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1 Title: Section: Prepared by: Parks & Community Property Activity Report Community & Recreation Dion Ahern (Recreation & Amenity Operations Manager) and Garrett Blair (Contracts and Assets Manager) Meeting Date: 8 February 2017 Legal Financial Significance = low Report to COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT & SERVICES Committee for noting SUMMARY The purpose of this report is to present the financial and non-financial progress for the Parks & Community Property Activity for the period 01 October 2016 to 31 December The decisions or matters in this report are considered to be of low significance in accordance with the Council s Significance and Engagement Policy. RECOMMENDATION That the Community Development & Services Committee: 1. Notes the contents of this report. Authorised by: Andrew White Community & Recreation Manager Nedine Thatcher Swann Group Manager Planning & Development Keywords: parks and community property, parks and open spaces, cemeteries, public conveniences, community property Page 1 of 8

2 Overview of the Activity 1. The Parks and Community Property activity includes the following activity groups: Parks and Open Space Cemeteries Public Conveniences Community Property 2. This activity manages and provides maintenance for a wide variety of parks, reserves, sportsgrounds, cycle and walkways, coastal foreshore areas and other open spaces throughout the district. Approximately two thirds of the value of the parks and community property assets are located within urban Gisborne with the balance spread throughout the district roughly in proportion to population distribution. This activity also manages the district s public convenience facilities, urban and rural cemeteries and miscellaneous community property including such assets as the Gisborne town clock, public art, plaques, monuments, cenotaphs, boat ramps, jetties and the administration and management of leases and licenses on Council owned land. Financial Performance Parks and Open Spaces 3. Parks and Open Spaces operational budget is favourable against plan to the end of December. End of year financial position is expected to be close to plan as summer hosting monthly peak expenditure flows through from invoices. Incorrect monthly profiling has resulted in a favourable variance in capital works but the final six months of the year will see this budget end the year on target. Page 2 of 8

3 Cemeteries 4. The Cemetery operational budget is favourable, largely due to staff vacancies carried during the first half of the year. A full team is now in place and will see this variance reduced to year end. Public Conveniences 5. The Public Conveniences operating budget is currently favourable. End of year financial position is expected to be close to plan as summer hosting monthly peak expenditure flows through from invoices. Incorrect monthly profiling has resulted in a favourable variance in capital works but the final six months of the year will see this budget end the year on target. Page 3 of 8

4 Community Property 6. The Community Property budget is favourable across the board, with major variance in capital expenditure, which is significantly favourable due to incorrect monthly profiling of the Library redevelopment and the Navigations Project budgets. Second Quarter Commentary Parks and Open Spaces 7. During this quarter organisational structural changes were implemented to improve the performance of this activity. This included the recruitment of a new Recreation and Amenity Operations Manager (October) and (as Committee are aware), the in-housing of the gardens operations services (November). As such, intensive relationship building, knowledge upskilling, establishment and induction activities were progressed swiftly. 8. This coincided with the beginning of the summer peak season, and as such a Summer Hosting Plan was developed, managed and is in progress to proactively manage summer peak periods and places (e.g. Rere). Key aspects of this included: An intensive summer annual planting programme implemented, particularly Central Business District (CBD) planter pots, Gladstone Road median strip (as reported to Future Tairāwhiti). Preparation and implementation of Summer / Freedom Camping for 2016/17, in collaboration with Council s Enforcement Section (a review of this is currently in progress) improved and widespread monitoring and enforcement of Summer / Freedom camping, using Community Caretakers and Contractors. 9. Whilst some performance issues have been observed with gardens during the transition, overall we are seeing positive results with the gardens being maintained by our in-house gardens team. Page 4 of 8

5 10. Performance issues were encountered with the reserves rubbish collection contractor at the beginning of the quarter, resulting in reserves rubbish bins continually overflowing. The contractor was subsequently replaced, and we have seen a vast improvement with the new contractor. 11. The removal and management of many hazardous street trees has occurred during the quarter. These trees are being identified either by residents or our contractors, before being assessed and evaluated. Street tree planning is in progress, and ongoing (and historical) issues are being addressed and assessed for remedy. Consultation with the public on the removal of Melia Trees along Palmerston Road was initiated, and is still in progress. 12. Several staff members attended the National New Zealand Recreation Association (NZRA) conference. This was a great event to share and collaborate improvement ideas with other Councils, and Council received the 2016 NZRA Outstanding Project Merit Award for Oneroa Walkway. 13. Ongoing progress in the development and implementation within the team of Council s adopted Asset Management system (IPS8). We are beginning to see improvements around transparency and consolidation of asset information. 14. Two hundred and ninety three (293) Requests for Service (RFS) were received during this quarter for Parks and Open Spaces, with 77% of this Completed within Target and 74% Scheduled within Target. Cemeteries 15. During the quarter, a new Assistant Sexton was recruited, trained and inducted. This has resulted in improved delivery of services at Taruheru Cemetery, and has allowed the District Sexton to initiate other improvement such as relationship building with funeral directors, and outlying cemetery maintenance contractors. 16. Following on from an operational review/audit earlier in the year, a new capital request was approved for the purchase of aluminium shaped-shoring equipment to improve the safety and effort of manual grave digging. Additionally, a Health and Safety hazard assessment and audit was performed during the quarter, with several improvements identified for implementation. 17. Prior to Christmas, a project to upgrade the berms/bases within the Services Section of Taruheru was initiated and managed by Veteran Affairs New Zealand (this is still in progress). 18. Several operational administrative issues were identified as needing urgent improvement, and are in progress. 19. Three (3) Requests for Service (RFS) were received during this quarter for Cemeteries, with 67% of this Completed within Target and 67% Scheduled within Target. Additionally, there were forty four (44) burials in total across the district, including twenty two (22) ash burials and twenty two (22) standard burials. All were at Taruheru Cemetery, except one (1) ash burial at Tolaga Bay. Public Conveniences 20. The results of trial night-time closure of several city toilets were reported to the Community Development and Services Committee. Page 5 of 8

6 21. In preparation for the peak summer period, a full maintenance programme was implemented for all public and reserve toilets (including general clean, restocking and waterblasting) from Pouawa to Waihirere to ensure all facilities were in sound condition prior to peak summer hosting periods. Additionally, a portaloo was installed at Anaura Bay (by December 2016) for the summer season. Unfortunately, various acts of vandalism have occurred at sites such as Tikitiki, Tolaga Bay Wharf, Motu and i-site Grey Street. 22. During the December power outage crisis, several public toilets were shut down due to their inability to flush. These were reopened once power was restored. 23. Sixty one (61) Requests for Service (RFS) were received during this quarter for Public Conveniences, with 95% of this Completed within Target and 77% Scheduled within Target. Community Property 24. Gisborne District Council Street Bunting designed by the Communications Team and installed after the New Year period as part of summer hosting, replicating the look that was in the 1950s. There was a delay in the installation of the bunting due to the printing firm delaying the shipment of these items. They were received in the break between Christmas and New Year so installation occurred immediately after the break. Street flags were installed in the CBD, in collaboration with Heart of Gisborne. Street flags were also installed in the coastal townships. 25. Lease and Licences that were signed off in the last quarter: Gisborne Thistle AFC Lease Patutahi Golf Club Lease Wainui Lions Lease Wainui Lions Licence to Occupy Gisborne Pirates Rugby Club Licence to Occupy 26. Town Cryer Mural reinstallation planning completed. Aluminium Composite Material (ACM) panels have been printed and the frame for the mural has been designed and assessed by a Structural Engineer. 27. The major procurement process for the majority of maintenance service contracts under the Community and Recreation portfolio were issued to contractors by way of Notice of Information (NOI). The NOI was designed to inform all contractors that the contracts were coming up for replacement. Council will move to having one master contractor for all services and retain the community caretaker for core functions in townships. 28. The Asset Transformation Project has been progressing well. Staff have condition assessed 80% of all assets under the Community and Recreation portfolio. We aim to have this work completed by the end of March. This will allow us to move to a more structured and complete process when managing assets. Improved asset information has resulted in understanding the programme of work more accurately. Capital Programme 29. Wyllie Cottage Restoration work has been completed. The Museum is currently working on the fit-out and we hope to open the cottage in late February. 30. Gisborne Playground Renewals Request for Proposal was completed. Four proposals were received and Playground People from Auckland were accepted as our contractor. The work is programmed to start at the end of February and will be completed by June Playground work will take place at: Heath Johnston Reserve Adventure Playground Page 6 of 8

7 Titirangi Reserve Atkinson Street Reserve 31. Installation of a new basket swing at Uawa Domain for the community was completed prior to Christmas. 32. Gisborne Sportsground Renewals Programme Request for Proposal was completed. We received two proposals and have awarded Downer NZ with the contract. Work will commence in late January and will involve the installation of irrigation, drainage, lighting, as well as major renovation work to various grounds in the district. 33. Major refurbishment of the stairs along the Wainui Coast, including a complete rebuild of the Lloyd George Road set was completed prior to Christmas. 34. Major furniture upgrades across the district was completed including bins, signs tables and seats at sites such as Rere, Titirangi, Summer Camping locations and district skate parks. 35. Planning around the removal of headstones at Makaraka Cemetery is underway and working with the friends of the Makaraka cemetery has been positive. Current and Upcoming Issues and Key Operations Parks and Open Spaces 36. Completion and subsequent debriefs of the Summer Host Plan (including Summer/Freedom Camping activities) to identify improvements and learnings. 37. Gardens maintenance and remedial plans to be implemented; key focus areas including remedial of Oneroa Walkway gardens and Rose Garden. 38. Gardens implementation of Winter Annual Planting plan (planting begins in May). 39. Development of a capital works plan in preparation for the Long Term Plan is underway. 40. There is a risk to sportsgrounds as a whole as well as this programme if the ability to irrigate is withheld which will see a negative impact to sportsgrounds and users alike. Cemeteries 41. Urgent improvements to operational administrative processes. 42. Arrival of new aluminium shaped-shoring equipment to improve the safety and effort of manual grave digging expected during the upcoming quarter. 43. Project to upgrade the berms and plaques within the Services Section of Taruheru (managed by Veteran Affairs New Zealand) to be completed by Anzac Day. 44. Hazardous trees to be removed from Ruatoria Cemetery. 45. Various opportunities to enhance and improve outlying cemeteries under assessment, and may be proposed for future capital expenditure budgets (e.g. upgrading road access to Rakauroa Cemetery). Public Conveniences 46. Water supply for Rere Falls toilets is drying up during the summer conditions; mitigation plan implemented (caretaker manually topping up tank). 47. Some performance issues being encountered with Bright Street toilets (such as cleanliness); under investigation and action. Page 7 of 8

8 Community Property 48. Town Crier Mudge Mural frame will be constructed and installed adjacent to the Lawson Field Theatre. This was per approval from Council late last year to replicate the mural onto ACM panels. The work will start towards the end of February and will be finished in early April. 49. Gisborne Belfry Tower planning for relocation to a Council reserve is underway. The belfry tower is the city s first mechanism for alerting the public when a fire was underway and is a piece of history that was recommended and approved as per the Long Term Plan to be allocated to a Council reserve for public consumption. It is currently at the fire station. 50. The major contract procurement will move into two processes. The community caretakers request for quotation will be issued on 27 January 2017, which will allow anyone interested to give Council a formal offer of services. The community caretaker contracts will look to retain core services in the coastal and rural townships, which is seen as an important aspect of the community. The Master Contractor RFP Stage 1 was also advertised on the same day. Community and Recreation have consolidated 40 formal and informal contracts into one, which will allow for a more efficient contact management and an consistent level of service. 51. The Asset Transformation Project for Community and Recreation will see all condition assessments of assets completed. This is for all assets under our portfolio, district wide. We will than start to draft our Asset Management Plan, which will provide strategic guidance for the future management of assets, and will be a formative document for the Long Term Plan. Capital and Major Operational Programme 52. Delivery of the sportsground renewals will proceed across the first half of the year. There is an inherent risk that with the hot and dry weather work may not be able to commence due to water restrictions. Staff, in conjunction with the contractor will determine whether we can proceed with the renewals programme or defer to a more suitable time. 53. Delivery of the playground renewals will commence in early February. 54. Renewal of the crematorium roof work will occur over the next three months to fix the leaking issues it currently faces. 55. Proposals are to be invited for major operational renovations to the Olympic pool including retiling of the 33 and 50m pool as well as repairs to the hydro-slide, for work to start in the middle of the year. Page 8 of 8