mites. 2, TURBO! S A A B cyt., auto trans. w/od., P/S, P/B, A/C P/L, P/W, console, AM/FM stereo cass. P/sunroof. T.G, turbo. Stk. #N6647A. VN #J miles. * 7, FUN TO DRVE! 1991 C H E V Y CA V A LER Z-24 V-6, auto trans., P/S, P/B, A/C, P/L, P/W, tilt/ciuise, console, AM/FM stereo cass T.G Stk #T6696B. VtN #M ,564 miles * 8, EXCTEMENT! 1992 FORD TAURUS S.H.O. V-6, 5 spd man. trans. P/S, P/B, A/C P/L, PAW. P/seats, tilt/cruise console, AM/FM stereo cass T.G., CD player. Stk #N6522A VtN #NA ,893 miles * 1 4, SMOOTH RDNG! 1992 FORD P R O B E GT 4 cyl., auto trans w/od.. P/S, P/B, A/C, tilt/cruise, console. AM/FM stereo cass, T.G. Stk. #6321A. V(N #N ,192 miles. * 1 0, GREAT LOOKNG! 1993 N SSAN ALTM A G X E 4 cyl., 5 spd man. trans., P/S, P/B, A/C, P/L, P/W, cruise, AM/FM stereo cass., T.G. Stk #N8058AA VN #PC ,144 miles *1 2, CHECK T OUT! VOLKSWAGEN JE T T A 4 cyt., 5 spd. man trans., P/S, P/B, A/C, AM/FM stereo cass., T.G. Stk. #T6769A VN #RM ,402 *5. * 1 3, DRVNG PLEASURE! 1992 FO RD CROWN V C T O R A V-8, auto trans., P/S, P/B, A/C, P/L, P/W, P/seats, tilt/cruise, AM/FM stereo cass., T.G Stk. #U5128. VN #RM ,413 miles. *1 3, HOT LOOKS! 1994 HONDA CVC DEL SOL 4 cyl., V-tech engine, 5 spd. man. trans.. P/S, P/B, A/C, P/L, P/W. tilt/cruise, console, AM/FM stereo cass. Stk #T6775B VN #RS ,492 miles. * 1 5, ALWAYS A FAVORTE! 1994 HONDA A CCO RD LX 4 cyl., 5 spd man. trans., P/S, P/B, A/C. * r'"., P/L, Pm, Mt/cruise, AM/FM stereo cass., T.G. Stk. #T6783A * 1 5, GOOD LOOKNG! 1987 B U C K REGAL GRAND NATONAL V-6, auto trans., P/L, P/W, A/C. tilt/cruise, console. AM/FM stereo cass.. T.G. Stk WT6701AA VN #HP miles. * 9, FAMLY WHEELS! 1993 FORD TEM PO G L 4 cyl.. auto trans P/S, PB, A/C, AM/FM stereo cass., T.G. Stk. KN8129A VN «PK ,167 miles. * 8, GO TO TOWN! 1993 LNCOLN TOWN CAR SG N A TU R E V-8, aiuto trans. w/od. P/S P/B, A/C, P/L, P/W, P/seats,, ult/cruise, alloy whls., AM/FM stereo cass P/sunroof, T.G., eather int, dual an bags. Stk. *N81^3A. VN #PY75b509 17,243 miles. * 2 5, GET MOVN! 1991 DODGE S P R T juto trans. w/od., P/S, P/B, A/C, 6 cyl., P/L, P W AM/FM stereo cass, CD T.G. VN #MF ,491 * 7, GREAT ON GAS! 1990 B U C K SKYLARK 4 DR 4 cyl., Auto trans., P/S, P/B, A/C, console, txickets, AM/FM stereo, T.G. Stk. #N815^A. VN #LM ,033 * 5, SUPERCOUPE! 1990 FO RD THUNDERBRD SUPER COUPE i cyl, > spd man trans., P/S, P/B, VC, P L. P/W, tilt/cruise, console, \M/FM itereo cass., P/sunroof, leather fit. VN (LH ,571 miles. * 9, CRCLE THE WAGONS! 1989 FO RD TA U R U S WAGON V-6, auti trans.. w/od. P/S, P/B, A/C, P/L, P/W, P/seats, AM/FM stereo cass., qloth int. Stk #N6123. VtN #KA ,218 miles. * 6, CHEAP TO KEEP! 1989 FO RD E S C O R T LX 4 c y l, adto trans., P/S, P/B, A/C, buckets, AM/FM stereo cass., T.G. Stk. #U6688^j VN #KW ,118 miles, i * 4, OCKET! 8 N SSAN 300ZX V-6, auto trans., P/S, P/B, A/C, P/L, P/W, tilt/fcruise, console, alloy whls, AM/FM (stereo cass., T-tops Stk #N5113Ap. VN #JX miles $6, GREAT 1ST CAR! 1987 C H EV Y CAM ARO V-6. auto trans. w/od., P/S, P/B, A/C, P/L, PAiM, tilt/cruise, AM/FM stereo cass., TG, Stk. #N8120A VN #HN1019f8 60,926 miles. * 3, COOL CAT! 1985 JA G U A R X J6 6 cyl autp trans., P/S, P/B. A/C, P/L, P/W, MVcipse, console, AM/FM stereo cass, P/sunroof, TG. Stk. #T6448B. VN #FC4* ,384 miles * 5, T R U C K S / V A N S GREAT FND! 1990 NSSAN P C K U P 4 cyl,, 5 spd man. trans., AM/FM stereo cass., T.G. Stk. #T6844A VN #LC ,780 miles. * 4, RELABLE! 1990 MAZDA MPV V-6. auto trans. w/od, P/L, P/W, tilt/cruise. AM/FM stereo cass., T.G., r. wiper. Stk. WT6653A VN #L W.108 miles * 1 0, A FAVORTE! 1992 FORD F-250 P C K U P V-8, 5 spd nan, trans., P/S, P/B, A/C, AM/FM stereo, T.G. Stk. «T6357A. VN #NNA miles. *1 2, WHEEL DRVE! 1986 FORD BRONCO 4X4 V-6, 4 spd. trans, P/S, P'B, A/C. AM/FM stereo. TG Stk #T6809A VN GLA ,450 mites * 5, FAMLY VAN! 1991 TO YO TA P R EV A MNVAN 4 c y l, auto trans., P/S P'B AC, P/L, P/W, tilt/cruise, AM/FM stereo cass., T.G Stk. #T6208A. VN #Ml0039?fi. 31,737 miles. * 1 5, GOOD LOOKNG 4X FORD F-150 4X4 XLT V-8. auto trans., P/S, P/B, A/C, PAV. tilt/cruise. AM/FM stereo cass., TG. 4x4. Stk. #T6854T. VN #RNA miles. * 1 9, DRVE T AWAY! 1993 FORD F-150 X L V-6, 5 spd. man. trans., P/S, P/B, A/C, AM/FM stereo cass. Stk #T6392A. VN BPNA ,779 miles. * 1 1, NCE PRCE! 1993 FORD F-150 P C K U P 6 cyl., 5 spd. man trans., A/C, AM/FM stereo cass, T.G Stk #T6784A VN #PNA miles $ 1 1, YOUR FAVORTE! 1991 FORD E X P L O R E R V-6, auto trans, P/S, P/B. tilt/cruise, roof rack, console, AM/FM stereo cass.. T.G., 4x4, two-tone paint. Stk. #T6793A. VN #MUA ,212 miles. $ 1 5, TAKE A RDE! 1993 FORD F-150 P C K U P 6 cyl., auto trans P/S, P/B. A/C, AM/FM stereo cass., T.G. Stk # T8141A VN #PNA39687, 28,142 miles. * 1 3, OWN T! 1994 GMC SONOMA P C K U P 4 cyt., 5 spd man trans, P/S, P/B, tilt w h l. AM/FM stereo. VN #RK ,361 miles. $ i 9, CONVERSON VAN! 1989 FORD E-150 CONVERSON VAN V-8. auto trans w/od, P S^P/B, P/L. P/W, tilt/cruise, alloy whls. AM/FM stereo cass., T.G. TV. running boards, convertible bed. Stk. #T6377A. VN #KHA ,432 mites. * 1 1, M o n m o u t h c o u n t y ' s L a r g e s t F o r d e a r & T r u c k i n v e n t o r y ptfjs M o n m o u th c o u n ty -* M t u s e d C a r to ia c tto n O n r n Usad Cara A lw a y s in s to c k! P ra m L o w P ric e t o L u xury- S p o rty Cor* To w o r k T w i n W E H A V E T H E M A L U M F o rd O N H frnsn i A w a rd R e c ip ie n t A w a rd W in n in g S ervic e D e p a rtm e n t O ve r D Low M ile a g e Pre-Owned 'S is n S to ck Nobody Beats Tom 's Pords Deals! GO ANYWHERE! 1990 FORD F-150 SUPERCAB PCKUP V-8, auto trans. w/od., P/S, P/B, A/C, E lse. >RD P/L, P/W, tilt/cruise, AM/FM stereo cass Stk. #N8131A VN 0LKA H w y 35 K Y P O R T miles K e y p o r t * 1 3, thefordstore that gives you more? LOWER PRCES HUGE SELECTON HGH TRADE N ALLOWANCES TlteWonl * o u f ll,t OnTba in n [{ j E tw y Us- W M ck.. Street Parkway Exit 117 On Hwy. 35 n Keyport LO W M L E S! 1993 HONDA ACCORD 4 cyl auto trans, P/S, P/B, P/L, P/W tilt/cruisq, AM/FM stereo cass.. T.G. Stk #T68 VN #PA miles. * 1 4, R EA L SPORTY! 1988 N SSAN 200SX 4 cyt., auto trans w/od. P/S P/B, A/C P/L, P/W, Mciuise, AM/FM stereo cass, Stk. #N6644A VN KJW ,408 miles. * 5, FAMLY WHEELS! 1992 FO RD TA U R U S V-6 auto rans w/od., P/S, P/B A/C, P/L, P/W, P/seats, tilt/cruise, AM/FM stereo ca: s, T.G. Stk. #U4471 VN #NA miles * 9, HWY. 35 (Plcwy exit 117) Keyport, N.J. (908)

66 6 6 'OCTOBER 26, 1994, THE NDEPENDENT w & Greater Media Newspapers a'v * : p lu s o n e u tin n iffl Min a $ 1 0, * c a r o r W i n 3 9 rt# the v e h ic le o f your c h o ic e fr toward the purch ase Deposit the entry form (at right) at any dealers listed below or mail the form to Win A Car Contest, Greater Media Newspapers, 25 Kilmer Drive, PO Box 423, Morganville, NJ Entry coupons will appear each week, for 15 weeks, in all of Greater Media Newspapers' Transcript, Sentinel, Suburban, The Examiner, Middletown ndependent, Bayshore ndependent, Monroe Sentinel, North Brunswick Sentinel, and South Brunswick Sentinel. The Grand Prize WNNER S NAME will be drawn on November 16th and announced on November 23rd. No Purchase Necessary. ONLY ONE Grand Prize will be Awarded. Hurry to your favorite participating dealer and drop off your coupon! Enter as often as you like. a p p ly ^ 0, " ( in n dealers. -. U HiflV DC from one O f. h e p a l p a t i n g d e a e - G r e a te r M e d ia N e w s p a p e r s W in A C a r C o n t e s t R e g is t r a t io n F o r m Name- Address Phone Contest Rules: No purchase necessary. All employees of Greater Media and participating automotive dealerships, their ad agencies and their immediate families are not eligible to participate in this contest. You must be 18 years or older to enter. 'All taxes must be paid by the grand prize winner. Do you plan to purchase or lease a vehicle in the next 12 months? J New Ca' O es NO Minivan What make vehicle are you interested in? Used Truck About how much do you plan to spend? under $10,000 $15,000-20,000 10,000-15,000 Over $20,000 STOP N TO ONE OF THESE PARTCPATNG DEALERS AND DROP YOUR ENTRY FORM N TO WN! A U T O P L E X t a, E agle C h ry s le r P lym o u th 400 Rt. 18, E. B ru n sw ick D U H L E R C h ry s le r* P lym o u th Rt. 35, (Pky. exit 117) Hazlet F R Y S T O C K je e p E agle 1305 St. George Ave., Colonia/W oodbridge A L L A M E R C A N C H E V R O L E T 1255 Route 35, M id dletow n L A F F N C h e v ro le t O lds Geo M ain & W a te r St., So. R iv e r S A N S O N E L A R S O N F O R D "Since 1956 Rt. 6 6 Auto Galleria, Neptune Rt. 8 8, Lakewood S O U T H R V E R D O D G E 164 P rospect St., So. R ive r P N E B E L T N S S A N 370 Broad St., K eyp ort W O O D B R D G E D O D G E Truck & RV Center 450 King George Rd., Woodbridge R A S S A S P O N T A C 395 Broad St., Red Bank A C A D E M Y H O N D A 1101 Route 9. Old B ridge T O M S F O R D 200 Hwy. 35, Keyport A C M E N S S A N 2050 Route 130, So. B ru nsw ick S A T U R N O F F R E E H O L D 4039 Rt. 9, Freehold T A R Z Y B U C K P O N T A C 1120 Route 18, East B ru nsw ick W H E L A N P O N T A C Buick GMC Trucks Rt. 9 & Craig Rd., Freehold R Y A N O L D S M O D L E A U R O R A 260 Am boy Avenue, M etuchen F U T U R E C H E V R O L E T Geo Rt. 34, (At So,. Atlantic Ave.) Aberdeen O A S S F O R D Route 9 S outh at Hwy. 18,Old Bridge M A L O U F B u ic k P o n tia c GM C T ru c k RT. 1, N orth B ru nsw ick M A R L B O R O C H R Y S L E R P L Y M O U T H 42 North Main St., (Rt. 9) Marlboro D U H L E R Dodge 131 East Newman Springs Rd., Redbank S T R A U B L N C O L N * M E R C U R Y 400 Route 35, Keyport M A L O U F L in c o ln M e rc u ry H yund ai RT. 1, N o rth B ru n sw ick S T R A U B B U C K J E E P E A G L E 400 Route 35, Keyport M A L O U F Ford Ford T ru c ks RT. 1, N o rth B ru nsw ick R E M S E N D O D G E Route 35 & H olm del Rd., Hazlet

67 f f J L f C D f f T f l i f c D C U CHEVROLET'S , O V E R B O O K V A L U E 0 R Y O U R T R A D E ] T H S W E E K! " B TRE lrldeperdenttoctober 26, ' T CHEVROLET S-10 PCK-UP LS New 95 Fleetside LS pick-up, 2.2L, 4-Cyl, 5-spd Manual Transmission, A/c, AM/FM Stereo/cassette, Etc. Stk #9-S. VlN #SK Just make 36 Lease Pymn'ts of $176 per mo. TOTAL OF PAYMENTS NCLUDNG NTEREST: MSRP *13,774 $8331 * Per MO! CHEVROLET CAPRCE CLASSC New 95 Caprice classic 4-Dr Sedan, 4-spd Automatic Transmission, 4.3L. V-8. 4-dr, p/steering. P/Brakes, P/Seats, P/wlndows, P/Mlrrors. Cruise, R/Defogger, Aluminum whls W/Locks, Etc. stk *193-S. VN #SR Just make 36 Lease Pymn'ts of $372 per mo. TOTAL OF PAYMENTS NCLUDNG NTEREST: MSRP *22,703 *15,387 Per * MO! A L L N E W 9 5 s O N S A L E! C H E V R O L E T V A N New '95 Chevrolet Van, 4.3L, V-6, 4-Speed Automatic Transmission w/od, Front Bucket Seats. Fixed glass rear and Side doors, Cray custom vinyl trim, Etc. Stk #167-S. VN #SF Just make 36 Lease pymn'ts of $226 per mo. TOTAL OF PAYMENTS NCLUDNG NTEREST: MSRP *17,703 *10,131 * Per MO! L U M N A S E D A N New '95 Lumina Sedan. 3.1L, v-6, 4-Speed Automatic Transmission, P/Brakes, Electric Rear Defogger, Radial Tires, Etc. Stk #207-S. v in #S , ju s t make 36 Lease Pymn'ts of $230 per mo. TOTAL OF PAYMENTS NCLUDNG NTEREST. MSRP *16,159 *10,275 Per MO! * C A M A R O C O U P E New '95 camaro 2-Dr Coupe, 3.4L. V6 Engine, 4- Speea Automatic Trans, A/c Bucket Seats, Elec Speed control, etc., stk #4735. v in S Just make 36 Lease pymnts of $209 per mo. TOTAL OF PAYMENTS NCLUDNG NTEREST: MSRP *17,374 ^ ^ * * Per Mo! U CHEVROLET MONTE CARLO LS COUPE New '95 Monte Carlo LS Coupe, 3.1L, v-6, 4-Spd Automatic Transmission, Reclining cloth Bucket Seats, Radial Tires, R/Defogger, Etc. Stk #201-S. v in #S91370S8. Just make 36 Lease Pymn'ts of $267 per mo TOTAL OF PAYMENTS NCLUDNG NTEREST, MSRP *17,893 *11,607 'P e r * MO! C O R V E T T E C O U P E New '95 Corvette 6-Passenger, 5.7L, 4-Speed Automatic Trans w/overdrive, a m /fm Stereo/Cassette, A/C. P/Seats, Etc., Stk #2545. VN S Just make 36 Lease Pymn'ts of $455 per mo. [ TOTAL OF PAYMENTS NCLUDNG NTEREST: MSRP *40,704 $18,375 sa s s 'P e r Mo! G E O 9 5 P R Z M New 95 Ceo Prizm, Automatic Transmission, Air Conditioning, Rear Def., a m / f m cassette, int. Wipers, Mats, Pwr. Steering, Etc. VN #SZ000673, Just make 361 Lease pymn'ts of $232 per mo. TOTAL OF PAYMENTS NCLUDNG NTEREST: MSRP *14,552 *10,347 * i Per Mo! a W E " B E A T T H E B O O K " < P S ; B Y A T L E A S T... For instance... O u r p ric e s a re w a y b e lo w th e K E L L Y B L U E B O O K! a9 3 P O N T A C Sunbird SE, Coupe, 2-Door, 2.0L, Auto Trans, 4- Cylinder Engine, P/Windows/Locks, Tinted Glass, A/C, ABS Brakes, stk. # v in P ,383 mi. $ s i a, s o o 93 C H E V Y Cavalier RS, 4-Door, 2.2L, Auto Trans, 4- Cyllnder Engine, abs Brakes, P/Locks, am/fm stereo/cassette. Tilt Wheel, Cruise Control, Tinted Class, R/Window Defrost, Stk. # VN P ,445 mi. gg *9,925 T 93 BUCK CENTURY CUSTOM Auto, 6 cyl, am/fm/cass/st, tilt, cru, a/c 93 BUCK REGAL 2 dr, auto, 3.8L 6 cyl, am/fm/cass/st, p/lks, tift, cru, a/c BS CADLLAC COUPE DEVLLE 2 dr. artvfm/cass/st pfa/fcs, tttt, cm, a/c, auto dim cb '90 CHEVY ASTRO VAN Auto, 6 cyl, am/fm/cass/st, p/w, cru, tint. gts. a/c, TV 93 CHEVY BEAUVLLE VAN Auto, 8 cyl, amlm/eass/st, pto/tts. bit. cru, tint. a<c, ASS 93 CHEVY CAMARO <dr, auto, 6 cyl, am/fm/cass/st, low mileage, tilt, a/c, ABS '94 CHEVY CAPRCE. 43r aulo, 8 cyumivn*, p«s/w^/bte/lts,cru5rsjfnvbspass. 93 CHEVY CAVALER 4 dr, auto, 4 cyl, am/fm/cass/st p/lks/brks, tint, a/c 86 CHEVY CELEBRTY 4 dr, auto, 4 cyl, am/fm/cass/st tint,, a/c, p/b rte '94 CHEVY CORSCA 4 dr, auto, 6 cyl, am/fm/cass/st t*. cru, a/c, (Vbtks, SRS, ABS 90 CHEVY CORVETTE 2 dr, auto w/od, 8 cyl, am/lm/disc/cass, tilt cru, a/c, SRS, ABS 93 CHEVY LUMNA 2 dr, auto, 6 cyl, am/fm/cass/st, tilt, cru, a/c. ABS '92 CHEVY LUMNA VAN auto, 6 cyl, am/fm/cass/st, tilt cru, a/c, p/brk 92 CHEVY LpMNA 4 dr, auto, 6 cyl, am/fm/cass/st, tilt, cru, a/c, ABS 89 CHEVY BLAZER 4X4 4WD, 6 cyt, am/fm/cass/equal, tilt, cru, a/c. p/b 92 CHEVY S*10 TRK Auto, 6 cyl, am/fm/cass/st, tilt, era a/c. p/brte 93 CHEVY 1500 TRK Auto, 6 cyf, am/tm/st a/c, p/brics 90 DODGE DAKOTA TRK 5 sp man, 4 cyl, am/fm/cass/st, p/brks 92 DODGE CARAVAN VAN Auto 2.5L, 4 cyl, am/fm/st, a/c, p/brks. SRS 91 DOOGE RAM VAN Auto, 8 cyt, am/lm/cass/st, a/c, p/brks 93 FORD TEMPO 4 dr, auto, 4 cyl, am/fm/cass/st, a/c, FSH, p/brks 93 FORD BRONCO 4X4 4WD, 8 cyf, am/fm/cass/st, tilt, cru, a/c, p/brk 93 FORO RANGER TRK 5 spd man, 4 cyl. am/f m/cass/s!. a/c, p/brks 93 FORD F-150 TRK Auto. 6 cyt. am/fm/st. a/c. (ABS) anti k brks 92 FORD THUN0ER8RD Auto. 6 cyi. am/fm/cass/st. tilt, cru, a/c. (FSH), p/b '93 FORD MUSTANG LX 2 dr auto 4 cyl. am/lm/cass/st cru. a/c. p/brks 92 GEO STORM 3 dr, auto, 4 cyl, am/fm/cass/st, a/c, p/brks '93 GEO TRACKER TRK 5 spd man. 4 cyl, am/lm/cass/st, conv, a/c, p/brks 93 GEO PRZM 4 dr, 5 spd man, 4 cyl, am/fm/cass/st, a/c, p/brte, SRS 93 GMC 1500 TRK Auto, 6 cyl, am/fm/cass/st, a/c, p/brks 94 JEEP GRANDCHEROKEE LAREDO 4X4 WGN 4WD, Beyl wmasfeqn.ft,cru, a/c, SRS. ABS '93 HONDA DEL SOL 2 dr, auto, 4 cyl, am/fm/cass/st, tilt, cru, a/c, p/b, SRS 83 HONDA CVC DX 3 dr. 5 spd man, 4 cyl. am/lm/cass/st, a/c, SRS '94 HONDA ACCORO 4 dr, auto, 4 cyl, am/fm/cass/st elec sun rt. tit. cru, a/c, p/b, SRS 92 HONDA PRELUDE 2 dr, auto, 4cyl, am/fm/cass/st. tilt, cru, a/c, p/b, SRS 90 MAZDA MATA 2 dr, 5 spd man, 4 cyl, am/fm/cass/st conv, a/c, p/b, SRS 14 MERCEDES-BENZ 4 dr, auto, 5 cyl, am/fm/cass/st, sunrf, cru, a/c, p/b,iedhr 93 MERCURY VLLAGER VAN auto, 6 cyl, am/fm/cass/st tilt, cru, a/c, ABS 91 MERCURY COUGAR 2 dr, auto, 6 cyl, am/fm/cass/st tilt, cru, a/c, p/bk 91 NSSAN MAXW4A 4dr, auto. 6 cyt am/lnvcass/st i>vs/vithrr. cru. bit, aa:, p/ant ceytess entry 91 NSSAN PCK UP Am/tmfass/st, low mie, tint, bucket seat, dual mirr, slid rr wind 11 NtSSAMPATHRNOBSE4X4 «NDl6qft,«nAiriisfetmoanit. (vwmw, 1 cru, W. a/c, ABS. MWL (3L 93 OLDS CUTLASS CERA S 4 dr, aulo, 6 cyl, am/lm/cass/st p/w/lks, tint, a/c '92 OLDS 88 ROYALE 4 dr, auto, 6 cyl, am/fm/cass/st, p/stsmrmrr, tilt, cru, SRS, CSL '91 OLDS SLHOUETTE VAN Auto, 6 cyl, am/tm/cass/st, p/w/lk$/mirr/brks. cru, tnt, a/c 91OLDS TORONAOOTRQFEQ2ft, auto. anrtiwssb, tfc art tawnit, (WMtstan, lit, cm, i t SW. MS '92 PONTAC GRAND AM SE 2 Or, aulo, 4 cyl aman/cssft lowmile, pwlstairr. #, cru, a/c. ABS '92 PONTAC GRAND AM SE 4 dr, auto, 4 cyt. am/fm/st, p/lks, tilt, tint, ABS. CSL 92 PONTAC BONNEVLLE SE4fr.ii ) 6 cyt am'nv'iasist- nit, 31.»c. SRS. CSL 93 PONTtAC SUNBRD t 2 dr. auto, 4 cyl. amflnvst patea>tte. tmt. a/t 92 PLYMOUTH LASER RS 2 fli, 5 spd man, 4 cyt am/trrv'cass/st tow mie enj tun. arc prtiita '93 PLYMOUTH SUNDANCE 2 dr. auto 4 cyl. am/tm/st. bnt. a/c. p/brte, SRS '93 PLYMOUTH SflAMOVOYAGER VAN Auto 6cyl amam/casssl ML cm. tnl. *'c [M SRS, CSL TOYOTA CAMRY 43r. au*o. 4 cyl. amwcass/st. Km maes 'rtrtsmir/b. ft cn. ifc. CSL MANY. MANY MORE! A T W O W A Y CREDT O K ^ Either apply in person or we'll OK your credit by phone! BANKRUPTCY-NEW TO AREA RECENT GRAD *NEW JOB DVORCE»N0 PROR CREDT OTHER CREDT PROBLEM? We enjoy saying YES! Call Mr. Harris any dav or Sunday 'til loom P N E B E L T L ( ) J Pay a to ll and y o u 'll d rive a bargain. GEO SUBARU -OLDSM OBLE R o u t e 8 8, L A K E W O O D P a rkw a y E x its 90N and 91S [908) Prices incld. all costs to be paid by consumer, except licensing, reg. & tax. *Offer in lieu of discounts" and/or rebates and is applied off purchase of new in-stock vehicles. *$1000 over Galves book wholesale value, less any deduct, for mileage &/or damage. Pym ts computed for 36 mo. closed-end leases. &1995 Cap cost reduction, 36,000 miles, tjem 100 mi. No purch. required. Residuals: Caprice $9535, Lumina $8403, Monte Carlo $8946, S-10 P/U $7440, Van $9560, Camaro $9768, corvette $22,037, Prizm $7,371.1 mo. pymnt & sec. d/p at inception, lessee resp. for normal maint. & repairs (if any). Subject to primary lenders approval. This ad supercedes all prev. offers, is a coupon & must be presented at time of purchase. Not resp. for typographical errors. Ad offers may not be combined. Hurry, don't miss this Sale!

68 6 8 OCTOBER 26, 1994, THE NDEPENDENT Y O U R S E A R C H..!...H A S E N D E D! COMMTTED TO CONTNUNG OUR 33 YEAR TRADTON OF VALUE PRCNG, VEHCLE SELECTON AND CUSTOM ER SATSFACTON... BECAUSE W E NEVER FORGET YOU HAVE A CHOCE! BRNG US YOUR BEST "ONE PRCE"... W E 'L BEAT T BY HUNDREDS! 3.8L, 6-cyl, auto tran, a/c, p/s, p/b, r-def, tnt glass, am/fm stereo/cass/clock, STK# 52015, VN# BA97492, MSRP $21,205 $ 1 7,9 9 5 * S A V E U P T O 3.0L,6-cyl, auto tran, a/c, p/b, p/mirr, tilt, tnt glass, r-def, am/fm stereo/cassette, STK# 51963, VN# SA102951, MSRP $18,425 $ 1 5,5 2 8 * S A V E U P T O FORD WMPSTAR $ 3,2 1 0 FORD TAURUS CL $ 2, ,9L, 4-cyl, 5-spd, man tran a/c, p/s, r-def, sport whls. am/fm stereo/cassette, STK# 41636, VN# RW277875, * MSRP $12,590 $ 9,4 7 5 * S A V E U P T O 4 9L, 6-cyl, 5-spd man tran, tnt glass, am/fm stereo w/dock, STK# 41387, VN# RNB29342, MSRP $14,496 $ 1 0,9 9 5 * S A V E U P T O FORD ESCORT LX $3,115 FORD F-1SO 4x2 $3, L, 4-cyl, 5-spd, man tran, p/s, p/b, tnt glass, am/fm stereo/clock, STK# 44547, VN# RTA41284, MSRP $10,930 $ 8,9 9 5 * S A V E U P T O 4.6L,8-cyl, auto tran, a/c, p/s, (Vb, tilt, p/wind p/lcks, cruise, r-def, am/fm stereo w/cassette. STK# 44390, VN# RX144920, MSRP $21,950 $ 1 6,9 9 5 * S A V E U P T O FORD RANGER 4x2 $ 1,9 3 5 FORD CROWN VC $ 4,9 9 5 A T S P E C T A C U L A R P R C E S A T S P E C T A C U L A R P R C E S T H S S O N L Y A P A R T A L L S T N G. W E H A V E O V E R 1 0 O U S E D V E H C L E S T O C H O O S E F R O M! 92* C h e v y L u m in a 8 8 ' A c u r a n t e g r a 9 1 ' T o y o t a 9 1 F o r d T a u r u s 9 1 ' F o r d E x p l o r e r 9 4 F o r d C h e v y 9 2 ' C h e v y B l a z e r 6-cyl. auto (ran. a/c p/s. p/b. tilt, L S p/wind, p/lcks. p/trunk rel, 4-cyl, auto tran. a/c, p/s. p/b, C o r o ll a D L X 6-cyl. auto tran. a/c, p/s. X L T 4 x 4 E x p l o r e r tilt, p/mirr, p/wind, p/lcks, 4-cyl. auto tran, a/c, p/s, p/b, p/b. tilt, p/mirr. p/wind, 6-cyl. auto tran. a/c, p/s, p/b, 6-cyl. auto tran, a/c. p/s. p/b. C T a h o e 4 x 4 cruise, r-def. cassette. 22,477 p/trunk rel, cruise, cassette. lilt, p/wind, p/lcks. cruise, r-def. p/lcks, p/ant. p/trunk rel. tilt, p/mirr, p/wind, p/lcks, tilt, p/mirr. p/wind, p/lcks, 6-cyl, 5-spd, man tran, a/c. 6-cyl. auto tran. a/c, p/s. p/trunk rel. cruise, r-def. tnt p/trunk rel. cruise, r-def, p/s. p/b. tilt, cruise, tnt p/b. till, p/rnirr, p/wind, r/def 44,901 mi, tnt glass, cassette mi. glass, sport whls, cassette. tnt-glass, sport whls. glass, cassette. 39,549 mi. p/lcks. p/trunk rel, cruise. mt, VN# , STK# ,015 mi. VN#A29379 cassette, mi. VN# VN# MZ219429, r-def. tnt Qlass. leather, cassette mi, VlN# $ 9, ' F o r d T - B ird T u r b o C o u p * 4-cyl. 5-spdx man tran, a/c, p/s, p/b. tilt, p/mirr, p/wind, p/seats, p/lcks, p/trunk rel. cruise, r-del. nt glass, sport whls, cassette. 53,482 mt VN# JH STK# 5453B $ 8, ' F o r d T a u r u s L X 6-cyl. auto tran, a/c. p/s, p/b. till..p/mirr. p/wind, p/seats, p/lcks, p/ant, p/trunk rei. cruise, r-def. sunroof, sport wnls. cassette ^ mi. $ 1 1, * P o n t i a c G r a n d P r i x S E 6-cyl, auto tran, a/c. p/s, p/b. tilt, p/mirr. p/wind, p/seats p/lcks. p/trunk rel. cruise, r-def, sport whls. cassette, 22,181 mi, VN# , STK# 5302 $ 1 2, M e r c u r y S a b l e L S 6 -cyl. auto tran. a/c, p/s, p/rtiirr, p/wind, p/seats, p/lcks, p/ant p/trunk rel. cruise, r-def. tnt glass, sport whls, cassette, 55.B O 3 m i, Vlhj# 62640(J0. STK# 5383 $ 8, VN# JS000541, STK# $ 7, ' F o r d E s c o r t L X 4-cyl, auto tran. a/c, p/s, p/b. p/trunk rel, cruise r-def. tnt glass, am/fm stereo mi. VN# STK# 5362 $ 8, ' M e r c. S a b le L S W a g o n 6-cyl, auto tran. a/c, p/s, p/b. tilt, p/mirr. p/wind, p/seats, p/lcks. p/ant. p/trunk ref, cruise, r-def, cassette. 30.4Q7 mi, VN# MA644&58. STK# 6510 $ 1 1, ' T o y o t a C o r o lla D X 4-cyl. 5-spd. man tran, a/c. p/s, p/b, parunk rel. r-del cassette. 48,758 ml. VN# STK# 44186C $ 5, * T o y o t a C a m r y 6-cyl. auto tran. a/c. p/s. p/b, tilt, cruise, r-def. tnt glass, cassette. 36,355 mi, VN# STK# 5370 $ 1 3, VN# STK# 5278 $ 8, ' F o r d T e m p o Q L 6 -cyi. auto ran. a/c. p/s, p/b. tilt, p/mirr. p/wlnd. p/lcks. p/trunk rel, cruise, r-def, cassette, mi. VN# STK# 44262C $ 5, ' F o r d T h u n d e r b i r d 8-cyl. auto tran. a/c p/s. p/b, tilt, p/mirr p/seats p/lcks, cruise, r-def, tnt glass, am/fm ster/cassette, mi, VN# STK# 5468 $ 1 2, ' B u i c k R e g a l L T D 6p5 '." 'p/ml": p/seats, p/lcks, p/ant. p/trunk rel. cruise, r-def. sport whls. leather, VN# l^?4^l92l45. S^K#'^2 17 $ 8, * F o r d M u s t a n g L X C o n v. 4-cyl. auto tran, a/c, p/s. p/b. tilt, p/mirr, p/wind, p/lcks. p/irunk rel, cruise, cassette mi, VN# KF STK# 42264D $ 6, cruise, r-def. cassette, mi. VN# , STK# 5270 $ 9, ' F o r d T e m p o Q L 4-cyl, auto ran, a/c, p/s. p/b. p/ stereo mi. VN# STK# 5355 $ 1 0, ' F o r d P r o b e O T 6-cyl. man tran. a/c, p/mirr. p/wind, p/seats, p/lcks. cruise, r-def, tnt glass, cassette. 64,945 mi. VN# , STK# 5295 $ 7, ' F o r d T a u r u s L X 6-cyl, auto tran. a/c. p/s. p/b, tilt, p/mirr p/wind, p/lcks, p/ant, p/trunk rel, cruise, r-def, CaiS4S1e7 ^ 4 lt6k85,'? ^ ^ # $ 6, ' F o r d M u s t a n g L X C o n v. p/lcks, p/trunk rel\ cruise, cassette mi. VN# 17269i3, STK# 5144 $ 1 6, STK# 5427 $ 1 8, F o r d R a n g e r 4-cyl. 5-spd, man tran, a/c. p/s, p/b, sport whls. stereo mi. VN# A45188, STK#5423C $ 7, ' F o r d F - 1 S O 6 -cyl. 5-spd. man tran, a/c, p/s, p/b. cassette mi. VN# A STK#5496B $ 1 2, ' F o r d R a n g e r X L T 4-cyl. auto tran, a/c. p/s. p/b, stereo,34,895 mi. VN# A66522, STK# $ 9, ' F o r d R a n g e r S u p e r C a b S T X 6-cyl. auto tran. a/c. p/s. p/b. tilt, p/ whls, cassette. 25,824 mi. VN# PTA STK# 5387 $ 1 5, A1802, 6TK# 5413 $ 2 4, STK# 5220 $ 1 2, ' F o r d E 2 S O 9 1 F o r d A e r o s t a r C a r g o E X T 6-cyl. auto tran. a/c, p/s, p/b, 8-cyl. auto tran, a/c, p/s, tilt, p/mirr. p/wind, p/lcks, p/trunk rel, cruise, p/b. 30,631 mi. VN# tnt glass, r-def, am/fm PHA44289, STK#5451 stereo/cass. 16,445 mi. VN# A STK# 41536C $ 1 6, $ 1 3, * F o r d R a n g e r 9 0 ' P l y m o u t h X L T 4 x 4 V o y a g e r L E 6-cyl, 5-spd man tran. 6-cyl. auto tran, a/c. p/b. tilt, a/c, p/s, p/b. p/mirr. p/mirr. p/wind, p/lcks, cruise, p/wind, p/lcks. cruise, sport wnls. cassette, tnt glass, r-def, cassette, mi. VN# NVA mi, VN# , STK# C STK# 5485 $ 1 2, $ 1 0, * F o r d A e r o s t a r C a r g o 6-cyl, auto tran. a/c. p/s, p/b, tilt, cruise, tnt glass, am/fm stereo. 44,210 mi, VN# A STK# 5481 $ 9, ' J e e p G r a n d W a g o n e e r 4 x 4 8-cyl, auto tran. a/c. p/s. p/b. tift. p/mirr, p/wind, p/lcks, p/trunk rel. cruise, r-del, cassette mi. VN# , STK# 5190C $ 1 4, ' F o r d B r o n c o B a u e r 8-cyl. auto tran. a/c. p/s, p/b, tilt, p/mirr, p/wind. p/seats, p/lcks. p/trunk rel, cruise, tnt glass, r-def, am/fm stereo/cass mi. VN# LLA STK# 5543 $ 1 5, ' F o r d R a n g e r X L T 4 x 4 6-cyl. auto tran, a/c. p/s, p/b. tilt, cruise, sport whls, am/fm stereo/cass, 40,092 mi, VN# NTA23564, STK# 5536 $ 1 6, , STK# 5 j37 $ 1 9, ' D o d g e C a r a v a n 6-cyt. auto tran, a/c. p/s. p/b. tilt, p/wind, p/lcks. cruise, r-def, int glass, cassette mi. VN# STK# 5298 $ 1 3, * F o r d F T u - T o n e 8-cyl. auto tran. a/c. p/s, p/b. tilt, cruise, p/mirr. p/wind, p/lcks, cassette, mi. VN# MKA STK#5394 $ 1 4, ' F o r d R a n g e r 6-cyl. auto tran. p/s, p/b. tilt, cruise, tnt glass, stereo ml. VN# A STK# 5306 $ 9, ' N is s a n E x t r a C a b 4 x 4 8-cyl, auto tran, a/c, p/s. p/b, tilt, cruise, tnt glass, cassette, mi, VN# STK# 5393 $ 1 7, Prices include manufacturer to consumer rebate. Ford Customer Cash Program. Taurus $500, Crown Victoria $500, Escort $300, Ranger $300, F-150 $300 Commercial Rebate. Cash back of $400 for qualified college graduates with certificate through Ford College Purchaser Program Ad is a coupon and must be presented for specials. Prices are valid for 7 days and include all costs to be paid by a consumer except licencing, registration and tax. O ASS FORD S NOT RESPO NSBLE FOR TYPO S

69 THE NDEPENDENT, O'CTOBEft '2(5, NO NONSENSE P R C N G! NO NEGOTATON E V E R Y V E H C L E C LEA R LY DSPLAYS MSRP, REBATES A N D A L L DSCOUNTS, LEAVN G THE BEST PRC E ONLY! N O H ASSLN G, N O H A G G L N G. Y O U ALWAYS K N O W W H E R E Y O U STAND AT C R C LE! EVERYDAY A SALE EV ERYDAY, E V E R Y V E H C L E S M A R K E D D O W N TO THE LOW EST PRC E POSSBLE! i E V E R Y B O D Y S C E L E B R A T N G C R C L E S O N E L O W P R C E! NON-COMMSSON CONSULTANTS W E D O NOT HAVE C O M M S O N E D SALES P E O P LE O U R CONSULTANTS FOCUS ONLY O N FN D N G THE R G H T C A R FOR Y O U! N e w * 94 H Y U N D A e x c e l s s s a s s a s s New 95 CHEVY S-10 pckup S r S K r 3 - wwa-sa N e w '9 4 C A VA LER Wrts'/Vcruise8rTA3' P/lT P/w/8"9'' a'jt0' 0 /0 trans p/s P/R PONTAC FERO Auto trans, 4 cyl eng, AR, P/B, P/W, P/L, P/S. lift, rr defr, AM/FM w/ cassette, bucket seats, cust ext, cust int, cust whl. Vin #JP ,501 mi. N e w '9 4 C H E V Y Clrcle Dlsc-S1228. Factory Beb-sm S,k *4, 7- i N e w '9 5»H Y U N D A SO N A TA Chevy Convertible 8 cvl ffi M O N M O U T H ' S U S E D C A R C E N T E R 89 SKYHAWK Buick, 4 cyl. eng., auto, trans., P/S, P/B, AR, custom ext., bkts., tinted glass, rr. def., cass. Vin #KJ ,908 mi. 87 CAVALER SW Chevy, P/S, auto trans, 4 cyl eng, AR, P/B, roof ra ck, bucket seats, rr defr, tilt, AM/FM stereo, custom ext. Vin #H ,638 mi. 90 GEO STORM Auto trans., 4cyl. eng., P/S, P/B, AR COND., c u s to m ext., bkts., tinted glass, rear def., cassette. Stk 4800B. Vin #L ,619 mi. _ N e w '9 4 C A M A R O Z 2 8 a s». & S S s a t 2 4, CHEVY CAVALER 4 door, auto tran., AR, P/brakes, P /ste e rin g, P/L, bucket seats, tint, rr defr, AM/FM stereo. Vin #MJ ,635 mi. 91 GEO PRZM Auto trans., 4 cyl. eng., power steering, power brakes, AR COND., bucket seats, tint, rr. defr., AM/FM stereo. Vin #MZ ,592 mi. * * J * * * * CHEVY LUMNA Auto trans., 6 cyl. eng., AR, P/steering. P/brakes, cruise, tint. P/locks, rr. defr., AM/FM cass., tilt. Vin #M ,005 mi. 91 FORD MUSTANG LX Auto trans, 4 cyl eng, AR, P/B, P/S, P/W, P/L, moonroof, bucket seats, ee defr, AM/FM w/ cassette, tilt, cust int, cust ext, cust whl. Vin #MF ,095 mi. 91 BERETTA GT Chevy, 5 spd man trans, 6 cyl eng, AR, P/B, P/S, bucket seats, tint, cruise, tilt, rr defr, AM/FM w/ cassette, cust ext, cust int, cust whl. Vin #ME ,209 mi. 91 ACCORD EX SW Honda, auto trans., 4 cyl. eng., P/S, P/B, AR COND., moon roof, bucket seats, cruise, tint, P/windows, P locks, rr. defr., tilt, AM/FM cass. Vin #MA ,532 mi. 92 S10 BLAZER 4X4 Chevy, 6 cyl. eng., auto, trans., P/S, P/B, AR, roof rack, custom whls., bkts., cruise, tinted glass, P/L, P/W, rear def., cassette, tilt. S tk # Vin #N ,975 mi. 94 K BLAZER 4X4 Chevy, auto trans., EF eng., AR COND., P/S, P/B, roof rack, bkts., cruise, T/G, P/L, P/W, rr. def., cassette, tilt. Stk #4959A. Vin #RJ ,253 mi. * * J * * * * C H E V R O L E T H Y U R D H SAVE M O R E W T H Y O U R GM CA RD. OPENFORSATURDAYSERVCE OPENHOURS FR-SAT9AM-6PM M0N-THUR5 9AM-9PM * J ) ACCELERATED V EARNNGS i / Q / «NETWORKJj J Z q he GM Card / On Parts 4 Service excludes body shop repatn 641 SHREWSBURY AVE SHREWSBURY, NJ C A L L Prices include all costs to be paid by a consumer except for lie., reg., destination charges & taxes.

70 7 0 OCTOBER 26, 1994, THE NDEPENDENT PARKWAY EXT 105 RT. 36 EAST JjjSE MONMOUTH, SHOPPNG $A MALL RT. 35 t NORTH Seacoast Mitsubishi RT. 35 NORTH SDE W. PARK AVE. Pete Sucato M T S U B S H NEW *95 GALANT ES SEDAN DUAL AR BAGS AR CONDTONNG P/WNDOWS/LOCKS AM/FM STEREO CASSETTE TLT WHEEL & CRUSE 4 dr, auto trans, 4 cyl, p/s, p/b, t/gls, r/def, bkt seats,. sport mirrs, all ssn stl bltd rdls. Vin #SE006436, Stock L E A S E #3579. MSRP $19, mo. lease. NOW FOR LEASE FOR C usto m e t^ H Satisfaction ^ Monmouth & Ocean N. Counties \ / / 1 NEW '95 ECLPSE RS SPORT COUPE DUAL AR BAGS AR CONDTONNG AM/FM STEREO CASSETTE *189M O -. 3 d r hatch, 5 sp d m an tra n s, 4 cyl, p/s, p/b, t/g ls, r/det, b k t sts, s p o rt m irrs, a ll s s n s tl b ltd rd ls. V N S E S tk # , M S R P $ 1 5, m o. lease. NEW * GT SPORT COUPE AM/FM STEREO CASSETTE PWR/WNDOWS & LOCKS AR CONDTONNG ALLOY WHEELS 3 dr hatch, 5 spd man trans, 6 cyl, p/s, p/b, t/gls, r/def, bkt sts, spt mirrs, all ssn stl bltd rdls, VN SY000769, Stk #3694, MSRP L E A S E $28, mo. lease. FOR» >...! "......! NEW '94 DAMANTE S SEDAN AR CONDTONNG LEATHER NTEROR AM/FM STEREO CASSETTE 4 dr, auto trans, 6 cyl, p/s, p/b, t/gls, r/def, bkt sts, console, sport mirrs, all ssn stl bltd rdls, alloy whls. VN #RY034699, Stock #3693. MSRP $33, mo. lease. LEASE $ FOR NEW '9 5 MONTERO LS 4 X 4 AUTOMATC TRANSMSSON 4 WHEEL DRVE PWR WNDS/LCKS AR CONDTONNG 6 c y l, p/s, p/b, a m /fm s t/c a s s, t/g ls, r/d e f, t/ w h l, c ru is e, b k t s ts, s p t m ir rs, a ll s s n s tl b ltd rd ls, a llo y m ir rs, Vll\l S J , S tk # , LEASE M S R P $ 2 9, m o. le a se. FOR Where Quality &ProfessionalismCome Standard one m»esouth of Monmouth Man GS Parkway Exit 105 Hwy 35, North Oakhurst Route 35 N Oakhurst M T S U B S H HUGE NVENTORY 87 DODGECOLTVSTA '88 V.W. FOX CL 4 dr, 4 spd man trans, 4 cyl, p/s, p/b, am/fm ster/cass, a/c, rw def. Vin JP Stk #P306A. *3995 Sdr. hatch wagon, auto, trans, 4 cyl, p/s, p/o, am/fm ster, a/c, t/gls, m def. bucket sts, sport mirrs, all season stl bltd rdls, 7 passenger, vin #HZ035217,111,091 mi. WAS-$S7«95.*2,495 86NSSAN 500 ZX Red, 2 dr, 5 spd man trans, 6 cyl, p/s, p/b, am/fm st/cass, pminds/locks/trunk/ant/seats, a/c, rw def t/whl., cruise, gauges, t-tops, alloy whls, VN *CX138057, Stk. #3705A. Only 77,951 a t Clean car, JtlAS $ W S is 5, VWCABROLET Red, convertible, auto, trans, 4 cyl, p/s, p/b, am/fm ster/cass, p/winds,, a/c, cruise, air Dag. Vin LK022868, Stk. #3352B, 61,785 ml. Now is the time to buy! WAS-$tOr '94 MTSUBSH MRAGE Program car, 4 dr, auto, trans, 4 cyl, p/s, p/b, am/fm radio, p/winds/lks, a/c, rw def, VN»RU004580, Stk. JP287, 6103 ml, Balance of factory warranty. 2 others to choose from. WAS-$rV7875 is '9 4 M T S U B S H E X P O LR V Program car, black, auto, trans, 4 cyl, p/s, p/b, am/fm st, p/winds/lks/trunk, air, t/gls, ra def, VN #RZ , Stk. P288, 10,608 mii. Balance of factory. Others to choose from, JK A S^ t4^ F9f * '8 9 PO R S C H E S 2 slate blue, 2 dr., 5-spd man trans, 4 cyl., p/winds/lks/trunk/ant, air, rw def, cruise, leather int., VN ikfo«1960. Stk. J704A, 41,915. Like new nside & out. Sa$ Z 89 MTSUBSH STARON TURBOES Champagne, 2 dr, 5spd man, 4 cyl, p/s, p/b, am/fm st/cass, p/winds/lks/trunk/ant, a/c, rw def, t/whl, cruise, gauges, alloy whls, vin #K , stk. #P300,76,907 mi. *6995 '91 MTSUBSH ECLPSE GS TURBO Champagne, 2 dr, 5 spd man, cyl, p/s, p/b, am/fm ster/cass, p/winds/lks/trunk/ant, a/c, rw def, t/whl, cruise, gaugesw, sport mirrs, alloy wheels, cd player, VN ME Stk. # 3728A, 66,279 mi. ^ WAS-4TO995» 9,995 '90 JEEP CHEROKEE LAREDO white 4 dr, 4 whl drive, auto, w/od, 6 cyl, p/s, p/b, am/fm st/cass, p/winds/lks/seats, a/c, t/gls, cruise, alloy whls, immaculate inside and out. VN #LL121637,71,999 mi. s13,995 '9 0 T O Y O T A 4 R U N N E R S R 5 2 dr, auto, 4-whl drive, 6 cyl, p/s, p/b, am/fm ster/cass, p/w, p/l, a/c, t/gls, rw def, t/whl, cruise, alloy whls, VN L Stk. 3708A, *15,995 '94 MTSUBSH DAMANTE Program car, Danube blue, 4 dr auto, w/od, 6 cyl, p/s, p/b, am/f/m, ster/cass, p/winds/iockst/mmk/ant, a/c, t/glass, rw def, t/whl, cruise. Balance of Factory warranty 2 ottos to choose from, VN W024885,21,813 ml. 8 : 0 0. :Oo 00 M o n - F r i 9 : : 0 0 S a t u r d a y 9 : 0 0 * 6 : 0 0 Prices in this ad include ahcosts to consumer except license, reg.«taxes. Leases req. 1st mo pymt & $495 bank fee& 1month ref. sec. dep. Gatant T 0 P. = $5070 Resid. = $11, T.O.P = $7476 Resid. = $18, Eclipse TO P = $9072 Resid. = $ Montero T.O.P. = $15,078 Resud, = $15,20116 Diamanter T.0.P = $12,564 Resid. = $16, Galant 3000 Montero & Diamante are 10,000 mi. leases Ec lipse is 12,000 mi. Galant & Eclipse have $2 000 C.C.R. All others are $2, ' '

71 PNE BELT NSSAN'S THE NDEPENDENT, OCTOBER 26, r t o o o i OVER BOOK VALUE 0R YOUR TRADE] THS WEEK!"H 4 tm '* A L L N E W 9 5 s O N S A L E! N S S A N P C K - U P Now 95 Pick-Up, 5-Sp Manual Trans, 2WD, 4 Valves, Manual Strg/Brakes, Elec. Fuel njection, Etc. VN#SC Just make 36 lease pymnt's ot $119 per mo. TOTAL OF PAYMENTS NCLUDNG NTEREST: MSRP $ 10,319 * 7, Per Mo! N S S A N M A X M A New 95 Maxima 4-Door, 5-Sp Manual Trans, FRWD, PS/PB, P/Wind/DL/Antenna/Mirrors, A/C, Tilt, Cruise, Driver/Pass Air Bag, AM/FM Stereo/Cass, T/Glass, R/Def. Etc. VN#ST Just make 36 lease pymnt's of $273 per mo TOTAL OF PAYMENTS NCLUDNG NTEREST: MSRP $ J 21, , ' Per Mo! N S S A N A L T M A New 95 Altima, 4-Door, 5-Sp Manual Trans, FRWD, 4-Cyl, PS/PB, P/Wmd/DL/Antenna/Mirrors, A/C, Driver/Pass Air Bag, Tilt, Cruise, AM/FM Stereo/Cass, T/Glass, Etc. VN#SC Just make 36 lease pymnt's of $190 per mo. TOTAL OF PAYMENTS NCLUDNG NTEREST: MSRP $ *17,388 * 8, Per Mo! NSSAN PATHFNDER XE New 95 Pathfinder XE, 4-Door, 5-Sp Manual Trans, 4WD, 6-C>rt, PS/PB P/Mirrors, A/C, R/Def, T/Glass, Roof Rack, AM/FM Stereo/Cass, Etc. VN #SW Just make 36 lease pymnt s of $245 per mo. TOTAL OF PAYMENTS $ NCLUDNG NTEREST: MSRP $ 123, , Per Mo! N S S A N S E N T R A L E New 94 Sentra LE, 4-Door, 5-Sp Manual Trans, FRWD, 4-Cyl, PS/PB, P/Wind/DL/Mirrors, A/C, Driver Air Bag, Tilt, Cruise, T/Glass, AM/FM Stereo/Cass, Etc. VN#RC Just make 36 lease pymnt's of $130 per mo. TOTAL OF PAYMENTS NCLUDNG NTEREST: MSRP $ *13,944 * 6, Per Mo! N S S A N S X New ' SX, 2-Door, Auto, 4-Cyl, PS/PB, P/Mirrors, A/C. Tilt, R/Def, T/Glass, AM/FM Stereo/Cass, Etc. VN#SW Just make 36 lease pymnt's of $216 per mo. TOTAL OF PAYMENTS NCLUDNG NTEREST: MSRP $ '20,159!2 6 19, Per Mo! N S S A N Q U E S T G X E New 94 Quest GXE Van, FRWD, V-6. PS/PB, P/Wind/DL/Antenna/Seats/Mirrors, A/C, Driver Air Bag, Tilt, Cruise, T/Glass, Roof Rack, AM/FM Stereo/Cass, R/Def/Wiper, Etc. VN#RD Just make 36 lease pymnt's of $306 per mo. TOTAL OF PAYMENTS NCLUDNG NTEREST: MSRP *24, , * Per Mo! N S S A N Z X ZX. 2-Door, Hatch, Auto, Overdrive, V-6, Power ABS Brakes, PS, P/Wmd/DL/Antenna/Mirrors, A/C, tilt, Cruise, R/Def, T/Glass, Security Alarm, CD, AM/FM Stereo/Cass. 4,100 demo mi. Etc. VN#RX Just make 36 lease pymnt's of $399 per mo. TOTAL OF PAYMENTS NCLUDNG NTEREST: MSRP $ 136, , Per Mo! For nstance... ' 9 2 S 1 0 B L A Z E R Chevrolet, 4-Door Wagon S U V., auto, 4WD, 6-Cyl, Power ABS Brakes, PS, P/Wind/DL/Antenna, A/C, Digital Dash, Tilt, Cruise, T/Glass, Alloy Whls, Roof Rack, AM/FM Stereo/Cass, Etc. VN# ,406 mi. NADA *2 0,4 $ f Z X Nissan 2-Door, Auto, 4-Sp, V-6, PS/PB, P/Wind/DL/Antenna/Seats/Mirrors, A/C, Cruise, AM/FM Stereo/Cass, Phone, Etc. VN#LX002770,49,480 mi. NADA $ * 1 6, ,637 HONDAS Civics, Accords, CRX's, Preludes! HYUUDAS Excels, Elantras, Sonatas! SUZUS Troopers, Rodeos! Cherokees, Renegades, Wranglers! UNtOLNS Mark's, Continentals, Town Cars! MAZDAS 323's, 626's, RX-7's, Protege's, NaVaios! MBRCURYS Sables, Gr. Marquis', Topaz's! l l OLDSMOBLMS Regencys, Cutlass', Achievas, Calais'! PONTACS Bonnevilles, Firebirds, Grand Prix's, Sunbirds! PLYMOUTHS Voyagers, Sundances, Colts, Lazers! SUBARUS Legacys, Justys, SVX's, Loyales! TOYOTAS Corollas, Celicas, Camry's,, Tercels! VOLKSWAGENS Jettas, Golfs & Lots More! T W O W A Y ^ CREDT O K ^ Either apply in person or we'll OK your credit by phone! ^BANKRUPTCY NEW TO AREA RECENT GRAD «NEW JOB DVORCE «NO PROR CREDT OTHER CREDT PROBLEM? We enjoy saying YES! Call Mr. Tomson any day or Sunday til 10pm ) N S S A N O L D S Toms River ^ RT. 37 (Exit 82) P (9 0 8 ) S N SSAN OUTLET Keyport 370 BROAD ST. (Exit 117) Across from Keyport High School ( ) Prices incld. all costs to be paid by consumer, except licensing, reg. & tax. "Offer in lieu of discounts and/or rebates and is applied off purchase of new in-stock vehicles. $1000 over Galves bk. whlsale va!., less any deduct, for mileage &/or damage. Pym'ts computed for 36 mo. closed-end leases. $1995 Cap cost reduction, 36,000 miles, then 100 mi. excpt. 300ZX -15,000 mi. then 150/mi. No purch. required. Residuals: P/U: $5365, Pathfinder $15288, Maxima $11726, Quest GXE: $12988, Sentra LE: $8241, Altima: $10731,240SX: $10936,300ZX: $ mo. pymnt & sec. d/p at inception, lessee resp. for normal maint. & repairs (if any). Subject to primary lenders approval. This ad supersedes all prev. offers, is a coupon & must be presented at time of purchase. Not resp. for typographical errors. Ad offers may not be combined. Hurry, don t miss this Sale!

72 7 2 OCTOBER 26, 1994, THE NDEPENDENT O D «P A NEW1994 CHEVY FLEE- 5.0 liter EF V-8, auto trans. w/od., P/S, P/B, A/C, P/L, P/W, tilt steering, speed cont., AM/FM stereo cass., dig. elk., aux. lighting, stainless steel below eye line mirrors, split bench reel, seat, sliding r. window, bedliner, chrome whls., tach., chromed r. step bumper w/rub strip, white letter tires, Silverado trim. Stk. #T4818. VN #RZ MSRP $19,610. Opt. Pkg. Disc. $1,200. Future Disc. $1,597. ^ fggsxhevy... S-10 4X4 PCKUP 6 cyt., 5 spd. man. trans.. P/S. P>93, carpet, elk., fuel inj., T.G., outside mirrors, AM/FM stereo cass, rally whls.. body side mldg., 4 whl. drive, inside hood rel., bench sea!. Stk. # VN *P miles. *13, OLDS CUTLASS SL 6 cyl., auto trans. w/od., P/S, P/B, A/C, P/W. P/L, P/hatch rel. P/rrwrors. P/antenna, carpel, elk., tilt/crutse. fuel ire, recl/bucket seats, body side mldg., console, r. del. T.G., AM/FM stereo cass, tach., trip od., alloy whls.. mt. wipers. Stk # VN # ,947 miles. $12, GEO PRZM 4 c y i. fuel in j, auto trans., P/S, P/B. A/C. r. def., body side mldg., console, T.G.. AM/FM stereo, recl/bucket seats, delx. whls., carpet, elk., trip od., multispeed wipers. Stk.. #P4001. VN #LZD ,727 miles. $6, CHEVY CAVALER RS 4 dr., 4cyL aulo trans., P/S, P/B, A/C, P/L, body sidemldg. console.. r: def., T.G., int. wipers, carpet, elk., lilt/cruise fuel ihj.,am/fm stereo, bucket seats, trip od., delux. whls. Stk #P4021 VN #P?2166T?.2t.5t0m,les 10, FORD BRONCO t 6 cyl., aulo trans. w/od., P/S, P/B: A/C, P/L, P/W, body side miog. console, r. def. 4 whl drive, AM^FM stereo cass., recl/bucket seafs, tach. trip old., mag whls, int wipers, carpet dk., tilvcruise, fuel inj.. TG. Slk. # VN #KUA ,846 irutes. $10,647 "1991THEVY K-5 BLAZER 4x4 8 cyl., auto trans. w/od., P/S, P/8, A/C, P/L, tift/cruise, r. del. carpet, elk., 4 whl drive, recl/bucket seats, int. wipers, alarm syst., body side mldg., console, T.G., AM/FM stereo cass., tach., trip od., alloy Whls. Stk. # VN #MF miles. $13,987 NEW1994 CHEVYCAPRCE CLASSC LS 4 dr Sedan, 4.3 liter SF V-8, auto trans, P/S, P/B, A/C, P/L, P/W, P/seat, AM/FM stereo cass., tilt/cruise, ABS, leather int., dual air bags, leather 55/45 seats, r. def. w/heated outside rearview mirrors, radial tires. Stk. #4791, VN #RR MSRP $20,995. Rebate $1,000. Future Disc. $1,746. i The GM Card ACCELERATED 1ATED, 4RN/NGS y i/ Q / N ET W ORK 1 U Z Up*>- On Parts A Service' [itimn M r Skat Ktfttn CHEVROLET G S,»» s 1 8, CHEVY LUMNA EURO 6 cyl., auto trans. w/od., P/S, P/B, A/C, P/L, P/W, P/trnk. rel., body side mldg., tilt/cruise, split bench seat, alloy whls., int. wipers, carpet, elk., r. def., T.G, P/seat, AM/FM stereo cass., reel, seat, r. spoiler, tach., trip od. Stk. #P4091. VN #R ,188 miles. Program Car. *14, CHEVY BERETTA 2 dr., 6 cyl., auto trans., P/S, P/B, A/C, P/W, body side mldg., console, r. def., recl/bucket seats, delx. whls., carpet, elk., tilt/cruise, T.G., AM/FM stereo cass., trip od., int. wipers. Stk. #p4g96. VN #HY ,731 miles. Program Car. $13, CHEVY CORSCA 4 dr., 6 cyl, auto trans., P/S, P/B, A/C, P/L, P/W, body side mldg., console, r. def., T.G-, AM/FM stereo cass.. recl/bucket sets, tilt/cruise, trip od., delx, whls, int. wipers, carpet, elk. Stk. #P4097. VN #RY ,407 mites. Program Car. $13, CHEVY CORSCA 4 dr., 6 cyl.. auto trans., P/S, P/B, A/C, P/W, P/L, body side mldgmconsole, r. def., T.G., AM/FM stereo cass., reel/bucket seats, tilt/crulse, trip od., delx. whls., tnt. wipers, carpet, elk. Stk. #P4098. VN #RY miles. Program Car. *13,468 Price(s) inctude(s) all costs to be paid by a consumer, except for licensing, registration, and taxes. AFTER THE SALE...T'S THE SERVCE THAT COUNTS! EMcbsiLTY ROUTE 34 AT SOUTH ATLANTC AVE. ABERDEEN (Matawan) Next to Strathmore Shopping Center <;t Mayer a Dunn Advertising

The National Citizen Survey

The National Citizen Survey C I T Y O F E L K G R O V E, C A 2011 Supplemental Web Survey Results 3005 30th Street 777 North Capitol Street NE, Suite 500 Boulder, CO 80301 Washington, DC 20002 303-444-7863

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Video Series: How to Profit From US Real Estate for Pennies on The Dollar Without Being a Landlord or Fixing or Rehabbing Anything

Video Series: How to Profit From US Real Estate for Pennies on The Dollar Without Being a Landlord or Fixing or Rehabbing Anything Video Series: How to Profit From US Real Estate for Pennies on The Dollar Without Being a Landlord or Fixing or Rehabbing Anything Video 1 Tax Lien And Tax Deed Investment View the video 1 now:

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3M Healthy Living Has the Resources to Get Started on Your Customized Path and Support You Throughout the Year!

3M Healthy Living Has the Resources to Get Started on Your Customized Path and Support You Throughout the Year! March 2014: Commit To a Healthy Lifestyle 3M Can Help! Employee Spotlight 3M Healthy Living Has the Resources to Get Started on Your Customized Path and Support You Throughout the Year! Healthy Living

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Beach Opens: Saturday, May 28 th (Memorial Weekend)

Beach Opens: Saturday, May 28 th (Memorial Weekend) DONNER LAKE PROPERTY OWNERS ASSOCIATION May 2011 Beach Opens: Saturday, May 28 th (Memorial Weekend) Spring weather still continues to surprise us with rain and lots of snow, but warmer days

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MedicAre: don t delay. apply for Medicare as soon as you become eligible. You ve earned it. Make the most of it.

MedicAre: don t delay. apply for Medicare as soon as you become eligible. You ve earned it. Make the most of it. 2015 don t delay. apply for Medicare as soon as you become eligible. MedicAre: You ve earned it. Make the most of it. You can enroll in Medicare the three months before, during and the three months after

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Using Credit. Grade Five. Overview. Lesson Objectives. Prerequisite Skills. Materials List

Using Credit. Grade Five. Overview. Lesson Objectives. Prerequisite Skills. Materials List Grade Five Using Credit Overview Students share several chapters from the book Not for a Billion Gazillion Dollars, by Paula Danzinger, to learn about earning money, saving, credit, and debt. Students

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Lesson 6: Failing to Understand What You Get. From a Workers Comp Claim

Lesson 6: Failing to Understand What You Get. From a Workers Comp Claim Lesson 6: Failing to Understand What You Get From a Workers Comp Claim Rule: Workers Comp is based on disability. Many injured workers know someone who was injured at work and got a "big" settlement. But

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Candidates guide. for Ontario municipal council and school board elections

Candidates guide. for Ontario municipal council and school board elections 2018 Candidates guide for Ontario municipal council and school board elections 2018 Candidates guide for Ontario municipal council and school board elections This guide provides information to candidates

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A new application must be submitted each year.

A new application must be submitted each year. HUNTINGTON UNION FREE SCHOOL DISTRICT A Tradition of Excellence Since 1657 Kathleen Acker Assistant Superintendent (631) 673-2111 Finance and Management Services August 2017 A new application must be submitted

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SAMPLE. Chapter 1 DAVE RAMSEY Chapter 1 DAVE RAMSEY Case Study Savings Rob and Carol were married recently and both have good jobs coming out of college. Rob was hired by The Lather Group as an assistant designer making a starting

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The Buffalo Living Wage Ordinance

The Buffalo Living Wage Ordinance The Buffalo Living Wage Ordinance Joseph L. Guza University at Buffalo Law Student The term living wage means a wage level that offers workers the ability to support families to maintain self respect and

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Unit 4 More Banking: Checks, Savings and ATMs

Unit 4 More Banking: Checks, Savings and ATMs Unit 4 More Banking: Checks, Savings and ATMs Banking: Vocabulary Review Directions: Draw a line to match the word with its meaning. 1. bank 2. credit 3. ATM 4. minimum 5. maximum 6. teller 7. balance

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66 Park Road, Chelmsford, MA Tel: (978) ~ Fax: (978) Dear Event Planner,

66 Park Road, Chelmsford, MA Tel: (978) ~ Fax: (978) Dear Event Planner, SGM Sterling Golf Management, Inc. 66 Park Road, Chelmsford, MA 01824 Tel: (978) 256-1818 ~ Fax: (978) 256-0005 Dear Event Planner, We appreciate your consideration of the Function

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CITY OF COLUMBIA FALLS MINUTES OF THE REGULAR MEETING HELD MARCH 19, 2012 Regular Meeting - Transact Routine Business CITY OF COLUMBIA FALLS Mayor Barnhart welcomed everyone and asked that before the meeting gets started, we have a moment of silence in honor of the late County

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RESPs and Other Ways to Save

RESPs and Other Ways to Save for Indigenous Peoples Workbook 4 RESPs and Other Ways to Save Copyright 2017 ABC Life Literacy Canada First published in 2016 by ABC Life Literacy Canada All rights reserved. ABC Life Literacy Canada

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Workbook 2. Banking Basics

Workbook 2. Banking Basics Workbook 2 Banking Basics Copyright 2017 ABC Life Literacy Canada First published in 2011 by ABC Life Literacy Canada All rights reserved. ABC Life Literacy Canada gratefully thanks Founding Sponsor TD

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COMMONWEALTH OF KENTUCKY CRIIME VIICTIIMSS COMPENSSATIION. 130 Brighton Park Blvd., Frankfort, KY / Revised 5/29/14 Crime Victims Compensation Application Page 1 CRIME VICTIMS COMPENSATION BOARD 130 Brighton Park Blvd., Frankfort, KY 40601 800-469-2120 / 502-573-2290 CRIIME VIICTIIMSS COMPENSSATIION

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National Wear Red Day 2011

National Wear Red Day 2011 Your savings federally insured to at least $250,000 and backed by the full faith and credit of the United States Government National Credit Union Administration, a U.S. Government Agency In the Spotlight

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Volunteer Driver Position Description

Volunteer Driver Position Description Volunteer Driver Position Description Main Duty : Drive ITN customers (seniors and people with visual impairments) wherever they want to go within the service area. Medical appointments, shopping, and

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Club Accounts - David Wilson Question 6.

Club Accounts - David Wilson Question 6. Club Accounts - David Wilson. 2011 Question 6. Anyone familiar with Farm Accounts or Service Firms (notes for both topics are back on the webpage you found this on), will have no trouble with Club Accounts.

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Welcome to a new school year! We have so many fun things planned for the year in fact, we have already started!!!!

Welcome to a new school year! We have so many fun things planned for the year in fact, we have already started!!!! PRESIDENT: MEGAN VERNAK CO-VICE PRESIDENTS: JEN LERNER AND NAYNA JHAVERI CO-TREASURERS: GRACE VERANO AND THIO JENKINS JFK PTO SECRETARY: MARIANNE LUBRANI October 12 - Tuesday - PTO Meeting 6:15 pm October

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Warehouse Money Visa Card Terms and Conditions

Warehouse Money Visa Card Terms and Conditions Warehouse Money Visa Card Terms and Conditions 1 01 Contents 1. About these terms 6 2. How to read this document 6 3. Managing your account online 6 4. Managing your account online things you need to

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Navigator Savings Plan. This product is provided by Irish Life Assurance plc.

Navigator Savings Plan. This product is provided by Irish Life Assurance plc. Navigator Savings Plan This product is provided by Irish Life Assurance plc. Navigator Savings Plan Aim Risk Capital protected Funds available Unique range of savings solutions. Low to high depending on

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Volunteer Driver Position Description

Volunteer Driver Position Description Volunteer Driver Position Description Main Duty : Drive ITN customers (seniors and people with visual impairments) wherever they want to go within the service area. Medical appointments, shopping, and

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Walkers Lodge. Case 9. Ruth Mattimoe, Dublin City University. Overview of the Company. The Issues

Walkers Lodge. Case 9. Ruth Mattimoe, Dublin City University. Overview of the Company. The Issues Case 9 Walkers Lodge Ruth Mattimoe, Dublin City University Overview of the Company Walkers Lodge is a traditional farm house, over 100 years old. It s situated in a beautiful location in Co. Wicklow, near

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Application for Health Insurance

Application for Health Insurance TM Application for Health Insurance Your destination for affordable health insurance, including Medi-Cal See Inside Things to know 1 Application 2 19 Attachments A F 20 27 Frequently Asked 28 32 Questions

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El Rincon (310)

El Rincon (310) 2015 2016 El Rincon (310) 736-8575 Welcome to STAR, STAR, Inc. is a charitable 501(c)(3) non-profit education organization serving kids, families, schools, and communities. For your convenience, the Galaxy

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Your Health Insurance: Questions and Answers

Your Health Insurance: Questions and Answers Your Health Insurance: Questions and Answers This simple guide will help you understand how to use and keep your health insurance Meet four people with questions about their health insurance: George is

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TOWN OF PARMA PLANNING BOARD MAY 6, 2010 TOWN OF PARMA PLANNING BOARD MAY 6, 2010 Members Present: Acting Chairman Tod Ferguson Executive Secretary Jack Barton Bob Pelkey Rick Holden Tim Harner Members Absent: Public Present: Meeting started:

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Minutes. Bristol Select Board. April 7, 2016

Minutes. Bristol Select Board. April 7, 2016 Minutes Bristol Select Board April 7, 2016 Present: Select Board members: Shaun Lagueux, Rick Alpers, Les Dion, Paul Manganiello, JP Morrison, and Town Administrator Nik Coates. Others Present: Highway

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Forex Trading Strategy 10 pips by Rob Booker

Forex Trading Strategy 10 pips by Rob Booker Forex Trading Strategy 10 pips by Rob Booker Contributed by Rob Booker Sun, 09 Dec 2007 04:58:53 MST Currency trading can be like running away from the bear. Trading forex offers more opportunity for fast

More information fundraising pack Cash for Kids charities (England & NI), SC (East Scotland) and SC (West Scotland) fundraising pack Cash for Kids charities (England & NI), SC (East Scotland) and SC (West Scotland) fundraising pack Contents page 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 12 15 16 17 About Cash for Kids What we do What your cash could do Why help Empty belly poster Fundraising ideas Bucket label Sponsorship

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Optimum HealthCare H5594_VideoScript_CMS Approved

Optimum HealthCare H5594_VideoScript_CMS Approved Optimum HealthCare H5594_VideoScript_CMS Approved 2012-2013 Hello I m

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Money Management Makes Cents 1

Money Management Makes Cents 1 FCS5243 Money Management Makes Cents 1 Josephine Turner 2 Money Management Makes Cents A penny saved is a penny earned. You can t take it with you. Money makes the man. Money is to be spent joyfully, but

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Enjoy our great state with a great checking account.

Enjoy our great state with a great checking account. Common Interest Summer 2016 Enjoy our great state with a great checking account. MSGCU wants to help you make the most of your summer. For a limited time, current and new members without regular

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Mistakes to Avoid If You Are in a Georgia Car Wreck

Mistakes to Avoid If You Are in a Georgia Car Wreck Mistakes to Avoid If You Are in a Georgia Car Wreck JAMES K. MURPHY Murphy Law Firm, LLC Georgia Accident & Injury Attorney 8302 Office Park Drive 2 Table of Contents: Preface: Who is Behind This Book,

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Variance FAQ s. Prepared by the Sitka Planning Office, Sara Russell, Planning Assistant Wells Williams, Planning Director

Variance FAQ s. Prepared by the Sitka Planning Office, Sara Russell, Planning Assistant Wells Williams, Planning Director Variance FAQ s Prepared by the Sitka Planning Office, 747-1814 Sara Russell, Planning Assistant Wells Williams, Planning Director Outline of Questions Answered on the following Pages - What is a setback?

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FACES NEWSLETTER. Welcome. Handing Germs to Friends is Not a Nice Gesture! Family and Consumer Science. March/April 2015

FACES NEWSLETTER. Welcome. Handing Germs to Friends is Not a Nice Gesture! Family and Consumer Science. March/April 2015 FACES NEWSLETTER Family and Consumer Science March/April 2015 Welcome Peggie L. Garner County Extension Director Contact Us: NCCE-Onslow County 4024 Richlands Hwy. Jacksonville, NC 28540 (910) 455-5873

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PFL Math 4.10B: calculate profit in a given situation

PFL Math 4.10B: calculate profit in a given situation Lesson Description This lesson continues with characters from Mr. Cash s fourth grade class. The students want to raise money for the playground fund at Capital Elementary School. Students are to determine

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AFFORDABLE CARE ACT FAQ AFFORDABLE CARE ACT FAQ What is the Healthcare Insurance Marketplace? The Marketplace is a new way to find quality health coverage. It can help if you don t have coverage now or if you have it but want

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MONEY MATTERS CASE STUDIES MONEY MATTERS CASE STUDIES Case Studies Please look at the case studies below. In your groups, discuss the household situation. Firstly, can you make points around areas of concern you would have. Secondly,

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Your Guide to Understanding Medicare 2017

Your Guide to Understanding Medicare 2017 Your Guide to Understanding Medicare 2017 One of the most important decisions you ll ever make for your health & financial wellbeing This guide is not an insurance solicitation or promotion for any particular

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DO NOT WRITE BELOW THIS LINE FOR SCHOOL USE ONLY Date Withdrew F R D 2017-2018 Application for Free and Reduced Price School Meals/Milk To apply for free and reduced price meals for your children, read the instructions on the back, complete only one

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Application for Health Coverage & Help Paying Costs

Application for Health Coverage & Help Paying Costs Application for Health Coverage & Help Paying Costs Use this application to see what coverage choices you qualify for Affordable private health insurance plans that offer comprehensive coverage to help

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Detailed Results 9TH ANNUAL PARENTS, KIDS & MONEY SURVEY Detailed Results 9TH ANNUAL PARENTS, KIDS & MONEY SURVEY Contents Household Finances..3 Household Debt 19 Savings..28 Emergency Fund..32 Retirement Savings..36 Parental Knowledge, Attitudes and Behavior.....42

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Farewell Summer. & Hello Fall! Leigh & Shannon

Farewell Summer. & Hello Fall! Leigh & Shannon Farewell Summer & Hello Fall! It s hard to believe we are heading into the last few months of this exciting year for Swell Insurance Solutions. It s been a wonderfully fun summer and our team has had some

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Top 10. What You Need To Know About Becoming A Mortgage Agent. REMIC Real Estate & Mortgage Institute of Canada REMIC.CA

Top 10. What You Need To Know About Becoming A Mortgage Agent. REMIC Real Estate & Mortgage Institute of Canada REMIC.CA Top 10 What You Need To Know About Becoming A Mortgage Agent REMIC Real Estate & Mortgage Institute of Canada REMIC.CA 877.447.3642 About the Author Joseph J. White has been involved in the mortgage industry

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Volunteers Wanted. We Take Our Managers Personally: Dana Fransen

Volunteers Wanted. We Take Our Managers Personally: Dana Fransen MANAGER PROFILE We Take Our Managers Personally: Dana Fransen Dana Fransen is the branch manager for our Madera branch. Dana began her career at EECU over 17 years ago. She has held various positions within

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Evidence of Coverage:

Evidence of Coverage: January 1 December 31, 2018 Evidence of Coverage: Your Medicare Health Benefits and Services and Prescription Drug Coverage as a Member of Bright Advantage Plus HMO This booklet gives you the details about

More information fundraising pack Cash for Kids charities (England & NI), SC (East Scotland) and SC (West Scotland) fundraising pack Cash for Kids charities (England & NI), SC (East Scotland) and SC (West Scotland) fundraising pack Contents page 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 12 15 16 17 About Cash for Kids What we do What your cash could do Why help Empty belly poster Fundraising ideas Bucket label Sponsorship

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Benefits update. HOW THE CHANGES WILL AFFECT YOU. Rethink Mental Illness. 1

Benefits update. HOW THE CHANGES WILL AFFECT YOU. Rethink Mental Illness. 1 Benefits update. HOW THE CHANGES WILL AFFECT YOU. Rethink Mental Illness. 1 Contents Introduction 3 Changes to Housing Benefit the bedroom tax 4 The changes in a nutshell 4 How much will my benefits go

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Green Thumb Tips to Grow Retirement Dollars

Green Thumb Tips to Grow Retirement Dollars Page 1 of 8 Green Thumb Tips to Grow Retirement Dollars When you think of investing, do you picture a bustling stock exchange, electronic tickers and fancy suits? For most people saving for retirement,

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Approval of the Minutes: Item No. 1. The Providence City Planning Commission will consider for approval the minutes of December 13, 2017.

Approval of the Minutes: Item No. 1. The Providence City Planning Commission will consider for approval the minutes of December 13, 2017. 1 1 1 1 1 1 0 1 PROVIIDENCE CITY PLANNING COMMISSION Providence City Office Building, 1 North Gateway Drive, Providence UT January, 01 :00 p.m. ATTENDANCE Chair: Commissioners: Alternates: Absent: B Fresz

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We take care of estate administration. Quickly and completely. It s all we do, every day.

We take care of estate administration. Quickly and completely. It s all we do, every day. We take care of estate administration Quickly and completely. It s all we do, every day. At Kings Court Trust, we only do one thing: estate administration. And from the simplest estate through to multi-million

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YOUR AMERICAN DREAM STARTS WITH A VA HOME LOAN YOUR AMERICAN DREAM STARTS WITH A VA HOME LOAN A VA LOAN GUIDE TO HOME BUYING Buying your first home is a very important step (& investment) in life, and you probably have a few questions. No worries!

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NEGLIGENT SECURITY: WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT THEM NEGLIGENT SECURITY: WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT THEM 1 The meeting ran longer than planned, and it is now nighttime. As you leave the building, you recall your car is parked off in a far one corner of

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Remarks of Dr. N. Gregory Mankiw Chairman Council of Economic Advisers at the 21 st Annual Minority Enterprise Development Week Washington, D.C.

Remarks of Dr. N. Gregory Mankiw Chairman Council of Economic Advisers at the 21 st Annual Minority Enterprise Development Week Washington, D.C. Remarks of Dr. N. Gregory Mankiw Chairman Council of Economic Advisers at the 21 st Annual Minority Enterprise Development Week Washington, D.C. Monday, September 29, 2003 I am delighted to be here. Thank

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43 rd Annual Sparta Day Saturday, June 2, 2018

43 rd Annual Sparta Day Saturday, June 2, 2018 43 rd Annual Sparta Day Saturday, June 2, 2018 This family event receives wide publicity in all local publications and media. It attracts thousands of people from Sparta and its local communities. Sparta

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Yavapai Unified Employee Benefit Trust Regular Meeting September 1, 2015 Prescott Unified School District Conference Room A

Yavapai Unified Employee Benefit Trust Regular Meeting September 1, 2015 Prescott Unified School District Conference Room A Yavapai Unified Employee Benefit Trust Regular Meeting September 1, 2015 Prescott Unified School District Conference Room A A regular meeting of the Yavapai Unified Employee Benefit Board of Trustees was

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Get Healthy BERGEN. The Newsletter of the Bergen County CHIP Access to Health Care. September 2010 FALL 2010

Get Healthy BERGEN. The Newsletter of the Bergen County CHIP Access to Health Care. September 2010 FALL 2010 Get Healthy BERGEN The Newsletter of the Bergen County CHIP Access to Health Care September 2010 FALL 2010 Welcome to CHIP Access to HealthCare Please watch your email for our quarterly newsletters. We

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GARDEN CITY PUBLIC SCHOOLS 56 Cathedral Avenue P.O. Box 216 Garden City, NY Tel: (516) Fax (516)

GARDEN CITY PUBLIC SCHOOLS 56 Cathedral Avenue P.O. Box 216 Garden City, NY Tel: (516) Fax (516) GARDEN CITY PUBLIC SCHOOLS 56 Cathedral Avenue P.O. Box 216 Garden City, NY 11530-0216 Tel: (516) 478-1040 Fax (516) 294-1045 Assistant Business Administrator Inspiring Minds Empowering Achievement Building

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End-of-Life Binder. Worksheets. Planning ahead is an important gift that you can give to yourself and your family.

End-of-Life Binder. Worksheets. Planning ahead is an important gift that you can give to yourself and your family. End-of-Life Binder Worksheets Planning ahead is an important gift that you can give to yourself and your family. 1. Start the Conversation Talk about your feelings and end-of-life wishes with your family,

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Application for Employment

Application for Employment G L O U C E S T E R C O U N T Y S H E R I F F S O F F I C E Sheriff D.W. Warren, Jr. 7502 JUSTICE DRIVE GLOUCESTER, VA 23061 804-693-3890 Application for Employment We consider applicants for all positions

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Plain City Planning Commission Minutes of Meeting June 11, 2015

Plain City Planning Commission Minutes of Meeting June 11, 2015 Plain City Planning Commission Minutes of Meeting June 11, 2015 Minutes of the Plain City Planning Commission held on Thursday June 11, 2015 at 7:00 p.m. located at the Council Chambers of the Plain City

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LCC LIBRARY. General Tour

LCC LIBRARY. General Tour LCC LIBRARY General Tour LCC LIBRARY INFORMATION AND CIRCULATION DESK LCC Library located on the 1 st floor of the Main Building PERIODICAL AREA LORENZO STATUE We named our coffee service after this statue

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Your Retirement Lifestyle WORKBOOK

Your Retirement Lifestyle WORKBOOK Your Retirement Lifestyle WORKBOOK Purpose of This Workbook and Helpful Checklist This workbook is designed to help you collect and organize the information needed to develop your Retirement Plan which

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Joining the Marathon Oil Team

Joining the Marathon Oil Team Joining the Marathon Oil Team Marathon Oil is committed to fostering an environment of inclusion and mutual respect that promotes individual development and high performance teams while translating our

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SPONSORS the 19th annual workshops on BATIK & TIE DYE and DRUM & DANCE Conducted by Agula - Spirit of the Drums & Dance Cultural Troupe of Nigeria

SPONSORS the 19th annual workshops on BATIK & TIE DYE and DRUM & DANCE Conducted by Agula - Spirit of the Drums & Dance Cultural Troupe of Nigeria Clovis Cultural/Ethnic Affairs Committee SPONSORS the 19th annual workshops on BATIK & TIE DYE and DRUM & DANCE Conducted by Agula - Spirit of the Drums & Dance Cultural Troupe of Nigeria Workshop Fee

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EXTENDED STUDENT SERVICES ASES GRANT AFTER SCHOOL ENRICHMENT PROGRAM (Lakeside Middle School - ASES - LATER Program Only) EXTENDED STUDENT SERVICES 2017-2018 ASES GRANT AFTER SCHOOL ENRICHMENT PROGRAM (Lakeside Middle School - ASES - LATER Program Only) Children Registration & Emergency Information (One form per child is

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Kidney Disease and Working Kidney and Urinary Program St. Joseph's Hospital Hamilton, Ontario

Kidney Disease and Working Kidney and Urinary Program St. Joseph's Hospital Hamilton, Ontario Kidney Disease and Working Kidney and Urinary Program St. Joseph's Hospital Hamilton, Ontario St. Joseph's Healthcare Hamilton PD 3078 (2008-01) File: printing Notes: Inside this book Introduction.............................

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Checkup on Health Insurance Choices

Checkup on Health Insurance Choices Page 1 of 17 Checkup on Health Insurance Choices Today, there are more types of health insurance, and more choices, than ever before. The information presented here will help you choose a plan that is

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Birthday Party Application

Birthday Party Application Birthday Party Application Birthday Parties are booked based on the completion of this form and $50 non-refundable security deposit to our Children & Youth Department Manager. Party is not confirmed until

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Bank Secrecy Act CTR and SAR Case Studies

Bank Secrecy Act CTR and SAR Case Studies Bank Secrecy Act CTR and SAR Case Studies Community Bankers for Compliance School DEPOSITS 2016 This publication is designed to provide information in regard to the subject matter covered. It is provided

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Protect Your Lifestyle

Protect Your Lifestyle Individual Disability Insurance Protect Your Lifestyle Platinum Advantage Is Income Protection Made for You Standard Insurance Company Income Protection That s Right for You Protect your most important

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SAND BASH - APRIL 17 APRIL 20, 2014 At the Wyndham Garden - FORT MYERS BEACH, FL

SAND BASH - APRIL 17 APRIL 20, 2014 At the Wyndham Garden - FORT MYERS BEACH, FL SAND BASH - APRIL 17 APRIL 20, 2014 At the Wyndham Garden - FORT MYERS BEACH, FL WWW.SANDBASH.COM Official Vendor/Exhibitor Registration Company Contact Phone Cell Phone Email Fax Address City/State/Zip

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Real Life Cover Key Facts. Total & Permanent disability. Terminal Illness. Specifi ed Critical Illness. Long term sickness. Death

Real Life Cover Key Facts. Total & Permanent disability. Terminal Illness. Specifi ed Critical Illness. Long term sickness. Death Real Life Cover Key Facts Death Terminal Illness Specifi ed Critical Illness Long term sickness Total & Permanent disability Contents Section A: About Real Life Cover Page A1 What is Real Life Cover? 4

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Letter to Parents for School Meal Programs

Letter to Parents for School Meal Programs Letter to Parents for School Meal Programs Dear Parent/Guardian: Children need healthy meals to learn. Dundee CSD offers healthy meals every school day. Breakfast costs $1.75; Lunch costs $2.05 Grades

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Why Financial Education in the Workplace?

Why Financial Education in the Workplace? We inspire people to create the life they want, on their terms. Why Financial Education in the Workplace? The answer: Your bottom line. Money worries affect every part of your employees lives relationships,

More information Representing the People, Not the Powerful 2012 S. Florida Avenue Lakeland, FL (863) Representing the People, Not the Powerful 2012 S. Florida Avenue Lakeland, FL (863) Representing the People, Not the Powerful 2012 S. Florida Avenue Lakeland, FL 33803 (863) 680-1411 877-667 - 4265 ATTORNEY ADVERTISING: Prior results do not gurantee or predict a similar

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TRS EMPLOYER RETIREMENT REPORT. We ve Gone Social! TRS EMPLOYER RETIREMENT REPORT 404-352-6500 A BI-ANNUAL NEWSLETTER FOR EMPLOYERS Summer/Fall 2016 Meet Dr. L.C. (Buster) Evans TRS is excited to introduce our new Executive Director, Dr.

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Unit 8 - Math Review. Section 8: Real Estate Math Review. Reading Assignments (please note which version of the text you are using)

Unit 8 - Math Review. Section 8: Real Estate Math Review. Reading Assignments (please note which version of the text you are using) Unit 8 - Math Review Unit Outline Using a Simple Calculator Math Refresher Fractions, Decimals, and Percentages Percentage Problems Commission Problems Loan Problems Straight-Line Appreciation/Depreciation

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Staff: Stephanie Raiford, Angela Maynard, Pam Carpenter, Danielle Fletcher, Deanna Levensailor, Nelly Gerew

Staff: Stephanie Raiford, Angela Maynard, Pam Carpenter, Danielle Fletcher, Deanna Levensailor, Nelly Gerew Briarcliff Elementary PTA Meeting December 6, 2016 Attendees: Brian Seymour, Abra Rearte, Elizabeth Kahn, Craig Shapiro, Staci Morris, Crystal Holladay, Rachel Love, Paul Myre-Bisaillon, Mimosa Hines,

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01) OPEN MEETING The Municipal Budget Committee Meeting of Thursday November 16, 2017 was called to order at 7:00 p.m. at the Knightly Meeting Room.

01) OPEN MEETING The Municipal Budget Committee Meeting of Thursday November 16, 2017 was called to order at 7:00 p.m. at the Knightly Meeting Room. Budget Committee November, 0 0 0 MINUTES OF THE BUDGET COMMITTEE MEETING OF November, 0) OPEN MEETING The Municipal Budget Committee Meeting of Thursday November, was called to order at :00 p.m. at the

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with the support of Everyday Banking An easy read guide March 2018

with the support of Everyday Banking An easy read guide March 2018 with the support of Everyday Banking An easy read guide March 2018 Who is this guide for? This guide has been designed to help anyone who might need more information about everyday banking. We will cover

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APPLICATION PACKET. Please read pages 1 through 6 for some important things you ll need to know before you apply.

APPLICATION PACKET. Please read pages 1 through 6 for some important things you ll need to know before you apply. DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH AND FAMILY SERVICES Division of Health Care Access and Accountability HCF 10182 (02/08) STATE OF WISCONSIN APPLICATION PACKET Please read pages 1 through 6 for some important things

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What it s like to work here

What it s like to work here What it s like to work here Making a difference Who are we? We re more than 3,000 people across B.C. dedicated to preventing workplace injury, disease, and death; supporting people who are injured on the

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Community Services Department. 100 N. East Avenue, Reedley, CA Telephone: (559) FAX: (559)

Community Services Department. 100 N. East Avenue, Reedley, CA Telephone: (559) FAX: (559) City of Reedley FACILITY RENTALS Community Services Department 100 N. East Avenue, Reedley, CA 93654 Telephone: (559) 637-4203 FAX: (559) 637-7253 Check us out on Facebook: Reedley Community Center or

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SAND BASH 2012 HOLIDAY INN ON FORT MYERS BEACH, FL APRIL 20 APRIL 29, 2012 SAND BASH 2012 HOLIDAY INN ON FORT MYERS BEACH, FL APRIL 20 APRIL 29, 2012 WWW.SANDBASH.COM Official Vendor/Exhibitor Registration Company Contact Phone Cell Phone Email Fax Address City/State/Zip List

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Pack includes: Facilities Directory. Seating Capacities. Fee Schedules. Conditions and responsibilities. Menu Options. Confirmation of Booking Form

Pack includes: Facilities Directory. Seating Capacities. Fee Schedules. Conditions and responsibilities. Menu Options. Confirmation of Booking Form Location 3/432 West Botany St Rockdale Postal PO Box 68 Brighton-le-Sands NSW 2216 Email rockdale.corps @aue. Website rockdale Phone 02 9597 3866 Sports Centre Ph 02

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Ocean Lakes Wave. Summer is in full swing! PARTY IN THE PARK NATIONAL NIGHT OUT

Ocean Lakes Wave. Summer is in full swing! PARTY IN THE PARK NATIONAL NIGHT OUT D A T E S T O R E M E M E M B E R : A C C M E E T I N G S : 1 S T & 3 R D W E D N E S D A Y O F E A C H M O N T H B O D M E E T I N G S : L A S T W E D N E S D A Y O F E A C H M O N T H J U L Y 1 9 N E

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SECURITY DEPOSIT $150 per quarter room or rental space $1,000 for all alcohol events Fitness Studios A, B or C: Rental needs to be paid in full

SECURITY DEPOSIT $150 per quarter room or rental space $1,000 for all alcohol events Fitness Studios A, B or C: Rental needs to be paid in full City of Novi Facility Operations Department 45175 Ten Mile Road, Novi, Michigan 48375 Phone (248) 347-0569 / Fax (248) 347-3286 / or FACILITY AVAILABILITY: Available

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Yes, You Can Rai e Financially Aware Kids

Yes, You Can Rai e Financially Aware Kids Yes, You Can Rai e Financially Aware Kids Helping Your Kids and Grandkids Appreciate the Value of a Dollar This information is for educational purposes only and is not intended as investment advice. ACI-0810-2603

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Stakeholder Pension. The simple way to start a pension plan. Retirement Investments Insurance Health

Stakeholder Pension. The simple way to start a pension plan. Retirement Investments Insurance Health Stakeholder Pension The simple way to start a pension plan Retirement Investments Insurance Health Introduction Any decision you make about investing for your future retirement needs careful consideration

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Armstrong High School Kevin Martin Orchestra Director

Armstrong High School Kevin Martin Orchestra Director 10635 36 th Ave. N Plymouth, MN 55441 763-504-8855 Armstrong High School Kevin Martin Orchestra Director Dear Orchestra Families, The 2015-2016 Armstrong High School Orchestras will

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Work with a partner. All these words are connected to getting a mortgage. Do you know their meaning?

Work with a partner. All these words are connected to getting a mortgage. Do you know their meaning? Warm Up Work with a partner. Are you planning to move house in the near future? Conversation Practice with a partner. Well I finally did it! I ve decided to buy a house! That s great! Have you found a

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CHARITY TERMS AND CONDITIONS CHARITY TERMS AND CONDITIONS 1 YOUR TERMS AND CONDITIONS Here are the terms and conditions of your Virgin Money Charity Account. Together with your Key product information sheet with summary box, they

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Understanding pensions. A guide for people living with a terminal illness and their families

Understanding pensions. A guide for people living with a terminal illness and their families Understanding pensions A guide for people living with a terminal illness and their families 2015-16 Introduction Some people find that they want to access their pension savings early when they re ill.

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COUNTY OF OSWEGO HEALTH AND HUMAN SERVICES COMMITTEE. April 27, :00 a.m. County Office Building, Oswego, NY 4 th Floor Conference Room E

COUNTY OF OSWEGO HEALTH AND HUMAN SERVICES COMMITTEE. April 27, :00 a.m. County Office Building, Oswego, NY 4 th Floor Conference Room E COUNTY OF OSWEGO HEALTH AND HUMAN SERVICES COMMITTEE April 27, 2011 10:00 a.m. County Office Building, Oswego, NY 4 th Floor Conference Room E PRESENT: Leg. John Proud, Chair Leg. Jacob Mulcahey, Vice

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