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1 ACCOUNT SERVICES Maintenance fee per month Deposit fee on EUR ledger credit balances (effective ) 0,40 % p.a. Account reporting - Interim balance/transaction report by fax per fax - Debit/Credit advices by fax per fax Confirmation of balances (other than normal statements) Detailed listings of commitments (depending on the amount of work involved) min. Credit / Debit Interest by arrangement Audit request Cheques 3.00 (25 pieces) Standing order Debit notes returned unpaid/returned due to contradiction 3.00 Enquiries for checking address CHEQUES Cheques drawn on us 5.00 per cheque Cheque collections in any currency for credit after receipt of proceeds per cheque - VALUE DATES working day + 2 working days Cheques returned unpaid per cheque - third party bank charges will be added as well - Stop-Payment of Cheques per cheque per quarter INVESTIGATIONS Enquiries for further details per enquiry Enquiries concerning items within 180 days from the date of entry per enquiry Enquiries concerning items more than 180 days old and/or which involve time consuming investigation per enquiry Copies 1.00 per item 1

2 COLLECTION OF DOCUMENTS AND BILLS The latest edition of the UNIFORM RULES FOR COLLECTIONS, published by the International Chamber of Commerce in Paris, applies. Presentation of documents against payment and/or acceptance of bill % min. Presentation of accepted bill for payment at maturity in addition % min max. Delivery of documents "Free of Payment" per item Amendments of instructions Please note: The above rates will have to be increased by 0.15 %, min , if the drawee refuses to bear any cost or if documents remain unpaid and/or have to be returned. Goods sent or consigned to us, subject to previous consent - Release of goods to the buyer % min. - Trustee fee (if goods are stored in our name) % min. / per month 2

3 DOCUMENTARY CREDITS -EXPORT- The latest edition of the UCP FOR DOCUMENTARY CREDITS, published by the International Chamber of Commerce in Paris, applies. Documentary Commission 1.5 %o 150,00 min. Handling Commission 1.5 %o min. Amendment Commission Pre-Advice Commission Advising Commission 1.0 %o min max. Postage, Courier, Telephone SWIFT / Fax Supervising Commission 1.0 %o min max. Assignment Commission 1.25 %o min. Transfer Commission 1, max. acc. Art. 38g UCP %o min. contrary to Art. 38g UCP term up to 3 months 3.0 %o min. - term up to 6 months 6.0%o min. - for each further month 1.5 %o min. Pre-Checking Commission for documents total set Discrepancy Fee for documents Export Collection - Commission 3.0%o min. 3

4 DOCUMENTARY CREDITS -IMPORT- TERMS AND CONDITIONS CUSTOMERS The latest edition of the UCP FOR DOCUMENTARY CREDITS, published by the International Chamber of Commerce in Paris, applies. Documentary Commission 1.5 %o min. Handling Commission 3.0%o min. Amendment Commission (each) Discrepancy fee for documents Pre-Checking Commission for documents per set Postage, Courier, Telephone SWIFT / Fax Irrevocability Charge up to 3 months 3.0%o min. Irrevocability Charge up to 6 months 6.0%o min. Irrevocability Charge for each further month 1.5%o min. Deferred Payment Commission per month 1.25%o min. Pre-Advice Commission Import Collection - Handling Commission 3.0%o min. GUARANTEES For handling guarantees (without our responsibility) - Advising commission flat - Amendment fee For issuance of guarantees under counterguarantees - Issuance commission flat - Amendment fee SWIFT / Post / Courier charges guarantee commission: % coverage 2.0 % min. - without coverage (only up to rating 2) 3.0 % min. 4

5 GENERAL CONDITIONS If all charges and commissions are for your account the above rates will be increased by such fees normally borne by our customers. Transactions not mentioned in this paper will be submitted to the payment of fees and commissions applied to comparable transactions. Prices for services which are not mentioned will be quoted upon request. Expenses for postage, insurance, cables, telephone calls, fax, courier etc. as well as third party charges are always charged in addition. Brokerage % min. 1,00 will be charged for converted items. If an item has required special attention or responsibility in addition to customary work, an additional fee will be charged All rates and fees quoted may be changed at any time without prior notice. All transactions are subject to our GENERAL BUSINESS CONDITIONS in their prevailling edition. VALID FROM October