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1 rc,inutes Planning and Subdivislon Commlttee September 27, 1971 Leo Robinson - Chal.rma.Yl Norman A. Harkness Correspondence Department of Municipal AffL'llrs had forws1rded their comments on the re-zoning of pl'lrt of Lots 1 and 2 ~'onc]{ Ward. A letter from Mr. Roche L'ldvlsed the material for approval of the re-zoning had bem) forwarded to Ontnrio Munl.cl.pal B08rd. l'lr, 1\.R. Blaek had forwnroed a copy of t3 Iettex" received by him from J~es Grs. Barri es, Hou ser, Brown L'lnc1 McCa llum rege1rd i ng the parts of HD-III) deeded to the municipallty, A letter from Mr. E.P. Lee had been received with a draft subdivider's agreement for Douglas Drive Developments. Agreement and plan to be referred to Bill Quernby for comment. Material from Ontario Humt3ne Society and Department of Agriculture and Fooi! regarding Dog ayid Cat Pounds in Ontario was Yloted af: was t3 let!~er from OntariO Sheep Breeders Association regarding dogs running at large. A letter from Mr. N.B. Roche asked if there WaR anything further to be done on the by-ia\~ to regulate publl. c (,ntertal.nolent, festl val3 nnd parades. Mr' Hoehe to be advl. sed the Committee nre not pursuing the mattsr further until sueh time as there Is provincial legislation dealing with the situation. Hr. H.C. Mortson had written pegardlne; t3 survey in Oal,ley ',iapd. The Committee t'equire more bt3ckgroung on events leading up to the Mortson letter. An answer to our letter of July 30th regarding septic t;ank and tile bed systems in the Trott subdivision had been received from I I" II'. S.J. Hatts, Dlstrict Engineer. Copy of the letter to go to Department of Municipal Affal.X's, Community Planning Br8noh, Subdivisions SeotioYl, cj11d '" copy to MI'. 8Dd Mrs. 'PY'ott. CopIes of two letters to MI'. B.S. Boyer, Ser)1'eV't'y of South ]vtjskolm Cupling and Golf Club from Department of Municipal Affalrs had been received from the Department of Municipal Affairs. A letter from Miesse'S. ij.yflyl & Hogan regerdj.ng zoning regulations Dnd bullding restrictlons was referred to Jim Kaye for reply. Depaptment of Touplsm Dnd Informetlon, Huntsville hed forwarded copies of the regulations made undep Depaptment of Tourism and Infonnatjon Act. One copy to Jim linye, one copy to Leo Rohinson, A letter from rr. P. Pais].ey objected to aoppoval of a subdivision proposed by Mr. Vo ;leman in Oakley iich'd ",nd I'eIQuestad a copy of the minut~s rejecting thc subdivision.

2 Mr. Paisley to be advised as of this time we have had no application to creclte a c:ubchvi:,iclyl. Hhen Mr. Vogleman does make application we wj.l1 coy!slder the problemn A by-j.aw to regulate time 11nlj.ts for park'ng in various wards of the municipality was corlsld8r2d~ ~he Committee are interest(~d in such a by-l_8w~ 11equest Ken Veitcb to t ~nre ini'ormation on the proposal~ hzi;"t'! f:" letle:c' f:~ Df~paI'tmeYJt of IviUlllcipul Aff3irE~ acl(rl0l~jledesed t'eeetpt 0:[" J. uopy of D letter' fo'j'ow Ontar':~.o it/ate)" R.(~~S01...lPeeS Commission to ttle ~owrl of Br90ebridgeo COf\Y of tl"18 l(:;ttc)_~ to go to Geo:ege?a:t'lett/l> A letter from the Dlstrj.ct Munic19s1ity of MllSkc)lc3 r8quested COpiOF of' aj 1. ~3l11endmeDtB to zo::11ns by~10,11~:::) ;3[::: "{'Jell U.8 copjes of,jew zoning by=lellf.u:; :xtjo ()ffletj~l plans tl Totten, SilDS, Hublck} hect fopwai'ded I) yrelin11.nary draft of the procedures for processing appj.j,cat1ons for ZODillg amendments~ Copies of the procedures to go to each Committee member~ r tzo;'i A 1pttet' ~ Sugg & Held pequosted conftrmntic)l1 that tho Committee had approved in prlnol.ple the Little and He!'l subdivision. Sugg & Heid to be arivised tht~ Committee 1n principle have no objection to development in thet epee of the municipality. Union C8rblde Caneda D'3d for-warded a cheque for ~~50.00 with a request for a minor variance on Lot 1, Plan 15, Town of Br-acebridge. Ur,HoYl Carbide to r-ecei ve proper- forins for an applicat ion for a minor variance. Refer to Committee of Adjustment. TotUm, Sims, Hubickl had supplied a copy of the draft restrl cted aree by-lew for the Town to r~r. Graham Power, DistrIct Planner. ~, copy of the1r letter to!'ir. Power had been sent to the Committee. A letter form I"r. :llee r'eouestea a copy of the Mobile Bomes and Tr8Iler BY-law as em;cted. Ken Vel.tch had 8uppll.ed c, copy. A letter f.rom G8r-Hoy Limlted sb'lced it 1~8S their' intention to bulld a road in accordance with Schedule B, suburban area, on P8r't of Lot '+, Concession 5 and Lots 4 nnd 5, ConcessIon 6, l"rca U18Y "iard. Gar-Roy to be advised we 'would proceed toward this by way of a subdividers agreement. Information regarding planning policies hed been reoeived from Mr. Graham Power. D1striot PImmer. Item # 1: Item /I. '7', ' JViobl1Je Homes and Tr8 i ler l'l.;<l-law By-law passed

3 !\'JcCrallk SUQ.<l,i vis ion No chnnge. Item II 16: Item i~ 38: Item II Item II 40: Item II 1+1: It "~ If 1.0.,", l\' ti i t." By-1'2J1 for_ signs No chemge..9_9.lli'ldiall._versa Properties Approval to re-zoning appu.ed foi'. Quesnell.'iL,e.ubd i vi Q.1.on No ohange... He-zQ.llDl& Ei leen Go:vwll... Jl1.r.9h & Wi Ison Island No change~ '!8IGst Trott Subdivision Letter j:'-eceived from Dlstrict Engineer. Bra cepq.t~, Liml t"2.(l No change. Refel:_Jo Co1l.DSlU the po'licy on houclays for salaried ~eople who amass considerable overtime, not oount-ing meetings. 1./ t'- ',..'",.' /,//-! :!/t) '. l/f..~", /--- vlvj /' 1 ~"""-c-' ~--, eptember 27, 1971 Item IY It): Douglas D.rive Develo-oments Agreement referi'ed to Soads Committee for comment... Item /I Lrh: "'tem II 45: By-la~Lfor time lirnj t for,-_pal'.l~.1n.g More infoi'mation required. Proced ure.j or_proc.es si;ng A prj! oat 1 ons for He-zoning Draft prooedures distributed to Committee mefilbe:rs o 4 SUbil-l;vA s lon A..v,j:.:a4-t~--+cng }4g~\~:4'1g~D'P+'HJ\LiTlgB' 0 -+~f':flr-#--4-'i '±'-l:"&t,t-.,"*':(-)&4-'f i n 1 on ---J'+O-'011-84'lg 8

4 'r l '~Hr,!s OP TIEli'ERENCE.. / \ j FOR. " Purpose of Study: There is 3. '1 e ~ <1 to provide for con tinued development wi thin the Muskoka Plarminc; r.rea ': U'Cillr:; ~lle pariod when Lhe Official Plans of the District and Area l:'unj club.lit:! er; 'l.re in preparalion. It is necessary to 'ensur e the,t devplop.:len -L taj<cs plb.ce on a rational bards and j s r;uidecl by development poliei e::; " 1~1ic \l "rill mini lll:lze potential conflicts,~i til ultimate developr:lent pollt::i c :; in t ile ;,Tuflkoka PlanninG Area. It j s considered that the proposed interim zo:15.nc by" laws may be jnadequate to meet this objective in some ox' all a.reas of ':::18 DiGtric t. 'rhr study ~1i.ll consl:jt of Ll lree pa.rl,: - 1. ReCO ITllllendo.ti.oIlG o!" y l ann'i.f!:> pol~"c:. ' l',u :ij lcl:i ncg for the Di!1tr:lct and Are a l evels 8.pplicab le,1urin,"; the period t o IJcGember, 197J,. 'i'hese guidelines sl!ould expx'd; s p'un n i nc l,ntent'lo.m; in e;c rle r a l te rm ~, containing elements common L ~). I'"... i,'e 1 ' \':~~,,()k'l Flar ::1inf, {\t'e" and e l ements specifi c Lo the 2. requiremen!..s o f t.! 8.c i I of t ~ e Area Mun.ic j 1' 2.1 i ties. a,!/u 1/V1/if..,t./ If Des i ~n a t.ton OJ/i : ~ C] er:'lec1 area.s sui tabl e fo r lan,l use cha nges to serve specific ll:'cs an; ~\'L~f':i.cic'1t to provi :ij" fo r de'tl;lopme n t,luring the 3. ReCOITLllentiatior:" O.l 'l!aendmcnts t: o.lllted ". "o~ ll1f by-law:; necess'ary to implement proposed i:'lter 1m pla;mi.'lg po] 1 \:1e::;. Content of t'le :~ tu1 ~' : S tuge 1: ;~s t :i.m 3. ~. e, ; of! levf~lop! i\en t l~e oui.t' e mcn ts 1. r~evi c)\'/ a 1([ assemble all existi ng data r(!levant to tlhort term g rovlth trend!> i n the ~conomj'- of the Muskok a Planninr; Area from source s

5 -, -.,\.ncluding provincial agenci~s, Area ~ :unicipali ties, uni versi ties and others. 2. RevieN and asgemble all information relatine; to existing policies and zoning practice:.> at the Area!v:unicipali ty level, to detennine common elements and Gil:;nifi('ant riiffc.cences. 3.!levie the vu, tng established for the provis ion of services, particularly se:rer a.r. d viater to determine the effect of llmi tations imposed by these proc:ramll1cs in ti1e peri oct to ll In co-operation 1 1i th Area!.iunicipali t: planning bo'l.rds estima.te, based on exist i nu; illfu rmation, tile srolvth requi r ements which must be ltiet during the p eri o rl to December 19 7.'1.. Identify triose requirements ~Ihi ch can be met vii thin the fra;r.evlork of existing land uses and services and those which require la:-lj usc changes. 5. In consultatio;, I'lith the.district :olal1nin[; s taff, I\rea ~'u ric i- palit:; planni:ll:; boards a.r1d other e;roups, re'rievl, modify and finalize estimates. Stage 2: POlic,.,'reparation (;\.-r:l 1. Be.sed UpO I1 estimates prepared in Gtage 1, recommend interim YJfJfl'j) pla'1!' 1 nr Ii'" '~ uita ;) ]e 1'01" adortiop a " llistr ict policies, c o n - / siderlnc;, ul,l 'IOt limited to, the need ( '()I' zoni ng changes, f' ubjivii;ion control and gencrf'.l policies to Guide t he l".'<:tent and location of developnlent to be pcr:li tted...,/ {L ;/}ttl 2. I n co-op' " a!. j 0:1 with AreEl l:unicipa.' i ty planning boards/, develop guidelines co :wj. t e.1 L with the part.i cl\] r' I p.ed~; of each Area, to f,ui,le development (juring the period to ')ecemucr, l')'(! ~. Stage 3 : 1) 8 S i!;,nati" YI of 'level opdtent l\r eas 1. In co-operation \'lith Area f.1unic j palitj planning boards, ident ify areas suitahle 8.S ljl t.::ri m l'eveloprne. t Ai"eaS and determine the ne.ture of

6 development to be pertllitted in each area. Special -- studies may be necessary for a f e vt selected areas, but Ontario Land Inventory and other existing information on land capability prepared for interim zoning stucties should be utilized to the fullest extent possible. 2. Designate Interi1'1 fjevelopment l\.reas consistent with policies developed in Stage 2 after consultation with District Planning staf f and Area ~Iunicipali ty planning boards. Stage h: Freparation o f Amendme nts to Zonillg i(c e;ulationr Recomme nd amendltle'rts to existing zonine; by - J aws wherever Ile ce,,- sary in a foi"m s Ld table for adoption by Area l lunicipali ties. Review and revise amendmenls in co-operd.tion with ::i s trict Planning staff and Area Municipality planning boards. Guidelines 1. Regard should be 'lad to tile necessl ty of oncoul'aging development in t lle ~ :uskok:j.?lam.i'1t:, ;"re2. loy p}a.' ing pol:i.cieg which will serve the need, of UlC p f"r) l. of ~! )e are a cm1 TOflir,t a.in t he ", conomic activity ::,::: m o dud", ' h, peciod.'''e<, the Officinl Pl,n, '" 5.n Pl;Ji;;t 2. It is e s senti '.1 t.'l".t consultation be md.i, )tainerl b et\~een the A;;~t l'!unicipallty plr. ')1.:,::; boarels, t he J1i s tr:i c L planning s taff an~os~i~ undertakinr; t <l C rroposed study..r;::;! 3. Existing i nterim n~ ri c ial Pla.ns and zon ing by-laws should form the ba sis for p1:1.!tnin[, poj ley a.nd zoning r egu1atio'1s; an effort should be lij made to!r.i!l j mize t ' le change :::: nee,led j n s uch policies and regulations

7 , - ~t - to implement propos ed interim planning policies. 4. An objective of til e study is to develop policy guidelines based upon existing information wherever possible, and generating a minimum of background data al 1;]".i 8 time. Najor studies of economic trends and land capability l'iill be undertaken shortly as part of the work programme lecl,dj nc t o an Official Plan. 5. The Distric L planning s tafr ;,lill provide liaison ootween the Consultant and Area l'unic i,)ali t y planning boa rds. The lli strict planning staff will collec t inforn,atiol l on e xisting zo:1ing controls an I othe,r dat a avai lable at the ~ r e a l'un jc j r ~lit y level. The District planning staff will a l so provid e lia i s on i n matt e r s connecte d with the v ariou r. committ ees of District Council i nc]uding public works, and the s cope and timing of the Re\ ~er and wate r prog rll.mjiles. The 1'~ 8cLaren Heport on the assumption and operation o f sm',ae';r' f'9,cili ties can 8,l,lO be made available. 6. The Di s tric t plru,~in~ s t a fr ~ ould be prepa rej ~ o provide Ontario La p. j Inventory r' p,t '~at ion p] 'l,ns a ~ 1 c1 complc ~ e air p lloto coverag e a t 1.3::'0 feet to 1 i nc:l, l 'Ji,) jl ' lotos,' Exintlnr; land utilizatio,l has been mapped for' 'l11.', _' " o f Ltd" n,:.;tri c: t a s fl'c L't of thc wor;c leading 1.0 '7. Holdi ~le; '..>:.' '3 'It''..' 1.v',i j n effec t jn ['cve,," Ll of t :le Area j,l11licipali ties next mo nt ~1 cr ~ 1 X. L!t.:! ks. a dopted by the former TOI-nl of Huntsville a l,d <1.IJpl'ovc:d uj tlle ~', ' (;.!'lo :,:unleipa l Board in :'ovember 1 )70. '\~i j " t ~ ri,!: Official I'l a:l is fl,vailai.;le :;Oor the f orr.er Town, of Gr n VL' l.:l UI'!:':", ::l'aft Of1'1<..:1 0.1 [' Jan ", f or :'ort Carline, the' fu r'mer

8 . - -, - 'l'ownships of,,:cdora and vlood and the 'rovmship of Monck have also been prepared. Very limited office space is currently available in the offices temporarily occupied b;,- t 11e District staff. Temporary accommodation for one or possi~l y two tec:lnicians coulj be offered if necessary.

9 DISTRICT MUNICIPALITY OF BOX 1720 BRA C E B RID G E, 0 N TAR I 0 RE\'-ti L MUSKOK~E P September 17, 1971 Mr. Robert Duncan, Secretary, Gravenhurst Planning Board, Gravenhurst, Ontario. Dear Mr. Duncan: Further to the meeting with the Gravenhurst Planning Board on Thursday, September 9th last, I am forwarding some suggestions concerning matters which might be covered by interim development policies. The Gravenhurst Planning Board may wish to consider these- and perhaps other areas that are of concern to them. Clearly, these problems are quite complex and answers to some of them may not be found in the near future, but our consultant would, be pleased -to receive any guidance the Planning Board may be able to give for the purpose of developing interim policies. The follmving meetings are propose d between the Area Planning Boards, the District Planning staff and the Consultant. During the fi rs~ two weeks of November a meeting should be held to exchange i nformation on expected growth trends in the District during the period to 1975, and review ideas on the policies which may be required for the interim period. From the last week of November to the second week of December there will be an opportunity to review a first draft of policies along_ with areas to be designated for deve lopment purposes. During the first week of January a further r eview meeting will be held to finali z e the second draft of the policy document. Between the present time and our f irs t review meeting in November, we are particularly inte rested in the Planning Board's ideas concerning the density of development on specific lakes, subdivision application procedures and suggested locations for future residential, commercial, industrial and other types of expansion. In detail, the areas of policy concern are as follows: 1. Residential (a) The issue of conversion from seasonal to permanent residential occupancy in r ecr eation areas needs review

10 2 Mr. Robert Duncan, September 17, 1971 to determine if control is possible through zoning bylaws, what criteria for conversions should apply and the locations where conversions, will be permitted. (b) The size of lots in urban areas must be related to the type of sewage system and other services and possible future conversion from septic tank to main sewers. 2., Expansion Areas (a) Designation of areas fo,r expansion for permanent residential, commercial, industrial and other uses in and adjacent to existing communities (i.e. priorities for the use of prime land). (b) Designation of possible areas for s e asonal residential expansion. This will r~uire, firstly, finding lakes which are critical from an environmental viewpoint and which should not be further developed until an intensive study of,recreation capacities is completed. Secondly, those areas in a doubtful category must be selected and I appropriate conditions established for development (e.g. air photo suitability analysis required before a proposal for development considered). Thirdly, remaining areas might then be zoned for development. (c) A policy on industrial development is needed; whether industry will be encouraged in interim period, where it will be directed to locate and what types of industry will be permitted. 3. S ub (~' v i5 ion of Land (a) Guidelines on procedures f o r handling subdivision applications must be developed. The y should include consideration of factors to be considered in evaluating proposals, the procedure that subdividers should be asked to follow in developing proposals and the content of agreements between the Area Municipality and the subdivider. (b) Gu i delines for handling of c on sents from Area Municipality to Land Division Committee. Any suggestions that may be raised to improve handling a nd processing of consents by Land Division Committee should be included. 4. Disposition of Public Lands (a) A policy on the disposition of lands owned by the Area Municipalities. (b) Recommendatiorts to Federal and Provincial governments on the disposition of crown lands during interim period.

11 3 Mr. Robert Duncan Sep~ember 17, Other Policies (a) (b) (c) (d) The acceptability of high rise and condominium structures. Standards for Provincial and Federal recreation areas and conformity with local by-laws. Co-ordination of Area and District planning with School Board planning. possible requests to Minister of Municipal Affairs to take action under Section 73, subsection (9) of The District of Muskoka Act. The other Area Municipality Planning Boards are now working on many of these matters. Several Boards have decided to divide the work among their respective members allocating each one an assignme nt related to the designation of development areas in the ward which he represents. Several Boards plan to hold a review meeting before getti~g together with the District Planning staff and the Consultant. The District Planning staff and Philips Planning & Engineering look forward to working co-operatively with the Gravenhurst Planning Board on this project. Yours very truly, GCP/PF Grahw m C. Power, Director of Planning.