Photo by: Cassandra Cerny, GVEA. AIDEA and AEA: Shared Services AO 281 April 26, 2016

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1 1 Photo by: Cassandra Cerny, GVEA AIDEA and AEA: Shared Services AO 281 April 26, 2016


3 3 AIDEA and AEA: BROTHER - SISTER AGENCIES Are two distinct State corporate agencies, with discrete programs and projects, Each Authority has its own Executive Director (CEO), There s no commingling of assets, liabilities, or programmatic operational activities, Therefore, two sets of independently audited financial statements are prepared annually, AIDEA and AEA maintain a long-term successful consolidated shared services relationship, A borrowing arrangement exists: AIDEA provides up to $7.5M of liquid working capital to AEA, 1993 Legislation requires AIDEA Board Members to serve as AEA Board of Directors, AEA has no employees, AIDEA provides personnel services, but is reimbursed by AEA.

4 4 OPERATIONS AEA Direct Programs/Projects AEA Owned Infrastructure Electrical Emergency Response Bradley Lake Hydro Circuit Rider program Alaska Intertie Technical Assistance Susitna-Watana Hydro Alternative Energy State Energy Office Energy Efficiency Power Cost Equalization program Emerging Energy Technology Fund Rural Energy Projects Powerhouse & Renewable Energy Grant Fund Program tank farms Wind Energy Rural Training program operator training Hydroelectric Energy for energy infrastructure Biomass program Power Project Fund Loan Program Solar AIDEA Direct Programs/Projects Infrastructure Development Oil & Gas Mining Marine Energy Commercial Lending & Finance Real Estate Tourism Commercial Offices Conduit Bond Program Project Development Asset Management Oil & Gas Air Cargo Mining Shipyard External Affairs and Business Development Public Comment and Response Legislative Inquiries Consolidated Shared Services Support Functions Investing Treasury /Banking Functions Budgeting/ Appropriations Financial System (Navision) Accounting External Financial Reporting Bond Compliance Procurement of Goods/Services Human Resources Information Technology Office Space Parking Meeting Rooms Office Equipment Grant Management Internal Financial Reporting Payroll Debt Issuance

5 5 Impacts of the Consolidated Shared Services Relationship CONS PROS Examples o o o Board s split focus & work load Staff sometimes have a split focus and conflicting agency work demands Cumbersome payroll allocation/ processing (State/AIDEA/AEA) o Interchangeability of all staff, w/o RSA s o Allows for cross training & backup o Each agency s staff depth & breadth is augmented by the other o Agencies responsiveness is improved o Efficiencies/functional coverage/cost savings if one agency has the knowledge other can use (grants, bond compliance, investing ) o Technical knowledge base is broader, for all areas o More historical knowledge o More diversification in job duties for staff o Allows for better personal time flexibility o Administrative assets cost savings (1 building, 1 network, 1 accounting system ) o Better internal controls = less fraud risk o Jennifer serves AIDEA/AEA in HR, facilities mgmt, health/safety, IT o Brenda bond compliance for both o Kelli AEA financials, AIDEA Capacity Model/Investments o Shawn grants for AEA & I/C for AIDEA: MOC1 & AEA financials o Eric AEA PCE & AIDEA budgeting o Katherine AIDEA payroll, Bradley, AK intertie accounting o Kamiko For both: credit card rec s & administration, travel review o Jen systems report writer, both, AEA budget backup o Rita Banking reconciliation for both o Kirk AEA & AIDEA (IEP) o Nick AIDEA & AEA o Jeff AIDEA & AEA (PPF loans) o Bryan Bradley & Snettisham o All procurement staff both, including DOT/DOA/AIDEA

6 6 PROCUREMENT A single Procurement Department does all of the procuring for AIDEA & AEA Fair, open, and competitive procurement processes are adhered to (a control function) Solicitations through: Invitation to Bids - (ITB) Request for Proposals - (RFP) Request for Quotations - (RFQ) Contracts for procurement are executed, administered, and overseen for contract compliance Disposal of surplus property and equipment (assets) is overseen by Procurement There are five (5) unique procurement policies for acquiring goods, services, professional services, and construction Procurement is responsible for using between AIDEA & AEA (see delegations next page)

7 7 PROCUREMENT DELEGATIONS Non Exempt Procurements Exempt Procurements Purchases of Goods and Services Or Construction Procurement Federally Funded Procurement Procurements done on the behalf of Grant Recipients Board Resolution to Executive Director AS AS AAC Title 3 Chapter 100 Department of Transportation AS Department of Administration Commissioner DCCED to Executive Director AEA AAC Title 2 Chapter 12 Federal Acquisition Rules (FARS) Use AS With specific terms and conditions depending on the requirement of the funding source Financial and Technical Assistance of Energy Systems, Facilities and Equipment and exempt under AS (b)(1) AAC Title 3 Chapter 108

8 8 SHARED SERVICES MASS = DECREASED FRAUD RISK Perceived Opportunity (blind trust, lack of controls) More People = More Segregation = More Controls More Mass/Human Capital Allows Separation of: 1. Authorization, from, 2. Record Keeping, from, 3. Physical Custody/Control Over Opportunity By Controls

9 9 Human Resources & Information Technology

10 10

11 11 STAFFING All employees are in AIDEA PCNs. AEA reimburses AIDEA for personnel costs Non-union environment - at will AIDEA and AEA staff are State of Alaska employees, and we participate in the State s benefits programs, including SBS, PERS, supplemental benefits, and health insurance Operating budgets, which includes the personal services component, requires legislature approval

12 SHARED SERVICES Self - Funded 21 Authorized \ 17 Filled AIDEA AEA (State and Fed. Funding) 47 Authorized \ 36 Filled Executive Di rector - AEA P CN R28 E X Anchorage AEA VACANCY Executive Director - AIDEA P CN R28 E X Anchorage Executive Assistant P CN R16 E X Anchorage Admin Assistant P CN 08-X036 R12 E X Anchorage Admin Assistant P CN R12 E X Anchorage Prj. Mgr. Energy Inf Rlbt. P CN R26 E X Anchorage S usit na-watana Lead P roject M anager P CN 08-X070 Interim COO/ P roject Im plem Director P CN P olicy and P rogram s Director P CN E nergy P olicy/outreach Dir P CN Chief Financial Officer P CN Human Resources Director P CN Chief Infrastructure Devel opment Officer P CN Chief Devel opment and Operating Officer P CN 08-X118 Licensi ng & P erm itting Manager P CN 08-X097 Environmental Manager P CN 08-X073 R26 E X Anchorage E ngi neeri ng Manager P CN 08-X071 R26 E X Anchorage Civil Engineer P CN 08-X123 HSE O fficer and Stakeholder Mgr P CN 08-X096 HSE & Logistics Coordinator P CN 08-X125 Project Coordinator P CN 08-X127 Lead E ngineer P CN P roject & Facilities Coordinator P CN R17 E X Anchorage Program Mgr-Rural Power P CN R26 E X Anchorage Project M anager P CN Project M anager P CN Project M anager P CN Assistant Proj ect M anager P CN Lead E conom ist P CN P rogram Mgr-E nergy Data P CN A ssistant E conom ist P CN 08-X029 P rogram Manager Energy Planning P CN Lead P rogram M anager P CN 08-X007 Program Manager-EETF/ Wind P CN 08-X033 P rogram & P roject Manager - Hydro P CN E nergy P olicy & Outreach Manager P CN 08-X072 A sst Prg Mgr-E nergy E ffici ency P CN 08-X034 PCE Program M anager P CN Accounting Technician P CN R14 E X Anchorage Energy Info Analyst P CN 08-X077 E nergy Development P lanner P CN 08-X093 E nergy Development S peciali st A ccti ng S ystem s Anal yst P CN 08-X022 Financial System s Analyst P CN 08-X038 Accounting Analyst P CN 08-X129 A ccounting System s A nal yst P CN A dministrative S upport S peciali st P CN 08-X126 R12 E X Anchorage Loan S ervicing/a ccounting Technician P CN R14 E X Anchorage Human Resources Technician P CN R14 E X Anchorage Front Desk Adm inistrator P CN R12 E X Anchorage IT Systems M anager P CN System s Programm er P CN 08-X076 IT A nalyst P rogram S upport P CN 08-X037 R16 E X Anchorage MIS Adm inistrator P CN E nergy I nfrastructure Devel opment Officer P CN 08-X095 R26 E X Anchorage Finance O fficer P CN 08-X109 Infrastructure Devel opm ent Officer P CN 08-X122 R26 E X Anchorage Infrastructure Project Coordinator P CN 08-X157 R23 E X Anchorage Comm ercial Finance Director P CN Loan Offi cer II P CN Loan Offi cer II P CN Credit Adm inistrator P CN R14 E X Anchorage Loan S ervices S upr P CN P roject Dev. and A sset Managem ent Di rector P CN Project M anager P CN Project M anager P CN P roject Development Manager P CN 08-X156 B usiness Development & Comm unications Director P CN External Affairs Officer P CN R23 E X Anchorage P CN 08-X094 Assistant Proj ect M gr P CN 08-X028 Program Manager-Wind P CN Executive Assistant Controller P CN Controller P CN Chief Procurement Officer P CN Project M anager P CN Rural E lectric Ut ilit y Worker P CN Rural E lectric Utility Worker P CN Rural E lectric Utility Worker P CN Warehouse Manager P CN R15 E X Anchorage Circui t Ri der Technici an P CN 08-X003 Project Technician 08-X106 P CN R16 E X Anchorage Admin Assistant P CN R12 E X Anchorage Admin Assistant P CN 08-X075 R12 E X Anchorage Admin Assistant P CN R12 E X Anchorage Assistant Controller P CN 08-X117 A ccountant P CN Accounting Technician P CN R15 E X Anchorage Accounting Technician P CN R15 E X Anchorage Accounting Technician P CN R14 E X Anchorage Assistant Controller P CN 08-X074 Accountant II P CN R16 E X Anchorage Finance A ssi stant P CN R15 E X Anchorage A ccounting Technician II P CN R15 E X Anchorage Accounting Technician P CN R14 E X Anchorage V acant A ccounts P ayable Clerk P CN 08-X124 R14 E X Anchorage S r Accountant/S pec. P rojects P CN A ccountant: Compli ance, Invent ory& Grants M gr P CN Finance/Grants A sst/p roj Coordinator P CN R15 E X Anchorage Project Accountant P CN 08-X099 R16 E X Anchorage General Ledger Accountant P CN 08-X141 Sr. Contracting Officer P CN R23 E X Anchorage Contracting Officer P CN 08-X019 Contract Adm inistrator P CN R15 E X Anchorage Contracting Officer P CN 08-X098 Contract Com pliance S peciali st P CN 08-X092 Shared Services 38 Authorized \ 32 Filled As of 4/25/16 AIDEA & AEA Filled PCN: 85 Vacancies: 21 Total Authorized:

13 13 COMBINED INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY Share servers, databases, software licenses, hardware, data warehousing, phone system AIDEA and AEA IT Infrastructure Share active directory domain name, Exchange domain, and file system Share MS Dynamics NAV, ERP and CRM lines of products Share same internal and external internet backbone

14 14 RELATIONSHIP WITH STATE OF ALASKA DCCED AIDEA and AEA s Information Technology System falls under the guidance of the SOA, but functions autonomously Microsoft Enterprise License Agreement (MSELA) IT Infrastructure Services Share Dell hardware purchasing agreement Share Exchange routes and filtering services AIDEA and AEA rely upon SOA pre-negotiated contracts for internet and phone connectivity